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Administration of Veritas InfoScale Storage 7.3 for UNIX/Linux
Veritas Administration thinking
Killexams : Veritas Administration thinking - BingNews Search results Killexams : Veritas Administration thinking - BingNews Killexams : Veritas Advanced Supervision: Administration

The Veritas Advanced Supervision: Administration course is designed for Compliance and Supervision professionals whose role is to manage, maintain, and perform supervisory reviews to ensure regulatory compliance. This course discusses how to configure and use Veritas Advanced Supervision to meet your company’s supervisory requirements while maintaining regulatory standards. The course is designed to enable you to gain the necessary fundamental and advanced skills that are required to manage and to leverage the features within Veritas Advanced Supervision to perform fast sampling, effective and efficient review of regulated communications.

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Killexams : Veritas Data Insight 6.1.6: Administration

The Veritas Data Insight 6.1.6: Administration course is designed for the storage administration, IT security and systems administration professional tasked with architecting, implementing, administering and using Veritas Data Insight. This course covers how to design, install, configure, administer and maintain Veritas Data Insight. Students will also learn how to use the core features of Data Insight to investigate risk, compliance and data management use cases.

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Killexams : Rogue Project Veritas Ex-Employee Claims to Reveal Names of Undercover Operatives

Right-wing activist James O’Keefe and his secretive Project Veritas group have faced plenty of legal headaches in the past year, including FBI raids, a lawsuit defeat, and two associates pleading guilty in federal court.

Now O’Keefe and Project Veritas have a new problem: a disgruntled, trash-talking former employee and porn performer who has dubbed himself “Jean Jacque the Cock.”

The ex-employee, whose real name is Patrice Thibodeau, has taken to YouTube to reveal what he describes as the organization’s secrets, including the names of O’Keefe’s alleged undercover “sting” operatives and the kinds of hidden cameras he says the group uses.

Making matters worse, Thibodeau seems to relish his role as O’Keefe’s tormentor.

“James is fucking done, bitch,” Thibodeau, a former Project Veritas videographer who left the organization in 2020, said in one of the videos. “I’m laughing my ass off, this is so pathetic.”

Project Veritas has scrambled to stop Thibodeau from disseminating its supposed secrets. On Nov. 7, the group asked the New York Supreme Court for an injunction to prevent Thibodeau from publishing confidential information about his former employer, a filing first reported by the New York Post.

Project Veritas didn’t respond to a request for comment. Thibodeau also declined to comment.

After leaving Project Veritas, Thibodeau is now attempting to launch a social media, comedy, and adult performance career in Florida. Some media outlets have described Thibodeau as a “porn star” in articles about the Project Veritas lawsuit. But the extent of his adult work appears to be a handful of homemade videos of Thibodeau masturbating alone that he then uploaded to various amateur websites.

“The machine requires him to get ‘UCJs’—undercover journalists—to be recruited and work for him, and go on Tinder.”

Thibodeau’s videos about Project Veritas have disappeared from YouTube, and the lawsuit redacted the details of his on-tape revelations. In one video obtained by The Daily Beast, however, Thibodeau revealed the names of people he said worked undercover for Project Veritas, as well as what he described as the group’s methods for running its sting operations on liberal groups.

For example, Thibodeau claims to have been in Washington’s historic Georgetown neighborhood while attractive female Project Veritas operatives attempted to secretly record dates with federal bureaucrats, a plan previously reported by The New York Times.

Thibodeau warned his audience that Project Veritas staffers could still be looking for targets on Washington’s dating sites.

“If you are a person going on a dating app in D.C., you might potentially be on a date with a Project Veritas journalist,” Thibodeau said.

Thibodeau also alleged in the video that Project Veritas uses hidden cameras that like buttons or coffee cups, supplied by a surveillance manufacturer called LawMate. In its lawsuit against Thibodeau, Project Veritas accused him of violating confidentiality clauses in his employment contract regarding “covert devices.”

