No bulky books, just short cut Questions of Salesforce-Certified-Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist exam Salesforce-Certified-Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist Questions and Answers involves a Comprehensive Pool of Salesforce-Certified-Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist Issues and Answers having PDF Download validated and approved along with personal references and explanations. Each of our objectives to train the Salesforce-Certified-Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist Questions and even Answers is not merely to pass typically the Salesforce-Certified-Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist test at typically the first attempt although Really Improve Your current Knowledge about typically the Salesforce-Certified-Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist test subjects.

Salesforce-Certified-Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist Certified Marketing Cloud Email Specialist history |

Salesforce-Certified-Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist history - Certified Marketing Cloud Email Specialist Updated: 2023 Salesforce-Certified-Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist Brain Dumps with Real Questions
Exam Code: Salesforce-Certified-Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist Certified Marketing Cloud Email Specialist history November 2023 by team

Salesforce-Certified-Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist Certified Marketing Cloud Email Specialist

Content: 60 multiple-choice/multiple-select questions

Time allotted to complete the exam: 90 minutes

Passing score: 65%

Registration fee: USD 200, plus applicable taxes as required per local law

Retake fee: USD 100, plus applicable taxes as required per local law

Delivery options: Proctored exam delivered onsite at a testing center or in an online proctored environment. Click here for information on scheduling an exam.

References: No hard-copy or online materials may be referenced during the exam.

Prerequisite: None required; Email Essentials (EEB101) course attendance is highly recommended (Content Builder is covered in this course).

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Specialist exam measures a candidate’s knowledge and skills related to the following objectives. A candidate should have hands-on experience with the Marketing Cloud Email application and demonstrate the knowledge and use of each of the features/functions below.

Email Marketing Best Practices: 15%

Given a customer scenario, evaluate the elements and techniques of email marketing to design an effective email campaign.

Given a customer scenario, recognize situations where legal compliance may be an issue during an email campaign.

Given a customer scenario, differentiate elements of an email that can impact message deliverability.

Given a customer scenario, demonstrate appropriate and effective subscriber acquisition methodologies.

Given a customer scenario, apply best practices of communicating with a population.

Email Message Design: 13%

Given a customer scenario, recommend email design best practices to implement.

Given the desired output functionality, recommend methods for creating responsive emails.

Given the desired output requirements, recommend strategies to A/B test email elements.

Given a desired sending process, recommend Marketing Cloud tools to use when preparing an email for send.

Given an email message design, determine the correct use of Approvals.

Content Creation and Delivery: 18%

Given a scenario, create and customize an email message to meet a customer's need.

Given a scenario, send and deploy an email campaign to meet the customer requirement.

Given a scenario, know how to manage content needed to deploy a customer’s email campaign.

Describe various send capabilities in the Email application.

Marketing Automation: 19%

Given a customer scenario, recommend the appropriate marketing automation solution.

Given a scenario to manage customer data, configure the appropriate marketing automation tools.

Subscriber and Data Management: 28%

Given the desired output requirements, set up Subscriber Lists and Data Extensions in the Marketing Cloud.

Given a customer's business requirements, determine how to import data into Marketing Cloud as per best practices.

Given a customer's business requirements, configure segmentation tools to accurately model subscribers and data.

Given a customer scenario, recommend the marketing unsubscribe subscription management solution that meets the requirement based on customer frequency, permission, and preferences.

Tracking and Reporting: 7%

Given a customer scenario, explain the different metrics available for email campaigns and what each one means.

Given an email campaign, describe the steps involved to analyze the performance results.

Given a need to run reports, configure and run Marketing Cloud ad hoc and automated reports.
Certified Marketing Cloud Email Specialist
Salesforce Specialist history

