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MB-230 Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

Candidates design and implement service management visualizations and reports provided by and in collaboration with the Solution Architect. Candidates collaborate with the Dynamics 365 administrator to implement and upgrade Power platform components, including knowledge base and Forms Pro.

Candidates must have strong applied knowledge meeting user needs through the Dynamics 365 Customer Service, including in-depth understanding of cases, knowledge base, queues, entitlements, Service Level Agreements (SLAs), visualizations, and Unified Service Desk.

Candidates should understand industry terminology, priorities, standards, methodologies, customer service operations, and best practices. Candidates should include a comprehensive understanding of the Customer Service application's role in relationship to the Dynamics 365 suite of applications along with a basic understanding of the solution architecture and quality assurance.

Perform configuration (25-30%)
Configure Service Management settings
May include but not limited to:
• describe process of record creation and update rules
• configure queues
• configure holiday schedule
• configure customer service schedule
• configure user work hours
• configure categories and subjects
• configure cases
• configure customer service security roles
• configure goal management components
• create routing rules
• configure services
Configure processes
May include but not limited to:
• configure custom business process flows
• implement business process flows from Microsoft AppSource
Create and configure customer service visualizations
May include but not limited to:
• configure customer service content pack for Power BI
• configure customer service dashboards
• design and create customer service charts
• execute and analyze customer service reports

Manage cases and the knowledge base (30-35%)
Create and manage cases
May include but not limited to:
• manage case list
• create and search for case records
• convert activities to cases
• perform case resolution
• implement case routing rules
• implement parent/child cases
• merge cases
• configure status reason transitions
Create and manage the knowledge base
May include but not limited to:
• configure entities for knowledge management
• link an article with a case
• use the knowledge base to resolve cases
• create and manage knowledge base article lifecycle
• create and manage knowledge base articles
• search for articles

Manage queues, entitlements, and SLAs (25-30%)
Create and manage queues
May include but not limited to:
• differentiate queue types
• add cases and activities to queues
• implement case routing
• configure entities for queues
• configure queue email settings
• configure record creation and update rules
Create and manage entitlements
May include but not limited to:
• define and create entitlements
• manage entitlement templates
• activate and deactivate entitlements
• renew or cancel an entitlement
• assign an entitlement to a case
Create and manage SLAs
May include but not limited to:
• determine SLA conditions
• define and create SLAs
• implement actions and details
• use SLAs on-demand
• manage cases with SLAs
• create and manage SLA items

Configure voice of the customer (15-20%)
Notice of planned skills update: In April 2020, Voice of the Customer skills and exam questions will be replaced with Forms Pro skills and questions. Please prepare for your exam accordingly.
Create surveys
May include but not limited to:
• create a theme and upload images
• add pages to a survey and personalize data
• identify survey question types
• add survey questions
• identify respondent types
• configure response routing
• configure survey scoring
• configure survey unsubscription options
Preview, test, and publish surveys
May include but not limited to:
• distribute survey link using email
• embed a survey in a web page
• clone, import, and translate surveys
Manage survey responses
May include but not limited to:
• summarize survey results
• determine report types
• implement workflow conditional logic for survey actions
• create business actions based upon survey responses

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service
Microsoft Microsoft test prep
Killexams : Microsoft Microsoft test prep - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/MB-230 Search results Killexams : Microsoft Microsoft test prep - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/MB-230 https://killexams.com/exam_list/Microsoft Killexams : This one trick helped me supercharge Bing with ChatGPT

Microsoft's Bing search engine is getting an injection of OpenAI's ChatGPT tech, and the result is a search engine that can talk back to you. 

In practice, the new Bing with ChatGPT works a lot like a chatbot with the Internet at its fingertips. You type your question into a text box, then you wait while Bing looks up the information and tries to synthesize it into an answer for you. If you're lucky, the power of ChatGPT's training on large language models will help the chatbot serve up helpful answers from Bing in a conversational tone that's easy to read, complete with links to where it pulled the information from and helpful suggestions for follow-up questions.

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Killexams : You can finally run Windows 11 natively on an Apple silicon Mac

Apple and Microsoft may be eternal rivals, but that doesn’t mean they never work together. Yet Microsoft has never officially supported the idea of running Windows 11 on an Apple silicon Mac, leaving the practice in something of a gray area — until now.

Installing Windows on a Mac has been pretty straightforward over the years, but the introduction of Apple silicon chips in Apple’s Macs complicated matters a little. Sure, there were ways to do it, but without Microsoft’s official approval, they required workarounds.

The Parallels Desktop Mac app showing Windows running on a MacBook Pro.

Now, though, Microsoft has posted a support page explaining how you can pair up its own software with Apple hardware. Specifically, the guide gives the green light for Windows 11 to be run either using a Windows 365 Cloud PC or in a virtual machine like the Parallels Desktop app.

Previously, Microsoft had required computers to have a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) in order to run Windows, which not all Macs have. Parallels solved this by creating a virtual TPM, but that’s no longer necessary. Instead, you can just run Parallels as normal and it will run Windows 11 without a hitch.

Years ago, this wouldn’t really have been a problem, as a Mac user could just fire up the Boot Camp app and get their computer to load into Windows. Boot Camp doesn’t work with Apple silicon Macs, though, leaving people to find alternative solutions.

