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MB-800 course outline - Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Functional Consultant Updated: 2023

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Exam Code: MB-800 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Functional Consultant course outline June 2023 by Killexams.com team
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Functional Consultant
Microsoft Functional course outline

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Functional
Question: 127
You create a test instance of Dynamics 365 Business Central and enter transactions for testing purposes.
You create a production company instance in the same Business Central environment. You need to copy the setup and
master data from the test instance to the production instance without copying transaction data.
What are two possible ways to achieve the goal? Each correct answer presents a complete solution. NOTE: Each
correct selection is worth one point.
A. Use the Run Migration Now function from Cloud Migration Management
B. Create and export a configuration package from the source company. Next, import into the destination company
C. Use the Copy Data from Company function from the Configuration Worksheet page
D. Use the Copy function from the Companies page
Answer: BD
Question: 128
You are setting up approval workflows in Dynamics 365 Business Central. You need to configure approval limits.
Which approver limit types should you use? To answer, drag the appropriate approver limit types to the
correct requirements. Each approver limit type may be used once, or not at all. You may need to drag the split bar
between panes or scroll to view content. NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.
Reference: https://ebs.com.au/blog/how-approver-limit-type-works-for-purchase-order-workflows-in-microsoft-
Question: 129
You are implementing Dynamics 365 Business Central Online. Users must be added to Business Central for the first
time. You need to add the users.
Which action should you use?
A. Get New Users from Office 365
B. Create a new entry on the User Setup page
C. Update Users from Office 365
D. Import User Groups
Answer: A
Reference: https://dankinsella.blog/add-user-in-business-central-cloud/
Question: 130
You set up a new company for a customer. The customer provides you with a Microsoft Excel file that contains master
data. You need to import the master data by using configuration packages.
Which four actions should you perform in sequence? To answer, move the appropriate actions from the list of actions
to the answer area and arrange them in the correct order.
Question: 131
You are creating companies for multiple customers in the cloud-based version of Dynamics 365 Business Central by
using the assisted setup guide. You need to create new companies.
Which templates should you use? To answer, drag the appropriate templates to the correct requirements. Each template
may be used once, more than once, or not at all. You may need to drag the split bar between panes or scroll to view
content. NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.
Reference: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-gb/dynamics365/business-central/about-new-company
Question: 132
Question Set 1
You are creating payment terms. A company processes standard vendor payments on the seventh day of the next
month. You need to set up payment terms for the vendor.
Which date formula should you use?
A. 37D
B. 1M+7D
C. 1M+6D
D. CM+7D
Answer: D
Reference: https://business-central.to-increase.com/md/en-US/ui-enter-date-ranges
Question: 133
Testlet 3
This is a case study. Case studies are not timed separately. You can use as much exam time as you would like to
complete each case . However, there may be additional case studies and sections on this exam. You must manage your
time to ensure that you are able to complete all questions included on this exam in the time provided.
To answer the questions included in a case study, you will need to reference information that is provided in the case
study. Case studies might contain exhibits and other resources that provide more information about the scenario that is
described in the case study. Each question is independent of the other questions in this case study.
At the end of this case study, a review screen will appear. This screen allows you to review your answers and to make
changes before you move to the next section of the exam. After you begin a new section, you cannot return to this
To start the case study
To display the first question in the case study, click the Next button. Use the buttons in the left pane to explore the
content of the case study before you answer the questions. Clicking these buttons displays information such as
business requirements, existing environment, and problem statements. When you are ready to answer a question, click
the Question button to return to the question.
Current environment
The company receives daily truckloads of products from their vendors, warehouses the products briefly, and then
ships orders based on a weekly delivery cycle to each customers store.
Customers have regular standing orders that are revised and finished one week prior to delivery.
Best for You Organics has a fleet of trucks that make deliveries according to planned routes.
The company also has a floating route for trucks to deliver rush orders. The route is being used more often by
customers and has overwhelmed the warehouse with exception processing.
The company wants to provide greater separation of duties between activities in the office and activities in the
The accounting team enters orders for the sales team, sends pick tickers back to the warehouse, and organizes shipping
documents. The accounting team invoices the orders when they receive instructions from the warehouse that an order
Employees have expressed frustration because they need to work longer hours to accommodate the increase in sales.
The company does not use the Advanced Warehousing function.
Salespeople must be able to manage opportunities that are converted to quotes.
Salespeople must be able to release orders to the warehouse to be fulfilled once a quote is final.
