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Exam Code: PEGAPCRSA80V1_2019 Pega Certified Robotics System Architect 80V1 2019 PDF get November 2023 by team

PEGAPCRSA80V1_2019 Pega Certified Robotics System Architect 80V1 2019

60 Questions

1 hr 30 mins

Passing Score: 65%

Exam syllabus (% of exam)

Project Management (5%)

Identify importance of Solution Design Documents

Identify importance of Solution Architecture Documents

Recognize solution structure based on project documentation

Define types of projects created for a robotic solution

Recognize proper naming conventions of solutions and projects

System Integration (8%)

Recognize and configure Pega Robot Studio adapter types

Identify adapter properties and values of Windows adapters

Identify adapter properties and values for Web adapters

Identify adapter properties/values for Universal Web adapters

Modify the properties of an object

Interrogation (13%)

Identify elements created and used during interrogation

Recognize the difference between Web and Windows interrogation

Interrogate Web applications - standard, Select Element methods

Identify the purpose of Global web pages during interrogation

Know why and when to use Select Element to interrogate

Describe the Create Control method of interrogating

Modify match rules for windows and web adapters

Modify Universal web adapter match rules

Identify match rule best practices and common issues

Identify working panes in the Adapter Match rules tab

Add and edit match rules for an interrogated control

Debugging and Diagnostics (20%)

Evaluate data values in an automation during debugging

Update diagnostics settings

Add a diagnostic log component to an automation

Dissect a log file

Use the Automation playback feature

Clear a log file

Automations (33%)

Describe relationship between Object Explorer and automations

Implement the Object Explorer in automation development

Create an automation

Implement Message dialogs

Identify types of automation links

Create an automation procedure using Label/Jump To Components

Application and setting of UseKeys property

Implement the RaiseEvent method within an automation

Identify uses and extraction of data proxies

Create a windows form for use in a project

Describe Toolbox components: Variables, Excel file connector

Identify Decision Blocks, Comparisons, and Expressions

Describe use of utilities for Strings, Dates, and Files

Describe use of Wait logic

Differentiate use and parameters for Automation looping

Describe and implement of Assisted Sign-On

Describe and implement Start My Day, Message Manifest

Interaction Framework (13%)

Explain and modify the interaction.xml file

Configure and use the Interaction Manager component

Explain and create a project-to-project reference

Define the structure of context values

Implement an activity component

Deployment (8%)

Create Project configuration files

Use of Project deployment properties

Create a deployment package

Pega Certified Robotics System Architect 80V1 2019
Pegasystems Certified PDF Download

