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Auldhouse Successful exam Questions
Killexams : Auldhouse Successful exam Questions - BingNews Search results Killexams : Auldhouse Successful exam Questions - BingNews Killexams : These 30 Questions Will Help Determine Your Success No result found, try new keyword!Are you unstoppable? Take the FREE quiz now to find out! (only available for a limited time) And be sure to grab a copy of Ben's award-winning book, Unstoppable, which has been read by more than ... Mon, 14 Nov 2022 10:20:00 -0600 Ben Angel en text/html Killexams : Wittiest IAS exam and interview questions with weirdest answers The Civil Services Examination is a national competitive examination in India and one of the toughest exams to crack with multiple papers and interviews. People prepare for years before appearing for them, studying day in and day out.
Since cracking these exams can make you eligible for opportunities in higher Civil Services of the Government of India, these are definitely challenging at multiple levels.
Along with your knowledge, your common sense, sensibility and confidence are also tested, especially at the interview levels. Here are some of the weirdest questions asked in the exams and interview sessions to test your brain. See how many you can answer correctly:
Question 1. How can you drop a raw egg onto a concrete floor without cracking it?

Answer: Concrete floors are hard to crack with a raw egg!

Question 2. Jamie looked at his reflection on the window mirror of the 45th floor. Driven by an irrational impulse, he made a leap through the window on the other side. Yet Jamie did not encounter even a single bruise. How can this be possible if he neither landed on a soft surface nor used a parachute?

Answer: Jamie is actually a window cleaner. He got tired after cleaning the windows on the 45th floor and so leaped inside the building.

Question 3. A murderer is condemned to death. He has to choose between three rooms. The first is full of raging fires, the second is full of assassins with loaded guns, and the third is full of lions that haven’t eaten in 3 years. Which room is safest for him?

Answer: The third room is the safest as the lions would be dead by now from eating anything in the past 3 days. First thought for many people would have been that these lions might have been hungrier than ever, but this answer would be wrong.

Question 4. Twins (Adarsh and Anupam) were born in May but their birthday is in June. How’s this possible?

Answer: May is the name of the town in Queensland, Australia.

Question 5. The peacock is a bird that does not lay eggs. How do they get baby peacocks?

Answer: The peahen lays eggs and not the peacock.

Question 6. What is such a thing that dies after drinking water?

Answer: Thirst. period.

Question 7. How can a man remain without sleep for 8 days?

Answer: Easy, the man should sleep at NIGHT.

Question 8. What if a red stone is thrown in blue waters?

Answer: The red stone will drown. The use of colors in the questions is only to distract your mind and confuse it further.

Question 9. Is it possible for you to lift an elephant with one hand ?
Answer: The answer is not so much as it is impossible to find an ‘elephant with one hand’.
Question 10. What is it you can never have in your breakfast ?
Answer: You can never have lunch or dinner for breakfast. This question revolves around confusing you by making you think of food items.
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Killexams : ‘The exam questions are unacceptable’

The recent exam questions that hurt religious sentiments and demeaned women and one writer are unacceptable, said civil-society members, demanding an end to such "anarchy" in the education system.

The questions were prepared for HSC and equivalent examinations.

In a joint statement, signed by 24 eminent citizens, they said a universal, secular and science-based education system has not been established even after 50 years of independence, rather a regressive system has been set up.

People are now talking about whether teachers have the skills to prepare creative questions. "Both teachers and students need to acquire creative skills," they observed.

Pointing to the recent discussions on question papers, they said it is high time to think about the whole education system, not just the competency of those who prepare questions. "The demand of dropping Charles Darwin's evolution theory from the curriculum has also concerned us. This will hinder science study and free thinking. It will push the country backwards, towards communalism," reads the statement.

Among others, the signatories are Pankaj Bhattacharya, president of Oikya NAP; Advocate Sultana Kamal, former adviser to the caretaker government; Ramendu Majumdar, praesidium member of Sammilita Samajik Andolon; Rasheda K Choudhury, former adviser to the caretaker government; Prof Syed Anwar Husain of Dhaka University; and Dr Sarwar Ali, trustee of Liberation War Museum.

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Killexams : Best No-Exam Life Insurance Of December 2022

We scored companies based on these measurements:

Price (50% of score): We averaged the no-exam life insurance rates for males and females in excellent health at ages 30, 40 and 50 for $500,000 and $1 million and a term length of 20 years.

