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Exam Code: NSE7_EFW-7.0 Practice test 2023 by team
NSE7_EFW-7.0 Fortinet NSE 7 - Enterprise Firewall 7.0

Title: Fortinet NSE 7 - Enterprise Firewall 7.0 (NSE7_EFW-7.0)

Test Detail:
The Fortinet NSE 7 - Enterprise Firewall 7.0 (NSE7_EFW-7.0) certification is offered by Fortinet and validates the knowledge and skills required to design, implement, and manage advanced security solutions using Fortinet enterprise firewalls. The certification focuses on network security and demonstrates expertise in deploying and configuring Fortinet's firewall technology.

Course Outline:
The NSE7_EFW-7.0 certification program covers a comprehensive range of subjects related to Fortinet enterprise firewalls and network security. The course provides participants with an in-depth understanding of Fortinet's firewall technology, security policies, and best practices. The following is a general outline of the key areas covered in the certification program:

1. Fortinet Firewall Overview:
- Introduction to Fortinet enterprise firewalls
- Fortinet firewall models and hardware platforms
- Fortinet firewall software architecture
- Licensing and product editions
- Fortinet Security Fabric overview

2. Firewall Deployment and Configuration:
- Firewall deployment scenarios and considerations
- Initial firewall setup and configuration
- Network and interface configuration
- Security policy and rule configuration
- VPN and SSL VPN configuration

3. Advanced Firewall Features:
- Application control and IPS
- Web filtering and antispam
- Intrusion prevention system (IPS) policies
- Threat intelligence and sandboxing
- SSL inspection and decryption

4. High Availability and Resilience:
- Fortinet firewall high availability (HA) options
- HA deployment and configuration
- Load balancing and link aggregation
- Firewall virtual clustering
- Fortinet Single Sign-On (FSSO) integration

5. Firewall Monitoring and Troubleshooting:
- Firewall logging and reporting
- Traffic monitoring and analysis
- Firewall diagnostics and troubleshooting
- Fortinet Security Fabric integration
- Security event and incident management

Exam Objectives:
The NSE7_EFW-7.0 certification test assesses candidates' understanding of Fortinet enterprise firewalls, security policies, and implementation practices. The test objectives include, but are not limited to:

1. Demonstrating knowledge of Fortinet firewall models and software architecture.
2. Deploying and configuring Fortinet enterprise firewalls.
3. Configuring security policies and access controls.
4. Implementing advanced firewall features and threat prevention techniques.
5. Configuring high availability and resilience for Fortinet firewalls.
6. Monitoring and troubleshooting Fortinet firewall deployments.
7. Integrating Fortinet firewalls into the Security Fabric.

The NSE7_EFW-7.0 certification program typically includes instructor-led training or self-paced online learning modules. The syllabus provides a breakdown of the subjects covered throughout the course, including specific learning objectives and milestones. The syllabus may include the following components:

- Fortinet Firewall Overview
- Firewall Deployment and Configuration
- Advanced Firewall Features
- High Availability and Resilience
- Firewall Monitoring and Troubleshooting
- Security Event and Incident Management
- test Preparation and Practice Tests
- Final Fortinet NSE 7 - Enterprise Firewall 7.0 Certification Exam
Fortinet NSE 7 - Enterprise Firewall 7.0
Fortinet Enterprise test contents
Killexams : Fortinet Enterprise test contents - BingNews Search results Killexams : Fortinet Enterprise test contents - BingNews Killexams : Best Wireless Networking Certifications of 2023
  • Becoming certified as a wireless professional is an effective way to land a high-paying job.
  • As the wireless industry grows, it’s crucial to select the certifications that will enhance your career as a wireless professional.
  • CCNA, CCNP Enterprise, CompTIA Network+, CWNA and CWSP are among the most valuable certifications, but many more are available.
  • This article is for IT professionals seeking to advance their careers in the wireless networking arena.

The wireless networking space has exploded in exact years and wireless technologies have become a connectivity game-changer. The advent of fourth-generation (4G) wireless wide-area networking technologies and the emergence of LTE (Long Term Evolution) and 5G technology further underscore wireless networking’s critical role in business today. 

