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Android Application Engineer Certifications Basic
Android Certifications learner
Killexams : Android Certifications learner - BingNews Search results Killexams : Android Certifications learner - BingNews Killexams : Google reveals how Android’s Private Compute Core keeps your data secure © Provided by Android Police

Google is responsible for several AI and ML-enabled features which have made their way to Android, like Live Translate and Smart Reply. User data from these two services doesn't make its way to Google thanks to Android's Private Compute Core, but similar services usually rely on cloud-based data models. In fact, a lot of your data is constantly streamed to Google and other service providers to make the feature work, as some community-developed utilities revealed recently. To help allay any privacy concerns, Google has released a new technical whitepaper explaining how Android’s Private Compute Core has evolved.

Android 12 packed several cosmetic improvements, but on the privacy and security front, the Private Compute Core (PCC) was one of the biggest upgrades besides the new privacy dashboard and indicators when apps and services access your camera and mic. The PCC helps improve the security of on-device machine learning and AI processing tasks by isolating it from the other processes and the web. All the sensitive data streams are processed in isolated processes defined as a part of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) and controlled by public Android APIs.

You may wonder how machine learning models will actually learn if phones running Android 12 and later prefer using the PCC for on-device processing. Well, Google explains (albeit in very vague terms, through a comic) that decentralized training for the learning models behind these awesome features is the way forward — a simple way to ensure your data never leaves your phone.

On-device machine learning data can only leave the private sandbox via Android's Private Compute Services, which ensure that this data is encrypted and that it's impossible to pull private data from it. The encrypted results from thousands of devices are then aggregated, and only the aggregate can be decrypted. Since these models scope out patterns in the sample data and then learn to identify them, Google ensures no single contributor's data (from any one phone) can be gleaned at by limiting how much is shared or adding noise to obscure unique data. The AI/ML model is then sent back to the users in small nuggets with newfound skills, from where more testing data is collected to continue the cycle and retrain the model.

Models actively used on your device remain static, with no tangible improvements until Google rolls out an update, but that also means your phone isn't constantly pinging third-party servers to constantly feed and receive your personal data pertinent for these AI/ML models running behind the scenes. The advantage of the route Google opted for is also that it doesn't have a tangible effect on your battery life, as your handset needs to be idle, charging, and connected to Wi-Fi for the ML optimization process to begin.

If you’re interested in the nitty-gritty details of it all, we suggest you look at Google’s technical whitepaper for researchers. It includes all the privacy structures, complete with in-depth explanations of all the processes the company has built with PCC.

The PCC has already been operational since Android 12 was introduced, working to keep your data private while improving AI and ML for the collective good of the Android community. The enhancements achieved by this may not always be noticeable, but Google has you to thank for the gradual enhancements in capabilities of various AI and ML features.

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Killexams : The 8 Best Coding Apps for Android © Provided by MUO

Coding serves as the foundation for some of the most revolutionary technological developments. If you're already involved directly or indirectly in coding, you might want to level up your programming abilities through regular practice. It might be tiresome, nevertheless, to learn to code through classes and videos.

Thankfully, you can do this with the aid of a few apps. Let's look at some of the best Android coding apps that can help you learn and Improve your coding skills.

1. Sololearn


If you want to learn a specific language, such as Python, JavaScript, C++, Swift, or many others, Sololearn has you covered. It includes courses in 20 programming languages and is suitable for both beginners and experienced coders.

Sololearn provides bite-sized lessons that break complex concepts into simple, easy-to-learn classes. You get a code editor where you can practice your favorite language while learning to code. In addition, each course comes with a unique certification, which you can include on your resume.

You can begin using the app for free with limited functionality and ads. However, for $6.99 a month or $47.99 a year, you can unlock all lessons and remove ads by subscribing to Sololearn Pro.

Download: Sololearn (Free, subscription available)

2. Grasshopper


Grasshopper is a Google product focusing entirely on JavaScript, primarily used to build websites and one of the easiest programming languages for beginners. It allows you to sharpen your coding skills by solving quick visual puzzles and improving your fundamental concepts. The skills you learn will help you tackle a range of JavaScript projects.

You complete a short questionnaire, and Grasshopper then creates a course based on your responses. Five daily lessons will introduce you to newer concepts while you practice basic ones. The levels begin easy and gradually become more difficult as you progress.