Salespeople must be trained on how to determine if inventory is available when they are completing the quote to
avoid promising inventory that is not on hand because all orders are processed one week in advance of delivery.
Team responsibilities
Deliveries must be shipped daily by employees in the warehouse. The office must be responsible for completing the
invoicing process.
The current team responsibilities are shown in the following graphic:
The required team responsibilities are shown in the following graphic:
Vendor management
The company contracts with each vendor for regular discounts at the invoice level.
The company requires a pre-set discount percentage to calculate automatically when the purchaser completes a
purchase order.
The company must be able to see a copy of the completed purchase order in the system when they have new contract
negotiations with their vendors.
Customer and inventory management
Sales invoices must be automatically emailed by the system to customers.
A template must be used for emails sent to customers. The template must not be altered.
Customers who pre-pay their invoices must not receive a copy of their invoices.
The company warehouses all products as Case quantities. The company has difficulty recording accurate costs for
product returns. The company wants to expand their capabilities for managing returns by setting up all inventory in a
quantity of Each.
The company must be able to answer two key questions when they report financial results:
Which customers are buying which items?
Which salespeople are selling in which regions?
When discussing customers, the company must refer to each Customer Group as follows:
Big Box
When discussing items, the company must refer to each Item Group as follows:
Fair Trade
Free Range
Grass Fed
Salesperson names that must be used are:
Region names that must be used are:
The company must be able to track salesperson performance within certain regions to calculate commission.
Each salesperson must be assigned only to a single region.
This commission data is currently recorded inconsistently, resulting in incorrect combinations that require manual
correction. The company must have some level of automation to manage this.
Issue 1
The accounting team needs an improved process for reconciling inventory to the general ledger.
Posted transactions are changing financial reporting in periods that have been closed.
Unexpected changes in inventory cost for previous months are causing costing inaccuracies.
The system must restrict the adjustment of costs for closed months.
The new policy will be to restrict all users to posting in the current month only, with the exception of a few
employees from the accounting team.
The calendar fiscal year for company must begin on June 1.
Issue 2
The accounting team uses a complex manual accrual process to determine the accounting impact of items received but
not invoiced. The system must streamline the item accrual process.
Issue 3
The company often receives a higher quantity of produce items than what they order because vendors allow for
spoilage or damage of produce in transit. The company does not want to allow over receipt on non-produce items.
Issue 4
The company has received comments from their auditors that invoices are not being properly compared to received
inventory documents before they are posted. The company does not use warehouse management and always handles
processes directly from the purchase order.
The company always has the following documents:
purchase order from the procurement department
receiving document from the warehouse
electronic invoice from the vendor
You need to configure reporting.
What should you do? To answer, select the appropriate options in the answer area. NOTE: Each correct selection is
worth one point.
Question: 134
You are creating companies for multiple customers in the cloud-based version of Dynamics 365 Business Central by
using the assisted setup guide. You need to create new companies.
Which templates should you use? To answer, drag the appropriate templates to the correct requirements. Each template
may be used once, more than once, or not at all. You may need to drag the split bar between panes or scroll to view
content. NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.
Reference: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-gb/dynamics365/business-central/about-new-company
Question: 135
You configure a cloud-based printer in Dynamics 365 Business Central. Purchase orders printed by users must
automatically print to the cloud-based printer. You need to create a setup record for the user, report, and printer
On which page should you create the setup record?
A. Printer Selections
B. Printer Management
C. Report Layout Selection
D. Report Selection C Purchase
E. Document Sending Profiles
Answer: A
Reference: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-gb/dynamics365/business-central/ui-specify-printer-selection-reports
Question: 136
A company uses Dynamics 365 Business Central.
The company wants to print financial statements by using a cloud-based printer.
You need to recommend the type of printer the customer should install.
Which type of printer should you recommend?
A. Email
B. System
C. Client default
D. Server default
Answer: A
Question: 137
You are creating companies for multiple customers in the cloud-based version of Dynamics 365 Business Central by
using the assisted setup guide. You need to create new companies.
Which templates should you use? To answer, drag the appropriate templates to the correct requirements. Each template
may be used once, more than once, or not at all. You may need to drag the split bar between panes or scroll to view
content. NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.
Reference: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-gb/dynamics365/business-central/about-new-company
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The Course Outline List component allows you to display a list of course outlines from the central Course Outlines Repository. The list can be filtered by term, course level, section and more to only show specific outlines.