The demand for professionals with wireless networking knowledge and expertise is at an all-time high. As wireless professionals map their career paths, adding respected wireless networking certifications to their resumes can show hiring managers they have the cutting-edge, in-demand career skills to take their organizations to the next level. 

We’ll highlight the best wireless networking certifications IT professionals can obtain to demonstrate their skills to current and prospective employers. 

Earning the best IT certifications, including wireless networking certifications, is an excellent career advancement asset that validates your skills and knowledge.

Best wireless networking certifications

According to data, wireless engineers earn about $98,99 to $125,000 annually. However, bonuses, commissions, location, seniority and many more factors can affect earnings and boost pay much higher. The right certifications can increase your value and salary. 

Here are our picks for the top wireless networking certifications. 

1. CCNA: Cisco Certified Network Associate Certification

The Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Certification is one of many Cisco certifications. It’s considered to be one of the most reliable certifications for professionals navigating the ever-changing IT industry. The test is comprehensive and covers the following topics: 

  • Network fundamentals
  • Network access
  • IP connectivity
  • IP services
  • Security fundamentals
  • Automation and programmability

Cisco doesn’t insist on stringent prerequisites for this certification. However, there are age requirements: No one younger than 13 can take the exam, and those aged 13 to 17 must have parental consent to proceed. Additionally, Cisco recommends that applicants have at least one year of experience using and implementing Cisco products and solutions, a basic knowledge of IP addressing, and an understanding of network fundamentals. 

Passing the CCNA certification test will provide opportunities for wireless professionals in the following job roles:

  • Entry-level network engineer
  • Help desk technician
  • Network administrator
  • Network support technician

After you pass the certification test, your status is valid for three years. After three years, you must apply for recertification via one of two options: passing a qualifying test or earning 30 continuing education credits.

CCNA fact sheet

Certification information

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)

Prerequisites and required courses

There are no formal prerequisites for this certification. However, Cisco recommends candidates have one or more years of experience implementing and administering Cisco solutions.

Number of exams

One exam, 120 minutes long

Cost per exam

$300 (with the option to use Cisco learning credits instead of paying)

Exam website

CCNA – Training & Certifications – Cisco 

Preparation materials

Cisco offers an online course: Implementing and Administering Cisco Solutions (CCNA). You can purchase this course through several online learning models and resources. Visit Cisco’s CCNA test preparation web page for more information. 

The CCNA certification is also recommended when pursuing the best computer networking certifications and the best data center certifications.

2. CCNP Enterprise: Cisco Certified Network Professional Enterprise

If you’re seeking a job maintaining and troubleshooting global enterprise networks, the Cisco Certified Network Professional Enterprise (CCNP Enterprise) certification is a significant credential upgrade. The CCNP Enterprise certification will test your mastery in the following areas:

  • Architecture 
  • Virtualization 
  • Infrastructure 
  • Network assurance 
  • Security 
  • Automation 

The CCNP Enterprise certification is more complex than the CCNA. You’ll need to complete the following examinations.

  1. Core exam: First, you’ll take a core test and its recommended training. The 350-401 ENCOR test will objectively assess your knowledge of enterprise network technologies, a vital step to cementing your CCNP Enterprise certification.
  2. Concentration exam: After you complete the core test and training, you’ll be prompted to take another concentration test along with completing its recommended training. You can select a concentration test based on your preferences.

When you pass the two required exams, your certification will be valid for three years. You’ll have expanded opportunities for the following job roles:

  • Network administrator
  • Systems engineer
  • Network support technician
  • Mid-level network engineer

CCNP Enterprise fact sheet

Certification information

Cisco Certified Network Professional Enterprise

Prerequisites and required courses

There are no formal prerequisites for this certification. However, Cisco recommends that candidates possess three to five years of relevant experience in implementing enterprise network solutions.

Number of exams

Two exams are required. 

  • 350-401 ENCOR Exam 
  • Concentration exam

Cost per exam


Concentration exams

Select one of the following: 

  • 300-410 ENARSI (Implementing Cisco Enterprise Advanced Routing and Services)
  • 300-415 ENSDWI (Implementing Cisco SD-WAN Solutions)
  • 300-420 ENSLD (Designing Cisco Enterprise Networks)
  • 300-425 ENWLSD (Designing Cisco Enterprise Wireless Networks)
  • 300-430 ENWLSI (Implementing Cisco Enterprise Wireless Networks)
  • 300-435 ENAUTO (Implementing Automation for Cisco Enterprise Solutions)

Exam website

CCNP Enterprise – Training & Certifications – Cisco 

Preparation materials

Cisco offers an online course: Implementing and Operating Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies (ENCOR). You can purchase this course through several online learning models and resources. Visit Cisco’s CCNP Enterprise test preparation web page for more information. 