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Pega Certified Robotics System Architect 80V1 2019
QUESTION 47 The Automation Playback window allows you to
A. open a log file and step through it as if you were running your solution in debug mode
B. replay your last Runtime session where the applications are provided with the same account numbers automatically
C. open a log file and debug any exceptions
D. rerun the last automation that ran with the same values as inputs automatically entered
Correct Answer: B
A developer adds a diagnostic log component to an automation and checks the log file.
Based on the image, how did the developer configure the diagnostic log component settings? A.
B. C.
Answer: B Section:
(none) Explanation:
QUESTION 49 An automation requires the web adapter to attach to a running instance of
Internet Explorer.
How do you achieve this requirement?
A. Configure the Universal Web adapter and set the StartMethod property to MonitorAll.
B. Configure the web adapter and set the StartMethod property to MonitorAll.
C. Configure the web adapter and set the StartMehod property to Attach.
D. The web adapter cannot connect to a running instance.
Answer: B
QUESTION 50 To modify an object’s default properties before use in a project, which setting
must be updated?
A. Naming Rules
B. Prefix Types
C. Type Prefixes
D. Type Name
Answer: A
You are assigned to develop a set of activities using a popular HR application. The application loads after you start interrogation from Pega Robot Studio, but you notice that you are unable to use the Robot Studio Interrogator to drag and
drop over the desired controls.
Why are you unable to interrogate the desired application controls?
A. The StartMethod on the adapter is set to StartAndWait, but the TargetPath property is undefined.
B. The StartMethod on the adapter is set to MonitorAll, but the path property is undefined.
C. The StartMethod on the adapter is set to Start, but the TargetPath property is undefined.
D. The adapter’s StartOnProject property is set to false.
Answer: D
In a Java application, you click a button to load a grid. The grid loads as a separate process under the Java application.
Which property allows you to interrogate the grid?
A. IgnoreMainBrowser
B. TargetPath
C. EnableMatchInProcess
D. HookChildProcesses
Answer: D
QUESTION 53 Which project property setting do you set to true to automatically increase the
deployment version?
A. Increase Deployment Version
B. Increment Deployment Version
C. Update Run SettingsD. Increase Assemblies
Answer: B
QUESTION 54 A project requirement is to run the solution in multiple environments: Development
and Production.
Which two items can be added to the two Project Configuration files? (Choose two.)
A. Variable values
B. Citrix Context properties
C. Adapter Text MatchRules
D. Project properties
Answer: AD
You are responsible for sending the deployment package to the customer. You are required to build your solution to work with the test and production HR systems. The customer only wants to create one solution that can work with both
How do you fulfill this request?
A. Add two adapters to the HR Project: One adapter for production and one adapter for test.
B. Add two configuration files to the HR System project: One configuration file for production and one for test.
C. Add one configuration file to the HR System project; the configuration file contains the production and test details.
D. Add two projects to the solution: One project for production and one project for test.
Answer: B
You have completed your solution design. The customer installed the Pega Robot Runtime software on the agent’s desktop. The customer is ready to unit test your solution, but wants the Runtime executable to automatically launch the new
robotics solution.
How do you fulfill this request?
A. Edit the StartupProject key in the RuntimeConfig.xml by setting the value to the file location of the .openspan file.
B. Edit the StartupProject key in the StudioConfig.xml by setting the value to the file location of the .openspan file.
C. Edit the StartProject key in the StudioConfig.xml by setting the value to the file location of the .manifest file.
D. Edit the StartProject key in the RuntimeConfig.xml by setting the value to the file location of the .diagnostics file.
Answer: A
Which two statements are valid for the given automation? (Choose two.)
A. The automation is initiated when the value of the NearestStore changes.
B. Assign Main|b|NearestStore with the new value only if the value changed belongs to an active key.
C. Assign Main|b|NearestStore with the new value when the value of the NearestStore changes.
D. The value of the NearestStore changes when the automation is initiated.
Answer: BD
During application discovery, what three things must the developer notice about the application to help design the automation? (Choose three.)
A. How users interact with the applications
B. How the adapter process data
C. How the application responds during use
D. How the application processes data
E. How the automation responds to the process
Answer: ACD
Application discovery is an early technical validation step that involves collecting the information about applications in scope of a potential robotics use case. During discovery you need to find out application types (and if they are on
applications support matrix for Pega Robotics), how they are launched, how they are used, and check accessibility and functionality of the controls through interrogation. Application discovery is necessary to ensure that robotics use case is
viable and it doesn't have any technical constraints... or, if constraints exist, then what kind of workarounds will be necessary to ensure the use case is successful. The rationale for having application discovery as a best practice is that you
don't want to find out half-way through coding an automation that a key control is not available or not performing the desired action.
QUESTION 59 Which two of the following Tool Windows are used in Pega Robot
Studio? (Choose two.)
A. Designer windows
B. Solution Explorer
C. Object Explorer
D. Menu toolbar
Answer: AD
QUESTION 60 You are evaluating business requirements and reviewing each
adapter in a project.
Prior to interrogating the application, what three actions do you perform during application discovery? (Choose three.)
A. Identify the technology on which the application is built (web, Windows, text).
B. Verify the match rules on all interrogated controls.
C. Verify the interactions between all applications in the solution.
D. Verify the number of application instances accessed by the user at the same time.
E. Verify how the application launches outside of Pega Robot Studio.
Answer: BCD
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Delta Downs 16, 15, 11, 10, 09
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Golden Gate Fields 12, 11, 10
Gulfstream Park 12, 11, 10
Horseshoe Indianapolis 16, 15, 14, 13, 10, 09
Laurel Park 16, 12, 11, 10, 09
Lone Star Park 16, 11, 10, 09
Los Alamitos 12, 11
Mahoning Valley 16, 15, 14, 13, 09
Mountaineer Park 15, 14, 13, 12
Parx Racing 15, 14, 13
Penn National 16, 15, 10, 09
Remington Park 14, 13, 11, 10, 09
Will Rogers Downs 14, 13, 12
Woodbine 16, 12, 11, 10, 09
Zia Park 14, 13, 12, 11

