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Killexams : Business-Objects Professional tricks - BingNews Search results Killexams : Business-Objects Professional tricks - BingNews Killexams : business objects

(1) A broad category of business processes that are modeled as objects. A business object can be as large as an entire order processing system or a small process within an information system. See object-oriented programming.

(2) (Business Objects) A San Jose-based company acquired by SAP in 2007 for its leadership in business intelligence and decision support tools. Business Objects was founded in France in 1990 by Bernard Liautaud and Denis Payre and was the first to integrate query, reporting and OLAP into one product that shields users from the complexities of making a query. In this context, the word "objects" does not refer to object-oriented programming as in definition #1 above, but to "business items." See SAP.

BusinessObjects (One Word)

Business Objects' products were always branded as one word and fall under the SAP BusinessObjects umbrella. Its flagship software is a suite of query, reporting and analysis tools that runs under Windows and Unix. It provides access to a wide variety of databases, including Oracle, INFORMIX and DB2. As data are extracted from the database, they are stored as multidimensional OLAP cubes that can be easily sliced and diced into different views. See OLAP.

The Semantic Layer

BusinessObjects uses a patented semantic layer that shields users from the complexities of table names and relationships. Once the semantic layer has been defined, users work with familiar "business objects" such as product, customer and revenue.

A BusinessObjects Query To perform a query, users drag and drop the object icons into the "Results" and "Conditions" windows. (Image courtesy of SAP.) Slicing and Dicing The Slice and Dice Panel can rearrange the view. After dragging and dropping different icons, BusinessObjects displays the new perspective. "Section" shows the sequence and report titles, and "Block Structure" shows the data wanted in the report. (Image courtesy of SAP.)
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Killexams : Every Business Professional Needs To Write A Book

Are you exceptional in your field? On the cusp of taking the next step but don’t know how to make it happen? Would you like to be the one that gets called for TED or TEDx Talks?

In her new release, You Must Write a Book: Boost Your Brand, Get More Business, and Become the Go-To Expert, author and speaker Honorée Corder demystifies what it takes to go from “I don’t know where to begin” to climbing up the rankings of Amazon’s bestseller lists.

Photo: Amazon/Honorée Corder

Corder explains that books are the new business card. She has written almost two dozen books and leveraged those books to build a successful speaking and coaching career, and multiple streams of income. When she wrote and self-published her first book Tall Order! twelve years ago, she didn’t know one was supposed to buy 1,000 copies and let 900 of them gather dust in her garage. She ordered 5,000 copies. A week later she ordered 5,000 more because the first run sold out. The second run didn’t last much longer.

In You Must Write a Book, she begins by laying out the case for what your book will do for your business.

Saying you’re the best at what you do falls on deaf ears.

A slick business card, shiny website, and advanced degrees are the norm. If you want to stand out, to rise above the rest, you need the cachet that comes with being an author. The world of publishing has been turned upside down and the new rulers of the jungle are indie authors. Corder explains who must write a book, the why, and the strategic thinking one needs to finish with a polished product that is indistinguishable from the tomes that come out of New York.

Who must write a book?

The most common excuse that stops people in their tracks is “I’m not a writer,” and this simply isn’t true. You write notes, emails, briefs, reports, and clever Facebook posts about your cat, every single day. You ARE a writer.

The question most asked is, “What would I possibly have to say?” The answer is so, so, much. You have a unique combination of life experience, education, and knowledge that give you a voice unlike anyone else. You know more than you think. Corder shares her own experience with overcoming doubt that her message would resonate with readers. You’ll go from wondering, “Who am I to write a book?” to knowing without a doubt the “who” is you.

Why write a book?

A book helps you dominate your market, differentiates you from “that guy who says he does what you do” (but really doesn’t), and makes you more cool at cocktail parties.

A book establishes authority; the root of the word authority is “author.” Sure, degrees, certifications, or licenses may have taken years to obtain and are supposed to establish authority, but you can’t run a Facebook ad about your Ph.D. Having a book with your name on it rises above anything else you have done or can do. More than all of that, a book lives forever. It can generate royalties for you for your entire life, and then for seventy years after you’re gone. Indeed, it can be your legacy.

How do I write, publish, and market my book?

This is the core of You Must Write a Book. Corder begins with pre-book strategic thinking, which covers the goals of the book and how to achieve them. Are you writing a book to get your message out? Do you want the book to land you speaking gigs at $10,000 an hour? Are you building a brand? Is this book’s mission to make you a highly sought after consultant?

It is the understanding of the mission that will lead to a successful 100-day plan. She discusses the need to consider whether the book will be an ebook, audio book, paperback, hard cover, have foreign translations, or all of the above, and how one makes that happen.

After building a plan, one must consider the editing, cover art, and whether to self-publish or seek a traditional deal. She covers the pros and cons of either route. By the time you finish with the chapters on marketing strategy, you’ll be ready to get to writing.

Corder is a prolific writer who has seen firsthand the benefits of being a published author. I have too; whether it was launching my multi-million dollar companies, or gaining passive income, or earning five-figure speaking fees, becoming an author has totally changed my life. There is nothing stopping you from achieving similar results. To maximize your career potential, You Must Write a Book.

Kevin Kruse is the author of 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management and How Millionaires Plan Their Day: A 1-Page Tool.

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Killexams : Business Objects to Go On Demand

— -- Responding to growing customer demand for hosted services, Business Objects SA plans to offer its entire range of products via on-demand subscriptions, according to a company executive.

In the coming months, the maker of business intelligence software plans to put its complete product line online, including its EPM (enterprise performance management) offering, said senior vice president and Chief Marketing Officer Marge Breya Tuesday. The company will continue selling its traditional on-premise license service as well.

SAAS (software as a service) products are becoming increasingly popular among customers who seek quick and easy deployments, cost savings and greater flexibility to serve an increasingly mobile workforce, according to Breya.

At a user event in Berlin earlier on Tuesday, Business Objects announced the beta test of its new Information OnDemand offering, which makes external market information available to users of the company's business analytics software.

