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VCS-413 Administration of Veritas eDiscovery Platform 8.2 for Administrators certification |

VCS-413 certification - Administration of Veritas eDiscovery Platform 8.2 for Administrators Updated: 2024

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Exam Code: VCS-413 Administration of Veritas eDiscovery Platform 8.2 for Administrators certification January 2024 by team

VCS-413 Administration of Veritas eDiscovery Platform 8.2 for Administrators

Exam Title :
Veritas Certified Specialist (VCS) - eDiscovery

Exam ID :

Exam Duration :
105 mins

Questions in exam :

Passing Score :

Exam Center :
Pearson VUE

Real Questions :
Veritas eDiscovery Platform Administration Real Questions

VCE practice questions :
Veritas VCS-413 Certification VCE Practice Test

System Administration

- Explain the core features and functionality of Veritas eDiscovery Platform and communicate its benefits.

- Describe the components of the installation prerequisites, and the process for installing/upgrading and configuring Veritas eDiscovery Platform.

- Describe which components require backup, how to recover, or how to configure the Veritas eDiscovery Platform.

Legal Hold

- Given a scenario, describe the procedures for creating and managing legal hold notices, including but not limited to; immediate and scheduled delivery, reminders, escalations, Notice Library, Mail-Merge, tracking, reporting, and releasing.

- Describe custodian management, including but not limited to; the custodian portal, surveys, survey response reports, and audit reports.

- Describe legal hold notice architecture, including but not limited to; Active Directory Integration and legal hold configuration.

Identification and Collection

- Describe the Interactive Data Map functionality, including but not limited to; mapping custodians to data sources, identifying potential sources of data, creating connections to sources, searching and browsing data by group, custodian, or data type.

- Describe the integrations with Enterprise Vault and Enterprise, including but not limited to; Enterprise Vault Direct Collector, Enterprise Vault Collection Filters, and preserving in Enterprise Vault.

- Identify the correct collector and filter to use, including but not limited to; Network Collector, On-site Collector, Extended SharePoint Collections, Metadata filters, Keyword filters, Collection filters, Office 365, and Collection Scheduler.

- Identify when to perform full collections, incremental collections or use collection templates and prepare data for processing with Veritas eDiscovery Platform.

- Confirm data collection and perform basic troubleshooting using Data Verification, Collection History, Microsoft Rights Management System and Environment Support and Collection Analytics.

Pre-processing, Processing, Search and Analysis

- Performing pre-processing and processing, including but not limited to; setting up and performing discovery on data, configuring pre-processing options, applying processing settings, exceptions, jobs, troubleshooting, deduplication, Load File Import, Load File Configurator, and providing various language support.

- Describe the various search features, including but not limited to; search preview, search filters, search reports, saving searches, concept search, audio search, freeform search, and Automation Rules.

- Describe the various keyword search features, including but not limited to; search syntax, transparent search, multi-keyword searches, and advanced searches.

- Performing analysis on search results, including but not limited to; discussion threads, find similar, participant analytics, term analytics, and near-duplicate identification.

Review and Production

- Applying review concepts, including but not limited to; creating and managing tag lists, creating and managing folder lists, performing bulk-tagging operations, using Near-Native viewer, performing redaction and auto-redaction, smart sampling, and review reporting.

- Performing production and export, including but not limited to; native and image-based productions, Bates stamping, integrated production folders, export and production management, slip sheets, Metadata Exports, Native-Only Exports, Production Export, and export and production scalability.

- Describe Transparent Predictive Coding, best practices, and trial workflows.

System and Case Management and Reporting

- Managing cases, including but not limited to; create new cases, case analytics, create and manage access groups, multi-case architecture, configuration, and eDiscovery Dashboard.

- Using the reporting functionality in Veritas eDiscovery Platform, including but not limited to; lifecycle reporting, audit trail reporting, and activity reporting.

- Describe system management, including but not limited to; Clearwell Utility, Clearwell Commander, system settings, Veritas eDiscovery Platform services, distributed architecture (including sub-nodes, utility nodes, cluster master, and case home) and backup and restore.