The MacBook Pro on a wooden table.

One of those solutions was Parallels. This app runs Windows inside its own container on the Mac desktop, which bypasses the need to separately boot into Microsoft’s operating system.

Microsoft’s support page appears to be aimed at business users, as it suggests running Parallels Desktop alongside a copy of Windows 11 Pro or Windows 11 Enterprise. That’s unsurprising, as a major use case of virtualization software is for businesses that have a fleet of computers and need to test software on a different operating system.

Whether you’re a business user or simply want to run Windows 11 on your Mac without relying on any workarounds, this shift from Microsoft will likely be a welcome one. It just goes to show that Apple and Microsoft can play nice together when they want to.

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Killexams : Microsoft Federal President Rick Wagner Secures 6th Wash100 Win for Driving Cloud Capabilities to Support Defense Missions

Executive Mosaic has included Rick Wagner, president of Microsoft’s federal business, in its 2023 Wash100 Award list for helping lead company efforts focused on delivering cloud capabilities to the government in support of national security missions.

The recognition marks the sixth consecutive time that Wagner was presented with Executive Mosaic’s most prestigious award in all of government contracting industry. Visit Wash100.com to cast a vote for him as one of your favorite leaders of consequence in the GovCon sector.

“As technology increases parabolically, this is a good time to be Microsoft and an even better time to be Rick Wagner. Rick’s ability to infuse his knowledge of government contracting into one of the most essential platform providers in the world promises a prodigious capability for Microsoft-based solutions for the U.S. government. Rick’s preparation and Microsoft’s opportunity mean we all win,” said Jim Garrettson, CEO of Executive Mosaic and founder of the esteemed Wash100 Award.

Wagner’s induction into the 2023 class further reflects his commitment to ensuring continued delivery of latest technology innovations meant to fit specific customer needs. In the previous award year, Executive Mosaic highlighted his mission cloud and security leadership as evidenced in his efforts to drive speedy integration of cloud platforms for public sector clients.

2022 saw Microsoft being named as one of the awardees of the Joint Warfighting Cloud Capability contract. The potential $9 billion program of the Department of Defense is aimed at delivering secure cloud services to mission owners. The company, along with three other contractors, will provide advanced data analytics, centralized management and distributed control, computing, storage and network infrastructure, tactical edge devices and other capabilities over a period of five and a half years.

Commenting on Microsoft’s selection to be among DOD’s cloud service providers, Wagner said, “Our work on JWCC will build on the success of our industry-leading cloud capabilities to support national security missions that we have developed and deployed across the department and service branches.”

He also sees the department’s multi-cloud approach for JWCC as “the right one” considering the defense enterprise infrastructure. “Multi-cloud is already an established best practice in the commercial industry because it enables organizations to maximize flexibility, enhance resiliency and access the best technologies across providers,” he added.

Aside from DOD, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration also tapped Microsoft to provide the agency with cloud computing capabilities under a cooperative research and development agreement.

The company will support NOAA in advancing climate, weather and ocean prediction initiatives through cloud applications.

“Microsoft Azure Artificial Intelligence and high performance computing capabilities can help NOAA accelerate critical research and foster innovative approaches to mitigate the risk of climate change,” noted Wagner.

Microsoft is also in partnership with industry players working on cloud projects. In December 2022, it collaborated with Leidos to demonstrate the pairing of the latter’s Edge to Cloud platform with the Azure Cloud Infrastructure.

“By partnering with Leidos, we are demonstrating how commercial capabilities in a classified cloud can enable improved situational awareness and decision dominance for the DOD through global connectivity, data aggregation and advanced analytics that support decision making,” said Wagner.

The technological collaboration was during the U.S. Army’s Project Convergence 22 experimentation exercises and marked a milestone in the Joint All-Domain Command and Control program of the DOD.

As cloud continues to become relevant in advancing DOD’s missions, Wagner underscores Microsoft’s commitment as a key partner helping the department navigate the multi-cloud environment and ensuring seamless interoperability of systems and services.

Executive Mosaic congratulates Rick Wagner and Microsoft Federal for their selection to receive the 2023 Wash100 Award. Visit Wash100.com to cast a vote for him as one of your favorite leaders of consequence in the GovCon sector.

Wed, 15 Feb 2023 21:18:00 -0600 en-US text/html https://www.govconwire.com/2023/02/microsoft-federal-president-rick-wagner-presented-with-6th-wash100-award/
Killexams : Test Preparation Enters The Age Of Artificial Intelligence

In the ever-evolving landscape of test preparation, a new player has sprouted on the scene – artificial intelligence.

At the forefront of this movement is a Korean start-up, Riiid, founded by YJ Jang, a graduate of the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley. Riiid has already made a name for itself in the Asian test-prep market for the TOEIC, a measure of English proficiency in the business world. Now, the company has set its sights on the American market with an SAT and ACT prep system called R.Test.

A.I. technology, with its mimicry of the networks of neurons in the human brain, has the potential to revolutionize the way educators approach their craft.

“R.Test makes it easy for students to solve practice problems, as well as read the explanations to help fill gaps in knowledge,” said Kelly Jung, a 9th grade student at Lighthouse International School in Korea who has tried the product. “The post-test analysis was the most helpful part of the test, as it helped highlight both my weaknesses and strengths, allowing me to streamline my studying moving forward."