The index page lists next to each track name the days for which detail pages are available at the time you view the index. The index displays the links to those the days in descending chronological order, where the most recent day is listed first.

For example, the partial table row below includes links to past performances at Santa Anita for the 28th, 25th, 24th, and 23rd of March, 2001. To see the complete date of the detail page, place the cursor over one of the days:

Santa Anita 28, 25, 24, 23

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EasyForm PPs All days from 3 days ago and later days
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IGNOU Previous Year Question Papers: get PDF

IGNOU Previous Year Question Papers: Get the direct IGNOU TEE previous year papers PDF get link on this page. Get the direct get link of BA, B.Com, B.Sc, B.Ed, M.Sc, MBA, Diploma and Certificate Courses

IGNOU TEE Previous Year Paper

IGNOU TEE Previous Year Question Paper is one of the best resources to prepare effectively for the exam. Candidates aspiring for the upcoming exam must get and solve the IGNOU TEE Previous Year Question Paper regularly. It provides valuable details about the exam structure, maximum marks, and syllabus asked in the exam. 

There are various advantages of practicing IGNOU TEE previous year question papers during the preparation of the term-end examination of different courses. It helps them to establish a strategy based on the latest trends and exam requirements. The IGNOU TEE previous year's question paper is announced within a few weeks after successfully conducting the exam. 

The exam prep team of Jagran Josh has compiled the IGNOU TEE previous year question papers for on this page. This will assist them to recognize their mistakes and boost their preparation level accordingly.

Shiv Khera

IGNOU TEE Previous Year Question Papers PDF

Candidates should practice the IGNOU TEE previous year's question paper pdf to get insights into the type of questions along with the weightage asked in the exam over the past year of different courses. Also, they should practice IGNOU TEE previous year question paper to know the areas that require improvements and prepare accordingly.

IGNOU TEE exam Previous Year Question Paper PDF

Candidates should get and solve the IGNOU TEE previous year's question papers PDF to gauge their preparation. By analyzing their performance in the previous papers, they can Excellerate their speed, accuracy, and overall time management. Get the direct get link of IGNOU TEE previous year question papers PDF for  2010, to 2022 given below:

Benefits of Solving IGNOU Previous Year Question Papers

There are numerous benefits of practicing IGNOU TEE previous year question papers as listed below:

  • Candidates should solve IGNOU TEE previous year question paper regularly to maximize their passing chances in the exam.
  • Practicing previous year papers will boost their speed of solving questions and accuracy in the exam.
  • Solving IGNOU TEE question papers will help them to cover all the aspects of the exam.
  • Attempting IGNOU TEE previous year question papers with solutions PDF will help them know the nature of questions along with the weightage in the exam.

How to Attempt IGNOU TEE Previous Year Question Paper?

Candidates must solve IGNOU TEE previous year question paper correctly to understand the real exam pressure and prepare in the right direction:

  • Go through the IGNOU TEE previous year question paper carefully and then start solving questions.
  • Place a countdown clock to attempt the exam papers in a real-time environment.
  • Attempt easy and less time-consuming questions first, then solve the lengthy ones in the IGNOU TEE previous year's question papers.
  • Once the countdown stops, one must not solve any questions and tally their answers with the provisional key to get an idea of their performance and rectify their errors.

