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HR Professional syllabus
Killexams : HR Professional syllabus - BingNews Search results Killexams : HR Professional syllabus - BingNews Killexams : 4 HR Courses to Take for Professional Development in Abu Dhabi

Today, we know handwashing will help keep us safe and healthy. It wasn’t always this way. Did you know that a 19th-century doctor in Vienna, Ignaz Semmelweis, lost his job and credibility because he insisted everyone under him wash his hands before handling maternity ward patients?

You’re probably wondering how this relates to human resources or HR courses.


Professional Development: A Must to Advance

Professional knowledge decays. According to Martín-J. Sepúlveda, as cited in a 2017 Harvard Medical School (HMS) article, the half-life of medical knowledge at this writing should be around 73 days. Simply put, a medical professional can expect half of his medical knowledge gone in 73 days. When HMS published the article, the medical knowledge half-life was at 18-24 months.

Medical science does not have a monopoly on this trend of accelerated rate of knowledge decay. A human’s capacity to retain knowledge is limited. To make things worse, he must now take in an overwhelming amount of information. Modern developments have also rendered moot, irrelevant, or false what people might have deemed unassailable in the past. Case in point: handwashing.

Thus, all professionals, including HR professionals, must play a game of catch-up. They have to strive hard just to remain half as proficient as they were a few years back.

If a professional has to strive so hard to remain in place, how much more does he have to do if he wishes to advance?

Now that you appreciate how much hard work it must take to advance in any profession, what do you need to do to grow in the HR profession?

Yes, you can take HR courses. Human resource courses will Improve your knowledge, develop your skills, and deliver you credentials that will help you ascend the HR career ladder.

HR Courses to Improve (and Prove) Your HR Knowledge and Skills

These are four HR courses you should consider taking if you’re an HR professional in Abu Dhabi.

  1. Certified Human Resource Professional (CHRP)

This Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) United Kingdom (UK) approved course will help refresh and validate your HR knowledge. It will help you master the skills you need to perform the day-to-day tasks of an HR professional.


The course will help review and add to your knowledge in the following subject matter areas:

  • HR Policy
  • Recruitment
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Performance Management
  • UAE Labor Law
  • Training & Development
  • Succession Planning
  • Employee Engagement
  • Termination & Exit Interview

Is it for you?

If you are working in the HR department and wish to advance your HR knowledge or learn a better and more efficient way of doing things, you need this course. It will teach you specific practical skills you may readily apply in the workplace.

This course should also prove helpful even if you are not in HR. If you’re an undergraduate student planning a career in HR, a new graduate looking for HR work, or someone looking to make a lateral transfer into HR, you should take this course.

  1. Management Development Program

This is another ILM UK-approved course. This is a course for low-level, mid-level, and executive-level managers.

An HR manager should find this particularly beneficial because this will teach him how to effectively manage his HR team (or the entire HR department, if he’s the head of people in his company). The managerial knowledge and skills he will gain from this course can inform his HR programs and initiatives, specifically how to use motivation to enhance employee productivity, development, and performance.


This course covers the following topics:

  • A Psychological Approach
  • Object–Oriented Theory
  • Using Reinforcement Theory
  • Using Expectancy Theory
  • Personality’s Role in Motivation
  • Setting Goals
  • A Personal Toolbox
  • Motivation on the Job
  • Addressing Specific Morale Issues
  • Keeping Yourself Motivated

Is it for you?

This is for you if you are in a position that manages people. Unit supervisors, team managers, department heads, and anyone with a managerial post will benefit from this course. This course is particularly apt if you are a new manager or have been in management but have had no formal management training.

In particular, HR managers and executives will find this course helpful because they can apply what they will learn here in their programs and activities targeting managerial employees.

  1. Team Work and Team Building

The Team Work and Team Building course will teach managers how to establish better communication and cooperation among their team members (themselves included). It will provide team managers and supervisors with a framework they can use as a basis for team development and provide examples of team-building activities, including the context in which they are most appropriate.


This course covers the following topics:

  • Defining Success
  • Types of Teams
  • Forming: The First Stage of Team Development
  • Storming: The Second Stage of Team Development
  • Norming: The Third Stage of Team Development
  • Performing: The Fourth Stage of Team Development
  • Team Building Activities
  • Making the Most of Team Meetings
  • Solving Problems as a Team
  • Encouraging Teamwork

Is it for you?

