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T7 International Financial Reporting Standards for Compensation Professionals mock test |

T7 mock test - International Financial Reporting Standards for Compensation Professionals Updated: 2023

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Exam Code: T7 International Financial Reporting Standards for Compensation Professionals mock test June 2023 by team
International Financial Reporting Standards for Compensation Professionals
Worldatwork International Questions and Answers

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International Financial Reporting Standards for Compensation
Question: 80
Employee benefits that are payable after the completion of employment are considered
what kind of benefits?
A. Short-term benefits
B. Post-employment benefits
C. Termination benefits
D. Long-term benefits
Answer: B
Question: 81
Profit-sharing and bonuses are an example of which kind of employee benefits?
A. Short-term benefits
B. Post-employment benefits
C. Termination benefits
D. Long-term benefits
Answer: D
Question: 82
Which of the following most accurately describes the overall objective of financial
A. Provide information that is useful for decision making
B. Enable International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) to issue more useful and
consistent pronouncements
C. Enhance and organizations financial consistency over time as Board members change
D. To classify an organizations stakeholders as either internal or external information
Answer: A
Question: 83
In a defined contribution benefit plan, who assumes risk?
A. Employees
B. Employers
C. Both employees and employers
Answer: A
Question: 84
What are the changes in the present value of the defined benefits obligation that result
from experience adjustments or the effects of changes in actuarial assumptions called?
A. Net interest on the net defined benefit liability (asset)
B. Time value of money
C. Current service cost
D. Actuarial gains and losses
Answer: D
Question: 85
What are balanced sheets and income statements linked by?
A. Investing activities
B. Retained earnings
C. Expenses
D. Net income
Answer: B
Question: 86
What is the sum of current and noncurrent liabilities called?
A. Total cost
B. Current debt
C. Total expenses
D. Total liabilities
Answer: D
Question: 87
Companies desire more current assets than current liabilities. What is the difference
between current assets and current liabilities called?
A. Net income
B. Total liabilities
C. Net working capital
D. Noncurrent liabilities
Answer: C
Question: 88
Which of the following are ingredients of the fundamental characteristic of relevance?
A. Cost and materiality
B. Predictive value and confirmatory value
C. Relevance and faithful representation
D. Timeliness and understandability
Answer: B
Question: 89
Which of the following best defines the term liability?
A. A resource controlled by the entity as a result of past events and from which future
economic benefits are expected to flow to the entity
B. A present obligation of the entity arising from past events, the settlement of which is
expected to result in an outflow from the entity of resources embodying economic
C. Decreases in economic benefits during the accounting period in the form of outflows
or depletions of assets or incurrences of liabilities that result in decreases in equity, other
than those relating to distributions to equity participants
D. Increases in economic benefits during the accounting period in the form of inflows or
enhancements of assets or decreases of liabilities that result in increases in equity, other
than those relating to contributions from equity participants
Answer: B
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Worldatwork International mock test - BingNews Search results Worldatwork International mock test - BingNews 50+ GK mock test for Class 9

GK mock test for Class 9: Check below GK mock test for class 9 that are based on biology, physics, chemistry, history, geography, etc., including current affairs.

GK mock test for Class 9: Class 9 is known as the foundation for higher classes. So, it is important for students to gain knowledge and learn every syllabu thoroughly. General Knowledge plays an important role in providing knowledge, helping in several competitive examinations and also helping in achieving the student's aim. The GK questions provided below not only build confidence in students but also help students scale new heights in their lives. 

Check below GK mock test for class 9 that are based on biology, physics, chemistry, history, geography, etc., including current affairs.

Solve| 50+ GK mock test for Class 10

1. Name the component of blood that fights infection?

Ans. WBC (White Blood Cells)

2. In which Indian state is Chauri Chaura village located?

Ans. Uttar Pradesh

3. What do you mean by "Proxima d"?

Ans. It is a new Exo-Planet.

4.  The Crimson Rose belongs to which species?

Ans. Butterfly

5. Where is the headquarter of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) located?

Ans. Nairobi, Kenya

6. When was United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) established?

Ans.  5 June 1972

7. Name the elements that make up the xylem tissue?

Ans. Xylem tissue consists of four types of elements namely tracheids, vessels, xylem fibres, and xylem parenchyma.

8. Where is Hemis National Park situated?

Ans. Hemis National Park is located in Jammu and Kashmir State.

9. What is  “Kilonova”?

Ans. It is a transient astronomical event that occurs in a compact binary system when two neutron stars and a black hole merge into each other. They are thought to emit short gamma-ray bursts and strong electromagnetic radiation due to the radioactive decay of heavy r-process nuclei that are produced and ejected fairly isotropically during the merger process.

10. When was Bhagat Singh executed?

Ans. 23 March 1931

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11. Name the first English President of the Indian National Congress?

Ans. George Yule was the first English President of the Indian National Congress.

12. Name the tissue that forms the inner lining of the mouth?

Ans. Epithelial tissue

13. What is the function of Ligament?

Ans. Ligament is a type of connective tissue that connects one bone to another. These tissues are strong and elastic.

14. Who founded the Mauryan Empire?

Ans. Chandragupta Maurya founded the Mauryan Empire.

15. Nalanda University was destroyed by whom?

Ans. Bakhtiyar Khilji destroyed Nalanda University in 1193.

16. In which year did Arundhati Roy win the Booker Prize?

Ans. In 1997, Arundhati Roy won the Booker Prize. She was the first Indian to win the Booker Prize. The title of the novel for which she won the Booker Prize is "The God of Small Things".

17. What is the relationship between the weight of an object on the moon and the weight of an object on Earth?

Ans. The moon weighs one-sixth the weight of the Earth.

18. What is the major source of minerals in the soil?

Ans. Parent rock from which soil is covered is the major source of minerals in the soil.

19. Freedom of speech and expression is mentioned in which article of the Indian Constitution?

Ans. Article 19

20. In which year did the "Guarantee System" start?

Ans. In 1849, the "Guarantee system" for Rail Network development in India was started.

21. Which gas is filled in an electric bulb?

Ans. Nitrogen gas is filled in an electric bulb.

22. When is International Women's Day celebrated?

Ans. Every year on 8 March, International Women's Day is celebrated.

23. What was the first vernacular newspaper in India?

Ans. Samachar Darpan was the first vernacular newspaper in India. It was a Bengali weekly newspaper published by the Baptist Missionary Society.

24. Which Sikh Guru introduced the Gurmukhi Script?

Ans. As per the Sikh tradition, Gurmukhi was invented by Guru Angad, who was the second Sikh Guru in the mid-16th century.

25. In which state of India is the Hornbill festival observed?

Ans. Nagaland

26. Which continent was not part of Gondwana Land?

Ans. Europe

27. What are Barchans?

Ans. Crescent-shaped sand dunes

28. What kind of climatic condition exists in the Indian Desert?

Ans. A hot and dry climate with scanty rainfall

29. Name the biggest waterfall in India.

Ans. Kunchikal falls

30. Which is the largest river basin in India?

Ans. The Ganga Basin

31. Mention any three Himalayan river system

Ans. Indus, Ganges and Brahamputra

32. What is the outermost part of a flower called?

Ans. Sepal

33. Saffron is derived from which flower?

Ans. Crocus

34. Which flowers can replace onions as a spice in cooking?

Ans. Tulips

35. Banana plants are related to which flowers?

Ans. Birds of Paradise

36. Which flower juice is used to make glue in the past?

Ans. Bluebell Flower

37. After whom Magnolias were named?

Ans. Pierre Magnolia

38. Which flower takes necessary nutrients from the air rather than soil?

Ans. Orchid

39. What are the male parts of flowers called?

Ans. Stamens

40. What are the female parts of flowers called?

Ans. Carpels

Solve| 60+ GK mock test for Class 6

29. In which of the following countries are the Kermadec Islands located? 

A. France
C. New Zealand
D. None of the above

Ans. C

30. In which of the following state of India Bhitarkanika National Park is situated?

A. Rajasthan
B. Odisha
C. Nagaland
D. Tamil Nadu

Ans. B

31. Which of the following Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Andhra Pradesh?

A. Mahao Wildlife Sanctuary
B. Kamlang Wildlife Sanctuary
C. Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary
D. Sonai Rupai Wildlife Sanctuary

Ans. A

32. In which of the following state of India, Bellandur Lake is situated?

A. Bengaluru
B. Manipur
C. Sikkim
D. Maharashtra

Ans. A

33. For which of the following movies has Chloe Zhao been conferred with the Oscar Award?

A.The Father
B. Minari
C. Nomadland
D. Soul

Ans. C

34. In which of the following year the Environment Protection Act enacted?

A. 1984
B. 1986
C. 1989
D. 1990

Ans. B

35. What is Light?

A. Longitudinal Wave
B. Transverse Wave
C. Both A and B
D. Neither A nor B

Ans. B

36. Which of the following country has the highest total number of Military Personnel?

A. Vietnam
B. South Korea
C. India
D. North Korea

Ans. A (As per the data of the world population review 2022)

