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The ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) expects victory in the 2023 election almost as an entitlement. This is for one reason only:  it is the incumbent party in national power. President Buhari and core party leaders are carrying on in a manner that suggests that electoral victory is a befitting necklace or medal to be decorated with merely for presiding over the nation for two uninspiring presidential terms. 

Ironically, however, Mr. Buhari’s troublesome presidency and whatever legacy he may pride in may have become millstones around the neck of the party’s presidential candidate and Buhari’s presumptive successor in 2023. It is still uncertain for how long Mr. Bola Tinubu, the party’s presidential candidate, is ready to wear the Buhari millstone around his neck. There lies the key to bith the vindication of the APC and indeed the electoral chances of Mr. Tinubu himself. 

 At best, the electoral chances of the APC in the 2023 election are now chiefly defined by a series of nagging questions. The axiom mostly in African politics and democracy is that incumbency invariably confers an easy winning chance on the ruling party. Part of the urgent trial of the APC is to test this assumption. Hidden under that lazy assumption is a series of other questions that ought to interest those interested in the growth and development of democracy in Nigeria. The critical questions are many.

Do electorates punish non- performing parties by denying them victory at the next election? Or, in the alternative, can a party, in spite of a dismal performance in government, still coast to victory at the next election irrespective of a massive popularity deficit? Is the electorate of registered voters a true representation of the popular wish at elections? Does the electorate have a mind, a memory, like a person, that either punishes or rewards past experience in the hands of a political party and its elected officials? Finally, is the public of voters in a democracy an insensitive mob that returns a party to power even if its government has hurt the people badly and betrayed the public trust and devalued the good of the nation?

In respect of these questions, there is a sense in which both the APC and Nigeria’s democratic evolution are on trial for 2023. The party that coasted to power crowing ‘change’ has itself made change the logical consequence of its own power tenure. A populace that went out to energetically oust the virtual hegemony of the PDP is today drained of any energy whatsoever. A combination of grinding poverty and warlike insecurity under the APC government has enthroned uncertainty as the new normal. There is no point rehashing the catalogue of woes that characterize Buhari’s Nigeria.  

The Goebelian propaganda machinery of the APC government is urging Nigerians to believe the opposite of what they are experiencing. We should ignore World Bank statistics and content ourselves with living in what has become the poverty capital of the world. We should be thankful for living in the world’s second most terrorized country. There is no point complaining about being a citizen of one of the most dangerous places in the world. We are told that it could have been worse if not for the valiant messianic efforts of General Buhari. Even after over seven years in federal power, there are elements in the ruling party who still blame president Jonathan’s  PDP for the nation’s woes. 

Those with no appetite for politics could perhaps ignore the more social and political adversities of our time. A party’s public policy thrust does not have to be universally popular after all. But the yawning absence of any coherent policy in any area of national life is a felony in government. To add this atrocity to a rudderless handling of matters of economic management is nearly treasonable. How else does anyone describe a government whose debt service obligation has risen above its best revenue expectations? Or, even worse, how does any group of people in the name of government run a nation’s economy aground to the point of habitually borrowing trillions from the Central Bank just to keep up salary obligations? Government has dug the nation into a ditch and its solution is to dig an even deeper and ditch. Government is broke in a literal sense and the people are themselves broken in every way.

This catalogue of adversity has put the very survival of the nation to serious question. A divisive nativist politics has torn the fabrics of national unity to shreds as Nigerians are splintered more than ever along all ethnic, religious, regional and partisan lines. In sum, the APC has achieved something remarkable in political theory. Under Mr. Buhari, the party has demonstrated how easy it is to wreck a nation in less than eight years. A Nigerian who left the country in 2015 and returns today may find it hard to recognize the nation he left behind.

Even then, the report card of the APC is not a total landscape of unrestrained disaster and hopeless incompetence. Here and there, there are specs of fickle brightness. A commitment to infrastructure restoration has yielded a few kilometers of rehabilitated federal highways. A major bridge across the River Niger at Onitsha has been completed at last after decades of rhetorical commitments and shifting political antics. In all fairness, several kilometers of needed railroads have been completed and sparkling Chinese trains deployed briefly only for the rail services along major routes to be shut down or suspended because of the fear of terrorists. 