Any manager, unit head, supervisor — anyone who manages a team of people — will benefit from better communication and cooperation among his team members and should find this course practical.

HR professionals, in particular, can take this course to learn about the theory and practice of team work and team building. This will help them develop programs and implement activities that will Improve the team dynamics in their respective companies.

  1. Employee Motivation

The ultimate goal of human resource management and development is to maximize the return on the company’s human capital (i.e., employees) investment. Any HR professional should be able to confirm this.

This course, therefore, is essential to any practicing HR professional. After all, employee motivation is significantly and positively associated with productivity (Nimusima & Tumwine, 2016).

The course will teach you different motivation frameworks (object-oriented, reinforcement, expectancy, etc.) you can use as a basis for creating programs and policies to Improve employee motivation.


This course will cover the following topics:

  • A Psychological Approach
  • Object–Oriented Theory
  • Using Reinforcement Theory
  • Using Expectancy Theory
  • Personality’s Role in Motivation
  • Setting Goals
  • A Personal Toolbox
  • Motivation on the Job
  • Addressing Specific Morale Issues
  • Keeping Yourself Motivated

Is it for you?

The Employee Motivation course is for you if you are an HR professional who wants a practical and practicable approach to motivating employees.

Continuing Education for Professional Development

Knowledge has an expiration date. Years from now, what you know today may no longer be valid or relevant. There are also certain things you don’t know; for instance, did you know that brain training can Improve employee productivity?

As such, you must commit to lifelong learning. That’s the only way to remain proficient and effective as a human resource professional.

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Killexams : Human resources launches a self-guided learning library

The Office of Human Resources launched a new learning library to empower employees to take charge of their professional development and start their learning journey.

The online and self-guided learning library is organized into categories, or content areas, to help employees build their professional skill set. Each content area includes links to self-paced online courses, book and article recommendations, and other learning materials to explore at one's own pace.

“The new learning library is designed to deliver employees quick and easy access to a variety of learning opportunities on commonly requested topics,” said Tiffany Lundy, associate director of learning and development. “It is a one-stop resource that can be revisited time and time again to expand on a specific skill or develop new ones.”

The learning library will be updated periodically and includes a monthly learning challenge to cultivate a continuous learning mindset, Lundy said.

Each month, human resources provides a new learning opportunity on a featured Topic and encourages employees to set time in their schedule to develop a specific professional skill. Each challenge includes a series of both independent and team activities. 

Many of the learning resources in the online and self-guided learning library are from LinkedIn Learning, an online learning platform that offers video-based courses for professional development. All employees have free access to LinkedIn Learning content, which includes more than 8,000 courses taught in seven languages. It also offers robust learning paths and thousands of bite-sized videos for learning 'in the moment.'

For more information about LinkedIn Learning, visit the HR website.

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Killexams : HR Professional Services HR Certified LLC Celebrates Its 4th Anniversary

HR Certified LLC is celebrating its 4 year anniversary and reveals some of its big wins and challenges it faced getting this far. More information on the business can be found at

HR Certified LLC is celebrating its 4th Anniversary, which commemorates a continuous journey of evolution of personal and professional growth, and fulfillment all while impactful in its years in business. This is a huge milestone for the Atlanta-based HR Professional Services business, providing HR preparation courses to busy HR Professionals looking to obtain HRCI (aPHR, PHR, SPHR) and SHRM (SHRM-CP & SHRM-SCP) Certification since 2018.

HR Certified LLC got its start in 2018 when founder Anthony P. Howard, the founder, found a need to increase representation in the Human Resources industry and saw the opportunity to address it through upskilling and attraction efforts.

One of HR Certified LLC’s earliest challenges was adequately scaling the business while still employed as a full-time employee.

While every business faces challenges, some, like HR Certified LLC, are fortunate enough to enjoy real successes, wins, and victories too. One such victory came when HR Certified, LLC was recognized by Forbes through acceptance as a Forbes Coaches Council Member. It recognized our high-quality standard as a business and assisted greatly in branding efforts.

Anthony P. Howard, Founder & CEO at HR Certified LLC, was quoted when discussing another big win. “One of the high points of HR Certified LLC’s history so far was Another big win was the formalization of a strategic partnership with HR Education Network that expands capabilities to include more choices for clients in class offerings, more variety of instruction to meet the unique learning styles of our students, enhance the service model to include professional coaching and onsite training options, and expands our geographic footprint to include three cities, Atlanta, Chicago, and Dallas..”