37. What is the capital of Ukraine?

A. Kyiv (Kiev)
B. Yerevan
C. Canberra
D. Moscow

Ans. A

38. In which of the following Indian states do the Varuna and Assi rivers flow?

A. Uttar Pradesh
B. Maharashtra
C. Rajasthan
D. Madhya Pradesh

Ans. A

Solve|  50+ GK mock test for Class 5

39. In which of the following years was Bangladesh formed as a separate country?

A. 1970

B. 1971

C. 1972

D. 1973

Ans. B

40. Which of the following rivers is known as the "father of African rivers"?

A. Niger
B. Nile
C. Orange river
D. Kasai river

Ans. B

41. Which of the following battles were fought by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj?

A. Battle of Kolhapur
B. Battle of Pratapgad
C. Battle of Sinhagad
D. All the above

Ans. D

42. When was Champaran Satyagraha started?

A. 1916

B. 1917

C. 1920

D. 1921

Ans. B

43. When was Gandhi-Irwin Pact signed?

A. 1928
B. 1930
C. 1931
D. 1935

Ans. C

44. Abiy Ahmed is the Prime Minister of which country?

A. Ethiopia
B. Eritrea
C. Kenya
D. None of the above

Ans. A

45. Second Buddhist Council was presided by whom?

A. Gautamiputra Satkarni
B. Vasumitra
C. Sabakami
D. None of the above

Ans. C

46. What is the name of the Guptas' silver coin?

A. Para
B. Rupaka
C. Dinara
D. None of the above

Ans. B

47. In which of the following states is Umlingla Pass located?

A. A. Uttarakhand
B. Manipur
C. Sikkim
D. Ladakh

Ans. D

48. Who founded the Ram Cult in Northern India?

A. Kabir
B. Ramananda
C. Bhavabhuti
D. Guru Nanak

Ans. B

49. Which of the following is not a folk dance of Himachal Pradesh?

A. Jhora
B. Chharhi
C. Chhapeli
D. Panwariya

And. D

50. Who gave the most detailed accounts of all historic descriptions of the ancient city of Hampi?

A. Fernao Nuniz
B. Domingo Paes
C. Ibn Batuta
D. Abdur Razzaq

Ans. B

51. Who is the author of the 'Durgeshnandini' novel?

A. Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay
B. Baliram Keshav Rao Hedgewar
C. Barindra Kumar Ghosh
D. Behramji M Malabari 

Ans. A

52. Who is known as the 'Grand Old Man of lndia'?

A. Dr Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar 
B. Dr Rajendra Prasad 
C. Dadabhai Naoroji 
D. Gopal Krishna Gokhale

Ans. C

53. Who is popularly known as Loknayak?

A. Jamnalal Bajaj 
B. Jayaprakash Narayana
C. Jatindra Nath Das
D. Khudiram Bose

Ans. B

READ| General Knowledge for Kids: Check 100+ Simple GK Questions and Answers


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4 Questions to Ask the International Student Office No result found, try new keyword!“While university admissions staff can answer questions about the university, academics, student life and other topics, the best and most accurate information will be shared by an international ... Fri, 04 Feb 2022 14:45:00 -0600 text/html 100 TV Trivia Questions (With Answers) to Test Your Tube Knowledge © Provided by Parade

Be honest: How much TV do you watch in a day? In a week? Is there a show (or more than one!) that you can recite episodes from by heart?

Whether you're a soap opera addict, a sucker for drama, in it for laughs, or just an armchair game show contestant, television has gotten us through a lot over time, so don't let anyone tell you that your binge-watching sessions are a waste of time. These TV trivia questions and answers, divvied up into easy TV trivia questionsold/classic TVsitcom trivia and hard TV trivia will put your television knowledge to the test!

Easy TV Trivia Questions

1. Question: What does Michael Scott eat for lunch on The Office that makes him fall asleep?

Answer: A whole chicken pot pie

2. Question: What is the name of Negan's bat on The Walking Dead?

Answer: Lucille

3. Question: Michael Cera's character in Arrested Development shares a name with which pop legend? Answer: George Michael

4. Question: What is Dorothy Zbornak's job on The Golden Girls?

Answer: Substitute teacher

5. Question: Stars from which classic '90s sitcom also appeared in Blossom?

Answer: The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

6. Question: What is The Munsters' address?

Answer: 1313 Mockingbird Lane

7. Question: Prosecutors complained about which TV show influencing real-life juries?

Answer: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

8. Question: Which Game of Thrones star was nominated for an Emmy for every single season?

Answer: Peter Dinklage

9. Question: What did Lucille Ball try to sell in a commercial on I Love Lucy?

Answer: Vitameatavegemin

10. Question: Jennifer Lopez and Ray Liotta co-starred in what drama?

Answer: Shades of Blue

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11. Question: Where did Roseanne Conner work in the original run of Roseanne?

Answer: The Lunchbox

12. Question: South Park takes place in which state?

Answer: Colorado

13. Question: The character Daria first appeared in which other animated series?

Answer: Beavis and Butthead

14. Question: How many people did Annalise Keating kill on How to Get Away With Murder?

Answer: 0

15. Question: Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper got their big breaks in which TV show?

Answer: Alias

16. Question: What current TV show is the longest-running live-action primetime show ever?

Answer: Law & Order: SVU

17. Question: What was Beaver Cleaver's real first name on Leave It to Beaver?

Answer: Theodore

18. Question: Who was Bart Simpson's teacher?

Answer: Mrs. Krabappel

19. Question: Queen Latifah starred in which sitcom?

Answer: Living Single

20. Question: In The Jeffersons theme song, where were they "movin' on up" to?

Answer: "To the East Side / To a deluxe apartment in the sky."

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21. Question: What was the Bayside High gang's hangout spot on Saved By the Bell?

Answer: The Max

22. Question: What instrument did "The Mother" play in How I Met Your Mother?

Answer: Bass

23. Question: Danny Tanner and Aunt Becky worked together on which show in Full House?

Answer: Good Morning San Francisco

24. Question: Which coffeehouse did Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey hang out in on Friends?

Answer: Central Perk

25. Question: Brandy played the title character in which TV show?

Answer: Moesha

Old/Classic TV Trivia Questions

26. Question: What TV show invented the rerun to allow its star time to recover during and after pregnancy?

Answer: I Love Lucy

27. Question: For how many total years did Ed Asner play Lou Grant?

Answer: 12

28. Question: Which TV series has a "lost episode" due to the assassination of then-President John F. Kennedy?

Answer: The Joey Bishop Show

29. Question: Esther Rolle starred as Florida Evans on which two classic TV series?

Answer: Good Times and Maude

30. Question: Which fellow Golden Girls cast member had a recurring role on Maude with Bea Arthur?

Answer: Rue McClanahan

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31. Question: Which was the first show Norman Lear produced?

Answer: The Martha Raye Show

32. Question: Cast members of which two classic shows guest-starred on the series finale of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air?

Answer: The Jeffersons and Diff'rent Strokes

33. Question: Where did Ralph Kramden threaten to send his wife on The Honeymooners?

Answer: To the moon

34. Question: Which TV host initially refused to book Elvis Presley, but then made his performances even more famous?

Answer: Ed Sullivan

35. Question: Mama's Family was a spinoff from what show?

Answer: The Carol Burnett Show

36. Question: Who gave Bobby his first kiss on The Brady Bunch?

Answer: Millicent

37. Question: Mork of Mork and Mindy was from which planet?

Answer: Ork

38. Question: Laverne and Shirley was a spinoff of which show?

Answer: Happy Days

39. Question: Which character in The Wonder Years is killed in the Vietnam War?

Answer: Winnie Cooper's older brother, Brian

40. Question: Fred Sanford often called his son what insult on Sanford and Son?

Answer: Dummy

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41. Question: Dick Loudon lives where in the show Newhart?

Answer: Vermont

42. Question: What was the very first African American two-parent family sitcom?

Answer: Good Times

43. Question: Who does Barbara marry in One Day at a Time?

Answer: Mark Royer

44. Question: Who was Blake Carrington's business rival on Dynasty?

Answer: Cecil Colby

45. Question: Who voiced Charlie Townsend in the original Charlie's Angels?

Answer: John Forsythe

46. Question: The SS Minnow's infamous three-hour tour took off from which city in Gilligan's Island?

Answer: Honolulu, Hawaii

47. Question: In The Twilight Zone, who was the howling man?

Answer: Satan (the devil)

48. Question: Who was Samantha's nosy neighbor in Bewitched?

Answer: Gladys Kravitz

49. Question: The Love Boat was set on which cruise ship?

Answer: MS Pacific Princess

50. Question: In the movie M*A*S*H, Donald Sutherland played the same role as which star in the TV series?

Answer: Alan Alda

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Sitcom Trivia Questions

51. Question: What is the name of Winston's cat in New Girl?

Answer: Ferguson

52. Question: Who played Phoebe Buffay's twin sister on Friends?

Answer: Helen Hunt

53. Question: Which character's catchphrase was "pop pop!" on Community?

Answer: Magnitude

54. Question: Who pooped in the bed on It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia?

Answer: Frank Reynolds

55. Question: Joseph Gordon-Levitt got his big break on what sitcom?

Answer: Third Rock From the Sun

56. Question: What is the name of Toby's daughter on The Office?

Answer: Sasha

57. Question: In which borough of New York City do the vampires live in What We Do In the Shadows?

Answer: Staten Island

58. Question: Which character filled in for Liz Lemon, then showed up wearing the same outfit as her on 30 Rock?

Answer: Frank Rossitano

59. Question: Juno Temple's Ted Lasso character is based on which of her real-life co-stars?

Answer: Keeley Hazell

60. Question: Which Roseanne cast member went on to star in Scrubs?

Answer: Sarah Chalke

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61. Question: Which Modern Family character is Claire Dunphy's half-brother?

Answer: Joe

62. Question: Which Grown-ish character is a political science major?

Answer: Analisa "Ana" Patricia Torres

63. Question: Which of the core male That '70s Show characters is the only one who never dated Jackie Burkhart?

Answer: Eric Foreman

64. Question: Family Matters began as a spinoff of which sitcom?

Answer: Perfect Strangers

65. Question: In Bob Hearts Abishola, Bob works where?

Answer: Compression sock company

66. Question: How did Charlie Sheen's character Charlie Harper die in Two And A Half Men?

Answer: He was pushed in front of a train

67. Question: The biggest rival company to the Bluths' in Arrested Development is what?

Answer: Sitwell

68. Question: What color is Martin Crane's recliner on Frasier?

Answer: Green

69. Question: What is the Huangs' restaurant named in Fresh Off the Boat?

Answer: Cattletown Ranch

70. Question: On The Good Place, Jason Mendoza is a fan of which NFL team?

Answer: Jacksonville Jaguars

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71. Question: Issa's boyfriend Lawrence wants to develop an app called what on Insecure?