- Managing users and custodians.
Administration of Veritas eDiscovery Platform 8.2 for Administrators
Veritas Administration certification

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Administration of Veritas eDiscovery Platform 8.2
for Administrators
Question: 75
What is the purpose of the Veritas eDiscovery Platform 8.2 Automation Rules feature?
A. To automate data processing after collection
B. To automate manual review tasks
C. To automate data collection tasks
D. To automate data export for outside counsel
Answer: B
Question: 76
How can a reviewer find relevant audio files that are missing in Audio Search due to
A. Raise Confidence Score
B. Lower the Confidence Score
C. Raise the Confidence Threshold
D. Lower the Confidence Threshold
Answer: D
Question: 77
A Collection Admin is able to log in to Veritas eDiscovery Platform 8.2, but unable to
access Collections data. After a period of time, access to the Collections data is acquired.
What is the reason for the intermittent access?
A. The MySQL service has restarted.
B. A Data Map refresh finally completed.
C. An EV Collection Task finally completed.
D. A Collections backup is in progress.
Answer: D
Question: 78
What should an administrator verify under All Processing> Processing>Cases before
upgrading the Veritas eDiscovery Platform to version 8.2?
A. All cases are offline so the upgrade can complete successfully.
B. All cases are online and processing is complete.
C. User Login is “Disabled” so reviewers are unable to access the server.
D. The version of all cases is the same or has been upgraded.
Answer: B
Question: 79
Which report lists events for specific case users, including login, logout, searches,
tagging, and exporting?
A. Defensibility
B. Activity
C. Security
D. Access Control
Answer: A
Question: 80
A Collection Set has been created form data collected for a case. Which steps should an
administrator perform in the case to add this source?
A. Processing> Sources & pre-Processing> select Add Case Folder Source> browse to
the Collection Set location and select the set> proceed with making aby additional
selections and save
B. Processing> Sources &Pre-Processing >Add collection set> select the Collection Set>
proceed with making any additional selections and save
C. Collections> Sets> Add collection set> select case name> proceed with making any
additional selections and save
D. Processing>Settings> choose the collection set location under Configure processing
parameters and features
Answer: B
Question: 81
A court order has been received requiring an administrator to show due diligence on
preservation. As part of the court order Legal Hold Notice details, Custodian Status and
Custodian Activity Audit train information is needed. Which report contains the
necessary information?
A. Legal Hold Defensibility Report
B. Legal Hold Activity Report
C. Legal Hold Survey Report
D. Legal Hold Employee Report
Answer: A
Question: 82
Which two types of data can be analyzed on the Analytics tab for a Collection? (Choose
A. File Type
B. Source Type
C. Custodian
D. Task
E. Summary
Answer: B, C
Question: 83
The OnSite Collector is being used for PC collections. Users report that the Destination
Free Space Remaining field displays “Invalid path” and they are unable to continue.
Which step must the administrator perform to resolve the problem?
A. Re-run the Launch Onsite Collector application and try again
B. Manually select the correct network destination
C. Verify the computer’s network connection and try again
D. Re-install the Launch Onsite Collector application
Answer: B
Question: 84
Which two features are available within the Veritas eDiscovery Platform 8.2 Review and
Production Module? (Choose two.)
A. Enterprise Vault Search Preview
B. Custodian Audit Report
C. Transparent Predictive Coding
D. Persistent Hit Highlighting
E. Interactive Data Map
Answer: C, D
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Veritas Administration certification - BingNews Search results Veritas Administration certification - BingNews Veritas Introduces Certification Testing For VARs, Same As For Direct Sales

Veritas Software

The testing, to be administered by Vue, an independent certification company, is still limited in focus, but plans are under way to expand until it eventually covers the majority of Veritas' storage management software products.

Veritas some time ago decided it needed to ensure quality people were available for installing its products, and so it instituted the Top Gun program, a six-week training program for its internal consultants, said Anthony DeCicco, senior vice president of global professional services at Veritas. Now the company is rolling Top Gun to its partners, he said.

There are two initial areas to the new certification program, DeCicco said. The first area includes data protection and focuses mainly on NetBackup backup-and-restore technologies. The second area includes high availability and focuses on Veritas Cluster Server technologies.

Future plans call for certification in other areas such as data replication, disaster recovery, business continuance and storage area networking, DeCicco said.

