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Magento Certified Developer
Magento Certified tricks
Killexams : Magento Certified tricks - BingNews Search results Killexams : Magento Certified tricks - BingNews Killexams : CSGO: 10 Tips & Tricks For Beginners No result found, try new keyword!Using these tips and tricks, beginners can jumpstart their domination of CS:GO. Mastering this knowledge can even get you ready for The Global Elite. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a highly ... Wed, 09 Nov 2022 18:45:00 -0600 Killexams : Tips and Tricks No result found, try new keyword!Welcome to IGN's Tips and Tricks guide for Evil West. Evil West is a fairly linear third person shooter / beat em' up, but that doesn't mean there aren't a couple things to know before you dive in. Wed, 23 Nov 2022 12:45:00 -0600 Killexams : Top Magento Development Companies in India 2023

With digital transformation on the go, many small and large businesses are looking to establish their e-commerce platform with the help of Magento developers. And it is no surprise that Magento can accomplish outstanding achievements in eCommerce development. Magento is one of the best eCommerce development platforms, powering 65,403 eCommerce websites currently. These stats demonstrate how Magento development company is upgrading with the latest trends and technologies.

That’s not it. More than a quarter of a million merchants rely on it for their e-commerce solutions. So without further ado, let’s move on to our list of the top 10 Magento development companies in India.

List of Top Magento Development Companies in India

In this ever-evolving competitive business world, almost all businesses and brands need a leading mobile app or a major eCommerce platform. The curated list of best Magento developers are on the basis of their expertise in Magento development services, eCommerce solutions, eCommerce platforms, and online store development.

Partner with top 10 Magneto e-commerce development companies in India to help you narrow your search and partner with the best of the best.

1. The NineHertz

The NineHertz is a Magento Adobe Bronze Solution Partner that tops our list of Magento development companies in India. The Magento development company specializes in varied industries and offers a comprehensive range of eCommerce design and development services. The company has acquired the trust of clients ranging from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and more countries by offering its experienced remote magento development team for hire. Whether you are looking for an entertainment platform or custom ecommerce solutions, the company has it all.

  • Established Year: 2008
  • Location: Jaipur, India
  • Key Services: Custom web and mobile development, ecommerce development, Magento development, game development, blockchain development

2. Wipro

Another leading Magento development company is Wipro. The company has evolved into a full-service design and development company. Wipro is renowned for its comprehensive services portfolio, solid sustainability commitment, and good corporate citizenship.

  • Established Year: 1945
  • Location: Bangalore (India)
  • Key Services: Technology and business consulting

3. Infosys

Incorporated in 1981, Infosys is among the top Magento development companies in India. The firm has an extensive network of Magento developers and provides top notch services. Infosys has been in the business for nearly four decades, empowering global companies to steer their digital transformation.

  • Established Year: 1981
  • Location: Pune (India)
  • Key Services: IT consulting and outsourcing

4. Tech Mahindra Limited

Tech Mahindra Ltd is one of the leading digital marketing companies offering best-in-class technology solutions. The ecommerce development firm has highly qualified Magento developers and technicians who seek to design meaningful and sustainable ventures for clients. The web development agency also specializes in big data consulting, custom software development, and digital marketing.

  • Established Year: 1986
  • Location: Pune (India)
  • Key Services: Technology services and consulting

5. Mphasis

Serving marquee customers across the globe, Mphasis is a spectacular web app development company also mastered in commerce development. It offers top-notch Magento development services to help companies gain a competitive advantage in the e-commerce industry.

  • Established Year: 1992
  • Location: Bangalore, Chennai, Pune (India)
  • Key Services: Infrastructure technology, outsourcing services, and business consulting

6. Mindtree

Founded by IT experts, Mindtree is yet another top Magento development company. It uses its deep domain expertise to help its large and small business clients with impeccable ecommerce and game solutions. Even their top mobile game developers excel in designing and developing a bespoke Magento theme for Egaming to provide an immersive user experience to their clients.