Note: If a course outline is not available at www.sfu.ca/outlines, it will not appear in the Course Outline List component.

When should it be used?

Use this component when you need to display multiple related course outlines on a single page. Be aware that the course outline list can get very long, depending on the filters.


Current - Two options, Year and Term, can be set to current, which refers to the current registration term. The current registration term will automatically rollover to the next term approximately 10 weeks prior to its start.

In-Component Editing Options

Course Outline List Tab

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Sun, 06 Dec 2015 07:41:00 -0600 text/html https://www.sfu.ca/cms/howto/components/sfu-course-outline-list.html
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Understand all the things that must be considered when designing a compensation and benefits package.
Learn the ins and outs of complying with OSHA, protecting against workplace hazards, and investigating, recording, and preventing accidents and employee illnesses.
Gain knowledge of employment law as well as an understanding of equal employment opportunity, avoiding discrimination, and what happens when an employee files an EEOC claim.
Learn how to make decisions based on various company growth strategies and how to use HRIS Software as well as job analysis as a tool for decision-making.
Learn the full spectrum of affirmative action, how to create an affirmative action plan, and information on the AAP you will need to know.
Understand what diversity is and why it is a good thing in an organization as you learn to manage it and handle conflict.
Learn the laws that protect employee rights and privacy and how to properly monitor and document behavior and discipline employees.
Understand the alternatives to firing as well as how to prepare for termination including proper separation agreements as well as what to do in the event of wrongful discharge.
Learn why it is so important to investigate problems as well as the steps of an effective investigation including preparing, conducting, and wrapping it up.
Get a quick overview of the history of unions as you learn how they work and why employees join them.
Learn how to ask employees for input and act on it, delegate authority, keep communication open, and continuously ask for feedback as you strive to develop a high-performance workplace.
Understand the basics of staffing strategy, cultural differences, HR in other countries, choosing global employees, and issues faced by expatriates.
Learn the top reasons employees leave a company and how you can encourage them to stay as well as the importance of succession planning.
Find out fun ways to motivate workers and gain nine strategies for creating a great rewards program.
Gain information on externships and internships as you review the basics of the PHR exam and begin to study.

Fri, 13 May 2022 07:51:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.utsa.edu/pace/online/microsoft-office-specialist-certification-training.html
Course Outlines and Syllabi

Course Outlines and Syllabi

Course Outlines

A one-page course outline is required by university policy for every course offered by the Faculty of Health Sciences. Instructors will receive an email reminder through TRACS to upload their course outlines. Outlines must be available to students at least two weeks prior to the start of the registration period or two months before the semester begins (March, July and November). Note that the one-page outline is different than the syllabus. See below for syllabus information.

