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MSC-241 Design and Deploy for MOTOTRBO Solutions EMEA Free PDF |

MSC-241 Free PDF - Design and Deploy for MOTOTRBO Solutions EMEA Updated: 2023 MSC-241 exam brain dumps with practice test.
Exam Code: MSC-241 Design and Deploy for MOTOTRBO Solutions EMEA Free PDF November 2023 by team

MSC-241 Design and Deploy for MOTOTRBO Solutions EMEA

Exam: MSC-241 Design and Deploy for MOTOTRBO Solutions EMEA

Exam Details:
- Number of Questions: The exact number of questions may vary, but the exam typically consists of multiple-choice questions and scenario-based questions.
- Time: Candidates are usually given a specific time duration to complete the exam.

Course Outline:
The MSC-241 Design and Deploy for MOTOTRBO Solutions EMEA course is designed for professionals who are responsible for planning, designing, and deploying MOTOTRBO communication solutions in the EMEA region. The course provides knowledge and skills required to effectively design and deploy MOTOTRBO systems based on customer requirements and industry best practices. The course outline includes the following topics:

1. MOTOTRBO System Overview
- Introduction to MOTOTRBO technology and features
- Understanding MOTOTRBO system components and architecture
- MOTOTRBO system planning considerations

2. Radio Coverage Planning
- Conducting site surveys and assessing coverage requirements
- RF propagation principles and coverage prediction tools
- Designing and optimizing radio coverage for MOTOTRBO systems

3. Capacity and Traffic Planning
- Understanding voice and data traffic requirements
- Capacity planning methodologies
- Designing for efficient channel allocation and system capacity

4. IP Networking and Integration
- IP networking fundamentals and protocols
- Integration of MOTOTRBO systems with existing networks
- VLAN configuration and network security considerations

5. System Configuration and Programming
- MOTOTRBO system configuration parameters
- Programming MOTOTRBO radios and devices
- Feature activation and customization

6. System Deployment and Testing
- System staging and installation
- Conducting functional and performance testing
- Troubleshooting and resolving deployment issues

Exam Objectives:
The MSC-241 exam aims to assess candidates' knowledge and skills in designing and deploying MOTOTRBO solutions in the EMEA region. The exam objectives include:

1. Understanding MOTOTRBO technology, system components, and architecture.
2. Conducting radio coverage planning and optimization for MOTOTRBO systems.
3. Planning and designing for system capacity and efficient traffic management.
4. Integrating MOTOTRBO systems with IP networks and ensuring network security.
5. Configuring and programming MOTOTRBO systems, radios, and devices.
6. Deploying MOTOTRBO systems, conducting testing, and troubleshooting deployment issues.

Exam Syllabus:
The exam syllabus covers the following topics:

- MOTOTRBO System Overview
- Radio Coverage Planning
- Capacity and Traffic Planning
- IP Networking and Integration
- System Configuration and Programming
- System Deployment and Testing

Candidates are expected to have a deep understanding of these Topics and demonstrate their ability to apply MOTOTRBO solutions in real-world scenarios. The exam assesses their knowledge, problem-solving skills, and ability to design and deploy MOTOTRBO systems that meet customer requirements and industry best practices in the EMEA region.
Design and Deploy for MOTOTRBO Solutions EMEA
Motorola Solutions Free PDF

