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Killexams : SDI Qualification mock - BingNews Search results Killexams : SDI Qualification mock - BingNews Killexams : Steps to Equipment Qualification


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This is an example of a table that would be included in a qualification protocol in a prerequisites test section. An official copy of the protocol is printed and the tester fills in results of the procedure for the test section performed.

Equipment qualification is a necessary and critical step in ensuring that a product or service is provided accurately and consistently with requirements aligned with medical device manufacturing and testing. This is especially critical for the medical device industry because the medical device manufactured by a company is considered a piece of equipment and requires qualification, as much as other equipment and instruments involved in manufacturing. Verifying prerequisites before qualification ensures a safe and smooth qualification process. A prerequisite in an equipment qualification is a documented verification intended to demonstrate that everything is in order prior to initiating the execution of the qualification section.

For medical device companies, using prerequisites translates into less time and money spent on avoidable delays. Because the requirements for a piece of equipment or a device can vary widely from company to company and even between pieces of the same type of equipment, it is important to devise a universal set of prerequisites that will address all potential trouble areas. Device OEMs and device-testing facilities need to understand how prerequisites fit into an equipment qualification, and need to know what should be Checked during prerequisite verifications in an equipment qualification. They should also be able to outline a universal set of prerequisites.

Prerequisites in an Equipment Qualification Protocol

Setting up equipment in a medical device manufacturing facility includes ensuring that the equipment will safely and consistently work as intended. To do this, it is necessary to verify the following actions:

  • That the equipment is installed according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  • That the equipment is operated properly and consistently.
  • That the equipment performs within the requirements determined by the facility.

To cover all of the necessary criteria, equipment qualifications are typically organized by separating the protocol into three sections: installation qualification (IQ), operational qualification (OQ), and performance qualification (PQ).

Because the IQ, OQ, and PQ are performed separately, each should have its own set of prerequisite verifications. Because the equipment requirements at each of the qualification stages are different, the prerequisite requirements at each of the qualification stages should be different as well.

What to Verify during Prerequisite Testing

The general goal of prerequisite testing is to ensure that items that commonly cause execution to be delayed or repeated are in order prior to starting the qualification. Because of variations in equipment and differences in how facilities operate, using the exact same prerequisite verifications may not always be the best approach.

For prerequisites to significantly help streamline the qualification process, they have to be tailored to fit the specifics of both the equipment and the facility. As a whole, it is easy to overlook potentially important prerequisites. Therefore, it is often helpful to separate them into categories and address them one at a time. With a good understanding of the categories, the process of tailoring the verifications to suit a specific piece of equipment at a specific facility will be much smoother. Although it is nearly impossible to cover all prerequisite verifications, some of the most common prerequisite categories are presented and explained in the following paragraphs.

Procedure Prerequisites

Procedure verification includes any procedure that is required for operation or maintenance of the equipment as well as any sampling or testing procedures required to obtain and analyze the protocol samples. Each of these procedures has typical items that need verification, such as the status of the procedure, the title, and the document number. Specifications vary depending on the section of the protocol the verification is being written for (i.e., IQ, OQ, or PQ). For example, during the IQ, it might be acceptable for the procedures to still be in draft form. But by the time the PQ section is going to be executed, the procedures must be approved documents.

Performing procedure verification could be cost-efficient for a company. For example, a medical device facility brought in personnel to perform the time-consuming task of collecting microbial samples for a qualification. When the samples arrived at the laboratory, they realized that the testing procedure for the samples was still in development. None of the samples taken were usable and the entire collection process had to be repeated once the testing procedure was approved. Because of the delays, the launch of the medical device into the market had to be postponed. The expense of the wasted man-hours and supplies and the delay of the launch could have easily been avoided by a procedure verification prerequisite.

Training Verification

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Procedure prerequisite specifications in equipment qualification.

The importance of verifying the training of operators and test personnel is a universal prerequisite throughout the various types of validations and qualifications. For equipment qualification, it's important to verify that the personnel operating the equipment (in addition to the personnel executing the protocol) have the training required to successfully perform the necessary tasks according to the currently acceptable method. Additionally, the personnel executing the protocol should be similarly trained.

Picture executing a performance qualification of an autoclave for which the operator doesn't know how to control the equipment, and the importance of verifying operator training becomes clear. What may not seem as clear is why it is important to verify the training of the qualification test personnel. A medical device manufacturer learned the importance of test personnel training during the qualification of a freezer. The freezer qualification included a 72-hour temperature mapping, which required monitoring and recording the temperature in different quadrants of the freezer at specified time intervals for a three-day period. During an audit, it was discovered that the data were not collected for the full 72 hours. An investigation concluded that the error was due to the fact that the testers who set up the mapping were trained on an earlier revision of the protocol and didn't realize the time interval had changed. For this company, the small amount of time that would have been needed to execute a prerequisite seems well worth it after being set back three or more days because of the need to investigate and repeat the test.

Utilities Verification

Although not actually a part of the equipment, utilities are essential to its operation. Equipment cannot run without electricity, compressed air, gas, water, etc. Utilities that should be Checked include any utility that is required to execute the protocol and has the possibility of not being available or not being available at the required level.

An example of the benefit of performing utility verifications was seen during the qualification of equipment designed to weld the seam of a medical device. For the equipment to produce a successful weld, it was critical that the laser power supply meet very specific electrical requirements. During the qualification, multiple unsuccessful welds were observed. After a lengthy investigation, it was discovered that the problems were caused by a variation in the electricity feeding the laser. Although the problem was identified, the time needed to correct the problem and rerun the test was costly and could have been avoided had the utility qualification of the electrical system been performed prior to starting the testing.

Test Instrument Prerequisites

Instituting test instrument prerequisites is a simple way to eliminate costly delays and misunderstandings. The items that should be tested in this section include any instrument or piece of equipment that is required during the execution of the protocol. Some examples of instruments or equipment that are typically Checked in test instrument verification include voltage meters, particle counters, and scales. Testing and sampling instruments and equipment are often used by many people and often require calibration. Typical items that benefit from prerequisite testing include the availability or location of the instrument or equipment and its calibration status for the expected duration of the qualification execution. Just imagine the headache it would cause, if, when it came time to start a qualification, you realized that your scale was out of calibration or the particle counter you ordered a month ago never arrived. Making arrangements for calibration or tracking down an order often involves time-consuming activities (e.g. getting approvals, contacting customer service representatives, and tedious paperwork). Such tasks are time-consuming in general, so don't add to the burden by waiting to do them until it's too late to resolve the issue without holding up the qualification. Performing prerequisites allows you to address the items before they start causing delays.

An incident during a qualification of an incubator at a contract testing laboratory shows how test instrument verification can make a difference in a timeline. Temperature mapping was included as part of the qualification. After completion of the qualification, it was discovered that some of the data loggers used during the mapping were out of calibration. The calibrations were scheduled and performed, but the mapping had to be repeated once the data loggers were received back from calibration. The hassle of additional scheduling and the delays incurred could have been avoided had the contract testing laboratory performed a test instrument verification that included the data loggers.

Equipment Status Prerequisite

The purpose of equipment status prerequisite testing is to ensure that the equipment being qualified is installed and ready for qualification. As with procedure verification, different requirements or specifications are typically desired for different sections of the qualification. For example, it might be necessary for the equipment to be set up, calibrated, and ready to run during a PQ. However, for the IQ, it's only necessary for the equipment to be installed. Another possible inclusion in equipment status verification is the availability of the equipment for use. Unlike process validation, which cannot begin until a process has been developed, equipment qualification protocols are sometimes written before the equipment is even received. As a result, a protocol can be ready for execution long before the equipment has arrived and been installed.