Instructors upload their course outlines online. Please follow these instructions:

1.    Log in to outlines.sfu.ca.
2.    Select semester, course and section.  Click the round icon.
3.    Input data to the fields.  (This can be done by free-format typing or cutting & pasting)
4.    Save.
5.    Scroll back up to the top of the page to confirm that the outline was saved successfully. (See green box)
6.    Once the outline is finalized, click “Continue”, go to the next page, and click “Submit”.
7.    The system will automatically advise the program assistant that the outline is ready to be activated.

Before your outline is activated online, the program assistant will review to ensure that all required fields are complete. 

If you have taught the course before, you may want to use the previous outline as a starting point and make any desired changes. The course content should correspond to the SFU Calendar description. If it does not conform closely, you must apply for approval before any changes can be published. Contact the appropriate program assistant, depending on whether you are teaching an undergraduate or graduate course, if you have not taught a course before and would like a copy of a previous course outline for your reference, or if you would like to apply for approval to upload content that does not closely conform to the SFU Calendar description.

Refer to this link to search for the archived course outlines: http://www.sfu.ca/outlines.html. The system has archived outlines starting from Fall 2015 onwards.

Course Syllabi and Syllabus Policies

Refer to the Policies and Procedures Related to Syllabi Review, Development and Distribution (this link requires your ID to login) for more guidance about drafting a syllabi and to locate a syllabi template.

All HSCI courses at both the graduate and undergraduate levels must have a detailed syllabus that delineates course objectives and means of assessment. Attached to this policy is a template to help you design of a syllabus so that it outlines the appropriate level of detail in terms of content, objectives, and assessment tools. The recommended text in regards to grading distributions, student conduct, and other policies are also provided.

All new and substantively updated/revised courses must be reviewed as indicated below. Syllabi submitted for review do not need to be in the final draft.  The GSC and UGSC are generally concerned with the review of the following:  1) the statement of learning objectives; 2) an outline of topics; and 3) a list of required readings/texts.

You will receive an email from the TRACS system to upload your syllabus, in accordance with the following schedule:


Fall Semester

(September – December)

Spring Semester

(January – April)

Summer Intersession

(May – June)

Summer Semester

(May – August)

New, revised courses, new instructors

August 15

December 15

April 1

April 15

Ongoing courses not requiring review

First day of semester

First day of semester

First day of semester

First day of semester

For new or substantially revised courses, feedback will be provided to instructors three weeks prior to the start of the term. Notably for graduate courses, where accreditation requirements demand that courses meet certain core competency requirements, it is expected that faculty will comply with requests for revision.

The course syllabus represents a contract between the instructor and student. It is important that it clearly outlines expectations, grading and attendance policies, and appropriate student conduct guidelines to all students enrolled in the course.

 A syllabus does not need to be provided in hard copy and can be distributed through Canvas or through other online formats. The scheduling of syllabus may be changed after the start of a term, but once the syllabus has been circulated to students, it is strongly advised not to make further changes to: a) grading policies; b) policies regarding student conduct and academic honesty; or c) the timing of key exams.

For more resources and guidelines, refer to the links below:

FHS course planning and syllabus checklist

Sample course syllabus

Syllabus template

Mon, 26 Oct 2020 12:54:00 -0500 text/html https://www.sfu.ca/fhs/faculty-staff-resources/teaching/instructor-resources/course-outlines-and-syllabi.html Course Outline course outline

greenpin.gif (1016 bytes) Introduction

greenpin.gif (1016 bytes) Part 1: How To Begin a Deaf History and Culture

In this part of the course, we will introduce the idea of history and why it is important for deaf people. This part is designed to make you think about history in general and challenges you to try to interpret information - not just to accept it as true because it has been written. You will need about 6 hours for this part.

greenpin.gif (1016 bytes) Part 2: Historial Fact in Deafness

The second part of the course considers the history of deafness and deaf people as we know it from the writings which have appeared in the literature. The vast majority of these were written by hearing people. We have to discover what are the important features of this and be able to weigh up the facts which are missing in these accounts. For this part you will need time to watch the videotapes and you will need to read some of the books on the history of deafness. There are copies in our library, in the resource room and there are many other sources such as the papers which are kept in deaf schools and in deaf clubs. You will need 12 - 20 hours for this part.