Answer: Woot-Woot

72. Question: On The Big Bang Theory, Penny is a waitress at which restaurant?

Answer: Cheesecake Factory

73. Question: Which character on Everybody Loves Raymond has a "crazy chin?"

Answer: Robert

74. Question: Maxwell Sheffield frequently complains about his professional rivalry with whom?

Answer: Andrew Lloyd Webber

75. Question: What does Victoria do for a living on Mike & Molly?

Answer: Funeral home beautician

Hard TV Trivia Questions

76. Question: Who leads Edith Cranwinkle's quilting circle in Bob's Burgers?

Answer: Lillian

77. Question: George Costanza appears in every Seinfeld episode except which one?

Answer: "The Pen"

78. Question: What does Captain Holt's husband do for a living in Brooklyn Nine-Nine?

Answer: Columbia University Classics Department Chair

79. Question: What's the name of Al Bundy's grandfather in Married... With Children?

Answer: Jebediah Bundy

80. Question: What is Alex Dunphy's middle name on Modern Family?

Answer: Anastasia

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81. Question: On House, the title doctor's wife is a fan of which singer?

Answer: Amy Grant

82. Question: On That '70s Show, Red Foreman admits he only stuck his foot in someone's ass during what time?

Answer: When he served in Iwo Jima

83. Question: Who sings the Baywatch theme "I'm Always Here?"

Answer: Jimi Jameson

84. Question: Step By Step takes place in Wisconsin, but their opening credits sequence was filmed where?

Answer: Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California

85. Question: How did Eddie get the nickname "Eddie Spaghetti" on Frasier?

Answer: He had worms!

86. Question: How much did Leslie Bluth think a banana costs on Arrested Development?

Answer: $10

87. Question: Which is the only male roommate on The Big Bang Theory without a doctorate?Answer: Howard

88. Question: Kalinda Sharma was married under what name on The Good Wife?

Answer: Leela Tahiri

89. Question: Harold Gould played not one, but two of Rose Nylund's boyfriends on The Golden Girls. Which role was first?

Answer: Arnie

90. Question: Who played John Wayne Gacy in American Horror Story: Hotel — and which other serial killer did he play in another project?

Answer: John Carroll Lynch, who played the Zodiac Killer in Zodiac

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91. Question: In Blue Bloods, what does Jamie keep in his hat?

Answer: A photo of his late brother, Joe

92. Question: Alfonso Ribeiro's famous "Carlton Dance" was inspired by which two other notorious sets of moves?

Answer: Eddie Murphy's "White Boy Dance" and Courteney Cox in the music video for Bruce Springsteen's "Dancing In the Dark"

93. Question: Kesha appeared in what reality series before she became famous?

Answer: The Simple Life

94. Question: What actor was considered for Gibbs on NCIS before casting Mark Harmon?

Answer: Scott Bakula

95. Question: In Seinfeld, Kramer's name was actually what in the pilot?

Answer: Kessler

96. Question: How old does Michael Scott think Pam's mother is on The Office when they celebrate her birthday?

Answer: 54

97. Question: Which regular Law & Order: SVU cast member first appeared on the show as a sexual assault survivor?

Answer: Kelli Giddish

98. Question: The first toilet flush ever heard on American television occurred on which show?

Answer: All In the Family

99. Question: Approximately what is Jed Clampett's fortune at the end of The Beverly Hillbillies adjusted for inflation?

Answer: $878 million

100. Question: What is the name of Dana Scully's dog in The X-Files?

Answer: Queequeg

Next, test your silver screen knowledge with 100 movie trivia questions and answers!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an international student?

An international applicant is a student who needs a visa to reside and study in the United States.  The only exception is Canadian students, who do not need a visa to come to the U.S.

A U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident who currently lives and studies outside the U.S. is considered a domestic applicant with foreign credentials.

What is a freshman applicant?

You are a prospective freshman applicant if you are currently in high school (secondary school) or have graduated from high school and have taken no post-secondary courses.

If you have taken college-level credits during high school, you are still considered a freshman.

These courses may include AP, A-level, IB or GAC curriculum.

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What is a transfer applicant?

You are a transfer applicant if you started post-secondary studies at one college or university and then chose to move to a different school. If you have completed any academic coursework during a regular session at a college or university after high school, you are a transfer applicant.

Intensive English language study is not considered academic coursework.

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UB has "rolling admission" deadlines. This means that we accept applications and admit qualified students until all available seats are filled. Some degree programs fill their seats quickly. Scholarship consideration begins in January. Therefore, we recommend that you apply as early as you can in your last year of secondary school. Our recommended filing date is Feb. 1 for the Fall applicants and Oct. 1 for Spring; and earlier is better. 

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Are there any special requirements for admission to certain programs?

  • Art requires a portfolio, and Music requires an audition.
  • All freshman Architecture applicants are invited to submit a digital student portfolio OR complete an architecture design project to demonstrate their creativity and interest in architecture. Please note that the digital student portfolio or architecture design project may be one of many factors considered in the review of an applicant’s eligibility for admission into the Bachelor of Science in architecture, but does not determine final admissibility into the undergraduate academic program or the university. The University at Buffalo architecture program is the only program in New York State that accepts either a digital student portfolio or an architecture design project.
  • Engineering applications receive an additional review to ascertain the applicant’s readiness in key science and math areas

> Learn more about admissions requirements

What is the difference between SUNY Buffalo (UB) and SUNY Buffalo State?

They are not the same!  There are two SUNY institutions in Buffalo. This can be confusing, so be sure to select the correct one when you're applying.

University at Buffalo (UB) is officially called University at Buffalo, The State University of New York (and this is sometimes shortened to SUNY Buffalo). UB is the premier flagship university center of the SUNY system. UB's SUNY code is: 22. UB's TOEFL and SAT school code is 2925. UB's ACT school code is 2978.

There is a second, different school which has a very similar name and is known by multiple "nicknames"; this school's official name is State University of New York College at Buffalo and it also uses these shortened nicknames: SUNY Buffalo State, Buffalo State, Buff State, Buffalo State College, and SUNY College at Buffalo. This school is NOT the same as University at Buffalo (UB). SUNY Buffalo State is a smaller college located just a few miles from UB.

Just remember:

  • UB (University at Buffalo) is the university.
  • SUNY Buffalo State (Buff State) is a college and a separate institution from UB.

Do you have Early Application?

Yes. The Early Application deadline is November 15. Decisions for completed Early Applications will be announced in early December. Decisions for Early Applications completed after November 15 will be announced beginning in Mid-December.

Is financial aid available?

Financial aid is government money that is available only to qualified U.S. citizens and permanent residents. State and federal financial aid is not available to international students. However, UB offers merit-based scholarships to qualified students, including international students.

> Learn more about scholarships and other funding opportunities

Do I need to take the SAT or ACT?

  • UB supports SUNY’s decision to temporarily suspend SAT and ACT requirements for admissions through Spring 2023.  Students can share their scores as part of their application if they choose by selecting this option on their application. UB welcomes students from all backgrounds and each application goes through the same holistic review process. For more information, review our test-optional FAQ.

What if my TOEFL/IETLS/SAT score is below the minimum for admission?

If you can take the TOEFL or IELTS again in the near future, and present a new score that meets the admission requirements, your file will be reconsidered. We will be happy to review your application file with the new score and, if your score meets the minimum requirement, perhaps offer a new admission decision.

If you cannot achieve a minimum score that meets our admission requirements, you can join UB's English Language Institute to Excellerate your English. Then you would apply to UB when you meet the minimum score requirements.

> Learn more about applying to the English Language Institute

Do you award any advanced standing credit?

Yes, credit can be awarded for some Advanced Placement (AP) tests, GCE A-level exam subjects and International Baccalaureate (IB) subjects.

> Learn more about advanced standing credit

Are freshmen accepted directly into a major?

Some departments do accept freshmen directly — Architecture, Computer Science, Engineering, Exercise Science, Management, Nuclear Medicine Technology and Occupational Therapy. Otherwise, students are enrolled as general university students and will apply to their major later, usually during the second year after completing any prerequisites.

I am interested in graduate study. Can you tell me what the admission requirements are?

As a prospective graduate applicant, you should contact the academic department directly for information about application requirements and procedures, as well as the availability of financial aid. Each department has its own admission policy and available financial grants.

> Learn more about graduate study at UB

How can I check the status of my application?

An email will be sent directly from UB when we have created your application account.  This email will include a one time use Pin number and link to the online Applicant Status Portal, where you will upload and submit all your application documents.

You can access the Applicant Status Portal at any time, as many times as you need to.

Check Your Application Status

What is the Applicant Status Portal?

The Applicant Status Portal is a web portal that allows you to check the status of your application and submit all of your application materials electronically.  You will receive access to this site after you have submitted your application. Anything you need to submit to our office can be submitted using this system.

I already submitted documents through the SUNY Application or Common Application. Do I need to upload them again through the Applicant Status Portal?

Any documents that you uploaded though the Common Application or SUNY Application will be forwarded to our office. This can sometimes take a few days from the time your application is received. 

If you believe you submitted a document but it is showing as "Missing" on your application status you can contact our office and we will be happy to look into it.  

How long does it take to review my application?

Fall application decisions are announced starting in the previous December. You will be notified by email once a decision has been made.

Do I have to do anything to accept UB's offer of admission? Do I have to pay a tuition deposit?

Yes, in order to reserve your seat at UB, you need to accept our offer of admission. This is done by paying the tuition deposit. The deadline for paying the tuition deposit is May 1 (or within 10 business days of admission if you are admitted after May 1); tuition deposits are accepted after May 1 only if seats are still available.

> Learn more about paying the tuition deposit and the next steps for enrollment.

Is the tuition deposit refundable if I change my mind about attending UB?

For Fall admission, you may decline UB's offer of admission and receive a tuition deposit refund until May 1st.  After May 1st, tuition deposits are not refundable.

Does UB offer an orientation program for international students?

Yes, the International Student Welcome Series is your orientation program. All new international students must attend the International Student Welcome Series.

> Learn more about the International Student Welcome Series

Where should I live?

We strongly encourage all undergraduate students to live in on-campus housing. While living on campus is not required, there are so many advantages to living on campus. Living on campus is safe. Living on campus is convenient (everything from classes to food to activities is just a minute away). The cost of living on campus is reasonable and you won't have any separate charges for utilities like electricity, water and TV. And living on campus is the best way to make new friends and integrate with the rest of the campus.