In states controlled by the APC, a few good men as governors have stepped forward to assert good governance as a possibility. In Kaduna, a reform of education and the public service has only been interrupted by the ceaseless scourge of terrorist attacks. In Lagos, a humanistic young governor has calmed the usually frayed nerves of a noisy and untidy city- state. In the less fortunate APC controlled states, however, woes have been heaped on tragedies to produce scenes of unmitigated disaster and unrestrained autocratic excursions.

The pastoral state of Zamfara is now the national epicenter of terrorism, with all ungoverned spaces literally garrisoned off by fierce armed bandits and imported terrorists flowing freely from across the border with Niger Republic. Katsina, the home state of the president, is now a poster state of a strange illicit diarchy in which sovereign state power is split almost equally between an elected governor and squads of state authorized bandit power contenders.

This general profile of the APC at national and state levels is the backdrop and landscape against which the chances of the party in 2023 can be assessed. It is of course the right of every democratic nation to expect a wave of elevating promises of change each time it is about to elect a new leadership. It is also the just expectation of any ruling party to work towards victory and self -perpetuation in power. But the feasibility of political survival and longevity must be founded on clear rational logic of what is possible.

Justifiably therefore, the APC  is positioning itself to succeed itself come 2023. It has chosen a presidential candidate after a massively transactional primary convention season. The party has ramped up its rhetoric to deliver Mr. Bola Tinubu a winning chance. The onset of the campaigns any time from now should unveil the new message of the party . Hopefully, the new message and its carrier can renew the trust which gave the party a mandate to rule in 2015 and 2019 respectively.

As the mascot of the APC in the countdown to 2023, Mr. Bola Tinubu comes to table with a mixed bag of strenuous advantages. He is however in a tripartite race with a fellow political old war horse, Atiku Abubakar, and a disruptive populist figure with a growing pop star followership, Mr. Peter Obi.

On his own, Mr. Tinubu comes with a fairly competitive political credentials. He creditably reformed and modernized the government of Lagos state, Nigeria’s fractious and disorderly metropolis. He was among a few politicians who opposed the late kleptocratic despot, General Sani Abacha, which earned him the reward of exile under the banner of then dissident movement NADECO (National Democratic Coalition) . A co-founder and author of many political projects and groupings, Mr. Tinubu was once a senator, founding member of Alliance for Democracy (AD),  Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) and later the ruling All Progressives Congress(APC). He can be credited with the emergence of Mr. Buhari as APC presidential candidate who needed Tinubu’s catchment home base of the South West to become president in 2015.

However, Mr. Tinubu is burdened with a cocktail of resume headaches  which can prove costly in a national contest. These range from questionable school records to dodgy affidavits about certificates and big money matters. He has so far weathered these controversies in a political career that is typical of the ‘big men’ of Nigerian politics. On the face of it, there is nothing so disadvantageous on Mr. Tinubu’s resume that can unsettle his electoral chances. Most of those who vote in Nigeria could not be bothered what school you attended or where your grand father hailed from. His problems lie elsewhere in the very nature and configuration of the Nigerian national electoral geography and compass.

As the presidential candidate of the APC, Mr. Tinubu is not necessarily more burdened than his two major frontline contenders. But his party platform is an albatross. As a party mascot, he has the unenviable task of defending the performance record of his rather blemished party and its crassly incompetent now lame duck president. The question on Tinubu’s chances now come down to this: How does Mr. Tinubu make progress without rejecting or disowning Mr. Buhari’s performance baggage? If he insists on continuing, even if rhetorically, with the Buhari legacy, it means undertaking to continue with insecurity, mass poverty, unchecked corruption, indecisive governance, bad economics and an incoherent policy approach. 