In addition, solution providers can certify as a level one or a level two expert in these areas. Level one certification is related to technical knowledge, while level two is focused on solutions and design, DeCicco said. The test for level one certification cost about $150 and is expected to start next week.

Partners with years of expertise in Veritas products may be able to test out for certification without taking any classes, DeCicco said. Level two testing will commence at a future date to be determined, he said.

With certification, solution providers become a virtual extension of Veritas, DeCicco said. "Certification gives you the right people, the right approach, so you can ensure success in the data center," he said.

Veritas will be certifying individuals, not solution provider companies, because people often change jobs, DeCicco said. Veritas will require partners to have a certain number of certified people on their staff in order to reach particular status as a Veritas partner, he said. However, the vendor has yet to determine those numbers.

The certification process will be open to any Veritas partners, and the company is not looking to restrict certification to a limited number of solution providers, said DeCicco. He expects to have about 200 certified solution providers by the end of the year. "We'd like to have everybody certified in Veritas technology if at all possible," he said.

This program is not limited to the enterprise level, but DeCicco said that enterprises are where most of the storage networking complexities lie. Even so, certification, especially at level one, would be beneficial to SMB partners, he said.

The certification allows partners to assess and deploy Veritas' products to its clients, but they can also resell Veritas' professional services, he said.

Sat, 16 Dec 2023 15:40:00 -0600 text/html
Solution Providers Applaud Veritas Certification Tests

Veritas Software

Veritas introduced the new certification program this past weekend at a partner summit held here. The program is aimed at giving its solution provider partners the same level of certification as the vendor's own direct sales consultants.

Hank Johnson, vice president of infrastructure solutions at Stonebridge Technologies, a Sun MIcrosystems and Veritas solution provider based here, said he is happy when vendors such as Veritas offer certification programs. "We want to be a fully leveraged partner of Veritas," he said. "I think a year from now, Veritas will be very surprised at the uplift they get from this program."

The Veritas certification program is helpful to solution providers who have seen the importance of storage management to their heterogeneous infrastructures, Johnson said. "We want to scale our business to what customers need, and then to what the vendors have to offer," he said.

Veritas has always had a good certification program, one that may not have been formalized, but which nevertheless showed the company knew what they wanted their partners to have, said Derek Gamradt, vice president of engineering and CTO of StorNet, an Englewood, Colo.-based storage specialist solution provider.

"But in light [of all of the partners that we have, it seems like certification du jour," Gamradt said. "I could literally put two people on staff full-time to do nothing but maintain certification testing and never get a dollar out of them billable-wise. Every provider has gotten certification-crazy."

The good news, however, is that these certifications separate the wheat from the chaff, Gamradt said. "The bad news is for those of us who have been doing this for so long, it's almost like an exercise that slows us down to get the point done."

For start-up integrators, I would know that to be a player with any vendor, I would need to make the appropriate investments, making this a good way for suppliers to work out who really wants to be in the game, Gamradt said.

However, if certification is widely available from a vendor, it could dilute the value to those solution providers who have developed a long-term expertise, said Gamradt. "Where there's mystery, there's margin," he said. "And right now, each new person that gets certified in a technology where we consider ourselves expert, it reduces the overall mystery pool."

The real news about the certification program is that it marks the first time Veritas has rolled out a comprehensive partner plan that includes all the traditional elements: certification, revenue commitments, commensurate margins locked in to the sales commitment, and geographic coverages.

"These are all the things that one would consider reasonable and customary in a reseller plan [but have been traditionally been somewhat disjointed from Veritas," Gamradt said. "Somebody, and I would think this was Don Foster [vice president of partner sales in the Americas at Veritas who put this together, who said, 'OK, there's one reseller plan in the United States, here are the rules to be an elite partner, you have to have X revenue, so many certifications, so much of a commitment, and you have to fill these obligations.' And that was never that way in the past."

Dave Hall, senior vice president and CTO of CompuCom, said the Dallas-based Veritas solution provider is looking forward to testing for certification, as it raises the bar on who can be a partner for the vendor.