IGNOU TEE December 2023 Hall Ticket

IGNOU 2023 June TEE hall ticket has been released on their official website. Candidates can enter their enrollment number and choose the relevant programme to obtain their IGNOU hall ticket. It is required candidates bring their IGNOU hall ticket 2023 and other identification with them on exam day.


How to get IGNOU TEE Previous Year Question Papers PDF?

To get the IGNOU TEE previous year question paper PDF, you must visit the official portal or click on the IGNOU TEE previous year paper PDF link shared on the page.

Is it necessary to solve the IGNOU TEE Previous Year Question Paper PDF?

Yes. Solving the IGNOU TEE previous year question paper will deliver insights into the question format, weightage of questions, and syllabus asked in the exam.

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UPSC Management Optional Syllabus: PDF Download

UPSC Management Syllabus: get the UPSC CSE Management Syllabus PDF, check the topic-wise Management Optional Syllabus for Papers 1 & 2 along with the best strategy and books

UPSC Management Optional Syllabus: Management is one of the 48 optional subjects in the civil service mains exam. The Management Syllabus for UPSC provides information about operational management concepts, which can be helpful for the aspiring manager. With this, many candidates pick management as their optional subject because various books and resources are available to cover the UPSC Management Optional Syllabus.

Going by the previous 5 years' statistics, approximately 40-60 candidates choose Management as optional subjects and the success rate hovers around 13%.  It is recommended to keep the printed copy of the Management Syllabus for UPSC  handy when preparing for the upcoming IAS exam. As per the feedback of previous toppers, the questions asked in the UPSC Management optional subjects are usually moderate level.

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In this article, we shared the UPSC Management Syllabus PDF for Mains, along with question weightage, preparation tips, and best books.

UPSC Management Syllabus PDF

The UPSC Management optional syllabus comprises two papers, i.e., Paper 1 and Paper 2. The UPSC Management optional subject carries 500 marks, and each paper carries 250 marks. Thus, it is essential to adhere to the latest UPSC Management Syllabus PDF for Papers 1 and 2 and cover all the exam-relevant topics.  get the topic-wise UPSC Management Syllabus PDF for papers 1 and 2 shared below.

UPSC Management Optional Syllabus For IAS Mains

The UPSC Management Optional Syllabus is divided into two papers, i.e., Paper 1 and Paper 2.  It is recommended that the aspirants prepare a  study of the concept of management development as science and art, drawing upon the contributions of leading management thinkers and applying the concepts to the real life of government and business decision-making, keeping in view the changes in the strategic and operative environment. They should be well-acquainted with the topic-wise UPSC Management syllabus for main optional papers 1 and 2 and reshape their strategy accordingly.

UPSC Management Syllabus for Paper 1

The UPSC Management Paper I syllabus covers syllabus like Managerial Function and Process, Organisational Behaviour and Design, Human Resource Management, Accounting for Managers, Financial Management, Marketing Management, etc.  Check the topic-wise UPSC Management Optional Syllabus for Paper I below.

