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VCS-257 Administration of Veritas InfoScale Storage 7.1 for UNIX/Linux

Exam Title :
Veritas Certified Specialist (VCS) - InfoScale Storage

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120 mins

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Pearson VUE

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Veritas InfoScale Storage Administration Real Questions

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Veritas VCS-257 Certification VCE Practice Test

Overview and Architecture

- Define the types, purpose, and benefits of storage virtualization.

- Define the benefits and components of Veritas InfoScale Storage for UNIX/Linux including Storage Foundation and Storage Foundation Cluster File System with Volume Manager, File System, Dynamic Multi-Pathing, Dynamic Multi-Pathing for VMware, Veritas InfoScale Operations Manager, Storage Foundation for databases, Veritas File Replicator, and Veritas Volume Replicator.

- Identify InfoScale Storage physical and virtual objects.

- Demonstrate an understanding of advanced InfoScale Storage architectures including Flexible Storage Sharing and replicating solutions.

Installation and Configuration

- Demonstrate the ability to install, license, and configure InfoScale Storage for UNIX/Linux using the common product installer (CPI).

- Demonstrate understanding of the InfoScale Storage Command Line Interface (CLI) and Veritas InfoScale Operations Manager (VIOM).

- Describe how to configure and manage private and shared disk groups.

- Describe how to create and delete concatenated, striped, mirrored, RAID-5, and layered volumes.

- Describe how to create and configure local and clustered Veritas File Systems.

- Describe how to configure volumes by adding mirrors and logs.

Managing and Reporting

- Describe how to perform file system administration.

- Describe how InfoScale Storage supports thin provisioning, including thin reclamation.

- Describe how to perform basic troubleshooting and recovery to address InfoScale Storage failures.

- Describe how to use Veritas InfoScale Operations Manager (VIOM) to manage and monitor an InfoScale Storage environment.

- Identify the InfoScale Storage tools used to monitor and analyze performance.

- Describe how to perform online administrative tasks for Veritas Volume Manager.

- Describe how the kernel components manage the InfoScale Storage architecture.

- Describe how to administer Dynamic Multi-Pathing for storage management and reporting.

- Describe how to manage InfoScale Storage snapshots and storage checkpoints, including checkpoint visibility and checkpoint auto-mounting.

- Identify the file systems that would benefit from File System data compression and deduplication features and describe how to use them.

- Describe how to configure the Site Awareness feature of InfoScale Storage.

- Define the InfoScale Storage capabilities for Storage Tiering using SmartTier.

- Describe how to configure and manage SmartIO.
Administration of Veritas InfoScale Storage 7.1 for UNIX/Linux
Veritas Administration plan