You can also practice coding by creating snippets in the code playground. You will receive a certificate of completion once you have completed the course. Furthermore, the app is free to use without any ads or limitations.

Download: Grasshopper (Free)

3. Mimo


Mimo provides programming classes in five coding languages: Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and SQL. It's ideal for new and experienced programmers looking to learn or Improve their coding skills with bite-sized lessons.

Mimo will walk you through a series of questions before preparing a personalized set of lessons based on your responses. Its user interface is similar to Duolingo, one of the best language-learning apps. If you've used Duolingo, you'll have no trouble navigating Mimo.

In addition, upon completion of the course, you will receive a certificate to include on your resume. Mimo is free to use, but there are some restrictions. To get the complete experience, you'll have to subscribe to Mimo Pro for $9.99 a month or $79.99 a year with a 7-day free trial.

Download: Mimo (Free, subscription available)

4. Enki


Enki functions more like a workout app, with flashcards to help you remember specific coding concepts. You can learn languages like Python, JavaScript, react, Regex, Blockchain, and more. It presents a few questions to you to help establish your learning goals.

The app will ask you interactive questions as you progress through the levels. Furthermore, revision exercises help you memorize your lessons through repetition. In contrast to the other apps on this list, you do not receive a certificate of completion.

Enki is available for free in Read-only Mode. However, if you want personalized revisions, interactive questions, a coding playground, and mentorship, you'll have to pay $7.99 per month or $38.99 a year for Learn Mode.

Download: Enki (Free, subscription available)

5. Encode


Encode is a straightforward app that offers quick Python, JavaScript, and HTML+CSS lessons. To help you remember what you learn, you'll have to go through the lessons and solve the coding challenges.

You will unlock advanced syllabus with more complex challenges as you progress through the levels. Encode includes offline support, allowing you to access these syllabus without connecting to the internet.

Encode is a free app with ads and limited syllabus and challenges. If you want to unlock all mini-topics, extra challenges, and remove ads, you'll have to pay a one-off fee of $4.99 for Encode Pro.

Download: Encode (Free, premium version available)

6. Programming Hub


Programming Hub provides courses in various programming languages, from HTML and JavaScript to and Assembly 8086. Because it offers all-around skills, it is ideal for novice and experienced programmers.

The lessons are brief and interactive, allowing you to grasp the concepts more quickly. It also has concept-based illustrations to help you memorize things effectively. Programming Hub claims to have the fastest compiler on Android, which supports over 20 coding languages.

When you begin a course, it estimates and tells you how much you can earn if you finish it. Programming Hub is available for free with limited access. To unlock everything, you must upgrade to the Pro version, which costs $6.99 a month or $31.99 per year.

Download: Programming Hub (Free, subscription available)

7. Programming Hero


If you're looking for a fun and entertaining way to learn to code, Programming Hero is the right choice for you. You'll learn fundamental programming through game-like challenges where the levels get more challenging as you progress.

The app uses a visual approach that helps you retain the concepts. You can choose from numerous languages, including Kotlin, Python, HTML, JavaScript, Bootstrap, and more. Furthermore, you can install a terminal through this app, which becomes a playground to test your skills.

It comes with an advanced certification when you complete a course. Encode is free to use with limited capabilities, but you can unlock everything through a subscription plan that costs $9.99 per month or $39.99 a year.

Download: Programming Hero (Free, subscription available)

8. Codict


If you're a developer or student looking to learn and Improve your programming skills or warm up for upcoming interviews in a gamified way, Codict is the best app for you. It focuses on different coding languages, including frontend and backend technologies.

You get access to code challenges for different levels based on your experience. Additionally, it has a JavaScript playground that lets you put your skills to the test.

Furthermore, Codict lets you prepare for interview questions for non-technical skills or coding languages. The app is entirely free to use, with a few ads. However, you can unlock it for a one-time fee of $1.49, which removes ads and adds some other features.

Download: Codict (Free, premium version available)

Learn Coding With These Android Apps

Whether you're new to programming or have been in the field for a while, having these coding apps on Android can help you learn to code and get better at it. Some apps even provide certificates that can supercharge your resume.

And if you think learning this way is boring, you can find some coding games to help you build your programming skills.

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Killexams : Best Employee Training Software (2022)

Choosing the best employee training software is going to look different for every business, but the basic principles are the same. Your chosen LMS is going to likely help employees with onboarding and orientation, compliance and continuous learning. If you’re the decision-maker, consider price, but also value, content creation (and included courses) and how your employees will access the platform.