If you do live on campus, be aware that not all the residence halls stay open during school breaks. If you intend to remain on campus during term breaks, or if you're not sure, you should be sure to choose "break housing." This will be explained on the housing preference application.

> Learn more about on-campus housing.

Can I arrive on campus late?

While you should make every effort to be on campus by the start date specified on your I-20 (which is the first day of the International Student Welcome Series), we understand that problems arise and travel plans need to be changed.

We recommend that you make every effort to arrive in time for the start of the International Student Welcome Series.

Each case for a late arrival request is reviewed individually; approval or denial will be based on the individual merits of your request. Typically, if late arrival is approved, your arrival date will be delayed only up to the 4th day of classes; beyond that late arrival is generally not approved.

If you are an incoming undergraduate student and think you may need a late arrival letter, please email our office at

Graduate students should contact their academic department directly for late arrival requests.

 If you do arrive late to Buffalo, you will need to come to International Student Services to complete your ISS Check-in.

Does UB provide airport pick-up service?

The Buffalo Niagara International Airport is located just 15 kilometers from campus. It's quick and easy to take a taxi (and it costs only $25 – $30). The taxis are familiar with the campus and they'll know exactly where to take you.

You may also contact a student representative of your international student club to ask if they might provide you with assistance on your arrival.

When do I pay my tuition?

When you receive an electronic bill from UB, you must pay before the deadline noted in the bill statement.

> Learn more about paying your university bill.

Can I pay my tuition in installments or do I have to pay it in full?

You can pay in installments or you can pay it in full. It's up to you.

If you wish to pay in installments, you'll need to enroll in the payment plan program after you are on campus. Pay special attention to the application deadlines.

> Learn more about the UB Payment Plan program.

My name does not appear the way that I entered it on my application. Why did you change it?

Your passport is the official document for all of our records and with only a few exceptions we follow it exactly.

One exception: If your passport does not show a surname, we are required to use all of your given names as your surname and leave your given name blank (for the university's student information system and your I-20).

Unless you can provide an updated passport that lists your name as you would like it to appear, your record cannot be changed.

I have requested that ETS/College Board/ACT send my official scores directly to UB but you are still asking for them. Do I have to send them again?

If your name on your test results does not match the name you put on your UB application, it can be difficult for our electronic system to match the scores to your record. If you send us a scanned copy of your score report showing that the official score was sent to UB, we can manually match the scores to your application.

UB's school code for TOEFL and SAT is 2925. UB's school code for ACT is 2978.

What is the University Honors College?

The UB Honors College is a prestigious program for the top entering freshmen of the university. The UB Honors College students are encouraged to be involved in research, internships and other experiences that will enhance and enrich their undergraduate education.

UB Honors College students have special privileges such as early class registration, personalized advisement, Honors Living Community, faculty mentor and a special notation on the academic transcript.

Students submitting the Common Application can apply to the Honors College in the Academics section. Students applying with the UB Paper Application or the State University of New York (SUNY) Application should contact the Honors College to receive a separate application to the Honors College.

> Learn more about the UB Honors College.

Why didn’t I get credit for my English classes?

Except for a few rare exceptions, UB does not award credit for English composition/English language classes taken outside the U.S. If you have questions, please consult an advisor in the Office of International Admissions after you arrive on campus.

I have received 90 transfer credits. Does that mean I will graduate in one year, or as soon as I have completed my 120 credit total?

No. Simply completing 120 credits does not mean that you have completed the required work to graduate with a degree from UB. In order to graduate, you must earn the minimum number of required credits (120) and also complete all the university and department requirements.

I have already taken several classes that should apply to my major. Why don’t they show up as credit that fulfills my major requirements?

Since the faculty in each department are the experts in their field, they make decisions as to which transfer courses sufficiently match UB courses well enough to fulfill the department requirements. The initial evaluation that is done by International Admissions gives credit for all appropriate courses and assigns some of those credits to specific General Education requirements when possible. Courses in math and sciences, or more specialized fields, have to be reviewed by departmental faculty to determine if they can be used to fulfill UB requirements.

When you arrive on campus, you will submit requests to individual departments asking them to review and match (articulate) the external course to a specific UB course. Be sure to bring copies of course syllabi, course descriptions or course catalogs.

When can I get my new UB I-20?

If you are transferring from a U.S. institution, we cannot begin processing your new I-20 until we have received the SEVIS transfer form from the DSO (Designated School Official) at your previous school. Once we receive the transfer form, we will follow the release date that has been indicated by the DSO. Until that date passes, we cannot work with your record in SEVIS. We work hard to issue transfer I-20s as close to the indicated release date as possible.

What scholarships are available and how does my child apply for them?

The University at Buffalo offers scholarships in varying amounts to qualified international students enrolling in the fall. Scholarship awards vary from $2,500 – $15,000 per academic year and are renewable for up to four years with good academic standing. 

A special application is not required for these scholarships. All applicants are considered as part of the regular application review process. But students do need to apply early. The best scholarships are awarded early and we recommend that students apply by Dec. 1 to have the best chance of being reviewed in time. Students who apply later (between February and April) will still have a chance for a scholarship, but their chances are diminished and the scholarships amounts may be smaller.

Eligibility is based on overall secondary school performance, test scores, an essay and teacher recommendations.

> Learn more about scholarships.

Can my child receive government financial aid?

International students are not eligible for U.S. government-based financial aid. International students are only eligible for financial assistance at UB through scholarship programs.

> Learn more about UB’s affordable costs and funding opportunities.

When will we receive the tuition bill and when do we have to pay it?

All university bills are sent directly to the student by email. Paper billing statements are not mailed.

Your son or daughter can provide you limited access to his or her online UB student account. This way, you can view the university bill and make payments directly to the university on behalf of your student.

Payment deadlines vary. Follow the payment deadline noted in the bill statement.

> Learn more about paying your university bill.

Can we pay the tuition in installments or does it have to be paid in full?

You can pay in installments or you can pay it in full. It's up to you.

If you wish to pay in installments, your child will need to enroll in the payment plan program after he or she is on campus. Pay special attention to the application deadlines.

> Learn more about the UB Payment Plan program.

How much money does my child need to bring to UB?

Personal and incidental expenses are not included in the estimated cost of attendance on your student’s I-20. The university recommends an annual allowance of at least $1,000 for books and supplies and $1,500 for personal expenses and incidental costs. We do not recommend that your son/daughter carry large sums of cash when traveling to the U.S. Please bring a small amount of cash (a few hundred dollars) along with a credit card.

If your child plans to bring money (e.g., cash, money order, certified check, travelers’ checks and letter of credit) into the U.S., please note the following advisory from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) website:
“Travelers leaving or entering the U.S. are required to report monetary instruments (i.e. currency or checks) valued at $10,000 or more on a "Report of International Transportation of Currency or Monetary Instruments" form FinCEN 105” (available at or from a CBP officer). Failure to declare currency in amounts of over $10,000 can result in its seizure.”

How do I know if my child was admitted to his or her intended major?

A student’s acceptance letter states whether or not she or he has been admitted directly into a major program. At UB, some programs admit freshmen directly. Others require that intended students complete prerequisite classes before they can be considered for admission to the major. Most students are not admitted to a major until their second year of study. Academic advisors will be available during International Student Orientation to provide further guidance about admission to a major.

When will my child register for classes?

Is the campus safe?

While we proudly carry Buffalo in our university name, in fact, our main campus is located in the quiet suburb of Amherst about 15 minutes from downtown Buffalo. Since 1997, Amherst has been ranked as one of America’s Safest Cities.

The University at Buffalo has its own police department whose officers patrol the campuses and surrounding areas. All residence halls are secure buildings that only residents can enter using their electronic door cards. Emergency telephones with direct links to the police are located at many places around the campus.

Are students required to live on campus?

No, students are not required to live on campus, but we know that students living on campus experience more of what the university has to offer, because it is a bigger part of their lives. Residents get to know more people with different backgrounds, participate in more campus activities and events, and are more satisfied with their collegiate experience. Living on campus is convenient and complements your child’s education; everything they need is nearby. Studies show a direct relationship between living on campus and academic success in the classroom.

How do I find off-campus housing for my child?

We strongly recommend that all undergraduate students live on campus (at least for the first couple of years). While there are many off-campus apartments, we are not able to make recommendations or take any responsibility for those who live off campus in private apartments.

If you are considering off-campus living, be sure to use search terms like "student apartments in Amherst, NY" and be sure to see which ones provide transportation and how far they are from the UB North Campus (the UB Amherst Campus).

Is there supervision in the university residence halls?

Each building has professional, live-in supervisory staff known as the Residence Hall Directors (RD) and Assistant Hall Directors. The RD generally has a master’s degree in student affairs administration, college student personnel or counseling. Assistant Hall Directors are often graduate students working on their master’s or doctoral degrees. There is also one Resident Advisor (RA) for every 30 students. The RAs are senior students with demonstrated empathy, leadership and communication skills. RAs are trained to respond to emergencies, help with roommate problems, facilitate programming, answer questions, make referrals to appropriate UB offices, distribute information and generally be available for students.

Should my child sign up for a meal plan?

Any registered UB student may purchase a UB Dining Meal Plan, whether they live on or off campus. First-year students living in residence halls are required to purchase a Dining Meal Plan.

> Learn more about meal plans.

Although cooking is not allowed in residence hall rooms, limited cooking facilities are available in shared kitchens in all residence halls. International students who prepare their own meals should know that a variety of ethnic foods are available at local grocery stores and specialty shops.

> Learn more about food stores in Buffalo. 

Are students required to own a computer?

No, students are not required to own a computer.

However, many students choose to have their own computer or laptop. All UB students have access to numerous public computing sites located throughout our campuses in both academic buildings and residence halls.

What do UB students do outside of class?

Extracurricular activities will not only help your child make friends, they will also offer valuable opportunities to learn and to lead.

There are too many possibilities to mention them all here, but a partial list includes more than 200 academic, service-related, international, and multicultural clubs and organizations, leadership workshops, wellness resources, volunteer opportunities, concerts, lectures (for example, the university’s Distinguished Speakers Series has brought renowned leaders such as Koffi Annan, the Dalai Lama, Al Gore, Colin Powell and Tony Blair), athletic events and so on. Students can also find internships or paid, part-time jobs on campus. Getting involved is a critical component of life and learning on campus.

