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S10-300 SNIA Architect - Assessment, Planning and Design

Exam Detail:
The S10-300 SNIA Architect - Assessment, Planning and Design test is a certification test offered by the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA). This test is designed for professionals in the storage networking field who are involved in the assessment, planning, and design of storage architectures. Here is a detailed overview of the exam, including the number of questions and time, course outline, test objectives, and test syllabus.

Number of Questions and Time:
The exact number of questions in the S10-300 test may vary, but it typically consists of around 60 to 80 multiple-choice questions. The duration of the test is usually 90 minutes, allowing candidates sufficient time to answer the questions.

Course Outline:
The S10-300 certification course covers various syllabus related to storage architecture assessment, planning, and design. The course outline may include the following components:

1. Storage Assessment:
- Understanding business requirements
- Collecting and analyzing storage-related data
- Assessing existing storage infrastructure
- Identifying areas for improvement

2. Storage Planning:
- Identifying storage objectives and goals
- Determining storage requirements
- Selecting appropriate storage technologies
- Designing storage solutions

3. Storage Design:
- Storage network design principles
- RAID levels and data protection mechanisms
- Storage virtualization concepts
- Backup and recovery strategies

4. Storage Performance and Capacity Planning:
- Performance monitoring and analysis
- Capacity planning and management
- Storage tiering and caching
- Troubleshooting performance issues

5. Storage Security and Compliance:
- Data security principles and best practices
- Encryption and access control mechanisms
- Compliance requirements and considerations
- Disaster recovery and business continuity planning

Exam Objectives:
The objectives of the S10-300 test are to assess the candidate's knowledge and understanding in the following areas:

- Storage assessment methodologies and tools
- Storage planning and design principles
- Storage performance and capacity planning techniques
- Storage security and compliance considerations
- Disaster recovery and business continuity planning

Exam Syllabus:
The S10-300 test syllabus covers the following topics:

1. Storage Assessment
2. Storage Planning
3. Storage Design
4. Storage Performance and Capacity Planning
5. Storage Security and Compliance

Candidates are expected to have a comprehensive understanding of these syllabus and their practical application in storage architecture assessment, planning, and design. The test assesses their ability to analyze storage requirements, design storage solutions, plan for performance and capacity, ensure data security and compliance, and develop disaster recovery strategies.
SNIA Architect - Assessment, Planning and Design
Snia Assessment, mock

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S10-300 SNIA Architect - Assessment, Planning and Design
S10-110 SNIA Certified Storage Professional (SCSP)

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SNIA Architect - Assessment, Planning and Design
Question: 91
An array is behaving erratically. Upon working and troubleshooting with the vendor
representative, you are told that the only way to clear the problem is to reboot the unit. The
vendor states they have seen this behavior previously and feels it will return the unit to a fully
operational status. Which three actions should you perform? (Choose three.)
A. Retrieve any logs or dumps that exist on the array prior to reboot.
B. Reboot the unit as soon as possible to lessen the risk of corruption.
C. Identify the actions to commit if a reboot does not fix the problem before you reboot the
D. If this is a known issue, request documentation outlining the symptoms, as well as the
cause, if known.
A, C, D
Question: 92
A company needs to create a tape backup strategy for a file system. On average the file system
will be 60% full. Array based virtualization will be used to create the snapshot, which will
only be used for the tape backup. Write activity on the production volume will be minimal
during the backup process. Which will provide the least impact to the production application?
A. COW snapshot mounted to a tutor/mount server
B. COW snapshot mounted to the application server
C. split mirror snapshot mounted to a tutor/mount server
D. split mirror snapshot mounted to the application server
Question: 93
What are three key advantages of deploying a director-based solution over a mesh of switches?
(Choose three.)
A. lower cost
B. consistent latency
C. improved availability
D. increased hop count
E. ease of management
B, C, E
Question: 94
30 http://www.certarea.com
What information must be gathered during the testing phase BEFORE allowing live customer
data on the storage infrastructure? (Choose two.)
A. time to failover, both without and with simulated load
B. single points of failure in the infrastructure as well as topology mapping
C. hardware and software vendor escalation process including phone-home and/or ticket
D. powerup order; how long from power application to functionality per component,
including dependencies.
A, D
Question: 95
You notice, from continually monitoring a SAN array, that an array has a number of soft SCSI
bus errors. You trace the errors back to a single drive using a vendor's event tool. Which two
would correct this? (Choose two.)
A. You should pull the drive out immediately and replace it to prevent data corruption on the
RAID set.
B. Soft SCSI bus errors can be safely ignored as they do not actually denote any service
C. You should research the error to determine the impact and proper response including the
vendor in these discussions.
D. Review the logs from the array to identify if there is a pattern of large numbers of these
SCSI errors. A large number of these SCSI bus errors may denote a predictive failure.
C, D
Question: 96
A client has four servers they want to attach to a storage array containing 16 ports. Which
topology is the most cost effective for this situation?
A. star
B. mesh
C. point-to-point
D. switched Fabric
Question: 97
The customer currently has 50 servers and 20 direct-attached storage arrays and wants to
consolidate their data on a SAN. They want to be able to rapidly add storage and servers with
31 http://www.certarea.com
minimal impact to data availability. Which topology is most appropriate?
A. star
B. mesh
C. core-edge
D. round-robin
Question: 98
A company is utilizing ITIL to create a high availability environment. Maintainability of the
IT infrastructure consists of which three stages? (Choose three.)
A. cost of failures
B. detection of failures
C. anticipation of failures
D. restoration of the data and IT service
E. effect of failures on Service Level Agreements
B, C, D
Question: 99
You are preparing a detailed design, applying ILM principles. Which two processes are
performed during the detailed design phase? (Choose two.)
A. Develop an idealized environment.
B. Prepare work-task breakdown structure.
C. Define internal storage parameters used in the implementation.
D. Document current and proposed infrastructure, demonstrating change in capabilities.
B, C
Question: 100
A four switch Fabric with 8 ports per switch using a full-mesh connectivity approach will have
20 ports available for Fabric attached devices. How many ports will be available using the full
mesh approach when increasing the number of switches from four to six?
A. 12
B. 18
C. 20
D. 24
32 http://www.certarea.com
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Snia Assessment, mock - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/S10-300 Search results Snia Assessment, mock - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/S10-300 https://killexams.com/exam_list/Snia Mental Health Assessment

15-20 minutes

Are you thinking about seeking the help of a therapist? If certain issues have been causing problems in your life and you aren't sure how to make the necessary changes, therapy can help. With the help of a professional, you can get out of an unhealthy cognitive, emotional, and behavioral pattern.

Fill out the following questionnaire truthfully, paying special attention to the specified time period to which the questions refer. The results will only be helpful if you answer in an honest and complete manner.

This test is intended for informational and entertainment purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional diagnosis or for the treatment of any health condition. If you would like to seek the advice of a licensed mental health professional you can search Psychology Today's directory here.

Sat, 04 Nov 2023 14:53:00 -0500 en-US text/html https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/tests/health/mental-health-assessment
Culture Self-Assessment Practice

Boards are "responsible for due diligence and the promotion of an organizational culture that encourages ethical conduct..."

— 2013 Federal U.S. Sentencing Guidelines

The following materials help organizations understand how to do culture assessment for ethics. 

In order, the tabs offer: a description of how to do an assessment, a definition of healthy culture with recommended action steps, a case study of assessment at Seagate, samples of questions for the process, an interview with lead independent director at Seagate about their experience, a slide deck that can be used to share information about culture assessment’s history and process with colleagues, a set of articles about culture (both practical and academic), and a framework for ethical decision making.