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Administration of Veritas InfoScale Storage 7.1 for
Question: 80
When a Veritas Volume Manager volume has a Veritas file system, which benefit is
experienced by using SmartMove?
A. optimized data recovery process
B. optimized SmartTier storage allocation process
C. optimized mirror synchronization process
D. optimized file replication process
Answer: C
Question: 81
How many Veritas file system cache areas are supported by SmartIO?
A. one cache area of each cache type on each system
B. one for read caching and one for write caching on each system
C. one for read caching and one for write caching for each file system
D. one for read caching and one for write-back caching for each file system
Answer: B
Question: 82
Which Veritas InfoScale Operations Manager Add-on provides detailed information
about the storage enclosures in the data center?
A. the Fabric Insight Add-on
B. the Storage Insight Add-on
C. the Storage Provisioning and Enclosure Migration Add-on
D. the Control Host Add-on
Answer: B
Question: 83
Which command should an administrator use to perform an online migration of a native
file system to a Veritas file system?
A. fscdsadm
B. vxcdsconvert
C. fsmigadm
D. vxvmconvert
Answer: C
Question: 84
Which kernel module or plug-in defines array-specific procedures and commands used
to select the path failover mechanism?
A. Array Policy Module (APM)
B. Array Support Library (ASL)
C. Device Discovery Layer (DDL)
D. Array Specific Module (ASM)
Answer: A
Question: 85
Which InfoScale Storage object can be cached when SmartIO is enabled on a server?
A. disk groups
B. subdisks
C. plexes
D. volumes
Answer: D
Question: 86
Which operation can an administrator perform during a volume relayout?
A. stop the volume
B. stop and reverse the relayout
C. change the number of mirrors
D. take volume snapshots
Answer: B
Question: 87
An administrator receives notification that the vxconfidd daemon has stopped on a
Veritas InfoScale Storage production server that has been running applications on
mounted Veritas file systems. What is the impact of this failure?
A. application I/O fails; all Veritas file systems are disabled
B. application I/O fails; all imported disk groups are disabled
C. application I/O continues; I/O performance to disk is degraded
D. application I/O continues; VxVM configuration changes fail
Answer: A
Question: 88
An administrator has configured replication using Veritas Volume Replicator between
two sites. The replication mode is set to asynchronous and the replication status is
consistent and connected. The performance of which component impacts the application
write performance?
A. write performance of the primary SRL volume
B. write performance of the secondary SRL volume
C. write performance of the data volumes at the primary site
D. network latency between the primary and the secondary sites
Answer: C
Question: 89
Which command attempts to repair a missing disk access records by finding the name of
the device in the private region and matching it to an existing disk media record?
A. vxmend
B. vxdctl
C. vxreattach
D. vxrecover
Answer: B
Question: 90
What is the advantage of making storage checkpoints automatically accessible through a
directory named .checkpoint in the root of the file system?
A. it ensures a storage checkpoint is automatically deleted under certain conditions
B. it eliminates the need for manually mounting storage checkpoints
C. it ensures the inode number of a file is different across storage checkpoints
D. it automatically creates a new storage checkpoint as changes are made to the file
Answer: B
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Veritas Administration plan - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/VCS-257 Search results Veritas Administration plan - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/VCS-257 https://killexams.com/exam_list/Veritas Project Veritas Exposes Leftist Plan to Attack Inaugural Ball No result found, try new keyword!The Left’s anti-Trump hysteria just took a potentially deadly turn. An undercover investigation by Project Veritas has exposed the D.C. Anti-Fascist Coalition’s plans to attack the ... Mon, 16 Jan 2017 19:00:00 -0600 en-US text/html https://www.nationalreview.com/2017/01/trump-inaugural-ball-stink-bomb-attack-dc-anti-fascist-coalition-attack/ Local residents explode at Biden officials over plan to release grizzly bears near their communities

Dozens of local residents in northern Washington recently voiced their strong opposition to a Biden administration plan to release grizzly bears, an apex predator, in a federally-managed forest area near their communities.

More than 200 local residents attended a public comment session in northern Washington hosted by the Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) and National Parks Service (NPS), with roughly 50 speaking in opposition of the federal grizzly bear proposal and just six voicing their support. Rep. Dan Newhouse, R-Wash., who represents local communities, was among the speakers voicing concerns about the plan's potential consequences.

"As a farmer, I worry not only about the bears destroying my crops, but for the safety and well-being of myself, my family, and my on-farm hands," Newhouse remarked during the session. "It is clear you all know that grizzlies can and probably will move out of the zone in which you drop them in, yet rather than letting common sense prevail, are continuing to push forward with this dangerous plan."

"So tell me, what is the agency’s plan for dealing with crop loss and livestock depredation that is inevitable from the introduction of these predators? What is the timeline for issuing lethal permits? And how much will citizens have to lose before they can defend themselves from this predator in their backyard?" he continued.


Rep. Dan Newhouse, R-Wash., the chairman of the Congressional Western Caucus, speaks in opposition of the Biden administration plan to release grizzly bears near Washington communities during a public comment session last week. (Courtesy of Rep. Dan Newhouse)

In late September, the NPS and FWS proposed the rule and draft environmental impact statement opening the door to release the apex predator in North Cascades National Park in northern Washington along the U.S.-Canada border. The proposal was cheered by left-wing eco groups but criticized by local lawmakers like Newhouse and residents.

Under the proposal, the federal government would release up to seven grizzly bears annually into the North Cascades ecosystem over the course of the next five to 10 years. The federal government's overarching goal would be to establish a grizzly bear population of roughly 200 bears in the coming decades.