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Design and Deploy for MOTOTRBO Solutions EMEA
Question: 97
A Dealer installed a Capacity Plus system with 4 voice repeaters. They want to
provide GPS service for a local Taxi company, but will install the control stations
and Data Revert repeaters after they decide which GPS Location application will
best fit their customer’s needs. Initially, 4 radios were programmed as a test to
successfully verify Talk group calls, but after 100 radios were added, the radios
experienced system busy conditions. Which of the following BEST describes the
cause of the Busy condition?
A. Co-Channel users or RF Interference
B. Low RF power from the Repeater
C. Mistuned duplexer or combiner, causing the radios to consume too much battery
energy, eventually displaying a busy condition
D. Automatic Registration Service (ARS) was enabled in the radios, causing them
to continuously send registration attempts with no ARS server to acknowledge
Answer: D
Question: 98
Repeater Diagnostics and Control (RDAC) allows:
A. A radio user to inquire the status of his portable radio
B. A radio user to check the telemetry use
C. A system administrator to monitor and control repeaters within the system
D. A third party application to diagnose the telemetry statuses
Answer: C
Question: 99
A technician has just installed an additional repeater to a single repeater Capacity
Plus system to increase the capacity. The technician programmed the repeater as a
peer with the correct frequencies and color code per the customer’s documentation.
He then adds a voice channel in the channel pool to the three (3) subscribers with
the correct frequencies and color code. He presses PTT and the first two (2)
subscribers each get a voice channel. The third subscriber is showing “Searching.”
Which of the following BEST describes the issue?
A. The technician did not add the newly added voice channel to the Capacity Plus
voice member list.
B. The technician did not add a contact for the newly added voice channel.
C. The technician did not add the Capacity Plus personality to the zone.
D. The technician should have programmed the additional repeater as a Master.
Answer: A
Question: 100
A dealer has two repeaters operating in single site mode. He uses RDAC to
monitor the radio sites. Yesterday, he was at the site and added a second channel to
try out Dynamic Mixed Mode. This morning, he came into the office, changed the
repeater to channel 2 and it disappeared off the RDAC screen. Why did this
A. There is a problem with the IP link.
B. There is a fault with the repeater.
C. There is a configuration problem with channel 2.
D. Dynamic Mixed Mode does not support RDAC.
Answer: D
Question: 101
A mobile radio with three roam lists, two empty RX Group Lists, and ID 71001 is
currently working on a customer’s IP Site Connect system but not on their
Capacity Plus system. Which of the following BEST describes why this may be
A. There cannot be more than one roam list.
B. The RX Group List must have at least one entry in it.
C. The Radio ID cannot be 71001, it must be equal to or below 65535.
D. The IP Site Connect radio cannot be used on a Capacity Plus system.
Answer: C
Question: 102
A Capacity Plus system consists of three (3) repeaters with repeater one (1) the
master and repeaters two (2) and three (3) as peers. The dealer needs to make a
simple change in repeater two (2) and utilize IP repeater programming (IRP) to
access the repeater remotely. A couple of days later the customer calls and
complains about users getting system busy tones (engaged tones). The dealer
attempts to connect an RDAC remotely to the system with no success. He has
verified he can communicate to the router at the site. Which of the following
statements BEST describes the issue?
A. The master has gone down and taken the rest of the Capacity Plus network with
B. The master has gone down and the system is operating on just two (2) repeaters.
C. There is RF interference on the channel and the master repeater is unable to
communicate to the peers.
D. The peers are using DHCP and are not able to connect to the master and refresh
their peer list. The system is operating on just the master.
Answer: B
Question: 103
Repeater Diagnostics And Control (RDAC) can be used for which of these
functions (select TWO)?
A. Edit Programmed Values
B. Measure Receive RSSI
C. MeasureTransmit Power
D. Read Repeater Log
Answer: B, D
Question: 104
A MOTOTRBO repeater has been programmed for Dynamic Mixed Mode. The
repeater supports both analogue users whose radios have been programmed for
carrier squelch operation and MOTOTRBO digital users. The analogue users
complain that there is an intermittent buzzing noise on the channel and that a
similar buzzing noise can be heard whenever a digital user transmits. What needs
to be done to solve this problem?
A. Tell the MOTOTRBO radio users to only use their analogue channel
B. Replace the analogue radios with MOTOTRBO radios
C. Reprogram the radios and repeater with a PL tone
D. Reprogram the repeater only with a PL tone
Answer: D
Question: 105
A MOTOTRBO repeater is connected to a Zetron Model 35 Telephone
Interconnect. If a telephone user dials the Telephone Interconnect number, they get
a busy signal (engaged tone). If a radio user dials any telephone number, they don’t
hear the ringing tone, only silence. Upon visiting the site, you find that when a
radio user dials, the relay click can be heard from the Zetron Model 35.
Unplugging the RJ11 and dialing the Telephone Interconnect, still results in a busy
signal (engaged tone). With this information, what do you think could be wrong?
A. The Zetron Model 35 may be faulty.
B. The Zetron Model 35 has probably not been configured for the phone line
Ringer Equivalence
Number (REN).
C. The RJ11 cable may have a short circuit or there is a short circuit somewhere
between the site and the exchange.
D. The repeater interface cable to the Zetron Model 35 is faulty.
Answer: C
Question: 106
A Capacity Plus system consists of three (3) repeaters with repeater one (1) the
master and repeaters two (2) and three (3) as peers. On the 24th of May, there is a
lighting strike at the site and the building lost power, causing the three repeaters to
revert to DC power. The design of the site called for just the repeaters to be battery
backed. However the next morning the customer calls and reports that a number of
talkgroups are getting busy tones (engaged), yet other groups are seeing no busy
tones (engaged) on the system. Which of the following statements BEST describe
the issue?
A. The master has gone down and taken the rest of the Capacity Plus network with
B. The peers use DHCP and were not able to connect to the master and refresh
their peer list and went off the Capacity Plus network as their leases expired.
C. The switch was not on battery backup and there are no LAN connections on the
Capacity Plus system, each of the repeaters are now operating as three (3)
independent Capacity Plus systems.
D. The peers use DHCP and were not able to connect to the master and refresh
their peer list. The dealer should have used static IP addresses throughout.
Answer: C
Question: 107
Customers using a 3 site IP Site Connect system are complaining that around
lunchtime on weekdays their audio on wide area calls becomes garbled and is
sometimes not heard at all sites. All calls on the local slots seem to be fine. What is
the BEST first troubleshooting step?
A. Have all radio users document where they are at lunch time every day of the
week and see if there is a coverage problem in that area.
B. Change the admit criteria to impolite in the radios so they transmit over co-
channel users. C. Check the Quality of Service (QoS) for port 50,000 in the
network routers so that the IP Site Connect system has higher priority on the
customer IP network over computer users surfing at lunch time.
D. Check all inbound and outbound frequencies for co-channel users around
E. Lower the number of radio users on the wide area channel since there are too
many, which is causing collisions and blocking.
Answer: C
Question: 108
An amusement park customer has alphanumeric display portables with built-in
GPS receivers. They have expanded their Capacity Plus system a couple of times,
by purchasing additional radios and repeaters. In the most accurate purchase, they
added an AVL server to track their employee locations. The voice side of the
system works flawlessly. Most radios register and report their location as expected.
There are a few radios that register into the AVL server, but never report their
location. The radios show the following icon on the screen. What is the MOST
likely cause for this issue (select TWO)?
A. The GPS receivers are defective from the factory. Collect the radios and send
them into repair.
B. The antenna used is the wrong model. Check the colored rings on the antennas.
C. The antenna is not properly tightened onto the radio.
D. The radios need to have the GPS function enabled in the code plug.
E. Those particular users need Public Safety Microphones to move the antenna
above the user’s shoulder.
Answer: B, C
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