Mon, 13 Nov 2023 22:53:00 -0600 en text/html https://www.scu.edu/ethics/culture-assessment-practice/
Best Storage Certifications

There’s no question that skills and knowledge related to various networked forms of storage – such as storage area networks (SANs), network-attached storage (NAS), virtualized storage, and even storage as a service (STaaS) – are in high demand. Also, IT professionals interested in data center or network-backbone-related positions are likely to need strong storage chops.

Average salaries for storage engineers are consistent (and lucrative) across several job-related websites. For example, SimplyHired reports the average nationwide salary is a little over $107,600 in a range starting at $74,085 and climbing just over $156,000. Potential earnings reported by Glassdoor are higher: The national average salary is just over $165,800, with the low end of the range at about $110,000 and the high end close to $182,000.

In some ways, the state of storage certification perfectly mirrors in a single subject area (or perhaps a closely clustered collection of related subjects) what occurs across the full spectrum of information technology. Some vendor-neutral storage certifications are available, particularly those from the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) and Arcitura. Also, there are numerous vendor-specific storage credentials available from providers of storage systems and solutions, including Cisco, Dell EMC, Hitachi Data Systems (HDS), HPE, NetApp and Sun/Oracle, among others.

Like other IT certifications, vendor-neutral credentials recognize broad competency in design, implementation and management, while vendor-specific programs tend to match up with technologies active IT professionals interact within the workplace (or that they’d like to interact with for prospective employers).

How is a storage-minded IT professional supposed to pick a winner here? Name recognition is one factor. Big name and big company certifications tend to attract higher numbers of certified individuals, lending more credibility to such certifications.

Popularity with employers is another consideration when selecting a certification. In our informal survey, we searched several online job sites on a given day for specific storage certifications. Note that the Cisco CCNP swamps the other certifications because its coverage goes well beyond storage. (The CCNP Data Center specialization involves storage to some degree, but it does not focus only on storage.)

Job Board Search Results (in alphabetical order, by certification)

Certification SimplyHired Indeed LinkedIn Linkup.com Total
CCIE Data Center (Cisco) 366 516 345 364 1,591
CCNP Data Center (Cisco) 596 792 390 448 2,226
HDS Storage Administration (Hitachi) 205 256 104 110 675
NCDA (NetApp) 515 656 226 322 1,719
SNIA certifications 30 44 48 16 138

Based on name recognition and job board surveys, our picks for 2019 lie with Cisco, HDS, NetApp and SNIA. One item noticeably absent from the leader board this year is the Brocade storage program. This gap in the lineup isn’t for lack of popularity. In fact, quite the opposite is true as the job board search yielded over 3,000 employers seeking candidates with Brocade experience and certs. Unfortunately for certification seekers, after Brocade was acquired by Broadcom, its exams, accreditations, certifications, and instructor-led training are no longer available. However, many free web-based courses remain that cover Fibre Channel Storage Area Networking products for professionals seeking to expand their Brocade knowledge and skills.

The following sections explore each of the preceding certifications and/or programs.

CCIE Data Center: Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert

Of all the storage-related Cisco certifications, the CCIE Data Center is the most senior and the best recognized. While it is a difficult and demanding credential to earn, it comes with a terrific payoff for its holders.

An expert-level credential, CCIE Data Center professionals are masters when it comes to planning, designing, implementing and managing IT data center infrastructures. test syllabus focus on connectivity (Layers 2 and 3), fabric infrastructure, storage networking and computing, network services, evolving and emerging technologies, and network services and automation.

To earn this credential, candidates must pass both a written and a rigorous 8-hour, two-part practical lab exam. The written test must be passed before candidates may attempt the lab exam. Lab exams must be attempted within 18 months of successfully passing the written exam. The lab test is delivered in two parts: The first part consists of a one-hour Diagnostic Module, while Part 2 consists of a 7-hour Configuration and Troubleshooting module. It is reputed to be fiendishly challenging.

CCIE Data Center Facts and Figures

Certification Name Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) Data Center
Prerequisites & Required Courses None
Number of Exams Two exams: CCIE Data Center (400-151) (written exam) and the CCIE Data Center lab exam
Cost per Exam Written Exam: CCIE Data Center 400-151: $450

Lab Exam: $1,600

Exam fees to not include travel-related costs.

URL https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/training-events/training-certifications/certifications/expert/ccie-data-center.html#~stickynav=1
Self-Study Materials Cisco maintains links to recommended training, including self-study materials, study groups, webinars, syllabus, recommended readings, and other resources on the CCIE Data Center and test web pages.

CCNP Data Center: Cisco Certified Network Professional Data Center

Cisco offers a variety of certifications that address storage networking topics, including the Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCENT) and the Data Center versions of the CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE (in order of difficulty). The CCNP Data Center credential hits the sweet spot in terms of warranting an IT professional’s knowledge and understanding of Cisco’s storage networking products and platforms in a data center context.

Cisco requires the Cisco Certified Network Associate Data Center (CCNA Data Center) credential or any Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) certification as a prerequisite for the CCNP Data Center.

Cisco CCNP Data Center Facts and Figures

Certification Name Cisco Certified Network Professional Data Center (CCNP Data Center)
Prerequisites & Required Courses Valid CCNA Data Center certification or any CCIE certification. Training recommended but not required.
Number of Exams Four exams:

Implementing Cisco Data Center Unified Computing (300-175 DCUCI)  90 55-65

Implementing Cisco Data Center Infrastructure (300-165 DCII)

Implementing Cisco Data Center Virtualization and Automation (300-170 DCVAI)


Design track: Designing Cisco Data Center Infrastructure (300-160 DCID)


Troubleshooting track: Troubleshooting Cisco Data Center Infrastructure (300-180 DCIT)

Cost per Exam $300 per exam; $1,200 total (price may vary by region). Exams administered by Pearson VUE.
URL https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/training-events/training-certifications/certifications/professional/ccnp-data-center.html?stickynav=1
Self-Study Materials Instructor-led training is recommended. Information on self-study materials and Learning Partner training available at the URL above and on the Cisco Learning Network Data Center (CCNP Data Center) site.

Hitachi Qualified Professional – Storage Administration

Hitachi Vantara, formerly known as the Hitachi Data Systems corporation, is known for its hybrid storage systems, storage management, and networking solutions aimed at Fortune 100 and Fortune Global 100 enterprises. The company has a well-developed certification program to support its products and services.

Unlike most other IT certification sponsors, Hitachi’s program distinguishes between qualifications and certifications. Qualification credentials aim at the associate and professional levels where candidates have broad knowledge of syllabus and concepts. Hitachi certifications are either specialists or experts, where candidates have deep knowledge of and ample hands-on experience with products and solutions.

Both types of credentials fall under various tracks: Administration (professional), Architect (specialist and expert), Implementation and Integration (specialist and expert), Installation and Support (specialist and professional), and Basics and Fundamentals (entry-level), as well as Sales and Presales.

The Hitachi Qualified Professional – Storage Administration credential, part of the Administration track, is an intermediate-level qualification aimed at storage networking professionals who can configure and troubleshoot Hitachi Command Suite products, as well as use Hitachi Device Manager to manage the storage environment. Candidates must pass one test – Storage Administration HQT-6740 – to earn the credential.

Hitachi Qualified Professional – Storage Administration Facts and Figures

Certification Name Hitachi Qualified Professional – Storage Administration
Prerequisites & Required Courses: The TSI2565 Managing Hitachi Storage with Hitachi Command Suite v8.x instructor-led course, which runs five or six days, is offered at HDS training centers. Training costs begin at $4,875.
Number of Exams One exam: HQT-6740 (35 questions, 60 minutes)
Cost per Exam $100. test administered by Kryterion Webassessor.
URL https://www.hds.com/en-us/services/training-certification.html
Self-Study Materials The test PDF includes information on test objectives and training. Candidates must create an HDS account to get more information.