So far, Mr. Tinubu has not yet evolved a personal messaging that distances him from the effete and bumbling Buhari. It would be political bad manners to disown Buhari. It is even worse politics to allow members of his family (so far, his wife and his daughter) to keep pledging his commitment to continuing with Buhari’s policies. Their open appearance in political marketing is bad for Mr. Tinubu as it hints at a political dynasty in the making. As a matter of political expediency, he can ill afford to disavow Mr. Buhari’s legacy. And yet a messaging that suggests a wish to continue along the Buhari path is a sure way to certain electoral defeat. Tinubu can neither swallow Buhari nor spit him out without suffering fatal political indigestion. He needs to find a consensus within the party that modifies the party’s messaging to Nigerians which must include an admission of Buhari’s failures and disastrous legacy.

Thus, the plight of defective APC and the fortunes of the Tinubu candidacy are joined at the hips. The party’s unpopularity can ordinarily be fixed with a lot of hard work.  A creative campaign strategy can boldly admit Mr. Buhari’s errors as evolutionary in the life of a young party. That admission alone cannot however win an election. It can be quickly followed by the marketing of an alternative pathway that frontally proffers creative solutions to the most urgent national emergencies. That alternative pathway must however be superior to the programmes and solutions of both Mr. Atiku Abubakar and Peter Obi respectively. The way out is not through motor park grade propaganda or abusive communication of the sort we have previewed between Mr. Keyamo and Femi Fani-Kayode on the one hand and Dino Melaye on the other. Insulting the intelligence of Nigerians can no longer pass as political salesmanship in this day and age. The concept of attack dogs as political communication belongs somewhere in the antiquity of Nigerian politics.

So far, Mr. Tinubu seems to be stuck in the Buhari and APC quagmire. He wants to carry on with Buhari and even deepen his divisiveness. The choice of a Muslim-Muslim ticket as a vote catching antic is an ancient and foolish strategy. Religion may be unimportant in the business of governance but Mr. Buhari has weaponised it and sharpened sectarian sensitivities in the nation. Mr. Tinubu wants to be in religious contention for northern popular votes with Mr. Atiku Abubakar. But in the popular imagination of the average streetside northerner, Atiku Abubakar is the more authentic northern Muslim who also happens to carry Buhari’s Fulani DNA. There is even a Machiavellian hint that has suggested that pairing Mr. Shettima with a health compromised Tinubu may in fact be a ruse to emplace another northern Muslim president if Tinubu flips or slides!

In real terms, the bloc vote of the South West which Mr. Tinubu ‘donated’ to help coronate Mr. Buhari in 2015 may no longer be in tact. States like Oyo, Osun, Ondo and significant portions of Lagos may now not vote the way they did in 2015. New political and financial centres of gravity have since emerged in the zone that could unsettle the Tinubu/APC advantage. The APC now has to work for its votes in the South West more than it did in 2015.

The party also has clear consequential problems in two strategic zones in the Southern hemisphere. In the South East, no one can vouch for the popularity of the APC in both Imo and Ebonyi states where the incumbent governors happen to be in the party by default. They are in the party mostly for reasons of their personal ambitions. But both Mr. Hope Uzodimma and  Dave Umahi are not the most popular governors even in their respective states. Their presidential ambitions have taken a nose dive with the collapse of the campaign for a president of Igbo extraction in 2023. Elsewhere in the zone, the APC is more of an inconsequential acronym.

Worse still, Mr. Buhari’s rhetoric and body language towards the zone has poisoned the pool for the party. The president never disguised his personal indifference towards the people of the zone whom he has described variously as ‘dots’ in a national circle of hate. These people have the memory of an elephant; they hardly forget. Like the Jews, the Igbos carry a perennial sense of collective hurt; once hurt, the injury is passed from generation to generation!

The situation in the South South is not any better for the APC. Majority of the governors of the states in the zone are mostly in the rival PDP and may have no dividend to show their people to justify an alignment towards the APC. There are no too many federal projects in the last seven years to show in the zone that produces the bulk of the nation’s oil and gas wealth.

Yet, the elections are still a clear six months away. That is like eternity in politics. The party could still re-make itself. Mr. Tinubu could still re-engineer both himself and the message of the party on whose platform he is building his presidential hopes. In the 2023 election, the APC faces a race with more complex determinants than the simple binary (either or) choice that propelled it to power in 2015.