  • Established Year: 1999
  • Location: Bangalore (India)
  • Key Services: Technology consulting and services

7. Coforge

Formerly known as NIIT Technologies, Coforge is a leading digital commerce agency. It enables its clients to transform with cutting-edge technology solutions and years of experience. The company also believes in creating unique mobile experiences by creating award-winning progressive web apps, mobile apps, online stores, and excellent web design solutions.

  • Established Year: 1992
  • Location: Noida (India)
  • Key Services: CyberSecurity services

8. Collabera Digital

Collabera Digital is also one of the top Magento development companies in India that has proven its worth over time. It provides information technology consulting, enabling organizations to design, build, operate and automate their workflows.

  • Established Year: 1991
  • Location: Vadodara (India)
  • Key Services: IT Services, ‎Enterprise Software

9. Datamatics

Datamatics is another top IT company helping organizations transform their digital landscape with Magento cloud services, Salesforce consulting services, and SaaS development services. The firm excels in developing e-commerce platforms that unify the customer experience & maximize revenues. This leading app development company strives to increase productivity & enhance the customer experience of its clients.

  • Established Year: 1975
  • Location: Mumbai (India)
  • Key Services: IT & BPM services

10. Honeywell

The old decade company, Honeywell, is among the top software companies offering several services including magento ecommerce development for digital transformation. Apart from this ecommerce development, they have a talented expertise of NFT game developers providing end-to-end services for the gaming industry.

  • Established Year: 1906
  • Location: Pune (India)
  • Key Services: Manufacturing and technology solutions

What Are The Skills to Look for in a Magento Developer?

Whether you’re looking to hire Magento developers or outsource an e-commerce development company, you must look at their skills to ace your e-commerce project.

e-commerce development is not only about technical skills but also industrial knowledge and soft skills. Therefore, here are some top skills to seek out for when hiring a Magento development team:

  • Strong object-oriented programming knowledge
  • Deep understanding of Magento extension development
  • Programming languages expertise
  • CMS development skills
  • Standard communication skills
  • Extensive LESS & CSS knowledge

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Magento website?

Magento web development cost varies between $20,000 to $125,000. While a simple Magento website can cost between $20,000 and $40,000, upgrading to Magento enterprise can cost more than $100,000. The basic Magento web development is ideal for personal or small businesses looking to build an online presence. However, if you plan to scale your marketing strategy for online stores, you can opt for the Enterprise edition.

The price of Magento web development may vary depending on the following factors:

  • Website’s functionality and performance requirements
  • Hosting options needed - Cloud, dedicated, and shared
  • Custom Magento Design
  • Outsourcing Cost (e-commerce development firm or freelance Magento developers)


The e-commerce market is expanding every day, and new companies are adventuring into the online shopping arena. Creating a Magento store is the best option for businesses looking to mark a global presence.

That said, you must select the right mobile app development company to transform your website into a customizable ecommerce platform. While there is no dearth of Top Magento Development Companies in India, choosing the right one will ensure innovative solutions with a potent mix of highly scalable designs and a wide range of support networks.

So, what are you waiting for? Read our list and partner with the top mobile application development company to provide your customers a thrilling experience.

FAQ on Magento Development Agencies

1. How much does it cost to develop a Magento website?

The Magento website development begins from $22,000 per project. Although some other factors, including custom themes, module development, hosting and extra features, are included in the Magento e-commerce website that can cost more than $30,000 to $50,000.

2. How can I hire Magento 2 developer?

To find and recruit accredited Magento 2 developers, use some renowned platforms like Upwork, LinkedIn, and others. Also, go through the websites of Magento Development companies that provide Magento development services by performing deep research to know about their projects, experience, services, and portfolio. I would recommend you to hire The NineHertz which is recognized by top review platforms.