Do students need to have a car?

Students are allowed to own a car, but it is not a necessity. It is often faster and easier for students to walk or take the campus shuttles, especially when they live on campus. Convenient shuttle buses transport students back and forth between UB's three campuses, as well to different points on each campus. UB shuttles also take students off campus to the local shopping mall and grocery store. In addition, campus buses are equipped with bike racks and UB participates in a community bicycle-lending program. International students who are considering owning a car or driving while at UB should refer to the ISS driving guidelines.

> Learn more about driving guidelines.

What if my child becomes ill?

All UB students pay a mandatory Health Service Fee, which gives them access to excellent primary Health Services on campus. Other off-campus medical services may be covered under the mandatory Student Medical Insurance plan, which provides extensive coverage of medical costs for UB’s international students. UB also has a Counseling Center which provides confidential counseling services to students.

What type of clothing is appropriate for Buffalo weather?

Buffalo enjoys four distinct seasons. Because of that, students must be prepared for weather of all types. Fall (or Autumn), which occurs from September through October, has average minimum and maximum temperatures between 32° and 75° Fahrenheit (0° to 24° Celsius). Winters, which occur from November through March, have average minimum and maximum temperatures between 17° and 45° Fahrenheit (-8° and 8° Celsius), with most snow falling in December through February. Spring, which occurs from April through June, has average minimum and maximum temperatures between 36° and 75° Fahrenheit (2° to 24° Celsius). Summers are pleasant and moderate with average minimum and maximum temperatures between 62° and 80° Fahrenheit (17° and 27° Celsius) and rarely rising above 90° (32° Celsius).

> Learn more about Buffalo’s climate.

Three basic types of clothing are essential for the Buffalo climate. In winter, heavy jackets or overcoats, warm hats, scarves, gloves or mittens, and snow boots are necessary. During chilly autumn and spring days, raincoats or medium-weight wool coats or ski jackets are worn outdoors, while sweaters are often worn indoors. A lightweight jacket is sometimes appropriate for cool nights during the spring, summer and fall. All university buildings are heated during cold weather and many are air-conditioned during the summer. In general, student dress is casual. Many professors will also dress informally. Blue jeans and T-shirts are acceptable for class, but you should also bring some formal clothing for interviews, receptions and other special occasions. It is a good idea to bring seasonal clothing with you or have it mailed to you after you arrive. Some international students from warmer climates find that it is more economical to purchase their winter coats and jackets here in Buffalo. Daily UB shuttles to the local shopping mall are available to all UB students.

Distance between major cities and the University at Buffalo

  • New York City: 1 hour flight; about 7 hours by car
  • Boston: 1 hour flight; about 7 hours by car
  • Toronto, Canada: 1 hour and 40 minutes by car
  • Chicago: 1 hour and 15 minute flight; about 8 hours by car

How do students get to UB from the airport?

The Buffalo Niagara International Airport is located just 15 kilometers from campus. It's quick and easy to take an Uber, Lyft or taxi (and it costs only $25 – $30). The drivers are familiar with the campus and they'll know exactly where to take you.

You may also contact a student representative of your child's international student club to ask if they might provide you with assistance on your arrival.

If my family decides to visit our son or daughter at UB, where should we stay?

There are a number of affordable and comfortable hotels located near the University at Buffalo. When making hotel reservations, please mention that you are visiting UB, as discounts may apply.

> Learn more about hotels near the UB North Campus (Amherst, NY).

Tue, 23 May 2023 12:00:00 -0500 en text/html
171 Best Trivia Questions (and Answers) to Stump Your Friends With

If you had a reputation for being a slight know-it-all as a kid, you likely already have your own list of best trivia questions in a journal with scratch-outs, new additions, and illegible notes in the margins. . That’s just a fact. (I didn’t make the rules and, of course, am not speaking from personal experience here!)

Going through a list of trivia mock test with pals is fun for a few reasons. Part of it has to do with getting to flex your own trivia night muscles, as well as getting to see what areas of trivia each of your friends specializes in, whether it’s pop culture or history. And part of it has to do, simply, with making a game out of learning new things and testing your knowledge. Let your inner (or outer) nerd rejoice!

Below, we’ve rounded up a comprehensive list of fun trivia mock test for your next game night with the crew. You’ll find general trivia questions and answers, as well as some we’ve curated for music and movie buffs, too. Afterward, you can keep the night going with these game ideas, a round of Truth or Dare questionsNever Have I Ever or another one of our fave games to play with friends.

In this article you’ll find:

  • Common trivia answers and questions

  • General trivia questions and answers

  • Movie trivia questions and answers

  • Music trivia questions and answers

Common trivia questions and answers

There are some questions that are revisited time and time (and time) again. The following queries have shown up in trivia night get-togethers for generations—consider this a great spot to start if you’re hosting your own session, or you’re just trying to brush up on your skills.

1. What is celebrated on February 2 and is also a film?

Answer: Groundhog Day

2. What is the official national anthem of the United States of America

Answer: The Star Spangled Banner

3. Which is the only vowel on a standard keyboard that is not on the top line of letters

Answer: A

4. What was Twitter’s original name?

Answer: twttr

5. How many stars are on the European Union Flag? 

Answer: 12

6. Globe and Jerusalem are types of what?

Answer: Artichokes

7. What’s the most popular drink in the world that is not alcohol?

Answer: Coffee

8. What is often seen as the smallest unit of memory?

Answer: Kilobyte

9. What does “HTTP” stand for? 

Answer: HyperText Transfer Protocol

10. Which planet is the hottest in the solar system?

Answer: Venus

11. How many Lord of the Rings films are there?

Answer: Three

12. Which animal can be seen on the Porsche logo?

Answer: Horse

13. What does BMW stand for (in English)?

Answer: Bavarian Motor Works

14. Which Williams sister has won more Grand Slam titles? 

Answer: Serena

15. Which country invented tea? 

Answer: China

16. Which bone are babies born without? 

Answer: Knee cap

17. Which planet has the most gravity?

Answer: Jupiter

18. Which American state is the largest (by area)? 

Answer: Alaska

19. What is the smallest country in the world?

Answer: Vatican City

20. What is the name of the world’s longest river?

Answer: The Nile

21. How many Pyramids of Giza were made?

Answer: Three

22. What is the national dish of Spain? 

Answer: Paella

23. “Adventure of Sherlock Holmes” was written by which writer?

Answer: Arthur Conan Doyle

24. When was the company Nike founded?

Answer: 1971

25. What is the tallest building in the world?

Answer: Burj Khalifa

26. Which mammal has no vocal cords? 

Answer: Giraffe

27. What is the slogan of Apple Inc.? 

Answer: Think different

28. How many stripes does Adidas have? 

Answer: 3

29. According to Greek mythology, who was the first woman on earth? 

Answer: Pandora

30. Fissures, vents, and plugs are all associated with which geological feature? 

Answer: Volcanos

31. Which country consumes the most chocolate per capita? 

Answer: Switzerland

32. What is the loudest animal on Earth? 

Answer: The sperm whale

33. What was the first toy to be advertised on television? 

Answer: Mr. Potato Head

34. How many eyes does a bee have? 

Answer: Five

35. What is the tiny piece at the end of a shoelace called? 

Answer: An aglet

36. In the United Kingdom, what is the day after Christmas known as? 

Answer: Boxing Day

37. What is the tallest breed of dog in the world? 

Answer: The Great Dane

38. How many ribs are in a human body? 

Answer: Twenty-four

39. What’s the hardest rock? 

Answer: A diamond

40. Who invented scissors? 

Answer: Leonardo da Vinci

General trivia questions and answers

One of the best things about trivia is how diverse the syllabus can be. Whether you’re a film buff or a science enthusiast, it’s likely there will be a question tailormade for you. If you’re attending a trivia night it doesn’t have a set theme, chances are one or two of these may make an appearance.

1. Who, in 1903, was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize?

Answer: Marie Curie

2. What year did the Berlin wall fall?

Answer: 1989

3. What is the more popular name for the portrait officially titled “La Gioconda,” painted in 1503?

Answer: The Mona Lisa.

4. What element does the chemical symbol Au stand for?

Answer: Gold

5. What is the sign directly opposite Scorpio in the zodiac?

Answer: Taurus

6. Who is considered the first female self-made millionaire in the U.S.?

Answer: Madam C.J. Walker

7. How many colors were on the original Pride flag, flown at the San Francisco Gay Freedom Day Parade in 1978?

Answer: Eight (the pink and turquoise stripes were dropped by 1979 for production reasons)

8. What is the first name of the main female protagonist in Zora Neale Hurston’s classic novel Their Eyes Were Watching God?

Answer: Janie

9. The shooting of whom, in 1914, started World War I?

Answer: Archduke Franz Ferdinand

10. What is the smallest planet in our solar system?

Answer: Mercury

11. What is the highest-grossing Broadway show of all time?

Answer: The Lion King

12. Who is commonly credited with throwing the first brick at Stonewall in 1969, beginning an uprising that became a major turning point for LGBTQ+ rights in the U.S.?

Answer: Marsha P. Johnson

13. What are the first 22 cards in a tarot deck called?

Answer: The Major Arcana

14. What was the name of the possessed hotel in Steven King’s novel (and movie) The Shining, based on the real-life Stanley Hotel in Colorado?

Answer: The Overlook Hotel

15. What is the capital of India?

Answer: New Delhi

16. Which two states in the U.S. share the most borders with other states?

Answer: Tennessee and Missouri

17. At a restaurant, you’ll see deer meat on the menu under what name?

Answer: Venison

18. What country has the national language with the longest alphabet?

Answer: Cambodia (their national language, Khmer, has 74 characters!)

19. What is the pseudonym for the author of the best-selling, four-part book series known as the Neapolitan Novels, now an HBO series?

Answer: Elana Ferante

20. What is the name of the ship that rescued Titanic passengers hours after the ship went down?

Answer: The Carpathia

21. Where is recognized as the location of the hottest temperature ever recorded on Earth, per the World Meteorological Organization?