Recently, the qualification of a building management system at a medical device facility was scheduled to begin, and consultants were hired to execute the protocol. When the consultants arrived at the facility to begin the qualification, they found out that an ancillary electrical panel had not been installed because it was on back order. If the equipment status had been Checked prior to the qualification, the cost and time of the additional on-site visit by the consultants in order to reassemble the team could have been avoided.

Additional Benefits of Prerequisites

Documentation of prerequisites creates a system that actively tracks future problems, not just problems that have already occurred. When combined with the existing methods of identifying trouble areas of the quality system, prerequisites provide a little extra help in meeting the overall goal of preventing problems rather than just reacting to them.

Adding prerequisites to a validation or qualification program also helps OEMs prepare before an audit. By performing these simultaneous “spot checks” or verifications of the quality system, it is possible to generate trends in the quality system. The additional method of locating such holes and inconsistencies helps a company understand the areas to focus efforts prior to an audit instead of after an auditor has found the problems.


Incorporating prerequisites into an equipment qualification ensures that equipment is ready to run consistently and reliably. Moreover, it ensures that the equipment can pass the testing outlined in the protocol with fewer failures, investigations, or retesting. The ability of prerequisites to streamline the execution of a qualification, with the added bonus of the ways that they benefit a quality system, demonstrates the value of incorporating prerequisites into an equipment qualification. Having a clear understanding of the benefits and being able to apply them to your facility can ensure smooth, cost-effective qualification efforts.

Jennifer Medlar is a consultant for Advanced Biomedical Consulting LLC (ABC; St. Petersburg, FL), and Nancy Cafmeyer is a project manager at the company. Contact them at [email protected] and [email protected].

“Current Good Manufacturing Practice for Finished Pharmaceuticals,” Code of Federal Regulations, Part 211, Title 21, Rev. April 2006.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA), “Guideline on General Principles of Process Validation,” Rockville, MD, 1987.

N Cafmeyer and JM Lewis, “Process Validation Prerequisites 101,” Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry, March 2008.

Copyright ©2009 Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry

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Killexams : NFL Mock Draft Wed, 27 Nov 2013 16:51:00 -0600 en-US text/html Killexams : 2023 NFL Mock Draft: Who Will Be the First QB Off the Board? No result found, try new keyword!Here is the first round mock draft of the week with players that could be selected with the first 32 picks. Descriptions are from the player's scouting report. Click their name to read their full ... Mon, 30 Jan 2023 07:13:00 -0600 text/html Killexams : Mock Drafts: For Entertainment Only No result found, try new keyword!Mock drafts are all the rage this time of year, and I'd be the first to admit they are entertaining. However, that's all they are, entertaining because no one outside the walls of the headquarters ... Fri, 17 Feb 2023 02:14:00 -0600 text/html Killexams : 2023 NFL Mock Drafts 1 Will Anderson Jr. EDGE

The Bears moved on from Robert Quinn before the trade deadline, so they'll be in the market for an edge rusher this offseason. Will Anderson Jr. is in the same pre-draft conversations as Chase Young and Nick Bosa when it comes to best non-QB players in a class.

2022 College Stats

12 1
2 Bryce Young QB

Bryce Young might be historically undersized by successful NFL QB standards, but we don't care. He's been that good for Alabama, dragging that team to victory just about every week. And he did it with none of the playmakers that made life so much easier for Tua Tagovailoa and Mac Jones in previous years.

2022 College Stats

12 3328 64.5 32 5
3 Tyree Wilson EDGE

The more you watch of Tyree Wilson, the more you love his game. Not only what he put on tape at Texas Tech, but his upside 2-3 years down the road. He's long, has the frame to add weight if needed, and is a dominant, high-motor pass rusher who can take over games.

2022 College Stats

4 C.J. Stroud QB

Since Andrew Luck's retirement, the Colts have had little success turning to QBs nearing the end of their careers, and it's safe to assume that owner Jim Irsay will be looking for the team's next face of the franchise. C.J. Stroud has flown under the national-media radar all season, but some NFL teams will tell you he'll be in the running for QB1, and his performance in the College Football Playoff semifinal game vs. Georgia showed that he can beat you with his arm and his legs.

2022 College Stats

13 3688 66.3 41 6
5 Jalen Carter DL

Jalen Carter, who was arguably the best defender on a '21 Georgia D that had five first-round picks, would fill a huge void in Seattle, where the defense has struggled getting after the quarterback.

2022 College Stats

6 Myles Murphy DL

Myles Murphy turned 21 in early January, and while we'd like to see him play with more consistency ... he just turned 21 in early January. He has all the physical tools you look for in an elite edge defenders and it's easy to see him in a few years being dominant. And that, in large part, is what makes him such an interesting prospect.

2022 College Stats

7 Will Levis QB

It's hard to imagine that Jarrett Stidham is in the team's long-term plans as a starter. And with Derek Carr set to be somewhere else in 2023 -- and Tom Brady officially-for-now retired, drafting a QB seems to be a high priority. Levis, who definitely looks the part, was plagued by injuries and poor play all fall. That said, NFL teams love how he projects to the next level, but he'll be a controversial talking point in the coming months.

2022 College Stats

11 2406 65.4 19 10
8 Joey Porter Jr. CB

Joey Porter Jr. is the prototypical big, physical cornerback who looks like he belongs in the NFL. He can sometimes get a little too handsy downfield, but he checks many of the boxes of what teams look for when drafting DBs.

2022 College Stats

9 Anthony Richardson QB

Anthony Richardson is one of the most exciting prospects in this class. The problem: he's short on experience, and while his physical tools are rare, the Panthers are in dire need of a starting QB right now. David Tepper could choose to go the free agency route (again), but that has been, shall we say, a crapshoot. At the end of the day, Carolina may have to move inside the top 5 if it wants to get a quarterback with Day 1 starter potential.

2022 College Stats

12 2549 53.8 17 9
10 Jordan Addison WR

Jordan Addison isn't a big target, but he's one of the most dynamic players in the country who can line up anywhere. The only question is whether Addison or Quentin Johnston will be WR1. Two different body types, two different playing styles -- both dominant.

2022 College Stats

11 59 875 14.8 8
11 Paris Johnson Jr. OT

Paris Johnson, who played left tackle for the Buckeyes this season, also has experience on the interior; either way, he is a Day 1 starter.

12 Peter Skoronski OT

Peter Skoronski is solid and consistent, which are two of the best things you can say about an offensive lineman. The biggest issue he'll face during the pre-draft process will be arm length and whether his NFL future is at tackle or guard.

13 O'Cyrus Torrence OL

O'Cyrus Torrence transferred from Louisiana and didn't miss a beat. He was dominant for Florida last fall, he was dominant during Senior Bowl practices, and if history is any guide, he'll be dominant in the NFL, too.

14 Quentin Johnston WR

Quentin Johnston's an above-the-rim playmaker whose athleticism and contested-catch abilities make him in the running for WR1. Mac Jones has a new offensive coordinator and now he gets a new downfield target.