HR Certified LLC’s Founder, Anthony P. Howard says, “We’re delighted to be celebrating our 4 Year Anniversary. I believe the secret to success in this business today is to follow your passion and connect that to the greater good. Keeping your passion as a guide will increase your resiliency for the many setbacks and distractions that will come.”.

HR Certified LLC currently has 12 employees and has big plans for the upcoming year. One of their core objectives is to become the enabler of top HR talent in the United States through upskilling and attraction efforts for underrepresented groups.

HR Certified LLC would also like to thank friends, customers, and partners for their good wishes on this happy occasion.

More information on the business can be found at

Contact Info:
Name: Anthony P Howard, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
Email: Send Email
Organization: HR Certified LLC
Address: 1700 Northside Drive Northwest Suite A7 PMB 1745, Atlanta, GA 30318, United States
Phone: +1-312-262-3872

Release ID: 89085876

If you detect any issues, problems, or errors in this press release content, kindly contact [email protected] to notify us. We will respond and rectify the situation in the next 8 hours.

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Killexams : Career as an HR manager: Education, top colleges, skills, responsibilities and more


To succeed in a career like Human Resource Management a person has to have the knack for understanding human relations

HR professionals interview and hire new employees, create training programs and supervise the operation of the other departments as well

A workforce is what makes a company successful. The (HR) Human resources are the department that looks after the people who work for the company and its operations. An ideal HR professional has to adapt themselves to a working environment where they are required to solve problems, coordinate, and assess achievements along with handling the company’s culture.

With the changes in the way of working and employee-employer relations, the role of a Human resource manager or an HR manager is beyond just performing administrative tasks and headhunting. They are responsible for bridging the gap between management and employees. In other words, Human resource management (HRM) is the strategic approach to managing people in an organisation effectively.

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Educational requirements for beginning a career in HRM

Pursuing a career in HRM starts by you meeting the basic eligibility criteria. HRM courses are usually provided at the postgraduate level in India, particularly with an MBA. However, there are multiple options available for someone who wants to prepare for this career right after their 10 +12 or during their graduation.

However, remember that it is not necessary to come from a non-technical or technical background. Possessing specific skills and having relevant industry experience is now being given more importance than degrees. There are also several online websites that offer courses in HRM, which provide the relevant knowledge and experience required for pursuing a career as a human resource manager.

Top Indian colleges providing courses in HRM

In India, graduates commonly opt for an MBA with a specialisation in HR. The course usually lasts two years and includes a mandatory internship, often followed by campus placements. Graduates looking to become HR managers can check out colleges or institutes that offer this programme.

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Here are the top ten MBA colleges in India that offer specialisation programmes in HR :

  1. Xavier Labour Relations Institute (XLRI) Jamshedpur
  2. Management Development Institute (MDI) Gurgaon
  3. SVKMs NMIMS (Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies) Mumbai
  4. Tata Institute of Social Sciences Mumbai
  5. International Management Institute (IMI) Delhi
  6. Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ranchi
  7. University Business School (UBS), Panjab University, Chandigarh
  8. Xavier Institute of Social Service Ranchi
  9. Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management, Kolkata
  10. International School of Business and Media, Pune

Skills required for HR professionals

To succeed in a career like Human Resource Management a person has to have the knack for understanding human relations. They should excel in moulding their operational style according to different people as and when necessary. Additionally, an HR professional should focus on people development and come up with strategic planning for the same.

Following are some key soft skills that are required from a human resource manager:

  • Organisation skills
  • Time management
  • Adaptability
  • Problem Solving
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Communication

Major responsibilities of HR professionals

An experienced HR professional provides leadership and direction to ensure the company operates efficiently. Apart from interviewing and hiring new employees, they create training and development programs and supervise the operation of the other departments as well.

Here are some of the major responsibilities of a human resources manager:

  • Improve the organisation's human resources by planning, implementing and assessing human resource programs and policies
  • Bridge gaps in the relationship between the employees and the management by addressing complaints
  • Look after the recruitment and selection procedure
  • Conduct training programs for new and current employees
  • Liaise with different departments to understand staff shortage and create a job vacancy portal
  • Make sure there is a positive and safe work environment for everyone to work
  • Manage workplace grievances, disciplinary and termination procedures
  • Provide training to junior HRs.

