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LEED-GA learner - LEED Green Associate Updated: 2023

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LEED-GA LEED Green Associate

Test Detail:
The LEED Green Associate (LEED-GA) exam is conducted by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) as part of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification program. This exam assesses candidates' understanding of green building principles, practices, and the LEED rating system. Below is a detailed description of the test, including the number of questions and time allocation, course outline, exam objectives, and exam syllabus.

Number of Questions and Time:
The LEED-GA exam consists of multiple-choice questions. The number of questions and time allocation for the exam are as follows:

- Number of Questions: Approximately 100
- Time: 2 hours

Course Outline:
The LEED-GA course covers the fundamental principles and concepts of green building and the LEED rating system. The course provides candidates with a comprehensive understanding of sustainable design, construction, and operations practices. The course outline typically includes the following key areas:

1. Introduction to Green Building and LEED:
- Understanding the principles of sustainable design and construction
- Exploring the goals and benefits of green building
- Overview of the LEED rating system and its various categories

2. Sustainable Site Selection and Development:
- Strategies for site selection and site planning
- Best practices for minimizing site disturbance and preserving ecosystems
- Stormwater management and water-efficient landscaping

3. Water Efficiency and Energy Conservation:
- Designing and implementing water-efficient systems and fixtures
- Energy conservation strategies and renewable energy sources
- Indoor water use reduction and energy performance optimization

4. Materials and Resources:
- Sustainable materials selection and resource conservation
- Construction waste management and recycling
- Life-cycle assessment and environmental product declarations

5. Indoor Environmental Quality:
- Indoor air quality management and ventilation systems
- Daylighting and views to the outdoors
- Thermal comfort and acoustical performance

Exam Objectives:
The LEED-GA exam aims to assess candidates' knowledge and understanding of green building principles, the LEED rating system, and sustainable design practices. The key objectives of the exam include:

1. Knowledge of Green Building Concepts:
- Understanding the principles and benefits of green building
- Knowledge of sustainable site selection, water efficiency, energy conservation, materials and resources, and indoor environmental quality

2. Familiarity with the LEED Rating System:
- Understanding the structure and requirements of the LEED rating system
- Knowledge of the different LEED categories and associated credits

3. Understanding the Roles and Responsibilities of a LEED Green Associate:
- Familiarity with the responsibilities of a LEED Green Associate in project teams
- Knowledge of the documentation and certification process for LEED projects

Exam Syllabus:
The LEED-GA exam syllabus covers the necessary knowledge areas required to demonstrate proficiency in green building principles and the LEED rating system. The specific content and emphasis may vary slightly, so candidates are advised to consult the official USGBC website or study materials for the most up-to-date exam syllabus.

Candidates should allocate sufficient time for exam preparation, including studying the LEED Green Associate Candidate Handbook, reviewing the LEED reference guide, and practicing with sample exam questions to assess their knowledge and readiness.
LEED Green Associate
LEED Associate learner

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LEED Green Associate
Question: 130
Regional Priority credits are new to LEED 2009 and are made available to the
project for:
A. Achieving the highest threshold level of the credit
B. The zip code of the geographic location of the project
C. Ensuring all enviornmental concerns associated with energy usage for the
project location are achieved
D. Determining all local enviornmental issues are achieved as identified by the
project team
Answer: B
Question: 131
The LEED project boundary is defined as:
A. The same as the site boundary
B. The porton of the site that encompasses only the building and hardscape areas
C. The boundary description that is submitted for certification
D. The same as the attendance boundary
Answer: C
Question: 132
The 2009 LEED Rating System vest suited for an office complex where the
owner will occupy 60% of the building would be:
A. LEED for Core & Shell
B. LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance
C. LEED for Commercial Interiors
D. LEED for New Construction and Major Renovations
Answer: D
Question: 133
The minimum FTE requirement per Minimum Program Requirements (MPRs) for
LEED Certification is:
A. 25 FTE
B. 1 FTE
C. 10 FTE
D. 1 FTE per 100 square feet
Answer: B
Question: 134
A popular program for comparing the energy performance of multiple buildings:
B. EPAct 1992
C. ASHRAE 90.1-2007
D. ASHRAE 90.1-2004
Answer: A
Question: 135
What is unique about the Innovative Performance requirement for the Innovation
in Design credit?
A. It is not applicable to existing or similar stragies in the LEED rating system
B. It is available for achieving the next incremental theshold of the credit
C. It is available only for prerequisites
D. It is available only for existing or similar credit strategies
Answer: A
Question: 136
The major consideration when developing a sustainable project budget:
A. Final contractor bids
B. Life Cycle Costs
C. Construction hard costs only
D. Triple Bottom Line
Answer: B
Question: 137
The EPAct 1992 water standard excludes which types of fixtures and equipment?
A. Bidets
B. Dishwashers
C. Lavatory faucets
D. Water closets
Answer: B
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LEED Associate learner - BingNews Search results LEED Associate learner - BingNews LEED Green Associate Program

The US Green Building Council created the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building design/certification system, which has certified over 15 billion sqft of the built environment globally. Over 200,000 sustainability leaders have received their LEED accreditation.

