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PowerCenter Data Integration 9.x Administrator Specialist
Informatica Administrator mock

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PR000007 PowerCenter Data Integration 9.x Administrator Specialist
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PowerCenter Data Integration 9.x Administrator Specialist
Question: 102
When can a reduce class also serve as a combiner without affecting the output of a
MapReduce program?
A. When the types of the reduce operation’s input key and input value match the types
of the reducer’s output key and output value and when the reduce operation is both
communicative and associative.
B. When the signature of the reduce method matches the signature of the combine
C. Always. Code can be reused in Java since it is a polymorphic object-oriented
programming language.
D. Always. The point of a combiner is to serve as a mini-reducer directly after the map
phase to increase performance.
E. Never. Combiners and reducers must be implemented separately because they serve
different purposes.
Answer: A
Question: 103
You want to run Hadoop jobs on your development workstation for testing before you
submit them to your production cluster. Which mode of operation in Hadoop allows you
to most closely simulate a production cluster while using a single machine?
A. Run all the nodes in your production cluster as virtual machines on your development
B. Run the hadoop command with the –jt local and the –fs file:///options.
C. Run the DataNode, TaskTracker, NameNode and JobTracker daemons on a single
D. Run simldooop, the Apache open-source software for simulating Hadoop clusters.
Answer: C
Question: 104
Which one of the following files is required in every Oozie Workflow application?
B. Config-default.xml
C. Workflow.xml
D. Oozie.xml
Answer: C
Question: 105
Workflows expressed in Oozie can contain:
A. Sequences of MapReduce and Pig. These sequences can be combined with other
actions including forks, decision points, and path joins.
B. Sequences of MapReduce job only; on Pig on Hive tasks or jobs. These MapReduce
sequences can be combined with forks and path joins.
C. Sequences of MapReduce and Pig jobs. These are limited to linear sequences of
actions with exception handlers but no forks.
D. Iterntive repetition of MapReduce jobs until a desired answer or state is reached.
Answer: A
Question: 106
Which best describes what the map method accepts and emits?
A. It accepts a single key-value pair as input and emits a single key and list of
corresponding values as output.
B. It accepts a single key-value pairs as input and can emit only one key-value pair as
C. It accepts a list key-value pairs as input and can emit only one key-value pair as
D. It accepts a single key-value pairs as input and can emit any number of key-value pair
as output, including zero.
Answer: D
Question: 107
Which HDFS command copies an HDFS file named foo to the local filesystem as
A. hadoop fs -get foo LocalFoo
B. hadoop -cp foo LocalFoo
C. hadoop fs -Is foo
D. hadoop fs -put foo LocalFoo
Answer: A
Question: 108
Identify the tool best suited to import a portion of a relational database every day as files
into HDFS, and generate Java classes to interact with that imported data?
A. Oozie
B. Flume
C. Pig
D. Hue
E. Hive
F. Sqoop
G. fuse-dfs
Answer: F
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