2022 College Stats

13 60 1069 17.8 6
15 Lukas Van Ness EDGE

Lukas Van Ness never started a game at Iowa, but that's not the point. The point is that NFL teams love his size, his athleticism, and where his game could be a couple of years from now. Purdue's George Karlaftis went at the end of Round 1 a year ago, and USC's Drake Jackson went a round later; both players were high-upside prospects who exceeded expectations as rookies. Van Ness is in the same conversation but could be the best of the bunch.

2022 College Stats

16 Devon Witherspoon CB

Devon Witherspoon had a great season for the Illini, and while there will be questions about his slight frame, you wouldn't know it watching him play.

2022 College Stats

11 3
17 Brian Branch S

Brian Branch isn't the first name you hear about when the conversation turns to Alabama's defense, but maybe he should be. He's a sure tackler, can blitz off the edge, and is solid in coverage. And if Nick Saban trusts him, that's all you need to know about his NFL prospects.

2022 College Stats

13 2
18 Deonte Banks DB

Maryland teammate and fellow CB Jakorian Bennett got much of the buzz in the fall, but Deonte Banks put together the type of season that will land you in the top-50 conversation. He's a fluid athlete who is also a big, physical corner who can run with NFL wide receivers.

19 Christian Gonzalez CB

Christian Gonzalez, a Colorado transfer, is a big-time athlete who is still growing into the position. He has the size, strength and speed to line up against NFL wide receivers; he just needs to Strengthen in run support.

2022 College Stats

12 4
20 Jaxon Smith-Njigba WR

Jaxon Smith-Njigba barely saw the field during the 2022 season because of injuries, but he's still one of the top wideouts in the class. And with Geno Smith about to get paid, the Seahawks might as well get him some more weapons.

2022 College Stats

3 5 43 8.6 0
21 Anton Harrison OT

There was some thought that Harrison might return to Oklahoma for an NIL deal that was too good to pass up, but he's instead opted for the NFL. He's one of the top tackles in the class, and now the question is whether he finds his way into Round 1 or goes early on Day 2.

22 Bijan Robinson RB

Bijan Robinson is special, and while he is probably one of the best players in this class, he could still be around late in Round 1 because he's a running back. And while the Ravens and offensive coordinator Greg Roman have parted ways, it's fair to assume that the team will still revolve around Lamar Jackson and the run game. J.K. Dobbins showed flashes after returning from ACL surgery, but there isn't a lot of depth behind him. A backfield of Jackson, Dobbins and Robinson is a problem for the rest of the AFC, even if Baltimore has more pressing needs here.

2022 College Stats

12 258 1580 6.1 18
23 Drew Sanders LB

Drew Sanders is a former five-star who transferred from Alabama after the 2021 season, and all he did was show out for the Razorbacks. He was an edge rusher for the Crimson Tide, but he lined up all over the defense for Arkansas. He's a one-man wrecking crew when he's on the field.

2022 College Stats

12 1
24 Dawand Jones OT

We'll see if Dawand Jones ultimately finds his way into the first round, but it's hard to overlook just how dominant he was in one day of practice at the Senior Bowl. Yes, his footwork needs some fine-tuning, but his huge frame, long arms and enormous wingspan more than make up for what he lacks in quickness. He's block-out-the-sun big, even when standing next to his offensive linemates.

25 Kelee Ringo CB

The Georgia-to-first-round pipeline continues. A year after five Bulldogs went in Round 1, expect a handful this time around, too. Kelee Ringo is a long, physical corner who has matched up against some of the best players in the country.

2022 College Stats

14 2
26 Jalin Hyatt WR

Jalin Hyatt wasn't in the first-round conversation heading into the 2022 season, but he's a great example of a player taking advantage of his opportunities, thanks in large part to Hendon Hooker's Heisman Trophy campaign. Hyatt is a bona-fide deep threat who consistently ran past defensive backs who were helpless to do much about it all season.

2022 College Stats

12 67 1267 18.9 15
27 Michael Mayer TE

Michael Mayer is more Gronk than Kelce, but that's not a bad thing. And in Green Bay, he'll get plenty of chances, whether it's with Aaron Rodgers, Jordan Love, or the QB behind Door No. 3.

2022 College Stats

12 67 809 12.1 9
28 Broderick Jones OT

Broderick Jones had had a strong '22 campaign for the Bulldogs, where he has faced some of the best defensive players in the country every day at practice for the last two years. He's not yet a finished product, but he has the athleticism and strength to be a difference-maker when he puts it all together.

29 Jahmyr Gibbs RB

Jahmyr Gibbs has drawn comparisons to Dalvin Cook and Alvin Kamara as both a runner and a receiver. The Saints have big needs at QB, for sure, but they're not going to find one at this point in the first round. Instead, they double up on Kamara-type talents in the backfield.

2022 College Stats

12 151 926 6.1 7
30 Cam Smith CB

James Bradberry will be a free agent in a few weeks, and while there are very few holes on this defense, there will be depth needs in the secondary. Cam Smith is a first-round talent who can be a Day 1 contributor.

2022 College Stats

11 1
31 Luke Musgrave TE

Luke Musgrave was getting some late-first/early Day-2 buzz down at the Senior Bowl, and while he didn't have a great week, it was certainly easy to see why teams like him. He missed most of '22 with an injury, but he's well built, long, and has the athleticism to consistently separate from both safeties and linebackers. His blocking is a work in progress, but he'll be a contributor in the passing game from Day 1.

2022 College Stats

2 11 169 15.4 1
Mon, 13 Feb 2023 10:00:00 -0600 en text/html
Killexams : Fantasy hockey mock draft 2.0


Mock draft 1.0 | Strategy: rounds 1-4


Fantasy hockey draft cheat sheet

Play Yahoo Fantasy Hockey


NOTES: This is a non-keeper mock draft with standard categories (goals, assists, plus/minus, power-play points, shots on goal, hits for skaters; wins, goals-against average, save percentage, shutouts for goalies). Yahoo Fantasy forward position eligibility for this season is listed below, and potential 2023 unrestricted free agents (*) are noted. Roster size is 20 players: three centers, three left wings, three right wings, four defensemen, two goalies, one utility spot (UTIL) and four bench spots (BN). PJ, AD, NA, DS and JH indicate the manager (Pete Jensen, Anna Dua, Nick Alberga, David Satriano, James Harding) who selected each of the 10 teams (T1-T10) in this mock draft, which was conducted Sept. 11, 2022.


1. Connor McDavid, C, EDM (T1-JH)
2. Leon Draisaitl, C/LW, EDM (T2-PJ)
3. Cale Makar, D, COL (T3-DS)
4. Nathan MacKinnon, C, COL (T4-AD)
5. Auston Matthews, C, TOR (T5-NA)
6. Kirill Kaprizov, LW, MIN (T6-JH)
7. Igor Shesterkin, G, NYR (T7-PJ)
8. Andrei Vasilevskiy, G, TBL (T8-DS)
9. Mikko Rantanen, C/RW, COL (T9-AD)
10. Nikita Kucherov, RW, TBL (T10-NA)


11. Jonathan Huberdeau, LW, CGY (T10-NA)
12. Victor Hedman, D, TBL (T9-AD)
13. Aleksander Barkov, C, FLA (T8-DS)
14. Kyle Connor, LW, WPG (T7-PJ)
15. Matthew Tkachuk, RW, FLA (T6-JH)
16. Mitchell Marner, RW, TOR (T5-NA)
17. Adam Fox, D, NYR (T4-AD)
18. Artemi Panarin, LW, NYR (T3-DS)
19. Alex Ovechkin, LW, WSH (T2-PJ)
20. Roman Josi, D, NSH (T1-JH)