Hall said he likes the fact that the testing process is the same as that Veritas' own consultants go through. "We want it that way," he said. "You want the same expertise as the vendors. What we bring to customers is a more vendor-agnostic approach."

Certification testing is not necessarily easy, even for those with a lot of experience, Hall said. "When you look at vendors' tests, none are bullet-proof," he said. "All approach the technology differently, and use different terminology.

We keep a database about certification and testing. As we find issues, we document them so that as our engineers take tests in the future, they can zoom in on getting certified quicker and not waste time on issues not related to customers."

Sat, 16 Dec 2023 15:40:00 -0600 text/html
Health Systems Administration Certificate

Certain countries are subject to comprehensive embargoes under US Export Controls, which prohibit virtually ALL exports, imports, and other transactions without a license or other US Government authorization. Learners from Syria, Sudan, North Korea, the Crimea region of the Ukraine, Iran, and Cuba may not register for RIT online courses. Nor may individuals on the United States Treasury Department’s list of Specially Designated Nationals or the United States Commerce Department’s table of Deny Orders. By registering for RIT online courses, you represent and warrant that you are not located in, under the control of, or a national or resident of any such country or on any such list.

Learn How to Apply

Additional Information

Online Study Restrictions for Some International Students

Certain countries are subject to comprehensive embargoes under US Export Controls, which prohibit virtually ALL exports, imports, and other transactions without a license or other US Government authorization. Learners from the Crimea region of the Ukraine, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, and Syria may not register for RIT online courses. Nor may individuals on the United States Treasury Department’s list of Specially Designated Nationals or the United States Commerce Department’s table of Deny Orders. By registering for RIT online courses, you represent and warrant that you are not located in, under the control of, or a national or resident of any such country or on any such list.

Wed, 09 Dec 2020 11:48:00 -0600 en text/html
Best IT Certifications for 2024

Earning specialized certifications is a surefire way to advance your career in the IT field, regardless of industry or current career level. The right certification validates your skills and knowledge, which makes you more desirable to future employers who want to attract and retain the best employees. Below, we’ll explore the top IT certifications and share how to examine your goals to choose the right path forward. 

We’ve narrowed IT certifications into specific categories to help IT professionals assess what’s available and pursue the best certifications to show their willingness to learn and develop the in-demand career skills employers want.

Best database certifications 

Database platforms have changed greatly over the years, but database technology remains important for various applications and computing tasks. Available certifications for IT professionals include those for database administrators (DBAs), database developers, data analysts and architects, business intelligence, and data warehousing specialists, and other data professionals.

Obtaining database certifications demonstrates an understanding of database concepts, design, implementation, administration and security. This can boost your credibility in the job market and show potential employers that you have the skills needed to work with databases. The best database certifications include the following:

Best SAS certifications 

SAS is one of the world’s leading firms for business analytics, data warehousing and data mining. Today, the SAS Global Certification Program offers 23 credentials across categories including foundation tools, advanced analytics, business intelligence, data management and administration.

SAS programmers remain in high demand, with a quick search of job boards showing thousands of open positions. Obtaining SAS certification shows employers that you are proficient in the company’s popular suite of tools. Some of SAS’s certification programs include the following: 

Many professionals earn certifications to help navigate their career paths. According to the IT Salary Report, 92 percent of information technology professionals have at least one certification.

Best Cisco certifications 

Cisco Systems is a market leader not only in networking and communications products, but also storage networking and solutions for data centers. Cisco offers a variety of certifications for IT professionals, ranging from entry level credentials to expert-level exams. 

These certifications prepare professionals for Cisco-related careers. A search of job boards reveals thousands of open positions for Cisco experts, underscoring the continued relevance of these skills. Some of Cisco’s certifications include the following:

Best Dell certifications 

Dell Technologies remains one of the world’s leading computing companies. In addition to its well-known hardware lineup, Dell also offers solutions for networks, storage, servers, gateways and embedded computing, as well as a broad range of IT and business services.

Becoming certified in Dell products can help make IT professionals competitive in engineering roles for server, virtualization, networking, systems, integration and data security. Additional roles include consultants, account executives, system administrators, IT managers and deployment managers.