NCDA: NetApp Certified Data Administrator

NetApp has been in the storage business since 1992, and offers a broad line of products and systems for backup and recovery, traditional and virtualized storage and cloud-based data centers. Although NetApp has some stiff competition – Dell EMC, HPE and Hitachi, to name a few – the company understands the value of flexibility and integration with other third-party products. For example, NetApp worked with Cisco to develop FlexPod, which helps customers manage Cisco, Citrix, Cloudera, Microsoft, NetApp, Oracle, Red Hat, VMware, and other applications and environments, and NetApp’s hybrid cloud storage integrates with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, among others.

The NetApp Certification Program (NCP) features several certifications within three tracks: Data, Hybrid Cloud and Converged Infrastructure. All NetApp certifications focus on some aspect of storage hardware or the software that powers these products. The Data track includes the NetApp Certified Storage Associate (NCSA) – Hybrid Cloud, the NetApp Certified Storage Installation Engineer, ONTAP as well as our featured certification, the NetApp Certified Data Administrator (NCDA).

The NCDA recognizes working knowledge of NetApp storage architecture, core ONTAP components, high availability, data clustering, protocol administration, storage performance, security and data protection. Candidates must be able to configure controllers running the ONTAP operating system in NFS and Windows (CIFS) environments, and understand NetApp SnapMirror, SnapRestore and SnapVault technologies.

Candidates must pass one test to earn the credential.

NetApp certifications are valid for 27 months, and credential holders must meet recertification requirements during this period to maintain their certifications.

NCDA Facts and Figures

Certification Name NetApp Certified Data Administrator (NCDA)
Prerequisites & Required Courses Recommended:

6 to 12 months of experience implementing and administering NetApp data storage solutions

Knowledge of HA controller implementation and configuration, SyncMirror software or ONTAP solutions with single- or multi-node configurations

ONTAP Cluster Fundamentals

ONTAP Cluster Administration are also recommended

A NetApp Support Site account is required to enroll in NetApp University training.

Number of Exams NSO-159: NetApp Certified Data Administrator, ONNNTAP (60 questions, 1.5 hour to complete)
Cost of Exam $150. Exams administered by Pearson VUE.
URL http://www.netapp.com/us/services-support/university/certification/ncda/index.aspx
Self-Study Materials NetApp offers instructor-led and web-based training, a VCE test for the NS0-159 exam, and a list of reference documents. (See the NCDA web page for links to training resources.) The NetApp KB TV YouTube channel provides how-to videos on using NetApp technology. Candidates should also browse the NetApp University and Training website for insights on training and exams. No certification study guides or practice exams were found on the NetApp site or on Amazon.

SNIA SNCP: SNIA Storage Networking Certification Program

The Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) is a nonprofit organization incorporated in 1997 and comprises members from various storage vendors and service providers, as well as individuals. The association develops and promotes storage solution specifications and standards, and offers education and certification for storage and information management professionals.

SNIA recently rolled out several changes to its Storage Networking Certification Program (SNCP). Most notable among the changes is the retirement of the SNIA Certified Storage Engineer (SCSE) and SNIA Certified Storage Architect (SCSA). The exams for both credentials were withdrawn on January 31, 2019.

Both the SCSE and SCSA have been replaced by the SNIA Certified Information Architect (SCIA). SNIA will continue to recognize the SCSE and SCSA until November 31, 2021. The Storage Networking Certification Program (SNCP) offers several vendor-neutral certifications:

  • SNIA Certified Storage Professional (SCSP)
  • SNIA Certified Storage Networking Expert (SCSN-E)
  • SNIA Qualified Storage Sales Professional (SQSSP)
  • SNIA Certified Information Architect (SCIA)

Each certification requires candidates to pass the S10-110 Foundations test or hold a current CompTIA Storage+ Powered by SNIA certification (exam no longer offered), which earns the Professional (SCSP) credential. The Networking Expert (SCSN-E) requires all of them.

SNIA certifications are good for three years from the date of certification. After that, a certification holder must take the most current test to maintain the credential.

SNIA SCNP Facts and Figures

Certification Name Storage Networking Certification Program (SNCP)
Prerequisites & Required Courses Training is recommended but not required.
Number of Exams SCSP: One exam; Storage Networking Foundations S10-110 (65 questions, 90 minutes, passing score of 66 percent)

SCSN-E: Two exams; Foundations S10-110 OR CompTIA Storage+ Powered by SNIA (no longer offered) PLUS SNIA Storage Networking Management Administration (S10-210) OR SNIA Information Architect – Storage Advanced test (S10-510) and two SNIA Certification Partner product credentials

SQSSP: One exam; SNAI Qualified Storage Sales Professional test (S10-905)

SCIA: One exam, Storage Advanced test S10-510

Cost per Exam All exams are $220 except the SQSSP test which is $100. Exams administered by Kryterion.
URL https://www.snia.org/education/certification
Self-Study Materials SNIA provides links to study reference materials, practice exams and training on each certification’s web page. Study materials are also available through training partners.

Beyond the Top 5: More storage certifications

Beyond the top five storage certifications mentioned in this article, there are lots of other certification programs that can further the careers and professional development of IT professionals who work in the networked storage arena.

Although no EMC storage certifications made our top five list for 2018 or 2019, EMC (acquired by Dell in 2016) has one of the longest-standing certification programs for storage. The program offers credentials for data scientists, cloud architects and administrators, storage administrators, cloud and implementation engineers, and a whole lot more.

In addition, look at the credentials available from Arcitura, HPE, Huawei, IBM, Nimble and Sun/Oracle:

Thu, 09 Nov 2023 10:01:00 -0600 en text/html https://www.businessnewsdaily.com/10806-best-storage-certifications.html
Search warrants show what led to the deaths of two New Philadelphia teenagers

Newswatch 16 obtained search warrants related to the investigation into the homicides of two teenagers in Schuylkill County last week.

NEW PHILADELPHIA, Pa. — Seven search warrants now detail new information regarding the investigation into the homicides of 16-year-old Angelito Caraballo and 18-year-old Hunter Mock. 

Both were reported missing shortly before two bodies were found in the woods off Ferndale Road last week in New Philadelphia. 

According to the search warrants, investigators now believe that Caraballo died from several puncture/laceration-type injuries, and Mock was killed by a gunshot wound to the head. 

The search warrants indicate that troopers have identified and interviewed two men who were with Caraballo and Mock the night they were killed. 

The area which witnesses refer to as "the Sanchez," an old striping site, is where one of the people questioned by state police say they along with Mock, Caraballo and the other unidentified person went to hang out, and, according to witness statements, "shoot a gun."

The main witness says they "were talking like friends" before the accused shooter pulled a gun and began firing in the direction of Mock and Caraballo.

Each of the two implicates the other in the deaths of the victims. 

Following more witness statements police searched phone records, a white Dodge Journey, a home in Port Carbon and requested DNA samples from both people who they say were at the scene of the crime.

During these searches police found an extended magazine for a firearm and a large silver kitchen knife.

Newswatch 16 is not reporting the names of these two individuals at this time. As of Tuesday, neither has been charged in connection with the homicides of Carballo and Mock.

One of the men was arrested last week on unrelated charges and is currently locked up in Schuylkill County. 