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Salesforce-CDP Salesforce Customer Data Platform (CDP) offers valid and updated Salesforce-Certified-Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist practice test with actual exam Questions and braindumps for new syllabus of Salesforce-Certified-Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist Salesforce-Certified-Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist Exam. Just Practice our Salesforce-Certified-Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist braindump questions to Improve your know-how and pass your Salesforce-Certified-Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist exam with High Marks. We make sure your to Improve your knowledge about the syllabus of Salesforce-Certified-Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist exam and build your confidence of the Salesforce-Certified-Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist exam. Pass 4 sure with our Salesforce-Certified-Marketing-Cloud-Email-Specialist dumps.
Certified Marketing Cloud Email Specialist
Question: 90
Northern Trail Outfitters has a Master Customer shared data extension. The company wants to make the table available
to some of the business units, but not all of them.
How can access to the Master Customer table be restricted?
A. Shared Data Extension Permissions
B. Date/Time Range for Access
C. Data Extension Sharing Rules
D. Manage Data Extension Policies
Answer: A
Question: 91
Which tactic will Improve deliverability for a new sender?
A. Send email during the holiday season when new senders are less likely to be detected
B. Send email to a minimum of 35,000 subscribers per ISP per day
C. Send email to ISPs that have been notified of the new sender
D. Send email to the most active and engaged customers
Answer: D
Question: 92
A marketer wants website visitors to have the option to subscribe to specific publications and make updates to their
Which tool would the marketer use in this scenario?
A. Subscriber Group
B. Send Log
C. Data Filter
D. Web Collect
Answer: D
Question: 93
A marketer for Northern Trail Outfitters needs to see test emails for each subscriber in a data extension.
What should the marketer do to ensure the data extension appears as a Recipient Test Data Extension in the Test Send
A. Save the data extension in the Test Folder.
B. Create the data extension as Is Testable.
C. Associate the data extension to the Campaign.
Answer: B
Question: 94
A marketer sent an email to a group of subscribers with an invalid link.
What step could the marketer take to correct the link after the email has been sent?
A. Change the URL Expiration in Email Administration
B. Update the link using AMPscript
C. Resend the email with the correct link
D. Change the link in Job Links under Tracking
Answer: D
Question: 95
How are the test audiences for an A/B test selected? (Choose 2)
A. The test administrator chooses which subscribers to place in each audience
B. The system automatically uses 15% of the population for each audience
C. The system randomly places target subscribers into the selected audiences
D. The test administrator selects a percentage or a fixed number of target subscribers from the total for each audience
Answer: C,D
Question: 96
Northern Trail Outfitters receive nightly files from its data warehouse to maintain opt-out compliance across multiple
marketing platform these files contain only the previous days opt-out updates. If a run fails, it must be manually rerun
to maintain compliance.
How should the notification be received if the data import is unsuccessful?
A. Automation Notification Settings
B. Import Activity Notification Settings
C. Configured Alert Manger Settings
Answer: C
Question: 97
A customer wants to automate nightly imports and also have the ability to manually import files via the Import
What needs to be configured in the Marketing Cloud account?
A. File Transfer
B. Data Loader
C. Enhanced SFTP
D. Encrypted SFTP
Answer: C
Question: 98
Identify the best practices for interacting with potential and active subscribers. (Choose 3)
A. Buy email lists
B. Permission is specific to an address even if you know others.
C. Opt-in via SMS in not Opt-in via email (And vice versa)
D. Opt-ins are brand specific, dont share with other brands.
E. In store loyalty programs
Answer: B,C,D
Question: 99
Which combination of audiences can be selected in the recipient section for a specific Send?
A. Lists and Audiences
B. Contacts or Audiences
C. Lists or Data Extensions
D. Lists and Data Extensions
Answer: C
Question: 100
Following a batch email send. Northern Trail Outfitters wants to update an email links URL.
Which action should be recommended?
A. Navigate to the email in Content Builder and update the URL.
B. Navigate to the Job Links tab In My Tracking and update the URL.
C. Navigate to URL Expiration in Setup and update the URL.
Answer: B
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Salesforce Specialist history - BingNews Search results Salesforce Specialist history - BingNews Experience San Francisco's six-best architectural gems

Renowned architect Mark Cavagnero shares his picks for the city's greatest design landmarks – and how travellers can best experience them.


San Francisco has always been synonymous with creativity. From the Beat movement of the 1950s to the boho period that birthed hippie culture in the 1960s, this hilly city situated at the tip of a peninsula along the Northern California coast is nothing if not progressive – and that creative spirit extends to its rich architectural heritage. 

Beyond the iconic beams of the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco offers a treasure trove of eclectic architectural styles that reveal the city's many transformations from a far-flung frontier town to a cosmopolitan hub. In leafy neighbourhoods, Victorian rowhouses made from local redwood timber provide way to Art Deco buildings epitomising 1920s opulence in San Francisco's downtown core. In exact decades, the city has also provided a canvas for the kind of cutting-edge design ushered in by the Silicon Valley boom.