3. CompTIA: Network+

The CompTIA Network+ is a wireless networking and cybersecurity certification that assesses a wireless professional’s technical skills in establishing, troubleshooting and maintaining networks for any business on any platform. Additionally, the Network+ certification serves as a prerequisite for other CompTIA certifications, including those listed below:

  • Security+
  • Cybersecurity Analyst+ (CySA+, formerly CSA+)
  • Linux+
  • PenTest+

The CompTIA Network+ test examines a candidate’s IT professional capacity and skills in designing and implementing functional networks, configuring and maintaining essential network devices, and implementing network security standards and protocols. Here are some of the subjects covered: 

When you pass this certification exam, your certification will be valid for three years. You’ll benefit from expanded opportunities in the following job roles:

  • Network administrator
  • Network field technician
  • Junior network administrator
  • IT consultant
  • Network field engineer
  • Computer technician
  • Help desk technician

CompTIA: Network+ fact sheet

CompTIA Network+ certification is a prerequisite for the CompTIA Linux+ Powered by LPI certification, which is considered one of the best Linux certifications for an IT career.

4. CWNA: Certified Wireless Network Administrator

The CWNA (Certified Wireless Network Administrator) certification was developed by the Certified Wireless Network Professional (CWNP) organization. It’s a long-standing certification for IT professionals, particularly those who want to specialize in installing and maintaining wireless networks. The test covers the following topics: 

  • Radio frequency (RF) technologies
  • Antenna concepts
  • Wireless LAN hardware and software
  • Network design, installation, and management
  • Wireless standards and organizations
  • 11 network architecture
  • Wireless LAN security
  • Troubleshooting
  • Performing site surveys

The CWNA certification is considered a foundational wireless LAN certification under the CWNP program. Candidates must achieve a score of at least 70 percent to be deemed certified. 

When you pass this certification exam, your certification will be valid for three years, after which you can apply for recertification. While your credential is still valid, you’ll need to take and pass a professional-level test — CWSP, CWDP, or CWAP — to renew your certification. You can also recertify by retaking the CWNA exam.

CWNA fact sheet

5. CWSP: Certified Wireless Security Professional

The Certified Wireless Security Professional certification is a step toward achieving a Certified Wireless Network Expert (CWNE) certification. It’s a professional-level wireless LAN and cybersecurity certification for which you must first achieve CWNA certification.

The test covers the following topics: 

  • WLAN discovery techniques
  • Intrusion and attack techniques
  • 11 protocol analysis
  • Wireless Intrusion Prevention Systems (WIPS) implementation
  • Layer 2 and 3 VPNs used over 802.11 networks
  • Enterprise/SMB/SOHO/public-network security design models

To pass the CWSP exam, professionals must score at least 70 percent, and instructors must score at least 80 percent. When you pass this certification exam, your certification will be valid for three years, after which you can apply for recertification. Recertification is possible only if you hold a valid CWNA credential and pass the current CWSP exam. If you meet these requirements, the certification will be renewed for another three years.

CWSP fact sheet

Information security professionals should also consider the best infosec and cybersecurity certifications as more business owners seek to protect their companies by hiring qualified cybersecurity experts.

Other worthwhile wireless certifications

While the five featured certification exams are among the most well-regarded in the industry, other certifications can benefit IT professionals seeking to augment their skills and credentials. Here are two more to consider. 

  • CWDP: The Certified Wireless Design Professional (CWDP) certification is suitable for professionals with enterprise network design skills and a clear understanding of the WLAN architecture and protocol.
  • CWAP: If you’re an IT professional interested in wireless LAN troubleshooting and analysis, the Certified Wireless Analysis Professional (CWAP) certification is right up your alley. Aside from the certification, the CWAP examination will also fast-track your chances of becoming CWNE certified, which is great for IT professionals who plan on catering to a broader market or industry.