In the footage, recorded in August, Thibodeau mocks O’Keefe’s group for failing to land any major bombshell videos in 2022. Thibodeau described what he claimed was O’Keefe’s process for running the stings and feeding the right-wing media content “machine.”

“The machine requires him to get ‘UCJs’—undercover journalists—to be recruited and work for him, and go on Tinder,” Thibodeau said.

Thibodeau also claimed that the undercover operatives are trained to issue what Project Veritas calls “elicitations” to their targets, asking questions about Joe Biden, for example, to prompt the unsuspecting people to make damaging statements.

In the video, Thibodeau reveals the full names of multiple women he claims have worked undercover for Project Veritas on the stings. The identities of Project Veritas employees could be useful for liberal groups, which have already shared intelligence on O’Keefe’s associates in attempts to avoid future undercover stings.

“Thibodeau also alleged in the video that Project Veritas uses hidden cameras that look like buttons or coffee cups.”

The Daily Beast was not able to independently confirm Thibodeau’s descriptions of the Project Veritas employees. But the organization itself appeared to acknowledge that at least some of the names revealed by Thibodeau are genuine, describing the names in his video as “highly confidential trade secrets” in its lawsuit.

Thibodeau made his videos in August in the aftermath of a lawsuit filed against Project Veritas by another former employee named Antoinetta Zappier. That complaint painted Project Veritas as a raucous, drug-fueled, sexually charged workplace.

Among other things, Zappier alleged that a person overdosed on drugs during a party at the group’s corporate apartment, that a Project Veritas fundraiser impregnated a “subordinate” and paid for her abortion, and that a wild boat party hosted by O’Keefe culminated in an attendee defecating on the floor. Zappier has also claimed that O’Keefe opened pornography on his office computer multiple times.

Project Veritas has denied Zappier’s allegations.

In his video responding to Zappier’s lawsuit, Thibodeau read an article from The Daily Beast describing the case against O’Keefe and supported Zappier’s descriptions of Project Veritas as a hard-partying workplace. Thibodeau also enthused about O’Keefe’s predicament, saying “Antoinetta has him by the nuts.”

Thibodeau appeared to grind axes against other former Project Veritas employees in his attacks on the group. Thibodeau, who has refashioned himself as a stand-up comedian reminiscent of a morning-zoo shock jock, made crude, misogynistic comments about female Project Veritas employees and their physical attributes in at least one of the videos.

The vendetta from his ex-employee marks just the latest legal problem for O’Keefe, whose home was raided by the FBI last year as part of an investigation into the theft of presidential daughter Ashley Biden’s diary.

In August, two people who admitted to stealing the diary pleaded guilty as part of the federal investigation. Project Veritas has insisted its reporting methods are all legal.

Thibodeau has faced some other legal issues of his own. In Nov. 2021, he was arrested after allegedly cracking the windshield of a Mercedes-Benz with a rock and resisting arrest after police caught him. That misdemeanor case remains open in Florida, with a warrant issued for his arrest after he failed to appear in court earlier this year.

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Killexams : Consumers are thinking about the economy differently than businesses, says Veritas' Greg Branch
Consumers are thinking about the economy differently than businesses, says Veritas' Greg Branch

watch now


Greg Branch, managing partner at Veritas Financial, joins CNBC's 'Squawk Box' to discuss his economic forecast following the Federal Reserve's latest interest rate hike decision.


