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IT pros have created The-Open-Group Certification real questions. Many students have complained that there are too many questions in many OG0-093 TOGAF 9 Combined Part 1 and Part 2 brain dumps and questions and answers and that they are simply too exhausted to take any more. Seeing specialists create this comprehensive version of OG0-093 braindumps while still ensuring that every knowledge is covered after extensive study and analysis is a sight to behold. Everything is designed to make the certification process easier for candidates.

Exam Code: OG0-093 Practice exam 2022 by team
OG0-093 OG0-093 TOGAF 9 Combined Part 1 and Part 2

Exam Summary
This is a combined TOGAF 9 Part 1 and Part 2 examination for candidates who want to achieve Level 2 certification directly.

Exam Name: TOGAF® 9 Combined Part 1 and Part 2
Exam Number:
OG0-093 - English
OG0-098 - Simplified Chinese
Qualification upon passing: TOGAF 9 Certified
Delivered at: Authorized Examination Provider Test Centers
Prerequisites: None
Supervised: Yes
Open Book: Dependent on section. This examination comprises two separate sections. The TOGAF 9 Part 1 section is CLOSED Book. The TOGAF 9 Part 2 section is OPEN book. An electronic copy of the specification is built into the exam and becomes available in Part 2 only.
Exam type: The exam comprises two sections. Section 1: 40 Simple Multiple Choice questions + Section 2: 8 Scenario Based, Complex Multiple Choice
Number of questions: 48
Pass score: The pass mark for Part 1 is 55%, which means 22 or more points out of maximum of 40 points. For Part 2, the pass mark is 60%, which means 24 or more points out of a maximum of 40 points. Note that you must pass both parts of the exam to achieve an overall pass result. If you fail either part you fail the examination, however you only need retake the examination(s) corresponding to the failed section(s).
Time limit: 150 Minutes total. Each section has a maximum time limit as follows: 60 Minutes on TOGAF 9 Part 1. 90 Minutes on TOGAF 9 Part 2. Once you complete the TOGAF 9 Part 1 section you cannot return to it. There is no break between sections; Part 1 directly follows Part 2.

- The basic concepts of Enterprise Architecture and the TOGAF standard
- The core concepts of the TOGAF 9 standard
- The key terminology of the TOGAF 9 standard
- The ADM cycle and the objectives of each phase, and how to adapt and scope the ADM
- The concept of the Enterprise Continuum; its purpose and constituent parts
- How each of the ADM phases contributes to the success of Enterprise Architecture
- The ADM guidelines and techniques
- How Architecture Governance contributes to the Architecture Development Cycle
- The concepts of views and viewpoints and their role in communicating with stakeholders
- The concept of building blocks
- The key deliverables of the ADM cycle
- The TOGAF reference models
- The TOGAF certification program
- How to apply the ADM phases in development of an Enterprise Architecture
- How to apply Architecture Governance in development of an Enterprise Architecture
- How to apply the TOGAF Architecture Content Framework
- How to apply the concept of Building Blocks
- How to apply the Stakeholder Management Technique
- How to apply the TOGAF Content Metamodel
- How to apply the TOGAF standard recommended techniques when developing an Enterprise Architecture
- The TOGAF Technical Reference Model and how to customize it to meet an organizations needs
- The Integrated Information Infrastructure Reference Model
- The content of the key deliverables of the ADM cycle
- How an Enterprise Architecture can be partitioned to meet the specific needs of an organization
- The purpose of the Architecture Repository
- How to apply iteration and different levels of architecture with the ADM
- How to adapt the ADM for security
- The role of architecture maturity models in developing an Enterprise Architecture
- The purpose of the Architecture Skills Framework and how to apply it within an organization

OG0-093 TOGAF 9 Combined Part 1 and Part 2
The-Open-Group Combined exam contents
Killexams : The-Open-Group Combined exam contents - BingNews Search results Killexams : The-Open-Group Combined exam contents - BingNews Killexams : Historic university press emerges refreshed as recently combined CUPA

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Killexams : Top 15 certifications for enterprise architects

If you’re planning a career as an enterprise architect, certifications are a great way to validate your enterprise architecture (EA) skills. As an enterprise architect, you’ll be responsible for developing the IT strategy for a business that keeps business goals in line with IT goals. Companies rely heavily on technology, so IT is now a foundational part of any strong business strategy. These certifications test your EA skills, knowledge, and abilities working with frameworks, tools, software, and best practices.

Whether you want to focus on cloud, applications, software, or other areas of enterprise architecture, one or more of these 15 certifications will help strengthen your resume.

Top 15 enterprise architecture certifications

  • AWS Certified Solution Architect
  • Axelos ITIL Master certification
  • Certified Pega Robotics System Architect
  • Certified Pega System Architect certification
  • CISSP Information Systems Security Architecture Professional (CISSIP-ISSAP)
  • EC Council Certified Network Defense Architect (CNDA)
  • Google Professional Cloud Architect
  • ITIL v3 Master certification
  • The Open Group Certified Architect (Open CA)
  • The Open Group TOGAF 9 Certification
  • Professional Cloud Solutions Architect Certification
  • Red Hat Certified Architect
  • Salesforce Certified Technical Architect (CTA)
  • Virtualization Council Master Infrastructure Architect
  • Zachman Certified – Enterprise Architect

AWS Certified Solution Architect

The AWS Certified Solution Architect exam covers building an architectural design solution based on customer or client requirements, delivering best practices for implementation and overseeing the long-term management of an EA project. You’ll need hands-on experience with all AWS computer, networking, storage, and database services to pass the exam. The exam covers courses such as how to deploy, manage, and operate workloads on AWS, implement security controls and compliance requirements, identify the right AWS services to meet technical requirements, and knowledge of courses such as AWS Management Console, Command Line Interface (CLI), and more. You won’t have to take a course to pass the exam, but Amazon recommends at least six months to two years of hands-on experience using AWS before you attempt the exam. You can also obtain practice exams and training materials directly from Amazon to help you prepare for the exam.

Cost: $150

Certified Pega System Architect certification

The Certified Pega Systems Architect certification is designed for developers and other technical staff members who want to learn how to develop Pega applications. It’s an entry-level certification on the path to the Systems Architect certification path from Pega Academy. The certification path includes two more levels of certification with the Senior System Architect and Lead System Architect exams. The Senior System Architect covers courses such as application development, case management, data and integration, user experience, reporting, performance, security, and mobility. The Lead System Architect exam covers Pega platform, application, data model, user experience, security, reporting, asynchronous processing, work delegation, deployment, and testing design.

Cost: $175 per exam

Certified Pega Robotics System Architect

The Certified Pega Robotics System Architect certification is designed for systems architects and software developers interested in improving their skills with robotic automation and workforce intelligence. The certification covers the fundamentals of robotic automation, process flows, terminology, and the core building blocks of the Pega Robo Studio software. The course covers 15 modules with 10 challenges to help teach you how to “integrate robotic automations with Windows and web applications” and how to test your solutions with debugging tools. The exam covers courses such as case management, data and integration, security, DevOps, user experience, application development, reporting, and mobility.

