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Trend Micro ServerProtect 5.x
Trend ServerProtect PDF Download

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TM1-101 Trend Micro ServerProtect 5.x

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Trend Micro ServerProtect 5.x
Answer: A
Question: 178
How many versions of the scan engine and the virus pattern file are available for
A. Five. ServerProtect retains the five latest scan engine and virus pattern files.
B. Two. ServerProtect retains the two latest scan engine and virus pattern files.
C. All previously loaded versions of the scan engine and virus pa ttern files are available
for rollback.
D. One. ServerProtect retains only the immediately preceding version of the scan engine
and virus pattern file.
Answer: D
Question: 179
You want to install ServerProtect on both Intel and Alpha servers into one domain. Is it
possible to configure a mixture of Alpha and Intel servers into one domain and have the
same Information Server handle automatic pattern updates?
A. Yes, ServerProtect supports both server types.
B. No, ServerProtect does not support Alpha servers.
C. No, Alpha servers can not perform automatic updates.
D. No, you must install a new Information Server for the Alpha server.
Answer: B
Question: 180
You are an administrator of a Windows network with 50 Windows Normal Servers. You
are troubleshooting a blue-screen problem on three of these servers. The blue -screen
problem is noticed every second Monday of each month. Which two tools can you use to
isolate the cause of the problem? (Choose two.)
A. use Setdbg.exe to generate the tmfilter.log file
B. use debug.exe to generate the SPNT.dbg log file
C. use Network Monitor to see which network packets are causing the problem
D. use Activesupport.exe to collect all debug information from one of the Normal S ervers
that is experiencing the problem
Answer: A, D
Question: 181
What are two ways to enable Debug mode in ServerProtect 5.x? (Choose two.)
A. in the Management Console click on View | Debug; select Enable Debug Log
B. in the Management Console, click on the root domain or any server in the Domain tree;
click Do | Create Debug Info; select Enable Debug
C. open the registry editor and create a new item for the debug information; store it in the
Under the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\TrendMicro directory
D. open the registry editor and under the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
\SOFTWARE\TrendMicro\DebugLog\ directory create a new item to define where to
store the debug info; set the appropriate values and restart services
Answer: BD
Question: 182
When performing a Manual Update on the Information Server, you receive this message:
"The update files on your Information Server are up to date. You do not need to perform
an update."You know that there is a newer pattern file on the ActiveUpdate server. What
two steps can you take to resolve the issue? (Choose two.)
A. make sure that the Information Server can access the ActiveUpdate server
B. make sure that the Server.ini file is not cached in the proxy servers URL cache
C. make sure that the Information Server can resolve the name of the Proxy Server
D. make sure that the Server.ini file is not cached in the Information Server's browser
Answer: B, D
Question: 183
You attempt to perform a manual update of the Pattern file on an Information Server but
the process fails. Which three steps should be completed t o troubleshoot the issue?
(Choose three.)
A. verify that the Normal Server can access the Internet
B. check the Proxy Server settings in the Management Console
C. check for errors in the \Program Files\Trend\SProtect\Temp\TMupdate.txt file
D. verify that the Normal Server has enough disk space to extract the downloaded files
E. delete the contents of the Program files \Trend\SProtect\Temp folder and attempt to
update again
F. verify connectivity to the ActiveUpdate server by downloading the server.ini from
Answer: B, E, F
Question: 184
How do you force a core dump on a NetWare Normal Server?
A. CTRL + ALT + Right-Shift
B. Left-Shift + Left-ALT + ESC then press .c
C. at the server prompt, type load coredump.nlm
D. Left-Shift + Right-Shift + ALT + ESC then press .c
Answer: D
Question: 185
Where is the tmfilter.log file located by default?
A. C:\tmfilter.log
B. %systemroot%\tmfilter.log
C. %systemroot%\system32\tmfilter.log
D. \Program Files\Trend\SProtect\tmfilter.log
Answer: B
Question: 186
When deploying updates to Normal Servers the error "Operation Failed (258)" is returned.
What is the reason for this error?
A. The user performing the deployment is not logged in as administrator.
B. The Normal Server cannot conne ct to the Internet, and the operation timed out.
C. The Information Server does not have any new updates to deploy to the Normal Server.
D. The Information Server did not receive a response from the Normal Server, and the
operation timed out.
Answer: D
Question: 187
Click the Exhibit button. An administrator successfully updates and deploys a new Pattern
file and scan engine to all Normal Servers in the network. The administrator the n installs
five new Normal Servers in subnet B to the Information Server in subnet A using the
Management Console (as shown in the exhibit). A few hours after the last Normal Server
has been successfully installed, the administrator notices that ALL Normal Servers are
suffering from performance degradation and decides to roll back the scan engine on the
servers. After the rollback has been completed, the administrator notices that the five
newly installed servers did not roll back to the previous scan engin e. What is the cause of
the problem?
A. The newly installed Normal Servers cannot communicate with the Information Server.
B. The newly installed Normal Servers do not have a previous scan engine to roll back to.
C. The newly installed Normal Servers hav e not finished registering to the Information
D. After installation, the newly installed Normal Servers must be synchronized with the
Information Server.
Answer: B
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