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Killexams : I don’t think APC will survive after 2023 –Atiku

The presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, Atiku Abubakar, has said the All Progressives Congress will not survive after the 2023 general elections.

The former vice-president made the remark during the inauguration of the National Youth Campaign Council, led by the Osun State Governor-elect, Senator Ademola Adeleke, who was represented by former National Youth Leader, Mohammed Maibasira, on Thursday in Abuja.

Atiku, who described the APC as an “alliance” and not a party, said as far as he was concerned, the PDP is the only party in Nigeria.

“To be honest, PDP is the only political party in the country, APC is not a political party, it is an alliance between the CPC and Tinubu’s party, and we have seen how alliances in this country have disappeared overnight, I don’t think APC would survive after this election, we are going to vote them out come 2023.

On the message of sustained democracy, Atiku said, “this democracy we have in Nigeria, some of us fought for it with all our lives. Many sacrificed their lives for the freedom of speech, movement and freedom of everything we enjoy today.

Atiku also noted that the PDP is the first party to inaugurate a youth council adding that the decision was a step to further enthrone, and sustain democracy in the country through the PDP.

He charged members of the youth campaign committee to work for the victory of the party at state and local government levels by mobilising the youths and giving them hope from the misgivings of the APC in the last seven years.

He added, “PDP is making history in the sense that we are the first political party in the country to inaugurate a youth council. But this is not a surprise because we are the oldest political party in the history of Nigeria.

According to the PDP presidential candidate, the party would deliver youths the opportunity to become anything they want to become in life, adding that his five program agenda would solve the problems of the country.

The inauguration witnessed the presence of the vice-presidential candidate, Governor Ifeanyi Okowa; the presidential campaign director, Governor Aminu Tambuwal; the National Chairman of the Party, Iliyasu Damagum, some former governors, some of the national working committee members, the national youth leader and his deputy, representatives of Bayelsa, and Edo states, among other party faithful.

Thu, 10 Nov 2022 03:35:00 -0600 en-US text/html
Killexams : APC flags-off governorship campaign in Jigawa

The governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Jigawa State, Umar Namadi, on Sunday, flagged off his campaign in Hadejia Local Government Area, the headquarters of Jigawa Northeast Senatorial District.

The APC also claimed that it received members of the opposition New Nigerian People Party (NNPP) and People Democratic Party (PDP).

The flagging of the APC campaign in Hadejia.
The flagging of the APC campaign in Hadejia.

At the event, the governor, Muhammad Badaru, Introduced the governorship candidate and presented the party’s flag to the senatorial candidate, Abdulhamid Mallammadori, and other candidates from the zone.

The party said bigwigs of the PDP defected to the party with over one thousand of their supporters in the senatorial district.

The APC also claimed that executive committee members of the NNPP in 17 council areas who initially joined the NNPP following the crisis that followed the APC primary election in May returned to the party.

Speaking on behalf of the defecting members from the Northeast zone, a former senator, Ubale Shitu, said they rejoined the APC to support the governorship candidate, Mr Namadi, whom they believe will move the state to prosperity.

“I was offended by the APC but the governor returned me to the party and I accepted the offer because he chose the right person as the governorship candidate.

“Previously, we were the greatest obstacles to the APC but now that we are back, our strength can be seen with the large crowd gathered which surpassed the earlier one on Friday gathered by the Atiku Abubakar in Hadejia, Mr Shitu said.

Those who joined the APC from the opposition NNPP and PDP include, Mr Shitu, Ya’u Kanya, former member house of representatives; Jibrin Kalmax, former member house of representatives; Bawuro Bawogana, former deputy speaker, Jigawa State House of Assembly; and Usman Masaki, former member Jigawa state house of assembly.

The flagging of the APC campaign in Hadejia.
The flagging of the APC campaign in Hadejia.

Others are Jamilu Mujaddadi, former local government chairman; and Ciroma chibi; Yakubu Maigoro; Ambassador Barma; among other chieftains of the opposition NNPP and PDP from the senatorial district.

In his remarks on behalf of the APC candidates from the zone, the senatorial candidate, Mr Mallammadori said the zone will be delivered to the APC presidential candidate and all other candidates from the state.