Cost: $175

CISSP Information Systems Security Architecture Professional (CISSIP-ISSAP)

The CISSIP-ISSAP certification is designed for professionals with a Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSIP) certification who want to add a concentration in architecture. You’ll need to have your CISSP certification in addition to two years of experience working with one or more domains in the CISSP-ISSAP common body of knowledge (CBK). The certification validates your ability to develop, design, and analyze security solutions and to give risk-based guidance to help senior management meet business goals. The exam covers knowledge domains such as architect for governance, compliance and risk management, security architecture modeling, infrastructure security architecture, identity and access management (IAM) architecture, application security, and security operations architecture.

Cost: $599

EC Council Certified Network Defense Architect (CNDA)

The Certified Network Defense Architect (CNDA) certification from EC Council is specifically designed for government and military agencies, with a focus on security and compliance. You’ll need to earn your CEH certification and be employed by a government or military agency or be a contracted employee of the government before you can take the CNDA course. It’s similar to the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) and it’s intended for individuals who are trusted by their employer to “undertake an attempt to penetrate networks and/or computer systems using the same methods as a hacker,” according to the EC Council.

Cost: $200

Google Professional Cloud Architect

The Google Professional Cloud Architect certification demonstrates your abilities working with Google Cloud technologies. The certification is designed to validate that you have the necessary understanding of cloud architecture and Google technology, and that you know how to design, develop, and manage secure, scalable, dynamic solutions to drive business objectives. The exam covers courses such as how to design and plan cloud solution architecture for security and compliance, manage cloud infrastructure, analyze and optimize business processes, and oversee the implementation of cloud architecture. There are no prerequisites for the exam, but it must be taken in-person at an official testing center location.

Cost: $200

ITIL 4 Master certification

ITIL is a popular IT management framework used by enterprise architects to help manage service processes. If you work in an ITSM environment with the ITIL framework, the ITIL Master Certification from Axelos is useful for demonstrating your aptitude in service management. The certification validates that you have the necessary skills and abilities to apply ITIL principles, methods, and techniques in a corporate environment. To earn the certification, you “must be able to explain and justify how you have personally selected and applied a range of knowledge, principles, methods, and techniques from the ITIL Framework” and demonstrate your practical experience. Therefore, the exam is different for every candidate based off their own personal experience with ITIL in their careers. To qualify for the ITIL Master, you need at least five years of experience in ITSM in a leadership, managerial, or higher management advisory role. You’ll also need to earn the ITIL managing professional and ITIL strategic leader certifications before you can move onto the ITIL Master exam.

Cost: Exam fees vary by vendor

The Open Group Certified Architect (Open CA)

There are three levels of Open CA certification: Certified (Level 1), Master (Level 2), and Distinguished (Level 3). Unlike other certifications, you won’t have to take a course or pass an exam to earn your Open CA certification. Instead, it’s a program that requires applicants to “demonstrate skills and experience against a set of conformance requirements through written applications and peer reviews,” according to The Open Group. The certification is targeted at business, digital, enterprise, and solutions architects. You can use the online self-assessment tool to determine your potential qualifications for the first two levels of certification.

Cost: $1,250 with an annual renewal fee of $175 and recertification every three years for $250

The Open Group TOGAF Certification

TOGAF is one of the most used frameworks for enterprise architecture, which makes it a useful certification to add to your resume. The TOGAF certification is a globally recognized and vendor-neutral certification that will demonstrate your skills using the TOGAF framework to implement and manage enterprise technology. It’s offered through The Open Group and there are two levels of certification: the TOGAF 9 Foundation (Level 1) certification and the Level 2 certification, which you can take once you pass the first exam. There are also three new certifications designed to tie in the latest version, TOGAF 10, which was released earlier this year. This includes the TOGAF Enterprise Architecture Foundation or Practitioner certifications and the TOGAF Business Architecture Foundation certification.

Cost: $360 per exam

Professional Cloud Solutions Architect Certification

Offered by the Cloud Credential Council (CCC), the Professional Cloud Solutions Architect certification is designed for technology, application, system, and enterprise architects, as well as cloud strategy consultants and senior developers. The certification course covers ITaaS, cloud computing and service management, customer requirements, implementing cloud technology and evaluating cloud solution architecture. It’s targeted at technology, application, system, and enterprise architects as well as cloud strategy consultants and senior developers. There aren’t any requirements to take the exam, but it’s recommended that you earn your Cloud Technology Associate and TOGAF 9 certifications first.

Cost: $495 for the self-study materials and an exam voucher

Red Hat Certified Architect

The Red Hat Certified Architect certification includes the Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE), Red Hat Certified Enterprise Microservices Developer (RHCEMD), and Red Hat Certified JBoss Developer (RHCJD), which is the highest certification tier. To reach each level of certification, you’ll need to pass a handful of certifications on the systems administrator path or developer path. With the number of certification options, you can customize your certification path for your career by focusing on specific skills and technologies. The cost of each course varies depending on the subject matter and your location, but they run anywhere from $1,500 to around $4,000.

Cost: Fees vary depending on the course and location, but you can purchase a year-long learning subscription for either $5,500 or $7,000, depending on how many course credits you want.

Salesforce Certified Technical Architect (CTA)

The Salesforce Certified Technical Architect (CTA) certification demonstrates your knowledge, skills, and ability to design and build solutions on the Salesforce platform. You’ll first have to earn your Certified Application Architect or Certified Systems Architect certifications before you can move onto the CTA exam. To earn your Salesforce CTA certification, you’ll also have to pass the Technical Architect Review Board exam. You’ll be provided with hypothetical situations, be given customer requirements, and then be asked to design an architecture solution. You have two hours to prepare and then four hours to present to the judges, including time for breaks.

Cost: $200 per exam and an additional $6,000 to pass the Technical Architect Review Board exam

Virtualization Council Master Infrastructure Architect

The Virtualization Council offers four certifications for popular virtualization products. Although the certifications focus on products from VMware, Microsoft, Xen, and Virtual Iron products, the exams are vendor neutral. The Virtualization Council is made up by a group of “industry-leading experts who have joined forces to create an organization which can offer an independent route to certification.” Membership is free, and the council focuses on offering certifications in four of the biggest virtualization platforms currently available. Each exam covers a specific enterprise architecture platform, so you can pick and choose the tools that align best with your career.

Cost: $125 per exam

Zachman Certified – Enterprise Architect

The Zachman Framework is a popular matrix-style framework that helps organizations manage and oversee enterprise architecture. The Zachman Certified Enterprise Architect certification scheme includes four levels of certification: associate, practitioner, professional, and educator. The associate level exam focuses on the fundamentals of the Zachman framework and teaches you how to apply framework concepts to real-world scenarios. The practitioner and professional level exams further build off the associate-level exam, introducing how the methodology can be used to produce architecture models and implementation models. At the educator level of certification, the exam focuses on those who wish to create and teach curriculum based on the Zachman Framework concepts. Certification is offered via virtual workshops, either self-paced or instructor-led.