This is not the first time the world has seen the integration of technology in the classroom. In the 1960s, the earliest forms of computer tutoring systems were developed, but their prohibitive cost and lack of widespread access limited their impact. Decades later, rule-based A.I. systems were implemented, but they failed to live up to their potential due to scalability issues and the high cost of programming extensive domain expertise.

It was at Berkeley where Jang was introduced to the game-changing potential of deep learning. This form of A.I. allows algorithms to learn on their own, drawing from vast amounts of data. Jang recognized the implications of this technology for education, and upon returning to Korea, he founded Riiid in 2014. The company's team of data scientists have developed A.I. algorithms that track student performance, predict scores and anticipate when students may disengage. Through the use of their popular test-prep app, Santa, Riiid has amassed one of the largest public education data sets in the world, known as EdNet.

However, the task of gathering enough data to make A.I. applicable to the broader field of education remains a challenge. For now, Riiid focuses on the lucrative test-prep market, where data is more readily available, easily collectable and has partnered with educational companies around the world to develop test-prep apps.

The company's success has attracted a substantial investment from SoftBank's Vision Fund II, bringing Riiid's funding to over $250 million. With the upcoming release of their A.I.-powered R.test platform for college entrance exams, Riiid has the potential to drastically change the way students prepare for their future.

While there is no shortage of SAT or ACT test-prep offerings, none assess students based on immediate data. Khan Academy’s SAT test prep, for example, connects to College Board, administrator of the SAT, and assesses student weaknesses based on their last test – usually the PSAT. But that data can be months old.

R.Test relies on live data collected as students use the system. With the R.Test, students can quickly get their predicted scores for the full test just answering 30 questions, and learn actionable insights that include weaknesses and even exam habits.

R.Test is “very targeted to your current work,” noted Oscar Torres, a high school math teacher in Chicago who has tried Riiid’s system. “That's what I liked.”

Tue, 07 Feb 2023 01:00:00 -0600 Craig S. Smith en text/html https://www.forbes.com/sites/craigsmith/2023/02/07/test-preparation-enters-the-age-of-artificial-intelligence/
Killexams : What it’s like using Microsoft’s chatbot-based Bing search No result found, try new keyword!Going into the test run, I was most excited by the prospect of asking the chatbot to summarize long, complicated documents. Onsite at the announcement event in Redmond, Washington, I saw a Microsoft ... Wed, 08 Feb 2023 01:04:00 -0600 text/html https://www.fastcompany.com/90846991/what-its-like-using-microsofts-chatbot-based-bing-search Killexams : Geoff Johnson: Test prep essential so anxiety doesn't skew results

A series of “How To Prepare For a Test” short courses beginning at the Grade 4 level could help make students more comfortable with the process

The Roman philosopher Seneca is often credited with saying: “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

As I learned during a long career of test taking, luck has little to do with exam success. Seneca was right — it’s all about practice and preparation.

While I may or may not have been proficient at thoroughly grasping every aspect of course content to be tested, I certainly became comfortable with and adept at taking tests.

In fact, learning and taking tests turned out to be two different skills.

High school in New South Wales in the ’60s was a test-happy environment that required sitting for the state-wide primary final grade 7 exams, intermediate exams in the third year of high school and then statewide leaving certificate exams in fifth year.

Looking back, I realize that we did little else during that final fifth year than prepare for finals in every subject by practising on past test papers in every subject.

The result was that when test days arrived, sitting for the tests was just more of the same.

Following high school were tests of every purpose and duration — finals in every subject of a three-year undergraduate degree at Sydney University, tests in every subject of a fourth-year teacher-training program at Sydney Teachers’ College.

By that time, taking tests and sitting for exams was simply part of life and held very little fear for me.

In B.C. schools in 2023, kids in grades 4 and 7 sit for the province-wide foundation skills assessment every year, and then the Grade 10 literacy assessment, the Grade 10 numeracy assessment and eventually the Grade 12 graduation literacy assessment.

The bottom line to all this is that we probably should devise a series of “How To Prepare For a Test” short courses beginning at the Grade 4 level.

This course could be administered at various stages up to Grade 12 and beyond to infinity or the end of testing life, whichever comes first.

I’m serious.

In the absence of any kind of a specific “test prep” course, teachers have an extremely significant role in helping students to overcome “test anxiety” that can negatively affect test performance and subsequently produce a skewed result.

Test anxiety becomes a problem when students’ cognitive skills are “short-circuited by the worry,” said Dr. Ellen Utley, a psychiatrist and advisor at the JED Foundation, a non-profit that focuses on suicide prevention and young people’s emotional health.

“High anxiety can impair students’ performance by impacting the executive function skills that enable them to focus attention and access memory,” Utley says.

Executive functions in the classroom and especially in test-taking situations control and regulate behaviours like paying attention, remembering information, and planning and organizing time and materials — all while watching the clock in a room full of other kids who are scribbling furiously on their test papers.

A recommended plan that can support learners in preparing for tests and assessments of various kinds should include at least two test-preparation necessities.

The first involves familiarity. When the structure of the assessment is familiar, i.e. the way test items are formatted, students are not panicked by the unfamiliarity of a test’s design.