Also, the governorship candidate, Mr Namadi, said he will sustain the development stride of his predecessor, and build on it if elected as the next governor.

Kogi AD

Mr Namadi also sought the support of voters from the zone to vote for the APC Presidential candidate, assuring the electorate party that they will not regret voting for the APC.

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Killexams : APC Campaign Council Hits Atiku Over Call For Tinubu’s Drug Test

All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential campaign council has chided the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) flagbearer, Atiku Abubakar, for demanding a drug test for its presidential candidate, Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

It noted that Tinubu is fit as a fiddle and has no health challenge, even as it said Atiku’s media handlers have resorted to insults, abuse and falsehood because they are jittery of imminent defeat in the 2023 polls.

The spokesperson of the Atiku-Okowa Campaign Council, Senator Dino Melaye, had on Saturday asked the Nigeria Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) to conduct drug tests on leading presidential candidates ahead of the 2023 presidential poll.

Briefing journalists at the weekend, Melaye maintained that it is a constitutional requirement for anyone aspiring to the office of the president of Nigeria to be mentally and physically fit.

“Tinubu is not physically and mentally fit. I challenge him to a medical examination between him and Atiku. Because this is a constitutional requirement to be president and he should fulfil it,” Melaye said.

But firing back at the Atiku campaign team, the APC campaign team said the alarm being raised over Tinubu’s health status was misplaced.

In a statement issued yesterday, the director, Special Media Projects and New Media of the Tinubu/Shettima Presidential Campaign Council, Mr Femi Fani Kayode, said Atiku was jittery about imminent defeat.

The former aviation minister said: “When he and his men friends attempt to mock the Jagaban on issues of health, I laugh and shake my head with pity for them. The truth is that Asiwaju is so far ahead of Atiku in this and every other respect and they know it.

“As each day passes their collective ignorance, pettiness, idiocy and weaknesses are becoming more and more manifest. A man that cannot hold his own party together wants to be President. A man that cannot empathise with the suffering of the people and that gloats when people are suffering and when there is turmoil in the land cannot be trusted with power.

“A man that is trying to deliver the impression that he was part and parcel of Obasanjo’s success as president when in real fact he was trying to frustrate that government’s efforts to Strengthen the lives of our people is nothing less than treacherous and deceitful and he cannot be trusted with power,” he said.

Sun, 06 Nov 2022 23:17:00 -0600 en-US text/html
Killexams : APC: We’re Not against BVAS

Chuks Okocha, Adedayo Akinwale in Abuja and Hammed Shittu in Ilorin

The ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), yesterday, denied reports credited to its National Chairman, Abdulahi Adamu, and said it was not against the deployment of the Bimodal Voter Accreditation System (BVAS) and the Results Viewing Portal (IReV) proposed for deployment by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) in the 2023 elections.
National Publicity Secretary of APC, Felix Morka, issued the rebuttal at a press conference in Abuja, saying the report is an unfair misrepresentation of Adamu’s comments.

But Presidential Campaign Organisation for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar, and his running mate, Ifeanyi Okowa, insisted the alleged initial rejection of the BVAS by Adamu confirmed that APC and its presidential candidate, Bola Tinubu, did not have genuine followership among Nigerians ahead of the 2023 elections.

The claims about disposition to INEC’s deployment of technology for the 2023 general election came as a northern group, Arewa Media Influencers, promised to deliver 10 million votes to Tinubu next year, and Kwara State chapter of the party gained more members from the opposition parties.
It was reported in some sections of the media on Wednesday that Adamu kicked against INEC’s decision to deploy BVAS and electronic transmission of results.
But Morka clarified Adamu’s statement at a press conference yesterday in Abuja, describing the report as false and a bigoted twisting of the chairman’s comments.

The APC national publicity secretary said in the statement, “To be clear, Chairman Adamu did not kick against the deployment of BVAS or electronic transmission of results, as erroneously reported by sections of the media.
“The APC administration of President Muhammadu Buhari midwifed the successful reform of the Electoral Act, the introduction of BVAS, among other technological innovations, and has superintended the conduct of credible, free, fair and transparent elections in Edo, Anambra, Ekiti and Osun states.
“Our party and government remain committed to the highest levels of electoral transparency and democratic consolidation in our country.