How IT professionals can enhance their careers with certifications

Achieving respected, rigorous wireless networking certifications can help IT professionals expand their credentials and land more profitable job opportunities. Additionally, they’ll demonstrate their willingness to learn to hiring managers. 

While certifications take time and money, the rewards of career growth and higher compensation more than justify the investment. 

Ed Tittel and Mary Kyle contribute to the reporting and writing in this article.

Sun, 30 Jul 2023 12:00:00 -0500 en text/html
Killexams : Fortinet leads cybersecurity stocks sharply lower after warning of deal delays No result found, try new keyword!Fortinet saw an "unusually large volume of deals" pushed out beyond the June quarter, its chief financial officer said Thursday. Thu, 03 Aug 2023 23:29:00 -0500 en-us text/html Killexams : The Ultimate Guide to Enterprise Content Management

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October 2022

The Ultimate Guide to Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) has rapidly evolved as different forms of content have been introduced to the work environment. However, these tools continue to focus on digitally managing a company's information in a centralized repository and using the digital content to support business processes and help achieve goals. In this guide, find out how ECM works, why it is so important, the key components and benefits, and what to look for when choosing ECM software.

Table Of Contents

  • What is enterprise content management?
  • How does ECM work?
  • Why is ECM important?
  • Components of ECM
  • And more...
Sat, 08 Jul 2023 04:17:00 -0500 en text/html
Killexams : Fortinet Named a Challenger in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Single-Vendor SASE No result found, try new keyword!Additional Third-Party Recognition of FortiSASE Fortinet was also recently named a Leader in the Forrester Wave™: Zero Trust Edge Solutions, Q3 2023 report. Zero Trust Edge is also known as SASE, and ... Mon, 21 Aug 2023 04:21:00 -0500 en-US text/html Killexams : NextGen Bar Exam: What to Know No result found, try new keyword!Gundersen, CEO and president of the not-for-profit National Conference of Bar Examiners, which develops bar test content for 54 U.S. jurisdictions. "So the public can have confidence in a ... Wed, 15 Feb 2023 03:47:00 -0600 text/html Killexams : Enterprise Content Management (ECM): Harnessing Information’s Power for Optimal Organisation


Information and content are the cornerstones of organisational success in today’s corporate world. The efficient management of material is essential for streamlined operations and better decision-making, including managing multimedia files and important papers. A comprehensive strategy to manage the enormous amounts of content produced every day in organisations is provided by enterprise content management (ECM). We shall examine the many advantages of ECM in this post in order to comprehend its significance in the current digital era.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) – what is it?

The term “ECM” refers to a methodical and deliberate approach to capturing, organising, storing, maintaining, and delivering content over an organization’s whole lifespan. The phrase “content” refers to a variety of data kinds, such as written documents, photos, videos, emails, spreadsheets, and other digital assets. Modern technology and practises are used by ECM solutions to handle content efficiently, fostering security, enabling collaboration, and increasing overall productivity.

Enhanced Information Access and Retrieval is one benefit of enterprise content management (ECM). ECM’s capacity to promote quick and effective information access is one of its main features. Metadata-based organisation and indexing of material by ECM systems enables users to find pertinent documents easily. Employees may quickly find important information using advanced search features, saving crucial time and effort.

Better Teamwork and Workflow Automation: ECM eliminates silos and promotes teamwork between departments. Employees may view, modify, and share documents in real-time using a common content repository. Business operations are streamlined through workflow automation, which routes papers to the right people for inspection and approval. This fluid interaction speeds up decision-making and eliminates operational bottlenecks.

Document security and version control are features that content management systems with embedded enterprise content management (ECM) offer. ECM guarantees document integrity and lessens errors brought on by conflicting versions by keeping track of document changes and providing a history of revisions. ECM solutions also include rigorous security controls that shield critical data from unauthorised access and potential data breaches.

Compliance and Regulatory Adherence: Businesses must frequently abide by stringent compliance rules and laws pertaining to content management and data preservation. ECM helps businesses follow these rules by keeping accurate records, enforcing document preservation rules, and offering thorough audit trails. This compliance readiness promotes business continuity and reduces legal risks.