Maximum face amount for lowest eligible age (10% of score): Companies with higher no-exam life insurance coverage amounts for the lowest age earned more points. Note that maximum no-exam coverage can sometimes become lower if you apply at a higher age.

Age eligible for best length/amount (10% of score): Companies offering no-exam life insurance to folks over age 50 earned extra points.

Accelerated death benefit available (10% of score): This important feature lets you access part of your own death benefit in the event you develop a terminal illness

Option to convert to a permanent life insurance policy (10% of score): This is a good option to have in place if you decide you want a longer policy, especially if your health has declined and you don’t want to shop for new life insurance.

Guaranteed renewals (5% of score): This option lets you extend the coverage after your initial level term period has expired, such as at the end of 10, 20 or 30 years.

Renewal rates can be significantly higher, but renewing can provide extended coverage to someone who may no longer qualify for a new life insurance policy because of health.

Median time from application to approval (5% of score): We gave more points to companies with lower no-exam life insurance approval times.

The timeline for approval could be within seconds or a month, depending on the company and possibly even your health.

Sources: Bestow, Ethos, Fabric, Haven Life, Jenny Life, Ladder, Policygenius and Forbes Advisor research.

Looking For Life Insurance?

Compare Policies With Leading Life Insurance Companies

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Killexams : Good Contracting: Ask The Right Questions To Set Yourself Up For Success

Strategy consultant & leadership coach with 25 years in finance & biz leadership roles across Asia-Pacific | Value-Unlocked Private Limited.

Contracting is what happens before you initiate work with a client on a specific engagement. Contracting is not only about signing the legal agreement, though this undoubtedly is a significant part. It is also an opportunity to better understand context, manage expectations and seek alignment on the targeted outcome.

See it as the prologue in a drama before the plot plays out. If we start a project without aligning on the value to be delivered, we would only be running blindfolded, hoping, but never sure, that what we deliver will be of value to the client.

Contracting is also important to manage the expectations of the client. I have often experienced clients signing up a coach and expecting them to deliver a transformed coachee within a few months of an engagement. People who understand coaching know that coaching is mostly about behavioral change, which takes time. Your attempt as a coach is to leave the coachee at a point where they have accepted the need to change, are more aware and have started on their change journey with solid footing and little chance of skidding back.

Most coaching or team coaching engagements have multiple parties to contract with. You have a sponsor (organization or leader paying for the engagement) and the coachee or the team you will coach. Unless there is a "single mind" on the outcome, it is likely that one of the parties may not be satisfied with the outcome. Contracting is an opportunity to drive that alignment and set yourself up for success.

So, what are some of the questions that can help you get more from the contracting stage?

To The Sponsor

• What does the organization expect to achieve at the end of this engagement? The client's response helps you understand their expectations and correct them if entirely out of place.

• How would the organization know that the engagement has made a difference? This can help to better understand the assessment process and whether it is designed well enough to measure the impact you desire.

• What feedback has the coachee been given so far on their areas for improvement? Don't be surprised if the superior has not had any feedback sessions with the coachee and still expects the coachee to know what to work on. We may have to explain that the coach's job is to inspire the coachee to act on the feedback and not to supply feedback.

• What are the stakeholders willing to do to help with the change process? The stakeholders' (superior, HR manager or commissioners of the team) job does not end with enlisting a coach. The coachee needs their support as they watch the coachee work on the outcome. If stakeholder meetings are also part of the process, this is the time to clarify that these are best had with the coachee present to avoid any breach of confidentiality.

To The Coachee

Even if the organization is the sponsor, it has been my practice not to sign up a new coachee unless I have a chemistry session with them. I use this opportunity to ask the following questions to set the expectations right and assess their coachability.

• What do you expect to achieve at the end of this engagement? As with the client, it is equally important, if not more, to set the right expectations with the coachee.

• What are you willing to sacrifice to achieve the outcome? This helps you understand how meaningful this engagement is for the coachee. Let them know that besides each coaching session, the entire journey will need their time, energy and commitment.

• What made you start with this coaching engagement at this moment? Understand their motivation behind starting with this engagement and why it is important enough to deserve their focus and attention at this time.

• Why do you believe I am the right person to make this happen? Don't be surprised if you still only hear that they want your advice and the benefit of your experience. Take this as another opportunity to clarify the role of a coach.