Mon, Nov 7 20227:14 AM EST

Sun, 06 Nov 2022 22:16:00 -0600 en text/html
Killexams : Project Veritas Sues Ex-Staffer-Turned-Porn Star for Leaking Company Secrets

Project Veritas is now suing one of its former employees in a Manhattan court after the ex-staffer, who now works as a porn star, dished dirt on the right-wing activism group. Patrice Thibodeau allegedly violated his terms of employment with Project Veritas when he took to YouTube to air out some grievances. In heavily redacted court filings, the James O’Keefe-led group alleged that Thibodeau posted six YouTube videos between August and September, under his stage name “Jean Jacques the Cock,” revealing “confidential information” about the company. Thibodeau, who also worked as a top official with the Connecticut Republican Party, reportedly kept posting the “disparaging” videos despite a warning from the media watchdog that he was violating their policies. “I used to work in Republican politics. I worked at Project Veritas… they hate me,” Thibodeau said in one of his videos. “They don’t want to talk to me. I am in Florida doing porn.” Project Veritas is seeking $200,000 in damages and a court order that would prevent Thibodeau from speaking further.

Read it at New York Post
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Killexams : Project Veritas sues employee-turned-porn star Patrice Thibodeau for spilling company secrets

A one-time Project Veritas video editor, who quit to become a porn star in Florida, has been spilling the company’s secrets on YouTube, the company charged in a lawsuit.

Patrice Thibodeau, who also worked as digital director for the Connecticut Republican Party from January 2018 to December 2019 before letting it all hang out online, has repeatedly violated his Project Veritas employment agreements, the company claims in its Manhattan Supreme Court filing.

Patrice Thibodeau was a well-known GOP operative before turning to porn.
Patrice Thibodeau was a GOP operative before turning to porn.

The right-leaning media watchdog group is known for undercover videos recorded without the subject’s knowledge. It says Thibodeau, 33, published six videos on YouTube in August and September under his stage name, “Jean Jacques the C–k,” revealing the company’s “confidential information,” slamming its personnel and using the business’ name “to promote his career.”

Thibodeau, who worked at Project Veritas from December 2019 to September 2020, kept up the “disparaging videos” even after the company warned he was violating his employment agreements, it said in heavily redacted court papers.

Patrice Thibodeau drinks from coffee cup
Patrice Thibodeau has been “disparaging” his former employer, Project Veritas, the company claims in a lawsuit.

Project Veritas, whose founder, James O’Keefe, was permanently banned from Twitter, said in the lawsuit that its activities “depend heavily on maintaining the confidentiality of its proprietary information, including the identities of its undercover journalists … its sources, its methods and technology, and its ongoing projects.”

The company is seeking $200,000 in damages and a court order barring Thibodeau from breaking his agreements.

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Killexams : What to Do When You Can't Stop Thinking About Someone What to Do When You Can't Stop Thinking About Someone © Getty / JGI/Jamie Grill What to Do When You Can't Stop Thinking About Someone

If you've ever been unable to stop thinking about someone, you know how accurate the phrase "living in your head rent-free" really is. Try as you might, all roads lead back to that person, often a crush, an ex-partner, an ex-friend, or an annoying coworker or acquaintance. Wondering when you'll see them next; dreaming up future conversations; rehashing and revising past interactions; thinking up reasons to text them; checking and rechecking their social media accounts; finding ways to bring them up in conversations with mutual contacts, whether it's to vent or gush about them - the thoughts can feel all-consuming and exhausting. If you've ever been in this situation, you've likely wanted to know how to stop thinking about someone.

The truth is, there's no single magic strategy for how to stop thinking about your ex when their side of the bed is empty at night, or your ex-BFF when their side of the text convo is a dead end, or that coworker when you're butting heads every week. It takes intentional work - and a little understanding about why that particular person is running circles in your mind.

So, we asked mental health and relationship experts to share why we sometimes can't get someone off our minds, how to know when it's becoming an issue, and how to stop thinking about someone once and for all.

Why You Can't Stop Thinking About That Person

If the person living rent-free in your brain is a crush, attraction is likely playing a role in why you can't stop thinking about them. It feels good to think about the things you admire about someone and to daydream about a future relationship; to some extent, the same holds true for a platonic attraction as well.