3. What are best Magento development services?

Magento development services cover all technology-related demands of online businesses including:

  1. Custom Magento Web Development
  2. Magento Theme Development
  3. Custom Magento Extension Development
  4. Customised Website Design
  5. Magento Website Management
  6. Payment Gateway Integration
  7. Customised Module Development

Disclaimer: This article is a paid publication and does not have journalistic/editorial involvement of Hindustan Times. Hindustan Times does not endorse/subscribe to the content(s) of the article/advertisement and/or view(s) expressed herein. Hindustan Times shall not in any manner, be responsible and/or liable in any manner whatsoever for all that is stated in the article and/or also with regard to the view(s), opinion(s), announcement(s), declaration(s), affirmation(s) etc., stated/featured in the same.

Mon, 28 Nov 2022 02:48:00 -0600 en text/html
Killexams : The Psychology Tricks That Can Dispel Climate Change Denial

The 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference, better known as COP 27, is currently underway. Preliminary reports already suggest a deep strain of pessimism among attendees about the world’s efforts to avert a catastrophe and limit the rise in global temperatures to a manageable threshold. The United States itself is doing much less than necessary to avert a climate crisis. Half of Congress—the Republican half—is still not convinced that burning fossil fuels warms the planet. If this political impediment to effective climate action is to be overcome, it must be understood and addressed.

As a psychologist, I think I have identified one important factor that encourages climate change denial. As a therapist, I think I know what to do about it.

Motives for climate science denial are easy to identify. The fossil fuel industry has a lot to lose in this debate, and it has funded disinformation campaigns to convince the public that the science is not settled, so we have no solid knowledge about global warming and therefore no basis for action.

But motives are not enough—how do disinformation campaigns succeed if the science is so clear? If we delve into the psychology underlying climate change denial, part of the answer becomes apparent: the form of cognitive distortion we call black-and-white thinking. Concepts and issues that are complex and contain a spectrum of possibilities are simplified and polarized into stark binaries—pairs of opposites. Shades of gray are missed; everything appears to be either black or white, true or false, right or wrong.

Climate science deniers make this thinking error over and over again in their objections to climate research. If we could correct this error, it would accomplish a lot.

Black-and-white thinking is heavily characterized by asymmetrical ways of making sense of the world. For example, perfectionists categorize their work as either perfect or unsatisfactory; good and very good outcomes are lumped together with poor ones in the unsatisfactory category.

It’s like a pass/fail grading system in which 100 percent earns a passing grade, and everything else gets an F. With this grading system, it’s not surprising that opponents of climate action have found a way to provide global warming research an F.

Cognitive interventions for dismantling black-and-white thinking have one big thing going for them: Once people realize what they’re doing, they usually stop, because they know most realities exist as spectrums, not binaries. Cognitive therapists help clients see the complexities that exist underneath the simplified dichotomies they have formed. Learning how our thinking goes wrong and learning how to set it right are two aspects of one process.

“Cognitive interventions for dismantling black-and-white thinking have one big thing going for them: Once people realize what they’re doing, they usually stop.”

Something like this needs to happen on a macro, political level for our country to take strong action against global warming. Climate change deniers need to understand how they are misunderstanding the science so they can grasp it accurately and use it as a basis for action.

The familiar idea of a 10-point scale is a handy tool for unpacking binaries into spectrums. In my book Finding Goldilocks, this tool is applied to both mental health problems and political issues.

For example, here is a spectrum for treating perfectionism:

Jeremy Shapiro

Climate change deniers apply unrealistic, perfectionistic standards to research. They view the spectrum of possible scientific agreement as either 100 percent consensus, or inconclusive controversy. If it’s not one, it’s the other.

A 2021 review of climate change research concluded that 99.9 percent of studies have found that human activities are warming the planet. That’s not good enough for the deniers. If they can find one contrarian scientist somewhere, like the late Freeman Dyson, they quote him or her, categorize the state of the field as inconclusive, shrug their shoulders, and say that no one really knows whether burning fossil fuels warms the planet.

In their evaluations of climate research, climate skeptics divide the spectrum of possibilities into two categories: perfect understanding and no understanding at all. As a result, they misinterpret minor departures from scientists’ predictions as evidence their entire models are invalid. Because former President Trump confused short-term fluctuations in the weather with long-term trends in the climate, he misinterpreted every winter cold snap as a refutation of global warming. Deniers also misunderstand minor differences between analyses to mean that “the scientists disagree with each other” about the fundamental question of whether fossil fuels warm the planet. They do not.