"There's not the habitat up there for the grizzly bear. There never has been and there never will be," one resident said during the comment session last week, according to video obtained by Fox News Digital. "So, you're going to put grizzly bears there, what are they going to do? They're going to get right out in the winter. They're going to go right down in Mazama and they're going to go down in the rest of the area because they're not going to stay up there. So, I'm opposed to it completely."

"If you're not willing to accept responsibility for what goes down in this county from the actions that you take, you have no business taking those actions," another resident said, addressing the federal officials in attendance.

An estimated 200 Washington residents participated in the in-person comment session hosted by federal officials to hear feedback regarding the proposal to release grizzly bears in a nearby forest area. (Courtesy of Rep. Dan Newhouse)

The federal plan released in September includes three options, two that would involve actively restoring populations of the threatened grizzly bear species and one "no action" alternative that would maintain current management practices. As part of the announcement, the public is invited to comment on the proposed actions through mid-November.

Hugh Morrison, the regional FWS director, said grizzly bears are part of the region's heritage and restoring them could be done in a way that ensures communities, residents and animals "can all coexist peacefully."


According to the NPS, Grizzly bears occupied the North Cascades and served as an "essential part of the ecosystem" for thousands of years. However, in the 20th century, as a result of aggressive hunting practices, the species was driven into near extinction and the last confirmed sighting of a grizzly bear in the North Cascades ecosystem was in 1996.

"Nobody needs grizzlies, nobody needs wolves," another resident added during the event last week. "And the thing we need even less than that is the Department of Fish and Wildlife. These guys know nothing about fish, they don't care about wildlife. All they want to do is ruin the most important people, which is farmers and ranchers who grow our food. There's no reason for these people, there's no reason for grizzly bears."

"If any grizzly bear comes around my place, I'm shooting it," he said.

The Biden administration proposed a plan on Sept. 29 to release up to seven grizzly bears annually into the North Cascades ecosystem in northern Washington over the course of the next five to 10 years. (Getty Images)

Another resident, an 80-year-old man who said he frequently hunts in the area, said the federal officials who proposed the grizzly release plan are "super book smart, but dumber than hell" when it comes to on-the-ground conditions facing citizens.

While the plan would release grizzly bears near communities, according to the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife, unintentionally or intentionally killing a grizzly bear in the state can result in massive fines and penalties since the species is listed as federally threatened and state-listed as endangered.


"We have previously provided extensive comments opposing grizzly bear reintroduction into our local communities," the commissioners of Chelan County, Washington, which is located near North Cascades, wrote to the NPS in December. "We continue to oppose grizzly bear reintroduction given the likely negative impacts to public safety, economic development, recreation opportunities and the overall livelihood of our rural communities." 

"The federal agencies leading this effort have generally failed to address these concerns and have failed to engage in any meaningful way Chelan County and other neighboring counties in the proposed grizzly bear restoration area," they added in their letter.

A grizzly bear is photographed at the at the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center in West Yellowstone, Montana. While grizzly bears — which are apex predators — are classified as a threatened species in Washington, they are not in danger of extinction. (Trevor Hughes / USA TODAY NETWORK)

Plans to reintroduce grizzly bears to the North Cascades dates back to the Obama administration. Then, after significant state opposition led by Newhouse, the Trump administration concluded that grizzly bears would not be restored in the ecosystem. 


Former Interior Secretary David Bernhardt noted in July 2020 that grizzly bears are not in danger of extinction and that his agency could manage populations across their existing range.

However, late last year, following extensive litigation from environmental groups, the Biden administration announced it would again review whether to move forward with restoration, a process that led to the proposal in September.

Tue, 07 Nov 2023 19:01:00 -0600 Fox News en text/html https://www.foxnews.com/politics/local-residents-explode-biden-officials-plan-release-grizzly-bears-near-communities
Restore ‘veritas’ at universities

According to a survey done by the Harvard Crimson in 2022, 80% of the faculty at Harvard University self-identified as “liberal.” Thirty-seven percent self-identified as “very liberal.”

Only 1% self-identified as conservative.