"With this offering, you can get your information by the drink -- or at a very small usage level," Breya said.

In much the same way Apple Inc.'s iTunes Store allows users to purchase an individual song from a full album, Information OnDemand allows Business Objects customers to purchase individual reports and analytics with content from data providers, she said.

Since the middle of last year, Business Objects has been adding products to its list of SAAS offerings, including its Crystal reports service.

More than 45,000 customers are currently subscribing to its SAAS offerings, the company said.

Business Objects also announced Tuesday that it is buying Inxight Software Inc., which makes software that analyzes unstructured data in text formats.

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Killexams : What Is Pass-Through in SQL & Business Objects?

Chicago native John Papiewski has a physics degree and has been writing since 1991. He has contributed to "Foresight Update," a nanotechnology newsletter from the Foresight Institute. He also contributed to the book, "Nanotechnology: Molecular Speculations on Global Abundance."

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Killexams : The Failure Of Jedi Mind Tricks In Business

As someone who delivers keynote addresses and workshops throughout the year, at least once per week I get asked these common questions by business executives: “How do I get them [clients] to tell me who is the decision maker on a project?” Or, “How do I get them to tell me their budget?” Perhaps there are too many Star Wars junkies in business. When people ask for a magic answer, they overlook the failure of using Jedi mind tricks in business.

It’s Not About Tricks Or Gimmicks

When business people ask these common questions, I often wonder what would happen if I told them, “Just ask your client this… but while you do, stand on only your left leg and inhale helium just before you say it. These actions will produce all of the answers you seek.”   However, there is a formula you can follow with your clients to uncover the truth much faster than with other methods.

Do you know anyone who likes to be on the receiving end of a sales pitch? If you do, that’s just weird. The notion of tricks or manipulation are contrary to the most important value to embrace in business: Trust. Above all, you must establish trust with your clients.

Much like The Force in Star Wars, sales language can be used for good or evil. We know from science fiction research that people who use their talents for good, might not win every battle, but live on to fight another day (I know – just humor me). Those who use their talents for evil end up dying a painful death where they have no friends – and may even lose a limb or three. Here are steps you can take to uncover the answers to important questions in selling while maintaining integrity.

Integrity First

Start with a code of operating with integrity. Your mission, should you accept it, is to uncover two critical components:

1. Is your potential client facing an issue that they feel is worth solving?

2. Are you [or your firm] the best people to solve that issue for the client?

If, and only if, the answer to both of these questions is “Yes” should your proceed with that client. This is something that in Same Side Selling we call Finding Impact Together or FIT. Notice that your first step is for the client to convince you that the problem is worth solving.

Discipline Is Not Easy

In my prior business, we would have clients travel from half way around the world to meet with us. I explained to our executive team that the first question we would ask is, “What is it about our technology and business that you felt was compelling enough to fly with your team half way around the world to meet with us?” The idea was to start the meeting with the client telling us what they liked about our offerings. It was a great strategy.

The problem was that the chairman of our company would often sit in the client meetings. He had been part of the same pre-meeting discussion with our executive team. However, in the first three client meetings, when I asked that question, he would respond and say, “Let me tell you why they are here.” After several discussions about why we wanted the client to answer the question, we devised a plan. When the meeting would start, I would send a text to our COO. He would call the chairman’s assistant and say he needed to speak with him immediately. Once he was called out of the meeting, I would immediately ask the question. This formula and question helped us quickly get to the truth. In those first few minutes, we could quickly tell if we had a FIT or not.

Great Questions Uncover The Truth

Just like the previously mentioned question helped us quickly get to the truth, other questions can be valuable in your meetings. Remember to use them all for good, and not for manipulation. Here are a few examples of great questions to help uncover the truth with your client:

Budget: Budget is highly overrated. Instead, if you and your client can agree on how much not solving their issue is impacting their organization, then that will give you a sense of what the solution could be worth. This is how you focus on value vs. price. A good question to ask is “What happens to the organization if six months from now you still have not solved this issue?”

Decision Maker: Even CEOs like to build consensus. The notion of a single decision maker is somewhat elusive. If you ask “Who is the decision maker,” you’ll probably not get an honest answer in response. Instead ask, “Who else is impacted by this issue? Who would be the most upset if it is not solved, and which people will gain the most from its success?” Trust me when I tell you that those folks will be involved in the decision.

As Yoda certainly might have said, “Coercion, deceit, and pressure - to the dark side they will take you.” Effective selling is about creating a balance between vendor and customer so that you build mutual trust toward reaching a common goal. Sure, you might find the occasional client who does not operate with integrity. However, don’t punish everyone else for mistakes only a few clients make.

When you tell your client that you might not be the best fit for their current situation, believe me that they will be dying to find a way to do business with you. When you deploy a sales approach built on integrity, you will have a system everyone can embrace, even your customer. Still, carry a light saber just in case.

It’s Your Turn

When have you experienced a salesperson telling you they might not be the best fit. Were you more or less inclined to find business for them?

Also on Forbes:

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Killexams : how much does sap business objects cost?

BusinessObjects was acquired by SAP in 2007 for $6 billion. BusinessObjects was acquired by SAP in 2009 for $78 billion, its largest acquisition to date. Initially, BusinessObjects operated independently, but in 2009 became a SAP division, and its products became SAP BusinessObjects.

Is SAP BusinessObjects dead?

The general availability announcement for SAP BusinessObjects BI 4 was made recently by SAP. The SAP Business Intelligence 4 application is in step 3. Thus, all speculations that SAP was getting rid of BusinessObjects came to an end. SAP announced SAP BI 4 instead. Supported until 2027, this is 3.

What is SAP BusinessObjects platform?

With BusinessObjects Business Intelligence, you can easily report on, visualize, and share data. In its role as an on-premises BI layer for SAP's Business Technology Platform, it transforms data into actionable insights available from any location, at any time.

How much does Business Objects cost?

Starting at $14000, SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence is offered by SAP. The annual fee is $800. There is no free version of the software. There is no free trial for SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence.