Jeremy Shapiro

As increases in global temperatures have become obvious, some climate science deniers have given up on refuting them and switched to reframing them. Their oft-repeated line is that the climate has always been changing, typically delivered with an air of patient wisdom, based on a striking lack of knowledge about climate science. Do they imagine researchers have not thought of this?

Once again, their reasoning is based on an invalid binary: Either the climate is changing or it’s not; and since it’s always been changing, there is nothing new here and no reason for concern. That’s in spite of the fact that the data shows us not all climate change is the same or driven by the same factors. The current rate of warming is much faster than almost all past episodes, and the few exceptions were planet-wide disasters that caused massive extinctions. Here is a diagram of the invalid binary on which this thinking error is based:

Jeremy Shapiro

Another objection to climate science, also typically delivered with a world-weary sigh, is, “They think they can control the climate” or “only God can control the climate.” In this false dichotomy, control is viewed as an all-or-none phenomenon, and since it’s obvious that we cannot command the climate to do what we want, the conclusion is that it’s futile to try to reduce global warming. However, there is a gray area between total control and no control, which is called “influence.” This is what climate scientists actually think people can do: reduce burning of fossil fuels to decrease global warming. No scientist has ever said that people can “control” the climate; this is an exaggerated, satiric caricature and a straw man.

Something analogous to cognitive therapy on a political scale is needed to correct the thinking errors currently impeding strong climate action. If public advocates of climate science denial cannot be persuaded to change their minds, at least the public can learn to see through their tricks.

In debates around the dinner table and in the media, political campaigns, and the halls of Congress, the fallacious dichotomies underlying climate change denial can be exposed and refuted by comparing them to an accurate picture of the science. These efforts are most effective when they are guided by the psychology of persuasion, and research in this area demonstrates that interpersonal skills are at least as important as knowledge of the facts. Research shows people resist persuasion when they feel their opinions are being trashed. In fact, the most effective way to get people to agree with us is to start out by agreeing with them—at least partially. This establishes common ground and helps people open up to influence.

“If public advocates of climate science denial cannot be persuaded to change their minds, at least the public can learn to see through their tricks.”

This isn’t a difficult tactic at all. There are plenty of scripts you can use to get started and work to dismantle black-and-white thinking in those who are buying into climate change denial:

  • “Yes it does seem strange that winter cold snaps happen while the climate is supposedly getting warmer, but in complicated things like this it’s normal for there to be short-term fluctuations within long-term trends. If you look at graphs of the stock prices of Google, Facebook, and Apple, this is exactly what you’ll see: They had down days while they were going up thousands of percent.”
  • “I think you’re right that the climate has always been changing, but it hasn’t always been changing like this, and warming this rapid will cause heat waves, droughts and floods resulting in massive dislocation and loss of life.”
  • “I agree that climate change models are not perfectly accurate in their predictions, and scientists do disagree about the details of these models, but there is full consensus about the basic facts: Burning fossil fuels is warming the planet, and this warming will cause disastrous consequences if it’s not brought under control. If we wait for all the details to be worked out, it will be too late to do anything about it, and we won’t be able to preserve a livable world for the next generation.”
Sun, 06 Nov 2022 22:29:00 -0600 en text/html
Killexams : 9 Sonos tips, tricks, and little-known features

We’re always ready to talk about how much we like Sonos speakers. From their excellent audio quality and multiroom playback to their support for multiple voice assistants, Sonos is one of the best speaker brands you can buy for your home theater — or anywhere else, for that matter.

One of our favorite things about Sonos speakers is just how many features are packed into them. That means new users don’t always know what they’re capable of. We’re helping out by sharing some of our favorite tricks for Sonos speakers. Take a look and see what you can do!

A Sonos Arc soundbar within a home theater setup.