That involves making sure students are comfortable with both the intention of the assessment and the layout used, which may be different from the school-based tests to which they have become accustomed.

The second necessity is the use of practice exams in simulated, preferably unfamiliar, testing environments — the school gym or cafeteria, for example.

Practice tests remove students’ fear of the unknown and make it easier to face the test without feeling overwhelmed. When there is too much stress, sometimes associated with an unfamiliar wording of assessment questions, some students shut down.

This leads to a more serious problem with obtaining legitimate results from large-scale province-wide assessments, even the FSA.

The assessments themselves are usually less specific while being broad in scope. Students expecting to be tested on specific skills and knowledge with which they are comfortable are less likely to be able to show what they know when they do not recognize the intention of a test question.

As Winston Churchill famously said, regarding his own difficulties with exams: “I should have liked to be asked to say what I knew. They always tried to ask what I did not know. When I would have willingly displayed my knowledge, they sought to expose my ignorance. This sort of treatment had only one result: I did not do well in examinations.”


Geoff Johnson is a former superintendent of schools.

Sat, 11 Feb 2023 21:16:00 -0600 en text/html https://www.timescolonist.com/opinion/geoff-johnson-test-prep-essential-so-anxiety-doesnt-skew-results-6529559
Killexams : Test Preparation Market 2023 Top Companies, Industry Outlook | In-depth Analysis Business Opportunities and Demand to 2029

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Feb 08, 2023 (The Expresswire) -- Test Preparation Market | Outlook 2023-2029 | Pre and Post-COVID Research is Covered, Report Information | latest 92 Pages ReportTest Preparation Market segmentation and trends, Key players and market share, Test Preparation Market drivers and challenges, Test Preparation Market opportunities and threats, Future outlook and projections, a research report focusing on this market would typically provide analysis and insights on various aspects of the market This evaluation offers a thorough examination of the worldwide and regional segments of the ""Test Preparation Market. Tables contain information on deal volume, revenue, growth rates, and market share for the past and next periods. The research offers a thorough evaluation of the key participants in the international industry.

The major players covered in the Test Preparation market report are:

● ArborBridge ● Pearson Education ● Club Z ● The Princeton Review ● Kaplan ●

Get a demo copy of the Test Preparation Market Report 2023

Short summary Of Test Preparation Market-2023 to 2029:

This report contains market size and forecasts of Test Preparation in China, including the following market information:
China Test Preparation Market Revenue, 2016-2021, 2022-2027, (USD millions)
China top five Test Preparation companies in 2020 (%)
The global Test Preparation market size is expected to growth from USD million in 2020 to USD million by 2027; it is expected to grow at a CAGR of during 2021-2027.
The China Test Preparation market was valued at USD million in 2020 and is projected to reach USD million by 2027, at a CAGR of during the forecast period.
QYResearch has surveyed the Test Preparation Companies and industry experts on this industry, involving the revenue, demand, product type, exact developments and plans, industry trends, drivers, challenges, obstacles, and potential risks.

It additionally affords the proper insights and evaluation which are crucial to lay out powerful commercial enterprise techniques and set the proper direction for an improved boom for all enterprise gamers involved. With this information, the ones in rate might be capable of creating new techniques, which consciousness available in the marketplace possibilities in order to advantage them, making their commercial enterprise efforts profitable withinside the process.

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Test Preparation Market - Competitive and Segmentation Analysis:

This Test Preparation Market report offers a detailed analysis supported by reliable statistics on sales and revenue by players for the period 2017-2023. The report also includes a company description, major business, Test Preparation product introduction, exact developments, and Test Preparation sales by region, type, application, and sales channel.

Based on product type: this report displays the production, revenue, price, market share, and growth rate of each type, primarily split into:

● University Exams ● Certification Exams ● High School Exams ● Elementary Exams ● Other Exams ●

On the basis of the end users/applications: this report focuses on the status and outlook for major applications/end users, consumption (sales), market share, and growth rate for each application, including:

● K-12 ● Higher Education ●

Test Preparation Market - Regional Analysis:

Geographically, this report is segmented into several key regions, with sales, revenue, market share and growth Rate of Test Preparation in these regions, from 2015 to 2027, covering

● North America (United States, Canada and Mexico) ● Europe (Germany, UK, France, Italy, Russia and Turkey etc.) ● Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, Korea, India, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, and Vietnam) ● South America (Brazil, Argentina, Columbia etc.) ● Middle East and Africa (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa)

Inquire more and share questions if any before the purchase on this report at https://www.industryresearch.biz/enquiry/pre-order-enquiry/19434620

Some of the key questions answered in this report:

● What is the global (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, South America, Middle East, and Africa) sales value, production value, consumption value, import and export of Test Preparation? ● Who are the global key manufacturers of the Test Preparation Industry? How is their operating situation (capacity, production, sales, price, cost, gross, and revenue)? ● What are the Test Preparation market opportunities and threats faced by the vendors in the global Test Preparation Industry? ● Which application/end-user or product type may seek incremental growth prospects? What is the market share of each type and application? ● What focused approach and constraints are holding the Test Preparation market? ● What are the different sales, marketing, and distribution channels in the global industry? ● What are the upstream raw materials and manufacturing equipment of Test Preparation along with the manufacturing process of Test Preparation? ● What are the key market trends impacting the growth of the Test Preparation market? ● Economic impact on the Test Preparation industry and development trend of the Test Preparation industry. ● What are the market opportunities, market risks, and market overview of the Test Preparation market? ● What are the key drivers, restraints, opportunities, and challenges of the Test Preparation market, and how they are expected to impact the market? ● What is the Test Preparation market size at the regional and country level?