“The chairman only expressed concern about electricity or telecommunication networks, he was not in any way kicking against BVAS or electronic transmission of results. Our party is in full support of BVAS and the electronic transmission of results; that doesn’t mean if there are concerns it shouldn’t be expressed.”
APC Presidential Campaign Council (PCC) also said the ruling party was not afraid of BVAS because the youth of the country were strongly behind the party. Director, APC PCC National Youth Mobilisation, North Central, Hon. Mike Msuaan, stated this while addressing journalists yesterday in Abuja.

Msuaan also stressed that Nigerians should be concerned about what the presidential candidate of the party, Tinubu, would offer the country and not his age.
He said, “We didn’t see Asiwaju contesting with Atiku and Peter Obi. We know what Atiku did to this country. He threw the youth of North-central and this country to the street. The privatisation exercise that he mishandled drove the youth of this country to be jobless.
“Under Atiku as vice president, over $16 billion was invested and up till now, we are still in darkness. Is that the person that should rule us? Or are we talking of Peter Obi, who has zero record in Anambra State?”

National Secretary of Arewa Media Influencers, Mr. Shuaibu Abdullahi, while promising to deliver 10 million votes to Tinubu at a press conference in Abuja, admitted that the group’s relationship with the PCC had not been rosy.
Abdullahi, however, said after a successful intervention by party chieftains from the north, they had made up their minds to work for Tinubu based on his antecedents of performance as Lagos State governor.

He stated, “As of today, we have at least 10 million followers, both online and off-line. We all know the importance of the media in the north. We have been educating our people to come out and vote for APC. That is why the party became victorious in 2015 and 2019 general elections.”

PDP: APC’s Rejection of BVAS, IReV Confirms its Lack of Genuine Followership

The Atiku/Okowa Presidential Campaign Organisation said APC’s alleged rejection of electronic transmission of results through the Bimodal Voter Accreditation System (BVAS) and INEC Election Result Viewing portal (IReV) confirmed the party and its presidential candidate, Bola Tinubu, did not have genuine followership among Nigerians ahead of the 2023 elections.
One of the spokespersons of the Atiku/Okowa Campaign Organisation, Kola Ologbondiyan, said APC had realised that given its mass failures across the polity, it did not enjoy the support of Nigerians and, as such, was scared of any process that could deliver credible balloting.

Ologbondiyan stated, “APC’s mortal fear of mass rejection at the polls is directly behind its unnecessary tantrums against the electronic transmission of results. It is abundantly clear that the APC plan is to return our electoral process to the days of mass rigging through the use of incident forms, ballot box snatching, ballot stuffing, and other electoral malpractices.

“Having become frustrated because of the introduction of technology to Strengthen the electoral process, the APC is seeking ways to manipulate the elections to enable it to re-enact the horrible electoral seasons of its devious act of holding electoral officers by their jugulars and forcing them to write results for APC candidates.”

According to the PDP presidential campaign spokesman, “The only option left for the APC is to accept the reality of its rejection and quietly fizzle away from our political firmament. After all, the APC has since lost the statutory integrity to field candidates in the 2023 general election due to its illegal and unconstitutional congresses.”
At the same time, Director of Strategic Communications of the PDP Presidential Campaign, Bashorun Dele Momodu, berated APC over the BVAS, stating that the world has gone digital.

In a statement, Momodu said, “I am very surprised that at this time and age, APC will still want us to operate analog elections. The world has gone digital and anything that will eliminate political thuggery, cheating, and rigging, I will expect any reasonable political party to support it.
“So, for APC to say it does not support it, there should be no transmission of results from voting points, it’s like sending us back 50 years ago into antiquity. At PDP, we will support transparent elections only.

“And we know that we stand to benefit from it. Anybody who is completely jittery knows why it’s complaining, because they (APC) are used to manipulating elections. We told them in Osun. And we won. When people decided that this time, we will not allow you to rig and, of course, electronic technology helped in Osun.