  1. Managerial Function and Process: Concept and foundations of management, Evolution of Management Thoughts; Managerial Functions— Planning, Organizing, Controlling; Decision-making; Role of Manager, Managerial skills; Entrepreneurship; Management of innovation; Managing in a global environment, Flexible Systems Management; Social responsibility and managerial ethics; Process and customer orientation; Managerial processes on direct and indirect value chain.
  2. Organisational Behaviour and Design: Conceptual model of organization behaviour; The individual processes—personality, values and attitude, perception, motivation, learning and reinforcement, work stress and stress management; The dynamics of Organization behaviour—power and politics, conflict and negotiation, leadership process and styles, communication; The Organizational Processes—decision-making, job design; Classical, Neoclassical and Contingency approaches to organizational design; Organizational theory and design—Organizational culture, managing cultural diversity, learning Organization; Organizational change and development; Knowledge-Based Enterprise—systems and processes; Networked and virtual organizations.
  3. Human Resource Management: HR challenges; HRM functions; The future challenges of HRM; Strategic Management of human resources; Human resource planning; Job analysis; Job evaluation, Recruitment and selection; Training and development; Promotion and transfer; Performance management; Compensation management and benefits; Employee morale and productivity; Management of Organizational climate and Industrial relations; Human resources accounting and audit; Human resource information system; International human resource management.
  4. Accounting for Managers: Financial accounting—concept, importance and scope, generally accepted accounting principles, preparation of financial statements with special reference to the analysis of a balance sheet and measurement of business income, inventory valuation and depreciation, financial statement analysis, fund flow analysis, the statement of cash flows; Management accounting concept, need, importance and scope; Cost accounting— records and processes, cost ledger and control accounts, reconciliation and integration between financial and cost accounts; Overhead cost and control, Job and process costing, Budget and budgetary control, Performance budgeting, Zero-base budgeting, relevant costing and costing for decision-making, standard costing and variance analysis, marginal costing and absorption costing.
  5. Financial Management: Goal of Finance Function. Concepts of value and return. Valuation of bonds and Shares; Management of working capital: Estimation and Financing; Management of cash, receivables, inventory and current liabilities; Cost of capital ; Capital budgeting; Financial and operating leverage; Design of capital structure: theories and practices; Shareholder value creation: dividend policy, corporate financial policy and strategy, management of corporate distress and restructuring strategy; Capital and money markets: institutions and instruments; Leasing hire purchase and venture capital; Regulation of capital market; Risk and return: portfolio theory; CAPM; APT; Financial derivatives: option, futures, swap; recent reforms in financial sector.
  6. Marketing Management: Concept, evolution and scope; Marketing strategy formulation and components of the marketing plan; Segmenting and targeting the market; Positioning and differentiating the market offering; Analyzing competition; Analyzing consumer markets; Industrial buyer behaviour; Market research; Product strategy; Pricing strategies; Designing and managing Marketing channels; Integrated marketing communications; Building customer satisfaction, Value and retention; Services and non-profit marketing; Ethics in marketing; Consumer protection; Internet marketing; Retail management; Customer relationship management; Concept of holistic marketing.

UPSC Management Syllabus for Paper 2

The UPSC Management Paper II Syllabus focuses on syllabus like Quantitative Techniques in Decision-making, Production and Operations Management, Management Information Systems, Government Business Interface,  Strategic Cost Management, and International Business. Check the topic-wise UPSC Management Optional Syllabus PDF for Paper II below.