ECM facilitates digital transformation by lowering reliance on paper-based processes. This results in cost savings. Physical documents can be scanned and digitally preserved, which not only frees up space but also reduces the expense of printing, storing, and handling paper. Additionally, environmentally friendly practises help to create a greener environment, which is good for a company’s CSR.

Business continuity and disaster recovery: ECM systems include reliable backup and recovery functions. Organisations can rely on ECM to quickly restore crucial business information in the case of data loss or calamities. This guarantees little downtime, protecting company continuity even under trying circumstances.

Business operations are streamlined as a result of ECM’s automation of repetitive procedures, which lowers the need for manual involvement. Organisations may speed up approval processes, enable quicker decision-making, and Boost overall efficiency by optimising their document management.

A centralised content repository is created by ECM by combining content from numerous sources. By removing content silos, this single source of truth enables employees to obtain the data they require from a single spot. The centralised strategy improves data consistency and minimises duplication.

Analytics and Business Insights: ECM systems frequently come with analytics capabilities that offer helpful insights into user behaviour and content usage trends. This information can be used by businesses to make wise decisions, spot process bottlenecks, and Boost content management techniques.

Scalability and Flexibility: ECM systems are flexible and scalable to meet an organization’s changing needs. ECM can be tailored to meet particular needs and seamlessly interface with other enterprise software, regardless of the size of the business.


In today’s information-driven environment, enterprise content management (ECM) is crucial. Organisations may achieve higher levels of productivity, collaboration, and decision-making by leveraging the power of content. ECM is a vital tool for businesses looking to gain a competitive edge because of its advantages, which range from enhanced security and compliance adherence to quicker workflows and better information access. Organisations that embrace ECM are better equipped to achieve organisational excellence in the digital age and optimise content management.

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Killexams : Fortinet Announces Free Security Awareness Curriculum for K-12 Students Tied to White House's Cyber Education and Workforce Initiatives No result found, try new keyword!John Maddison, Chief Marketing Officer and EVP, Product Strategy at Fortinet "Expanding the cybersecurity knowledge and skill sets of our global community, including people of all ages, backgrounds, ... Wed, 09 Aug 2023 10:09:00 -0500 en-US text/html Killexams : Final test Schedule Killexams : Final test Schedule | Sacramento State Skip to Main Content

Final test Schedule 2023-2024

Final test Management

  • No final exams shall be held on Fridays during Spring terms due to conflicts with Commencement.
  • Consult the course syllabus for the final test date and time or one day courses not listed above, all summer courses, courses with special session dates, and courses without room assignments.
  • Final exams for one day courses, not listed above, will follow the final test schedule unless the course syllabus states otherwise.
  • Classes that start within the day(s) and start hours listed above, but before the next class start time group will hold their final test on the relevant test date and time.
    • For example, a class start time on MWF or MW, 7:00 a.m. through 7:59 a.m. will hold their final test on the relevant Monday test date, 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.; the MWF class start time from 9:00 a.m. through 9:59 a.m. will hold their final test on the relevant Wednesday, 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., and so on.
  • All Saturday only afternoon classes will follow the 12:00 p.m. final test schedule.
  • Classes meeting four or five days a week will follow the MWF schedule.
  • Examination hours for classes involving lecture and laboratories or quiz sections are determined by the hours scheduled for the lecture.
  • Final exams, including major section exams offered in lieu of a final exam, may not be scheduled during the last week of classes.
    • However, quizzes, lab exams, and other academic assignments may be scheduled for the last week of classes, provided they are specified on the course syllabus.
  • No unscheduled (i.e. not included in the course syllabus) or additional requirements may be imposed on students during the last week of classes.
    • Any exceptions that necessitate giving a final prior to final test week must be stated on the course syllabus and shall require prior approval of the dean.

Contact the Office of Space Management at (916) 278-6507 or concerning final test schedules and requests for room reservations for final exams. If a faculty conflict with a regular test date and time occurs, the department office shall contact Space Management to schedule a room according to the conflict test date and time listed in the Exceptions section above.

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Killexams : Fortinet NGFWs and FortiGuard AI-Powered Security Services Deliver 318% ROI and Payback in Six Months for the Enterprise Data Center

SUNNYVALE, Calif., July 18, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  

John Maddison, CMO and EVP, Product Strategy
"Fortinet is proven in the data center, delivering cutting-edge security and energy-efficient performance to today's largest enterprise organizations. We believe the new Forrester Total Economic Impact™ study highlights what customers have said for years: The powerful combination of FortiGate NGFWs and FortiGuard AI-Powered Security Services not only strengthens security across the entire enterprise but also delivers incredible return on investment."