greenpin.gif (1016 bytes) Part 3: Famous Deaf People

In the third section we examine what we can find out about famous deaf people. It used to be that there were none of these available but now there is much more interest. You will find references to important books which tell us a great deal about what deaf people were like in the old days. In this part we will also discuss how to interview old deaf people and how to record what they have to tell us. The famous deaf people part will cover deaf people, or events, or school’s histories ad how the lives of deaf people were involved. This idea of getting deaf people to explain their views will appear again later in the context of culture. We will hope to provide stories by deaf people on video which explain about their lives but this is not yet ready and will have to be sent out later. This is a very big section and some people will spend a lot of time thinking and working on this. You should aim to use a minimum of 20 hours but a maximum of 40 hours.

greenpin.gif (1016 bytes) Part 4: Deaf History to Culture

In the fourth section we will make the bridge between history and culture. When we think of ourselves and our culture we are describing our identities and our behaviour. These are based partly in our experiences and partly on what we think we are. This second part comes from our knowledge of history. History is the past, but it is us in the past. That is what is so exciting. Just which us we are is the aspect which we must establish.

We will then go on to talk about culture and what it is for deaf people. There are examples of deaf behaviour and there are practical exercises to work on the way deaf people have rules for what they do. Again this could take a lot of your effort to think about. However, we predict about 15 hours for this work. This work will help to prepare for the assignment part.

greenpin.gif (1016 bytes) Part 5: Deaf Culture to its Roots

Now we want to discuss Deafhood - the feeling of being deaf and all the components - experience, culture, language. After many hundreds of years of denying its existence, the opportunity has arisen to try to explore it. Deaf people should know much of this section from their own experiences and feelings. But it will still need a good deal of thinking. Allow 10-15 hours.

You will have a chance to prepare for the assignment through the optional tutorials. The tutorials will cover different aspects of the way in which you study and how to research deaf history. It will deal with the methods.

activity.gif (1060 bytes)

Activities: It is hard to make specific demands for homework when the course has a distance component - so it is nearly all homework! But there are actions and researches you can carry out which will help you in this study. Here are some examples.

Image130.gif (1652 bytes)

  • (For Section 3) Read one article from the book by Fischer and Lane (1993). You will find some extracts in the resource room. Prepare one page of notes on your ideas of what it means. How reliable do you think the view of history is? Hand in your one page of notes if you want to have feedback.
  • General work needed throughout the course - use the material in the resource room and in your library to look for stories of deaf history. Make some notes. This will be essential for your final presentation.
  • Collect information on your local deaf club. Use the article on the Bristol Deaf Club (in the resource papers) as a model of the type of information which you need. Set your deaf club out in a similar way.
  • Collect information on a deaf school which is near your home. It might be a deaf school which you attended or which a friend attended. Find out when it opened and about the pupils who attended it. provide a short history of the school and provide your ideas on the importance of this particular school. This can be used for your assignment.
  • Interview a deaf person over the age of 60 years about their time at school. Try to form a view of what it was like at that time when they were young. Make some notes and then you could prepare for the assignment.

Read a section of Jackson’s book on British Deaf Heritage (you should really read this all the way through, so you could buy it or use some extracts in our resource room) and prepare a report on it for the group. You should be prepared to explain what you have found. Pay particular attention to the question of whether the accounts represent what deaf people were like or whether they are all to do with what hearing people thought of deaf people.

Image131.gif (4614 bytes)

top.gif (990 bytes)

Sat, 19 Mar 2022 00:58:00 -0500 text/html https://www.bristol.ac.uk/Depts/DeafStudiesTeaching/dhcwww/outline.htm
Microsoft Outlines New Features Coming Soon to Windows 11


Microsoft Outlines New Features Coming Soon to Windows 11

Microsoft this week included some Windows 11 client news amid its many Build announcements for developers, promising to soon deliver new features to Windows 11 version 22H2 users.