How much does SAP for small business cost?

Starting at $24,958/month for SAP Business One AP Business One Starting @ ₹ 24,958/Month*

How much does it cost for SAP?

As for the licenses, a Professional license will set you back about $3213, whereas a Limited license is $1666 per year. For those who are Professional users, they must pay $94 per month per user, whereas those who are Limited users must pay $54 per month per user. Additionally, you can also purchase a subscription for one year for a prepaid amount.

Does SAP own business objects?

SAP BusinessObjects (BO, BOBJ, or BObjects) is a business intelligence (BI) software company founded by SAP. SAP acquired BusinessObjects in 2007 for a reported $5 billion. During its final earnings release before being acquired by SAP, the company reported that it had over 46,000 customers.

Is SAP BusinessObjects free?

Price details on SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence pricing starts at $14,000. The annual fee is $800. There is no free version of the software.

Is SAP BusinessObjects an ERP?

We will now examine the instruments that are included in the SAP BI offer from the end user's perspective: SAP BusinessObjects BI Suite is a real-time BI platform that is on premises. Integrating extra analytical tools, data sources, or separate applications like ERP is also an option.

What is SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence?

With SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence, you can create reports, share data visualisations, and report on it. It transforms data into useful insights and makes them available anytime, anywhere as the on-premise BI layer for SAP's Business Technology Platform.

What is SAP Business Intelligence platform?

SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence is a tool that provides business intelligence. With SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence, you can create reports, share data visualisations, and report on it. In its role as an on-premises BI layer for SAP's Business Technology Platform, it transforms data into actionable insights available from any location, at any time.

What is SAP BusinessObjects Explorer?

The SAP BusinessObjects Explorer lets you access data within your Business Intelligence system in a Google like manner: just type your question and it will deliver the data in a table, chart, or a variety of other ways that will make sense to you.

Which functionalities belong to the current portfolio of SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence?

  • Provide ad hoc queries and BI reporting that will help business users uncover trends and root causes.
  • Applications related to Data Visualization and Analytics.
  • Integration of office software.
  • Is SAP a reporting tool?

    BI is a tool used to store data and report on it. BI (Business Intelligence) involves cleaning raw data, applying business logic, processing it, and presenting user-friendly information. Business Intelligence is a SAP product that offers a user-friendly interface.

    What is SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence?

    A web-based reporting and analysis tool for SAP Business Objects is SAP Business Objects Web Intelligence (WebI). This is a tool that allows you to analyze workforce-related data as a part of the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) of Washington Workforce Analytics (WWA).

    What is meant by SAP Bobj?

    Reporting and analytical business intelligence (BI) are the core functions of SAP BusinessObjects BI. Formerly known as BOBJ, SAP BO is a business intelligence software solution. This is a front-end-based platform for business intelligence that pulls in data from various back-end sources, rather than storing it in the application itself.

    What is the use of Bobj in SAP?

    Reporting and analytical business intelligence (BI) are the core functions of SAP BusinessObjects BI. Formerly known as BOBJ, SAP BO is a business intelligence software solution. The application includes multiple reporting applications that allow users to conduct analytics, find data, ous reporting applications that help the users to find data, conduct analytics, and generate reports.

    What happened to SAP Business Objects?

    Over time, it became one of the largest and most respected BI vendors. BusinessObjects was acquired by SAP in 2007 for $6 billion. In 2001, SAP acquired SAP for $78 billion, their largest acquisition to date.

    Is Business Objects end of life?

    You may be aware that SAP BusinessObjects BI platform version 4 was recently released. From 31 December 2020, number 1 will undergo an official 'End of Life' (EOL) designation. There are still customers still running 4. As long as you keep using unsupported software, you will be subject to the normal operational, security, and compliance risks that go along with this.

    What is the latest version of SAP Business Objects?

    With SAP BusinessObjects BI 4, a highly successful beta has been completed. The third release has been released. The 4. With the latest version 3, this industry leaders' scalable enterprise reporting platform has taken a major step forward.

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Killexams : Microsoft Dataverse: Going from Excel to new AI-powered tools
A person typing on a laptop with symbols representing data and ai in front.
Image: stnazkul/Adobe Stock

Microsoft Excel is the original low-code tool, but data and business logic in an Excel spreadsheet are not managed and not necessarily shared with other business users, so they are not something that can be easily reused outside that spreadsheet. Data in the data platform used by Microsoft’s Power Platform, Dataverse, is richer: There’s metadata that tags business objects like email addresses, invoices and order numbers with details of what should be in them and what business do with them, plus support for business logic, authorization, intelligence and analytics.

Jump to:

The generative AI Power Apps Copilot can already be used to build applications in Microsoft Dataverse by describing in natural language what a user wants the app to do. For example, they can ask Copilot to add more screens, controls and features as they get more ideas.

Excel to App is a new tool in preview to help users bring in data they already have in spreadsheets. It does exactly what the name suggests: Users can drag and drop unstructured data from Excel — or give Copilot a link to the file — and the Power Platform will analyze it, enrich it with the extra information Dataverse needs, and turn it into an app, Nirav Shah, the vice president of Dataverse at Microsoft, explained to TechRepublic ahead of the Microsoft Build event. At the Build developer conference, Microsoft is announcing a range of new AI tools and services.

“Because it’s Power Apps Copilot-enabled, it’s inferring what the table structure should be, how should it name it, what are the descriptions, what are the columns that need to exist and the data types of those columns,” Shah said. “For enumerations (which are lists of possible values), it even automatically generates the values for the option set in the Dataverse schema for you.”

Giving all that Excel data a new home in Dataverse is great for data governance.

“Taking that unmanaged and citizen data out there that’s ungoverned across the enterprise and turning it into a fully managed, structured cloud back end with full authorization policies, governance and security that can scale as the business needs can help alleviate the shadow IT that exists across the enterprise,” Shah pointed out.

The new elastic tables in Dataverse can handle large volumes of non-relational data, up to ingesting tens of millions of rows an hour.