Despite what most people think, contracting does not necessarily end with signing up for an engagement. In one of his sessions, Peter Hawkins introduced us to the acronym ABC, which stands for "always be contracting."

We contract in every session when we ask, "What is it that you would like us to explore today?" or "What do you expect to receive at the end of this session?" We also re-contract when something new emerges during the session. We may think we know what the client wants to discuss, but it is not what we think that matters but what the coach wants. The best way is a quick check-in question, "Before we take the discussion forward, tell me how we are progressing so far," or "How are we doing so far, in the context of the outcome we are working toward?"

A well-executed contracting phase is half the battle won, so let's invest enough in it—beyond just getting the client to sign on the dotted line.

Forbes Coaches Council is an invitation-only community for leading business and career coaches. Do I qualify?

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Killexams : News Analysis: An exam question to ignite bigotry

The bizarre and clearly communally inspired section in this year's HSC Bangla question paper is a dangerous occurrence that could easily have been overlooked had it not been doing the rounds on social media. The questions were based on a part of the Bangla paper's creative section. The prose goes like this: Two Hindu brothers Nepal and Gopal have a dispute over land and take the issue to court. In order to teach his older brother a lesson, Nepal sells a portion of the land to a Muslim who, during Eid-ul-Azha, sacrifices a cow in front of Nepal's house. And when Nepal sees this, he is so traumatised that he decides to leave the country and move to India with his family.

The storyline is incendiary, to say the least. It is bound to hurt the Hindu community's religious sentiments, which seems to be the aim. The subsequent questions placed in relation to the passage proves the point. They try to compare the actions of Nepal with Mir Zafar, the infamous military general who betrayed Nawab Siraj-ud-Daulah, joining hands with the British leading to his defeat and death of the nawab. Comparing a Hindu character gone astray with one of the most reviled Muslim characters in our history can only be described as motivated. This particular segment of the question paper has been used with the intention of fanning communal sentiments, portraying Bangladesh as a country where Hindus must leave their homeland because of bigotry. Why would such a controversial theme be part of a board exam? Why should such communal ideas be presented to college students? Most importantly how did this segment creep into the question paper when there are specific guidelines about making sure no question is formulated that disrespects religion? Why didn't the moderator -- the last person who has the authority to critique a question and even scrap it -- remove the offensive section and alert their colleagues?

The education board has identified five teachers involved in preparing and moderating the question and a probe has been started. This is encouraging, though it does not erase the fact that this is not a one-off incident of how our national education curriculum has been tampered with. Unfortunately, there have been other attempts to "de-secularise" the national curriculum. In 2017, as if to comply with the demands of Hefazat-e-Islam, a Qwami madrasa-based group, some poems and prose by non-Muslims were excluded from school textbooks. link

Writings of famous poets and writers were scrapped because the authors were either non-Muslim or the content they wrote was considered to be somehow contradictory to Islamic thought. This includes Humayan Azad's poem "Boi" (class 5 textbook) that encourages students to read books and avoid texts that promote insularity and narrowmindedness. Gulam Mustafa's "Prarthhona" (Prayer) that pays tribute to the Creator, Jasimuddin's "Desh" (motherland), a philosophical songby Lalon Shah, Rangalal Bandhyapadhay's "Swadhinota", Sunil Gangopadhyay's "Shakota Dulchhe" about childhood and friendship, Rabindranath Tagore's poem "Bangladesher Hridoy" (Bangladesh's heart), a patriotic poem about the poet's motherland and Kazi Nazrul Islam's essay "Bangaleer Bangla"..

Funnily enough, it was virtually impossible to nail these deliberate attempts to communalise textbooks on anyone. According to a Prothom Alo report at the time, no one from the National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB) or the National Coordination Committee (NCC) or the editors and writers of the textbooks seemed to know how these omissions took place. This took place despite the fact that according to the rules, changes cannot be made to textbooks without the knowledge of the NCC and the textbook editors.

As far as we know, these dropped texts that have been part of the school curriculum since independence and aligned with the secular values of Bangladesh's liberation movement and the constitution, have not been restored.

