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MA0-102 McAfee Certified Product Specialist- HIPs

Exam Title : McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS)
Product version(s): 8.0
Associated test : MA0-102
Number of questions : 115
Exam duration : 140 Minutes
Passing score : 73%

The McAfee Certified Product Specialist certifications are designed for candidates who administer a specific McAfee product or suite of products, and have one to three years of experience with that product or product suite. This certification level allows candidates to demonstrate knowledge in these key product areas:
 Basic architecture
 Installation
 Configuration
 Management
 Troubleshooting

As technology and security threats continue to evolve, organizations are looking for employees with the most up-to-date certifications on the most current techniques and technologies. In a well cited IDC White Paper, over 70% of IT Managers surveyed felt certifications are valuable for their team and were worth the time and money to maintain.
Becoming McAfee certified distinguishes you from other security professionals and helps validate that you have mastery of the critical skills covered by the certification exams. Earning a certification also your commitment to continued learning and professional growth.

Syllabus | Objectives | Outline
HIP Extension Configuration & Application Maintenance
 Installation (e.g. extension installation, maintenance, upgrade on the server; adding packages; License extension)
 Policy migration
 Property Translator/Catalog Maintenance Server Task (e.g. hidden vs public tasks)
 Updating HIP content (e.g. repository basics; update frequency and size; what, when, why, where; client update task)
 Monitoring and reporting (e.g. dashboards; queries)
HIP Client Configuration and Installation
 Client Installation (e.g. troubleshooting; prerequisites; compatibility)
 User interface/activity log (e.g. packet size and location)
 Command line tools (e.g. client control; FW Info)
 Logs and troubleshooting (e.g. location and type of client log)
 Process file names and functionality
 Linux and Solaris command lines
General Policies
 Client UI policy (e.g. visibility; password/access; client rules)
 Trusted Applications policy (e.g. McAfee default vs custom; effective policy)
 Trusted Networks policy (e.g. options; how they affect other policies; why)
IPS Policies
 IPS Rules policies (e.g. McAfee default vs custom; effective policy; exceptions; application protection; custom signatures)
 IPS Protection policies (e.g. severities and reactions)
 IPS Options policies (e.g. on vs adaptive mode)
Firewall Policies
 Firewall Options policies (e.g. learning vs adaptive mode; startup protection)
 DNS Policies (e.g. wild cards; resolution)
 Firewall Rules policies (e.g. location aware; rule precedents; rule groups; catalog)
Events and Tuning
 Host IPS events (e.g. managing IPS client rules and firewall client rules; threat event log; host IPS event tool)
Policy tuning (e.g. exceptions; firewall rules)
Exam Preparation Resources
Suggested resources for test preparation include:
 Hands on experience; a minimum of one to three years are suggested
 Instructor Led Training and eLearning courses
 Expert Center
 Technical ServicePortal
 test topics
 sample questions

McAfee Certified Product Specialist- HIPs
McAfee Specialist- download
Killexams : McAfee Specialist- download - BingNews Search results Killexams : McAfee Specialist- download - BingNews Killexams : How to download McAfee Total Protection on Windows null © McAfee null

McAfee Total Protection is excellent antivirus software designed to keep up to five Windows devices safe with just one subscription. This program not only stops the worst of malware, including ransomware, but it is also good at keeping an eye on cryptocurrencies and includes both identity theft protection and credit monitoring services as well.

Other top-notch features included with McAfee are a built-in VPN to help further shield you while online, a firewall to keep your network secure, and a password manager. You can use the program to encrypt files to make it harder for hackers and ransomware to get a hold of them, and if you choose the Family plan, you also get some pretty good parental controls to boot.

With all the great protection McAfee has to offer – not to mention the insane number of security tools – it's no wonder so many Windows users want to take advantage of its malware protection.  Getting it downloaded and installed on your computer or laptop isn't that difficult – we'll walk you through it! 

Once you've chosen and paid for your subscription, you will automatically be redirected to the McAfee download page. You'll also receive an email with quick download buttons within the message to make it easier to download later. 

The program will walk you through all the installation steps, but we've got them laid out for you here, too. Read on to find out how to do it! 

1. Open the McAfee email receipt in your inbox

Locate the download button for the Windows/ Mac version and click to start the download process.

2. Locate the EXE file

The downloaded file will appear at the bottom of your screen. When it is done downloading, click the file to start the installation process.

3. Accept the app

Windows will display a popup message asking if you'd like McAfee to be installed on your computer. You must click Yes in order for the program to be installed.

4. Install

Once it's allowed to begin, McAfee will prompt you to install the program. This is as easy as clicking Install.

5. Remove other software

While it's downloading, McAfee will check to see if there are other software programs that could interfere with how it works. Typically, this is other antivirus programs you may have previously installed. You can choose to keep both programs, but this will affect the overall effectiveness of both software. 

To be safe, click Remove to uninstall the old program. 

6. Finish

It won't take long for McAfee to fully install. When it is done, you will see an Install complete message. Clicking it will close the installation window and place the McAfee icon on your desktop.