“The world can see who is jittery. APC is very jittery, and we will defeat them. There’s no doubt about that.  Let me tell you, I believe that APC is already winding down. And when a political party begins to wind down, its ability to misbehave becomes weakened.”

Kwara APC Gains Opposition Defectors

A large coterie of prominent politicians from the opposition parties in Kwara State left their parties and joined the governing All Progressives Congress (APC). They included former Deputy Speaker of Kwara State House of Assembly under the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Hon. Mathew Okedare, and former Commissioner for Tertiary Education, Abdullahi Alikinla, among other members of the opposition parties.

Others were former Commissioner for Education, Science and Technology, Alhaji Musa Yeketi; Personal Assistant, Political (PAPOL), to the former governor, Abdulfatah Ahmed, Alhaji Hassan Gegele; PDP Women Leader in Ifelodun Local Government Area, Mrs. Adenike Ayilara; and former Special Assistant to Senator Bukola Saraki on Domestic, Hon. Bolakale Ajanaku.

Among those who joined APC were also Chief Olabode Oyedepo; Social Democratic Party (SDP) House of Assembly aspirant from Offa, Mr. Ahmed Akorede; PDP House of Representatives aspirant for Asa/Ilorin West, Hon. Ahmed Bayero; Young Progressives Party (YPP) Vice Chairman in Asa, Hamzat Dolapo; Abu Jimoh Plumber; Bola Afolayan from Ekiti Local Government Area; and Alhaji Abdullahi Sarumi, among others.
Receiving the defectors at an event held at the Banquet Hall, Government House, Ilorin, yesterday, Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq congratulated the new members of APC for their decision and assured them of fairness and equal treatment.

AbdulRazaq said, “We welcome all the decampees and appreciate you for your conviction and your trust in our party. We are going to work together to achieve success. We will treat you all fairly as members of our party. As you can see, PDP is now empty. They only deploy social media to feign popularity.
“They came up with a slogan – ‘O Suwa’ (We are fed up). They are truly shameless for comparing their 16 years to our three and a half years in office.
“They boast of constructing a flyover bridge at the Post Office. They are liars. They never told Kwarans that the federal government funded the project. The same thing applies to Ilesha Baruba-Chikanda road construction and the airport.

“We are building huge projects with our own money as an administration, while delivering basic amenities to our people, including workers’ welfare.
“We cannot entrust the future of our state to those, who once ruined a bank. They will destroy our state, if we make that mistake. Let them know that you’re not tired of good government and steady spread of infrastructure across the state.”
The governor read some of his administration’s scorecard across sectors and enjoined the new members to remain resolute to deliver the state for APC at the polls.

Chairman of APC in the state, Mr. Sunday Fagbemi, said, “Kwarans have all seen the huge gap between the past and present administrations in terms of inclusive growth and good governance, and have vowed never to allow the state to go backward.”
Director General of Kwara APC Campaign Council, Alhaji Yahaya Seriki, urged members of the party to remain determined to work for the success of the party.
The defectors also took turns to explain why they left their parties to embrace APC, describing AbdulRazaq the architect of a new Kwara.  

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Killexams : APC committed to electronic transmission of election results - Official

The All Progressives Congress (APC) says it is committed to transmission of 2023 election results electronically by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) contrary to some media reports.

Mr Felix Morka, APC National Publicity Secretary said this on Thursday in Abuja while speaking with newsmen at the party’s national secretariat.

Morka was reacting to media reports that the party was opposed to the deployment of the Bimodal Voter Accreditation System (BVAS) and the Results Viewing Portal (IReV) for 2023 general election.

He said that the APC National Chairman, Sen. Abdullahi Adamu was grossly misquoted on the deployment of BVAS and electronic transmission of election results at a meeting with the Commonwealth Pre-election delegation.

“A section of the media is awash with comments credited to the APC National Chairman, Sen. Abdullahi Adamu on the deployment of the BVAS and IReV.

“Otherwise known as electronic transmission of election results for the 2023 general election..