Test Preparation Market - Covid-19 Impact and Recovery Analysis:

We were monitoring the direct impact of covid-19 in this market, further to the indirect impact from different industries. This document analyzes the effect of the pandemic on the zzzz market from an international and nearby angle. The document outlines the marketplace size, marketplace traits, and market increase for zzzz industry, categorized with the aid of using kind, utility, and patron sectors. Further, it provides a complete evaluation of additives concerned in marketplace improvement in advance of and after the covid-19 pandemic. The report moreover done a pastel evaluation within the business enterprise to study key influencers and boundaries to entry.

Our studies analysts will assist you to get custom-designed info to your report, which may be changed in phrases of a particular region, utility or any statistical info. In addition, we're constantly inclined to conform with the study, which is triangulated together along with your very own statistics to make the marketplace studies extra complete for your perspective.

The final Report will add an analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on this industry.


Test Preparation Market Overview

1.1 Product Overview and Scope of Test Preparation

2 Global Test Preparation Market Landscape by Player

2.1 Global Test Preparation Sales and Share by Player (2017-2022)

2.2 Global Test Preparation Revenue and Market Share by Player (2017-2022)

2.3 Global Test Preparation Average Price by Player (2017-2022)

2.4 Global Test Preparation Gross Margin by Player (2017-2022)

2.5 Test Preparation Manufacturing Base Distribution, Sales Area and Product Type by Player

2.6 Test Preparation Market Competitive Situation and Trends

2.6.1 Test Preparation Market Concentration Rate

2.6.2 Test Preparation Market Share of Top 3 and Top 6 Players

2.6.3 Mergers and Acquisitions, Expansion

3 Test Preparation Upstream and Downstream Analysis

3.1 Test Preparation Industrial Chain Analysis

3.2 Key Raw Materials Suppliers and Price Analysis

3.3 Key Raw Materials Supply and Demand Analysis

3.4 Manufacturing Process Analysis

3.5 Market Concentration Rate of Raw Materials

3.6 Downstream Buyers

3.7 Value Chain Status Under COVID-18

4 Test Preparation Manufacturing Cost Analysis

4.1 Manufacturing Cost Structure Analysis

4.2 Test Preparation Key Raw Materials Cost Analysis

4.2.1 Key Raw Materials Introduction

4.2.2 Price Trend of Key Raw Materials

4.3 Labor Cost Analysis

4.3.1 Labor Cost of Test Preparation Under COVID-19

4.4 Energy Costs Analysis

4.5 RandD Costs Analysis

Get a demo copy of the Test Preparation Market report 2023

5 Market Dynamics

5.1 Drivers

5.2 Restraints and Challenges

5.3 Opportunities

5.3.1 Advances in Innovation and Technology for Test Preparation

5.3.2 Increased Demand in Emerging Markets

5.4 Test Preparation Industry Development Trends under COVID-19 Outbreak

5.4.1 Global COVID-19 Status Overview

5.4.2 Influence of COVID-19 Outbreak on Test Preparation Industry Development

5.5 Consumer Behavior Analysis

6 Players Profiles

6.1.3COMPANYTest PreparationProductandSolutions
6.1.4COMPANYTest PreparationRevenue,GrossMarginandMarketShare(2019,2020,2021,and2023)