The new features are perhaps overshadowed by the Microsoft Build announcement that a new AI-powered Windows Copilot will be reaching the preview stage sometime in June.

Also, although Microsoft didn't specify a rollout period, it's promising to soon add a Microsoft Intune capability that will let IT pros manage Windows drivers and system firmware updates.

Windows 11 Privacy and Security Features
Windows 11 version 22H2 users are getting some ease-of-use enhancements for privacy and security controls.

Users will be able to more easily enable or disable app presence-sensing features, such as "wake on approach/lock on leave." There's also a new feature that will let users see their virtual private network connection status on their taskbars in the form of a "small shield icon." Microsoft also will show an alert on the Start menu when "your account needs attention," which is called "account badging."

Microsoft also is previewing an Azure Active Directory Conditional Access "token protection policy," as described in this document. It's a protection against token theft by remote attackers who are thereby able to impersonate users to gain access. Microsoft's token protection scheme is designed to thwart that scenario by creating "a cryptographically secure tie between the token and the device (client secret) it's issued to." The token protection scheme will work with "Windows 10 or newer devices that are Azure AD joined, hybrid Azure AD joined, or Azure AD registered." It won't be available for Office perpetual-license users.

Also being previewed for consumer and commercial Windows 11 users is an ability to isolate Win32 applications. Microsoft's isolation technologies will "make it harder and costlier for attackers to break out of the app and into other applications and Windows subsystems," Microsoft explained.

Organizations using the Universal Print service are getting access to QR codes as a means for Android mobile device users to authenticate for a print job. Universal Print is Microsoft's standards-based scheme for E3/E5-type licensees that lets organizations print from anywhere while dispensing with having to maintain print servers, although IT pros must monitor monthly print job allocations. Universal Print was commercially released about two years ago.

Other Windows 11 Features
Windows Autopatch is getting previewed, with expected "general availability" commercial release in July, per this May 1, 2023 announcement, although maybe that's confusing because Microsoft had announced it at general availability last year. This feature will be a perk for automating new Windows rollouts to end users in accordance with Microsoft's user-group ("rings") triage approach, as well as for automating Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise updates. IT pros will be able to create "up to 15 deployment rings," but Microsoft generally takes control over the update process with Windows Autopatch.

Windows 365 Boot is another new feature coming to Windows 11 Pro or Enterprise edition users. Windows 365 Boot facilitates "Cloud PC" logins for users of the Windows 365 desktop-as-a-service offering. A Cloud PC can be stipulated as a user's "primary Windows experience on the device" and users will then get directed to the Cloud PC after a successful log-in attempt. Microsoft is touting Windows 365 Boot as being optimal for shared devices. Setting it up will require having "Microsoft Intune Administrator rights."

Organizational Messages is coming to organizations with Microsoft Intune-managed Windows 11 version 22H2 Enterprise edition subscriptions. This feature lets IT pros send notifications via Microsoft Intune to Windows 11 end users. The messages concern onboarding and lifecycle management details. They can be company branded, and now permit "custom messages" and "fully customizable URL links" as well. Those are new capabilities from Microsoft's initial announcement back in November. Microsoft also added a new "Organizational Messages Manager role" to the Azure AD and Intune portals for overseeing messages.

Some machines running Windows 11 version 22H2 are getting Bluetooth Low Energy Audio. This perk represents a collaboration with Samsung on its Galaxy phones and ear buds, plus Intel. Bluetooth Low Energy Audio will enable "high-quality audio at low power" for videos, music and phone calls.

Windows 11's Widgets will expand to a larger format with space for pinned apps and a "personalized feed for discovery," Microsoft indicated. The Widgets pane pops up from the left edge of a screen. It currently displays weather, news and stock info.