Link your Sonos speakers together

Whether you’re bringing multiple Sonos speakers into your home or adding an additional Sonos device, you should know that they are very easy to link together. The Sonos app natively supports linking Sonos brand speakers together, and most are compatible with one another. Head into the Sonos app and add your new speaker to enable linking capabilities. This is useful for multiroom sound, stereo sound with two speakers, and other arrangements where your speakers can play simultaneously.

Trueplay tuning

Trueplay tuning is Sonos’ proprietary system that allows you to use your smartphone and the Sonos app to tune your Sonos speaker setup by listening to the sound in the room and adjusting the audio for the best effect in the space. It’s available on newer Sonos speakers, like the latest Sonos Plays. Sonos may suggest doing this during setup, but you can tune it at any time with the Sonos app. Go to Settings > Select Room > Trueplay, and Trueplay tuning to start the process. This may be useful if you move your Sonos speaker to a different position or to a new room.

Sonos Sub Mini.
Simon Cohen / Digital Trends

Create volume limits

Do you want to keep your speaker from going above a certain volume to avoid annoying the neighbors or preventing little ones from accidentally cranking things up? Sonos speakers allow you to set a volume limit for each room that you have set up. Just go to Settings, select System, choose Select Room, and go to Volume limit. This will allow you to set an upper threshold for the volume so things don’t get too crazy for that particular room.

Set up rear speakers in a surround sound system

If you have two of the same kind of Sonos speaker, like two Sonos One speakers, you can set them as rear wireless speakers in a Sonos-based surround sound setup. For example, if you have a Sonos soundbar, like an Arc, Beam, or Ray, plus a Sonos Sub or Sub Mini, you can add a pair of Sonos Ones or even Fives as rear surround speakers that sound awesome.

Connect your preferred streaming services

Sonos offers some of the best compatibility with other services that we’ve seen, so a vital part of setting up is connecting your preferred music services. However, we suggest connecting all your music services if possible. Sonos works with Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, and much more. Once you have all your services on the Sonos app, you can build playlists by pulling songs from any of them into one list managed by Sonos, combining music from different sources as you want. If you have a subscription that supports high-res music on a service like Tidal or Amazon Music, then your Sonos speaker may be compatible with high-res audio too.

Angled view of The Sonos Ray soundbar in white.
Simon Cohen / Digital Trends

Turn off the status indicator light

Many Sonos speakers come with an LED indicator light to let you know that it’s on and working. If this light becomes annoying at night (or is attracting too much attention from pets or toddlers), then you can easily turn it off. Head into the Settings on your Sonos app, and look for the section that says Status Indicator. There should be an option here to disable it.

Connect apps to your Sonos system

If you open the Sonos app and head to Services & voice, you will see a number of ideas on how to do more with your Sonos device. Here’s a good example: Head to Music & content in Settings, and choose Add a service. Here, you can add a ton of popular apps like Pocket Casts, radio stations from around the world, and the meditation app Calm, so you can start a meditation routine whenever you want on your Sonos speaker.

Sonos Move Smart Portable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Speaker.

Set the Sleep function before bed and the Alarm function to wake up

If your Sonos speaker is pulling multiple shifts as a digital assistant, music speaker, and alarm clock, help it out a little by setting up a sleep mode. Settings in the Sonos app also have the option to create a Sleep timer that will shut off after a certain amount of playing.

If you like to drift off to some tunes before bed, activate this and set your time. At the same time, visit the Alarm section and set an alarm to help you wake up in the morning. Now your sleep schedule is all managed in one spot!

Use your smartphone to control Sonos speakers

Yes, you can always use the Sonos app to control your speaker and manage settings. But the latest versions of the Sonos app make this even easier. They have enhanced compatibility with the operating system on your phone, with widget controls that show up on the home or lock screen once you are finished setting up. This works for both iOS and Android and is an easy way to save some time.

Editors' Recommendations

Fri, 25 Nov 2022 01:31:00 -0600 Tyler Lacoma en text/html
Killexams : Money tight? Tricks to help you save big on holiday gifts

There’s no denying how expensive things are right now. Get as many years as possible out of the things that cost a ton to replace. Tap or click for 10 mistakes killing your appliances.