Enterprises already use tools to find “load-bearing” Excel spreadsheets that business users depend on. Now they can encourage them to bring that critical data into Dataverse where the IT team can back up, version and manage it, and other business users can take advantage of it. But, Shah suggested individual users will also want to bring their Excel data into the Power Platform so they can use tools there — like natural language for building the user interface for their app.

“We think this is going to remove a lot of friction,” Shah said. “It provides folks doing personal productivity (tasks in Excel) with a path forward to see the art of the possible with the richness that Dataverse in the Power Platform can provide them.

“Dataverse is the native backend that’s interconnected across the whole Power Platform and making the transition from Excel, all the richness and capabilities we’ve got across the rest of the Power Platform. The fact that you can do this in under a minute really removes the barriers for developers to start leveraging more and more of those capabilities within Dataverse on top of that data.”

New AI-powered tools in Dataverse

Data in Excel might be easy for users to work with individually, but bringing it to Dataverse connects it to a range of new AI tools.

Power Virtual Agent chatbots

Once data is in Dataverse, it’s available for Power Virtual Agents chatbots to use, including the Teams bots users can now make. If a user keeps a list of company hardware assets like projectors in Excel and brings that into Dataverse instead, it could become part of an onboarding chatbot that helps new employees find out how to do things, alongside the official company HR tools.

Those bots can use the Azure Open AI Service to start answering questions the original creator of the bot didn’t design them to handle. For instance, if someone adds VR headsets and HoloLens to the hardware list, they can tell Copilot to include them in the app, and the bot could answer questions about them without the bot author adding those details manually.

Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code

The Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code simplifies creating apps for Teams that use Adaptive Cards as the interface inside Teams. Along with the ChatGPT plugins that Bing is standardizing for its AI chat and Power Platform connectors, the Teams message extensions that can be created with the Teams Toolkit will work as plugins for Microsoft 365 Copilot — the AI tools coming to the Office applications and services, which will have access to data from Dynamics 365 and Power Platform stored in Dataverse.

If there’s a task you need to complete often enough to automate that specifically, it might make sense to create an app in Power Apps to do it. Or once the data is in Dataverse, it might be easier to just ask Copilot to give a status update for the best sales opportunities or a list of the top trending customer issues in the last week. But users don’t have to choose as apps made using Power Apps Copilot have Copilot in them, so they can ask Copilot to do things inside the app.

Data hygiene tools

Now that it’s so easy to use the data in Dataverse for AI what Shah calls “data-driven applications,” it’s vital for it to be clean, complete and correct. This means that it must have full customer details with no missing lines in addresses and all the right details on an invoice. New AI-powered data hygiene tools in Dataverse do deduplication and smart data validation for objects like email addresses and URLs, as well as physical addresses.

“Dataverse has the semantic data model with a deeper knowledge of what the implicit value of the data is for emails and addresses because those are concrete data types, so it can automatically provide a lot more richness in terms of data validation,” said Shah.

Cleaning and normalizing data is something that business users might not think of doing, so having it built into the platform will help them get better results.

“We want to simplify and make it more turnkey for developers to get higher quality data into the system so that the insights, the applications, the business processes are providing as much value as possible for end users of the applications and processes developers are building on top of the system,” Shah said.

SEE: TechRepublic’s cheat sheet about data cleansing

How low-code developers can use Power Fx with Dataverse

Low-code developers can also use the Power Fx language, which will be familiar to anyone who has created Excel functions, to write their own custom validations for any instant or on-demand actions — or to build other reusable plugins for business logic and Dataverse rules with triggers and actions that work with Power Platform connectors and web APIs.

“These are a low-code way to develop business logic and incorporate that into the system without having to go into full-fledged .NET development,” said Shah. “You can trigger on specific records being created or updated within the system and then orchestrate what you want to happen using Power Fx to call other APIs within Dataverse to interact with other data in the system or invoke any of our thousand-plus Power Platform connectors (to other data sources) to orchestrate that logic or even build new APIs using Power FX and then expose those as capabilities that can be leveraged from anything built on top of Dataverse.”

That could send an email to customers thanking them for their orders or replicate anything else that users could do with a SQL stored procedure, but do it directly from Dataverse, rather than needing to know how to program a SQL database.

Users can already create rich custom business logic on events and actions in Dataverse, but this simplifies building that without having to do a lot of bespoke development work.

“We’ve removed a lot of the barrier to entry and made it far easier and more composable to use all the building blocks that already exist within the system,” Shah continued. “It’s leveraging the context that we have within the environment and the data models to make it easier and quicker for developers to add that business logic into the system.”

Using SQL with Dataverse

Dataverse is much more than a SQL database, but developers who already know how to use SQL to write queries to explore, filter, aggregate, sort, join and group data can use the new web-based SQL editor in Power Apps Studio to use those SQL queries against Dataverse tables.

That’s useful because it means existing database developers don’t have to learn a new way to query data, but the same technology is also how the different Microsoft Copilots can work with Dataverse data.

“Behind the scenes, what we’re doing is transforming the query from a logical representation that is manifested through the metadata in Dataverse into the physical storage that we’ve got within Dataverse,” Shah explained. “It’s also a key component to how we support many of the Copilot scenarios being built on top of Dataverse.

“The ability for us to take natural language and translate that into a structured query that can run in the context of the user, with their security and the authorization rules apply to them, to be able to respond to those natural language queries for Power App Copilot, and other Copilots across the Microsoft ecosystem is really, at the core, powered by our support for SQL query on top of Dataverse.”

Again, this helps experienced developers work faster, Shah suggested.

“Professional developers don’t have to build and put all those pieces together themselves,” Shah said. “Because we have that understanding, because we have that native connectivity into the broader Power Platform ecosystem, we’re able to connect the dots automatically, so that they can build these app-specific Copilot experiences in a turnkey fashion and get that value out to their users more quickly, easily, than spending the time to build up that scaffolding themselves.”