Cost: $2,999

More on advancing enterprise architecture:

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Killexams : UPSC Combined Geoscientist Prelims exam schedule released; to be held in January 2023

Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) has released the exam scheduled for the Combined Geoscientist (Preliminary) examination 2023. Eligible candidates can check the schedule available on the official website

As per the notification, the exam is scheduled to be conducted on February 19, 2023, in two shifts — 9.30 AM to 11.30 AM and 2.00 PM to 4.00 PM. The exam will be held at various exam centers including — Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Bhopal, Chandigarh, Chennai, Cuttack, Delhi, Mumbai, Dispur, Hyderabad, Prayagraj, Patna and others.

Direct link to the exam schedule.

The recruitment drive is being conducted for a total of 285 posts including Geologist, Group A: 216, Geophysicist, Group A: 21 and Chemist, Group A: 19 in the Geological Survey of India, Ministry of Mines and Scientist ‘B’ (Hydrogeology), Group ‘A’: 26, Scientist ‘B’ (Chemical) Group ‘A’: 1 and Scientist ‘B’ (Geophysics) Group ‘A’: 2 in the Central Ground Water Board, Ministry of Jal Shakti.

Exam scheme

The UPSC Combined Geo-Scientist exam will consist of three successive stages:- Stage-I: Combined Geo-Scientist (Preliminary) Examination (Objective type); Stage-II: Combined Geo-Scientist (Main) Examination (Descriptive Type); and Stage-III: Personality Test/Interview.

For more details, candidates are advised to visit the official website here.

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Killexams : TNPSC Group 2 Result 2022 declared at, here’s direct link to check

Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission has declared TNPSC Group 2 Result 2022. Candidates who have appeared for Combined Civil Services II examination can check the result through the official site of TNPSC at

The written examination was conducted on May 21, 2022. The examination was conducted in single shift from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm. The admit card was released on May 11, 2022. Candidates who have appeared for the examination can check the results through the official site of TNPSC by following these simple steps given below.

Direct link to check result here

TNPSC Group 2 Result 2022: How to check

  • Visit the official site of TNPSC at
  • Click on TNPSC Group 2 Result 2022 link available on the home page.
  • A new PDF file will open where candidates can check the result.
  • Download the page and keep a hard copy of the same for further need.

Candidates can check for more related details through the official site of TNPSC.

Tue, 08 Nov 2022 22:06:00 -0600 en text/html
Killexams : The Best Way To Start A Conversation On A Dating Site

The dating site Highreply has compiled feedback from 20 yrs of data to find helpful insights when it comes to improving your online dating profile.

You send a message to a potential match saying, “Hey,” or “What’s Up?” and more often than not, your message is met with crickets.

An analysis of exchanges on popular dating sites conducted in 2021 by data journalist Alyssa Beatriz Fernandez shared that 57% of messages on a top dating platform are one-message conversations.

How do you make an impact on your first message that’s strong enough to get a response?

To help singles turn their dating experience from drab to fab, we’ve put together our favorite tips and openers to ensure you get a great conversation going.

Ask A Specific Question

Before contacting a potential match, be sure to read through their profile and browse through their pictures. You should be able to form a specific question from the content they shared.

From our experience and research on other dating sites, we found that shared phrases like “You mention” or “I noticed that” have a higher response rate.

Did they mention that they enjoy hiking? You can ask, “You mentioned that you like hiking. What’s been your favorite hike so far?”

Do they enjoy cooking? Perfect opportunity to ask them, “What’s your favorite dish to prepare?”

With a little effort, you can draw up questions that show you are interested in knowing more about them. Of course, asking a specific question drawn up from their shared content also indicates that you took the time to read through their profile carefully.

What Are They Looking For?

One thing that many online dating profiles need is more information on what the user is looking for in a relationship. This is pretty pertinent information required to understand whether or not someone may be a good match for you. So why not send a message asking them to share what they’re looking for? You can ask;

  • What type of relationship are you looking for?
  • Are you just looking for fun or something more serious?
  • Are you looking for a serious commitment or casual dating?

Sending this message is a great way to engage and connect on a more serious, personal level. You will be able to share what you are looking for as well. This conversation will help determine whether the discussion is worth continuing.

Some of Our Favorite Conversation Openers

Hands down, the best way to start a conversation on a dating site is to make an Impact. You can achieve this by asking unique questions that act as an Icebreaker. Try to craft questions that require a bit of thought on the responder’s part. Some of the most successful conversation openers are those that are silly and good-humored and “Would you rather” questions.

In need of a bit of inspiration? Here are some of our favorite conversation openers inspired by our most successful users on HighReply and why we love them.

What are you watching on Netflix right now?

No matter who you message, chances are they are currently enjoying a series on Netflix or other streaming platforms. Ask about what they’re watching. What’s it about? Do you like it? Are they planning on watching anything else soon?

If you had a theme song, what would it be?

This type of question is sure to get your potential match thinking and likely get back to you with something fun or witty.

If you could only eat 5 things for the rest of your life, what would they be?

This line is reserved for serious foodies. Do they mention their love for food or cooking in their profiles? Hit them with this hard-hitting question for a peek into their personality.

You’ve just won the Mega Millions lottery. What will you do with the money?

You are sure to get a peek into someone’s priorities and interests with a line like this. Will they buy a house for everyone in the family? A fleet of sports cars? Leave everything behind to travel the world?

If you could bring any 3 people — past or present — to a dinner party, who would you invite?

Yet another question that is not only hard to resist responding to, but the response gives a sneak peek into someone’s personality, allowing you to determine whether or not you two are a possible match.

I couldn’t help but notice your bookshelf. What are you reading right now?

Here is the perfect question to ask those who refer to themselves as bookworms or make a note of their reading habits. It’s a fun way to engage them in one of their biggest interests and understand the type of literature that makes them tick.

What’s your love language?

Most of us are familiar with the five love languages and which one we respond best to. So what will their love language be, affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, or physical touch?

Bonus Tip: How Not to Start A Conversation

By now, you know not to start a conversation with a lonely “Hey,” but there are some other things to avoid when starting a conversation. Be sure not to make these mistakes when starting a conversation on a dating site.

●      Don’t use bad grammar or broken sentences

Netspeak, bad grammar and bad spelling are turn-offs for many. This will be your first contact with a potential match – show a little effort!

●      Don’t give a compliment.

This may not seem offensive, but most compliments given on dating sites are about someone’s (usually a woman’s) physical appearance. This often feels like a lame pickup line, and you run the risk of being blown off.

●      Don’t send nude pics

Unfortunately, some people still need to be reminded of this. This happens to women way more than men would believe. Please keep your nude pics to yourself (unless someone has consented to receive them).