21. Sidney Crosby, C, PIT (T1-JH)
22. Jacob Markstrom, G, CGY (T2-PJ)
23. David Pastrnak, RW, BOS* (T3-DS)
24. Frederik Andersen, G, CAR* (T4-AD)
25. Steven Stamkos, C/LW, TBL (T5-NA)
26. Mika Zibanejad, C, NYR (T6-JH)
27. J.T. Miller, C/LW, VAN (T7-PJ)
28. Brady Tkachuk, LW, OTT (T8-DS)
29. Juuse Saros, G, NSH (T9-AD)
30. Ilya Sorokin, G, NYI (T10-NA)


31. Thatcher Demko, G, VAN (T10-NA)
32. John Carlson, D, WSH (T9-AD)
33. Aaron Ekblad, D, FLA (T8-DS)
34. Patrick Kane, RW, CHI* (T7-PJ)
35. Jack Campbell, G, EDM (T6-JH)
36. Andrei Svechnikov, LW, CAR (T5-NA)
37. Moritz Seider, D, DET (T4-AD)
38. Marc-Andre Fleury, G, MIN (T3-DS)
39. Quinn Hughes, D, VAN (T2-PJ)
40. Jake Oettinger, G, DAL (T1-JH)


41. Sebastian Aho, C, CAR (T1-JH)
42. Timo Meier, LW/RW, SJS (T2-PJ)
43. Gabriel Landeskog, C/LW, COL (T3-DS)**
44. Chris Kreider, LW/RW, NYR (T4-AD)
45. Kris Letang, D, PIT (T5-NA)
46. Jack Eichel, C, VGK (T6-JH)
47. Brent Burns, D, CAR (T7-PJ)
48. Jake Guentzel, LW, PIT (T8-DS)
49. Johnny Gaudreau, LW, CBJ (T9-AD)
50. Jack Hughes, C, NJD (T10-NA)

INJURY UPDATE: Landeskog (lower body) is likely to be out for the start of the season.


51. Alex DeBrincat, LW, OTT (T10-NA)
52. Elias Lindholm, C, CGY (T9-AD)
53. Nikolaj Ehlers, LW/RW, WPG (T8-DS)
54. Evander Kane, LW, EDM (T7-PJ)
55. Morgan Rielly, D, TOR (T6-JH)
56. Connor Hellebuyck, G, WPG (T5-NA)
57. Vladimir Tarasenko, RW, STL* (T4-AD)
58. Tristan Jarry, G, PIT* (T3-DS)
59. Brad Marchand, LW, BOS - INJ. (T2-PJ)
60. Mark Stone, RW, VGK (T1-JH)


61. Sergei Bobrovsky, G, FLA (T1-JH)
62. Jeremy Swayman, G, BOS (T2-PJ)
63. Devon Toews, D, COL (T3-DS)
64. Darcy Kuemper, G, WSH (T4-AD)
65. Elias Pettersson, C/LW, VAN (T5-NA)
66. Jason Robertson, LW, DAL (T6-JH)
67. MacKenzie Weegar, D, CGY (T7-PJ)
68. Joe Pavelski, C/RW, DAL* (T8-DS)
69. Nazem Kadri, C, CGY (T9-AD)
70. Thomas Chabot, D, OTT (T10-NA)


71. Filip Forsberg, LW, NSH (T10-NA)
72. Josh Norris, C, OTT (T9-AD)
73. Kevin Fiala, LW/RW, LAK (T8-DS)
74. Evgeny Kuznetsov, C, WSH (T7-PJ)
75. Sam Reinhart, C/RW, FLA (T6-JH)
76. Alexandar Georgiev, G, COL (T5-NA)
77. Patrik Laine, LW/RW, CBJ (T4-AD)
78. Mark Scheifele, C, WPG (T3-DS)
79. William Nylander, LW/RW, TOR (T2-PJ)
80. Pavel Buchnevich, LW/RW, STL (T1-JH)


81. Tim Stützle, C/LW, OTT (T1-JH)
82. Brayden Point, C, TBL (T2-PJ)
83. Teuvo Teravainen, LW/RW, CAR (T3-DS)
84. Claude Giroux, C/RW, OTT (T4-AD)
85. Dougie Hamilton, D, NJD (T5-NA)
86. Zach Werenski, D, CBJ (T6-JH)
87. Patrice Bergeron, C, BOS* (T7-PJ)
88. Cam Talbot, G, OTT* (T8-DS)
89. Drew Doughty, D, LAK (T9-AD)
90. John Tavares, C, TOR (T10-NA)


91. Anze Kopitar, C, LAK (T10-NA)
92. Drake Batherson, RW, OTT (T9-AD)
93. Darnell Nurse, D, EDM (T8-DS)
94. Evgeni Malkin, C, PIT (T7-PJ)
95. Roope Hintz, C, DAL (T6-JH)
96. Cole Caufield, LW/RW, MTL (T5-NA)
97. Jakub Vrana, LW, DET (T4-AD)
98. Robert Thomas, C, STL (T3-DS)
99. Evan Bouchard, D, EDM (T2-PJ)
100. Spencer Knight, G, FLA (T1-JH)


101. Miro Heiskanen, D, DAL (T1-JH)
102. Rasmus Dahlin, D, BUF (T2-PJ)
103. Matty Beniers, C, SEA; rookie (T3-DS)
104. Noah Dobson, D, NYI (T4-AD)
105. Mathew Barzal, C, NYI (T5-NA)
106. Jonathan Quick, G, LAK* (T6-JH)
107. Mason McTavish, LW, ANA; rookie (T7-PJ)
108. Trevor Zegras, C, ANA (T8-DS)
109. Zach Hyman, LW/RW, EDM (T9-AD)
110. Semyon Varlamov, G, NYI* (T10-NA)


111. Shea Theodore, D, VGK (T10-NA)
112. Elvis Merzlikins, G, CBJ (T9-AD)
113. Jesper Bratt, RW, NJD (T8-DS)
114. Logan Thompson, G, VGK; rookie (T7-PJ)
115. Jordan Kyrou, LW/RW, STL (T6-JH)
116. Blake Wheeler, C/RW, WPG (T5-NA)
117. Dylan Larkin, C, DET* (T4-AD)
118. Bryan Rust, RW, PIT (T3-DS)
119. Charlie McAvoy, D, BOS - INJ. (T2-PJ)
120. Mats Zuccarello, RW, MIN (T1-JH)


121. Alex Pietrangelo, D, VGK (T1-JH)
122. Matt Duchene, RW, NSH (T2-PJ)
123. Jacob Trouba, D, NYR (T3-DS)
124. Brock Boeser, RW, VAN - INJ. (T4-AD)
125. Tony DeAngelo, D, PHI (T5-NA)
126. Torey Krug, D, STL (T6-JH)
127. Jordan Binnington, G, STL (T7-PJ)
128. Owen Power, D, BUF; rookie (T8-DS)
129. Bowen Byram, D, COL (T9-AD)
130. David Perron, RW, DET (T10-NA)