Answer: Death Valley, California

22. On what network did RuPaul’s Drag Race premiere in 2009?

Answer: Logo TV

23. What was the first book published by Jane Austen?

Answer: Sense and Sensibility

24. Which two countries have the longest shared international border?

Answer: Canada and the U.S.

25. What city hosted the 2014 Winter Olympics?

Answer: Sochi, Russia

26. What is the longest running Broadway show?

Answer: The Phantom of the Opera

27. What is the human body’s largest organ?

Answer: Skin

28. What year was the first iPhone released?

Answer: 2007

29. What’s the (extremely metal) name for a group of crows?

Answer: A murder of crows

30. What are the first names of the four main characters in Golden Girls?

Answer: Sophia, Dorothy, Rose, and Blanche

31. What is the longest above-water mountain range?

The Andes

32. What year did Netflix, previously a DVD rental business, introduce streaming services?

Answer: 2007

33. How many feet are in a yard?

Answer: Three

34. How many bones do sharks have?

Answer: Zero!

35. What is the deadliest mammal?

Answer: The hippo

36. What is the deadliest insect?

Answer: The mosquito

37. What country was the Marxist revolutionary figure Che Guevara born in?

Answer: Argentina

38. What is the capital of Singapore?

Answer: Singapore (it’s an island city-state)

39. What is the word for the weather event also called a winter hurricane?

Answer: A bomb cyclone

40. What was the first country to provide women the right to vote?

Answer: New Zealand (in 1893)

41. What year was the landmark civil and LGBTQ+ rights case Obergefell v. Hodges ruled on?

Answer: 2015

42. The Hawaiian Islands archipelago is made up of what number of major islands?

Answer: Eight major islands (plus a bunch of smaller islands and islets for a total of 137 islands!)

43. What are the names of the four March sisters in Little Women?

Answer: Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy

44. What chewy dessert topping is made from tartar and egg whites and often found on pie?

Answer: Meringue

45. In Greek mythology, who was known as the messenger of the gods?

Answer: Hermes

46. What was Eleanor Roosevelt’s maiden name before marrying FDR?

Answer: Roosevelt (she and Franklin were fifth cousins once removed!)

47. What was the birth name of boxing legend Muhammad Ali?

Answer: Cassius Clay

48. In what city were the first infections of COVID-19 discovered?

Wuhan, China

49. In chess, what direction can a bishop move?

Answer: Diagonally

50. Who was the world’s first cloned animal, a sheep, named after in 1996?

Answer: Dolly Parton

51. What is the name for the equinox that occurs on March 20th or 21st of each year?

Answer: The Vernal Equinox

52. What’s the shortcut for the paste function on most computers?

Answer: Ctrl+V

53. What river runs through Paris?

Answer: The Seine

54. What kind of flower was once used as money?

Answer: Tulips, whose bulbs were once used as a form of currency in Holland!

55. What is the capital of Iowa?

Answer: Des Moines

56. What is the most commonly spoken language in Brazil?

Answer: Portuguese

57. In what country do more than half of people believe in elves?

Answer: Iceland

58. How many colors will you find in a regular bag of M&Ms?

Answer: Six

59. The Statue of Liberty was a gift to the U.S. from what country?

Answer: France

60. How many wives did Henry VIII have?

Answer: Six

61. What is the rarest blood type?

Answer: AB negative

62. Which famous art movement did Pablo Picasso co-create?

Answer: Cubism

63. Which U.S. president is featured on the $2 bill?

Answer: Thomas Jefferson

64. For up to how long do cicadas live underground before emerging above ground for just a few weeks?

Answer: 17 years

65. What phase does a moon enter into after it’s full?

Answer: Waxing Gibbous (if you guessed just the first bit, that works!)

66. Where on the food pyramid do eggplants belong?

Answer: In the fruit section

67. What alcoholic beverage is made from juniper berries?

Answer: Gin

68. Where is the world’s tallest roller coaster?

Answer: New Jersey (at Six Flags Great Adventure — it’s the Kingda Ka roller coaster, with a height of 456 feet)

69. What is the national animal of Scotland?

Answer: The unicorn

70. For how many nights is Hanukkah celebrated?

Answer: Eight

71. What religious and political organization did Malcolm X join in 1952, helping it to grow exponentially before cutting ties with it in 1964?

Answer: The Nation of Islam

72. What country has the highest number of citizens over the age of 65?

Answer: Japan

73. How many keys are on a modern, standard-sized piano?

Answer: 88

74. Area 51 is located in which U.S. state?

Answer: Nevada

75. What U.S. fast food chain is credited with introducing the first drive-through window to the masses?

Answer: In-N-Out Burger

76. What temperature does water boil at?

Answer: 212 degrees Fahrenheit or 100 degrees Celsius

77. Where is Harvard University located?

Answer: Cambridge, Massachusetts

78. Who is the actress with the longest-running TV career?

Answer: Betty White

79. How many countries are in the European Union?

Answer: 27

80. What does DNA stand for?

Answer: Deoxyribonucleic Acid

81. Which marine animals hold hands in their sleep to prevent drifting apart?

Answer: Sea otters, and my system is unable to process that level of cuteness.

Music trivia questions and answers

Music is one of the most common trivia themes. Even if the entire trivia night isn’t themed around tunes and musicians, it’s likely you’ll run into an entire section of the session dedicated to the topic. The goal here is to get a well-rounded education that spans generations and genres.

1. Amy Winehouse, Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin all belong to what unofficial organization?

Answer: The 27 Club

2. Who besides Britney Spears did Madonna kiss at the 2003 VMAs?

Answer: Christina Aguilera

3. What song was behind the very first music video to ever premiere on MTV?

Answer: “Video Killed the Radio Star”

4. With what album did Beyoncé start her solo career?

Answer: Dangerously In Love

5. What is the stage name of Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta?

Answer: Lady Gaga

6. Who sang the first recorded version of “Strange Fruit,” a classic, haunting protest song against racism and violence against Black bodies?

Answer: Billie Holiday

7. Who was the first woman inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?

Answer: Aretha Franklin

8. What musical artist played a whopping 27 different instruments on their debut album, “For You”?

Answer: Prince

9. Where did the band ABBA form?

Answer: Sweden

10. Which Beatles’ single was No. 1 on the Billboard charts for the longest stretch of time?

Answer: Hey Jude

11. What was the Notorious BIG’s real first name?

Answer: Christopher

12. How old was Taylor Swift when she took home her first Album of the Year Grammy?

Answer: 20

13. Starchild, Demon, Spaceman (or Space Ace), and Catman are the on-stage personas of what band?

Answer: KISS

14. How many members does BTS have?

Answer: Seven

15. What was The Beach Boys’ first No. 1 single, out of a total of four?

Answer: “I Get Around”

16. What instrument does Lizzo play?

Answer: The Flute

17. What musical artist cast themselves as every character in a 1978 televised performance of West Side Story?

Answer: Cher

18. What is the longest-running band still featuring its original lineup?

Answer: U2

19. What is the best-selling album of all time in the U.S.?

Answer: “Their Greatest Hits (1971-1975)” by the Eagles. (Seriously!)

20. How did Otis Redding die?

Answer: A plane crash

21. Which famous country artist had a hit in 1957 with “Walkin’ After Midnight”?

Answer: Patsy Cline

22. In 2017, what single topped the charts in 47 countries simultaneously?

Answer: “Despacito”

23. Who did Beyoncé edge out in 2021 for the title of female artist with the most Grammys?

Answer: Alison Krauss

24. What is the name of Led Zeppelin’s fourth studio album, which includes the song “Stairway to Heaven”?

Answer: It’s untitled! Although it’s most often referred to as Led Zeppelin IV

25. Ariana Grande started her career at age 15 in what Broadway musical?

Answer: 13

Movie trivia questions and answers

Similar to music, movie trivia questions are a go-to for many reasons. First, there are just a ton of movies out there—it’s likely that someone has seen whatever blockbuster is being spotlit. Second, it plays well for a trivia group consisting of multiple generations (hellllllo, family night). 

1. What movie is the Oscar-nominated song “Journey to the Past” from?

Answer: Anastasia

2. Who plays the Fairy Godmother in the 1997 version of Cinderella, starring Brandy?

Answer: Whitney Houston

3. How many children are in the Von Trapp family in The Sound of Music?

Answer: Seven

4. What is the highest-grossing movie of all time?

Answer: Avatar

5. What specific shade does Meryl Streep’s Miranda Priestly dedicate a monologue to in The Devil Wears Prada?

Answer: Cerulean

6. What famous documentary depicts New York City’s ballroom scene at the height of the AIDS epidemic in the mid-to-late 1980s?

Answer: Paris is Burning

7. What was the first feature-length animated movie ever released?

Answer: Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

8. What character is played perfectly by Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park and significantly less perfectly by Goldblum in The Lost World: Jurassic Park?

Answer: Ian Malcolm

9. What famous real-life Hollywood couple starred in the film adaptation of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Answer: Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton

10. What’s the name of the dance number performed toward the beginning of Rocky Horror Picture Show?

Answer: The Time Warp

11. In what fictional town is Jaws set?

Answer: Amity Island

12. What musical group is the movie Dreamgirls purportedly based on?

Answer: Although the movie is a fictional blend of multiple Motown female-led singing groups, it’s thought to most draw on the Supremes

13. In Titanic, where is Jack Dawson from?

Answer: Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin

14. What does the movie rating “R” stand for?

Answer: Restricted

15. What movie is Alan Rickman’s first film credit?

Answer: Die Hard

16. The costume designer for Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion also did the costumes for what fellow iconic 90s-fashion movie?

Answer: Clueless

17. Who is the only Disney princess to have been inspired by a real person?

Answer: Pocahontas — although given Disney’s historical inaccuracies, let’s go ahead and call this one capital-L Loosely inspired.

18. How many suns does the planet Tatooine, Luke’s home, have in Star Wars?

Answer: Two

19. What was the first — and still only — horror movie to win the Oscar for Best Picture?

Answer: Silence of the Lambs

20. What movie is the first non-English film to win the Oscar for Best Picture?

Answer: Parasite

21. What is the name of the hotel in Psycho?

Answer: The Bates Motel

22. How many times has the movie A Star is Born been remade?

Answer: Four times

23. Why is Ally Sheedy’s character in detention in The Breakfast Club?

Answer: She “didn’t have anything better to do.”