This snapshot of the politics of the faculty at the nation’s oldest and leading university is not exceptional. Surveys of most university faculties show them overwhelmingly on the left.

If we think about it, it can help us understand why the president of Harvard, Claudine Gay, had such a hard time making a clear statement condemning the atrocities committed by Hamas against Israeli civilians.

And it can help us understand demonstrations by students at Harvard, and other universities, accusing Israel, the victim of these atrocities, as their cause.

As one Wall Street Journal columnist put it, one can hardly imagine demonstrations at Harvard against human brutality in China, Iran, North Korea, Russia or Syria.

But somehow atrocities against Israelis are not only justified in the eyes of these left-wing university elite but caused by their Israeli victims.

What is the sickness of the soul that has captured America’s elite of higher education?

To start our inquiry, we must look at Harvard’s founding. John Harvard, who provided the college’s first endowment, was a clergyman.

Read the language on Harvard’s seal: “Veritas Christo et Ecclesiae.”

“Truth for Christ and Church.”

How many of Harvard’s administration today, of those teaching at Harvard today, of those learning at Harvard today can identify with these words from the earliest days of their university?

I don’t know the exact number, but I think if we guess zero, we’ll be close to the truth.

America was founded and built by Christians who sought truth and worked to make a better world.

Were there flaws, mistakes? Of course. They were men.

But the way to Strengthen is to get closer to the truth, not to throw it in the trash.

Those administering, teaching and learning at Harvard and our other leading universities are not consumed by scholarship and truth-seeking, but by ideology.

Ideology is strikingly similar to another word: idol. Something man builds for himself and worships.

It is the product of egotism and pride and not the product of humility, which comes only from knowing there is a truth bigger than you, of which you are part.

Claudine Gay condemned hate and said her university is about bringing people with differences together. This is a university president who does not see “veritas,” truth and good and evil in the world, as embodied and conveyed in the message on her university seal and its history.

The job of universities is to pursue truth. But this is impossible when they do not believe truth exists. Thinking that the point is bringing together people rather than pursing truth is an exercise in ideology, not scholarship, and leads only to the social, cultural and spiritual degeneration we are experiencing.

If we want to save our country, let’s save our places of learning. Let’s purge the sea of ethnic, political and ideological clubs that dominate social and intellectual life at what are supposed to be our institutions of learning.

The terrorists are financed by the sale of oil. That oil was found, developed and is worth mega-billions because of Western technology. A disproportionate contribution to the development of that science and technology has come from the very people whose homeland is Israel, against whom the terrorists commit atrocities.

The United States grew and became great with the values that brought forth the miracle that is the modern State of Israel. The moral relativism and hedonism of America’s left is now obliterating these truths.

A new birth of freedom in America means a new birth of truth and learning at our universities.

Fri, 03 Nov 2023 02:54:00 -0500 en text/html https://norfolkdailynews.com/commentary/restore-veritas-at-universities/article_2e731e10-7a61-11ee-b193-eb42e5aba665.html
How to Plan Your Retirement Under President Biden No result found, try new keyword!A new administration comes in every four years, so it is virtually impossible to plan your long-term retirement planning on elections, says Daniel Keady, the chief financial planning strategist at ... Sun, 24 Jan 2021 23:01:00 -0600 text/html https://www.thestreet.com/investing/boost-your-retirement-plan-under-the-biden-administration White House announces plan to tackle antisemitism on campus after outrage

The Biden administration unveiled a series of actions Monday meant to combat rising antisemitism at colleges and universities following a series of sickening demonstrations since the Oct. 7 Hamas attack on Israel.

Under the plan, the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security are partnering with campus and local police to track hate-related rhetoric online and provide federal resources to schools — and the Education Department will host webinars on how to file reports.

The departments have “disseminated public safety information to and hosted multiple calls with campus law enforcement, as well as state, local, tribal and territorial officials to address the threat environment and share information about available resources,” an unidentified White House official told CNN.

The actions come one day after Cornell University was placed on high alert after threats to rape and kill Jewish students were posted on a public online forum. The vile messages were uncovered days after “F—k Israel” graffiti appeared on campus sidewalks.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre used the word “terrorism” while describing those threats.