Tue, 17 Oct 2023 11:09:00 -0500 en-US text/html https://www.wnep.com/article/news/local/schuylkill-county/new-philadelphia-homicides-cause-of-death-search-warrants-schuylkill-county-hunter-mock-angelito-caraballo/523-a99ac996-e714-4df3-a6b8-b7f804712083
The Ultimate Guide to Making and Hunting Mock Scrapes

Mock scrapes (a hunter-made version of a whitetail scrape used to attract deer) have been a part of hunting media and folklore for decades. Generations of deer hunters have given their anecdotes and opinions on hunting over real and fake scrapes. As with most things in hunting, the bulk of deer hunters either love or hate mock scrapes. They are either the saviors of a deer season, or the biggest waste of time. You’ll find few deer hunters in between. For example, Tim Andrus, host of “Rush Outdoors,” doesn’t touch them.

“I don’t mess with mock scrapes,” he says. “I know some guys use them with trail cameras. I try to sneak in and out without deer knowing I’m there.”

Jared Mills, co-host of “Midwest Whitetail,” is on the other end of the mock scrape debate.

“From late summer through the rut, scrapes are the primary focus of my trail camera strategy, which ultimately plays a big role in my hunting strategy,” he says.

Whether you’re for or against mock scrapes, it’s useful to learn a little more about those stinky, muddy, urine-stained pits. Here’s your ultimate guide to mock scrapes.

Understanding Whitetail Scrapes

To understand mock scrapes, you must first realize what real scrapes are. These are communal spots where deer scrape up the ground and rub up against a branch above the scrape. They serve as a means of communication between deer. Most experts believe that general communication between deer is deposited via scent, and deer can identify the unique markers left behind by individuals. Some biologists also think reproductive status is shared as well.

“Scrapes are one of the main ways deer communicate,” said Kip Adams, chief conservation officer for the National Deer Association. “Deer are far more social than most hunters realize, and scrapes serve as a signpost for them to share information.”

While most scrapes serve the same purpose, there are different types. While virtually all scrapes are “community scrapes,” some are larger, located in areas of higher deer density and traffic, and get used by a lot of deer. These are very large, often reaching several feet in diameter. These might remain open most of the year, even during spring and summer.

whitetail scrape
A classic scrape location. Josh Honeycutt

Then there are other, lesser-used scrapes. Sometimes, these are in areas with less deer movement, and never become what we’d consider “community scrapes.” In other instances, scrapes are made on a whim by a frustrated buck and aren’t really meant to serve as longstanding communication centers. Oftentimes, these do not have a licking branch, which is a vital component of a viable scrape.

Scrapes share other common characteristics, too. The primary component is exposed soil. A lightly used scrape might only be several inches across, but larger ones can grow to several feet. Next, deer must urinate in these for them to be considered a scrape. And, as mentioned, it must have a licking branch approximately 45 to 60 inches above the ground.

Scrape Myths

Just as with any aspect of deer hunting, scrapes aren’t immune to a fat, juicy myth—or three. The biggest of the whitetail lies? Scrape lines. This is the idea that a buck makes a series of scrapes that run in a straight line and those are the scrapes that he visits.

“A big myth is that bucks have a scrape line,” Adams says. “Research shows that’s not true. Bucks (and does) can and will visit multiple scrapes to advertise their presence and collect information on other deer in the area.”

Mills agrees, and says scrapes aren’t really made in lines, but are more dictated by terrain and property layout. “I focus my attention on a single well-used scrape or cluster of scrapes, rather than trying to come up with a connecting line of them,” he says.

“Another common myth is scrapes are great places to hunt over,” Adams says. “Research shows about 84% of scrape use occurs at night, so rather than hunting over them, it’s often better to hunt near them (between the scrape and good cover). However, that still means around 16% of scrape use occurs during daylight, so many bucks have been killed at scrapes.”

So, figure out how to use this data in your own hunting scenario. Don’t expect a ton of daylight buck activity over scrapes but know that they are useful for running trail camera purposes. And know that you definitely can kill mature bucks over a scrape (especially in late October around Halloween).

Making Mock Scrapes

Your goal with making a mock scrape is to convince deer to adopt it and use it as their own. The first step in accomplishing that is placing mocks in natural spots. Position these in high-traffic areas, such as trail intersections, staging areas, pinch points, food source edges, near isolated water sources, and close to bedding areas.

“Bucks love to scrape on field edges or anywhere two or more vegetative cover types meet, so those areas are also great places for mock scrapes (and a trail camera to monitor them),” Adams says.

The second step is finding a good licking branch. These aren’t located just anywhere. It needs to be a lone branch that sticks out and grabs attention. It also needs to be approximately 45 to 60 inches off the ground. Too low or high and it doesn’t serve its purpose. Deer deposit scent on these, and if they must bend down to do so, they won’t use it. The same is true if it’s so high they can’t reach it, although I have watched bucks stand on their hind legs to reach a licking branch.

“You want more than just the bucks to utilize it,” Mills says. “Chest high is a good spot to aim for. However, during the early season, I will hang it closer to waist-high so that when the leaves start to fall and the branches lose some of that weight [and then raise higher in the air], it will end up around chest high.”

Just as with real scrapes, exposed soil is vital. Rake away grass, leaves, and other debris to create an oblong-shaped scrape. I prefer to make these approximately 2.5 feet tall by 2 feet wide. This fresh-smelling dirt grabs a deer’s attention before they ever see the scrape. Making these larger amplifies the smell, so don’t be afraid to get crazy with it. Some real scrapes become truck-hood-sized over time.

The final step is optional, which is depositing scent. Where legal, this can be some variety of buck urine or doe urine. If natural deer urine is banned where you hunt but synthetic scents are legal, consider trying a synthetic buck urine or synthetic doe urine. Also, just urinate in it yourself. (Yes, that works, too.) Or do nothing at all. Merely exposing the soil is sometimes enough to jumpstart fake scrapes.

While it might seem difficult to screw up making a circular spot in the soil with a damp spot in the middle, it’s certainly possible.

“A common mistake people make with mock scrapes is not creating a vertical aspect to the licking branch,” Mills says. “Whether you use a vine, oak branch, cedar branch, rope, etc., it’s important to make sure there is something hanging vertically out away from the trunk of the tree you’re placing the scrape under. That vertical aspect will get way more attention than a branch that is sticking straight out.”

scrape with a trail camera
Scrapes are perfect spots for placing trail cameras. Josh Honeycutt

Using Mock Scrapes

Given that a small percentage of scraping occurs during daylight, there’s more to using mock scrapes than simply hunting over them.

“I believe scrapes are the best way to inventory the bucks in your area,” Mills says. “Beyond that, it’s a great way to monitor the activity levels of those bucks, especially during the early season and pre-rut.”

Adams likes these for taking inventory, too, but not so much for hunting over.

“Knowing deer use [scrapes] regularly, we can be successful hunting near [mock scrapes] if we set up between good cover, like a bedding area, and a scrape,” Adams says. “This allows us to cross paths with a buck as he heads to the scrape.”

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That said, if you find a good scrape close to known bedding areas, it might be better to hunt the downwind side of the scrape.

“I’ve killed bucks over scrapes. As I mentioned before, especially during the early season and pre-rut, bucks spend a lot of time both day and night working scrapes,” Mills says. “That’s not to say that if you find one it’s automatically a great place to kill a big buck, but don’t avoid these. These are simply another piece of the puzzle when trying to pattern and kill mature bucks.”

a whitetail doe visiting scrape
Can’t find the perfect spot for your mock scrape? Plant a scrape tree instead and put one under it. Josh Honeycutt

The Best Time to Make Mock Scrapes

So, when is the best time to make mock scrapes? All year long. Deer are constantly communicating in this manner. Scrape use gradually increases through summer, early fall, and peaks just prior to the rut. It drops off during peak rut (when bucks are spending more time tending to does), and then slowly picks back up after the majority of does exit estrus. So, if you plan to make a mock scrape, do it now. Scrape activity should be hot over the next few weeks.