"San Francisco is a different kind of city," said Mark Cavagenero, a renowned San Francisco architect who has designed a variety of cultural, commercial and civic projects around the city. "It's always been something of a dreamer's city – a visionary's city – and the buildings that I like are the ones that have these aspirations latent in them." 

Here, he shares with us his favourite architecture gems across San Francisco, and the best ways for you to experience them.

The Palace Hotel's glass skylight is a stop-in-your-tracks stunner (Credit: Stefano Politi Markovina/Alamy)

The Palace Hotel's glass skylight is a stop-in-your-tracks stunner (Credit: Stefano Politi Markovina/Alamy)

1. Best for 1920s opulence: The Palace Hotel (Downtown)

"I enjoy visiting older buildings like [The Palace Hotel] as much as San Francisco's newer buildings, because they're just really beautifully put together," said Cavagnero. "We've always been a really proud and sophisticated city, and so they're really well-maintained." 

Take the Palace Hotel, a landmark property just off of downtown's Market Street that first opened in 1875, and then was rebuilt following San Francisco's 1906 earthquake and subsequent fire. Today, the hotel has been restored to its opulent 1920s splendour. 

"Go into its Garden Court," Cavagnero suggested, "and enjoy lunch or a cocktail beneath its glass skylight," a dome of antique stained-glass panels that are framed in steel. "I especially like being there from late afternoon into the early evening, when you can watch the light of the sky as it changes colours above you. Some evenings they also have live music." 

Address: 2 New Montgomery St, San Francisco, CA 94105
Phone: +1 415 512 1111
Instagram: @palacehotelsf

2. Best urban oasis: Salesforce Park (SoMA)

Part of downtown's Salesforce Transit Center and right next to Salesforce Tower, San Francisco's towering new 61-storey-tall Salesforce Park is a natural oasis smack-dab in the middle of an urban centre.

The Specialist

Mark Cavagnero fell in love with the Bay Area while studying architecture at the University of California, Berkeley in the early 1990s. He has since renovated the San Francisco Legion of Honor, the SFJAZZ Center and the Wilsey Center for Opera.

"It's a beautiful, elevated park that's about four blocks long and located 70ft up in the air," Cavagnero said.

While Cavagnero and his team designed the plaza in front of it, architect Peter Walker and his firm, PWP Landscape Architecture, dreamed up the park itself: a 5.4-acre expanse with 600 trees, 16,000 plants and 13 botanically diverse ecosystems. 

"What distinguishes it from many of San Francisco's other parks is that it's almost like it's been carved right into a forest of high-rises," Cavagnero said. "This park is urban, it's downtown, and it's very San Francisco." 

Brimming with redwoods and palm trees, honeybees buzzing around in a lavender patch and a casual trail that encircles its perimeter, the park plays host to movie nights and yoga, boasts a restaurant and cafe, and even has a gondola to connects it with the street level. 

Address: 425 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94105
Phone: + 1 415-597-5000
Instagram: @transitcentersf

Cavagnero especially loves the rotunda of the city's City Hall (Credit: Sean Xu/Alamy)

Cavagnero especially loves the rotunda of the city's City Hall (Credit: Sean Xu/Alamy)

3. Best statement building: San Francisco City Hall (Civic Center)

"I think this building, in particular, displays San Francisco's aspirations of being a great city, and trying to become the New York City of the West," Cavagnero, said of San Francisco City Hall. "It's a very ambitious structure that was really trying to tell the country – if not the world – that San Francisco had arrived." 

Cavagnero says that the Beaux-Arts building's rotunda is especially impressive. "And if you're willing to walk the grand marble staircase, you'll see the corridors lined in oak panelling," he said. This is also where you'll find the mayor's office, as well as the bronze busts of former Mayor George Moscone and former County Supervisor Harvey Milk, a poignant reminder of both their legacies and their assassinations, which occurred together in city hall on 27 November, 1978. 