Live captions, which appear when audio is playing, are getting expanded to support "10 additional languages spanning 21 regions."

Windows 11 Features Arrival
These new Windows 11 features could show up as early as this month for consumer users (Home edition). Others could see the new features in June, or even July.

For instance, Microsoft's announcement indicated that the new features will be "enabled by default in the June 2023 optional non-security preview release for all editions of Windows 11, version 22H2." Since not all individuals and organizations opt in to get these nonoptional security preview releases, the new features likely will appear for them with the July "update Tuesday" patch releases.

Microsoft's somewhat new Windows feature dispersal approach is to release new Windows 11 features when it deems them ready, which get distributed with quality and security patches each month on the second Tuesday of each month ("update Tuesdays"). Previews typically get released in a prior month's third week.

The new features at preview will be blocked for users with managed devices when they try to "seek" them through Windows Update, Microsoft's announcement explained. IT pros wanting to test the new preview features in advance will need to be part of the Windows Insider Program.

Microsoft technically speaking still issues a new Windows 11 operating system release (called a "feature update") just once per year, in the fall. However, its new Windows Update feature-delivery scheme entails adding new features to the OS potentially each month.

About the Author

Kurt Mackie is senior news producer for 1105 Media's Converge360 group.

Fri, 26 May 2023 10:02:00 -0500 en-US text/html https://redmondmag.com/articles/2023/05/26/new-windows-11-features.aspx
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Microsoft outlines its vision for keeping A.I. in check

Microsoft President Brad Smith takes part in a roundtable discussion with former US President Donald Trump and industry executives on reopening the country, in the State Dining Room of the White House in Washington, May 29, 2020.

Mandel Ngan | AFP | Getty Images

Microsoft laid out five principles the government should consider to regulate artificial intelligence as it hurries to ensure laws and enforcement can keep up with the rapidly advancing technology.

The principles Microsoft President Brad Smith announced Thursday are:

— Installing and building on AI safety frameworks led by the government, such as the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology AI Risk Management Framework.
— Requiring safety breaks when AI is used to control critical infrastructure.
— Creating a legal and regulatory framework for applications, advanced foundation models and AI infrastructure.
— Promoting transparency and funding academic and nonprofit research.
— Creating public-private partnerships to use AI to address the effect it will have on society, in areas such as democracy and workforce.

Smith suggested AI services should adopt a framework from the financial services sector: Know Your Customer, or KYC. In this case, however, it should be KY3C, meaning AI developers should know their cloud, customers and content to limit fraud or deceptive use.

Smith announced the new framework at an event in Washington, D.C., on Thursday. It's the latest push from a top player in the industry for the government to create and enforce guardrails on how the technology is used, as others in the field have warned the significant consequences of unregulated development should warrant a pause.

Last week, Sam Altman, CEO of ChatGPT-maker OpenAI, urged a Senate subcommittee to implement protections and guardrails on the technology. While some lawmakers on the panel praised Altman's openness to regulation, prominent researchers who spoke with CNBC after the hearing warned Congress should not be overly swayed by proposals backed by corporate interests and should instead consider an array of expert voices.

Microsoft has said it's investing billions of dollars into OpenAI as it seeks to be a leader in the field.

Subscribe to CNBC on YouTube.

WATCH: Microsoft bringing an A.I. chatbot to data analysis and Bing to ChatGPT

Microsoft bringing an A.I. chatbot to data analysis and Bing to ChatGPT

watch now

Thu, 25 May 2023 03:38:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.cnbc.com/2023/05/25/microsoft-outlines-its-vision-for-keeping-ai-in-check.html
Microsoft outlines framework for building AI apps and copilots; expands AI plugin ecosystem

Mon, 22 May 2023 12:00:00 -0500 en-US text/html https://news.microsoft.com/source/features/ai/microsoft-outlines-framework-for-building-ai-apps-and-copilots-expands-ai-plugin-ecosystem/
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