7 Global Test Preparation Sales and Revenue Region Wise (2017-2022)

7.1 Global Test Preparation Sales and Market Share, Region Wise (2017-2022)

7.2 Global Test Preparation Revenue (Revenue) and Market Share, Region Wise (2017-2022)

7.3 Global Test Preparation Sales, Revenue, Price and Gross Margin (2017-2022)

7.4 United States Test Preparation Sales, Revenue, Price and Gross Margin (2017-2022)

7.4.1 United States Test Preparation Market Under COVID-19

7.5 Europe Test Preparation Sales, Revenue, Price and Gross Margin (2017-2022)

7.5.1 Europe Test Preparation Market Under COVID-19

7.6 China Test Preparation Sales, Revenue, Price and Gross Margin (2017-2022)

7.6.1 China Test Preparation Market Under COVID-19

7.7 Japan Test Preparation Sales, Revenue, Price and Gross Margin (2017-2022)

7.7.1 Japan Test Preparation Market Under COVID-19

7.8 India Test Preparation Sales, Revenue, Price and Gross Margin (2017-2022)

7.8.1 India Test Preparation Market Under COVID-19

7.9 Southeast Asia Test Preparation Sales, Revenue, Price and Gross Margin (2017-2022)

7.9.1 Southeast Asia Test Preparation Market Under COVID-19

7.10 Latin America Test Preparation Sales, Revenue, Price and Gross Margin (2017-2022)

7.10.1 Latin America Test Preparation Market Under COVID-19

7.11 Middle East and Africa Test Preparation Sales, Revenue, Price and Gross Margin (2017-2022)

7.11.1 Middle East and Africa Test Preparation Market Under COVID-19

8 Global Test Preparation Sales, Revenue (Revenue), Price Trend by Type

8.1 Global Test Preparation Sales and Market Share by Type (2017-2022)

8.2 Global Test Preparation Revenue and Market Share by Type (2017-2022)

8.3 Global Test Preparation Price by Type (2017-2022)

8.4 Global Test Preparation Sales Growth Rate by Type (2017-2022)

8.4.1 Global Test Preparation Sales Growth Rate of Standby (off-line) UPS (2017-2022)

8.4.2 Global Test Preparation Sales Growth Rate of Line interactive UPS (2017-2022)

8.4.3 Global Test Preparation Sales Growth Rate of Online UPS (2017-2022)

9 Global Test Preparation Market Analysis by Application

9.1 Global Test Preparation Consumption and Market Share by Application (2017-2022)

9.2 Global Test Preparation Consumption Growth Rate by Application (2017-2022)

9.2.1 Global Test Preparation Consumption Growth Rate of Private Data Center (2017-2022)

9.2.2 Global Test Preparation Consumption Growth Rate of Commercial Data Center (2017-2022)

9.2.3 Global Test Preparation Consumption Growth Rate of Government/Military Data Center (2017-2022)

9.2.4 Global Test Preparation Consumption Growth Rate of Others (2017-2022)

10 Global Test Preparation Market Forecast (2022-2029)

10.1 Global Test Preparation Sales, Revenue Forecast (2022-2029)

10.1.1 Global Test Preparation Sales and Growth Rate Forecast (2022-2029)

10.1.2 Global Test Preparation Revenue and Growth Rate Forecast (2022-2029)

10.1.3 Global Test Preparation Price and Trend Forecast (2022-2029)

10.2 Global Test Preparation Sales and Revenue Forecast, Region Wise (2022-2029)

10.2.1 United States Test Preparation Sales and Revenue Forecast (2022-2029)

10.2.2 Europe Test Preparation Sales and Revenue Forecast (2022-2029)

10.2.3 China Test Preparation Sales and Revenue Forecast (2022-2029)

10.2.4 Japan Test Preparation Sales and Revenue Forecast (2022-2029)

10.2.5 India Test Preparation Sales and Revenue Forecast (2022-2029)

10.2.6 Southeast Asia Test Preparation Sales and Revenue Forecast (2022-2029)

10.2.7 Latin America Test Preparation Sales and Revenue Forecast (2022-2029)

10.2.8 Middle East and Africa Test Preparation Sales and Revenue Forecast (2022-2029)

10.3 Global Test Preparation Sales, Revenue and Price Forecast by Type (2022-2029)

10.4 Global Test Preparation Consumption Forecast by Application (2022-2029)

10.5 Test Preparation Market Forecast Under COVID-19

11 Research Findings and Conclusion

12 Appendix

12.1 Methodology

12.2 Research Data Source

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email: sales@industryresearch.biz

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Killexams : Free tax preparation available to eligible community members

Members of the community can receive assistance for the 2022 tax season at no cost with the UAB VITA program.

Stream tax vitaMembers of the community can receive assistance for the 2022 tax season at no cost with the UAB VITA program.The Regions Institute for Financial Education in the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Collat School of Business is offering free assistance for the 2022 tax filing season for qualifying individuals.

From now until April 18, members of the community can create an appointment at the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance, or VITA, site to receive support in the preparation and filing of their tax returns and filing of amendments. Site volunteers will include Collat School of Business faculty, staff and students.

The program launched in January 2022 and is an endeavor by RIFE in partnership with the Internal Revenue Service, as well as support from Live HealthSmart Alabama, Protective Life Insurance and the Tennessee Valley Authority.

Eligibility criteria for VITA site services includes:

  • Voluntary Income Tax Assistance: Must have an annual salary equal to or less than $58,000.
  • Tax Counseling for the Elderly: Must be age 60 or older.
  • Access to free tax preparation software: Must have a household income of $73,000 or less.

Access to TaxSlayer tax preparation software is open — at no cost — to all in the community with a household income at or under $73,000. Learn more.

Returns are prepared at the Regions Institute for Financial Education located on the first floor of the Collat School of Business. The institute will also provide self-help instruction for community members who would like to complete their own tax returns but need some guidance.

In addition, alumni and students of UAB can learn tips on tax filing during the free Tax Tips 2023 virtual event hosted by the UAB National Alumni Society. Attendees can learn the ins and outs of taxes from Jim Byrd, Ph.D., associate professor in the Department of Accounting and Finance. The seminar will be held Tuesday, Feb. 7, from 12-1 p.m. Click here to register. A recording will be available following the event at alumni.uab.edu/videos

For more information or to schedule an appointment with the VITA site service, email rife@uab.edu or call 205-996-0884.

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Killexams : Microsoft's Bing gets a jolt with AI capabilities, but will comfortable consumers actually switch from Google?

 Microsoft has launched a new version of its search engine Bing in Beta, and web browser Edge powered by an upgraded version of the artificial intelligence (AI) technology that powers OpenAI’s chatbot, ChatGPT.