Every night, city hall's exterior is illuminated by 220 LED lighting fixtures, which are colour-coordinated to coincide with a particular holiday or event, like purple for Women's History Month or orange and black when the San Francisco Giants (a Major League Baseball team) make the playoffs. For the best views, Cavegnero recommends a half-block walk to the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, one of his firm's projects. "It's home to a big performance hall," the 200-seat Barbro Osher Recital Hall on the building's 11th floor, "where they host 100 free concerts a year," he said. The hall's floor-to-ceiling glass walls offer "a magnificent view of the city, and specifically, the city hall dome," he added. 

Address: 1 Dr Carlton B Goodlett Pl, San Francisco, CA 94102
Phone: +1 415 554-4000

The Osher Rainforest inside the California Academy of Sciences is a sight to behold (Credit: Nancy Hoyt Belcher/Alamy)

The Osher Rainforest inside the California Academy of Sciences is a sight to behold (Credit: Nancy Hoyt Belcher/Alamy)

4. Best sustainable structure: California Academy of Sciences (Golden Gate Park) 

Hailed as a masterpiece in sustainable architecture, San Francisco's California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park features natural light, radiant floor heating and a living roof that's populated with native plants to act as a natural insulator. However, "it's the Osher Rainforest that's really spectacular," said Cavagnero. "It's covered by a large glass dome that's tucked within a bigger room with plenty of lighting, and you walk along a ramp," one that's gently inclined and winds among living plants like the Brazilian beauty leaf and West Indian mahogany, stunning orchids and hundreds of free-flying birds and butterflies. Keep an eye out for brightly coloured poison-dart frogs and Amazonian tree boas wrapped around branches as you make your way through this four-storey neotropical rainforest. 

Address: 55 Music Concourse Dr, San Francisco, CA 94118
Phone: +1 415 379 8000
Instagram: @calacademy

The courtyard of the Legion of Honor offers visitors a quiet, contemplative space (Credit: B&Y Photography/Alamy)

The courtyard of the Legion of Honor offers visitors a quiet, contemplative space (Credit: B&Y Photography/Alamy)

5. Best contemplative space: Legion of Honor (Outer Richmond) 

"I really like the museum's courtyard," said Cavagnero, speaking about the entry space to this Beaux-Arts-style fine arts museum housing Claude Monet paintings and Ed Ruscha screen prints. "It's a very stripped-down, contemplative space lined with a colonnade, and here you can just look up and see San Francisco's sky in action. As the fog rolls in, you can almost feel the drama unfold over the abstract stone space, with Rodin's Thinker sculpture kind of brooding about it," in the courtyard's centre. 

A major renovation of the museum between March 1992 and November 1995 was Cavagnero's first large project, and the one that set him on a path of working on museums, theatres and music halls. 

"When we first started, the museum was really rundown and hardly ever visited," said Cavagnero. "But we brought it back to life, restoring the Porcelain Gallery … the Spanish ceiling [a painted and gilded wooden beauty that was once housed in Madrid's Palacio de Altamira] … basically inserting a modern museum into the shell of this 100-year-old space." 

Address: 100 34th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94121
Phone: +1 415 750 3600
Instagram: @legionofhonor

The Frank Lloyd Wright Building's simple brick-wall exterior belies its masterfully rendered interior (Credit: Charles O Cecil/Alamy)

The Frank Lloyd Wright Building's simple brick-wall exterior belies its masterfully rendered interior (Credit: Charles O Cecil/Alamy)

6. Best hidden gem: Frank Lloyd Wright Building (Union Square) 

San Francisco's only building designed by the eponymous visionary American architect, the Frank Lloyd Wright Building now houses ISAIA Napoli, an Italian men's clothing boutique. 

"It's a stunning little gallery with a spiral ramp that predates the iconic one in New York City's Guggenheim," Cavagnero said, though noting that Wright had already designed the latter. "Outside, it's a simple brick wall and a beautifully detailed gate, but once you walk through the arch entrance and into the space you say, 'OK, this is why Frank Lloyd Wright was a master.'" 

Inside is a glass-tunnel atrium with skylight filtered through a domed ceiling of bubbled and circular acrylic, and curved built-in cabinetry throughout.