SEE: How to query multiple tables in SQL in this TechRepublic tutorial

Securing data via Microsoft Dataverse

With so much important data in Dataverse, organizations may be looking for extra security options. If a user manages their own encryption keys in Azure Key Vault, they can now use this Bring Your Own Key option with Dataverse. They can also limit access based on IP address almost in real time with a new IP firewall that lets the security team choose the IP range users can connect from.

If someone tries to take sensitive actions like deleting their account — which might be legitimate but could also suggest their account has been taken over by an attacker — Azure Active Directory continuous access evaluation takes a look at how the account is authenticated and where it’s connecting from. If a user moved to a different IP address by going home or their machine shows up as connecting from an unfamiliar location, and it’s not in the allowed IP range, their request will be blocked, even though they were already logged in and would usually be allowed to do it.

“Workforces are more remote and hybrid and moving across the world in ways which they haven’t been historically,” Shah pointed out. “If you don’t want users to join from a coffee shop down the street, or you want to keep them in your corporate network, the IP firewall provides a mechanism, another defense in depth capability for folks to secure their infrastructure and protect their precious asset, which is their data.”

The policy for what users are allowed to do with that data might be different depending on which department they work for, and now it can change by what location they’re working in.

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Killexams : 7 Secret Tricks to Scoring a Cheap Business-Class Seat No result found, try new keyword!Land a coveted business-class seat with these clever tricks. With increasingly fewer complimentary upgrades for elite frequent fliers, you may wonder whether it's possible to climb to a higher ... Thu, 01 Jun 2023 12:00:00 -0500 text/html Killexams : Business Professional vs. Business Casual Killexams : Business Professional vs Business Casual

In today’s world of “business professional” and “business casual” attire, it can be tricky to know the appropriate way to dress for an interview, for work at a conservative company such as a financial institution, or for a place where things are a little more laid back. What makes it even trickier is that what is considered “business professional” at one company, such as non-profit or a software organization, might be considered “business casual” at an accounting firm.

So what is a person to do?!

Dress examples on Pinterest

The examples on Pinterest boards reflect this difference in standards between organizations, and you'll see a great deal of overlap.

Here are a few tips: 

  • For interviews, it is always better to be overdressed than underdressed. Even if employees at an organization dress fairly casually, YOU are the one looking for a job and the one being compared against other candidates, so you should always wear professional attire.
  • When you are offered a position, prior to your first day it is completely appropriate to ask your soon-to-be supervisor about the written or unwritten company dress code.
  • If the verbal or written dress code is vague, it is better to err on the side of caution and overdress for your first week, paying attention to those around you to learn company norms and expectations.  Keep in mind that dress code is something that many supervisors find stressful to enforce.  So, if you notice a wide range of attire at the work site, it is best to go with the more conservative look.

Casual Days  

  • If you are at an organization that has limited "business casual" days, the key to remember is that "business casual" is typically one step below "business professional".
  • So if "business professional" means a suit for both men and women at one organization, then "business casual" may be dress pants or skirts without the jacket or tie (for men). If "business professional" means nice pants/skirts (but not suits) at another location, then "business casual" could be khakis and a polo or a casual skirt.
  • The key? Be aware, ASK, and err on the side of caution.

Regardless of business professional or business casual, women should always avoid showing cleavage and mid-drifts, as well as avoid clothing that is too tight or too short. Both men and women should always choose clothing that covers tattoos, and jewelry should be kept to a minimum (no earrings on men!).

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As a homeowner, it feels like there’s always something to be done, and my bank account can only get me so far. Luckily, thanks to the internet, there are plenty of hacks that’ll make your home look so much better — with significantly less time and money than you might think. Bustle talked to more than a dozen home experts, from contractors to professional organizers, to get their favorite tricks for making your home look newer and cleaner.

They also recommended some (shockingly affordable) products to get the job done; that way, you can stay ahead of dirt, clutter, and changing styles. Keep reading to find your next affordable DIY project that makes a big impact with minimal effort.

Or Use This Outlet Extender If That Lets You Skip The Wiring

Addtam USB Wall Charger Surge Protector


© Provided by Bustle

If you don’t want to mess with electrical wiring, there’s a much easier alternative: You can opt for one of these outlet extenders. They plug right in and cover your existing outlets perfectly, but they still create nine new plugs — including three USB-A ports and one USB-C port. They’re also surge-protected and suitable for larger plugs. Currently, they’ve earned an amazing 4.8 overall stars from almost 35,000 reviewers, who have called them “easy,” “brilliant,” and “a must-buy.”

Maximize Your Cleaning Routine With Power Drill Scrubber Attachments

Holikme Drill Brush Power Scrubber Attachment (4-Pack)


© Provided by Bustle

Steven Ip, owner of Boston-based cleaning and maid service Cleanzen, recommends power drill scrubbers when it comes to maximizing your cleaning routine. “They can be more efficient than manual scrubbing. They also save a lot of time and effort as well as remove tough stains.” This set comes with three different attachments that fit most standard power drills (not included), plus an extender for hard-to-reach places. The medium-density nylon bristles on the yellow set are powerful enough to clean porcelain, tiles, and bathroom fixtures without scratching — but you can opt for another color for softer or harder bristles.

And If You Don’t Have A Drill, Consider This Compact All-In-One Scrubber

Rubbermaid Reveal Cordless Scrubber Home Kit (18 Pieces)


© Provided by Bustle

For smaller jobs or if you don’t have a power drill, there’s this Rubbermaid Reveal cordless scrubber kit. Each set includes the battery-operated base as well as several brush heads, scrubber pads, and microfiber pads. That way, you can effortlessly scrub away stubborn messes and hard-to-reach gunk (like the stuff that collects behind the faucet) with an affordable, handheld tool. You can even use it to remove discoloration from textiles. No wonder it’s earned an overall 4.6-star rating from more than 5,500 reviewers.

Make A More Functional Closet With Shelf Dividers

Aolloa Shelf Dividers (6 Pieces)


© Provided by Bustle

Urban wrote, "A functional closet will make daily routines and habits more efficient, practical, and easy to maintain. Plus, a well-planned and designed closet can make your home more appealing to a buyer.” While closet rods are straightforward, closet shelves can be tricker — especially when it comes to clothing. Organize, divide, and stack your clothing with these clear shelf dividers, made from durable acrylic. They clip onto shelves without damage and allow you to create customized sections for your things.