“Today, we’re launching an all new, AI-powered Bing search engine and Edge browser, available in preview now at Bing.com, to deliver better search, more complete answers, a new chat experience and the ability to generate content. We think of these tools as an AI copilot for the web,” wrote Yusuf Mehdi, the corporate vice president and consumer chief marketing officer of Microsoft in a statement on the company’s website that was seen by MARKETING-INTERACTIVE.

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With the new, revamped Bing, Microsoft says users will see improved search results, more complete and summarised answers to questions and a new interactive chat feature to refine searches. Users will also be able to get Bing to generate content for them to help them write emails, generate an itinerary, prep for a job interview and more. Microsoft Edge has also been updates with new AI capabilities and a new look. Consumers can now use the chat and compose features from the browser to summarise lengthy reports, ask for comparisons to competing company financials and compose a LinkedIn post.

The new Bing will be powered by a next generation OpenAI large language model that is more powerful than ChatGPT and customised specifically for search. “It takes key learnings and advancements from ChatGPT and GPT-3.5 – and it is even faster, more accurate and more capable,” wrote Mehdi. Microsoft has also developed a proprietary way of working with the OpenAI model that allows it to best leverage its power. They call this collection of capabilities and techniques the Prometheus model and it can deliver users more relevant, timely and targeted results, with improved safety.

This comes as Microsoft stakes its future on AI after investing US$1 billion into the ChatGPT platform. Microsoft is also gearing up to take on Google who unveiled Bard this week, it’s AI-powered platform that is also set to change the way we search for things online.

Bard is an artificial intelligence chatbot technology that Google plans to roll out in the coming weeks. The system is powered by Google’s Language Model for Dialogue Applications (LaMDA) and is a conversational AI service that seeks to combine the breadth of the world’s knowledge with the power, intelligence and creativity of our large language model, according to a statement by Google and Alphabet’s CEO, Sundar Pichai on its website. It reportedly draws on information from the web to provide fresh, high-quality responses, which is similar to ChatGPT which has a scarily human-like ability to produce well-researched content in seconds.

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Will Microsoft’s efforts with Bing really get consumers to switch from Google?

Most recently, Google reported advertising revenues of US$59.04 billion, a slowdown from US$61.24 billion in the year-earlier quarter. The results came as Google saw threats not just from the slowed economy and tech layoffs but also as it faces legal action from the US Department of Justice. However, its search business continues to remain strong with Search Engine Journal, a search marketing news site, reporting that Google has over 86% of the search market share. Bing on the other hand has a market share of about 25.7%, putting it at quite a disadvantage to Google.

The statistics then raise the question of if Bing has a solid chance to go head-to-head with Google in its AI war and why Google issued a "code red" alert after ChatGPT's release in December last year to build a rival for ChatGPT.

According to Siddharth Surana, CCO of Media360 Communications while the new effort by Microsoft and Bing is commendable, changing user habit will still be a challenge as many people are familiar with Google’s search features. Nonetheless, the incorporation of AI features into Edge browsers, makes for a more useful case to start using Bing as a default search with the Edge browser.

Calling the current state of the new Bing “still a little underwhelming”, he says that most consumers at this point are using Bing to test and play with the AI results. Once Google launches Bard, his money remains on Google as the go-to platform.

“The real question is - how search overall will be impacted and what this means for businesses dependent on search,” he added.

Where Google has the real power is in its interconnected ecosystem, argues Kabeer Chaudhary, APAC managing director of M&C Saatchi Performance.

“It's not just about changing your browser or your search engine. Google has our passwords, bookmarks and documents. Google’s moat is that it has created a universe around the browser and it would take some effort from users to change their default ecosystem,” he said.

Having said that, Chaudhary adds that Bing will truly be a challenge to Google's dominance. How much would that be, would be dependent on how well Google's Bard AI works in comparison to Open AI's GPT3.

“The key point here is that Google is so heavily reliant on search revenue that even a few percentage points of market share being sucked out will have a dramatic effect on their bottom line,” he added.

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Killexams : Prep roundup for Thursday, Feb. 16

Prep roundup for Thursday, Feb. 16:

(Note for coaches/scorekeepers: To report results and statistics, email sports@heraldnet.com. Please report results by 10:30 p.m.)


4A District 1/2 Tournament

Consolation (winner to state, loser out)

Mariner 77, Jackson 76

KIRKLAND — The Mariner High School boys basketball team has no quit.

The Marauders trailed for the entirety of the first 31 minutes of Thursday’s winner-to-state Class 4A Wes-King Bi-District Tournament elimination clash against fellow Wesco 4A co-champion Jackson.

Mariner fell behind by as many as 19 points in the third quarter and rallied from down double digits midway through fourth on its way to pulling off a stunning comeback over the Timberwolves at Lake Washington High School.

The victory clinched the Marauders (15-8) their third trip to the state regionals in the past four postseasons.

Click here for a complete game story and photo gallery

2A District 1 Tournament

Consolation (loser out)

Lakewood 55, Squalicum 50

MOUNT VERNON — Fourth-seeded Lakewood staved off elimination and moved one win away from a state berth with a victory over No. 7 Squalicum in a consolation loser-out game of the 2A District 1 Tournament.

Lakewood (13-11) will face No. 2 Lynden in a winner-to-state, loser-out game on Saturday at Mount Vernon High School.