24. Who was the first Black actress to win an Oscar?

Answer: Hattie McDaniel

25. What three movies share the title for winner of the most Oscars?

Answer: The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, Ben-Hur, Titanic

Originally Appeared on Teen Vogue

Fri, 02 Jun 2023 00:48:00 -0500 en-US text/html
Summer 2020 Semester mock test for Students

Because of the continuation of the COVID-19 pandemic, for the Summer 2020 semester (Summer 14-Week Session, Summer May Session, Summer 10-Week Session, Summer A Session (7-Week), and Summer B Session (7-Week)), students will again have the option of selecting a Pass/Fail grading method instead of the standard letter grade method, with certain exceptions. The letter grade method remains the default grading method if a student does not select the Pass/Fail grading option.

Wed, 05 Aug 2020 04:45:00 -0500 en-US text/html
International Student & Scholar Services

COVID-19 flexibility for international students will terminate at the end of summer 2023.

The guidance issued by the Department of Homeland Security's Student Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) in March 2020 for the 2022–2023 academic year will terminate at the end of summer 2023. This guidance enabled international students to engage in distance learning in beyond regulatory limits because of the continuing public health concerns created by COVID-19.

How the End to the SEVP Guidance Will Affect Continuing Students for Fall 2023

  • As is required each semester, students must continue to be enrolled full-time in order to maintain immigration status unless approved by ISSS for a reduced course load.
  • F-1 and J-1 students are no longer permitted to enroll in all online courses.
  • Students must return to the standard regulatory limits. Only one 3-credit online class counts toward full-time study of 12 credits for undergraduates and 9 credits for graduate students.

If a student has one course left in their final semester, they must be approved for a reduced course load for the final term by ISSS and that course must be conducted in person.

ISSS will provide students with additional information through detailed email notifications, Zoom live advising sessions, updates on the ISSS website, and @ISSSNewSchool Instagram posts.

Thu, 20 Apr 2023 03:47:00 -0500 en text/html
Our readers' questions about the war, answered. Vol. 3 © Kyiv Independent

Editor's note: We asked the Kyiv Independent supporters to share their questions about the war. Here's what they asked and how we answered. Join our community to ask a question in the next round.

Question: Do you have any hints at what strategy might look like if the counteroffensive does not result in major gains for Ukraine?

Answer: My guess is that the Ukrainian command will be very careful about throwing in forces and supporting advances with fresh reserves. If things do not go the way they wanted, they should be able to perform an orderly retreat and keep the bulk of military forces prepared (and prevent Russia's fast counter-strike). – Illia Ponomarenko, defense reporter

What's behind "Z" as a symbol? Where did it come from?

Answer: The Z, V, and O symbols were painted on Russian military vehicles set to take part in the full-scale invasion of Ukraine. The overall consensus is that the letters referenced directions from where they would enter Ukraine to minimize friendly fire. As thousands of Russian military vehicles entered Ukraine, the Z became associated with the full-scale invasion, while the Russian pro-war public embraced it, turning it into a modern-day swastika. – Oleksiy Sorokin, senior editor

Question: What was targeted in the latest (May 12) major explosion in Khmelnytskyi? There seemed to be a single secondary explosion, so it didn't look like an ammunition depot, was it fuel?

Answer: All the geolocated footage points towards an old ammunition depot that had been in use since Soviet times. The profile of the explosion does indeed look a bit different from the videos of Russian ammunition depots hit by HIMARS etc., but there are no large fuel storage facilities in the satellite images of the facility, so that's unlikely. It was likely a large amount of ammunition, but it's impossible to know what kind. – Francis Farrell, reporter

© Kyiv Independent

Question: During the winter, Ukrainian troops landed on the Kinburn Spit. What happened after that? Is Ukraine in possession of all or part of the Kinburn Peninsula now?

Answer: Ukraine's operations across the Dnipro near Kherson have always been of a limited level and quite overhyped by the Ukrainian military and media, especially over winter. They were just small probing raids, partly looking at the feasibility of a potential crossing but mostly just keeping Russia on its toes and forcing Moscow to divert resources away from other fronts.

Any kind of permanent presence on the peninsula, which needs to be resupplied with equipment, fuel, ammunition, etc. is impossible at the moment. – Francis Farrell, reporter

Question: What can be done to cut off Prigozhin's sources of funding from, for example, exploiting natural resources in Africa? The mines seem to be operating full tilt.

Answer: There are several ways to cut off Yevgeny Prigozhin's income sources, especially in Africa. But it demands widespread legal actions from the West.

The Wagner Group operates in several African countries, giving local dictators muscle, participating in punitive operations against those who disagree with local regimes, and fighting against the armed opposition alongside the local autocrats.

In return, the Wagner Group gains access to resources, which further helps the group's boss, Prigozhin, to sponsor Russia's war against Ukraine. This state of affairs also helps Prigozhin stay afloat within the Russian system.

Ukraine has asked its allies and partners for more than just sanctions against the Wagner Group. It is the designation of it as a foreign terrorist organization. It is much stronger and stricter than sanctions in this context.

If the Wagner Group is widely designated as a terrorist organization, continuing its operations, especially financially, will be much more difficult.

The main effect of designating the Wagner Group as a terrorist organization would make it unlawful to cooperate with the group. It would also stigmatize and isolate the Wagner Group internationally, further deterring contributions to any economic transactions.

The U.K. is reportedly preparing to designate the Wagner Group as a terrorist organization. The EU and the U.S. are debating similar actions.

The French National Assembly recently unanimously designated the Wagner Group as a terrorist entity. The resolution is non-binding but increased the pressure on the EU to act. – Alexander Khrebet, reporter

© Kyiv Independent

Would Ukrainians see the death of Lukashenko as having a positive or negative effect for Ukraine during the war?

Answer: According to the October poll by Rating Group, 85% of Ukrainians have a negative attitude toward Belarus, so it's fair to say that many would see the death of Belarus dictator Alexander Lukashenko as a positive.

The official stance of the Ukrainian government is unknown.

On the one hand, Lukashenko's death can potentially help Belarusians break free from years of oppression and take their country back. On the other hand, Russia will most likely attempt to place another proxy into the vacant spot. – Oleksiy Sorokin, senior editor

Question: Is there a majority of people in Crimea who do not want to be a part of Russia?

Answer: It's hard to evaluate public sentiment in Crimea, both because of Ukraine's inability to access these territories and because Russia's annexation changed the peninsula's demographics. Many Ukrainians fled Crimea after Russia occupied it in 2014, while thousands of Russians were resettled there by the Kremlin, like the military. According to Tamila Tasheva, permanent representative of the president in Crimea, up to 800,000 Russians illegally moved to occupied Crimea since 2014.

Tasheva says that those Russians won't be expelled en masse once Crimea is liberated because such deportation is illegal. Hence, Ukrainian law enforcement will deal with those people on a case-by-case basis.

According to international law, Crimea remains a part of Ukraine regardless of post-occupation attitudes. In 1991, during a referendum on Ukraine's independence from the Soviet Union, over 50 percent of Crimea's population voted for Ukraine to be independent from the USSR. – Anastasiia Lapatina, reporter

© Kyiv Independent

Question: What percentage (roughly) of Ukraine's ammunition and military hardware needs can be produced within Ukraine?

Answer: From what we know, Ukraine's defense industry is now mostly concentrated on repairs – vehicles, equipment, and so on. There's roughly 15-20% being produced inside Ukraine (not heavy munitions). When it comes to shells, rounds – it's mostly ready-to-go supplies and a small portion of things produced at newly-established lines in Poland and the Czech Republic. By the way, many Ukrainian defense enterprises had a problem with lots and lots of excessive assets, old Soviet production facilities, territorial properties, and so on. Now, in wartime, it's their blessing because their old Soviet plants are insanely huge, and Russia finds it hard to find specific working facilities and target them. – Illia Ponomarenko, defense reporter

How systemic is the corruption of the legal system in Ukraine?

Answer: The judiciary is the least reformed institution in the country. And it's fighting back any attempt to be fixed. The case of Vsevolod Kniaziev, the former head of the Supreme Court, who is on trial for allegedly taking a $2.7 million bribe, is a great example of how bad things are in the judiciary.

The Supreme Court was considered one of the better ones before this scandal.

The Constitutional Court and the recently defunct Kyiv District Administrative Court are long considered the epitome of corruption.

However, Ukraine's civil society and the West are the ones pushing Ukraine's judicial reform forward. And there's a chance.

On June 1, the judiciary's highest governing body appointed 16 members of the High Qualification Commission, tasked with vetting and nominating candidates for judicial jobs.

The overall consensus is that those chosen don't have a history of mismanagement, corruption, or other malicious activity. – Oleksiy Sorokin, senior editor

© Kyiv Independent

Question: Can Vsevolod Knyazev be charged with war profiteering and or treason?

Answer: Knyazev has been charged with receiving a $2.7 million bribe in exchange for a court ruling favorable to businessman Kostyantyn Zhevago. No information indicates that Knyazev has been involved in war profiteering, which implies profiting from warfare or the sale of weapons. Additionally, there is no information suggesting that Knyazev has committed treason. – Oleg Sukhov, reporter

Question: What is the status of the IDPs in Ukraine? Have they found permanent housing and job's yet? What is the government's plan of action for those that have been displaced?

The amount of internally displaced persons constantly fluctuates due to Russian attacks, as well as some IDPs returning home. Ukraine's Minister of Reintegration of Temporarily Occupied Territories, Iryna Vereschiuk, said in March 2023 that at least 5 million Ukrainians were registered as IDPs, while up to 7 million people were internally displaced but not registered as such.

By registering as IDPs, adults can get 2,000 hryvnias – around $55 – per month as government aid. Children and people with disabilities get 3,000 hryvnias, or roughly $80. There are also many volunteer organizations, both international and domestic, operating around the country to help IDPs with food, clothing, and other necessities.