President Biden unveiled his plan to combat rising antisemitism on college campuses Monday.
AFP via Getty Images

“To the students at Cornell and at campuses across the country: we are tracking these threats closely, we are thinking of you and we’re going to do everything we can on both — at Cornell and across the country to counter terrorism, antisemitism,” Jean-Pierre said during her regular White House briefing, appearing to correct herself midstatement.

When a journalist followed up on her use of the word “terrorism,” Jean-Pierre didn’t affirm or disavow her word choice but added: “What I was saying — antisemitism, right? That is unacceptable. That’s what we have been seeing in these college campuses and that is what I was referring to.”

The White House plan also calls for second gentleman Doug Emhoff and Education Secretary Miguel Cardona to meet with leading Jewish organizations to discuss the issue, while Cardona and senior White House policy adviser Neera Tanden will visit college campuses around the country to hold roundtable discussions with Jewish students.

Across the United States, Jewish students have reported feeling unsafe amid pro-Palestinian protests.

The Education Department has already conducted site visits to gather more information about antisemitism at schools in San Francisco, St. Louis and Maine — and will expand their efforts to New York City and Baltimore this week, NBC News reported Monday.

Last month — two weeks before the terror attack that killed at least 1,400 people in southern Israel, including at least 33 Americans — the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights expedited an update to its complaint form to make clear that Title IV of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits “certain forms of antisemitic, Islamophobia and related forms of discrimination in federally-funded programs and activities.”

Following the Oct. 7 attack, the White House released a statement expressing its deep concern over “an extremely disturbing pattern of antisemitic messages.”

Pro-Palestinian protesters banged on the door of the Cooper Union library last week demanding to be let inside, as Jewish students barricaded themselves in.
X / @thislouis

“The grotesque sentiments and actions shock the conscience and turn the stomach,” spokesman Andrew Bates said.

“They also recall our commitment that can’t be forgotten: ‘Never again.’”

Antisemitic incidents have risen nearly 400% since the terrorist attack in Israel, compared to the same period last year, according to the Anti-Defamation League.

The White House previously released a statement expressing its deep concern over “an extremely disturbing pattern of antisemitic messages.”
James Keivom

Across the United States, Jewish students have reported feeling unsafe amid pro-Palestinian protests.

One girl at the University of Washington was left in tears when hundreds of her peers held a “Day of resistance” rally for Palestinians — advertised with an image of a paraglider like those used by Hamas terrorists in their mass slaughter of Israelis.

“They want our people dead. They want us killed,” she could be seen sobbing to a school official, who said there was nothing he could do as hundreds clapped and banged drums in a video posted online.

Former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo called on the government to cut funding to schools that condone antisemitism on campus.

At Cooper Union, a group of Jewish students barricaded themselves in a library last week as pro-Palestinian protesters blew past security and aggressively pounded on the building’s doors.

At George Washington University, mere blocks from the White House and State Department, student activists projected the words “Glory to our martyrs” and “Free Palestine From the River to the Sea” onto the school’s Gelman Library, named after a Jewish couple.

The conflict has exposed rifts among Democrats, with President Biden calling himself a “Zionist” and seeking $14.3 billion in military aid for Israel — backed staunchly by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) — as members of the left-wing “Squad” of House lawmakers, including Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), demand a cease-fire, which the White House dismissed last week as a potential boon for Hamas. 

On Monday, former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo called on the government to cut funding to schools that condone antisemitism on campus in response to the Cornell threats.

“The time for empty statements of condemnation is past,” he said. “It’s time for real action: Alumni nationwide should halt donations to schools who have not adequately addressed this proliferation of hate and state schools should see their funding stopped until universities address this vile activity.”

Mon, 30 Oct 2023 07:20:00 -0500 en-US text/html https://nypost.com/2023/10/30/news/biden-administration-unveils-plan-to-combat-antisemitism/
Biden administration proposes new student debt relief plan: Who can qualify?

Biden administration proposes another student debt relief plan

Biden administration proposes another student debt relief plan 02:15

NEW YORK -- The Biden administration is proposing a new student debt relief plan that would benefit those who don't qualify for loan forgiveness under the current temporary program. 