News Summary    
Fortinet® FTNT, the global cybersecurity leader driving the convergence of networking and security, today announced an independent analysis of the cost savings and business benefits of deploying FortiGate Next-Generation firewalls (NGFWs) and FortiGuard AI-Powered Security Services within the enterprise data center, including more than a 300% return on investment (ROI) over three years and payback in six months. Fortinet is also deepening its commitment to data center security with two new NGFW appliances: the FortiGate 3200F, which includes 380 Gbps of firewall throughput and 400GE interfaces to support hyperscale data centers, and the FortiGate 900G, which delivers 20 Gbps of threat protection in a compact form factor for the enterprise.

Key Findings from the Independent Study
To quantify the ROI of FortiGate NGFWs and services within the enterprise data center, Fortinet commissioned a "Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study" to aggregate customer feedback. The results were combined to form a single composite organization, which has an annual revenue of $2.5 billion, more than 15,000 employees, and at least three data centers. The study found that the composite organization realized improved performance, increased productivity, and cost savings, as well as the following benefits:

  • 318% ROI and six months payback: Deploying FortiGate data center NGFWs with FortiGuard AI-Powered Security Services resulted in a 318% return on investment over three years, payback in less than six months, and more than $8 million in net benefits.
  • 90% reduction in time spent on manual updates: Because FortiGate NGFWs are simple to deploy and manage, they reduced the time networking teams spent on manual updates and fixes by 90%. This ease of use, combined with powerful automation, also resulted in a 50% reduction in device reimaging and 95% reduction in ancillary device connections.
  • 40% savings compared to previous NGFW solutions: FortiGate solutions converge networking and security, so customers can reduce the number of point products and services needed to protect their data centers, cutting costs by 40%.

New FortiGate NGFWs: Power and Performance for the Data Center
Furthering Fortinet's commitment to the data center, the company is also announcing new FortiGate NGFWs with energy-efficient performance to protect modern enterprises while meeting sustainability goals. These new NGFWs are fully integrated with FortiGuard AI-Powered Security Services, including advanced intrusion protection, web security technologies like DNS and URL filtering, and content security to stop new and emerging file-based attacks. Two new models are:

  • FortiGate 3200F series is purpose-built for hyperscale data centers, delivering 4x the industry average firewall throughput, 4.7x the industry average SSL Inspection throughput, and 3.5x the industry average IPSec VPN throughput while consuming 72% less energy than competitors. It comes with four 400GE interfaces to seamlessly manage high traffic volume and scale according to business needs.
  • FortiGate 900G series is setting a new industry standard by delivering data center ready performance in a compact form factor. It boasts 6x the firewall throughput, 5x the IPSec VPN throughput, and 3x the threat protection throughput (20 Gbps) than the industry average, ensuring efficient and secure operations.

Below is a summary of target performance numbers of the FortiGate 3200F and 900G series compiled by Fortinet. Security Compute Rating is a benchmark (performance multiplier) that helps customers understand FortiGate performance.

FortiGate 3200F series

Specification FortiGate 3201F Security Compute
Industry Average
Firewall 387 Gbps 4X 98.5 Gbps
IPSec VPN 105 Gbps 3.5X 30 Gbps
Threat Protection 45 Gbps 1.6X 27.5 Gbps
SSL Inspection 29 Gbps 4.7X 6.2 Gbps
Concurrent Sessions 70M 3X 22.5M
Connections per Second 800K 1.4X 565K
Specification FortiGate 3201F Energy Efficiency Industry Average
Watts/Gbps Firewall Throughput 2.25 3.6X 8W
Watts/Gbps IPsec VPN Throughput 8.29 4.6X 38.5W
BTU/h of Firewall Throughput 7.6 BTU 2X 15.7 BTU