It is sometimes difficult for IDPs to find jobs because employers don't want to hire someone who may leave and go back home in a matter of months. The government helps mitigate those risks by paying companies around $185 per month, for two months, for each IDP a company hires.

In April, the government adopted an IDP-focused strategy, which identified key priorities, among which are the safe evacuation of people from dangerous zones, their integration into new communities, and support for their safe return home, when possible. – Anastasiia Lapatina, reporter

© Kyiv Independent

Question: I saw some efforts to start producing drones in Ukraine, which at least should drop more grenades into the enemy or serve as (probably expensive) loitering munitions. How are those efforts going?

Answer: Unfortunately, that's a long process that also goes hand in hand with a lot of bureaucracy and lack of proper funding. Yes, we do have certain interesting designs, but again, it's still far away from making it to the front line. So, we keep using older types and binge-buying lots and lots of Chinese commercial drones adapted to carry hand grenades or VOG rounds. – Illia Ponomarenko, defense reporter

Question: Do you agree with the view that Russia is exhausted in terms of offensive potential but still has powerful defense?

Answer: Yes, on the whole, he is most likely right in the context of the spring/summer campaign, but as we know, war ebbs and flows, and the state of exhaustion is not forever, as Russia is also always slowly mobilizing and recruiting more men, bringing more equipment out of storage, etc. Russia could mount more major offensives later this year, especially if they successfully withstand the upcoming Ukrainian counteroffensive. However, it is worth mentioning that these will come with diminishing returns: the quality of Russian forces available continues to drop as they rely more and more on mobilized soldiers and older equipment.

As for the powerful defense, defending fortified lines of trenches is always a lot easier than attacking them, and Russia has had plenty of time to fortify, whether or not those lines are manned by quality forces. – Francis Farrell, reporter

Question: How big of a concern is it for Ukrainians that some who have sought refuge in other countries during the war won't return once it's over?

Answer: According to the UN, roughly 8 million Ukrainians have fled the country to Europe, escaping Russia's war against Ukraine. These Ukrainian refugees not coming back once the war is over has never been a serious concern. The UN reported that the absolute majority of them – 77 percent – want to come home. . A report done by the International Organization for Migration back in September 2022 said that around 1,268,000 Ukrainian refugees already returned home. Some came back even to areas still facing Russian attacks, like Kharkiv Oblast, despite the Ukrainian government's caution against it. – Anastasiia Lapatina, reporter

Question: When donating to the Ukrainian war effort, is there a difference in impact between giving to United 24 versus giving to private efforts to procure supplies for the Armed Forces? (For example, a Ukrainian band that raises funds to buy drones for a Territorial Defense unit.)

Answer: It's nothing but my opinion, but from what I'm seeing, non-government charities like Come Back Alive seem to be more effective. This, however, doesn't mean United 24 is really bad – in general, most of the large Ukrainian organizations helping the military are good, and it's pretty safe to donate. – Illia Ponomarenko, defense reporter

Given the latest speculation on Lukashenko's health, I'd like to know your thoughts on whether the people of Belarus might try restarting their protest and opposition movements again?

Answer: Unfortunately, I don't see any signs that any tangible protest can take place in Belarus soon. The 2020 Belarus nationwide protest was building on years of dissatisfaction with the regime, followed by a weak response to the COVID pandemic, and were later ignited by the mass falsifications during the presidential elections. Then they were crushed, and all leaders and active members of the protest were either imprisoned or forced into exile. Now, with Belarus moving from authoritarian to totalitarian rule, a major spark is needed to force the oppressed people to try again. And to be honest, I don't see it. – Oleksiy Sorokin, senior editor

© Kyiv Independent

Question: Are Russian offensives in Kharkiv Oblast intensifying? If so, then are they just local/tactical, are they part of trying to lock down Ukrainian troops ahead of the Ukrainian counteroffensive, or are there any indications of a larger Russian counteroffensive in Kharkiv Oblast?

Answer: With the current static state of the front line, the small advances that we see on both sides are indeed localized attacks, probing for weaknesses and looking for opportunities to make small tactical advances.

We know that Russia has shifted to a general defensive posture across the front line, and isn't currently conducting any larger-scale offensives that could threaten to make major breakthroughs through Ukraine's own defensive lines.

The brigades and equipment being prepared by Ukraine for the counteroffensive are fresh and being kept in reserve, and it's very unlikely that they will be sent somewhere else unless the situation is really critical. That being said, a contact of mine near Kupiansk did report some quite heavy fighting recently. – Francis Farrell, reporter

Thu, 01 Jun 2023 10:16:04 -0500 en-US text/html
South Florida NASA astronaut answers students’ questions from International Space Station

(WSVN) - Many children dream of traveling to space, and some got a rare chance to ask an astronaut who grew up in South Florida about his career while he was on board the International Space Station.

Frank Rubio is a NASA astronaut on board the International Space Station.

“It makes it a lot more fun and more of an interesting environment,” Frank Rubio said.

On Thursday, he was the teacher.

“Hi, my name is Malachi, and what is it like being in micro gravity?” Malachi said

“Hey, Malachi, well it’s a lot of fun, mostly because you can float around and back down easily, you can stand sideways and answer questions like this,” Rubio said.

Rubio answered questions from students associated with the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of the American Latino.

“Hi, my name is Ben, and my question is how do you not get too hot or too cold in the space suit?,” Ben said.

“It’s basically a personal spacecraft,” Rubio said. “It keeps you pressurized in the vacuum of space, it provides you with oxygen, it cleans out the carbon dioxide that you breath out, and it also keeps you comfortable.”

Rubio may be very far away, but he considers Miami home.

He graduated from Miami Sunset Senior High and is currently on track to break the record for the longest single flight mission by a U.S. astronaut.

“What are the benefits of doing medical research instead of doing them on Earth?” Fernanda asked.

“One of the things that we do is look at the way proteins develop in microgravity. Because of the lack of gravity and other forces like convection or settling, we can form  really high-quality crystals, and someday we can use those crystal structures to make better medicines to help all of humanity back on Earth,” Rubio said.

Rubio also shed some light on physical fitness.

“You have to be in good shape to be selected as an astronaut, so what exercises can you do to stay in good shape while on the International Space Station?” Ford asked.

He showed the kids how they do resistance training.

“We also have a treadmill, but like I said, anytime you move up here, you tend to bounce a lot, and to keep us down on the treadmill, we use a harness and really strong bungees to keep us clipped to the frame of the treadmill,” Rubio said, “and as we run, that harness and bungee keeps us grounded, and we’re able to get a really good workout there. too.”

Rubio is the first NASA astronaut of Salvadoran heritage to fly to space.

When he comes back to Earth, Rubio will have logged 371 days in orbit.

Copyright 2023 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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Thu, 18 May 2023 06:47:00 -0500 Lynn Martinez en-US text/html
Five mock test about the Buffalo Bills' schedule

Here are five questions in the aftermath of the release of the Bills’ schedule Thursday:

Q: Is the bye in a good spot?

A: Josh Allen said this week that the placement of the bye is among the first thing that players check when the schedule is released.

The Bills could have taken the bye after their game in London in Week 5, according to league policy for teams that travel for international games. They opted against that, and ended up with a late Week 13 bye in the first week of December.

The bye comes in between two huge road games against the Super Bowl participants. The Bills visit Philadelphia for a Sunday afternoon game on Thanksgiving weekend against the Eagles before the bye and then get two weeks to prepare for yet another trip to Kansas City, on Dec. 10 in Week 14.

People are also reading…

Much like his mentor Andy Reid, Bills coach Sean McDermott has become a master post-bye with a 6-0 record, though he would need to beat Reid to make it 7-0. However, the Bills have struggled heading into the bye under McDermott.

Q: Why not another Thursday night opener?

A: The Bills began last season at the Super Bowl champions, beating the Los Angeles Rams on the opening Thursday night at SoFi Stadium.

This year, the Detroit Lions will head to Arrowhead Stadium for the opener against the champion Chiefs.

The league opted against Bills-Chiefs or Bengals-Chiefs, figuring that was an “asset” that they could deploy later in the season. The season-opening game will have massive viewership regardless of who is playing.

“Cincinnati or Buffalo obviously would’ve been great,” NFL VP of broadcast planning Mike North told SI’s Albert Breer on Thursday. “You gotta figure those are three of the best teams in that conference right now, so it stands to reason that they’re gonna be playing for something down the stretch. So, those games are gonna be relevant. Not that they wouldn’t be in Week 1, but they’ll only get more interesting the later you wait to deploy them. I hope we didn’t wait too long – Buffalo-K.C. is in December; Cincinnati-K.C. is on New Year’s Eve. But if you had to guess who’s gonna be playing for something in Week 17, I think Bengals-Chiefs is a safe bet.”

Q: Remember those Sunday games at 1 o’clock? What happened to them?

A: Well, first, the Bills got better and became a national television draw with an elite quarterback in Josh Allen.

Second, we are a long way from the days of just one prime-time game a week. The league has many spots to fill and has to make its television partners happy.

The Bills actually go nine consecutive games without a 1 p.m. Sunday start in 2023. They play at New England in Week 7 and then don’t play again at that time until the second meeting with the Patriots on New Year’s Eve in Week 17.

The Bills have five games scheduled for Sundays at 1 p.m., with three coming in the first four weeks of the season.

A: The Bills and Chargers will play the league’s first Peacock exclusive game on Dec. 23, according to SI. However, as is the case, the game will be shown on an over the air network in the home market. WGRZ, being an NBC station, seems to make the most sense. 

Peacock is NBC’s streaming platform, a place to watch the WWE Network, reruns of "The Office" and the entire catalogue of "Law & Order" and its related spinoffs (in case those weren’t on cable enough).  

You can get a subscription for $4.99 a month. Could be a lot of Bills fans who sign up for 30 days and then cancel. 

Q: What does the Monday night opener mean for the start of training camp?

A: Based on the collective bargaining agreement between the NFL and the players association, teams that open the season with a Monday night game can report to training camp 48 days prior to the game. For the Bills, that would mean a report date of July 25 to St. John Fisher College.

Fri, 12 May 2023 02:57:00 -0500 en text/html

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