Squalicum ended its season with a 11-14 overall record.

Lynden 65, Archbishop Murphy 25

MOUNT VERNON — Luke Blachly scored nine points, but eighth-seeded Archbishop Murphy struggled mightily on offense and the Wildcats’ season came to an end with a loss to No. 2 Lynden in a consolation game of the 2A District 1 Tournament.

Archbishop Murphy finished with a 9-16 overall record.

Lynden (19-4) advanced and will take on No. 4 Lakewood in a winner-to-state, loser-out game on Saturday at Mount Vernon High School.

1A District 2 Tournament

Consolation (winner to crossover, loser out)

Sultan 52, Summit Sierra 43

SEATTLE — Westin Galle and Toby Trichler each scored 16 points and sixth-seeded Sultan kept its season alive with a win over No. 9 University Prep in a loser-out game of the 1A District 2 Tournament.

Eli Trichler added 12 points for Sultan (20-3), which advanced to a crossover game with District 1, and will face Lynden Christian in a winner-to-state, loser-out contest on Saturday at King’s High School.

Summit Sierra ended its season with a 10-10 overall record.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦


4A State Championships

At King County Aquatic Center

Winner: Corwin Lindeman (Mount Rainier) 444.50. Local placers: 8. Cade Farmer (Kamiak) 280.50, 12. Eli Farmer (Kamiak) 240.90, 13. Zack Warren (Kamiak) 232.80.

2A/1A State Championships

At King County Aquatic Center

Winner: Zephy Blee (Anacortes) 315.85. Local placer: 11. Trevor Abramson (Archbishop Murphy) 210.95.

3A State Championships

At King County Aquatic Center

Winner: Alma Smith (Cheney) 338.05. Local placers: 3. Nate Huh-Orrantia (Marysville Getchell) 300.25, 4. Isaac Bingay (Cascade) 281.75, 12. Keith Kirkwood (Marysville Getchell) 217.95, 14. Isaiah Gibbs (Marysville Getchell) 201.55.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦


4A District 1/2 Tournament

Consolation (winner to state, loser out)

Bothell 57, Glacier Peak 38

KIRKLAND — The Glacier Peak High School girls basketball team knew its offense would be in for a tough test with its season on the line against Bothell.

The Grizzlies saw first-hand just how stout the Cougars’ defense could be less than three weeks ago in a 44-40 non-league loss.

On Thursday Bothell’s defense once again proved to be a puzzle GP couldn’t solve.

The Cougars stymied the Grizzlies all afternoon and held them to a season-low 39 points on their way to a victory in a winner-to-state, loser-out Class 4A Wes-King Bi-District Tournament matchup at Lake Washington High School.

Click here for a complete game story and photo gallery

Mount Si 41, Lake Stevens 35

KIRKLAND — The Lake Stevens girls basketball team fought and clawed all game in a close battle with Mount Si, but the Vikings couldn’t overcome a cold shooting night with a state regionals berth and their season on the line.

Tenth-seeded Mount Si held the fifth-seeded Vikings to single digits in three quarters and closed the game by sinking 11 of 12 free throws in the final period to best Lake Stevens 41-35 in a winner-to-state Class 4A Wes-King Bi-District Tournament elimination contest Thursday at Lake Washington High School.

Click here for a complete game story and photo gallery

3A District 1 Tournament

Consolation (winner to state, non-elimination)

Lynnwood 70, Everett 60 (2OT)

EVERETT — Kayla Lorenz poured in 26 points and made six 3-pointers as fourth-seeded Lynnwood clinched its first state girls basketball berth since 2017 with a double-overtime win over No. 3 Everett in a consolation game of the 3A District 1 Tournament.

Aniya Hooker scored 18 points and Teyah Clark chipped in 10 for Lynnwood (16-6), which won the 3A state title in 2015 and avoided having to play in a loser-out game for the final state berth from District 1 with the win.

Mylie Wugumgeg scored a game-high 29 points and Alana Washington added 12 for Everett (15-8), which will face No. 6 Snohomish in a winner-to-state, loser-out game on Saturday at Everett Community College.

Meadowdale 64, Snohomish 26

EVERETT — Fresh off a record-breaking 41-point performance on Tuesday, Gia Powell scored a team-high 17 points as fifth-seeded Meadowdale clinched a state berth with a win over No. 6 Snohomish in a consolation game of the 3A District 1 Tournament.

Audrey Lucas scored 14 points and Samantha Medina added 12 for Meadowdale (18-6), which has reached the state tournament 19 times in the past 30 seasons.

Snohomish (15-9) will face No. 3 Everett in a winner-to-state, loser-out game on Saturday at Everett Community College.

1B District 1/2/3 Tournament

Consolation (loser out)

Evergreen Lutheran 49, Darrington 33

TACOMA — Allie Cochran scored a team-high 14 points, but seventh-seeded Darrington’s playoff run and season came to an end with a loss to No. 3 Evergreen Lutheran in an elimination consolation game of the 1B District 1/2/3 Tournament.

Claire Wright and Kenadie Hoglund both chipped in six points for Darrington, which finished its season with a 12-11 overall record.

Evergreen Lutheran (14-3) advanced to face either No. 9 Crescent or No. 5 Lummi Nation in a winner-to-state, loser-out game on Saturday.

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