Small businesses are often budget-conscious, so it’s a good idea to look for an employee training platform that offers a per-person monthly cost with a decent set of tools. Larger corporations can spring for a pricier solution. Be sure to look at what’s included, such as the cost of add-ons you may need and integrations, so you have a clear idea of how much you’ll pay.

The included tools are arguably as important as cost (it relates to value). You can save time and money by choosing an employee training program with included materials to help you create a syllabus for your employees. You should be able to upload your own content or create content within the platform, too.

Another important factor to consider when choosing employee training software is access. Most platforms are cloud-based these days, so employees and admins can use the platform through a browser, so they should be able to access courses and tools whether working remotely or at the office. Many employee development platforms also offer mobile apps, so if that’s important to your business, look for one with iOS and Android apps.

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Killexams : The best diet and nutrition tracking apps on Android in 2022 © Provided by Android Police

Part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is looking after your dietary habits. Of course, snagging takeout frequently and snacking on the wrong kinds of foods won't do you any favors in the long term. But sometimes, we need more awareness of how to overcome our current eating habits, and we need to know where to start when it comes to developing a better diet. So we've created a list of some of the best Android apps that are easily accessible on your favorite Android phone to help enable healthier choices for your daily food intake and meal planning.


You can't go wrong with MyFitnessPal, the all-in-one food tracking app. The app serves as your nutrition coach and food diary, helping to recommend well-balanced meals so you meet your dietary goals. MyFitnessPal also saves you time as you record your daily food intake since you can scan the barcodes for the products you own/consume to get the information you need to record instantly. Never forget to miscount your calories again now that you have access to the best food tracker.


Lose it!

If you're looking for a more personalized food-tracking app, Lose it! is an excellent choice. You can take pictures of your food to help log what you've consumed, set macro dietary goals for weight loss plans, and select custom recipes that exactly fit your needs. Sometimes the cookie-cutter methodologies don't work out for us, but why not just create our own goals using the help of an app instead? The Lose it! app might just be the push that gets us there.



You may be completely lost and don't know where to begin when it comes to dieting. Thankfully, Lifesum provides complete meal plans for every type of diet/goal, along with healthy recipes to help you create a balanced diet. It also offers a built-in calorie tracker with a sleek UI to view macros and calories at a glance. Unfortunately, you'll need a paid subscription to sync with third-party services, which can be a roadblock for some users.



Starting fresh on any diet can be cumbersome. Not only do you have to keep track of your eating activities, but you require a lot of meal planning. It's not easy to shop for all the ingredients to carefully prep those meals, which is why we turn to Mealime. Mealime helps plan your meals for you and your family, generate grocery store shopping lists, and a paid subscription giving access to detailed nutritional information, meal plan tracking, and exclusive recipes. Have personal preferences or allergies you need to note down? Mealime takes care of all that for you.


Freeletics Nutrition

You may know Freeletics for its popular bodyweight training app, but Freeletics Nutrition is a standalone app dedicated to improving your nutritional and weight goals. Basically, you are what you eat. Freeletics Nutrition doesn't believe in focusing on calorie counting; it is all about the final results to get to where you want to be for healthy eating and weight. In addition, you can pay for a subscription to access a nutritional coach to help you along the way. Are you panic about finding the right meal plans without meat? Well, vegetarians and pescatarians are also well accommodated within this app. There's a plan for literally anyone.


BodyFast Intermittent Fasting

A beginner-friendly app to get ahold of a safe and effective fasting plan. It includes recipes, fasting plans, coaching tips, and food/water tracking; you'll learn what you're eating and how each stage affects your body. If not done correctly, fasting may pose some risks, which is why you'll turn to the help of BodyFast Intermittent Fasting. In addition, you'll have access to a BodyFast coach, trackers with timers and reminders, and plans tailored to your dietary needs and goals. So never worry about learning how to fast on your own ever again.



Senza is the ultimate ketogenic and fasting dietary help; you gain access to beginner guides, keto-specific recipes, and daily recommendations. The app also includes carnivore and paleo diets for recipes and tips. It also has advanced features like potassium, sodium, magnesium, glucose, and ketone intakes. Instead of acquiring a virtual coach, you'll connect with live nutritionists for advanced support. In addition, you can now sync your progression with Fitbit and Google Fit; that way, you can keep up with your exercise, weight, and dietary advancement, all in a single place.