Take the course if you are someone in the Michigan Tech community interested in:

  • building design, construction, operation
  • interior design
  • sustainability leadership

and can do basic math. You do not need an engineering or technical degree to be successful with this training.

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LEED Certification

LEED Certification at Bucknell

Projects pursuing LEED certification earn points across several categories, including Location & Transportation, Sustainable Sites, Water Efficiency, Energy & Atmosphere, Materials & Resources, Indoor Environmental Quality and Innovation. Based on the number of points achieved, a project then earns one of four LEED rating levels: Certified, Silver, Gold or Platinum.

To achieve LEED certification, several Bucknell buildings are designed and constructed with sustainable building features such as:

Construction Materials

  • Construction waste mitigation
  • Low-VOC emitting materials
  • Use of regional materials
  • Use of recycled materials
  • Sustainable wood (FSC-certified)
Energy & Emissions
  • Energy performance
  • Energy source
  • Energy use
  • Lighting design
  • Occupancy sensors and operable windows
  • Reduced heat island effect
  • Vehicle emissions

Water Conservation

  • Elimination of irrigation/use of native plants for landscaping
  • Reduced water use
  • Sediment control plan
  • Stormwater control design
Quality Living & Learning Environment
  • Covered bike storage
  • Exterior views and daylight
  • Shade trees
  • Smoke-free
  • Features to sustain comfort and wellbeing


  • Building reuse
  • Green roof
  • Recycling area

LEED Certified Buildings


  • MacDonald Commons
  • Academic East
  • South Campus Apartments (all four buildings)
  • Holmes Hall


  • Graham Building
  • Roberts Hall
  • Academic West
  • Kappa Delta Rho
  • Carnegie Building
  • Lambda Chi Alpha
  • Delta Upsilon
  • Sigma Alpha Epsilon
  • Hildreth-Mirza Hall

LEED Certified Renovation

Operations & Maintenance Certification

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Green Buildings at UW (LEED Certified)

Many of the new buildings on UW’s campus are not only functional and beautiful – they’re also green. The University of Wyoming has committed to building to LEED-Silver standards or better. The US Green Building Council Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is the industry standard for evaluating green building practices.

Many of our new buildings also take the additional step of being officially certified under the LEED system, with key elements of the facility’s design and construction reviewed by a third party.  Points are earned for site selection, indoor environmental quality, sustainable materials use, and energy and water conservation. These buildings, filled with daylight and fresh air, are designed to be comfortable and inspiring for the students, staff, and faculty who occupy them, and set the standard for university facilities.

Visual Arts Building

 Visual Arts Building

LEED Platinum Scorecard (2012)

The UW Visual Arts Building received the highest possible LEED certification, Platinum, and won a prestigious American Institute of Architects award for its outstanding green design. The building is projected to produce 54% less carbon dioxide relative to traditional buildings through evaporative cooling, exhaust heat recovery, natural ventilation, and other innovative approaches. The building also generates renewable energy from an on-site solar thermal array to produce hot water for heat.

Berry Biodiversity Conservation Center 

Berry Biodiversity Center

LEED Gold Scorecard (2013)

The Berry Center, home to the Biodiversity Institute, is a space to examine and explain biological diversity and the importance of diversity for the maintenance of ecological structure and processes. A focal point of the Berry Center is its 3,600 sq. ft. green roof, which reduces stormwater runoff and heat island effects, and utilizes locally native plants to create pedestrian-friendly space and habitat for wildlife. Other green features include a building exhaust system for energy recovery and an 80% diversion of construction waste.

Bim Kendall House

Bim Kendall House

LEED Gold Scorecard (2012)

The Kendall House, home to the Haub School of Environment and Natural Resources, was the first LEED green building constructed at UW and the second building to achieve LEED Certification. The Kendall House relies on simple technologies and green building solutions transferable to small-scale institutional and residential-scale buildings, including passive ventilation and extensive daylighting. Floorings are from rapidly renewable cork, plant-based linoleum and rubber, and recycled car tires. A photovoltaic panel system generates 1/3 of the building’s electricity and variable frequency drive motors reduce energy use in the heating system.