Eminent educationists and cultural activists have strongly objected to these illogical omissions, pointing out the dangerous effects it will have on young people who are the future leaders of this country. We are already facing serious challenges to our liberation spirit from religious extremists who sometimes resort to violence to prove their point. The horrific images of the attacks on Buddhist temples in Ramu, Hindu temples and houses in Narail, Nasirnagar, Cumilla, Noakhali and countless other places, are haunting reminders of how threatened our much-cherished communal harmony is.

But what is more frightening is the government's disturbing tolerance of bigotry and communal acts. Religious sentiments, however flimsily they can be interpreted, have taken precedence over freedom of speech and the right to practise one's own religion (other than the majority's faith) as guaranteed by our constitution. This is why we have the abhorrent sections of the Digital Security Act that allows law enforcers to arrest anyone who is deemed to have "hurt religious sentiments" whether it is because of a post from a fake Facebook account or a metaphysical expression in a Baul song. Now our children are in danger of catching the communal bug through textbooks that omit the works of great minds who have promoted inclusivity, diversity, and tolerance -- all the values necessary for an enlightened society and which are integral to any education system. The much talked about question in this year's HSC Bangla question paper indicates a stealthy attempt to show Bangladesh as a communal nation where there is no place for followers of the Hindu faith or any other faith other than Islam.

So, what does all this mean? Is Bangladesh's national education curriculum being infected with the disease of bigotry? If so, why is the Awami League government, the champion of our Liberation War which was very much a movement against racism and religious prejudice, allowing it?

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Killexams : Questions to answer for a successful Yes vote for the voice </head> <body id="readabilityBody" readability="27.959183673469"> <h3>Newscorp Australia are trialling new security software on our mastheads. If you receive "Potential automated action detected!" please try these steps first:</h3> <ol type="1"> <li>Temporarily disable any AdBlockers / pop-up blockers / script blockers you have enabled</li> <li>Add this site in to the allowed list for any AdBlockers / pop-up blockers / script blockers you have enabled</li> <li>Ensure your browser supports JavaScript (this can be done via accessing <a href="" target="_blank"></a> in your browser)</li> <li>Ensure you are using the latest version of your web browser</li> </ol> <p>If you need to be unblocked please e-mail us at and provide the IP address and reference number shown here along with why you require access. News Corp Australia.</p><p>Your IP address is: | Your reference number is: 0.4f200117.1670622171.cef35a66</p> </body> </description> <pubDate>Mon, 14 Nov 2022 10:00:00 -0600</pubDate> <dc:format>text/html</dc:format> <dc:identifier></dc:identifier> </item> <item> <title>Killexams : CAT 2022: Answers To Frequently Asked Questions On exam Syllabus, Format
CAT 2022: Answers To Frequently Asked Questions On exam Syllabus, Format

CAT 2022 answers to FAQs

New Delhi:

The Common Admission Test (CAT) for admission to postgraduate management programmes is set to be held on November 27. Applicants due to appear for the CAT exam must be preparing in full swing. The students will also be provided with CAT mock tests to acquaint them with the online mode of exam.

Latest: CAT 2022: Answer key and response sheet (Slot 1 &amp; 3). Download EBook

Don't Miss: CAT 2022: Question paper memory based (Slot 1, 2 and 3). Download Now

Suggested: CAT 2022: Scores, percentile and list of colleges accepting 70 to 90+ percentile. Download EBook

Recommended: India's top 100 private B-schools accepting CAT score. Download EBook

As per CAT 202 exam pattern, CAT will be held in three shifts of two-hour examination comprising three sections -- Verbal Ability and practicing Comprehension; Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning. The test will be timed.

Question: Will CAT 2022 be held as an online examination?
CAT 2022 will be conducted as a digital or computer-based test (CBT) and not an internet-based test (IBT); meaning a candidate will not take the examination on an internet site. Instead of practicing the questions in a paper booklet and darkening the ovals on the answer-sheet, a candidate will read the questions on a computer terminal in CAT 2022 exam and choose an answer by clicking on the correct option.

READ || CAT 2022 In November; Here's How Students Can Strategise To Score Over 99 Percentile

Question: Can a candidate take CAT exam 2022 from any computer?
A candidate must take the CAT examination on a computer system assigned at the test centre based on the test cities selected while registering for CAT. The test centre details will be printed on the CAT admit card.

Question: Can CAT 2022 candidates take calculators along with them to the exam centre?
Candidates are prohibited from taking calculators to the testing centre. However, they may use the onscreen calculator that will be available throughout the exam.