131. Ryan O'Reilly, C, STL* (T10-NA)
132. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, C/LW, EDM (T9-AD)
133. Sam Bennett, C, FLA (T8-DS)
134. Lucas Raymond, RW, DET (T7-PJ)
135. Tyler Toffoli, LW/RW, CGY (T6-JH)
136. Pierre Luc Dubois, C, WPG (T5-NA)
137. Erik Karlsson, D, SJS (T4-AD)
138. Valeri Nichushkin, LW/RW, COL (T3-DS)
139. Tage Thompson, C, BUF (T2-PJ)
140. Matt Boldy, LW/RW, MIN (T1-JH)


141. Brayden Schenn, C/LW, STL (T1-JH)
142. Jonathan Marchessault, LW/RW, VGK (T2-PJ)
143. Juraj Slafkovsky, LW, MTL; rookie (T3-DS)
144. Michael Bunting, LW, TOR* (T4-AD)
145. Tyler Seguin, C/RW, DAL (T5-NA)
146. Rasmus Andersson, D, CGY (T6-JH)
147. Jake Sanderson, D, OTT; rookie (T7-PJ)
148. Pavel Francouz, G, COL (T8-DS)
149. Troy Terry, RW, ANA (T9-AD)
150. John Klingberg, D, ANA* (T10-NA)


151. Tom Wilson, RW, WSH - INJ. (T10-NA)
152. Ville Husso, G, DET (T9-AD)
153. Mikhail Sergachev, D, TBL (T8-DS)
154. Vasily Podkolzin, LW/RW, VAN (T7-PJ)
155. Bo Horvat, C, VAN* (T6-JH)
156. Taylor Hall, LW, BOS (T5-NA)
157. Tomas Hertl, C, SJS (T4-AD)
158. Hampus Lindholm, D, BOS (T3-DS)
159. Vincent Trocheck, C, NYR (T2-PJ)
160. Jaccob Slavin, D, CAR (T1-JH)


161. Carter Verhaeghe, LW, FLA (T1-JH)
162. Ilya Samsonov, G, TOR (T2-PJ)
163. Linus Ullmark, G, BOS (T3-DS)
164. John Gibson, G, ANA (T4-AD)
165. Vitek Vanecek, G, NJD (T5-NA)
166. Cal Petersen, G, LAK (T6-JH)
167. Cole Perfetti, C/RW, WPG; rookie (T7-PJ)
168. Adrian Kempe, LW/RW, LAK (T8-DS)
169. Alexis Lafrenière, LW/RW, NYR (T9-AD)
170. Alex Tuch, RW, BUF (T10-NA)


171. Nick Suzuki, C, MTL (T10-NA)
172. Ryan Hartman, C, MIN (T9-AD)
173. Chandler Stephenson, C/RW, VGK (T8-DS)
174. Jakob Chychrun, D, ARI (T7-PJ)
175. Andrew Mangiapane, LW/RW, CGY (T6-JH)
176. Clayton Keller, LW/RW, ARI (T5-NA)
177. Dawson Mercer, C/RW, NJD (T4-AD)
178. Mason Marchment, LW/RW, DAL (T3-DS)
179. Justin Faulk, D, STL (T2-PJ)
180. Boone Jenner, C, CBJ (T1-JH)


181. Oliver Bjorkstrand, RW, SEA (T1-JH)
182. Seth Jarvis, LW/RW, CAR (T2-PJ)
183. Brock Nelson, C, NYI (T3-DS)
184. Gustav Forsling, D, FLA (T4-AD)
185. Calen Addison, D, MIN; rookie (T5-NA)
186. Viktor Arvidsson, LW/RW, LAK - INJ. (T6-JH)
187. Andre Burakovsky, LW/RW, SEA (T7-PJ)
188. Ross Colton, C/LW, TBL (T8-DS)
189. Andrei Kuzmenko, LW, VAN (T9-AD)
190. Seth Jones, D, CHI (T10-NA)


191. Ondrej Palat, LW, NJD (T10-NA)
192. Shane Wright, C, SEA; rookie (T9-AD)
193. Sean Durzi, D, LAK (T8-DS)
194. Simon Edvinsson, D, DET; rookie (T7-PJ)
195. Nico Hischier, C, NJD (T6-JH)
196. Tyler Bertuzzi, LW/RW, DET* (T5-NA)
197. Pavel Zacha, C/LW, BOS (T4-AD)
198. Phil Kessel, RW, VGK* (T3-DS)
199. Alex Newhook, C/LW, COL (T2-PJ)
200. Dylan Strome, C/RW, WSH (T1-JH)

Key injuries: Max Pacioretty, LW, CAR*; Carey Price, G, MTL; Nicklas Backstrom, C, WSH; Anthony Duclair, RW, FLA; Robin Lehner, G, VGK (out for season)




C1: Connor McDavid, C, EDM
C2: Sidney Crosby, C, PIT
C3: Sebastian Aho, C, CAR
LW1: Tim Stützle, C/LW, OTT
LW2: Pavel Buchnevich, LW/RW, STL
LW3: Brayden Schenn, C/LW, STL
RW1: Mark Stone, RW, VGK
RW2: Mats Zuccarello, RW, MIN
RW3: Matt Boldy, LW/RW, MIN
D1: Roman Josi, D, NSH
D2: Miro Heiskanen, D, DAL
D3: Alex Pietrangelo, D, VGK
D4: Jaccob Slavin, D, CAR
G1: Jake Oettinger, G, DAL
G2: Sergei Bobrovsky, G, FLA
UTIL: Carter Verhaeghe, LW, FLA
BN1: Spencer Knight, G, FLA
BN2: Boone Jenner, C, CBJ
BN3: Oliver Bjorkstrand, RW, SEA
BN4: Dylan Strome, C/RW, WSH


C1: Leon Draisaitl, C/LW, EDM
C2: Brayden Point, C, TBL
C3: Tage Thompson, C, BUF
LW1: Alex Ovechkin, LW, WSH
LW2: Brad Marchand, LW, BOS (INJ.)
LW3: Jonathan Marchessault, LW/RW, VGK
RW1: Timo Meier, LW/RW, SJS
RW2: William Nylander, LW/RW, TOR
RW3: Matt Duchene, RW, NSH
D1: Quinn Hughes, D, VAN
D2: Evan Bouchard, D, EDM
D3: Rasmus Dahlin, D, BUF
D4: Charlie McAvoy, D, BOS (INJ.)
G1: Jacob Markstrom, G, CGY
G2: Jeremy Swayman, G, BOS
UTIL: Vincent Trocheck, C, NYR
BN1: Ilya Samsonov, G, TOR
BN2: Justin Faulk, D, STL
BN3: Seth Jarvis, LW/RW, CAR
BN4: Alex Newhook, C/LW, COL


C1: Matty Beniers, C, SEA; rookie
C2: Mark Scheifele, C, WPG
C3: Robert Thomas, C, STL
LW1: Artemi Panarin, LW, NYR
LW2: Gabriel Landeskog, C/LW, COL
LW3: Valeri Nichushkin, LW/RW, COL
RW1: David Pastrnak, RW, BOS*
RW2: Teuvo Teravainen, LW/RW, CAR
RW3: Bryan Rust, RW, PIT
D1: Cale Makar, D, COL
D2: Devon Toews, D, COL
D3: Jacob Trouba, D, NYR
D4: Hampus Lindholm, D, BOS
G1: Marc-Andre Fleury, G, MIN
G2: Tristan Jarry, G, PIT*
UTIL: Juraj Slafkovsky, LW, MTL; rookie
BN1: Mason Marchment, LW/RW, DAL
BN2: Brock Nelson, C, NYI
BN3: Phil Kessel, RW, VGK*
BN4: Linus Ullmark, G, BOS