7. Start using McAfee Total Protection

Once it's installed, simply click the icon on your desktop to open the program's dashboard. McAfee automatically scans your computer for any malware during the installation process. You can set it to run scan periodically, or allow the program's defaults to take over.

The important tools are already on by default, but you can configure the antivirus software, so it works in the way you need it. And anything that may need to be turned on, like McAfee's safe browsing tools, you'll be prompted to click the start button for those.

That's all there is to it! After these easy steps, you'll be up and running with total protection! 

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Killexams : McAfee 2023 Consumer Threat Predictions: Evolution and Exploitation McAfee 2023 Consumer Threat Predictions: Evolution and Exploitation
McAfee Corp. (BusinessWire India)
Business Wire India
Today, McAfee Corp., a global leader in online protection, shared its 2023 cyber threat predictions, offering an overview of the key trends and threats that consumers should be aware of in the year ahead. This past year saw the continued evolution of cyber scams, which are unlikely to slow down, as well as greater adoption of Chrome as an operating system. The introduction of AI tools that are easy and accessible to virtually anyone with a phone or laptop continues to pose significant implications, as does the fluctuating popularity of cryptocurrency and the emergence of “Web3”. All of these set the stage for 2023 that promises advancement not only in how people interact with technology, but also in how bad actors are able to exploit it, and in turn us.
McAfee encourages consumers to protect themselves online by being critical when assessing whether a website or source is genuine, and ensuring they are using legitimate sites for online payments and transactions. As the new year begins, the company suggests consumers be mindful of the content they consume and the sources that it originates from. Fact checking images, videos, and news content, something that’s already on the rise, will continue to be a necessary and valuable part of media consumption. This conscientious approach can also help consumers identify disinformation or misinformation online. Disinformation is introduced to the internet or social media channels via a bad actor with malicious intent, which then spreads as misinformation by people who take it to be fact. Additionally, it’s important that users read the terms and conditions of any app they download or service they seek, especially those that will be accessing any type of financial institution or currency, whether traditional or crypto. Always use a trusted provider and be wary of clicking on online ads.
Below are McAfee’s 2023 Threat Predictions

AI Goes Mainstream and the Distribution of Disinformation Rises

Humans have been fascinated with and fearful of Artificial Intelligence for almost as long as they have been using computers. The reality of current AI technologies is both more complicated and less autonomous. While AI is rapidly evolving, it is still humans at the heart of its nefarious uses.

  • Availability of applications for public use: Over the last few months, AI generated images, videos and even voices are no longer something that only a select few are capable of – now anyone with a phone or computer can take advantage of this technology by using AI applications.
  • Content creation tools available to the masses: Consumers at home and employees at work will have the ability to create AI-generated content in minutes. Similarly, desktop publishing, photo editing and inexpensive photorealistic home printers will enable sophisticated outputs which previously required professional expertise.
  • Vulnerabilities with next generation content tools: Advances in desktop publishing and consumer printing also provided benefits to criminals by enabling better counterfeiting and more realistic manipulation of images.
From cyber criminals to those seeking to falsely influence public opinion, these tools will empower scammers, and propagandists to take their tradecraft to the next level with more realistic results and significantly improved efficiency.

Web3 Threats Will Take Advantage of Fear of Missing out (FOMO)

With the pandemic, the hype around crypto, Bitcoin, NFTs skyrocketed. Out of which rose the concept of Web3 which encompasses decentralized internet services.
Some amateur investors, remembering the rapid rise of the value of Bitcoin earlier this decade, won’t want to miss out on what they think will be a great opportunity to get rich quickly. Consumers will begin to explore these Web3 offerings without fully understanding what they mean or what dangers they should be aware of, leaving them open to scams as they invest time and money into crypto or creating their own NFT content. It’s this group that bad actors will seek to exploit, offering up links or applications that play on these users’ crypto/Web3 FOMO.
These scams could entice users to click on a link or download an app that appears to legitimately interact with some blockchains, but in actuality:


  • Does not have the functionality to interact with any blockchain
  • Are designed to collect traditional currency for fees or services that do not actually provide any value
  • Possess aggressive adware that compromises user’s privacy, time, device performance, data usage and drains their device battery
Additionally, when consumers do hold crypto, NFT, digital land or other blockchain financial assets they are going to be targeted for more sophisticated threats that can drain their funds. Smart contracts, exchanges, digital wallets, and synchronization services can all be associated with hidden authorizations that allow a third party (potentially a bad actor) to take control of the assets.
Old scams, New Baits
McAfee predicts four primary scams with newer hooks which consumers need to beware of:
  • Cryptocurrency Scams: In 2022, McAfee saw several online scams making use of existing content to make crypto scams more believable. One such example was doubling the money cryptocurrency scam that used an old Elon Musk video as a lure. McAfee expects this to evolve in 2023 and make use of deep fake videos as well as audio to trick victims into parting ways with their hard-earned money.
  • Investment Scams: The financial outlook of 2023 shows that it will likely be a tough year for most people. During these times, people often look for ways to make some extra money which can leave them vulnerable to social media messages and online ads that offer huge financial gains for little investment.
  • Fake Loans: Fake loan scam is one such scam still on the rise targeting desperate victims with attractive schemes by unauthorized providers. McAfee predicts that there will be a large increase in these types of scams in 2023. Fake loan apps have been seen to provide victims with a direct loan then charging high-interest rates with short repayment periods.
  • Metaverse: Metaverses such as Facebook's Horizon enable their users to explore an online world that was previously unimaginable. When these platforms are in the early stages, malicious actors will usually attempt to exploit the lack of understanding of how they work and use this to scam people. McAfee expects such phishing campaigns to increase dramatically in 2023 as their user bases increase.
The Rise of ChromeOS Threats
Thanks to the rise of the mobile internet, device diversity has greatly evolved, setting the stage for a marked increase in threats impacting Chromebooks in the year to come. In 2023, we can expect to see Chromebook users among millions of unsuspecting victims targeted to download and run malicious content. Whether appearing to be legitimate Android Apps, Progressive Web Apps, or Chrome Web Store extensions, users should be leery of popups and push notifications urging them to install untrusted apps.
About McAfee

McAfee Corp. is a global leader in online protection for consumers. Focused on protecting people, not just devices, McAfee’s consumer solutions adapt to users’ needs in an always online world, empowering them to live securely through integrated, intuitive solutions that protect their families and communities with the right security at the right moment. For more information, please visit

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Weber Shandwick

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Killexams : McAfee Total Protection: price, discounts and deals right now

No matter if you're using a Mac, PC or smartphone: you're not exempt from malware-based attacks. 

Running one of the best antivirus apps in the background of your device is the first step for a successful defense against malware. But, with cybercriminals targeting your data on several fronts, such software isn't enough to fully protect your online life anymore.

If you're looking to secure all of your most sensitive data with just one subscription, McAfee Total Protection is a full security bundle boasting an impressive feature list. 

Its reliable antivirus software, firewall, VPN service, password manager, ID scan and file shredder tool are all included even with its basic plan. You can also upgrade to McAfee Plus, Premium or Advanced subscription to make your security even more impenetrable.

Presently, McAfee+ Advanced is the best offer to get the most value for your money. Thanks to a tasty 55% discount, you can now have one-year of full suite protection for just $89,99 (opens in new tab) to use on unlimited devices. Add just $10 for the family subscription to get the parental control option, too!  

Below, we'll have a closer look at what the different plans include, together with all the hot deals available right now. 

McAfee Total Protection deals:

McAfee Total Protection features

Covering one, five or unlimited devices, McAfee Total Protection bundle comes packed with different tools and features to protect your data from virtually any online threats. 

These can be divided between security, privacy and identity protection:

  • Security: on the security front, McAfee offers the power of its antivirus software, a firewall and malicious URL filtering. The expert online support makes sure you can resolve any issues in no time. These are all included with any McAfee plans. 
  • Privacy: you can browse the web more privately by enjoying the protection of a VPN on up to five different devices. McAfee+ Advanced subscribers can even find out which sites are selling their personal data thanks to its personal data cleanup tool.  
  • Identity: While a password manager and ID scan software are available by default for all the plans, it's with McAfee+ Advanced that the providers really went the extra mile. Users ready to subscribe to its longer plan will also get advanced features to assist you in case of identity theft or credit breach. 
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Killexams : Crypto Stories: The late John McAfee tells the story of how he first found out about Bitcoin

From the Cointelegraph archives, John McAfee tells his crypto story and takes a look back at his very fascinating life.

Early in his life, the computer programmer landed a job at the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration, also known as NASA, and worked on the world’s first weather satellite. There, he learned about computer security and people’s concerns over unauthorized actors gaining access to private data.

McAfee also shared that he made all his money not from the popular “McAfee” antivirus software but from other projects. He explained:

“People know me from McAfee, but no, that was not my greatest success. That was some trivial thing. It was my future things, which I did not attach my name to, that taught me and made me all of my money.”

In 2011, McAfee’s friends pressured him into reading the Bitcoin (BTC) white paper published by its pseudonymous creator Satoshi Nakamoto. The computer programmer was impressed with the power of Bitcoin’s mathematics and saw the digital asset’s world-changing potential.

According to McAfee, his entry to crypto started with being the chairman and CEO of MGT, which was the world’s sixth largest BTC mining firm, valued at $800 million. However, McAfee noted that it eventually folded when BTC sank after going sky-high.

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The company was delisted by the New York Stock Exchange, which McAfee claimed was a warning shot — an attempt to silence him and a threat that he would be destroyed if he didn’t be quiet. McAfee continued the story:

“First of all, they tried to collect me in America when they convened a grand jury. I found out about it beforehand, so we left the following day to Florida. We picked up our yacht with Janice, myself, four large dogs and seven of my staff and sailed away, went to the Bahamas.”

McAfee said that they eventually went to Cuba and then to the Dominican Republic, where they were arrested before getting off the boat.