College of Business

College of Business

LEED Gold Scorecard (2011)

The UW College of Business was the first state-funded building in Wyoming to achieve LEED-Gold certification and only the fourth business school in the nation to receive that certification. The project includes an addition and a complete remodel of the existing 53,000 square foot business building, 95% of which was reused or recycled. Daylighting is maximized through a central atrium and 90% of stormwater is treated on-site to remove suspended solids.

Other UW Buildings

UW’s major capital facilities projects are designed and built to LEED Silver standards. View their projected green building scorecards here.

  • Half Acre Gymnasium (2015) – Anticipated Gold certification, tentative scorecard

  • Buchanan Center for the Performing Arts (2015) – First UW building registered under the LEED for Existing Buildings Operations and Maintenance metric

  • Michael B. Enzi STEM Laboratory Facility (2015)

  • Marian H. Rochelle Gateway Center (2014) – Anticipated Silver certification, tentative scorecard

  • Energy Innovation Center (2013) – Anticipated Silver certification, tentative scorecard

  • Wildcatter Suites, War Memorial Stadium (2010)

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a guidance tool and credit rating system developed by the U.S. Green Building Council for design, construction, and operation of green buildings. Site selection, sustainable material use, water and energy efficiency, and indoor environmental quality are evaluated and calculated into credits. The more creidt points accumulated, the higher tier of certifification the building recieves. Certification ranges from Certified to Platinum. UW currently requires all of its new buildings to be built to LEED Silver standards.

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Earning A Master’s Degree In Real Estate: What To Know

Editorial Note: We earn a commission from partner links on Forbes Advisor. Commissions do not affect our editors' opinions or evaluations.

As one of the United States’ largest economic sectors, the constantly evolving real estate industry draws motivated individuals from varied academic and professional backgrounds. Careers in this industry demand strong abilities in negotiation and problem-solving, combined with an understanding of real estate principles, practices and regulations.

A master’s degree in real estate can help you develop the skills and knowledge to excel in this diverse and dynamic field. Featuring in-depth coursework in real estate finance, law, economics and analytics, this credential can accelerate your current professional path or give you the tools to break into a new career.

Moreover, pursuing your master’s in real estate online provides convenience and flexibility if you juggle work, school and family responsibilities. Online programs let you study from anywhere—and usually at any time—to accommodate your busy schedule. As an online student, you can also access educational opportunities across the country without relocating.

If you’re considering a real estate master’s program, keep practicing to learn how to apply, what you’ll study and what positions you can pursue after graduation.

What Is a Master’s Degree in Real Estate?

Real estate master’s programs foster an advanced understanding of the industry, from its day-to-day tasks and tools to its complex legal context and overarching goals and concepts. This interdisciplinary degree draws on fields such as business, economics, law, architecture and engineering.

Completing a master’s in real estate usually takes one year or less for full-time enrollees, with part-time learners graduating in about two years. Most programs entail around 30 to 36 credits.


Curriculum structure and content vary by program, but students typically complete core courses in real estate investment, development, valuation, analysis, finance and law. Some programs include separate classes in business and economics fundamentals, while others weave these courses into real estate-focused coursework.

Many master’s in real estate programs culminate in a capstone course, sequence or practicum, often incorporating team-based projects and industry mentorship. Students learn through case studies, site visits, lectures and simulations.

Degree Types

Real estate master’s degree titles include master of science in real estate (MSRE), master of real estate development (MRED), master of science in real estate development (MSRED) and master of professional studies in real estate. Students can also earn an MBA with a concentration in real estate.

Some schools offer dual degree programs that pair a master’s in real estate with a second graduate degree, such as a master’s in finance, urban planning, public administration, architecture or business. If you’re eyeing a career in real estate law, look out for dual MSRE/JD programs.

Admission Requirements for a Master’s in Real Estate

Many real estate master’s degree candidates hold a bachelor’s in business or an undergraduate degree in another related discipline like economics, finance, construction, architecture, urban planning or engineering.

However, most real estate master’s programs welcome students from any undergraduate background, so don’t worry if your bachelor’s isn’t in one of these fields. Grad school admissions officers typically consider each application holistically, balancing your undergraduate record with factors like work experience, recommendations and test scores.

When completing your application, expect to submit some or all of these materials:

  • Official transcripts
  • Current résumé
  • Admissions essay or personal statement
  • Letters of recommendation
  • GRE or GMAT scores

Specializations for a Master’s Degree in Real Estate

Real estate master’s students typically explore specializations through elective courses, although some programs include formal concentrations. A few schools offer programs dedicated to specialized areas of real estate practice, such as Florida International University‘s master of science in international real estate.