Some wallet drains are more subtle. Leaving your tech plugged in all the time can cost you a decent amount of money. Tap or click here for the most significant energy suckers.

When it comes to holiday gifting, we're all looking for a bargain. Instead of jumping from site to site and hoping you spot the best deal, let tech do the work for you.

1. An easy way to find coupons

You only have to search Google for "coupon codes" once to see how annoying and time-consuming it can be to find one that actually works. Honey is a browser extension that finds coupon codes for 30,000-plus online retailers. It works with Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, and Opera.

It's so important to let our loved ones know we care during this Christmas season and always. (iStock)

Honey connects to coupon databases and checks them against expiration dates and current promotions. When a matching coupon is found, it is automatically applied during checkout. I use it myself and have saved a ton over the years.

Download Honey here.

2. Shop smarter on Amazon

If you shop on Amazon a lot, you likely have a Prime account. Here are some of my favorite perks included with the subscription. Either way, here are three quick ways to save.

I have more tech smarts to share. Tap or click for even more ways to save on Amazon.

3. Sign up for their app or email list

Chances are, your favorite store probably has an app of its own. You may find a few sales or promotional discounts you won’t hear about anywhere else, along with coupons or offers for loyal shoppers.

The same goes for signing up for your favorite shop’s email newsletter or following them on social media.

While you’re logging in to Facebook or Twitter, do yourself a social and check out this quick guide: 5 social media do’s and don'ts to protect your privacy and security.

4. Use a cashback app

There are lots of apps out there that will pay you for what you’re already buying. Some pay out in gift cards you can spend anywhere, and others in points or specific credit toward future purchases.

A popular option is Ibotta, which offers cashback in-store and online for purchases from retailers and travel sites like Home Depot, Best Buy, Walmart, Kohl’s, and Priceline.

You can shop with the Ibotta browser extension or app for online purchases. Tap or click here for direct download links. To withdraw your accrued savings, it must be greater than $20. You can also transfer money to your PayPal account or a gift card purchased through the Ibotta app.

Friends having fun celebrating Christmas, sitting at table, eating, drinking wine and having fun while spending time together during winter holidays (iStock)

Tap or click for 10 apps that pay you for doing almost nothing.

5. Set a Google alert

Google Alerts allows you to track keywords across the internet and alert you when they are mentioned. This can come in handy if you have your eye on something specific. For example, you might set one up to track "AirPods sale." You’ll get an alert in your inbox whenever that's mentioned.

Alerts are a great free tool from Google. My favorite, though, is Google Voice. Tap or click here for ways a free number from Google makes life easier.

6. Track prices to see if that deal is worth it

Apps and extensions that pull coupon codes are great, but CamelCamelCamel goes a step further. It tracks prices on Amazon over time, so you can see if that advertised special is worth it.

Let’s say you’ve had your eye on expensive noise-canceling headphones. You can use the CamelCamelCamel website or browser extension to see how the price has fluctuated. That way, you’re not paying more than they might go on sale for later.

Christmas gifts  (Unsplash)

Tap or click here for direct download links and more tricks to get the most out of this handy tool.

Keep your tech-know going 

My popular podcast is called "Kim Komando Today." It’s a solid 30 minutes of tech news, tips, and callers with tech questions like you from all over the country. Search for it wherever you get your podcasts. For your convenience, hit the link below for a accurate episode.

PODCAST PICK: Facebook's slow death, Twitter competitor, free background check

In this 30-minute podcast, Meta is in steep decline. Is this the beginning of the end for Facebook? Plus, all the changes at Twitter and a look at its newest competitor Mastodon. And a trick to find the best seat on a plane, get reminders from your smart assistant, and how to do a free background check.

Check out my podcast "Kim Komando Today" on Apple, Google Podcasts, Spotify, or your favorite podcast player.

Listen to the podcast here or wherever you get your podcasts. Just search for my last name, "Komando."

Get more tech know-how on The Kim Komando Show, broadcast on 425+ radio stations and available as a podcast. Sign up for Kim’s 5-minute free morning roundup for the latest security breaches and tech news. Need help? Drop your question for Kim here.