Or Use A Modern Wallpaper To Cover Old Walls

Abyssaly Black Silk Embossed Self Adhesive Peel and Stick Wallpaper


© Provided by Bustle

“If you pick the right type of wallpaper it is definitely possible for a first-timer to achieve a good look (with a bit of patience and help),” wrote Meagher. This black silk adhesive wallpaper has a peel-and-stick design and a layer of PVC lamination, so it’s waterproof and easy to clean. While the grid on the back and the bubble-resistant material make it “super easy to install,” according to reviewers, it’s also supposedly removable so it “doesn’t peel the paint off.” If the moody, modern black with metallic streaks isn’t for you, you can opt for 13 other color options.

Install Weather Stripping To Keep Your Home Cozy

CIKKIIO Self Adhesive Seal Strip


© Provided by Bustle

"Keeping your home temperate during the winter is the first step in creating a cozy atmosphere,” Glenn Wiseman (RASDT, RHDT, and sales manager at Top Hat Home Comfort Services) wrote, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to jack up the heat. Instead, “prevent the warm air from escaping” by “installing extra weather stripping, insulation, and caulking around windows.” This sealing strip has an extremely strong adhesive on one side and a soft, thick brush on the other; that way, it’s easy to install on almost any window or doorframe (without the need for messy glue), but it still effectively keeps out drafts, weather, dust, and even sound.

Fix Wall Dents Or Holes With A $10 Patch Kit

Homax Drywall Patch and Repair Kit


© Provided by Bustle

Wall holes are inevitable, but according to Matt Stone (owner of Hometown Painting LLC), you don’t have to live with them. “Patch your walls with a patch kit to hide nail holes and dents that have accumulated over the years. If you have lived in your home for long you may not realize just how many holes are in your walls from pictures that used to be there,” Stone wrote. This Homax drywall repair kit “has everything you need to patch and fill nail holes or even larger holes.” It includes permanent vinyl spackling, a steel wall patch, a putty knife, and two sanding pads. You can use it on both drywall and plaster.

Wash Years Of Grime Off Of Your Home With A Pressure Washer

Greenworks 1600 PSI 1.2 GPM Pressure Washer


© Provided by Bustle

According to Tory Jon, founder of Camper FAQs and expert in RV/mobile home maintenance, a pressure washer will take years off of the appearance of your home: “One of the cheapest, easiest ways to Improve your living space, whether you live in an RV or a bungalow, is to wash the years of dirt and grime off the exterior of your home. It isn't glamorous and it might take the whole weekend but your home will look like it has a fresh coat of paint — it’s really satisfying!" This upright pressure washer is significantly more affordable than most, but still has 1600 PSI and includes multiple accessories (including a 20-foot hose and a soap applicator) to blast through grime.

Utilize Doors For Extra Storage Space

Smart Design Adjustable Over The Door Organizer


© Provided by Bustle

Running low on organization space? “Think vertically,” wrote Michelle Urban, professional home organizer and owner of The Organized House. “If you've already decluttered and are still longing for more space, you can always take advantage of your vertical space and use your walls' upwards real estate — especially doors.” This over-the-door organizer comes with five height-adjustable shelves and is made from durable, rust-proof steel. It’s also easy to install without tools, but it comes with screws and hooks for additional security.

Hang The Essentials In Your Bathroom Or Entryway

LUCYCAZ Over The Door Organizer


© Provided by Bustle

While the last over-the-door organizer is great for pantries and crafting supplies, this hanging storage rack with hooks is ideal for bathrooms, bedrooms, and entryways. In addition to two wire baskets for toiletries and decor, it also has five sturdy hooks for keys, hats, scarves, or towels. It’s suitable for most doors less than 1.8 inches thick, and it’s made from metal with a PVC coating in your choice of six colors. Best of all, just slip it over your door and you’re done.

Combine Natural Materials With Warm, Soft Light

Zenply Small Table Lamp


© Provided by Bustle

According to Teri Simone, Head of Design and Marketing at Nieu Cabinet Doors, the right accents go a long way. “Adding natural materials such as wood, wicker, and dried pampas grass in vases will give the room an inviting feel - especially with soft, warm lighting from candles and side lamps." This small table lamp combines several of Simone’s recommendations into one: Its light wood base ties in natural materials, while its textured, pleated lamp shade diffuses the light from the included LED bulb to create a soft ambiance. Wherever you place it (bedroom, living space, or even the kitchen as per TikTok’s kitchen lamp trend), its non-slip foam base prevents skidding and scratches.

File Plates, Cutting Boards & Platters Vertically For Easy Access

Fellowes Desktop Organizer


© Provided by Bustle

Christina Giaquinto, Professional Organizer and Brand Ambassador of Modular Closets, wrote “magazine and file holders are one of my favorite tools to organize, because they have a built-in slot system which easily allows you to organize many different items!” (This wire organizer features 11 divider sections and comes in your choice of white or black for under $10.) According to Giaquinto, they’re great for “cutting boards, plates, serving dishes, baking tins, and platters” because they keep everything separate to avoid chips and damage, but still allow you to effortlessly “see everything when looking for your item.”

Replace Old Electrical Plates With USB-Compatible Ones

TOPGREENER USB Wall Outlet Charger (2-Pack)


© Provided by Bustle

Joel Kruse, owner of Hometown Handyman in Minnesota, recommends that you replace old, outdated electric outlets with new ones that contain USB ports. That way, there’s no need for clunky blocks or adapters; you can charge your modern electronics straight from the plate. TOPGREENER’s two-pack of duplex receptacles plugs features your standard double outlets, but also includes two USB ports for fast, direct charging. Each one has IntelliChip technology to recognize and adapt to your tech, and is tamper-resistant and back- and side-wired for easier installation. Get these in white, black, brown, gray, or light almond.

