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MA0-100 McAfee Certified Product Specialist-ePO

Product version(s): 5.3.0
Associated test : MA0-100
Exam Title : McAfee Certified Product Specialist-ePO
Number of questions : 115
Exam duration : 140 Minutes
Passing score : 72%

The McAfee Certified Product Specialist certifications are designed for candidates who administer a specific McAfee product or suite of products, and have one to three years of experience with that product or product suite. This certification level allows candidates to demonstrate knowledge in these key product areas:
 Basic architecture
 Installation
 Configuration
 Management
 Troubleshooting

As technology and security threats continue to evolve, organizations are looking for employees with the most up-to-date certifications on the most current techniques and technologies. In a well cited IDC White Paper, over 70% of IT Managers surveyed felt certifications are valuable for their team and were worth the time and money to maintain.
Becoming McAfee certified distinguishes you from other security professionals and helps validate that you have mastery of the critical skills covered by the certification exams. Earning a certification also your commitment to continued learning and professional growth.

Recommended experience
A minimum of one year of experience using the McAfee product. Recommended hands-on experience includes:
 Planning
 Design
 Installation
 Configuration
 Operations and management

Server Installation and Configuration
 Installation (e.g., defaults, ports, components, protocols, encryption, excluding wizard installation)
 Web console (e.g., browser versions, navigating the UI, cut and paste features, organizing browser)
 User accounts
 Permissions sets
 Registered servers
 Automatic responses
 ePO repositories (e.g., master, distributed, source, fallback, SuperAgent)
 Agent Handlers (e.g., installation and rules)
 Server settings
Server Maintenance and Troubleshooting
 Server maintenance, utilities, and server tasks
 SQL maintenance
 Log files
 Recovery
 Performance monitoring
 Health checks
Product and Policy Management
 Managing policies (e.g., duplicating, assigning, creating, deleting, exporting, policy catalog)
 Agent/SuperAgent policies
 Configuration of product policies
 Installing extensions
 Product maintenance
 Policy assignment rules
 Comparisons (e.g., policy and tasks)
 Client tasks (e.g., creating, scheduling, applying, inheritance)
 Product deployment
McAfee Agent
 Installation (e.g., image, third party deployment)
 Agent communication
 Other features (e.g., relay servers, peer to peer, agent to agent, hierarchical)
 Logging
 Distributed repositories
 Troubleshooting (e.g., sitelist. xml, duplicate GUID)
System Tree
 Creating the System Tree
 Populating and Sorting the System Tree
 Rogue Systems Detection
 Tags (e.g., tagging on client tasks/properties/system presorting/reports, tag grouping
 System information
Queries and Reports
 Creating queries
 Generating reports
 Dashboards/monitors
 Audit logs
 Event analysis (e.g., threat events, purging, threat analysis)

McAfee Certified Product Specialist-ePO
McAfee Specialist-ePO basics
Killexams : McAfee Specialist-ePO basics - BingNews Search results Killexams : McAfee Specialist-ePO basics - BingNews Killexams : Crypto Stories: The late John McAfee tells the story of how he first found out about Bitcoin

From the Cointelegraph archives, John McAfee tells his crypto story and takes a look back at his very fascinating life.

Early in his life, the computer programmer landed a job at the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration, also known as NASA, and worked on the world’s first weather satellite. There, he learned about computer security and people’s concerns over unauthorized actors gaining access to private data.

McAfee also shared that he made all his money not from the popular “McAfee” antivirus software but from other projects. He explained:

“People know me from McAfee, but no, that was not my greatest success. That was some trivial thing. It was my future things, which I did not attach my name to, that taught me and made me all of my money.”

In 2011, McAfee’s friends pressured him into memorizing the Bitcoin (BTC) white paper published by its pseudonymous creator Satoshi Nakamoto. The computer programmer was impressed with the power of Bitcoin’s mathematics and saw the digital asset’s world-changing potential.

According to McAfee, his entry to crypto started with being the chairman and CEO of MGT, which was the world’s sixth largest BTC mining firm, valued at $800 million. However, McAfee noted that it eventually folded when BTC sank after going sky-high.

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The company was delisted by the New York Stock Exchange, which McAfee claimed was a warning shot — an attempt to silence him and a threat that he would be destroyed if he didn’t be quiet. McAfee continued the story:

“First of all, they tried to collect me in America when they convened a grand jury. I found out about it beforehand, so we left the following day to Florida. We picked up our yacht with Janice, myself, four large dogs and seven of my staff and sailed away, went to the Bahamas.”

McAfee said that they eventually went to Cuba and then to the Dominican Republic, where they were arrested before getting off the boat.