Mon, 23 Oct 2023 17:58:00 -0500 Josh Honeycutt en-US text/html https://www.outdoorlife.com/hunting/make-hunt-mock-scrapes-deer/
Fantasy basketball mock draft: 10-team H2H categories league

The ESPN fantasy basketball experts got together for their third and final mock draft of the 2023-24 NBA season, using a 10-team H2H category format.

If you're new to fantasy hoops and looking to try it out for the first time, here is a tutorial of all the basics. From there, it's easy to grab a handful of people, set up a draft and have some fun!

Let this mock draft serve as a learning experience and prime example of where players are being selected. This can help you on your way when it's time to draft for real.

Where did Shai Gilgeous-Alexander come off the board in this mock draft? How early was Anthony Edwards and Victor Wembanyama picked? And who were the biggest fallers?

The participants of our 10-team H2H categories mock, in order of draft position, were as follows: Eric Karabell, Matt Williams, James Best, Jim McCormick, Pierre Becquey, Andre Snellings, Eric Moody, Steve Alexander, Joe Kaiser and Tom Carpenter.

Round 1

1. Nikola Jokic, Den, C (C1) -- Karabell
2. Luka Doncic, Dal, PG (PG1) -- Williams
3. Jayson Tatum, Bos, SF/PF (SF1) -- Best
4. Joel Embiid, Phi, C (C2) -- McCormick
5. Tyrese Haliburton, Ind, PG/SG (PG2) -- Becquey
6. Giannis Antetokounmpo, Mil, PF/C (PF1) -- Snellings
7. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, OKC, PG/SG (SG1) -- Moody
8. Anthony Edwards, Min, SG/SF (SG2) -- Alexander
9. Stephen Curry, GS, PG (PG3) -- Kaiser
10. Damian Lillard, Mil, PG (PG4) -- Carpenter

Round 2

11. Trae Young, Atl, PG (PG5) -- Carpenter
12. Devin Booker, Phx, SG/SF (SG3) -- Kaiser
13. Victor Wembanyama, SA, PF/C (C3) -- Alexander
14. LaMelo Ball, Cha, PG/SG (PG6) -- Moody
15. Mikal Bridges, Bkn, SG/SF (SF2) -- Snellings
16. Kevin Durant, Phx, SF/PF (SF3) -- Becquey
17. Domantas Sabonis, Sac, PF/C (PF2) -- McCormick
18. Anthony Davis, LAL, PF/C (PF3) -- Best
19. Karl-Anthony Towns, Min, PF/C (C4) -- Williams
20. Donovan Mitchell, Cle, PG/SG (SG4) -- Karabell

Round 3

21. Dejounte Murray, Atl, PG/SG (PG7) -- Karabell
22. Desmond Bane, Mem, SG/SF (SG5) -- Williams
23. Jordan Poole, Wsh, PG/SG (SG6) -- Best
24. Kyrie Irving, Dal, PG/SG (PG8) -- McCormick
25. Jimmy Butler, Mia, SF/PF (SF4) -- Becquey
26. Jalen Brunson, NY, PG/SG (PG9) -- Snellings
27. Lauri Markkanen, Utah, SF/PF (PF4) -- Moody
28. Jaren Jackson Jr., Mem, PF/C (PF5) -- Alexander
29. LeBron James, LAL, SF/PF (SF5) -- Kaiser
30. Cade Cunningham, Det, PG/SG (PG10) -- Carpenter

Round 4

31. Darius Garland, Cle, PG (PG11) -- Carpenter
32. Nikola Vucevic, Chi, C (C5) -- Kaiser
33. Chet Holmgren, OKC, PF/C (PF6) -- Alexander
34. Pascal Siakam, Tor, PF/C (PF7) -- Moody
35. De'Aaron Fox, Sac, PG (PG12) -- Snellings
36. Paul George, LAC, SG/SF/PF (SF6) -- Becquey
37. James Harden, Phi, PG/SG (SG7) -- McCormick
38. Chris Paul, GS, PG (PG13) -- Best
39. O.G. Anunoby, Tor, SF (SF7) -- Williams
40. Jaylen Brown, Bos, SG/SF (SG8) -- Karabell

Round 5

41. Zach LaVine, Chi, SG/SF (SG9) -- Karabell
42. Tyrese Maxey, Phi, PG/SG (SG10) -- Williams
43. Walker Kessler, Utah, C (C6) -- Best
44. Kawhi Leonard, LAC, SF/PF (SF8) -- McCormick
45. Jamal Murray, Den, PG (PG14) -- Becquey
46. Bam Adebayo, Mia, C (C7) -- Snellings
47. Scottie Barnes, Tor, SF/PF (PF8) -- Moody
48. Josh Giddey, OKC, PG/SG/SF (PG15) -- Alexander
49. Julius Randle, NY, PF (PF9) -- Kaiser
50. DeMar DeRozan, Chi, SG/SF (SF9) -- Carpenter

Round 6

51. Myles Turner, Ind, C (C8) -- Carpenter
52. Jrue Holiday, Bos, PG/SG (PG16) -- Kaiser
53. Jalen Williams, OKC, SG/SF (SG11) -- Alexander
54. Fred VanVleet, Hou, PG (PG17) -- Moody
55. Evan Mobley, Cle, PF/C (PF10) -- Snellings
56. Brandon Ingram, NO, SF/PF (SF10) -- Becquey
57. Kristaps Porzingis, Bos, PF/C (C9) -- McCormick
58. Spencer Dinwiddie, Bkn, PG/SG (SG12) -- Best
59. Zion Williamson, NO, PF (PF11) -- Williams
60. Nic Claxton, Bkn, PF/C (C10) -- Karabell

Round 7

61. Jarrett Allen, Cle, C (C11) -- Karabell
62. Franz Wagner, Orl, SG/SF/PF (SF11) -- Williams
63. Kyle Kuzma, Wsh, SF/PF (PF12) -- Best
64. Deandre Ayton, Por, C (C12) -- McCormick
65. Paolo Banchero, Orl, SF/PF (PF13) -- Becquey
66. Tyus Jones, Wsh, PG (PG18) -- Snellings
67. Mark Williams, Cha, C (C13) -- Moody
68. Devin Vassell, SA, SG/SF (SF12) -- Alexander
69. Brook Lopez, Mil, C (C14) -- Kaiser
70. Bradley Beal, Phx, PG/SG (SG13) -- Carpenter

Round 8

71. Khris Middleton, Mil, SF (SF13) -- Carpenter
72. Austin Reaves, LAL, SG/SF (SG14) -- Kaiser
73. Alperen Sengun, Hou, C (C15) -- Alexander
74. Zach Collins, SA, PF/C (C16) -- Moody
75. Jalen Green, Hou, SG (SG15) -- Snellings
76. Rudy Gobert, Min, C (C17) -- Becquey
77. Cameron Johnson, Bkn, SF/PF (SF14) -- McCormick
78. Tyler Herro, Mia, PG/SG (SG16) -- Best
79. Jakob Poeltl, Tor, C (C18) -- Williams
80. Scoot Henderson, Por, PG (PG19) -- Karabell

Round 9

81. Klay Thompson, GS, SG/SF (SG17) -- Karabell
82. Ja Morant, Mem, PG (PG20) -- Williams
83. Jabari Smith Jr., Hou, PF/C (PF14) -- Best
84. Tobias Harris, Phi, SF/PF (SF15) -- McCormick
85. Jerami Grant, Por, PF (PF15) -- Becquey
86. Keegan Murray, Sac, SF/PF (PF16) -- Snellings
87. Anfernee Simons, Por, PG/SG (SG18) -- Moody
88. Andrew Wiggins, GS, SF/PF (SF16) -- Alexander
89. John Collins, Utah, PF (PF17) -- Kaiser
90. Daniel Gafford, Wsh, PF/C (C19) -- Carpenter