Address: 155 Maiden Ln, San Francisco, CA 94108

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Mon, 13 Nov 2023 00:22:00 -0600 en text/html
Salesforce reportedly expects to name new Slack CEO 'very soon' No result found, try new keyword!Cloud computing company Salesforce (NYSE:CRM) said on Monday that it expects to name a new leader of its collaboration software Slack "very soon," according to an internal memo. The Marc Benioff-led ... Mon, 06 Nov 2023 04:16:08 -0600 en-us text/html Best Contract Management Software of 2023 No result found, try new keyword!Documents can be complicated, and the best contract management software options make things simple and streamlined. Here are our top picks. Thu, 09 Nov 2023 01:13:00 -0600 Connecting with Black History Through Community and Nature

I n 2009, Rue Mapp started a blog to share her experience participating in outdoor recreation activities as a Black woman in America. That blog grew into Outdoor Afro, a nationwide leadership network helping Black people engage with the outdoors, learn about the Black history of public spaces, and support conservation efforts. spoke with Mapp about the inspiration behind Outdoor Afro, how technology has shaped its growth, and what’s next for the organization.

What inspired you to start Outdoor Afro and grow it from a blog into a leadership network?

I didn’t start with the intention of growing a national network. I started out sharing my experiences with the outdoors through my love of writing. The first post I wrote in 2009 was about a perspective-shifting trip I had taken with a local bike group of people who mostly looked like me.

I was inspired to share the possibility of groups of people who can recreate around a common background and outdoor enthusiasm. People started commenting, suggesting meetups, and asking for recommendations. I connected with people across the country who shared their outdoor dreams of connection. Our participants were hungry for leadership experiences, so we formalized a network to train people to become welcoming outdoor leaders in their own community. Welcoming and hospitality are values that sit at the heart of Outdoor Afro.

What role does unearthing and celebrating Black history play in Outdoor Afro’s mission and work?

It’s a huge part of what we do. Beyond the hike or the challenge of a paddleboard, we connect Black people with the part of them that’s deep in our ancestry that we may have forgotten. We educate participants on the historical significance of public lands, unearthing long-omitted perspectives. It enriches our experiences, giving participants a deeper connection and a sense of belonging.

How have you scaled the organization to encompass more than 100 leaders in 56 cities across the U.S.?

We started with a dozen leaders who responded to the call to join our first Outdoor Afro Leadership Team in 2012. I wanted to reconnect people to nature and share with others all I was learning about how to do it. Nature experiences can vary greatly around the country, from towering redwoods in the west, to the Rockies of Colorado, to the Florida Everglades. I knew that local relevance mattered. There is just no singular Black experience in America.

I also discovered that more people than I imagined wanted to be connected to nature and one another. Social media enabled us to broaden our reach substantially. When we are looking for opportunities in a region that is not currently served with one of our networks, we have volunteers and connections to create that organic growth.

What role has technology played in that growth, while allowing your leadership network to stay meaningfully connected?

Technology has been instrumental in our growth. Something as simple as a hashtag can ignite growth as participants seek out similar communities and experiences. Comments provide critical feedback, help solve barriers to engagement and let us know what we are doing right. The ability to share our experiences across digital mediums has been key to our growth and visibility and also an important way to reach people who may be on the sidelines to see images and stories that they can connect with, and perhaps say, “Hey, I could see myself outside too!” enabled us to unify disparate systems into one, which was critical to streamline our operations. We want to keep participant and donor engagement high; having this information centralized ensures we can be more effective stewards of the relationships that are key to our growth and success.

How is Outdoor Afro “changing the face of conservation” and what does that look like?

We are changing expectations about who cares about policies that protect public lands. Sometimes, when people imagine a conservationist, they don’t readily imagine someone who looks like me or my dad, who cared deeply about wild places.

Through our network of over 50,000 participants in 33 states, we have conducted our own version of civics class, and by educating our leaders, who weave conservation ethics into their events, we’ve been able to spotlight that Black people care about the protection of our environment. We also contribute our perspective to inform policies that impact the connection of Black people to nature and the stewardship of our natural resources.

When you look back on what you have achieved so far with this organization, what brings you the most joy?

The authenticity of the growth. When I founded Outdoor Afro, I didn’t create spreadsheets, conduct market research, or set quarterly goals. I simply wanted to connect people with nature. I didn’t have to force growth; it was led by curiosity and the raising of hands across regions, then the country. It was miraculous. It was obvious there was a need to be fulfilled and the organization has grown from my own vision to that of others who have found their own personal and professional summits. Today, I feel I am an evangelist of creating connection, community, and transformation through nature.