Dating (like a relationship) takes effort, and this includes your first conversations with a potential match. Show your genuine interest in someone by reading their profile and drafting specific questions from their shared information. Stand out from other potential suitors by thinking outside the box, opening conversations with questions that are hard to pass up, and giving the receiver a chance to share more about themselves with you. Leave the lonely “Hey” behind and start engaging in quality conversations to get things started on a positive note. Get involved in an interesting conversation at Our dating site is built with a focus on quality profiles with real individuals taking the time to make real connections. Meet others who are ready to explore their online dating options by communicating kindly and by being real.

Advertising disclosure: We may receive compensation for some of the links in our stories. Thank you for supporting the Village Voice and our advertisers.

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Killexams : BPSC 68th Combined Competitive exam 2022: Registration begins at

Bihar Public Service Commission has started the registration process for BPSC 68th Combined Competitive exam 2022. Candidates who want to apply for the 68th prelims examination can apply online through the official site of BPSC at

The last date to apply for the examination is till December 20, 2022. Candidates who want to apply for the exam should have graduation degree from a recognised institute or University. To apply for the examination mentioned above candidates can follow these simple steps given below.

Direct link to apply here 

BPSC 68th Combined Competitive exam 2022: How to apply

  • Visit the official site of BPSC at
  • Click on BPSC 68th Prelims exam 2022 link available on the home page.
  • Enter the login details and click on submit.
  • Fill in the application form and make the payment of application fees.
  • Once done click on submit.
  • Your application has been submitted.
  • Download the page and keep a hard copy of the same for further need.

The application fees is 600/- for general category and 150/- for Bihar Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe candidates. The payment should be made online through debit card, credit card or net banking.

Sign on to read the HT ePaper

Thu, 24 Nov 2022 20:36:00 -0600 en-IN text/html
Killexams : TNPSC Group 2 Result 2022 obtain PDF, Mains exam in Feb 2023

Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission has announced Group 2 exam Result 2022 on i.e. Check obtain Link Here.

TNPSC Group 2 Result 2022

TNPSC Group 2 Result 2022: Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission has uploaded the result of the Combined Civil Services Examination in Group-II And IIA Services.  The candidates can obtain TNPSC Result on TNPSC Group 2 Result Link is available in this article.

TNPSC Group 2 Mains exam 2022

Shortlisted candidates will be required to appear for the main exam. TNPSC Group 2 Mains exam will be held on 25 February 2023. Before appearing in the exam, they need to pay Rs, 200/- as exam pay and upload the documents in support of the claim in the online application. The link for uploading the documents will be available from 17 November 2022 to 16 December 2022. However, the last date for submitting the fee is 15 November 2022.

While uploading documents for certificate verification, the candidates claiming exemption from Tamil Eligibility Test should upload evidence. The details regarding the documents to be uploaded will be made available in due course on the website of the commission.

How to obtain TNPSC Group 2 Result 2022 ?

Step 1: Visit the official website of the commission i.e.

Step 2: Click on the link provided on the homepage ‘GROUP II - RESULT’

Step 3: obtain TNPSC Group 2 Result PDF

Step 4: Check the details of the selected candidates

TNPSC conducted the Combined Civil Services Examination–II (Interview Posts / Non-Interview Posts) (Group-II Services / Group-II Services) on 21 May 2022.

What is TNPSC Group 2 Mains exam Date ?

25 February 2023

What is TNPSC Group 2 Result Date ?

9 November 2022

Tue, 08 Nov 2022 17:10:00 -0600 text/html
Killexams : MPSC Group C Prelims 2022 exam Analysis: Check Difficulty Level & Good Attempts

MPSC Group C Prelims exam Analysis 2022: obtain the MPSC Group C Prelims Analysis and check the overall good number of attempts and difficulty level of the paper here.

MPSC Group C Prelims 2022 exam Analysis

MPSC Group C Prelims exam Analysis 2022: The Maharashtra Public Service Commission conducted the Group C Prelims exam on November 5, 2022. All the aspirants who have applied for the prelims exam and have attempted the same have shared their reviews and experience for the exam. Candidates must be acquainted with the MPSC Group C Prelims exam Analysis to know about the number of good attempts and the overall difficulty level of the exam.

The commission will declare the official answer key for MPSC Group C Prelims exam in the coming days. Candidates can obtain the answer key PDF only from the official commission’s portal. Thus, should check the website for the latest news related to the answer key and results of the MPSC Group C Prelims exam 2022.

Check MPSC Group C 2022 exam Pattern

MPSC Group C Prelims exam Pattern 2022

The MPSC Group C Prelims exam consists of objective-type questions with multiple-choice answers. The paper will contain 100 questions for 100 marks with a time duration of 60 minutes. The medium of the questions will be in both English and Marathi language. As per the marking scheme, one mark is given for every correct answer and 1/4th mark shall be deducted as a penalty for each incorrect answer.


Number of Questions

Maximum Marks


Current Affairs 




General Science


Aptitude Test & Arithmetics



60 minutes

MPSC Group C Prelims Overall Difficulty Level

The candidates who have attempted the MPSC Group C Prelims exam have shared that the overall exam level was easy to moderate. Go through the table to know about the subject-wise level and the number of good attempts in the exam.


MPSC Group C Prelims Level

Overall Good Attempts




General Science



Indian Polity

Easy to Moderate


Current Affairs









Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning

Easy to Moderate





MPSC Group C Prelims Section Wise exam Analysis

According to the sources and reviews of the candidates, the questions asked in the prelims exam were easy to moderate level. Go through the table below to know about the section-wise analysis of the MPSC Group C Prelims Exam.


Topics Asked in Exam

Number of Questions


Modern India, Labour movement, National Congress, Bengal Students Council, British Policy, Gandhi Era


General Science

Speed, Classification of animal, element, chemistry, biology, human body


Indian Polity

Important articles, Constitutional Development, Committee, Panchyati Raj, Amendment, etc.


Current Affairs

Sports, International Events, Government Schemes, Reports, Person in News, Missions Programs, Yojna, etc.



Industry, Peak in Maharashtra, Census of India 2011, Administrative Division in Maharashtra, Climate, Sanctuary in Maharashtra, etc.



Repo rate, Population, FRBM Act, Public Finance, Credit Authorization Scheme, Public Expenditure, Poverty, Fiscal Policy, Monetary Policy


Quantitative Aptitude, and Reasoning

Percentage, Age, Ratio, Simplification, Number Series, Time & Work, Miscellaneous


We hope this article on MPSC Group C Prelims exam Analysis was informative for our readers. Candidates need to clear the cut-off marks of the prelims exam to be shortlisted for the mains examination. They need to clear all the selection stages to be featured in the final merit list.


Q1 What was the level of questions asked in the MPSC Group C Prelims exam 2022?

As per the MPSC Group C exam Analysis, the level of questions asked in the preliminary exam was easy to moderate in nature.