HR Manager salaries

The remuneration for an HR manager depends on factors such as years of experience, certifications, skill sets, education and location. The pay scale varies from company to company but in India, on an average, an HR manager makes nearly 3.6 LPA per year.

A human resources manager or HR manager is an important person in any organisation, one who is responsible for creating a holistic work environment and fostering a healthy employer-employee relationship. Often, they form the framework that keeps the rest of the set up work smoothly.

Last updated on 09 Nov 2022

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Killexams : Strategies that are followed by the HR leaders for women employee that break down the barriers in the tech industry

The Indian technology sector is long known for gender biases as it has always been dominated by males. However, with the advent of new-age technologies, there is a radical shift in women’s behaviour in exploring IT as one of the most sought-after career options. The number of women enrolling in B.Tech and other IT courses has significantly increased from eight percent to 19.72 percent between 2016 and 2021, as per the Ministry of Education’s latest data. Yet still, there is a stark gender divide in the Indian tech industry that needs a vital solution to promote diversity, inclusivity and enhance profitability.

Usually, women reaching to their mid-thirties deliver up on their careers to handle societal and cultural responsibility. Though the number of women entering the IT sector is almost equal to that of men, their ratio in the industry certainly decreases while working at managerial levels. As per the facts – women in entry-level recruits are close to 51% while women in management positions account for 25% and less than 1% at the C-suite level. As a result, the industry remains male-dominated, creating a wide gender diversity gap. 

To eliminate the biases from the sector, talent managers work extremely hard alongside running awareness campaigns or educating the people of the company. However, a few more steps are yet to be taken on the ground level to completely abolish it from the spectrum. 

Leveraging the certification and upskilling programs

Despite being competent candidates, women making comebacks in their careers are always forced to start afresh. Even if they are joining after a sabbatical, women need to start from scratch which becomes a barrier in the path of their career. To combat such situations, women must enroll themselves in strong certification or upskilling programs that hone their skills and strengthens their portfolio. It complements to their experience and puts them on the radar of recruiters in top organizations. As a result, women can keep up the pace with their counterparts and no longer have to prove their expertise or settle for less in the tech industry again.    

Exposure to new technologies and automation

New technologies are disrupting the digital landscape considering their incredible potential to pull off conventional tasks in the workplace. To win the race of gender diversity, women must be adept at using the technologies that companies are utilizing to expedite their business journey. Getting exposure to technologies like AI, ML, Blockchain, IoT and others can help women gain more clarity on their career path. It will pose as a vital step in breaking the barriers in career progressions and job appraisals. This will open more opportunities to women in their own technical roles and responsibilities, thereby becoming future-proof. 

Acquiring a new skill set on technology tools

In the present scenario, technological transformation is the key to business sustainability that is backed by deep analytics. Women in the tech sector must have hands-on with relevant tools to make sense of existing data sets and visualising them. By acquiring expertise in advanced technology tools, women can become industry ready with no more mansplaining. In a gender-sundry business environment,  it is always the skill set that wins over the gender divide in the industry. Women should strive to equip themselves with changing needs of the technology sector to secure their professional journey not only in their existing organization but also in the industry. 


Though the corporate world has changed dramatically in the past two decades for women, breaking tangible and intangible barriers can bestow present-day women with new responsibilities to change the existing landscape of the technology sector. New skills and competencies are becoming part of the bigger picture, organizations are gradually eliminating gender-based remuneration gaps. Sound technical skillsets and expertise are empowering women to become at the forefront of promoting inclusivity. As a result, women are embracing their effort to change the things that are opposed to them for ages. 

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Views expressed above are the author's own.


Fri, 25 Nov 2022 21:30:00 -0600 Yogita Tulsiani en-US text/html
Killexams : Etown student to provide courses through Etown Edge

Senior Eric Schubert has had a lot to celebrate throughout his four years at Elizabethtown College. Last spring, Schubert went viral for solving a murder case that went cold in the 1960s through his thorough knowledge of genealogy. Now, he’s providing courses through Etown Edge to share his love for genealogy and research.

Schubert is offering two courses through Etown Edge. The first, “Genealogy Research: An Introduction Course” is for beginners who are wading into genealogy for the first time. Learning outcomes for the introductory course include general ways on how to begin a traditional genealogy search from scratch, an understanding of the types of historical records to search, the definition of genealogy and methods to overcome assorted challenges.