What are your big dreams, hopes, and goals for the future of Outdoor Afro?

I dream that Outdoor Afro continues to grow and be of service to our community for the next 100 years. I hope we can continue to deepen our community engagement while facilitating high-quality experiences. will help eliminate redundancy and automate some essential operations, freeing up our team to lean further into building authentic relationships and focus on what’s most important: folks joyously getting outside and connecting with the healing power of nature. You don’t have to have fancy gear or equipment. Just go and experience nature!

Learn more about how organizations across sectors are taking meaningful climate action on the blog.

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Boost your hiring chances by mastering Salesforce with this $60 online training

TL;DR: Get in on sales and marketing with the 2021 Advanced Salesforce Specialist Mastery Bundle, on sale for 97% off. As of Aug. 11, get it for only $59.99.

Brushing up on your career skills isn't just for technical trades like coding, engineering, or architecture. Anyone can spruce up their résumé and impress their boss by learning to use the latest programs that Improve the way virtually any business runs.

One such program that's in high demand right now is Salesforce, and boasting to your hiring manager that you know the ins and outs of this program will seriously help you stand out in a job interview. 

This 2021 Salesforce Learning Bundle breaks down everything you need to know about the program, even if you've never dabbled in it before. Kick things off by gaining insight into the sales and marketing ecosystem. You'll learn how to manage the functionality and wide range of important features that are available in Salesforce so you can truly establish your credentials. Then you'll move on to understanding the basic Salesforce concepts, so you can build your own apps for your company to use the system to your advantage. This is the ultimate Salesforce app builder certification program that will prepare you for the actual Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder exam.

Finally, the third course in this bundle will help you learn and master the concept of being a Salesforce administrator. You'll learn how to configure Salesforce to collect, analyze, and retrieve vital customer information and create applications using Salesforce Lightning.

Each course in the bundle is taught by Certs-School, which is a pioneer in online education for professionals in an ever-changing industry that constantly requires new skills.

For a limited time, you can get lifetime access to the 2021 Advanced Salesforce Learning Bundle (so you can take all three courses at your own pace) for just $59.99. That's over $2,000 worth of lessons for just a fraction of the price.

Sat, 01 Oct 2022 12:13:00 -0500 en text/html
Salesforce, Inc. (CRM.VI)

Insider Monkey

In this article, we will look at the 15 most advanced countries in engineering. We will also discuss the integration of AI in engineering. If you want to skip our detailed analysis, head straight to the 5 Most Advanced Countries in Engineering. In today’s digital age, we have witnessed several industries being revolutionized by AI […]

Wed, 19 Oct 2022 11:06:00 -0500 en-US text/html Specialist factual: History

Development opportunity for Scottish producers

We are co-funding a development opportunity with BBC Scotland and Screen Scotland for premium history series and or/singles from a production companies with a substantive base in Scotland.

History commissioning

History programmes with two distinct attributes have done particularly well for us recently and it’s worth bearing these styles and forms in mind for any new idea you bring to us. We want to build on the impact and audience reach of these exact successes:

Exclusive unseen or unheard archive

Over 10 million viewers have seen Elizabeth: The Unseen Queen, showing the appeal of uncovering previously unseen archive, in this case shedding new light on an extremely well-known story using home movie footage to provide a fresh perspective inside the Royal Family.

Aids: The Unheard Tapes, a retrospective series from science, also uses previously unseen or unheard archive to deliver penetrating insight. If you find or get privileged access to troves of archive we are actively looking for new ideas in this space with similarly inventive thoughts about how to creatively use that archive to tell the story.

Elizabeth: The Unseen Queen

Revelatory testimony

The huge success of 9/11: Inside the President’s War Room demonstrates the appeal of eye-witness accounts reliving key historical moments through an unfolding present tense narrative structure that allows viewers to feel more actively engaged. By exploring the day through the narrow prism of the US government, with access to an unparalleled and definitive range of interviewees, this film is a source for historians to refer to in decades to come.