Copyright 2023, WestStar Multimedia Entertainment. All rights reserved. By clicking the shopping links, you’re supporting my research. As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases. I only recommend products I believe in.

Thu, 17 Nov 2022 03:35:00 -0600 Fox News en text/html Killexams : What Is A Certified PEO (CPEO)?

A certified PEO is a type of PEO that has met strict requirements set forth by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). They have gone through a rigorous accreditation process that confirms they operate in a legal and ethical manner. In addition, they’ve passed a comprehensive background check and financial audit to verify they are of the highest levels of integrity.

If you decide to partner with a certified PEO, you’ll enter a co-employment relationship. This means you’ll maintain control of your organizational structure and the day-to-day tasks of your workers. Your certified PEO will step in and take care of the duties outlined in your co-employment contract. These often include providing employee benefits and handling functions such as payroll and tax remittance. All PEOs can offer benefits such as healthcare plans, retirement savings and other popular services.

Who Can Benefit From a Certified PEO?

There are a number of reasons you might want to consider a certified PEO. If you’re in an industry that must adhere to heavy compliance regulations, such as construction, a CPEO can be invaluable.

This is particularly true if you don’t have any experienced payroll and human resources personnel in-house. A certified PEO can help you stay compliant and offer access to attractive benefits that attract and retain top talent. In addition, if your business is growing quickly or has plans to do so, a CPEO can allow you to focus on running your business while knowing your employees are receiving the support they need.


Professional employer organizations (PEOs) are designed to take on payroll, HR and benefits administration functions for small businesses. Employees are paid under the PEO’s employer identification number (EIN), rather than the EIN of the business that partnered with them. PEOs also handle tax reporting.

A CPEO is a PEO that has been certified by the Internal Revenue Service. Certified PEOs have met extensive financial and experience requirements and chosen to complete a certification process that proves they’re stable and responsible. Additionally, they’re held liable for all employment taxes on behalf of the businesses they partner with. You can outsource payroll taxes to a CPEO without worrying about being penalized for any errors.

Wed, 09 Nov 2022 03:07:00 -0600 Anna Baluch en-US text/html
Killexams : He’s got some tricks up his sleeve

Anyone who has attended the Aquadettes’ Aqua Follies over the past five years will remember Jerry Langford, the master of ceremonies, who also happens to be a radio show host, an illusionist and a mentalist.

“They invited me to their show because of my radio work and my voice,” Langford said in a accurate interview, his voice deep and resonant. “It feels natural for me to speak for the Aquadettes.”

Langford is the morning host at KSDW Radio in San Diego and Riverside County and K-Wave in Orange County. “Radio opened the door for me to do magic because I am also very creative,” he said.

To promote his radio shows, Langford set up booths at concerts, conferences, beach events and county fairs.

“I would stand in our booth and people would walk right by,” he said. “Then I thought of a creative way to make them stop by doing close-up magic (card tricks, sleight-of-hand) and kept expanding my repertoire.”

He learned his craft at online magic shops, hanging out with other magicians, learning and exchanging new tricks and approaches on how to present them.

“It started out as a hobby and is now a bigger business than my radio work,” he said.

Along with emceeing the Aqua Follies, Langford has done magic shows in the Village. His next one is for the Saddleback Church of Laguna Woods on Monday, Nov. 14. He’s up for hire for more events in the Village. Contact him at 949-292-2624 or His website is

  • Jerry Langford spreads and finds joy through his magic. (Courtesy...

    Jerry Langford spreads and finds joy through his magic. (Courtesy of Jerry Langford)

  • An Aquadette peeks through the curtains at Jerry Langford, in...

    An Aquadette peeks through the curtains at Jerry Langford, in his role as master of ceremonies at the Aqua Follies in September. (Photo by Paul Rodriguez, Contributing Photographer)

  • Jerry Langford brought his magic “illusion of the eyes” to...

    Jerry Langford brought his magic “illusion of the eyes” to Tanzania, where his daughter once was a social worker. (Courtesy of Jerry Langford)

  • Schoolchildren in Tanzania are treated to some close-up magic tricks...