C1: Nathan MacKinnon, C, COL*
C2: Claude Giroux, C/RW, OTT
C3: Dylan Larkin, C, DET*
LW1: Patrik Laine, LW/RW, CBJ
LW2: Jakub Vrana, LW, DET
LW3: Michael Bunting, LW, TOR*
RW1: Chris Kreider, LW/RW, NYR
RW2: Vladimir Tarasenko, RW, STL*
RW3: Brock Boeser, RW, VAN
D1: Adam Fox, D, NYR
D2: Moritz Seider, D, DET
D3: Noah Dobson, D, NYI
D4: Erik Karlsson, D, SJS
G1: Frederik Andersen, G, CAR*
G2: Darcy Kuemper, G, WSH
UTIL: Tomas Hertl, C, SJS
BN1: John Gibson, G, ANA
BN2: Dawson Mercer, C/RW, NJD
BN3: Gustav Forsling, D, FLA
BN4: Pavel Zacha, C/LW, BOS


C1: Auston Matthews, C, TOR
C2: Mathew Barzal, C, NYI
C3: Pierre Luc Dubois, C, WPG
LW1: Steven Stamkos, C/LW, TBL
LW2: Andrei Svechnikov, LW, CAR
LW3: Elias Pettersson, C/LW, VAN
RW1: Mitchell Marner, RW, TOR
RW2: Cole Caufield, LW/RW, MTL
RW3: Blake Wheeler, C/RW, WPG
D1: Kris Letang, D, PIT
D2: Dougie Hamilton, D, NJD
D3: Tony DeAngelo, D, PHI
D4: Calen Addison, D, MIN; rookie
G1: Connor Hellebuyck, G, WPG
G2: Alexandar Georgiev, G, COL
UTIL: Clayton Keller, LW/RW, ARI
BN1: Tyler Seguin, C/RW, DAL
BN2: Taylor Hall, LW, BOS
BN3: Vitek Vanecek, G, NJD
BN4: Tyler Bertuzzi, LW/RW, DET*


C1: Mika Zibanejad, C, NYR
C2: Jack Eichel, C, VGK
C3: Roope Hintz, C, DAL
LW1: Kirill Kaprizov, LW, MIN
LW2: Jason Robertson, LW, DAL
LW3: Tyler Toffoli, LW/RW, CGY
RW1: Matthew Tkachuk, RW, FLA
RW2: Sam Reinhart, C/RW, FLA
RW3: Jordan Kyrou, LW/RW, STL
D1: Morgan Rielly, D, TOR
D2: Zach Werenski, D, CBJ
D3: Torey Krug, D, STL
D4: Rasmus Andersson, D, CGY
G1: Jack Campbell, G, EDM
G2: Jonathan Quick, G, LAK*
UTIL: Bo Horvat, C, VAN*
BN1: Calvin Petersen, G, LAK
BN2: Andrew Mangiapane, LW/RW, CGY
BN3: Viktor Arvidsson, LW/RW, LAK (INJ.)
BN4: Nico Hischier, C, NJD


C1: J.T. Miller, C/LW, VAN
C2: Evgeny Kuznetsov, C, WSH
C3: Patrice Bergeron, C, BOS*
LW1: Kyle Connor, LW, WPG
LW2: Evander Kane, LW, EDM
LW3: Mason McTavish, LW, ANA; rookie
RW1: Patrick Kane, RW, CHI*
RW2: Lucas Raymond, RW, DET
RW3: Vasily Podkolzin, LW/RW, VAN
D1: Brent Burns, D, CAR
D2: MacKenzie Weegar, D, CGY*
D3: Jake Sanderson, D, OTT; rookie
D4: Jakob Chychrun, D, ARI
G1: Igor Shesterkin, G, NYR
G2: Logan Thompson, G, VGK; rookie
UTIL: Evgeni Malkin, C, PIT
BN1: Jordan Binnington, G, STL
BN2: Cole Perfetti, C/RW, WPG; rookie
BN3: Andre Burakovsky, LW/RW, SEA
BN4: Simon Edvinsson, D, DET; rookie


C1: Aleksander Barkov, C, FLA
C2: Trevor Zegras, C, ANA
C3: Sam Bennett, C, FLA
LW1: Brady Tkachuk, LW, OTT
LW2: Jake Guentzel, LW, PIT
LW3: Kevin Fiala, LW/RW, LAK
RW1: Nikolaj Ehlers, LW/RW, WPG
RW2: Joe Pavelski, C/RW, DAL*
RW3: Jesper Bratt, RW, NJD
D1: Aaron Ekblad, D, FLA
D2: Darnell Nurse, D, EDM
D3: Owen Power, D, BUF; rookie
D4: Mikhail Sergachev, D, TBL
G1: Andrei Vasilevskiy, G, TBL
G2: Cam Talbot, G, OTT*
UTIL: Adrian Kempe, LW/RW, LAK
BN1: Chandler Stephenson, C/RW, VGK
BN2: Ross Colton, C/LW, TBL
BN3: Sean Durzi, D, LAK
BN4: Pavel Francouz, G, COL


C1: Elias Lindholm, C, CGY
C2: Nazem Kadri, C, CGY
C3: Josh Norris, C, OTT
LW1: Johnny Gaudreau, LW, CBJ
LW2: Zach Hyman, LW/RW, EDM
LW3: Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, C/LW, EDM
RW1: Mikko Rantanen, C/RW, COL
RW2: Drake Batherson, RW, OTT
RW3: Troy Terry, RW, ANA
D1: Victor Hedman, D, TBL
D2: John Carlson, D, WSH
D3: Drew Doughty, D, LAK
D4: Bowen Byram, D, COL
G1: Juuse Saros, G, NSH
G2: Elvis Merzlikins, G, CBJ
UTIL: Ryan Hartman, C, MIN
BN1: Ville Husso, G, DET
BN2: Alexis Lafrenière, LW/RW, NYR
BN3: Andrei Kuzmenko, LW, VAN
BN4: Shane Wright, C, SEA; rookie

TEAM 10 (NA)

C1: Jack Hughes, C, NJD
C2: John Tavares, C, TOR
C3: Anze Kopitar, C, LAK
LW1: Jonathan Huberdeau, LW, CGY
LW2: Alex DeBrincat, LW, OTT
LW3: Filip Forsberg, LW, NSH
RW1: Nikita Kucherov, RW, TBL
RW2: David Perron, RW, DET
RW3: Alex Tuch, RW, BUF
D1: Thomas Chabot, D, OTT
D2: Shea Theodore, D, VGK
D3: John Klingberg, D, ANA*
D4: Seth Jones, D, CHI
G1: Ilya Sorokin, G, NYI
G2: Thatcher Demko, G, VAN
UTIL: Nick Suzuki, C, MTL
BN1: Semyon Varlamov, G, NYI*
BN2: Ryan O'Reilly, C, STL*
BN3: Tom Wilson, RW, WSH (INJ.)
BN4: Ondrej Palat, LW, NJD


Listen: NHL Fantasy on Ice podcast 🎧

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Killexams : Mock Draft Roundup 4.0: A Surprising Alternative Emerges

RB Bijan Robinson, Texas


Reed Hoffmann/AP Photos

"This might raise some eyebrows, especially with a handful of Day 1 receivers still on the board, but GM Eric DeCosta could add another outside target to pair with Rashod Bateman and Devin Duvernay via free agency and/or on Day 2. Robinson is my No. 9 prospect, pushed down the board by positional value, and the Ravens lean on the run like few other teams. We've now watched them look to free agents and practice-squaders at running back in back-to-back years, as J.K. Dobbins and Gus Edwards (both entering the final years of their deals) navigated various injuries. With Robinson available, coach John Harbaugh could make a splash.