Officials will meet to discuss finalized plans for the program Monday, but experts say many people may not even know they qualify for it.

"This is basically the administration taking another stab at offering student loan forgiveness to a large number of student borrowers, many of whom have been struggling for years to repay the debt that they owe," National Foundation for Credit Counseling's Bruce McClary said. 

The Department of Education released a student debt relief proposal that would target four categories of borrowers:

  • Those with federal student loan balances that exceed the original borrowed amount
  • Those with loans that entered into repayment 25 years ago or more
  • Those with loans for career training programs that led to "unreasonable debt loads or provided insufficient earnings"
  • Those who are eligible for forgiveness under other repayment plans but have not applied for it

The aid would build upon the $127 billion in loan forgiveness the administration has already approved for about 4.6  million borrowers. The second phase of notifications for those borrowers went out over the last few weeks.

McClary, a former debt collector, said it's important that people who owe are keeping a close eye on their accounts. He also urged people to make sure their contact information is up to date.  

"This is especially critical right now, as we just exited this long period of administrative forbearance where people have been able to skip payments. And it's one of those things where if it's out of sight, it's out of mind," McClary said. "If your servicer doesn't know how to contact you, you could be missing out on some really important information, just like this information about whether or not you may qualify for forgiveness under the new program"

Another tip, even if the email looks like it's coming from the Department of Education or your loan provider, beware of scams. 

"What you should do is instead of responding directly to the email, you should contact your servicer using a previously Tested authentic way of contacting them or go directly through their website," McClary said. 

The latest plan is much narrower than last year's, but details about how much borrowers could see from the proposal remain yet to be finalized. 

Sun, 05 Nov 2023 21:37:00 -0600 en-US text/html https://www.cbsnews.com/newyork/news/biden-administration-proposes-new-student-debt-relief-plan-who-can-qualify/
The Biden administration has a new student loan repayment plan. Use this tool to see how much your bill would be No result found, try new keyword!A new federal student loan repayment plan could lower monthly payments for millions of borrowers. The Biden administration made the plan available ahead of the resumption of student loan payments ... Thu, 21 Sep 2023 01:01:00 -0500 en-us text/html https://www.msn.com/ Biden Administration reveals plan to spur more office-to-residential conversions

Biden Administration reveals plan to spur more office-to-residential conversions

Adaptive Reuse

Agencies will dedicate funding, sell surplus federal properties

By Peter Fabris, Contributing Editor | November 1, 2023

Biden Administration reveals plan to spur more office-to-residential conversions - Image by Pexels from Pixabay
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

The Biden Administration recently announced plans to encourage more office buildings to be converted to residential use.

The plan includes using federal money to lend to developers for conversion projects and selling government property that is suitable for conversions. “Office vacancies have reached a 30-year high from coast-to-coast, placing a strain on commercial real estate and local economies,” according to a White House news release. “At the same time, the country has struggled for decades with a shortage of affordable housing units, which is driving up rental costs, and communities are seeking new ways to cut emissions, especially from existing buildings and transportation.”

Some $35 billion is available through the Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (TIFIA) and Railroad Rehabilitation & Improvement Financing (RRIF) programs to finance housing development near transportation, including conversion projects. Conversion projects are eligible for about $10 billion through the Community Development Block Grant fund.

The General Services Administration will sell surplus federal properties that might be appropriate for residential conversions. The Treasury Department is reminding developers, investors, and owners about multifamily construction tax deductions.

Federal agencies have published information to spur conversions. The Department of Energy has a toolkit of technical and financial guidance for using tax deductions and credits that can apply to residential conversions. The White House also published a guidebook for commercial-to-residential conversions, which includes data on federal loan, grant, tax credit, and technical assistance programs for conversions.

Office Buildings | Nov 10, 2023

3 important early considerations for office-to-residential conversions

Scott Campagna, PE, Senior Director of Housing, IMEG Corp, shares insights from experts on office-to-residential conversion issues that may be mitigated when dealt with early.