The second course, “Genetic Genealogy Research: An Introduction” is for those who want to learn applications of genetic genealogy. Learning outcomes for this course include the definition of genetic genealogy and other key terms related to the field, how a biological parent/grandparent mystery can be solved using genetic genealogy and why seeing context clues can be vital to a genetic genealogy search. Both courses have a time limit of 60 days.

Schubert’s courses provide affordable and flexible options for students to learn from where they are. At the end of each micro-credential, a certificate and continuing education unit is delivered.

The program offers more than 300 affordable micro-credential courses and can help working professionals to grow their portfolio and demonstrate their achievements and knowledge. Etown Edge lets students learn at a self-driven pace, and they can choose from a la carte or customized certificate bundles.

In addition to Schubert’s genealogy courses, Etown Edge also provides credentials in cyber security, data analytics and statistics, diversity, equity and belonging, human resources, leadership and foreign languages.

To learn more about Etown Edge, visit

Tue, 22 Nov 2022 13:48:00 -0600 en-US text/html
Killexams : University of Phoenix Launches AWS Solutions Architect Professional Development Courses

PHOENIX--()--University of Phoenix professional development announces the launch of a new AWS Solutions Architect Certification Track for those seeking help preparing for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate exam. Created with AWS Academy, individuals completing the two courses in the track will have access to current content, hands-on practice activities using Amazon Web Services and job-based scenarios to help prepare to take the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate test and learn in-demand AWS technology skills.

Professional development courses at the University are designed to help busy adults develop career-ready job skills in growing fields within a short time. According to Lightcast (formerly Emsi Burning Glass), a leader in labor market analysis, there have been an estimated 1,231 unique job openings for AWS Solutions Architect related roles from October 2021 to October 2022. Additionally, research by Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) shows that employing AWS Certified staff yields numerous organizational benefits.

“By creating these courses with AWS Academy, University of Phoenix professional development can help individuals prepare to take the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate exam,” states Mukund Sudarsan, vice president, general manager of Professional Development at University of Phoenix. “Research shows IT leaders who employ AWS Certified staff have overwhelming confidence that doing so puts their company in a better competitive position to succeed in the coming years.”

The new AWS Solutions Architect Certification Track courses are mapped to in-demand skills employers frequently post in job descriptions, as identified by Lightcast. The courses were created with AWS Academy and other resources from AWS.

The University’s non-credit professional development courses are affordable, 100% online, self-directed and each course typically takes about 30 hours to complete, so learners can finish them on their own schedule. Learners can review and complete the assessments as many times as they like to ensure they are grasping key concepts and demonstrating the new skill. Upon successful completion of a course, participants can also showcase their new-found skills to employers by sharing a certificate of completion.

The professional development catalog continues to grow, with courses in social media marketing, non-clinical healthcare, information technology and virtual teaching. The University continues to build its course portfolio for today’s busy professionals who need to learn new skills quickly and affordably in a changing job market.

Learn more here about professional development opportunities at University of Phoenix.

About University of Phoenix

University of Phoenix is continually innovating to help working adults enhance their careers in a rapidly changing world. Flexible schedules, relevant courses, and interactive learning help students more effectively pursue career and personal aspirations while balancing their busy lives. For more information, visit

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Killexams : Professional courses: KAU told to issue order on relaxation to differently abled

Differently abled persons are entitled to the same benefits of relaxation as Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe candidates in higher education, including for admission to professional courses, the State Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities has said.

The commissioner on Friday directed Kerala Agricultural University (KAU) to issue an order urgently on the basis of the Supreme Court’s judgment in the Anamol Bhandari vs. Delhi Technological University case.

The direction by commissioner S.H. Panchapakesan to the KAU registrar comes on a case filed by Sandra, a differently abled student from Valanchery in Malappuram.

When Sandra applied for M.Sc. Agriculture, the score of the marks she got at the undergraduate level was 6.9/10, and her application was rejected. To secure admission to M.Sc. Agriculture, the minimum score for the general category is 7/10. However, this is 6.5/10 for Scheduled Caste/Scheduled tribe candidates. This was considered by the commission for issuing the direction to the KAU.

The commissioner also directed that copies of the order be sent to the registrars of all universities in the State, including deemed-to-be universities; Higher Education Principal Secretary; and the Commissioner for Entrance Examinations for further action.