But if the person you're preoccupied with is an ex or someone who rejected you, you may be grieving, says Eliza Boquin, MA, LMFT, a licensed relationship and sex therapist. "It's quite typical to go through a grieving process [after a breakup]. You don't necessarily have to be with someone for a long time, but the intensity of how you felt might determine how long it takes to get over that person," she says. If you didn't have a feeling of closure - if someone ghosted you or ended things suddenly, for instance - your thoughts are especially likely to start spiraling. "Our brain works in patterns to make sense of things, and when you don't have a lot of resolution, it can make it really difficult to move on," Boquin says.

Separating from someone you're attached to can even cause symptoms of withdrawal, including difficulty sleeping, eating, and depression, according to a 2019 study. It's a big deal, and it makes sense that it may be hard to get past. But the 2019 research found that people who reported more rumination on a romantic or platonic breakup generally found it harder to emotionally adjust afterward. The same may hold true for a rejection too.

Anxiety could also factor into why you can't stop thinking about someone, including an ex, an ex-friend, or a crush. People with attachment anxiety, for instance, tend to spend more time ruminating, according to a study in the journal Personality and Individual Differences, and that can affect relationships other than romantic ones.

When Thinking About Someone Can Become a Problem

It's common to think a lot about a new crush, a recent ex, or even a potential friend or new coworker. Often, these thoughts pass on their own. But generally, if your thinking is bothering you, it's a problem.

Uncontrollable, obsessive thinking can be a red flag for an anxiety disorder or obsessive-compulsive disorder, says Rachel Sussman, LCSW, a dating and relationship expert and the author of "The Breakup Bible." There's even a type of OCD called relationship OCD, which is characterized by thoughts and behaviors relating to a relationship. If you suspect anxiety or OCD is playing a part in your thinking, it's important to see a licensed medical professional for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Even if your symptoms aren't being caused by OCD or anxiety, ruminating about a specific person often goes hand in hand with self-blame - such as blaming the end of a relationship solely on yourself - which could impact your self-worth, confidence, and even productivity in your day-to-day life at work or in school, Boquin says. Rumination can also cause you to isolate yourself from other relationships with family and friends, which lets the stubborn thoughts take up even more space in your brain.

Some clear-cut signs that you're thinking about someone too much include: it's been more than six months since the thoughts started; your friends mention being bothered by how much you're mentioning someone; you're having trouble sleeping or eating, or the thoughts are generally getting in the way of your daily life; you're feeling anxious or depressed. "If you find yourself crying a lot and having low energy, it might be a red flag that you need to seek out professional support," Boquin adds. Friends and family can be helpful, but talking to a therapist or counselor is also often beneficial, she says: "It's important to have a lot of support systems and a lot of different resources to process."

In addition to seeking support from loved ones or professionals, the experts suggest the following strategies for evicting someone who's been squatting in your mind.

How to Stop Thinking About Someone

Don't try to stop thinking about someone too soon

You can't forget about a person immediately, especially if you're talking about a breakup. (If you don't know why trying to erase your memories ASAP is a bad idea, consider watching "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.") First, "make sure you've talked through the breakup with a good friend or someone who's been through a breakup or a professional to help you process," Sussman says. Same goes for other situations, including being rejected by a crush, having a friendship end, or having a frustrating interaction with a coworker. While you're in that processing stage, surround yourself with healthy coping tools: exercise, spending time with friends, and getting enough sleep, Sussman suggests.

Notice your thoughts, and honor what they're bringing up

If you're past that early stage and still having trouble getting that person off your mind, don't just try to suppress the thoughts. Instead, take the time to embrace and identify your emotions around the person every time a thought about them pops up, says Boquin. Do you feel guilt? Anger? Sadness? Confusion? "The reason acknowledging our emotions works is because this is how we process our emotions," Boquin says. The more you try to push away what you're really feeling, the more difficult it is to release those emotions (and you may cause emotional blockages in other relationships with loved ones in the process), which is part of letting go, she says.