Best mobility certifications 

In the mobile era, it has become increasingly important for network engineers to support local, remote and mobile users, as well as provide proper infrastructure. The focus on application and app development now leans more toward mobile environments, requiring security professionals to thoroughly address mobility from all perspectives.

Due to the fast-changing nature of mobile technology, not many mobility certifications have become widely adopted. However, a few of the top mobility certifications can help IT professionals stand out in this rapidly evolving field. 

If part of your job includes selling and implementing an IT solution, you may want to pursue the best sales certifications. You’ll show your organization that you’re willing to go above and beyond to reach sales targets.

Best computer hardware certifications 

As remote and computer-based work has become more common, it’s more important than ever that businesses and individuals be able to maintain their hardware. While discussions about potential computer-related jobs often revolve around software work and coding, jumping into the IT field by becoming a computer technician is an excellent starting point.

Today, thousands of hardware technician jobs are available across the country. Entering this industry becomes more accessible for those who acquire computer hardware certifications. These certifications can showcase your expertise and proficiency in the upkeep of computers, mobile devices, printers and other hardware components.

Best Google Cloud certifications 

IT pros with solid cloud computing skills continue to be in high demand as more companies adopt cloud technologies. Today, Google Cloud is one of the market leaders in the cloud computing space. 

Regardless of where you are in your IT career, engaging with certification programs can demonstrate your willingness to keep on top of rapidly evolving cloud technologies. To that end, Google has introduced a host of certifications for its cloud platform, including the following: 

Best evergreen IT certifications

In the fast-changing world of technology, it can help to focus on certifications that have stood the test of time. “Evergreen” refers to certifications that remain popular year after year. 

The top evergreen certifications are based on latest pay surveys in IT, reports from IT professionals about certifications they want or pursue the most, and those that appear most frequently in online job postings. Obtaining these credentials is one step toward ensuring that your skills remain relevant for a long time: 

Best IT governance certifications 

IT governance provides structure for aligning a company’s IT with its business strategies. Organizations faced with compliance rigors always need experienced IT pros who can see the big picture and understand technology risks. This means certified IT governance professionals are likely to remain in high demand.

Earning one of the following certifications proves a commitment to understanding the role of IT governance and its position in a company’s current and future success. Getting certified can validate your expert knowledge and lead to advanced career opportunities.

Best system administrator certifications 

An IT system administrator is responsible for managing and maintaining the information technology infrastructure within an organization. The position demands sought-after career skills, ranging from configuring and maintaining servers and clients to managing access controls, network services, and addressing application resource requirements.

If you’re in charge of managing modern servers, there’s a long list of tools and technologies that system administrators must master. Obtaining some of the most prominent system administrator certifications can demonstrate your mastery to potential employers. 

Best ITIL certifications 

ITIL, or Information Technology Infrastructure Library, was developed to establish standardized best practices for IT services within government agencies. Over the ensuing four decades, businesses of all types embraced, modified, and extended ITIL, shaping it into a comprehensive framework for managing IT service delivery. 

The ITIL framework remains the benchmark for best practices in IT service and delivery management, offering certification programs that cater to IT professionals at all levels. These training and certification courses ensure that IT professionals stay well-prepared for the ongoing evolution in IT service delivery management. There are four certifications in the ITIL certification program:

Best enterprise architect certifications 

An IT enterprise architect is responsible for designing and managing the overall structure and framework of an organization’s information technology system. Enterprise architect certifications are among the highest that an IT professional can achieve; fewer than 1 percent ultimately reach this level. 

Enterprise architects are among the highest-paid employees and consultants in the tech industry. These certifications can put IT professionals on a path to many lucrative positions. The average worker earns over six figures annually. Some top enterprise architect certifications are listed below:

To become an enterprise IT architect, you’ll need knowledge of systems deployment, design and architecture, as well as a strong business foundation.

Best CompTIA certifications

CompTIA is a nonprofit trade association made up of more than 2,000 member organizations and 3,000 business partners. The organization’s vendor-neutral certification program is one of the best recognized in the IT industry. Since CompTIA developed its A+ credential in 1993, it has issued more than two million certifications.

CompTIA certifications are grouped by skill set and focus on the real-world skills IT professionals need. Armed with these credentials, you can demonstrate that you know how to manage and support IT infrastructure. 