  1. Quantitative Techniques in Decision-making: Descriptive statistics—tabular, graphical and numerical methods, introduction to probability, discrete and continuous probability distributions, inferential statistics-sampling distributions, central limit theorem, hypothesis testing for differences between means and proportions, inference about population variances, Chi-square and ANOVA, simple correlation and regression, time series and forecasting, decision theory, index numbers; Linear programming—problem formulation, simplex method and graphical solution, sensitivity analysis.
  2. Production and Operations Management: Fundamentals of operations management; Organizing for production; Aggregate production planning, capacity planning, plant design: process planning, plant size and scale of operations, Management of facilities; Line balancing; Equipment replacement and maintenance; Production control; Supply, chain management—vendor evaluation and audit; Quality management; Statistical process control, Six Sigma; Flexibility and agility in manufacturing systems; World class manufacturing; Project management concepts, R&D management, Management of service operations; Role and importance of materials management, value analysis, make or buy decision; Inventory control, MRP; Waste management.
  3. Management Information System: Conceptual foundations of information systems; Information theory; Information resource management; Types of Information Systems; Systems Development—Overview of Systems and Design; System Development management life-cycle, Designing online and distributed environments; Implementation and control of project; Trends in information technology; Managing data resources—Organising data. DSS and RDBMS; Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Expert systems, e-Business architecture, e-Governance; Information systems planning, Flexibility in information systems; User involvement; Evaluation of information systems.
  4. Government Business Interface: State participation in business, Interaction between Government, Business and different Chambers of Commerce and Industry in India; Government’s ploicy with regard to Small Scale Industries; Government clearances for establishing a new enterprise; Public Distribution System; Government control over price and distribution; Consumer Protection Act (CPA) and The Role of Voluntary Organizations in protecting consumers’ rights; New Industrial Policy of the Government : liberalization, deregulation and privatisation; Indian planning system; Government policy concerning development of Backward areas/regions; The Responsibilities of the business as well as the Government to protect the environment; Corporate Governance; Cyber Laws.
  5. Strategic Cost Management: Business policy as a field of study; Nature and scope of strategic management, Strategic intent, vision, objectives and policies; Process of strategic planning and implementation; Environmental analysis and internal analysis; SWOT analysis; Tools and techniques for strategic analysis—Impact matrix: The experience curve, BCG matrix, GEC mode, Industry analysis, Concept of value chain; Strategic profile of a firm; Framework for analysing competition; Competitive advantage of a firm; Generic competitive strategies; Growth strategies—expansion, integration and diversification; Concept of core competence, Strategic flexibility; Reinventing strategy; Strategy and structure; chief Executive and Board; turnaround management; Management of strategic change; Strategic alliances, Mergers and Acquisitions; Strategy and corporate evolution in the Indian context.
  6. International Business: International Business Environment: Changing composition of trade in goods and services; India’s Foreign Trade: Policy and trends; Financing of International trade; Regional Economic Cooperation; FTAs; Internationalisation of service firms; International production; Operation Management in International companies; International Taxation; Global competitiveness and technological developments; Global EBusiness; Designing global organisational structure and control; Multicultural management; Global business strategy; Global marketing strategies; Export Management; Export-Import procedures; Joint Ventures; Foreign Investment: Foreign direct investment and foreign portfolio investment; Cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions; Foreign Exchange Risk Exposure Management; World Financial Markets and International Banking; External Debt Management; Country Risk Analysis.

How to Prepare the UPSC Management Syllabus 2023?

Candidates should analyse the UPSC Management syllabus thoroughly before starting the exam preparation. This will allow them to cover the basic concepts and advanced syllabus relevant to the exam. Additionally, aspirants can follow the tips and tricks shared below to prepare for the upcoming UPSC IAS exam adequately.

  • Check the UPSC Management optional syllabus thoroughly and prepare the list of syllabus for the preparation accordingly.
  • Ensure to have books and study resources that cover all the syllabus in a simple and lucid manner.
  • Solve UPSC Management's previous year's question paper to get an idea of the pattern and syllabus usually asked in the IAS main exam.
  • Practice answer writing regularly after completing 50-60% of the Management syllabus for UPSC to score well in the exam.

Booklist for UPSC Management Optional Syllabus

Candidates should choose the highly recommended books to prepare well for the UPSC Management optional subject. This will strengthen their basics and help them learn the advanced syllabus without confusion. The right books will cover all the exam-relevant syllabus prescribed in the UPSC Management Optional Syllabus. Here are the best UPSC Management Optional books for Paper 1 and Paper 2 below for the reference of the candidates.

  • Cost and Management Accounting by MN Arora
  • Fundamental of Management by DeCenzo, Agarwal, Bhattacharya & Robbins
  • Human Resource Management by K Aswathappa
  • Business Environment by AC Fernando
  • Strategic Management by Hill and Jones
  • Financial Management by Prasanna Chandra
  • Marketing Management by Philip Kotler
  • Operations Management by Heizer and Render

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What is the UPSC Management Optional Syllabus?