Round 10

91. Tre Jones, SA, PG (PG21) -- Carpenter
92. Jonas Valanciunas, NO, C (C20) -- Kaiser
93. Bruce Brown, Ind, SG/SF (SG19) -- Alexander
94. De'Anthony Melton, Phi, PG/SG (PG22) -- Moody
95. D'Angelo Russell, LAL, PG/SG (PG23) -- Snellings
96. Draymond Green, GS, PF/C (PF18) -- Becquey
97. Terry Rozier, Cha, PG/SG (SG20) -- McCormick
98. Shaedon Sharpe, Por, SG/SF (SG21) -- Best
99. Buddy Hield, Ind, SG/SF (SG22) -- Williams
100. CJ McCollum, NO, PG/SG (SG23) -- Karabell

Round 11

101. Jaden Ivey, Det, PG/SG (PG24) -- Karabell
102. Ben Simmons, Bkn, PG/PF (PG25) -- Williams
103. Brandon Miller, Cha, SG/SF (SG24) -- Best
104. Derrick White, Bos, PG/SG (PG26) -- McCormick
105. Michael Porter Jr., Den, SF (SF17) -- Becquey
106. Russell Westbrook, LAC, PG (PG27) -- Snellings
107. Marcus Smart, Mem, PG/SG (SG25) -- Moody
108. Markelle Fultz, Orl, PG/SG (PG28) -- Alexander
109. Josh Hart, NY, SG/SF (SG26) -- Kaiser
110. Jalen Duren, Det, C (C21) -- Carpenter

Round 12

111. Keldon Johnson, SA, SF (SF18) -- Carpenter
112. Onyeka Okongwu, Atl, C (C22) -- Kaiser
113. Bennedict Mathurin, Ind, SG/SF (SF19) -- Alexander
114. Wendell Carter Jr., Orl, C (C23) -- Moody
115. Saddiq Bey, Atl, SF/PF (SF20) -- Snellings
116. Aaron Gordon, Den, PF (PF19) -- Becquey
117. Mike Conley, Min, PG (PG29) -- McCormick
118. Jeremy Sochan, SA, PF (PF20) -- Best
119. P.J. Washington, Cha, PF (PF21) -- Williams
120. Jordan Clarkson, Utah, SG (SG27) -- Karabell

Round 13

121. Ivica Zubac, LAC, C (C24) -- Karabell
122. Herbert Jones, NO, SF/PF (PF22) -- Williams
123. RJ Barrett, NY, SG/SF (SF21) -- Best
124. Clint Capela, Atl, C (C25) -- McCormick
125. Talen Horton-Tucker, Utah, SG/SF (SG28) -- Becquey
126. Kevin Huerter, Sac, SG/SF (SG29) -- Snellings
127. Immanuel Quickley, NY, PG/SG (PG30) -- Moody
128. Dennis Schroder, Tor, PG (PG31) -- Alexander
129. Gary Trent Jr., Tor, PG/SG (SG30) -- Kaiser
130. Amen Thompson, Hou, SG (SG31) -- Carpenter

Team rosters are presented in first-round pick order. Picks indicated in parentheses in this manner: (Round.Pick)

Team Karabell

PG1 Dejounte Murray, Atl, PG/SG (Pick: 3.1)
PG2 Scoot Henderson, Por, PG (Pick: 8.10)
PG3 Jaden Ivey, Det, PG/SG (Pick: 11.1)
SG1 Donovan Mitchell, Cle, PG/SG (Pick: 2.10)
SG2 Jaylen Brown, Bos, SG/SF (Pick: 4.10)
SG3 Zach LaVine, Chi, SG/SF (Pick: 5.1)
SG4 Klay Thompson, GS, SG/SF (Pick: 9.1)
SG5 CJ McCollum, NO, PG/SG (Pick: 10.10)
SG6 Jordan Clarkson, Utah, SG (Pick: 12.10)
C1 Nikola Jokic, Den, C (Pick: 1.1)
C2 Nic Claxton, Bkn, PF/C (Pick: 6.10)
C3 Jarrett Allen, Cle, C (Pick: 7.1)
C4 Ivica Zubac, LAC, C (Pick: 13.1)

Team Williams

PG1 Luka Doncic, Dal, PG (Pick: 1.2)
PG2 Ja Morant, Mem, PG (Pick: 9.2)
PG3 Ben Simmons, Bkn, PG/PF (Pick: 11.2)
SG1 Desmond Bane, Mem, SG/SF (Pick: 3.2)
SG2 Tyrese Maxey, Phi, PG/SG (Pick: 5.2)
SG3 Buddy Hield, Ind, SG/SF (Pick: 10.9)
SF1 O.G. Anunoby, Tor, SF (Pick: 4.9)
SF2 Franz Wagner, Orl, SG/SF/PF (Pick: 7.2)
PF1 Zion Williamson, NO, PF (Pick: 6.9)
PF2 P.J. Washington, Cha, PF (Pick: 12.9)
PF3 Herbert Jones, NO, SF/PF (Pick: 13.2)
C1 Karl-Anthony Towns, Min, PF/C (Pick: 2.9)
C2 Jakob Poeltl, Tor, C (Pick: 8.9)

Team Best

PG1 Chris Paul, GS, PG (Pick: 4.8)
SG1 Jordan Poole, Wsh, PG/SG (Pick: 3.3)
SG2 Spencer Dinwiddie, Bkn, PG/SG (Pick: 6.8)
SG3 Tyler Herro, Mia, PG/SG (Pick: 8.8)
SG4 Shaedon Sharpe, Por, SG/SF (Pick: 10.8)
SG5 Brandon Miller, Cha, SG/SF (Pick: 11.3)
SF1 Jayson Tatum, Bos, SF/PF (Pick: 1.3)
SF2 RJ Barrett, NY, SG/SF (Pick: 13.3)
PF1 Anthony Davis, LAL, PF/C (Pick: 2.8)
PF2 Kyle Kuzma, Wsh, SF/PF (Pick: 7.3)
PF3 Jabari Smith Jr., Hou, PF/C (Pick: 9.3)
PF4 Jeremy Sochan, SA, PF (Pick: 12.8)
C1 Walker Kessler, Utah, C (Pick: 5.3)

Team McCormick

PG1 Kyrie Irving, Dal, PG/SG (Pick: 3.4)
PG2 Derrick White, Bos, PG/SG (Pick: 11.4)
PG3 Mike Conley, Min, PG (Pick: 12.7)
SG1 James Harden, Phi, PG/SG (Pick: 4.7)
SG2 Terry Rozier, Cha, PG/SG (Pick: 10.7)
SF1 Kawhi Leonard, LAC, SF/PF (Pick: 5.4)
SF2 Cameron Johnson, Bkn, SF/PF (Pick: 8.7)
SF3 Tobias Harris, Phi, SF/PF (Pick: 9.4)
PF1 Domantas Sabonis, Sac, PF/C (Pick: 2.7)
C1 Joel Embiid, Phi, C (Pick: 1.4)
C2 Kristaps Porzingis, Bos, PF/C (Pick: 6.7)
C3 Deandre Ayton, Por, C (Pick: 7.4)
C4 Clint Capela, Atl, C (Pick: 13.4)