Yuka — Food & cosmetic scan

A set dietary plan can only do so much for your weightless goals. However, it is possible to maintain a healthy lifestyle if you know how to make informed choices. This is where Yuka comes in. Yuka is the ultimate food scanning app that takes scientific data to evaluate the nutritional value, additives (how much), and the organic dimension of the product. It'll then assess a level of risk and recommend better alternatives. Yuka is the app to take with you while you're shopping or taking a trip to your food pantry. Don't get fooled by what you're eating ever again!


Live life to the fullest while eating healthy

A healthy body is also a healthy mind. So be sure to take care of your physical health and well-being to live life to the fullest. The best Android apps are also companion apps that enable a healthier lifestyle that enforces your nutritional and dietary plans. So not only is being health conscious for your daily food intake vital, but you'll also want to look into the best Android apps for health and fitness to supplement your lifestyle goals.

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Killexams : Why Citizen Developers Belong In The C-Suite (and Everywhere Else)

Remember the old “there’s an app for that” iPhone commercial? 

I thought about it recently as I searched for a new fitness app. The sheer number available—for walking, running, biking, weightlifting, yoga, you name it—was staggering. 

The Apple App Store offers 2.2 million apps, while Android users can access 3.5 million in Google Play. That’s 5.7 million apps just for consumers on mobile devices. It doesn’t include the millions of apps in use across corporate America.

IDC forecasts a demand for 750 million net new applications between 2023 and 2025. That’s around 650,000 apps built every day for the next three years—more than have been built in the last half-century.

Due to a global tech talent shortage, the world doesn’t have enough software developers to write those apps. While organizations are feeling pressure to stay competitive in a digital-first world, not enough developers are available to help organizations rapidly innovate and sustain their competitive edge.

Citizen developers to the rescue

Citizen development empowers any employee—even those without software development skills—to design and develop apps that automate simple tasks using low-code development tools. These apps drive innovation and support strategic goals by helping employees automate the manual tasks that hinder their productivity. And business leaders are taking notice. 

Low-code apps are snaking their way into finance, sales, and IT—and even showing up in the C-suite.  

At ServiceNow, Chief People Officer Jacqui Canney embraced citizen development shortly after she joined the company. Learning and development tools were part of her strategy to ensure employees have the resources they need to develop their careers. So she challenged an HR team member with no developer experience to build a learning and development hub using low-code tools.

“Low-code development creates an exciting dynamic by exposing nontech professionals to IT practices to address employee pain points quickly and creatively.” 

Jacqui Canney, chief people officer, ServiceNow

Once the initial design was completed, which took less than a month, HR and IT team members provided input to enhance content and the user experience as the hub expanded.

“Low-code development creates an exciting dynamic by exposing non-tech professionals to IT practices to address employee needs and pain points quickly and creatively,” says Canney. “Because we can innovate on the platform, create new solutions, and make critical updates, our team has greater agility and can more easily adapt as employee needs evolve.” We can enhance and scale HR processes more easily because we are the developers and the users.”

Finance embraces low code

ServiceNow CFO Gina Mastantuono views citizen development as critical to her team’s operational efficiency and future success. 

She has invested in a formal, structured citizen development program to put the power of change into the hands of the finance team, with the aim of addressing three key objectives: 

  • Ideate and develop apps using ServiceNow’s low-code Creator Workflows tools
  • Enhance the capabilities of our ERP systems and other third-party apps to Improve daily processes and user experiences
  • Give employees the chance to develop a unique, cutting-edge skill set

More than 10% of the finance team has received citizen developer training since spring 2022. To date the team has 11 apps in production, 12 in development, and more than 70 incremental use cases on the roadmap. 

“One of the unexpected benefits has been the impact on our culture. People are much more willing to consider quick, automated solutions over manual fixes.” 

Gina Mastantuono, CFO, ServiceNow

Apps in development include a tax portal/calendar to centrally manage global compliance obligations; an inventory management system for real-time updates on inventory utilization, procurement, and cash flow; sustainability tags to manage provider attributes in real time; and a portal for planning and monitoring workplace maintenance tasks.

“Citizen development provides exciting new avenues for our team members to apply their creativity and develop solutions to address the gaps in our processes,” says Mastantuono. “One of the unexpected benefits has been the impact on our culture. People are much more willing to consider quick, automated solutions over manual fixes. Centralized workflows are replacing siloed processes and email threads, improving our overall efficiency.”