The UPSC Management Paper I syllabus covers syllabus like Managerial Function and Process, Organisational Behaviour and Design, Human Resource Management, Accounting for Managers, Financial Management, Marketing Management, etc. The UPSC Management Paper II Syllabus focuses on syllabus like Quantitative Techniques in Decision-making, Production and Operations Management, Management Information Systems, Government Business Interface, Strategic Cost Management, and International Business.

Is the Management Subject for UPSC IAS Mains easy?

Management optional subjects can be a scoring subject if candidates put the right effort into strategy and use the right books. Going by the previous exam analysis, the difficulty level of questions asked in the Management subjects was moderate level.

Wed, 08 Nov 2023 04:17:00 -0600 text/html
Certification Procedures

Course Measurement and Certification Procedures

Expiration/Renewal Policy

Because courses degrade over time, the USATF Road Running Technical Council decided in 1992 that all certifications would expire automatically 10 years after the year of issue. Initially, expired courses could be renewed upon testimony that the course was still in use and had not been altered. Then, in 2000, RRTC decided that such testimony is not adequate to overcome the uncertainty that inevitably creeps into every course; therefore, all courses must simply expire after 10 years, without any possibility of renewal.

The non-renewable policy adopted in 2000 was phased in over a 10-year period. That period ended at the end of 2011. All courses that were renewed at any time have expired. Expired courses are no longer renewable, but they must be re-measured in order to be recertified.

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PDF files are still king, especially in business and education settings, where formality is crucial. However, these files are notoriously tricky to manipulate, let alone manage and organize, which is why PDFgear's AI PDF editor is a go-to tool for all things PDF-related.

PDFgear features you can't live without

The best thing about PDFgear's AI PDF editor is the more than 30 features at your fingertips to read, edit, convert, manage, and organize your PDF files. Check out just a handful of the excellent features we use almost daily:

  • Read - Read PDF books and leave bookmarks.
  • Edit - No part of your PDF document is off limits.
  • Annotate - Collaborate with customizable comments.
  • OCR PDF - Extract information from PDF files.
  • Split PDF - Split PDF pages into separate PDF documents.
  • Convert to PDF - Convert HEIC, EPUB, HTML, Word, and more to PDF files.
  • Convert from PDF - Convert PDF files to Word, Excel, Image, or PSD file types.
  • Organize - Extract, rotate, reorder, and more. Manipulate your PDFs like never before.
  • Sign - Add signatures to important documents and complete transactions in paperless environments.

Take editing PDFs to new heights with PDF Gear.

Of course, there are so many more features to PDFgear's PDF editor that we could spend all day talking about. But PDFgear is even more appealing because you can get it for Mac, PC, or iOS for free.

PDFgear supercharges your PDF workflows with AI technology

While PDFgear already features a comprehensive list of features, it also brings the power of generative AI to your PDF documents. Artificial intelligence adds automation to workflows that streamline reading, editing, and converting, saving countless hours of manual labor.

For example, PDFgear's AI technology can read through a PDF document, pull out key sentences or phrases, and provide you with a concise summary of the content. Or prevent embarrassing typos or grammatical mistakes with the AI assistant.

Use AI to help summarize your PDF's content.

International business always has the added challenge of working with many languages in a single project. PDFgear's AI can help you translate documents into popular languages like French, Spanish, and Chinese for smooth interactions between collaborators.

Translate your PDF's content into several languages.

Perhaps it would be easier to tell PDFgear what you need and have it do it automatically. That's also possible, thanks to the Chat PDF feature that allows you to chat with your PDF files to accomplish more in less time.

PDFgear's AI PDF editor is available for free

PDFgear's AI-powered PDF editor goes beyond simple editing and managing features. By adding AI technology, you can take complete control of your documents with a few taps of your keyboard and get more done with less stress and higher precision.

You simply cannot beat free, and PDFgear offers its groundbreaking software get completely free of charge. No hidden fees, no surprises. Users from all corners of the internet rave about how good this PDF editor is, including us, and you can see why by downloading PDFgear for yourself today.

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