Reframe your thoughts

After noticing your thoughts and labeling your emotions, supply yourself a positive affirmation, such as: "I'm doing the best I can," "This is really hard," or "This is temporary, and at some point I will move through this," Boquin suggests. If self-blame is a recurring loop in your head, consider telling yourself, "I did the best I could in the moment," she says. Also try shifting your thinking toward the future, and what you've learned that you'll bring into your next relationship, such as communicating more clearly.

Block, block, block the person

Across the board, the experts agree that you need to cut off all forms of contact with the person you can't get off your mind, so you can minimize your chances of Insta/TikTok/Facebook/Twitter/Reddit/BeReal trailing them. Checking in on someone's socials will only allow the obsessive thoughts to continue (that's just science). This step is especially important if you're trying to stop thinking about an ex who's moved on more quickly than you. "Looking them up will only exacerbate the anxiety," Sussman says. Going zero contact is about learning what life is like without that person, Boquin adds.

Ground yourself in reality

When the person does pop into your head, rather than following the same old path of thoughts - whether that's being regretful over a relationship ending, being wistful about what never was, being angry about an altercation, or something else entirely - try to consider a more balanced view of the person. If that person is an ex, for example, remind yourself of their flaws, Boquin suggests. If it's a crush who rejected you (directly or indirectly), reassure yourself that their taste in partners was a mismatch - it can be hard not to take that personally, but the person who's meant for you will be passionate about you, not lukewarm. In some cases, the balanced view might include some positives about the person in question: if you can't stop thinking about a coworker who gets under your skin, it may be helpful to remind yourself of the value they bring to your company or a time they helped you, for instance.

Celebrate your mini wins

Got through half a day without thinking about them? Hey, good for you - celebrate that and keep the momentum going, Sussman says. Also, as your mood and confidence lift and you become more comfortable taking care of yourself again, consider making it a priority to meet new people. That might mean dating again or just getting back into socializing, she says. As you meet new faces and reconnect with old friends, you'll have less mental space to spend on that person - and more of your thoughts will go toward people and things that lift you up, instead.

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Killexams : Veritas Medical Solutions Appoints New President, Timothy Kardish

Tim Kardish

Tim Kardish

HARLEYSVILLE, Pa., Nov. 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Veritas Medical Solutions is proud to welcome Timothy Kardish to the Veritas family in the role of President. Tim is a successful and innovative business leader with over 17 years of executive leadership and experience within engineered solutions companies. Tim brings to Veritas a passion and focus on profitable growth with his deployment of operational excellence, engaging strategies and best practices.

"I am excited by the opportunity to add value in accelerating Veritas' profitable growth and to build upon Robert and David Farrell's culture and success," shares Tim Kardish.

"Tim's hiring as President is a clear reflection of the company's dedication to excellence. We are a team of highly motivated, talented professionals prepared to advance new paths in the radiation shielding market place. Veritas is poised for growth and bringing Tim on board emboldens our team as we continue to drive innovation and deliver industry firsts on a global scale," states Robert J. Farrell, CEO of Veritas Medical Solutions.

Veritas remains committed to building Cancer Centers of Excellence worldwide and bringing our state-of-the-art shielding solutions to other disciplines throughout the industry.  We will do this through the relentless pursuit of our core values - Vision, Excellence, Respect, Integrity, Teamwork, Achieve, and Serve. Our name - VERITAS (Latin for Truth) - sets before us the guiding principles and mission of our company.

About Veritas Shielding Solutions

Veritas is a world leader in the design, production and installation of pre-engineered radiation-shielded facilities and actively serves radiation oncology, medical imaging, radiopharmaceutical, non-destructive testing, sterilization, fusion and nuclear energy generation industries.

For more information, visit

For media inquiries, contact Veritas at 484-991-8928.

Contact Information:
Glenn Wanamaker
Marketing Manager

Related Images

Image 1: Tim Kardish

Tim Kardish, President at Veritas Medical Solutions

This content was issued through the press release distribution service at


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Killexams : CT private school teacher placed on leave after release of Project Veritas video

Greens Farm Academy in Westport has placed a teacher on leave after the school was made aware of a video of him allegedly discussing underage students.