Switch Out Your Switchplates For More Decorative Alternatives

Amerelle Carson Wallplate


© Provided by Bustle

On a similar note, Stone recommends that you also update your switch and plug plates, while you’re at it. They’re an “easy way to update a room” and “if you can use a screwdriver,” you can do this job yourself. Stone wrote, “There are so many decorative options available besides the regular boring plastic ones,” like this oak wood wallplate “that you can paint to match the color of the wall (or any color you want)." That said, some reviewers loved the natural finish so much, they left it as-is. Get it in a range of different cut-outs for various outlet and switch types.

Organize Drawers With Modular Dividers

Pipishell Bamboo Drawer Organizer Set (5-Pieces)


© Provided by Bustle

“These bamboo drawer dividers are magic!” wrote Melissa Gugni, a professional organizer from the San Francisco Bay area. “They can turn a silverware, utensil, or even junk drawer into a beautiful and orderly little oasis. Because they are modular, they can be used in any size drawer. I have heard many clients squeal with glee when opening one that I have organized!" The recommended set comes with five pieces in all different sizes, all made from stylish, eco-friendly bamboo wood. They’re also pretty enough to be used on top of counters, art desks, and vanities.

Consider A Stylish, Modular System That Changes With Your Needs

XAOMLP Wooden Pegboard Modular Display


© Provided by Bustle

Gugni also recommends this modular wooden pegboard, since it’s “where form and function come together. So many folks are overwhelmed by their entryways/landing areas, and hanging one of these by the door for hanging bags, keys and other essentials can be a life changer.” According to Gugni, the two available colors work “seamlessly with most home decor styles,” and “they are quite easy to install,” too. Each set includes both pegs and shelves, which you can arrange as needed to suit your specific items.

Collect Clutter, Toys & Supplies In A Rolling Cart

Pipishell 3-Tier Mesh Utility Cart


© Provided by Bustle

Finally, Gugni asked, "Is there anyone who couldn't benefit from one of these carts?” They’re made from metal (in your choice of three colors) and have three tiers with a push handle, so they’re extremely versatile. “I have used them for everything from kids' art supplies, extra storage in the pantry, tool storage, and even as a plant stand,” Gugni wrote. “Because they have wheels, they are perfect for collecting supplies for easy clean up (and can be rolled into a closet when guests arrive). I love using them to hold cleaning supplies that can be rolled around the house as needed. They hold so much and are cute to boot."

Install Recessed Lighting To Create A Bright, Inviting Sanctuary

Ensenior Ultra-Thin LED Recessed Ceiling Light (6-Pack)


© Provided by Bustle

“Installing recessed lights is an easy way to tremendously Improve the lighting in any space,” wrote Jordan Fulmer, owner of Momentum Property Solutions (a house flipping company in Huntsville, AL). “They can transform a dark, drab room into a bright and inviting sanctuary. And the great part is, they are simple to install! The entire process should only take a few hours.” Take this recessed ceiling lights set, for example. There is “electricity involved, but the manufacturers have made the connection process as simple as possible so anyone that is even somewhat handy can figure it out.” In fact, there are just six steps, and the overall 4.8-star rating from reviewers proves their ease of installation. They’re also dimmable and come in two sizes and ample warmth options.

Or Use Battery-Operated Ceiling Lights To Avoid Wiring

BIGLIGHT Battery Operated Wireless LED Ceiling Light (2-Pack)


© Provided by Bustle

According to Fulmer, “if you don't want to deal with electricity, there are battery-powered options as well. Most recessed lights have multiple size, intensity, and color temperature options to suit your needs." This two-pack is powered by 3C-cell batteries (not included) and mounts to your ceiling using the included screws. Best of all, there’s a remote control that allows you to change the color, brightness, and mode, not to mention set automatic timers to save power.

Or Try A Garden Hose Adapter For A More Affordable Alternative

Aok Garden Pressure Power Washer Spray Nozzle


© Provided by Bustle

It’s not as powerful as a real pressure washer, but this spray nozzle kit boosts the power of your standard garden hose tenfold. It includes two brass nozzles for a jet stream and a fan spray, plus it has a padded handle for comfortable use. “It’s like having a mini fire truck hose coming out of your spigot,” wrote one impressed reviewer. “Works incredibly well and the major pieces being made of metal are key in with this lasting longer. Such a great purchase for the price!”

Use Trisodium Phosphate For Especially Stubborn Discoloration

Savogran Trisodium Phosphate (2-Pack)


© Provided by Bustle

“Usually some trisodium phosphate (TSP) cleaner or regular dishsoap will work wonders,” Jon continued. Trisodium phosphate can be used to clean grime off of paint and varnish, as well as to remove smoke and soot stains from indoor walls. Before using it, however, “just consult the washer manual first. If you are concerned about runoff reaching your garden or the environmental impact of your cleaner, you can use plain water or an environmentally friendly cleaning solution."

Or Create A Closet Where There Wasn’t One

GREENSTELL Clothes Rack (2-Pack)


© Provided by Bustle

Closets are one of those things that you either have enough of or you don’t — and building one can be expensive and messy. These pipe garment racks give you a new place to hang your clothes, and most importantly, their industrial, heavy-duty aesthetic makes them look intentional. You get two rods in each order, both of which are strong enough to support over 130 pounds, and according to reviewers, they’re “very easy to install.”

Optimize Your Closet Space With Vertical Hangers

MORALVE Pants Hangers (2-Pack)


© Provided by Bustle

And when it comes to more spacious, intentional closets, don’t forget these waterfall hangers. Their slip-resistant, horizontal bars are designed for pants, but you can also use them for skirts, scarves, and other accessories. Best of all, they have two hooks for easy loading on laundry day, but when you’re done, one of the hooks comes off for vertical hanging that optimizes your closet space. Get them in your choice of four colors, all of which aim to elevate the aesthetic.