Team Becquey

PG1 Tyrese Haliburton, Ind, PG/SG (Pick: 1.5)
PG2 Jamal Murray, Den, PG (Pick: 5.5)
SG1 Talen Horton-Tucker, Utah, SG/SF (Pick: 13.5)
SF1 Kevin Durant, Phx, SF/PF (Pick: 2.6)
SF2 Jimmy Butler, Mia, SF/PF (Pick: 3.5)
SF3 Paul George, LAC, SG/SF/PF (Pick: 4.6)
SF4 Brandon Ingram, NO, SF/PF (Pick: 6.6)
SF5 Michael Porter Jr., Den, SF (Pick: 11.5)
PF1 Paolo Banchero, Orl, SF/PF (Pick: 7.5)
PF2 Jerami Grant, Por, PF (Pick: 9.5)
PF3 Draymond Green, GS, PF/C (Pick: 10.6)
PF4 Aaron Gordon, Den, PF (Pick: 12.6)
C1 Rudy Gobert, Min, C (Pick: 8.6)

Team Snellings

PG1 Jalen Brunson, NY, PG/SG (Pick: 3.6)
PG2 De'Aaron Fox, Sac, PG (Pick: 4.5)
PG3 Tyus Jones, Wsh, PG (Pick: 7.6)
PG4 D'Angelo Russell, LAL, PG/SG (Pick: 10.5)
PG5 Russell Westbrook, LAC, PG (Pick: 11.6)
SG1 Jalen Green, Hou, SG (Pick: 8.5)
SG2 Kevin Huerter, Sac, SG/SF (Pick: 13.6)
SF1 Mikal Bridges, Bkn, SG/SF (Pick: 2.5)
SF2 Saddiq Bey, Atl, SF/PF (Pick: 12.5)
PF1 Giannis Antetokounmpo, Mil, PF/C (Pick: 1.6)
PF2 Evan Mobley, Cle, PF/C (Pick: 6.5)
PF3 Keegan Murray, Sac, SF/PF (Pick: 9.6)
C1 Bam Adebayo, Mia, C (Pick: 5.6)

Team Moody

PG1 LaMelo Ball, Cha, PG/SG (Pick: 2.4)
PG2 Fred VanVleet, Hou, PG (Pick: 6.4)
PG3 De'Anthony Melton, Phi, PG/SG (Pick: 10.4)
PG4 Immanuel Quickley, NY, PG/SG (Pick: 13.7)
SG1 Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, OKC, PG/SG (Pick: 1.7)
SG2 Anfernee Simons, Por, PG/SG (Pick: 9.7)
SG3 Marcus Smart, Mem, PG/SG (Pick: 11.7)
PF1 Lauri Markkanen, Utah, SF/PF (Pick: 3.7)
PF2 Pascal Siakam, Tor, PF/C (Pick: 4.4)
PF3 Scottie Barnes, Tor, SF/PF (Pick: 5.7)
C1 Mark Williams, Cha, C (Pick: 7.7)
C2 Zach Collins, SA, PF/C (Pick: 8.4)
C3 Wendell Carter Jr., Orl, C (Pick: 12.4)

Team Alexander

PG1 Josh Giddey, OKC, PG/SG/SF (Pick: 5.8)
PG2 Markelle Fultz, Orl, PG/SG (Pick: 11.8)
PG3 Dennis Schroder, Tor, PG (Pick: 13.8)
SG1 Anthony Edwards, Min, SG/SF (Pick: 1.8)
SG2 Jalen Williams, OKC, SG/SF (Pick: 6.3)
SG3 Bruce Brown, Ind, SG/SF (Pick: 10.3)
SF1 Devin Vassell, SA, SG/SF (Pick: 7.8)
SF2 Andrew Wiggins, GS, SF/PF (Pick: 9.8)
SF3 Bennedict Mathurin, Ind, SG/SF (Pick: 12.3)
PF1 Jaren Jackson Jr., Mem, PF/C (Pick: 3.8)
PF2 Chet Holmgren, OKC, PF/C (Pick: 4.3)
C1 Victor Wembanyama, SA, PF/C (Pick: 2.3)
C2 Alperen Sengun, Hou, C (Pick: 8.3)

Team Kaiser

PG1 Stephen Curry, GS, PG (Pick: 1.9)
PG2 Jrue Holiday, Bos, PG/SG (Pick: 6.2)
SG1 Devin Booker, Phx, SG/SF (Pick: 2.2)
SG2 Austin Reaves, LAL, SG/SF (Pick: 8.2)
SG3 Josh Hart, NY, SG/SF (Pick: 11.9)
SG4 Gary Trent Jr., Tor, PG/SG (Pick: 13.9)
SF1 LeBron James, LAL, SF/PF (Pick: 3.9)
PF1 Julius Randle, NY, PF (Pick: 5.9)
PF2 John Collins, Utah, PF (Pick: 9.9)
C1 Nikola Vucevic, Chi, C (Pick: 4.2)
C2 Brook Lopez, Mil, C (Pick: 7.9)
C3 Jonas Valanciunas, NO, C (Pick: 10.2)
C4 Onyeka Okongwu, Atl, C (Pick: 12.2)

Team Carpenter

PG1 Damian Lillard, Mil, PG (Pick: 1.10)
PG2 Trae Young, Atl, PG (Pick: 2.1)
PG3 Cade Cunningham, Det, PG/SG (Pick: 3.10)
PG4 Darius Garland, Cle, PG (Pick: 4.1)
PG5 Tre Jones, SA, PG (Pick: 10.1)
SG1 Bradley Beal, Phx, PG/SG (Pick: 7.10)
SG2 Amen Thompson, Hou, SG (Pick: 13.10)
SF1 DeMar DeRozan, Chi, SG/SF (Pick: 5.10)
SF2 Khris Middleton, Mil, SF (Pick: 8.1)
SF3 Keldon Johnson, SA, SF (Pick: 12.1)
C1 Myles Turner, Ind, C (Pick: 6.1)
C2 Daniel Gafford, Wsh, PF/C (Pick: 9.10)
C3 Jalen Duren, Det, C (Pick: 11.10)

Thu, 19 Oct 2023 17:35:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.espn.com/fantasy/basketball/story/_/id/38700697/fantasy-basketball-mock-draft-10-team-h2h-categories-league-nba-2023-24
2024 NFL Mock Draft: Top-10 Surprises Highlight New 1st-Round Forecast No result found, try new keyword!It's still too early in the process to be terribly shocked at first-round projections, but the latest 2024 NFL mock draft from The Athletic certainly has a few selections that are sure to raise ... Wed, 18 Oct 2023 03:50:00 -0500 en-us text/html https://www.msn.com/ Fantasy basketball draft guide: Rankings, mock drafts, sleepers, projections and analysis

Whether you are dipping your toes into fantasy basketball for the first time or are a longtime fantasy hoops veteran, the 2023-24 ESPN Fantasy Basketball draft guide has everything you need to crush your drafts.

From rankings and profiles to sleepers, breakouts and busts, we've got you covered from every angle, all in one convenient place.

Create, reactivate or join a league today!

Rankings and Projections

Top 150 H2H points rankings
André Snellings ranks his top 150 players for fantasy basketball leagues that use head-to-head points scoring systems.

Top 150 H2H categories rankings
Eric Moody reveals his top 150 players for fantasy basketball leagues that use head-to-head categories scoring systems.

Sortable player projections
Every point, rebound, steal, 3-pointer, block, turnover, steal, shot and free throw taken makes a difference in fantasy. We have them all projected for you right here.

Mock drafts

10-team, head-to-head points (Oct. 6)

8-team, head-to-head points (Oct. 18)

10-team, head-to-head categories (Oct. 20)

Draft tiers

H2H points draft tiers by position
Which positions are the deepest and which do you need to nab a top player early on? André Snellings groups players into tiers by each position for head-to-head points leagues.