Specialty areas for real estate master’s degree students include:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Project management
  • Sustainability
  • Historic preservation
  • Affordable housing
  • Corporate finance
  • Global real estate
  • Valuation
  • Data visualization
  • Real estate funds and portfolio management
  • Organizational issues
  • Project feasibility

Common Courses in a Master’s in Real Estate

Each real estate master’s program sets its own curriculum, but the following classes provide a sampling of typical course topics.

Introduction to Real Estate

Many real estate master’s programs begin with a survey of the field, which provides a broad overview of the sector’s legal and ethical contexts, standard practices and key stakeholders. This course establishes a foundation for students new to the industry and fills knowledge gaps for those with prior real estate experience.

Real Estate Development

This course examines real estate development practices, principles and challenges. Students analyze the phases of the development process and use financial evaluation models and tools to inform decision-making. The course also explores courses such as land use regulations, public/private approvals and development product types.

Real Estate Finance

Typically focused on commercial real estate issues, this course explores how real estate capital markets function. Students learn the concepts and quantitative analytical methods needed to evaluate the financial implications of real estate investment and development decisions. The course also surveys emerging courses in the field.

Sustainable Real Estate

As market demand rises for environmentally and socially responsible real estate development and management, this timely elective course teaches students to incorporate sustainability concepts and practices into their careers. Found in many real estate master’s programs, the course may also help students prepare for LEED credentialing exams.

What Can You Do With a Master’s Degree in Real Estate?

Although agents and brokers are the first professionals many people associate with the real estate industry, careers in this sector go beyond buying and selling property. Completing a master’s in real estate can help you qualify for roles in real estate acquisitions, finance, advising and development, including positions at the managerial, directorial and even executive levels.

We sourced salary data for this section from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and Payscale in November 2023.

Real Estate Agent or Broker

Median Annual Salary: $52,030
Minimum Required Education: High school diploma
Job Overview: These professionals facilitate property purchase, sale and rental processes for individuals and businesses. These workers don’t need a college degree, but they must complete state-approved real estate courses to get their license. The National Association of Realtors® notes that only 12% of its 1.6 million members hold graduate degrees.

Real Estate Appraiser

Median Annual Salary: $61,560
Minimum Required Education: Bachelor’s degree
Job Overview: Real estate appraisers assess the value of existing structures and undeveloped land. They often work for appraisal companies and perform essential services during the real estate sale and development processes, as well as for tax, mortgage and insurance purposes. Commercial appraisers often earn more than those specializing in residential properties.

Real Estate Manager

Average Annual Salary: Approximately $91,400
Minimum Required Education: Bachelor’s degree
Job Overview: Real estate proprietors hire these managers to ensure income-producing residential and commercial properties operate smoothly and profitably. Real estate managers oversee accounting, sales and maintenance staff; negotiate with clients, tenants and contractors; prepare budgets; and report to owners.

Real Estate Asset Manager

Average Annual Salary: Approximately $89,000
Minimum Required Education: Master’s degree
Job Overview: These managers help organizations and individuals maximize returns on their real estate investments. They advise on sound property investment strategies, monitor portfolio performance and hire operational staff such as property managers. As real estate asset managers gain experience, they can progress to higher-paid senior positions.

Real Estate Development Manager

Average Annual Salary: Approximately $100,600
Minimum Required Education: Bachelor’s degree
Job Overview: These professionals manage a real estate project’s operational aspects throughout the development process, working closely with clients, architects, engineers, contractors and vendors. Duties include planning and scheduling projects, drafting budgets, tracking expenses and progress, assessing risk and ensuring compliance. These workers need strong skills in project management, leadership and organization.

Valuation Manager

Average Annual Salary: Approximately $115,940
Minimum Required Education: Bachelor’s degree
Job Overview: Valuation managers work primarily in the real estate and financial sectors. These professionals estimate the market value of properties by analyzing location, physical structures, legal issues, financial data and market trends. They also hire and oversee valuation associates, who conduct appraisals, audits, assessments and inspections.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Earning a Master's Degree in Real Estate

What is the difference between an MSRE and an MRED?

MRED and MSRED programs focus primarily on real estate development, while an MSRE covers more aspects of the real estate industry and is more likely to include general business and finance courses. However, curricula and emphases can vary widely, so take time to investigate each potential program in detail as you research online master’s in real estate degrees.

What degree works best for real estate?

Any graduate-level real estate degree can help you prepare for high-level real estate careers. Although curricular details vary, MSRE, MRED and MSRED programs focus exclusively on real estate, allowing for deep and specialized study. An MBA with a real estate emphasis typically adds real estate courses to a general business core, providing a broader business background.