“Media reports that Chairman Adamu kicked against INEC’s decision to deploy BVAS and electronic transmission of results is patently false and constitutes an unfair misrepresentation of the national chairman’s comments

“To be clear, Chairman Adamu did not kick against the deployment of BVAS or electronic transmission of results as erroneously reported by sections of the media,” the APC scribe said.

He said the APC led administration of President Muhammadu Buhari mid-wifed the successful reform of the Electoral Act and the introduction of BVAS among other technological innovations.

He added that the administration had superintended the conduct of credible, free, fair and transparent elections in Edo, Anambra, Ekiti and Osun.

“Our party and government remain committed to the highest levels of electoral transparency and democratic consolidation in our country.

“At the meeting with the commonwealth pre-election delegation, the APC national chairman while responding to a question regarding the country’s preparations for 2023 election, said preparations were in top gear.

“He tasked INEC to take effective steps to bridge any gaps that may be created by electricity and telecommunications network challenges in certain outlying voting districts in the country.

“This in order to ensure a smooth and successful deployment of BVAS and other technologies to ensure free and transparent election,” Morka said.

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Killexams : Taraba APC crisis will soon be over – Bwacha No result found, try new keyword!Sen. Emmanuel Bwacha, the Taraba governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), says the crisis bedeviling the party in the state will soon be over. Bwacha said this at a media ... Sun, 20 Nov 2022 23:30:00 -0600 en-US text/html Killexams : I will deliver Abia to APC – Gov candidate

The Governorship Candidate of the All Progressives Congress in Abia State, Chief Ikechi Emenike, on Tuesday, expressed confidence that he would win the forthcoming governorship election and deliver the state to the APC.

The politician, who stormed the headquarters of the party with a delegation of stakeholders, was warmly received by the APC National Chairman, Senator Abdullahi Adamu.

Emenike’s visit came on the heels of his victory at the Court of Appeal, where his candidacy was reaffirmed on October 15 in Abuja.

The appellate court gave the affirmation while dismissing the application filed by a governorship aspirant, Obinna Oriaku, seeking to appeal against the judgment delivered on September 2 in appeal No. CA/OW/269/2022.

After a marathon meeting with Adamu on Tuesday, an excited Emenike told journalists that they came to appreciate the party for reconciling the groups in the state.

The governorship hopeful pledged to return to the APC national chairman with his certificate of return after his victory in Abia State.

He said, “We are here primarily to assure our leader, our national chairman, that the APC is intact and ready to deliver the party and rescue Abia State. Our mission statement is to first rescue the state and simultaneously develop it.

“We are here not to disagree, not to quarrel, not to complain, but to deliver honour to whom honour is due. We want to thank our revered leader, our national chairman for his leadership and fatherly role, in bringing the kind of peace we are currently enjoying in Abia. We are here to thank him and also show solidarity for his leadership.

“We want to assure him that Abia APC is geared towards victory. We pledged that we will show him the certificate of return of victory in Abia State.”

When asked if he plans to take advantage of the crisis in the Peoples Democratic Party, with his governor being a member of the embattled G-5 members, Emenike said the handwriting was on the wall.

He encouraged doubters to visit his state and feel the strength of the party, especially at the grassroots level.

“Our governor can be anywhere but what I want to assure you is that through his performance, he has done almost 40 per cent of the campaign for the APC. What we are doing is just trying to harvest most of the grounds and cover all the loopholes and work towards our victory.

“A lot of people are still doubtful relying on past propaganda and information. But before you say anything about the APC Abia, try to visit the state, go to the polling units, the wards and find out the status of today’s APC in Abia State and whether we are ready for victory or not.

“You don’t expect a party that has polling unit exco not to make an impact. Go to the courts in Abia, there are an avalanche of cases against the APC. There is none against LP, PDP, APGA, but against the APC. Why are they suing us other than the fact that they know the threat we present,” he asked.

While applauding the team, Adamu told journalists that their mission to the national headquarters was to appreciate the leadership of the party and not for the reconciliation process as reported in some quarters.

He said, “All I can tell you is that the delegation led by very eminent members today, they’re not coming here for the reconciliation. They are coming out to thank the party for the efforts we made in the state.”

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