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Killexams : FPJ In-Depth: Does India's job market see value in edtech, online courses?

The advent of the internet, which has made and is set to make an impact on billions of individuals, was also able to create an army of learners across India.

While seeing an opportunity in what this technology has to offer, many have decided not to be confined to classrooms but rather go beyond it to upskill themselves and enhance their career profile.

Edtech and online learning platforms in India, which have been barraged with questions over their viability in latest months, offer and teach alternative, new-age courses to students who might feel their academics are falling short of helping them excel.

Online courses not just a token for professionals

Though a shakeup in the edtech space’s confidence in pushing through the current economic conditions, starting from Byju’s to Coursera, might deliver the impression that online learning courses are losing value among users, that’s not the case among interns and professionals alike.

“I think I learned more from online courses than I did through my genuine degree,” said Kenn Dsouza, who works in the field of content marketing and believes the skills contributed to his job prospects.

“I intend on learning new skills and don’t have any preference for a particular platform,” he said. D'souza has done courses in SEO, Graphic Design, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and WordPress.

Others, such as Jincy Varghese, don’t see the courses being a waste of money or losing value in the long run as companies seek such qualifications in today’s day and age.

“Online certificate courses, in my experience, have not been irrelevant as many on Linkedin are posting their achievements with regards to the same on different platforms which also helps companies find the best-suited candidates for their jobs,” said Varghese, who did a course in Agile Project Management, which helped her bag a job as a Scrum Master.

Are online courses a hit with HR recruiters?

Though online course certificates are a positive add-on to the CV of someone looking for a job, according to professionals, there’s still uncertainty on the value it holds with Human Resource (HR) recruiters.

“Though I have mentioned the courses and attached certifications of the same on my CV, it’s hard to be sure if recruiters are giving your certification any particular importance,” said Shawn Mathias, a content writing intern, who subscribed to content writing and graphic designing courses on My Captain.

Some believe there’s a certain preference for courses from reputed platforms in the job market, which is something that could be considered by job applicants.

“Google/Microsoft SEM certifications are often valued over Udemy/Coursera certificates, even though the former courses are free,” said Dsouza. He added that a certificate is immaterial for the most part, but can make a difference in entry-level roles or when there is competition.

HR recruiters see potential in online courses during hiring process

While HR recruiters see potential in doing educational courses online and candidates applying it in their careers, there are certain inhibitions concerning the same.

“Though the culture of online educational courses is evolving in corporations, it still doesn't have a strong mark on the market yet,” said a Navi Mumbai-based HR recruiter, Ankita Kadu.

On the other hand, certain recruiters believe the contrary in the market’s readiness on accepting prospects who have dabbled in online courses relevant to their skills.

“Doing courses does help in boosting one's career and resume. HRs do look for those skills along with relevant experience,” said Mahima Rathi, an HR recruiter in Mumbai, who added that while the platforms from which the courses have been done don’t matter, it is important that candidates have understood it well.

“Practical knowledge will help employees settle in a company quickly which can help both them and the employers,” added Mahima.

Online course certifications = being job ready?

The differentiation between obtaining a certificate and learning the relevant skills are two aspects that are not mutually exclusive, according to recruiters, but how does one know if it’s not making a candidate job-ready?

“We usually ask candidates questions about the online courses done by them through the managerial route followed by a manual test conducted by our technical panellists which helps us assess a candidate’s certification skills,” said a recruiter from Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), who wished to remain anonymous.

Academicians second the need for upskilling among students, professionals

A telling tale that signifies the rising interest in online courses is a study by BridgeLabz, an IP-driven incubation lab, which reveals that more than 77.78 percent of engineering graduates, who take up additional online certification courses, do believe it helps them secure jobs efficiently.

Almost 54.94 percent of engineering graduates expressed their willingness to opt for online certification courses with the remaining 49.38 percent thinking that taking online courses is relevant to increase their skill set, a data set that academicians agree on.

“It is for the better to have online courses as an alternative for students as they can have access to a wide range of courses, something that can help them scale up,” said Professor BG Fernandes, Head of the Electrical Engineering department at IIT Bombay.

“We need manpower and with responsibilities on faculty and researchers alike, students might not be able to receive all the relevant skills or knowledge from the same,” added Fernandes.