Best Oracle certifications 

A longtime leader in database software, Oracle also offers cloud solutions, servers, engineered systems, storage, and more. The company has more than 430,000 customers in 175 countries. 

Today, Oracle’s training program offers six certification levels that span 16 product categories with more than 200 individual credentials. Considering the depth and breadth of this program — and the number of Oracle customers — it’s no surprise that Oracle certifications are highly sought after. 

Vendor-specific certifications address a particular vendor’s hardware and software. For example, you can pursue Oracle certifications and Dell certifications to become an expert in those companies’ environments.

Best business continuity and disaster recovery certifications

Business continuity and disaster recovery keep systems running and data available in the event of interruptions or faults. These programs bring systems back to normal operation after a disaster has occurred.

Business continuity and disaster recovery certifications are seeing a healthy uptrend as new cloud-based tools grow in popularity. While business continuity planning and disaster recovery planning have always been essential, they’re becoming more critical than ever — and IT certifications are following suit.

Tue, 02 Jan 2024 09:59:00 -0600 en text/html
Graduate Certificate in Public Administration & Leadership

This 12-credit graduate certificate in Public Administration and Leadership is designed for agency managers seeking to expand their leadership skills, agency line staff who are preparing to move into management roles, those with existing master degrees (e.g. master of criminal justice, master of social work) who wish to add on a management oriented credential, or prospective MPA students who are interested in an intermediate credential. Areas of skill development include public and non-profit leadership, personnel management, public budgeting and financial management, and data management. Because courses for the graduate certificate program are aligned with the master’s program curriculum, this program serves as both a standalone certificate and can serve as a pathway into the master’s program. Upon successful completion of the graduate certificate in Public Administration and Leadership, certificate holders who received a GPA of 3.500 and above may apply to waive the GRE requirement when applying to the Master’s.

Curriculum Outline

Required Courses
Course # Course Title Cr.
MPAD.5010 Foundations of Public Administration 3
MPAD.5020 Public/Nonprofit Budgeting and Financial Management 3
Total 6

Choose one of the following
Course # Course Title Cr.
MPAD.5030 Public and Non-profit Management and Leadership 3
CRIM.5210 Managing Justice Organizations 3
MUBU.5040 Arts Administration 3
SOCI.5020 Human Services Management 3
Total 3
Choose one from the following
Course # Course Title Cr.
MPAD.5040 Data Analysis 3
CRIM.5900 Descriptive and Inferential Statistics 3
Total 3

Total number of courses required for the certificate: 4

Total number of credits required for the degree: 12

Tue, 21 Feb 2023 18:44:00 -0600 en text/html
Graduate Certificate in Higher Education Administration

Mon, 03 Aug 2020 18:09:00 -0500 en-US text/html
Educational Leadership Certification, Tier I Tier I Educational Leadership Certification Program in School Leadership and Administration

The University of North Georgia offers a certificate in Tier I Educational Leadership Certification Program-School Leadership and Administration. The program is designed for educators who have a master's degree and are preparing for entry-level leadership positions in public schools.

Request Information Apply Attend a Virtual Information Session

Applicants certified in Georgia should verify with their employer or the GaPSC whether the advanced degree leads to a certificate upgrade or pay increase. The GaPSC provides the Certificate Upgrade Advisor to assist with this process. Out-of-state applicants should also verify with their employer or certification body to verify certificate upgrades.

Educational Leadership Certification, Tier 1 Program Quick Facts

  • Qualifies candidates for Tier I certification
  • Cohort model engaging small groups for an enhanced learning experience
  • Online program
  • Asynchronous classes with synchronous meetings
  • Federal financial aid not available
  • Master's degree and 3 years teaching experience required
  • This is an add-on certification to a T5 certification
  • Completion of this program and all its requirements qualifies candidates for Georgia Tier I certification in Educational Leadership
  • Program consists of 22 credit hours spanning over four semesters with a summer semester start (June of each year)
  • Candidates with a Level 6 or Level 7 Certificate can request a transcript review for possible course substitutions not to exceed six semester hours

Program Application Deadlines

If program capacity is met prior to established admission deadlines, we will stop accepting applications for admission and cancel remaining incomplete applicants. Completing your application earlier is better.