Question: Does CAT 2022 have a syllabus for examination preparation?
No, the CAT examination does not have a defined syllabus for CAT exam. However, you can attempt the mock test to understand the pattern of examination and types of questions.

Question: Who will provide a scribe/reader in case required by a PwD candidate?
The PwD candidate will have to make arrangements for a scribe. He/she will have to carry the Scribe Affidavit available on the CAT website.

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Killexams : BTS Suga Mentioned In Philippines Bar exam Question: Find Out What It Was About
Activated charcoal products is proven to help whiten your teeth and let you smile like our Suga from BTS. BigHit/YouTube


  • BTS member Suga's name appeared on the 2022 Philippines bar exam Sunday
  • Suga and his group were mentioned in the commercial law exam
  • BTS fans expressed their excitement over the surprise mention

BTS member Suga made waves on the internet after his name appeared in one of the questions of the Philippines bar examination.

On Sunday, the second day of the professional licensure examination for lawyers in the country, the 29-year-old rapper's real name, Min Yoongi, and his group were featured in question number 6 of the commercial law exam, Interkasyon reported.

"Yoongi, a director of BTS Corp. PH, bought substantial shares of its major supplier, Hybe, Inc. When Hybe, Inc.'s contracts were taken up by the BTS Corp. PH Board, Yoongi not only voted for their approval but influenced other directors to do so. Later, the Hybe, Inc. contracts turned out to be disadvantageous to BTS Corp. PH and caused it substantial losses," the question read, according to the outlet.

It continued, "Discuss the action/s that may be pursued against Yoongi under the Revised Corporation Code. Explain briefly."

University of Santo Tomas law professor Kenneth Manuel took to Twitter to share a screenshot of the question, which has now garnered a total of over 24,000 likes.

"I feel na tama talaga training ko sa mga students ko in making K-pop idols the characters in my exams. [I feel that it was right to train my students by making K-pop idols the characters in my exams]," Manuel tweeted.

BTS fans, also known as Army, expressed their excitement over Suga's surprise appearance in the exam.

"Still trying to wrap my head [around] it. It's not just an exam from school. It's a BAR EXAM. A country's bar exam. Min Yoongi's impact lol," one Twitter user wrote.

"[Army] being in high positions and putting BTS' name in the last places you would expect will never stop being funny. Like imagine [you are] an Army taking the PH bar and you get to this question... I would think I was hallucinating like no way," another fan wrote.

Some fans recalled a 2014 incident at a fan event when a fan jokingly threatened to sue Suga for being attractive.

"The 'I will sue you Min Yoongi' has escalated to a whole new level," one fan tweeted, while another wrote, "There is literally no way the person who wrote this isn't so deep in Army lore that they know [sic] about 'I will sue you Min Yoongi.' No way."

"Case dismissed on account of Yoongi's incandescent smile having turned everyone present at the proceedings to mush," a third user joked.

Over 9,000 law school graduates in the Philippines are taking what has been regarded by some as among the hardest bar examinations in the world, with the third and final day commencing on Wednesday and Sunday, respectively, in 14 onsite examination centers across the country.

Meanwhile, the seven BTS members, Suga, RM, J-Hope, Jin, Jungkook, Jimin and V, are on hiatus as a group. They recently announced that they will enlist in South Korea's military as required by law, ending months of public debate about whether the group qualified for an exemption to mandatory conscription.

According to the group's label, BigHit Music, the members are expected to make a comeback as a group in 2025 after finishing their military service.

19. According to Suga, if he wasn't a part of BTS, he’d still be making music as a composer. As a matter of fact, Suga has written several of BTS's hits, including "Attack on Bangtan", "Spring Day", "DNA", "Anpanman" and "Boy With Luv". Photo by Cindy Ord/WireImage
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Killexams : 'Cheating' in PPSC exam: Another successful candidate nabbed

Tribune News Service

Patiala, November 21

The police have nabbed another individual accused of cheating in the PPSC exam for the recruitment of naib tehsildars.

The suspect has been identified as Lovepreet Singh of Chugatawali village in Ferozepur, who secured rank 12 in the exam. Till now, the police have arrested eight individuals involved in the scam — three successful candidates and five facilitators.

A source said, “Lovepreet was held today and has been sent to the three-day police remand.” Confirming the development, SSP Varun Sharma said, “The probe is going on and we will nab more individuals.”


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