"Robinson reminds me of Saquon Barkley. He forces missed tackles with ease (FBS-leading 91 in 2022), has burst through rushing lanes and can make plays in the pass game. If Lamar Jackson does indeed end up back in Baltimore, this would form a scary rushing unit for new offensive coordinator Todd Monken."

"Bijan and Lamar Jackson in the same backfield is just too much dynamism to pass up. Do you want to take your run game to unstoppable levels? Because adding the PFF College single-season broken tackle leader will do that."

"Bijan Robinson is special, and while he is probably one of the best players in this class, he could still be around late in Round 1 because he's a running back. And while the Ravens and offensive coordinator Greg Roman have parted ways, it's fair to assume that the team will still revolve around Lamar Jackson and the run game. J.K. Dobbins showed flashes after returning from ACL surgery, but there isn't a lot of depth behind him. A backfield of Jackson, Dobbins and Robinson is a problem for the rest of the AFC, even if Baltimore has more pressing needs here."


Sam Hodde/AP Photos

2022 stats: 13 games, 60 catches, 1,069 yards, 6 touchdowns

"Take a second and call up some highlights of Johnson running deep crossers -- they're awesome. His speed on deeper routes is consistent and would create space for guys like tight end Mark Andrews to operate."

"The Ravens were hoping for a second-year breakout from 2021 first-round pick Rashod Bateman in 2022, but that never materialized due to injury as Lamar Jackson threw to Devin Duvernay and Demarcus Robinson much more than they had originally planned. Selecting an athletic playmaker in TCU's Quentin Johnson would add a vertical threat to the wide receiver room that they lost in 2022 when they traded Marquise Brown to Arizona."

"Baltimore's never-ending quest to find a receiver to pair with Lamar Jackson continues with Johnston. He's not the most fluid athlete nor the most polished route runner, but Johnston is a nightmare on slants underneath and can get over the top of a defense. I think he'd pair well with Lamar."

WR Jordan Addison, USC


Mark J. Terrill/AP Photos

"The Ravens have really struggled offensively when Rashod Bateman has been out of the lineup. They need to find another viable receiver for Lamar Jackson. Jordan Addison has game-breaking speed, and he had an incredible 2021 campaign with 17 touchdowns. He's a major reason why Kenny Pickett was drafted in the first round."

CB Cam Smith, South Carolina


Artie Walker Jr./AP Photos

"With Marcus Peters entering free agency, the Ravens can add Smith to play opposite Marlon Humphrey in a division with tons of talented receivers."

CB Deonte Banks, Maryland


Julio Cortez/AP Photos

2022 stats: 12 games, 38 tackles, 1 interception, 8 passes defended

"Baltimore stays in-state to find its boundary cornerback replacement for Marcus Peters. Banks is lower on my personal board, but I understand why a team looking for boundary help would be interested. Once teams get through that initial wave of blue-chip talent, there is a large pool of players who could be justified in the first round."

CB Christian Gonzalez, Oregon

2022 stats: 12 games, 50 tackles, 4 interceptions, 7 passes defensed


Godofredo A. Vásquez/AP Photos

"The Ravens add youth to their secondary with Gonzalez, whose film was super clean in 2022."

WR Jalin Hyatt, Tennessee

2022 stats: 12 games, 67 catches, 1,267 yards, 15 touchdowns


Wade Payne/AP Photos

"For the third time in five years, the Ravens select a receiver in the first round. After trading Marquise Brown (No. 25 overall, 2019) during Thursday night's festivities last year, Baltimore could be looking for a speedster to play with 2021 first-rounder Rashod Bateman (No. 27). Hyatt possesses the pure speed to stretch defenses vertically."

WR Jaxon Smith-Njigba, Ohio State

_2022 stats: 3 games, 5 catches, 43 yards, 0 touchdowns _


Jay LaPrete/AP Photos

Thu, 16 Feb 2023 05:46:00 -0600 en-US text/html
Killexams : 2023 NFL Draft: First Round Mock Draft First Look 1-31 © Provided by College Football News

2023 NFL Draft: The first 27 picks are set with the last four to be determined after the playoffs are over with three games to go. Here’s our first look mock draft for the entire first round.

Contact/Follow @ColFootballNews | @PeteFiutak

2023 NFL Draft Underclassmen. Early Entrants

QBs | RBs | WRs | TEs | OTs | OG/Cs

Edge | DEs/DTs | LBs | CBs | Safeties

Top 100 2023 NFL Draft Early Entrants

2023 NFL Draft Early Entrants By College

Now that we know what the first 28 picks are in the 2023 NFL Draft – the order of the last four doesn’t matter that much considering the teams involved and their respective needs – here’s our first look what the whole first round might be.

As always, the mock drafts will change many, many times over before this gets going on April 27th. Until it actually happens and Chicago trades away the No. 1 overall pick – if it trades down to a quarterback-starved team – we’re going to play it straight.

The last four – 28 through 31 – are in alphabetical order.

29-31 Cincinnati Bengals

2023 Mock Draft First Call: OT Jaelyn Duncan, Maryland

28-31 Denver Broncos (from San Francisco)