Q2 What are the number of good attempts in MPSC Group C Prelims 2022?

As per the MPSC Group C Prelims exam Analysis, the number of good attempts is 70-77 questions.

Q3 What is the marking scheme for the MPSC Group C Prelims exam 2022?

As per MPSC Group C Prelims Pattern, one mark is given for every correct answer and 1/4th mark shall be deducted as a penalty for each incorrect answer.

Take Free Online Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC) 2022 Mock Test

Start Now
Sat, 03 Dec 2022 12:33:00 -0600 text/html
Killexams : Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc. and Diamond Sports Group (SBGI) Combined Q3 2022 Earnings Call Transcript

Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:SBGI) Q3 2022 Earnings Conference Call November 28, 2022 9:00 AM ET

Company Participants

Billie Jo McIntire - Associate Vice President of Investor Relations, Sinclair

Chris Ripley - President and Chief Executive Officer, Sinclair

Rob Weisbord - President of Broadcast and Chief Operating Officer, Sinclair

Scott Shapiro - Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer, Diamond Sports

Conference Call Participants

Avi Steiner - JPMorgan

David Hamburger - Morgan Stanley

Lance Vitanza - Cowen


Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the Diamond Quarterly Update Third Quarter 2022 Conference Call. At this time, all participants have been placed on a listen-only mode. The floor will be open for questions and comments after the presentation.

It is now my pleasure to turn the floor over to your host, Billie Jo McIntire, Associate Vice President of Investor Relations for Sinclair. Ma'am, the floor is yours.

Billie Jo McIntire

Thank you, operator. Participating on the call today are Chris Ripley, President and CEO of Sinclair; Rob Weisbord, President of Broadcast and Chief Operating Officer of Sinclair; Scott Shapiro, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer Diamond Sports; and Steve Zenker, Vice President of Investor Relations of Sinclair.

Before we begin, I want to remind everyone that supplemental information for today's call is available on Sinclair's website,, on the Diamond Sports Group page under the Investors menu. Now, I'll make the forward-looking statement disclaimer.

Certain matters discussed on this call may include forward-looking statements regarding among other things future operating results. Such statements are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties. real results in the future could differ from those described in the forward-looking statements as a result of various important factors.

Such factors have been set forth on the Investor Information page of Sinclair's website and are included in Diamond's third quarter unaudited financial statements and management's discussion and analysis of financial condition and results of operations, which can also be found on the Investor Information page on Sinclair's website.

Diamond undertakes no obligation to update these forward-looking statements. Diamond uses Sinclair's website as a key source of Diamond's information, which can be accessed at A webcast replay will be available on Sinclair's website and will remain available until Diamond's next quarterly update call. Included on the call will be a discussion of non-GAAP financial measures, specifically adjusted EBITDA, adjusted free cash flow, and leverage.

Diamond considers adjusted EBITDA to be an indicator of the operating performance of its assets. Diamond also believes that adjusted EBITDA is frequently used by industry analysts, investors, and lenders as a measure of valuation. This measure is not formulated in accordance with GAAP, is not meant to replace GAAP measurements and may differ from other companies' uses or formulations.

Also just a reminder that Marquee was deconsolidated from Diamond and changed to the equity method of accounting within Diamond's financials as of March 1. Like last quarter, we will not be giving Diamond’s proforma’s due to the confidentiality around deconsolidating Marquee from the Diamond results. On the Investor Information page on Sinclair’s website, however, you can find Diamond's third quarter actuals and fourth quarter and full-year guidance.

Now, Chris Ripley will take you through our operating highlights.

Chris Ripley

Good morning, everyone. The third quarter was a busy one for Diamond as it prepared for the full launch of Bally Sports+, its DTC product, encompassing all of the Bally Sports RSNs. The launch occurred on September 26, and we could not be more pleased with the performance of the product and user engagement. We have seen encouraging demand for the service despite relatively low product awareness in the marketplace.

The conversion rate after the free trial period is strong at approximately 70% consistent with what we saw after our June soft launch. DTC sub engagement continues to outperform a TV over our user streaming 1.3x more minutes on average since our full launch. In addition, the DTC subscribers return more frequently to the app and have longer average session times.

We are seeing particularly impressive results at Bally Sports North where the Minnesota Wild and Timber Wolf games have had over 23 million minutes streamed through the first month of the season with average unique streamers per game routinely exceeding a 1.0 rating in the Minneapolis CMA. These early data points not only indicate robust engagement, they underline our significant opportunity to generate revenue beyond B2C subscriptions as we continue to iterate the platform to include gamification elements, targeted ad capabilities, and e-commerce components.

I would also like to give kudos to our D2C team. The strong early adoption of Bally Sports+ speaks to the quality of the product they have built and that is reflected in the 4.5 average app store ratings since full launch. We would also note the fantastic support we received from our team partners. Our coordinated marketing efforts are helping them increase their reach and we anticipate future partnership arrangements will allow us to be efficient with our marketing dollars.

Now, I'll turn it over to Rob to go through some operating highlights.

Rob Weisbord

Thanks, Chris. Media revenues for our third quarter came in a little below our guidance on lower than expected distribution revenue, primarily due to higher than expected subscriber churn, as well as slightly lower than expected advertising revenue due to fewer games in the quarter than forecasted. On a per game basis, ad revenues were up mid-teens percent driven by housing demand in many categories with the largest gains in service, retail, food, and entertainment.

Looking-forward, we see some positive signs for advertising demand. The upfronts were successful and we're seeing substantial commitments from the auto category, which is expected to benefit from a lessening of supply constraints and building inventories. We continue to face the prospect of a difficult macro environment that can accelerate churn, as well as potential for higher interest rates, which could impact super behavior.

Impressions continue to hold up as well for the RSN for the just completed MLB season. Impressions for all RSNs were up low single digits percent and for Diamond’s RSNs, including Marquee and YES Network, impressions were even better, up mid-single-digits percent. And many of the Bally RSNs continue to average the highest rating for all stations in their DMAs for times when they're game there. The ratings and ad demand validates the continued value and attractiveness of live local sports.

Finally, during the quarter, we executed multi-year rights renewals with the Clippers and Pacers continuing our long relationships with both teams. I also want to thank our direct-to-consumer team led by Mike Allen and Michael Schneider. They have done a tremendous job getting the app shipped and having terrific early results.

With that, I'll turn it over to Scott to review the financials.

Scott Shapiro

Thanks, Rob. Diamond's revenues were $684 million in the third quarter, distribution revenues of $565 million reflect an increase in subscriber churn to 10%. Total ad revenues were $112 million, an increase year-over-year, excluding Marquee, driven by higher digital revenue and political revenue. Advertising revenue on a per game basis for the Bally RSNs grew at a mid-teens percent.

Diamond's media expenses for the third quarter were $664 million, up from the prior year, excluding Marquee on slightly higher sports right amortization, the higher management fee and promotion expenses related to the D2C launch, partially offset by lower engineering expenses due to the absence of facility transition costs that were in the year-ago period.