Leading the competition

Smart leaders see the value in empowering employees to automate everyday tasks. It frees up time for pro developers to work on more complex apps, and also enables people to solve their own problems while expanding their skill set and broadening their career path. “Citizen development is a great opportunity for any organization. All employees, including me, are empowered to learn and grow,” Canney adds.

Mon, 28 Nov 2022 07:48:00 -0600 Mary Hain en text/html
Killexams : 11 best survival games on Android in 2022 No result found, try new keyword!Readers like you help support Android Police. When you make a purchase using links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Read more. Whether exploring the narrative as in Alien ... Fri, 18 Nov 2022 00:05:00 -0600 Killexams : KnowBe4 Launches New Mobile Learner App for Anytime, Anywhere Cybersecurity Learning

KnowBe4 empowers end users by introducing security awareness and compliance training on the go at no additional cost

TAMPA, Fla., Nov. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- KnowBe4, the provider of the world's largest security awareness training and simulated phishing platform, today announced it is launching the new KnowBe4 Mobile Learner App to empower end users by introducing security awareness and compliance training on the go at no additional cost to customers, improving user engagement and strengthening security culture.

KnowBe4 Inc (PRNewsfoto/KnowBe4 Inc.)

With a large majority of the world's population using smartphones today, mobile training revolutionizes the way people learn. This new app will enable end users to complete their security awareness and compliance training conveniently from their tablets or smartphones, giving them 24/7/365 access.

"The KnowBe4 Mobile Learner App is the first of its kind to launch in the security awareness and compliance training space, making it easier than ever to train users while subsequently strengthening an organization's security culture," said Stu Sjouwerman, CEO, KnowBe4. "This new app will enable IT and security teams to Improve engagement and completion rates for required training thanks to a seamless user experience. This will also help users to associate security with their personal devices, keeping it top of mind all the time rather than only when they are at work on their computers. We are making this substantial new capability available at no additional cost to all subscription levels as a show of our commitment to supporting our customers' security and human risk management objectives."

Based on subscription levels, KnowBe4 offers 100+ Mobile-First training modules that were designed specifically for mobile. The KnowBe4 Learner App supports push notifications for custom announcements, updates on assigned training as well as KnowBe4 newsletters.

The app is available for iOS and Android, and free to all KnowBe4 customers with a KnowBe4 training platform subscription. For more information, visit

About KnowBe4

KnowBe4, the provider of the world's largest security awareness training and simulated phishing platform, is used by more than 54,000 organizations around the globe. Founded by IT and data security specialist Stu Sjouwerman, KnowBe4 helps organizations address the human element of security by raising awareness about ransomware, CEO fraud and other social engineering tactics through a new-school approach to awareness training on security. Kevin Mitnick, an internationally recognized cybersecurity specialist and KnowBe4's Chief Hacking Officer, helped design the KnowBe4 training based on his well-documented social engineering tactics. Tens of thousands of organizations rely on KnowBe4 to mobilize their end users as their last line of defense.

Contact: Amanda Tarantino,

Cision View original content to obtain multimedia:


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Killexams : Galaxy S23 spotted on certification website months before launch

Samsung may have started obtaining regulatory approvals for the Galaxy S23 launch. The base Galaxy S23 model recently popped up on the official website of India’s quality certification agency BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards). The listing doesn’t reveal anything about the phone itself but is an indication of a nearing launch.

The BIS website lists the Galaxy S23 with the model number SM-S911B/DS. We have seen this model number for the phone multiple times in the past, including in online benchmarks. The Galaxy S23+ and Galaxy S23 Ultra bear the model numbers SM-S916B and SM-S918B, respectively. The suffix “DS” confirms dual-SIM support in India.

First spotted by MySmartPrice, the BIS website also lists another new Samsung device with the model number SM-K741B/DS. The publication speculates it could be an alternate model number for the base Galaxy S23 model. However, we have doubts about that. This is a Samsung product too, but a model number beginning with the letter “K” is usually not seen in its smartphones, let alone the Galaxy S series flagships. We should get clarity on it in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, Samsung obtaining regulatory approvals for the Galaxy S23 series so early suggests the company wants to release the new flagships very early next year. It was originally expected to debut the phones in February 2023, but accurate rumors are claiming a January launch. The latest developments suggest the Korean firm is aiming for an early January release. Perhaps the publication says the Galaxy S23 series could debut as early as December this year. Time will tell if that happens.