Others believe the government’s efforts in promoting multidisciplinary education have also led to students seeking additional skills.

“Students have started to think differently now. From Graphic Design to Business courses, the demand for alternative courses has increased,” said Krutika Desai, the Principal of Mithibai College in Mumbai’s Vile Parle, who further stated that colleges have turned to professionals for online courses as well. “Mithibai college has also worked with the Bombay Chartered Accountants Society, for example, to skill students,” added Krutika.

Govt’s efforts in building online curricula for students

The government’s efforts in promoting online programmes or courses have also come into the limelight with University Grants Commission (UGC) Chairman, Jagadesh Kumar, stating that students' enrolment in online education programmes increased by 170 percent between 2021 and 2022.

With overseas students included, the total number of students enrolled in online undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG) programmes climbed from 25,905 to 70,023 in 2021–22. Moreover, from 42 HEIs in 2020–21 to 58 HEIs in 2021–22, there has been a 38% growth in the number of HEIs in India that offer online programmes, according to the data by UGC.

(This is the second of the three part series on the edtech industry brought to you by the Free Press Journal, which delves into different aspects of the sector.)

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Killexams : IIT Roorkee partners with Simplilearn to offer a program on HR Analytics: Unlocking Human Capital

Bengaluru: Simplilearna global online bootcamp for digital skills training, has partnered with IIT Roorkee for the program HR Analytics: Unlocking Human Capital. The course is offered through the Continuing Education Centre, IIT Roorkee (CEC IITR), one of India’s oldest centres committed to providing transformational courses in the most sought-after areas.

The program will consist of live online masterclasses from IIT Roorkee faculty, the latest curriculum designed and delivered by distinguished IIT Roorkee professors, real-world applications of analytics across HR and multiple other domains and sectors, practical exposure through hands-on projects and a Capstone, and industry-relevant case-based learning. The program has been specifically designed for mid to senior-level managers and C-suite executives. It will consist of interactive doubt-clearing sessions to ensure clarity of course concepts, along with Simplilearn’s job assistance and a certificate of completion from CEC IIT Roorkee.

The program is ideal for HR professionals across industries at mid to senior levels to learn to use analytics for data-driven decisions. HR managers who engage with data teams and output reports and want to have more meaningful conversations to get the best value from business data will benefit from the program. Additionally, C-suite executives and consultants seeking data insights and a practical understanding of HR analytics to initiate new projects or launch new business ideas can benefit from this program.

To apply, individuals must have a bachelor’s degree in any background and an eagerness to use the program concepts to solve real business problems. Working professionals with 6+ years of work experience aspiring to leverage analytics to make business decisions can also register for the program. Prior coding or technology expertise is not necessary to sign up for the program.

Speaking on the program, Mr. Anand Narayanan, Chief Product Officer, Simplilearn, said, HR is becoming more and more data-driven today. As a result, any HR professional needs to be able to use analytics in making key decisions such as improving recruitment and talent acquisition, providing insights on managing employees, and achieving business targets. It helps manage employee performance and productivity, improves candidate and employee experience, and adds business value. Understanding its relevance in the market, we are happy to partner with the prestigious IIT Roorkee to bring this program on HR Analytics Unlocking Human Capital. We are certain it will boost the skillset of HR professionals and deliver an overall view of the talent landscape to help optimize business processes, making them more efficient.

Speaking on the partnership, Dr. Usha Lenka, Prof. & Head, Dept. of Management Studies and Course Coordinator, said, Through this program on HR Analytics, we aim to provide transformational education to the learners. The program has been designed to deliver a practical, industry-relevant experience with an understanding of what HR Analytics entails. We understand the importance of HR Analytics in the corporate world and its power to accelerate and ease business processes. On this front, we are delighted to partner with Simplilearn to provide the best-in-class course on HR Analytics. We are certain that after the program’s completion, professionals will be able to master the learned skills and deploy them into their day-to-day operations.” 


The program will be launched in India and globally. The course’s duration is six months of online self-learning and masterclasses. The core concepts of the program include Foundations of Business Analytics, Statistical Analysis for Business Decision Making, Exploratory Data Analysis and Visualization using R, Predictive Analytics for Business, Data Science and Machine Learning for Decision Making, HR Analytics for People Strategy, and Capstone Projects. The electives will consist of HR Analytics Unlocking Human Capital – academic masterclasses.

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