Government Buildings | Oct 23, 2023

Former munitions plant reimagined as net-zero federal workplace

The General Services Administration (GSA) has embraced adaptive reuse with Building 48, an exciting workplace project that sets new precedents for how the federal government will approach sustainable design.

Esports Arenas | Oct 10, 2023

Modular esports arena attracts more than gamers

As the esports market continues to grow to unprecedented numbers, more facilities are being developed by universities and real estate firms each year.

Luxury Residential | Oct 2, 2023

Chicago's Belden-Stratford luxury apartments gets centennial facelift

The Belden-Stratford has reopened its doors following a renovation that blends the 100-year-old building’s original architecture with modern residences.

Office Buildings | Sep 28, 2023

Structural engineering solutions for office-to-residential conversion

IMEG's Edwin Dean,  Joe Gulden, and Doug Sweeney, share seven key focuses for structural engineers when planning office-to-residential conversions.

Adaptive Reuse | Sep 19, 2023

Transforming shopping malls into 21st century neighborhoods

As we reimagine the antiquated shopping mall, Marc Asnis, AICP, Associate, Perkins&Will, details four first steps to consider.

Adaptive Reuse | Sep 15, 2023

Salt Lake City’s Frank E. Moss U.S. Courthouse will transform into a modern workplace for federal agencies

In downtown Salt Lake City, the Frank E. Moss U.S. Courthouse is being transformed into a modern workplace for about a dozen federal agencies. By providing offices for agencies previously housed elsewhere, the adaptive reuse project is expected to realize an annual savings for the federal government of up to $6 million in lease costs.

Office Buildings | Sep 14, 2023

New York office revamp by Kohn Pedersen Fox features new façade raising occupant comfort, reducing energy use

The modernization of a mid-century Midtown Manhattan office tower features a new façade intended to Strengthen occupant comfort and reduce energy consumption. The building, at 666 Fifth Avenue, was originally designed by Carson & Lundin. First opened in November 1957 when it was considered cutting-edge, the original façade of the 500-foot-tall modernist skyscraper was highly inefficient by today’s energy efficiency standards.

Adaptive Reuse | Sep 13, 2023

Houston's first innovation district is established using adaptive reuse

Gensler's Vince Flickinger shares the firm's adaptive reuse of a Houston, Texas, department store-turned innovation hub.

MFPRO+ Research | Sep 11, 2023

Conversions of multifamily dwellings to ‘mansions’ leading to dwindling affordable stock

Small multifamily homes have historically provided inexpensive housing for renters and buyers, but developers have converted many of them in exact decades into larger, single-family units. This has worsened the affordable housing crisis, say researchers.

Tue, 31 Oct 2023 12:00:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.bdcnetwork.com/biden-administration-reveals-plan-spur-more-office-residential-conversions
Investigating Greenwich Schools, CT AG's office asked again and again for Project Veritas raw video No result found, try new keyword!Documents show the Attorney General's office's repeated – and unsuccessful – requests for unedited footage as part of their investigation of Greenwich schools. Sat, 04 Nov 2023 01:00:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.chron.com/news/education/article/greenwich-schools-hiring-project-veritas-ag-18443221.php Administration drafting student loan relief plan

WASHINGTON — The Biden administration is moving toward a narrower student loan relief plan that would target specific groups of borrowers — those with soaring interest, for example — rather than a sweeping plan like the one the Supreme Court rejected in June.

An Education Department document obtained by The Associated Press details a draft of new federal rules paving the way for a second attempt at student loan relief. The proposal targets groups that are seen as especially vulnerable, focusing on those who owe so much, or make so little income, that they otherwise may never repay their loans.

Though full details are likely months away, the department says it wants to provide relief to — borrowers whose balances exceed what they originally owed; those who have loans that entered repayment 25 or more years ago; those who used loans to attend career-training programs that led to "unreasonable" debt loads or insufficient earnings; those who are eligible for other loan forgiveness programs but did not apply.

Mon, 30 Oct 2023 12:00:00 -0500 en text/html https://buffalonews.com/administration-drafting-student-loan-relief-plan/article_ae17c2c7-baf4-5c52-b51e-2a5794fbee4a.html

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