Early Galaxy S23 rumors hinted at little upgrades over the Galaxy S22 series. But as the development progressed, more details started surfacing. The new Samsung flagships are now shaping up to be pretty big upgrades over their respective predecessors. While the handsets will sport the same design and will look identical, Samsung has changed plenty on the inside. For one, we will reportedly get bigger batteries despite no change in the phone’s shape and size. The new phones will also feature a newer processor, upgraded cameras, and improved software.

As said earlier, Samsung is gearing up to launch the Galaxy S23 series early in 2023. We should hear more about the phones in the build-up to their launch. Expect to see the frequency of leaks go up as the launch draws closer. We will keep you posted with all the latest information.

Samsung Galaxy S23 BIS certification website
Mon, 31 Oct 2022 23:01:00 -0500 en-US text/html
Killexams : It's the Disney Plus Christmas Guide to the best holiday shows and movies
the santa clauses disney plus

Disney Plus

Disney Plus is still one of the best streaming services you can subscribe to for great family-friendly entertainment. That’s definitely the case at Christmas time, and Disney Plus has been busy launching all new TV shows, movies, and specials to celebrate the holiday season. So what are the best Disney Plus Christmas films and series to watch. In this article, we will go over the best Christmas content on the service. From classic movies to the most accurate films and specials, there’s no lack of content for Disney fans or Christmas fans. You can sign up for the service at the link below:

The Disney Plus logo.

Disney Plus

Disney Plus offers thousands of TV episodes and movies from across the Disney library, including its Pixar, Star Wars, and Marvel shows and films, along with exclusive TV series and movies.

Disney Plus Christmas 2022 holiday shows and specials

The Santa Clauses

santa clauses 1

Disney Plus

Tim Allen returns to his role from The Santa Clause movie trilogy as Scott Calvin, who is the current incarnation of Santa Claus. In this six-episode series, we see that his Christmas magic seems to be weakening, so Scott decides to retire to spend the rest of his life with his wife and family somewhere south of the North Pole. However, he also has to find a successor for the Santa role, and that decision will have massive consequences.

The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special

guardians of the galaxy holiday special

Disney Plus

James Guns, the writer and director of the MCU’s Guardians of the Galaxy movies, also wrote and directed perhaps one of the best Christmas-themed events of 2022. The leader of the Guardians, Peter (Star-Lord) Quill, is not feeling the best since his love Gamora has left the team. It also happens to be the Christmas season back on his home planet Earth. So what do two of his teammates, Drax and Mantis, do to get Peter out of his doldrums? They head to Earth to get something that will mean a lot to Peter. Unfortunately, that something is a person, actor Kevin Bacon (played by, well, Kevin Bacon).

The Hip-Hop Nutcracker

hip hop nutcraker disney plus christmas


The classic Nutcracker tale gets reinvented in this Disney Plus Christmas special, which is based on the traveling stage show. The basic premise is the same: A young girl is transported to a magical land around Christmastime, but in this version, she comes from present day New York City. Get ready to see some first-class dancers perform with a hip-hop musical theme in this special.

Pentatonix Around the World For The Holidays

penatonix disney plus christmas


The popular acapella singing group has a new Christmas special on Disney Plus. The members of the group find themselves in a magical mailroom that transports them all over the world to learn about holiday traditions from other countries. Of course, they also sing some Christmas songs as well.

Best In Snow

best in snow disney plus


This new Disney Plus Christmas-themed reality competition show features eight teams that are tasked with creating new snow sculptures from big blocks of snow. The sculptures must also feature characters from the various Disney-owned properties. Even Kermit the Frog makes an appearance in this special.

Donna Hay Christmas

donna hay christmas

Disney Plus

Donna Hay, the well-known cooking personality from Australia, shows everyone how to make the best holiday meals, treats, food gifts, and more in this Disney Plus Christmas mini-series.

Other Disney Plus Christmas originals


Anna Kendrick plays Noelle, the daughter of Santa Claus, in this Disney Plus Christmas original movie. Her dad passed away several months before Christmas, so her brother Nick Kringle, played by Bill Hader, has been training to take his place. However, Nick panics over the prospect of becoming Santa, and runs away from the North Pole. Can Noelle find Nick and whip him into shape to save Christmas?