Project Veritas, the controversial self-described undercover journalism project, has released a secretly recorded video of the teacher allegedly making comments about students at the private school.


Update: The teacher was dismissed from the school

“We have just been made aware of a report of inappropriate comments allegedly made by a teacher at GFA,” said Michelle Levi, a spokesperson for Greens Farms Academy. “We are placing the employee on leave and will be promptly investigating this matter and taking appropriate action.”


Westport Police Capt. David Wolf told the Courant that, at this time, the department is aware of the Project Veritas report but there is no active investigation related to this matter. The Courant is not naming the teacher as they have not been charged with any criminal wrongdoing.

Project Veritas, described as a far right-wing activist group, was created by conservative James O’Keefe in 2011. The group is often accused of producing deceptively edited videos of its undercover operations, which use secret recordings. Critics have stated that the nonprofit employs highly deceptive editing to attack targets such as teachers’ unions.

Project Veritas says it is dedicated to exposing corruption, dishonesty, waste, fraud and other misconduct “to achieve a more ethical and transparent society.”

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Killexams : Veritas’ $33M apartment deal is priciest of the year in SF
Veritas President CEO Yat-Pang Au, Veritas President and Chief Strategy Officer Justin Sato and Veritas COO Jeff Jerden with 2242 Polk Street in San Francisco (Loopnet, LinkedIn)
Veritas President CEO Yat-Pang Au, Veritas President and Chief Strategy Officer Justin Sato and Veritas COO Jeff Jerden with 2242 Polk Street in San Francisco (Loopnet, LinkedIn)

In the priciest market-rate apartment building sale in San Francisco this year, Veritas has purchased a half-block-long 42-unit Russian Hill property for just over $33 million, according to property records. The deal closed in early October but the buyer has not been reported until now.

Dan McGue of Coldwell Banker Commercial Realty repped both sides of the deal between Veritas and Polk and Green Investments, which had owned the 1913 property for more than 60 years. McGue could not confirm the buyer but said via email that they were interested in the property’s “AAA location” on a popular block of Russian Hill, plus its rehabbed units, seismic upgrades and remaining upside.
There were multiple offers on the property, which McGue marketed without an asking price in the spring. The long-time owners decided to sell because they self-managed the property and were “getting up in years, so they wanted to spend their time in other ways,” he said.

Veritas, one of the largest residential landlords in the city, entered into an agreement to buy the 50,000-square-foot property in May, according to property records. In addition to 38 one-bedrooms, four studios and an eight-car garage, the two buildings at 2222-2254 Polk Street have five retail spaces on the ground floor leased to corner tenant Cole Hardware, Italian restaurant Fiorella, Korean dining spot SSAL and Philz Coffee. Vacant residential units have hardwood floors, renovated kitchens and bathrooms and are asking $3,500 and up in rent, according to listings on RentSF Now, well above the city’s current $3,000 average for one-bedrooms.

Veritas did not respond to a request for comment. The building at 2242 Polk Street was purchased by an entity called 2242 Polk LP, but Veritas is named in the May purchase agreement and CEO Yat-Pang Au’s name is on the $23 million loan on the property from East West Bank, according to loan documents.

While agents report that apartment buying has slowed to a crawl due to higher interest rates, Veritas has continued purchasing properties this fall and is also moving forward with its first-ever apartment development on a parking lot it owns downtown.

The sale is by far the biggest trade for a market-rate apartment building this year, though Related Companies sold its 3-acre Mission Bay affordable housing complex, Crescent Cove, for $96 million in April. Before this sale, the biggest close on a market-rate multifamily was an Alamo Square property that went into contract in May and sold for $18 million in August, or $430,000 per unit. The Polk Street property’s $33 million price tag translates to about $785,000 per residential unit, though it also has ground-floor commercial spaces on a well-trafficked commercial corridor, which the Alamo Square property does not.

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