Average production cost per game increased mid-single digits percent due to an increase in certain labor expenses. As compared to guidance, media expenses were lower by $9 million, in part due to 40 less games in the quarter produced and forecast, and the timing of certain expenses.

Diamond's adjusted EBITDA for the third quarter, excluding $23 million for non-recurring items and the deferred management fees, was $233 million, within our guidance range of $229 million to $237 million.

Diamond's cash at quarter-end was $585 million, and its $228 million revolver was undrawn, bringing liquidity to a little more than $800 million as of September 30. Total debt at the end of the third quarter was $8.674 billion. The AR facility was $193 million. During the quarter, we took a non-cash impairment charge of $1 billion related to our customer relationship intangible assets, as well as other intangible assets brought on by elevated levels of subscriber erosion.

Looking ahead to the fourth quarter, media revenues are expected to be $634 million to $640 million. Distribution revenues are expected to be $553 million to $555 million with a sequential decrease from 3Q, driven by continued subscriber churn. Included in the estimate is year-over-year subscriber churn of approximately 10%. Advertising revenues are expected to be $76 million to $80 million. And for the full-year, media revenues are expected to be $2.778 billion to $2.784 billion.

Fourth quarter adjusted EBITDA is expected to be negative $48 million to negative $42 million, which includes an adjustment for the management and an incentive fee deferral of $22 million. As a reminder, the first and fourth quarters are typically the lowest in terms of EBITDA as those quarters have a higher percentage of sports rights payments. Full-year adjusted EBITDA is expected to be $158 million to $164 million, lower than our prior guidance due to the acceleration of subscriber churn previously mentioned.

With that, I'd like to open up to questions.

Question-and-Answer Session


Certainly. [Operator Instructions] Your first question for today is coming from Avi Steiner at JPMorgan.

Avi Steiner

Thank you. Good morning. I have a couple here. One, if I could start just on the DTC launch, and thank you for the early info. But now that both the NHL and NBA season has begun, I'm wondering if you can extrapolate anything from the numbers as what it might mean for the full season? And maybe how these early results compare to what you had been expecting when you provided an outlook with different cases in your 8-K? And then I've got a couple of follow-ups. Thank you.

Chris Ripley

Thanks, Avi. I think it's too early for us to extrapolate. I mean, we've literally just gotten through sort of 1 month, 1.5 month of being up, and we're very pleased with the results in terms of engagement, app ratings, the quality experience, engagement of the subscribers, and I think it bodes well for the future. But at this point, just extrapolating, I think, would be – give you a false indication.

Avi Steiner

Okay, fair enough. My second question, there's growing consensus that we're moving into an economic downturn at some point, 2023, albeit mild, and again consensus on – it doesn’t mean it's right. But I'm curious how that might impact both, kind of your linear traditional part of the business [Technical Difficulty] launched DTC side?

Chris Ripley

Well, it's an interesting question, Avi, because we have continued to outperform on the advertising side quite significantly, especially relative to what we've seen on the broadcast side. Our advertising per game continues to go up at Diamond, and that's despite some macro weakness that we've seen.

So that tends to be where the business gets hit first is on the advertising side when you have a downturn, and we're just seeing the strength of sports continue to shine through any sort of weakness in the macro economy. Beyond that, the business is driven primarily by subscriptions, as you know, from either the DTC side or the PayTV side, which with the vast majority being PayTV. And those tend to also be fairly sticky. And so, we'll have to see how things play out in 2023, but this model should be fairly resilient, at least relative to expectations.

Rob Weisbord

Yes. And Avi, I'd add from the app side is that over the last couple of years, the sellers, and what we've instituted from a digital knowledge, they've been able to capitalize not only in the linear ad market, which tends to even now in tough times be moving to live sports on the app side, but also from the digital expenditures that take place on sports not only through this DTC launch, but through the TVE app as well as marketing services.

So, the team is a much more well-rounded sales organization and everybody loves the fandom of the local team. So, they're able to capitalize on large-scale deals.

Avi Steiner

Appreciate that – the color. Very last question for me, and thank you all for the time. So, if I'm not mistaken, your heaviest team payments on a cash basis are due in the first quarter that's coming up. I'm curious if anything DTC-wise or maybe recent negotiations have changed that? And then in the 10-Q, you noted you have sufficient liquidity for the coming 12 months, and I'm curious if – just thinking through the first quarter, if you might need to draw on the revolver to get through that? Thank you all for the time.

Chris Ripley

So, as it relates to your first question, nothing has changed there in terms of heavy payment flows. We do expect those to continue in Q1. And we'll have to follow-up with you, Avi, on revolver draw. We don't know offhand. I would suspect no, but we'll follow up with you.

Avi Steiner

Thank you.


Your next question for today is coming from David Hamburger at Morgan Stanley.

David Hamburger

Hi, thank you very much. A couple of questions, if I may. So, looking back when you first gave guidance for 2022, your EBITDA guidance was, kind of well north of $300 million. And now your updated guidance is about half or less than half of that for 2022. And I was wondering if you can unpack, kind of what's transpired between that initial guidance that you gave, some of those case studies you gave for the DTC? Importantly, I guess, one thing you're calling out is churn, can you give us some specificity about how churn has increased significantly this year?

And then secondly, I know, not necessarily comparable when I look at your sports rights payments again in that initial guidance you gave for 2022, you expected sports rights payments to increase about 2% to 3% annually. If I'm just looking at your financial statements, and I don't know if it's because of the Marquee, the consolidation or not, but it looks like year-over-year for the nine months, your sports rights payments are up like 9%. So, could you help kind of reconcile maybe all of that in the context of where you are with your EBITDA guidance this year?

Scott Shapiro

So, let's start with the guidance question. So, I do think a chunk of that relates to, or a piece of it, relates to Marquee's deconsolidation and used to be included in obviously full-year guidance as we entered the year, and then it came out. And in terms of churn, which is really the underlying, I think, force here that's pushing the guidance down.

When you look at our expectations as we entered 2022, it was for somewhat stable to moderating churn, which was based on a well-known industry resources. This was a pretty, sort of significant macro concerns and inflationary environment, and we have seen quite a bit of acceleration over the year, and that's probably driving at least 75% of the change to guidance when you look at the magnitude of where churn expectations were at the beginning of the year to what we're projecting for the full-year.

So, I think that addresses your guidance question. Sorry, what was the...

Chris Ripley

Sports rights.

Scott Shapiro

Sports rights. Yes. So, we'll circle back to you certainly on the moving pieces with the deconsolidation, that's certainly part of it. I would add that I think on a go-forward basis, even though we're not providing an outlook that range is probably fair. But we'll ...

David Hamburger

I know you have a big step-up in the [Multiple Speakers].

Scott Shapiro

There's also quite a bit of rebates that make that number move around. So, we have to be – make sure we're comparing apples-to-apples and clean numbers.