Disney Plus

This Disney Plus original movie is set during Christmas. It stars Jillian Bell as Eleanor Fay Bloomingbottom, a young fairy godmother who is still learning her craft. However, the modern world seems to have moved on from believing in fairy godmothers and making wishes come true. Eleanor finds a letter from a young girl who needs help and makes the journey to the real world, only to discover that the young girl is now a grown woman, played by Isla Fisher. Can Eleanor help her fulfill her wishes and keep the magic of being a fairy godmother?

Lego Star Wars Holiday Special

star wars lego holiday 2020


The Lego Star Wars universe celebrates its version of Christmas in this holiday special. Set after the events of The Rise of Skywalker, Rey is training Finn to be a Jedi during Life Day on the Wookies’ home planet. However, Rey discovers an artifact that allows her to travel back in time to previous Life Days, where she encounters other Star Wars characters like Darth Vader and a young Luke Skywalker.

High School Musical: The Musical: The Holiday Special

high schoo musical disney plus christmas


The cast of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series get together to sing (of course). This time, the gang sing Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year’s songs while also sharing some of their own favorite holiday traditions.


Hawkeye show Disney Plus


Yes, Marvel Studios set one of their Disney Plus original shows during Christmas. Clint “Hawkeye” Barton (Jeremy Renner) just wants to spend Christmas with his kids on a family trip to New York City. However, he soon gets involved in fighting some criminals and also encounters another skilled crime-fighting archer Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld). Look for some surprise appearances by some other MCU characters in this series.

Miracle on 34th Street



Disney Plus has both the original 1947 version of this Christmas classic and the more accurate 1994 remake. Both films are about a man named Kris Kringle, a department store Santa who claims actually to be the real Santa Claus. Many adults try in both versions to undermine Kris’ story. Can Kris prove he is Santa and help children believe in Santa Claus again?

Home Alone

Macaulay Culkin applies aftershave while looking in the mirror in Home Alone - best family movies on disney plus

20th Century Fox

This holiday classic movie probably needs no introduction, but we will supply it one anyway. Young Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) is left behind at his home accidentally while his extended family flies to France for Christmas. Left home alone, Kevin does his best to pass the time, while his frantic mother tries to get back home. However, the “Wet Bandits” are out in Kevin’s neighborhood, and Kevin feels the need to defend his home with all sorts of very painful traps. Disney Plus also has the many (too many, some might say) other Home Alone movies to stream, but you can safely bypass those films; the original is really the only one you need to check out.

The Santa Clause

santa clause


Before you watch The Santa Clauses, check out the original movie, where Tim Allen’s Scott Calvin becomes Santa Claus after the current one falls off Scott’s roof at home and disappears. Scott must deal with his new role, and his changing appearance, while members of his family think he’s going insane. The sequel to this movie, The Santa Clause 2, is also entertaining, but you can bypass the third film if you want, even though it has a great performance by Martin Short as the comical villain Jack Frost.

A Christmas Carol

christmas carol


Left to right: Ghost of Christmas Present, Ebenezer Scrooge (JIM CARREY)

This CGI motion capture animated movie stars Jim Carrey as Ebenezer Scrooge. Carrey also voices and animates the roles of Scrooge’s three Christmas ghosts, who take him on his time travel journey so he can rediscover his soul. Some people might not like the “uncanny valley” efforts to create realistic humans in CGI, but the movie itself is a faithful and entertaining adaptation of Charles Dickens’ story. Gary Oldman, Colin Firth, and Robin Wright also provide voices and motion capture for other roles in the film.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

nightmare before christmas


(Left) Jack Skellington (Chris Sarandon) ©Disney Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved.

Is this stop-motion animated musical a Halloween movie or a Christmas movie? Why not both? This film from writer Tim Burton and director Henry Selick centers on the head of Halloweentown, Jack Skellington, who decides to invade the nearby Christmas Town, and take over the full Christmas holiday. This film is definitely one of the more unusual but popular, Christmas movie-watching traditions.

The Muppets Christmas Carol

muppets christmas carol


Here’s another version of Dickens’ story. It’s not quite as faithful to the source material, but the Muppets cast is terrific in the various smaller character roles. The highlight for this movie, however, is Michael Caine playing Scrooge, who is as funny as he is angry at times, and it’s a stand out performance from his huge career.

That’s our list of the best Disney Plus Christmas content. You can check out even more, including special Christmas episodes of Disney TV shows, animated shorts, and more, on the Disney Plus Christmas page.

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