Perspectives from the top tables of power will always be of interest, but we are also seeking grass-roots history such as the two-parter Gazza, which unpicks the pressures of life in the media spotlight for one of England’s most controversial and gifted footballers during the 90s, with a new and revelatory understanding of Paul Gascoigne’s perspective emerging through the use of archive and interviews. Insights come from family and friends, and also team-mates and newspaper insiders, with Gascoigne’s personal and emotional story shining a light on the nature of fame and media attention in the 90s.

These testimony-driven series must get ‘inside the room’ to gain a privileged perspective, as exemplified by our three-part series The Elon Musk Show which profiled Musk’s rise to prominence over the course of the last two decades through interviews and testimony from those closest to him, giving a unique, fresh perspective on a character that has made his own headlines. What other precincts or moments in the history of the last century could we revisit with this approach in mind? This could be grass-roots history, testimony from the front-lines, or perspectives from the top tables of power.


Our commissioning needs

Premium returnable history formats remain a cornerstone of our success, with Who Do You Think You Are?, Digging For Britain and A House Through Time.

We’re always interested in the next returnable history hit which can turn into a brand. Ideas must appeal to a broad audience, have a real clarity of proposition to attract viewers on linear and be instantly graspable for iPlayer, with a strong story engine or format so it can keep returning at volume.

We’re also looking to commission programmes in a number of other areas.

It’s always worth thinking about what co-production finance your ideas might attract. This is not simply about adding value, but attracting big ideas that resonate with national and international audiences. They don’t have to come to us with money already attached. There are also opportunities to co-commission series together with BBC teams in the Nations. Are there subjects which will appeal to a local audience that also have the breadth and interest to attract a UK-wide audience as well?

Who Do You Think You Are?

1. Boxset factual

We want factual series that the audience can consume multiple episodes of back to back on iPlayer. As well as iconic subject matter this is about a depth of story-telling detail. Tight character driven narratives, in-depth psychological examinations and new points of view drive successful ideas in this space – and each episode must leave audiences wanting to come back for more. Think about how the story arc unfolds so they feel as though they can be consumed in one sitting on iPlayer.

Rise of the Nazis - which grew to four series of three episodes each - is a perfect example of this type of idea. Additionally, in pre-20th century history, the new series Julius Caesar: The Making of a Dictator tackles the ancient world in a boxset way.

2. Big singles

Ambitious single films can have a huge impact on both iPlayer and the channels, but they have to work hard to gain the traction we need. Ideas for singles must be best-in-class or certain to grab media headlines so they can create word of mouth buzz to draw in audiences. Subjects have to feel big and hit the schedules with as much noise as possible and stand out on the iPlayer homepage. They can’t be lost in the crowd.

We’ve had success with access-driven singles like the award-winning 9/11: Inside the President’s War Room, the rare archive of Elizabeth: The Unseen Queen, or the new discoveries in How the Holocaust Began. These ideas had exactly the kind of impact we are looking for.

9/11: Inside the President's War Room

3. Landmark

We are actively looking for the next evolution in landmark programming. The four part series Union with David Olusoga was a huge critical and ratings success. It examined the history of the whole UK over the last 500 years in a way that felt both timely and fresh, bringing ambition and scale to our national story. We want more ideas that promise this sort of definitive approach to a subject.

Landmark series are often presenter-led, but we also want to explore new ideas that challenge this form or modernise the genre. How can we innovate in the way we cover landmark style series, while tackling history that the whole nation can embrace?

4. New talent

We are also looking to commission single films that break-out the next generation of expert presenting talent. These will need two vital ingredients: standout talent working professionally in the field and a standout idea that will bring in a big audience. To be successful, we need both. These commissions might reveal new journalism, or tackle urgent subjects that only the BBC would cover, or they could mark key anniversaries.

How the Holocaust Began

Creating impact - video brief

Watch Jack Bootle, Head of Specialist Factual Commissioning, discuss how to create impact in ideas for science, history, religion and ethics and natural history.

Creating impact in specialist factual - video brief

Unscripted on iPlayer

Read about how we commission unscripted content in an iPlayer first-world, along with advice and further resources to maximise the impact of your programme on the platform.

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Insider Monkey

In this article, we will look at the 15 most advanced countries in engineering. We will also discuss the integration of AI in engineering. If you want to skip our detailed analysis, head straight to the 5 Most Advanced Countries in Engineering. In today’s digital age, we have witnessed several industries being revolutionized by AI […]

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