Summer Deadline

May 1

How to Apply to Get the Tier 1 Educational Leadership Certification


For questions about the program, contact:

For questions about the application process, contact:
Graduate Admissions 

Professional Licensure and Certification

The University of North Georgia offers degree programs that meet the educational requirements students need to apply for professional licensure and certifications in Georgia. The programs may not meet education requirements for licensure or certification in other states.

For additional information, please review the Professional Licensure and Certification Disclosure.

Establishing Connection...

Wed, 05 May 2021 20:28:00 -0500 en text/html
RPTA Certificate Programs

RPTA Certificate Programs are designed for RPTA Major and Minor students only. These programs compliment any RPTA degree and are great for students who would like more targeted groups of coursework, with associated recognition, generally taken within the required major or minor program requirements. Choose one or more of the four certificate programs available!

How To Declare A Certificate

RPTA student's may declare more than one certificate but must submit a seperate request form for each certificate. To submit a certificate request form you must:

  • Review the catalog to make sure that all requirements for each certificate request are fulfilled with a grade of "C" or better.
  • Have all coursework for the Bachelor/Minor completed with a grade of "C" or better.
  • Submit a certificate request form as soon as grades have posted. Do not wait long after grades have posted. All request forms must be completed before the degree is conferred.

Links to the catalog and certificate request forms are provided in each certificate description section further down on this page. Please note:

  • When using the links to access certificate request forms, you will be prompted to log into Acrobat Adobe Sign in which you will need to use your CSU email for log in. You may also be prompted to to log into your CSU account if you have not already done so.
  • A copy of unofficial transcripts will be required for verification upon submission of request. Highlight required courses and grades on your transcripts before attaching to the each certificate request form.
  • Incomplete forms or forms that have not met requirements will be declined. If declined, you will receive an email through Acrobat Adobe Sign with an explanation. You must submit a new request form once you fix the issue.

Certificate in Event Planning

The certificate program in Event Planning (EP) is designed for students interested in working for both private and public agencies in the areas of:

  • Event planning,
  • Wedding planning,
  • Meeting planning, and
  • Rrecreational programming.

A copy of unofficial transcripts will be required for verification upon submission of EP certificate request form. Note: You must highlight the certificate required courses and grades on your transcripts before attaching to the each certificate request form.

farm to fork bridge dinner

Certificate in Natural Resources Administration

The certificate program in Natural Resource Administration (NRA) prepares students to work in outdoor recreation agencies such as California State Parks, National Parks, National Forests, and other agencies that manage our natural, cultural and heritage resources.

Through an informative coursework, students will receive a strong foundation in recreation management related to providing the public with high-quality outdoor recreational opportunities.

A copy of unofficial transcripts will be required for verification upon submission of NRA certificate request form. Note: You must highlight the certificate required courses and grades on your transcripts before attaching to the each certificate request form.

Certificate in Outdoor Adventure Administration

The certificate program in Outdoor Adventure Administration (OAA) is for students wanting to provide the public with experiences and programs to play and learn in the great outdoors.

Students will extend the general park and recreation management foundation of the Recreation Administration core with courses that teach adventure recreation programming and experiential education skills.

A copy of unofficial transcripts will be required for verification upon submission of OAA certificate request form. Note: You must highlight the certificate required courses and grades on your transcripts before attaching to the each certificate request form.

Certificate Non-Profit Administration

Non-profit leadership is becoming an essential skill for students planning to work in government, tax-supported, and not-for-profit agencies.

Students pursuing a Certificate in Non-Profit Administration (NPA) will gain valuable skills in:

  • writing grants,
  • planning fundraising events,
  • managing volunteers, and
  • working with various populations such as youth, underserved persons, or community professionals.

A copy of unofficial transcripts will be required for verification upon submission of NPA certificate request form. Note: You must highlight the certificate required courses and grades on your transcripts before attaching to the each certificate request form.

Certificate Advising

Certificate advising occurs during regular major or minor advising meetings.

If you have questions about course substitutions or transfer credit, or any other questions not covered in the section on Certificate FAQs, consult your advisor.

Additional RPTA Certificate Resources

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