Cover Damaged Drywall With Shiplap

BarnwoodUSA Rustic Farmhouse Reclaimed Barn Wood Bundle (20-Pack)


© Provided by Bustle

According to Ryan Meagher, business development manager for BVM Contracting, when you’re dealing with “damaged drywall,” you can “add wallpaper or shiplap” instead of “meticulously fixing it with tape and mud.” Since “shiplap (or similar products) is easier to install than wallpaper,” this reclaimed barn wood bundle has been a go-to for many Amazon customers who are looking to make a rustic statement. Some have used it to make backsplashes, refurbish furniture, or build wall hangers, while others have created gorgeous accent walls in their home. You can choose between white wash or natural weathered gray, and the planks come in various measurement options.

Choose Lighting That Doubles As A Statement Piece

HROOME Unique Bedside Table Lamp


© Provided by Bustle

Alexandra Kushner, interior design expert for the Decorio app, also believes in the power of a proper lighting setup, “which is essential for creating a cozy atmosphere.” Kushner likes “using animal-shaped bronze or brass candleholders in my home decor,” which make a statement and provide illumination at the same time. If natural materials are more your vibe, consider this unique bedside table lamp. It doubles as decor, but is equally as functional thanks to its warm, adjustable light that you can direct any which way with its posable wooden limbs.

Add Shelves That Elevate Your Aesthetic

SHARIO Floating Shelves (Set of 2)


© Provided by Bustle

“Depending on your aesthetics, adding shelves can maximize your space for storage or displaying decorations that match the feel of your home,” wrote Stephen Keighery, CEO and Founder of Home Buyer Louisiana. Since they have a faux-marble surface (which is actually made from solid cedar wood) and gold-brass railings (with a built-in towel holder on one), these white floating shelves seriously elevate your kitchen or bathroom aesthetic — all while adding storage. If you love the design but not the color, they come in seven other options, too.

Or Add A More Rustic Touch For Plants & Decor

Love-KANKEI Wall Mounted Floating Shelves (Set of 3)


© Provided by Bustle

These floating shelves are similar in that they’re wall-mounted, easy to install, and a fan favorite on Amazon. That said, their country-rustic wood and black brackets give them an earthier touch that reviewers love for displaying their plants and cozy decor. “Very good value for the money,” one wrote. “The design and brackets look great. I used them in my small cabin in the woods to help get things off the countertop.” Get them in your choice of two sizes and 10 different colors.

Or Add A Shelf Above Your Stove

StoveShelf Magnetic Shelf


© Provided by Bustle

Shelves don’t have to be wall-mounted in order to be practical. Take the StoveShelf, for example. This sturdy, stainless steel shelf magnetically attaches to the top of your stove (without damage, tools, or installation), so you can get those condiments and spices off of the counter. What’s more, they’ll always be visible and within reach while you’re cooking. It comes in three different sizes to fit most flat and curved stove designs, and so far, it’s earned an overall 4.7-star rating from more than 15,000 reviewers.

Organize Your Garage With Sturdy Wall Hooks

SMARTOLOGY Garage Hooks (12-Pack)


© Provided by Bustle

“Hooks are a huge help for organizing garages!” wrote Giaquinto. “They allow you to organize most garage tools and items,” including brooms, shovels, extension cords, and (in the case of these top-rated garage hooks) even ladders and bikes. Most importantly, since they’re easy to mount on just about any type of wall, they get clutter off of the floor and out of the way — but still display it in a way that you can view and access it. This set of 10 comes in five different sizes and is made from alloy steel with a load-bearing design, so the biggest of them can support up to 77 pounds.

Or Caulk Without The Mess

M-D Building Products Replaceable Caulking Cord


© Provided by Bustle

Alternatively, there’s this replaceable caulking cord. Like its in-tube counterpart, it creates a flexible, paintable seal around cracks, windows, and doorframes — inside or out. Unlike traditional caulk, however, the peel-and-use design allows you to choose the width you need and install it without any tacky mess. “This stuff is awesome. I wish I had known about it years ago!” one reviewer wrote. “My husband and I started caulking our old drafty windows, but it was a real pain and was making quite a mess, which was stressing me out. Then I found this stuff online! I’ve been putting it on the windows now and it has stopped the drafts! Amazing!”

Neaten Up Your Workspace With A Mini Drawer Organizer

Mind Reader 3 Tier Drawer Organizer


© Provided by Bustle

Joel Phillips, home remodeler for over 15 years and the founder of HomeGuideCorner, wrote "You can get a mini drawer organizer for your reading/work table,” which is a “quick fix” if you often “misplace your small objects.” This three-tier organizer has stacked mesh drawers that are great for notebooks, pens, glasses, small tools, and other supplies. Its black metal exterior still allows you to see what’s inside, but effectively organizes and neatens up your desktop clutter. According to reviewers, it’s “great for smaller desks” and holds “all sorts of miscellaneous stuff.”

Or Get A Compartment Organizer So You Can See & Grab Your Essentials

My Space Organizers Desk Organizer with Drawer


© Provided by Bustle

As an alternative to stacked drawers, this nine-compartment organizer holds and displays your items, so you can see what you need at a glance and grab it with ease. While your notebooks, pens, scissors, and sticky notes will be out in the open, they’ll still be neatly contained in a stylish acrylic unit with a white-gray marble pattern. (It also comes in black, gray, or clear.) Other noteworthy features include non-slip rubber grips, a small drawer to hold tiny items like keys and paperclips, and the fact that it comes fully assembled.

Replace Your Air Filter At Least Once Every 3 Months

Filterbuy Air Filter


© Provided by Bustle

Finally, while this isn’t the most luxurious upgrade, it’s an essential one according to Wiseman: "Replacing the air filter is a super quick and inexpensive fix to help Improve HVAC health. You should do this regularly” — roughly “every once every one to three months” — in order to “prevent the buildup of particles in the filter,” which will reduce “airflow and air quality in the home.” This air filter has an electrostatically charged, pleated design that aims to trap 90% of airborne particles (like dust and pollen) without disrupting airflow. It measures 16 by 25 inches, but the brand sells plenty of other sizes here. Be sure to measure your vent size before purchasing.

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