2023 Mock Draft First Call: OT Anton Harrison, Oklahoma

28-31 Kansas City Chiefs

2023 Mock Draft First Call: EDGE Isaiah Foskey, Notre Dame

28-31 Philadelphia Eagles

2023 Mock Draft First Call: EDGE Andre Carter, Army

27 Buffalo Bills

2023 Mock Draft First Call: OG O’Cyrus Torrence, Florida

26 Dallas Cowboys

2023 Mock Draft First Call: WR Kayshon Boutte, LSU

25 New York Giants

2023 Mock Draft First Call: WR Jordan Addison, USC

24 Jacksonville Jaguars

2023 Mock Draft First Call: DE Lukas Van Ness, Iowa

23 Minnesota Vikings

2023 Mock Draft First Call: CB Devon Witherspoon, Illinois

22 Baltimore Ravens

2023 Mock Draft First Call: WR Jaxon Smith-Njigba, Ohio State

21 Los Angeles Chargers

2023 Mock Draft First Call: OT Broderick Jones, Georgia

Miami forfeited the pick that would’ve been the 21

20 Seattle Seahawks

2023 Mock Draft First Call: DT Siaki Ika, Baylor

19 Tampa Bay Buccaneers

2023 Mock Draft First Call: RB Bijan Robinson, Texas

18 Detroit Lions

2023 Mock Draft First Call: S Brian Branch, Alabama

17 Pittsburgh Steelers

2023 Mock Draft First Call: DT Bryan Bresee, Clemson

16 Washington Commanders

2023 Mock Draft First Call: CB Kelee Ringo, Georgia

15 Green Bay Packers

2023 Mock Draft First Call: TE Michael Mayer, Notre Dame

14 New England Patriots

2023 Mock Draft First Call: CB Cam Smith, South Carolina

13 New York Jets

2023 Mock Draft First Call: OT Paris Johnson, Ohio State

12 Houston Texans (from Cleveland)

2023 Mock Draft First Call: WR Quentin Johnston, TCU

11 Tennessee Titans

2023 Mock Draft First Call: OT Peter Skoronski, Northwestern

10 Philadelphia Eagles (from New Orleans)

2023 Mock Draft First Call: CB Christian Gonzalez, Oregon

9 Carolina Panthers

2023 Mock Draft First Call: QB Anthony Richardson, Florida

8 Atlanta Falcons

2023 Mock Draft First Call: EDGE Tyree Wilson, Texas Tech

7 Las Vegas Raiders

2023 Mock Draft First Call: QB CJ Stroud, Ohio State

6 Detroit Lions (from Los Angeles Rams)

2023 Mock Draft First Call: CB Joey Porter Jr., Penn State

5 Seattle Seahawks (from Denver)

2023 Mock Draft First Call: EDGE Myles Murphy, Clemson

4 Indianapolis Colts

2023 Mock Draft First Call: QB Will Levis, Kentucky

3 Arizona Cardinals

2023 Mock Draft First Call: EDGE Will Anderson, Alabama

2 Houston Texans

2023 Mock Draft First Call: QB Bryce Young, Alabama

1 Chicago Bears

2023 Mock Draft First Call: DT Jalen Carter, Georgia

2023 NFL Draft Underclassmen. Early Entrants

QBs | RBs | WRs | TEs | OTs | OG/Cs

Edge | DEs/DTs | LBs | CBs | Safeties

Top 100 2023 NFL Draft Early Entrants

2023 NFL Draft Early Entrants By College


2023 College Football Rankings 1 To 133: Offseason First Look

College Football Transfer Portal 2023: Every Team's Top Transfer You Should Know

Coaches Poll College Basketball Rankings Final Top 25: 2010 to 2019

Coaches Poll College Basketball Rankings: Greatest Programs Of All-Time

Coaches Poll College Basketball Rankings Final Top 25: 2020 to 2022

Fri, 27 Jan 2023 18:34:00 -0600 en-US text/html
Killexams : Fantasy Baseball Mock Draft 1.0: Who goes in the first round?

The Yahoo fantasy baseball analystsAndy Behrens, Scott Pianowski and Dalton Del Don — took part in a first-round mock draft. Each analyst gets four picks in the first (to represent a 12-team league). But don't worry, this is just the first iteration of this mock — Rounds 2 and 3 are coming soon.

[Batter up: Join or create a Yahoo Fantasy Baseball league for free today]

Now, on to the picks:

He's hit .311 over the past four seasons with elite speed, power and run production — a perfect fantasy profile. — Behrens

Acuña Jr. already has a near-40/40 season to his credit, and he just turned 25. — Behrens

Ramirez is now firmly established as a player who will finish among the category leaders in four of the five standard fantasy stats. — Behrens

It should go without saying that a guy coming off a 62-homer season is a decent choice pretty much anywhere in the first round. — Behrens

The reigning AL MVP is a clear first-round fantasy pick in 2023. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

The super soph brings category juice, unknown upside, and fun. The Mariners have built a solid lineup around Rodriguez, too — Pianowski

We still haven't seen his best season; Tucker's upside is AL MVP. One of the rare players capable of grabbing all five categories. — Pianowski

I know upside is the fun word, but floor matters, too. When has Mookie Betts ever let you down? He's the favorite to lead the league in runs scored for the fourth time. — Pianowski

Round 1, Pick 8: Yordan Alvarez, OF, Houston Astros

He's not a runner, but the rest of the Alvarez Statcast page is gloriously pinned to the right. As silly as Alvarez's stats were last year, he was actually unlucky with his batted-ball fortune. If that luck balances out, he can break the game. — Pianowski

[2023 Fantasy Baseball Rankings: C | 1B | 2B | 3B | SS | OF | SP | RP]

Still just 23 years old, Vlad is the favorite to lead MLB in batting average and will benefit from Toronto's new park dimensions. — Del Don

There's concern he'll stop running, and he's UTIL only, but Ohtani's bat is good enough to go here regardless. — Del Don

Round 1, Pick 11: Bo Bichette, SS, Toronto Blue Jays

Still just 24 years old, Bichette has said he wants to run more in 2023, and he'll also get a big boost from Toronto moving in its fences. — Del Don

Round 1, Pick 12: Gerrit Cole, SP, New York Yankees

He was incredibly unlucky last year for multiple reasons and should bounce back as fantasy's top pitcher in 2023. — Del Don

Stay tuned for the next iterations of our Expert Fantasy Baseball Mock Draft for 2023!

Thu, 16 Feb 2023 15:22:00 -0600 en-US text/html
Killexams : Could The Market Be Wrong About SDI Group plc (LON:SDI) Given Its Attractive Financial Prospects?

It is hard to get excited after looking at SDI Group's (LON:SDI) accurate performance, when its stock has declined 15% over the past three months. However, a closer look at its sound financials might cause you to think again. Given that fundamentals usually drive long-term market outcomes, the company is worth looking at. Specifically, we decided to study SDI Group's ROE in this article.

Return on Equity or ROE is a test of how effectively a company is growing its value and managing investors’ money. In short, ROE shows the profit each dollar generates with respect to its shareholder investments.

View our latest analysis for SDI Group

How Do You Calculate Return On Equity?

ROE can be calculated by using the formula:

Return on Equity = Net Profit (from continuing operations) ÷ Shareholders' Equity

So, based on the above formula, the ROE for SDI Group is:

20% = UK£8.2m ÷ UK£41m (Based on the trailing twelve months to October 2022).

The 'return' is the amount earned after tax over the last twelve months. So, this means that for every £1 of its shareholder's investments, the company generates a profit of £0.20.

Why Is ROE Important For Earnings Growth?

So far, we've learned that ROE is a measure of a company's profitability. We now need to evaluate how much profit the company reinvests or "retains" for future growth which then gives us an idea about the growth potential of the company. Generally speaking, other things being equal, firms with a high return on equity and profit retention, have a higher growth rate than firms that don’t share these attributes.

SDI Group's Earnings Growth And 20% ROE

At first glance, SDI Group seems to have a decent ROE. On comparing with the average industry ROE of 11% the company's ROE looks pretty remarkable. This certainly adds some context to SDI Group's exceptional 39% net income growth seen over the past five years. We believe that there might also be other aspects that are positively influencing the company's earnings growth. For instance, the company has a low payout ratio or is being managed efficiently.

Next, on comparing with the industry net income growth, we found that the growth figure reported by SDI Group compares quite favourably to the industry average, which shows a decline of 1.6% in the same period.


The basis for attaching value to a company is, to a great extent, tied to its earnings growth. It’s important for an investor to know whether the market has priced in the company's expected earnings growth (or decline). By doing so, they will have an idea if the stock is headed into clear blue waters or if swampy waters await. Is SDI fairly valued? This infographic on the company's intrinsic value has everything you need to know.

Is SDI Group Making Efficient Use Of Its Profits?

Given that SDI Group doesn't pay any dividend to its shareholders, we infer that the company has been reinvesting all of its profits to grow its business.


Overall, we are quite pleased with SDI Group's performance. Particularly, we like that the company is reinvesting heavily into its business, and at a high rate of return. Unsurprisingly, this has led to an impressive earnings growth. Having said that, on studying current analyst estimates, we were concerned to see that while the company has grown its earnings in the past, analysts expect its earnings to shrink in the future. To know more about the company's future earnings growth forecasts take a look at this free report on analyst forecasts for the company to find out more.

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