Chris Ripley

Yes, David, when you compare 2022 to 2021, you got to remember, 2021 had a lot of rebates in it from the teams because of COVID. So that is creating this increase year-over-year that you're seeing, but the underlying deals would be on a proforma basis well within that previous indication.

David Hamburger

And I guess just stepping back and looking at the trajectory, as you mentioned churn accelerating on the linear side of the business, what's now your level of confidence, you know as you gave those cases, when you did the transaction earlier this year, your level of confidence that the uptake on the DTC offering, your ability to pivot the business in that direction is going to offset what you're seeing now as an accelerated churn on the linear side of the business that you say, you know that being 75% of your EBITDA expectation. I guess, as you look into 2023, some of those large payments in the early part of the year, I know there's a step-up like in the Atlanta Braves payments next year, otherwise, I guess, wonder your level of your confidence that DTC offering is going to be a sufficient offset?

Chris Ripley

Well, look, I think we'll have to see how 2023 plays out. And right now, we're very happy with the product. We think it's performing exceptionally well. Got great response from our team partners, and it's only going to build from here. So, the great thing about this DTC strategy is that the freight – the biggest cost of the strategy is already paid for sports rights. Now we're not – we're spending significantly on the app and the experience and marketing, et cetera, but the single biggest cost was already paid for.

So, the incrementality of the strategy, we believe is quite strong, and as this brand builds, as market awareness builds, and as more and more people that are outside the bundle come in to watch their favorite home teams that should definitely make up for some of these losses that we're taking.

Rob Weisbord

And the first goal was to ensure video quality because that's what the hard core fan is looking for. And it proved out in the app ratings. The app ratings for the DTC product is significantly higher, as Chris pointed out, than when we first launched the [TVE app] [ph] and – continues to iterate. This is a [indiscernible] over when they came out with a very high rating in the app stores, and we expect it to get nothing but higher ratings as we add features to the apps as the months go on. So, it's very encouraging to see the app come out of the [gate] [ph] with such a high rating from the hardcore fans.

David Hamburger

Okay. And if I could just, one, kind of balance sheet question. So, I'm just curious, like, given where the securities are trading, the coupon payment on your unsecured notes in the first quarter of 2023, I mean, you could buy back more than half of that bond issue in theory in the open market with that coupon payment. I'm just curious, like, are you having any discussions with bondholders, or any contemplation of any liability management here with the balance sheet given you do have some liquidity?

Chris Ripley

Yes, I appreciate the question, David. And I think it's mathematically certainly true what you said. I can't speak to discussions specifically because those are subject to confidentiality arrangements. And – but we have – we're very focused on liquidity and deleveraging over time. Those are our two key goals. And as previously reported, we have advisers involved, LionTree and Moelis, who helped through our last transaction earlier in the year. And it's – we're very open to any and all strategies to affect deleveraging.

David Hamburger

Okay, thank you very much.


Your next question is coming from Lance Vitanza at Cowen.

Lance Vitanza

Hey guys, thanks for taking the questions. Maybe a couple on the OTC platform and then one on programming expense. The first on OTT, how do you – how are you guys thinking about price point versus penetration? I mean, you could obviously – if you charges [$1 a month] [ph], right, you could have 100 million subscribers, some crazy number, and if you only wanted 10 subscribers, you could probably charge $200 a month. But is the strategy that you're employing here, could you talk about what's the right number of subscribers for you? What's the price point that you think is going to maximize revenues? Is the strategy to lower more subscribers with a lower minimum and then boost the effective ARPU with gamification and advertising or is it really just something else? I guess how are you thinking about that math?

Chris Ripley

It's a great question, Lance. So, this is something that we thought a lot about going into this strategy and did significant amounts of market research with [Bain] [ph], actually being our key consultant, their helping us out. And we wanted to maximize revenue, not maximize subscribers. And given this was about adding extra incremental cash flow to Diamond, the maximum revenue was the objective, and a $15 to $20 price point per month, which it's around $15 for our annual and it's about $20 for our monthly, was the – that was the range for revenue maximization, not subscriber maximization.

The other consideration in the pricing was giving enough of a gap in retail pricing to the wholesale pricing that we give the distributors since this is a hybrid strategy. We don't believe the PayTV linear channels will be going away anytime soon. And so you need to have a wholesale price that's significantly lower than the retail price. And so, those two factors played into decision around pricing, but independent of the wholesale retail dynamic, we are currently priced at what all the evidence that we've seen, and all the research we've done, delivers maximum revenue from a subscriber perspective.

Now, over time, pricing obviously may change. I feel like the – when we did this research, which was about two years ago, relative pricing has increased in streaming land. And so, the relative value of what we're offering, I think, has only increased because we essentially are using the same price points that we envisioned two years ago. The rest of the streaming marketplace has gotten more expensive.

So, arguably, we might have some pricing power to go up, but we're in the early stages right now. And until we build out the rest of the monetization around gamification, commerce, various social sharing, et cetera. That is, I think, going to be a major driver of ARPU going forward since these sports fans are so passionate. They spend multiples more than regular streaming users on these ancillary items. And so that I think over time, you'll see the ARPU skew more into these other areas of the ecosystem as we develop the app further, and there'll be less reliance on subscriptions.

Now, does that mean we reduce our price over time? Perhaps, or that means that just that the most of the growth is coming from the other areas.

Lance Vitanza

That's really helpful. Thanks Chris. Let me ask you the other streaming question. You mentioned that you've had some advisers helping you on the balance sheet, but we've obviously seen some press reports that you've also hired, or maybe they're the same advisers, but they are working with advisers to potentially market the Diamond Sports Group is and that the leagues are perhaps interested, is there any truth to that? Can you comment on that at all?

Chris Ripley

So the advisers that I have mentioned are the same ones that were commented on in the press, the LionTree and Moelis and Company . And there's no sale process, but they're talking to parties about deleveraging, strategic partnerships, and things of that nature.

Lance Vitanza

Okay. And then my last question, just in terms of the sports rights, the contract rights, I mean, you know churn going up, revenue is going down and yet these sports rights are increasing, and whether it's low single digits or high single digits or wherever it is, it seems like it's out of proportion to the economic propose – to the economic realities, and I'm wondering, am I missing something there or is – are you having discussions? Is there room to have discussions with some of the sports partners? I mean, I would not – I guess I'd be a little surprised if there were other groups beyond Diamond that were out there that were willing to pay as much let alone more for the rights to broadcast 150 daily baseball games in Cleveland as an example. And I'm just wondering if you have any opportunities there to address what, in my opinion, at least look to be potential disconnect in terms of what you're paying versus how you can monetize this stuff? Thanks.

Chris Ripley

Thanks, Lance. So, those – you're right in that their discussions are occurring. Now, they're largely timed with renewals. It's hard to have those off-cycle discussions, but certainly something that is used in renewal discussions and is the reason why the percentage growth in rights, if you've tracked it over time has been declining because those renewals have been coming in at lower levels.