Roto and category draft tiers by position
Eric Moody groups players into tiers by each position for roto and category leagues.

Strategy and advice

André Snellings' ultimate draft board
André Snellings crunches the numbers and highlights the best spots to draft key players throughout your fantasy basketball draft.

Sleepers, breakouts and busts
Which fantasy basketball players are going to exceed expectations? Who will flop the hardest? Who is ready to take things to an elite level? Our experts identify their picks.

Eric Karabell's 'Do Draft' list
Which players should you try to land in your fantasy basketball draft? Eric Karabell highlights the ones who should be on your radar.

Eric Karabell's 'Do Not Draft' list
Winning your fantasy basketball league means making the right picks while avoiding the wrong ones. Karabell cuts through the hype to bring you the players he's avoiding this year.

Best draft tips for fantasy managers
Our experts provide their best advice to help you crush your fantasy basketball draft.

Our experts each list five players they are targeting in drafts
Take a look at which players our fantasy experts don't want to leave drafts without.

Is drafting Victor Wembanyama a risk worth taking?
If you want Wembanyama in a snake-draft league, it will likely require a second round pick. Eric Karabell walks you through whether the risk is worth taking.

Three players to soar past fantasy value
Andre Snellings pinpoints three players who are ranked much higher this season than fantasy managers are used to seeing.

Players who can make or break your draft
Who are the biggest risk/reward players in fantasy basketball drafts this season? Steve Alexander identifies his top 10.

10 sleepers to target in drafts
Jim McCormick identifies players falling outside the top 100 picks in ESPN leagues who have a chance to be solid fantasy contributors this season.

Seven breakout candidates ready for fantasy stardom
Steve Alexander points out players at every position who are ready to take their game to the next level this season.

Target these 10 players in middle rounds of drafts
Steve Alexander identifies talented players who are falling past pick 50 in drafts and can turn good fantasy teams into great ones.

Bold fantasy predictions for the 2023-24 NBA season
Our fantasy basketball experts talk about their boldest predictions for the season ahead.

Target these specialists for roto and category leagues
Eric Moody identifies specialists around the league who can come up big for you in roto and category leagues.

Six rookies to draft and eight others to keep an eye on
André Snellings breaks down the top rookies in the NBA from a fantasy perspective and identifies others to watch heading into the 2023-24 season.

Seven position battles to watch leading up to the NBA season
Eric Moody details which jobs are still up for grabs around the NBA and how they can impact fantasy values.

How to ace your Salary Cap draft
Are you ready for your Salary Cap draft? Jim McCormick lays out helpful strategies and tactics you can use to ace draft day.

Can Chet Holmgren be the fantasy basketball Rookie of the Year?
Andre Snellings takes a closer look at what fantasy managers should expect out of Chet Holmgren following a lost season.

What are the new fantasy values for Lillard, Holiday, Ayton and Nurkic?
André Snellings takes a look at how the blockbuster NBA trade impacts fantasy values.

Why you shouldn't pass on Anthony Edwards or Jaren Jackson Jr. in fantasy drafts
Edwards and Jackson aren't being drafted as top-5 picks, but don't be surprised if they end the season as top-5 fantasy players. Our experts explain.

Six players ready to make a big leap in year two
André Snellings reviews the top sophomores that fantasy managers should keep an eye out for in fantasy basketball drafts this season.

Why Durant, KAT and these other stars fell in the rankings
André Snellings explains why Kevin Durant, Karl-Anthony Towns and several other former first-round staples slid in the fantasy basketball rankings.

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Bachelor in Paradise’s Tia Booth and Taylor Mock Are Married After Nearly 3 Years of Dating
Tia Booth and Taylor Mock. Courtesy of Tia Booth/Instagram

Bachelor Nation alum Tia Booth and Taylor Mock tied the knot after nearly three years of dating.

Booth, 31, and Mock exchanged vows on Saturday, November 4, per social media footage. Booth’s longtime pal Raven Gates, and her husband, Adam Gottschalk, also attended the special day.

“Sign of a good night,” Booth later wrote via her Instagram Story on Sunday, November 5, sharing a snap of her bandaged feet after a night of dancing.

Before appearing on season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise in 2021, the reality star met Mock at a party in Nashville.

Naomi Watts, Chrishell Stause and more celebrities tied the knot in 2023. Watts confirmed that she wed fellow actor Billy Crudup in June. “Hitched! 🕊️🪢♥️,” she captioned an Instagram photo of her and Crudup posing outside of a New York City courthouse. “They wanted to keep it low-key and have this moment to themselves, and […]

“He got the balls one day to try to hit on me and get me to hang out with him, and I was like, ‘Sweetie, I’m going on Bachelor in Paradise. I’ll see you later,’” Booth recalled on the “Click Bait” podcast in October 2021. “Then after I got home, I was like, ‘Damn, this freaking dude has been right here trying this whole time, which is all I asked for on the show.’ So then I gave it a shot and we’ve been good.”

The duo went Instagram official that same month after the Bachelor alum captioned a video of the pair set to Lany’s Get Away.

“Not gonna lie — it’s been nice keeping this to myself, but it’s about time y’all know too,” Booth captioned the post at the time.

Courtesy of Zach Long/Instagram

Mock, for his part, posted his own photos of the duo with the caption: “It’s hard to put into words how you truly feel about someone you love. I guess I’ll keep it as simple as I’ve never felt more alive than when I’m with you. With that being said, I still had to make fun of you, hope everyone enjoys the last two slides.”

Tia Booth may have not realized it at the time, but she met The One in Taylor Mock before she even returned to Bachelor Nation for a second stint in Paradise. Booth didn’t find love when she competed on The Bachelor for Arie Luyendyk Jr.‘s heart on the 2018 season. She appeared on season 5 […]

Nearly one year later, Mock popped the question to Booth at the Atlanta stop of “Bachelor Live On Stage” in April 2022.

“Never been more shocked or sure in my life. I love you so much Tay, my FIANCÉ!!!” she shared via Instagram along with snaps from the proposal.

Two months later, Booth announced that the couple were expecting their first baby in a sweet social media tribute to her late father.

Courtesy of Taylor Mock/Instagram

“This has undoubtedly been my most challenging season thus far,” Booth wrote alongside a maternity shoot photo via Instagram in June 2022. “I’ve never felt such overwhelming sadness and pure joy at the same time. It’s been difficult to be grateful for the good as if one of the most important people in my life is missing the celebration.”

Meet the newest member of Bachelor Nation! Tia Booth and her fiancé, Taylor Mock, have given fans sweet glimpses of life with their son, Tatum. The ABC alum, who appeared on season 22 of The Bachelor in 2018, announced her pregnancy two months after Mock proposed in April 2022. Booth’s June 2022 pregnancy reveal included […]

Booth continued, “While I wish I could tell my dad all the good news in person, it brings me peace that he knows about it long before I do. Welcoming a new little life while mourning the loss of another proves that high emotions can exist simultaneously, and I have no doubt my dad had a hand in this. Happy heavenly Father’s Day to the first man I ever loved and Happy soon-to-be Father’s Day to my forever.”

The duo welcomed their baby boy, Tatum, in December 2022.

“Tatum Booth Mock 12/6/22 6:13 a.m.,” Booth shared via Instagram alongside a sweet sound clip of her seeing her son for the first time. “Best day of our lives.”

Sat, 04 Nov 2023 12:00:00 -0500 Caitlyn Somers en-US text/html https://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/tia-booth-taylor-mock-are-married-after-3-years-together/
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