FortiGate 900G series

Specification FortiGate 901G Security Compute
Industry Average
Firewall 164 Gbps 6X 27 Gbps
IPSec VPN 55 Gbps 5X 11 Gbps
Threat Protection 20 Gbps 3X 6.5 Gbps
SSL Inspection 16.7 Gbps 2.5X 6.7 Gbps
Concurrent Sessions 16M 3.6X 3M
Connections per Second 720K 4.5X 173K
Specification FortiGate 901G Energy Efficiency Industry Average
Watts/Gbps Firewall Throughput 1.6W 6.6X 10.6W
Watts/Gbps IPsec VPN Throughput 4.8W 5.2X 25.1W
BTU/h of Firewall Throughput 5.25 BTU 6.4X 33.9 BTU
  • FortiGate 3200F and 900G Threat Protection performance is measured with Firewall, IPS, Application Control and Malware Protection, and Logging enabled.

Continued Recognition and Support for Hybrid Mesh Firewall Architecture
Fortinet and FortiGate NGFWs have been recognized by a number of third-parties and analysts, including positioning as a Leader in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Network Firewalls, as a Leader in the 2022 The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Firewalls report, and with a "Recommended" rating from

We believe these third-party recognitions are a result of Fortinet's unique approach that converges networking and security. FortiGate NGFWs use a single operating system, FortiOS, and unified management console, FortiManager, to extend AI-powered security across all NGFWs within a hybrid environment, including on-premises, in the cloud, and within virtual machines. This makes FortiGate NGFWs an ideal fit for a hybrid mesh firewall architecture, which coordinates policies across firewalls to create a comprehensive security posture. FortiGate NGFWs are also easy to procure and deploy as part of FortiFlex, Fortinet's usage-based licensing program.

Supporting Quotes
"Fortinet made deploying and managing next-gen firewalls across our on-premises, cloud, and virtual environments simple. With FortiManager, we can view performance, unify policies, and ensure our NGFWs are sharing threat information via a single pane of glass. We're excited to continue working with Fortinet on our hybrid mesh firewall architecture and the overall security posture of our entire network." - Joseph Neumann, Deputy Chief Information Security Officer, Digital Realty

Additional Resources  

Gartner does not endorse any vendor, product or service depicted in its research publications and does not advise technology users to select only those vendors with the highest ratings or other designation. Gartner research publications consist of the opinions of Gartner's Research organization and should not be construed as statements of fact. Gartner disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to this research, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

GARTNER is a registered trademark and service mark of Gartner and Magic Quadrant is a registered trademark of Gartner, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the U.S. and internationally and are used herein with permission. All rights reserved.

Gartner, Magic Quadrant for Network Firewalls, Rajpreet Kaur, Adam Hils, Tom Lintemuth, 20 December 2022

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Killexams : Saweetie Promises ‘Spicy Content’ On OnlyFans Competitor Fansly

An OnlyFans competitor has tapped Saweetie to promote it by offering “spicy content” for her fans.

The “My Type” rapper stole the show on Saturday, August 5, when she served as the ring girl at the Jake Paul-Nate Diaz fight. Stepping out in a metallic blue two-piece short set, Saweetie stunned as she held the card for “Round 2” which included an advertised placement for a new platform dubbed Fansly.

Following the high-profile gig that impressed many like UFC fighter Conor McGregor, Saweetie took to Instagram to show off her look and announce her new partnership with Fansly.

“Chanel me… off the top shelf please!” she captioned her post.

“& btw… 😛 subscribe to my page on for my spicy side 🤫 exclusive content, music, BTS and moreeeee.”

She further expressed her excitement for the deal in a press release that teased the inside look fans will get into her “world,” according to UpRoxx.

“I’m so hyped to team up with Fansly and provide my loyal ICY GIRLS a peek into my world like never before,” Saweetie said.

“We’re about to bring the fire and empower creators to connect with their fans on a whole new level. Brace yourselves for some spicy content, baby!”

Fans applauded Saweetie’s new partnership with Fansly which comes amid her long-awaited and recently renamed debut album as well as her tour with her current boyfriend YG and Tyga.

“She Smart af for taking a deal with fansly,” one fan wrote.

“You’re really that girl frfr,” added someone else.

As for the fight Saweetie served as the ring girl for, the YouTube sensation Paul won an unanimous decision against Diaz in 10 rounds, The Mirror.

McGregor, though, was less interested in the fight and more interested in watching Saweetie.

“F*** this, sweetie what’s up,” he tweeted on Saturday.

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