And the other thing you need to remember though in the broader context is that national rights and sports rights in general, have increased in value tremendously. And relative to [local rights] [ph] have – there's been a massive change there. And so, what I think is happening on the local rights side is, we're just – we're going through this transition of going from a single source of revenue, linear PayTV to a hybrid approach. And we've just made that first step of doing that.

And so, it just – it takes some time for the model to play out, but that transition, we believe will ultimately make these rights even more valuable in the future. And we just have to bridge through that moment in time.

Lance Vitanza

Understood. Alright. Thanks guys. Appreciate it.

Chris Ripley

Thanks, Lance.


There appear to be no further questions in queue. I would like to turn the floor over to Chris Ripley, President and CEO for Sinclair for any closing remarks.

Chris Ripley

Thank you all for joining us today. Should you need more information or have additional questions, please don't hesitate to give us a call.


Thank you ladies and gentlemen. This does conclude today's conference call. You may disconnect your phone lines at this time, and have a wonderful day. Thank you for your participation.

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Restores Your Vitality

The Exodus Effect book contains a detailed recipe to prepare the holy anointing oil that can help eliminate health issues in your body. The Exodus Effect oil can help restore your vitality and boost your energy levels.

Reverses The Aging Process

This healing oil can reverse aging and allow you to maintain a fit body by reducing health problems. The Exodus Effect oil can also boost your skin quality by improving blood flow in the system so that you look young and rejuvenated.

Helps Reduce Inflammation and Chronic Pain

The Exodus Effect oil has benefits for the overall body as it can reduce inflammation and chronic pain to eliminate associated health issues. The recipe for the holy anointing oil is from the Bible, so in a way, you are using the healing oil prepared by God.

Supports Mental Health

With the help of this anointing oil, you can get rid of mental health problems like excessive stress and anxiety. This healing oil can reduce chronic pain and high blood pressure to support your mental health.

The Exodus Effect oil uses cinnamon and the cannabis plant (a formula free from chemicals) to boost blood flow to the brain so that you get relief from stress, anxiety, and other health issues. This anointing oil can provide significant health benefits to the body.

Allows You To Sleep Better

All the ingredients in the Exodus Effect oil are the ones that are mentioned in the Bible. This healing oil can reduce the symptoms of arthritis, alleviate stress, and help you get rid of other health problems. The healing oil from the Exodus Effect book can help you maintain good health by allowing you to sleep better and deeper.

Precautions That You Need To Take While Following The Recipe In The Exodus Effect Book

Customers need to be very careful whilst following the recipe of the anointing oil as mentioned by Pastor Andrew. One wrong proportion can cause additional health problems in your system.

That’s why after you purchase the Exodus Effect book to receive health benefits, you must carefully read through the recipe of the anointing oil (as stated in the Bible).

What Is The Price Of The Exodus Effect Book?

You can find The Exodus Effect book only on its official website. It encapsulates a natural recipe from the Bible, with the help of which you can prepare an anointed oil (healing oil) that can help you get rid of health problems and provide a lot of benefits. The Exodus Effect oil has divine origins since its recipe is taken from the Bible.

Customers can purchase The Exodus Effect book for $67. Along with this, they also get three bonus products and access to a privileged network.

Money-back Guarantee

The Exodus Effect book is backed by a 365-day money-back guarantee. The anointing oil from this book is sourced from the Bible and can help you resolve various health problems.

However, if you are not satisfied with the Exodus Effect oil, you can contact the Miami-based company and claim your refund.

Customer Reviews

The Exodus Effect Oil is made of high-quality natural components that are mentioned in the Bible. They have immense power to provide nutrients to your system so that your health problems remain distant. Several customers have left reviews online stating the quality and relief they received from the natural anointed oil.

A user shares, “I have a large cyst in my lower vertebrae. It doesn’t press on my spinal cord, but does greatly affect my nerves. I have great pain, or I should say “had” great pain until I started using the anointing oil. It has taken away so much of the pain.”

Another user states, “I ordered this for my wife as she was in terrible pain with badly swollen legs and feet. She called your group and asked how to make this recipe. They gave her instructions and told her to wait. She was getting better before she noticed changes, and she has been getting better almost every hour. Thank you, and my God bless you and your family.”

Is Exodus Effect Oil Safe?

The Exodus Effect oil necessitates you to use pure extracts from the cannabis plant, myrrh, cinnamon, olive oil, and other natural components that have proven benefits for the human body. These are the ingredients listed in the Bible for making anointed oil.

According to the makers, this recipe is one that can treat any person who has high stress, symptoms of arthritis, bad food habits, and other problems. The consumption of this oil is risk-free since it is 100% natural and packed with benefits. The composition is free from chemicals that might hamper the body.

Bonus Products Available With The Exodus Effect Book

When you purchase the Exodus Effect book to create the anointed oil for tackling health problems, you also get access to numerous bonus products. These can support the natural recipe of the healing oil, as mentioned by Pastor Andrew.

Let’s take a look at these bonus products that have multiple benefits for you.

Divine Pet

With the help of this eBook, you can unlock the usage of anointing oil on your pet (dog or cat) so that they also get relief from chronic pain from different health problems.

The Lazarus Effect

It is another bonus product that comes with the Exodus Effect book for free. You can use the secrets listed in this book to enhance your life expectancy and get rid of health problems. Once you start using the anointed oil daily, you can incorporate these secrets easily into your life.

The Hidden Prayers

The prayers mentioned in this book were once hidden inside the Bible. Once you read these 33 prayers, the power of anointing oil will increase significantly. You will be able to tackle health problems better with the double usage of these prayers and the Exodus Effect oil. The Bible can increase the power of the healing oil to a great extent.

Access To Prayer Warrior Network

You will get access to an exclusive network where you can connect with thousands of Bible believers who are as attached to the divine origins as you. You can pray to God together and share your knowledge of the Bible with like-minded individuals.

How Long Does It Take To Experience Results?

The recipe listed in the Exodus Effect book is simple to prepare. Once you prepare the Exodus Effect oil, you can start administering it to tackle your health problems. Anointed oil works by providing your body with the necessary nutrition to boost the immune system. It has helped several customers to alleviate symptoms of arthritis and enhance overall health.

All the natural ingredients in Exodus are absorbed rapidly by your system to produce desired effects in the body. The recipe has divine origins since it comes directly from the Bible (and by God himself).

Exodus Effect Reviews – Final Word

The Exodus Effect book by Pastor Andrew contains a rare recipe for making an anointing oil that can target different health problems. It is a healing oil that can produce desired effects in every person who tries it.

There is significant scientific evidence supporting the effects of the ingredients used in the Exodus Effect oil too. They have been proven to alleviate local body aches and inflammation apart from providing multiple benefits.

It is important to note that we do not endorse any of the above content in any manner whatsoever. You must exercise extreme caution whilst following the process mentioned in the book after you purchase it.


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