    Schoolchildren in Tanzania are treated to some close-up magic tricks by Jerry Langford. (Courtesy of Jerry Langford)

  • Jerry Langford, the longtime emcee for the Laguna Woods Aquadettes’...

    Jerry Langford, the longtime emcee for the Laguna Woods Aquadettes’ Aqua Follies show, is also a radio host, an illusionist and a mentalist. Here he holds some of his props on the 19 Restaurant patio. (Photo by Daniella Walsh)

Langford, who can best be described as an extrovert driven by high-octane creativity, was more than happy to show off a few of the tricks up his sleeve at the 19 Restaurant recently.

In one trick – more mentalism than sleight-of-hand – he  handed patron Julie Dickman a book of roughly 600 pages (“The End of the Hunt,” by Thomas Flanagan).

“Rifle through the pages randomly, see that it’s a real book, no tricks,” he told her. Then he asked her to pick any word out of the book, write it on a piece of paper and then crumple it up. Dickman watched as Langford did some writing of his own, coming up with the word “lead” – exactly the word she had picked out of the book.

In another trick, Langford asked this reporter some questions about pets – before correctly guessing the name of the reporter’s miniature schnauzer mix.

“This is actually more magical, more mentalist,” he said. “It packs a more powerful punch than pulling a dove out of thin air and requires no equipment.”

Langford starts his shows with stage magic to amp up the crowd and then circulates among the audience. He’s got enough tricks, he said, that he can do two or three shows without repeating any.

His audience has included people from every walk of life and all ages, from kids to seniors, and he tailors his material to keep them all enthralled.

“I’ve performed for groups from 50 to 200, altogether 3,000 to 5,000 people … I’ve lost count,” he said.

Venues are as varied — he’s played at churches, synagogues, corporate events, bank openings, city events in places like Fullerton and Laguna Niguel, everything from nightclub events to kids’ birthday parties.

“I don’t hesitate to include some corny jokes for families or events like Aquadettes,” he said. “I like to leave people smiling and laughing and trying to figure out how I did it.”

At the beginning of his magicianship, Langford traveled throughout California, he said, but found that transporting equipment proved a drawback.

“I do a lot of stuff with fire, and those materials couldn’t be brought on a plane, and it became too big a challenge to get equipment from one place to another intact,” he said.

These days, everything has to fit in his car. That switch, he recalled, led him to perform more mentalist demonstrations such as the book/word trick.

“Mentalism appears simple and straightforward, but it has power,” he said.

Some of his most memorable shows were the ones he performed in Tanzania, where one of his daughters once was a social worker.

“When my wife and I visited her, (the daughter) lined up magic shows in a prison for juveniles, a couple of schools, orphanages and even a village church. I was kept busy for two weeks,” Langford said. “She knew that I enjoy meeting and entertaining people, and she reminded everyone that (my) magic was not witchcraft but illusion. She told them in Swahili that illusion is a trick of the eyes.”

Langford, 63, was not to the manor but to the magic born, so to speak.

“I’ve led a pretty bizarre life. I drove limos and met celebrities and worked as a stand-up comedian,” he said. “I had left home at 16, and when you leave home at an early age, you have to survive.”

He got into the radio/news/talk business inspired by his grandfather, Ernest Bennett, an Associated Press photographer.

“My grandfather took me along to the San Francisco Chronicle building where I got my love for news,” he said, adding that he started his 30-year radio career in Texas and moved back to California in the 1990s.

Langford developed an interest in magic while in his 40s. He attributes his happy 44-year marriage to the fact that his wife is supportive of his many stints on the road and on stage, which has numbered more than 100 shows this year alone.

“My shows are booked into January of next year,” he said.

Father of a son and two daughters and grandfather of four, he’s also an avid poker and blackjack player. Playing poker two or three times a week and trying out new magic tricks on his buddies got him through the pandemic, he said.

“Magic is a device, a means to an end to entertain people, to make them laugh, to connect,” he said.

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