Thu, 09 Nov 2023 03:07:00 -0600 Ilana Hamilton en-US text/html
The Learning Network No result found, try new keyword!What can we learn from their remarkable friendship? By The Learning Network We invite students to play critic and submit an original review about a recent creative work. Contest runs from Nov. 1 ... Wed, 15 Nov 2023 18:00:00 -0600 en text/html Meet the 40 Under 40 class of 2023

An accomplished architect with a third-degree Tae Kwon Do black belt. A landscape architect raising twin three-year-olds while leading park design teams. An engineer with a passion for long-distance bicycling that began when he rode 9,225 miles from Philadelphia to Panama City.

These AEC professionals and 37 of their rockstar peers make up Building Design+Construction's 40 Under 40 class of 2023. Read about all 40 winners below. Check out the 40 Under 40 class of 2022 and 40 Under 40 class of 2021

Interested in submitting a candidate for the 2024 40 Under 40 awards? The entry materials will be posted at in early February 2024. Reminders will be posted regularly in the BD+C Daily 5 newsletter. Sign up for our free BD+C Daily 5 daily newsletter

MEET THE 40 UNDER 40 CLASS OF 2023          


Doel Acosta headshot

Doel Acosta, CGC          
Project Executive          
HITT Contracting          
Miami, Fla.

AGE: 39

Bachelor of Construction Management, Florida International University

Expanded HITT Contracting’s practice beyond mostly corporate office interiors—adding new segments such as base building and hospitality projects

Helped form the firm's Hispanic Outreach & Leadership Alliance (HOLA) employee resource group, which seeks to strengthen inclusion of team members of Hispanic heritage and allies at HITT

Founding activist of Stop Covanta, a group formed to build awareness and unite local residents against a nearby waste-to-energy facility harming community health

Committee Member and incoming Vice-Chair of the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce's Real Estate Committee

Volunteers on various construction projects for Habitat for Humanity

OFF THE CLOCK          
People are often surprised to find that Doel is an avid photographer and videographer—which includes his FAA drone pilot certification for aerial photography of his construction projects, landscapes, and cities

One of Doel’s favorite activities is inshore fishing—or sight fishing—which requires more patience than offshore fishing. (“It’s an amazing rush when you finally hunt down the fish you have been looking for all day.”)

SECRET LIFE          
Doel is the first generation of men in his family to not serve in the military. Both his father and grandfather served more than 30 years in the United States Army. While Doel chose not to go into the military, both were very supportive of his wish to be the first in the family to graduate from college

You’re always doing business development

“What I’ve come to learn is that how you present yourself is how others will interpret you. While you may think this is applicable only in work, I’ve come to realize that this holds true in your personal life as well. From first impressions of complete strangers to family members you are meeting for the 100th time, it’s important to remember that you’re always selling yourself. How you present yourself, including how reliable you are, will have a tremendous impact on your life. So while you may be catching up with an old friend over a beer, you never know what opportunities that friend may be able to recommend you for in the future.”

In the early 2010s, Doel worked to remediate over 3,000 homes throughout the Southeast affected by contaminated drywall. Overseeing the initiative, he helped deliver brand new home interiors to families that had been impacted by years of stress, unsightly problems, and health issues

“Very rarely do you have the opportunity to build something that can have such an incredible impact on someone’s life.”


Michael Austin headshot

AGE: 37

Master of Architecture, Pratt Institute

Bachelor of Science, City and Regional Planning, California Polytechnic State University

Appointed to the Seattle Planning Commission Commissioner at age 28

Led the development of the 2020 report A Racially Equitable and Resilient Recovery, which addressed the disproportionate post-pandemic recovery challenges faced by the city’s Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) communities

Through media coverage and speaking engagements, raises awareness of discriminatory histories and best practices for inclusive planning

Racial Equity Team Member, City of Bellevue Embrace (2023)

Seattle Planning Commission Chair (2019-2021) and Commissioner (2014-2019)

OFF THE CLOCK                                              
Enjoys the opportunity to travel and see new places, from national parks to new countries, and even views from airport terminals

“Addicted” to finding places that serve soup dumplings

SECRET LIFE                                               
Others may be surprised to know that Michal was a “complete band geek” throughout his undergraduate education; he played flute and piccolo in wind ensemble and symphony—and a brief stint in pep band

Got into the industry after an eye-opening trip to the Bay Area... as well as his love for Sim City (2000, “to be exact”)

WHAT IS THE BEST CAREER OR BUSINESS ADVICE YOU HAVE EVER RECEIVED?                                              
One of Michael's favorite pieces of advice, inspired by Amy Poehler's improv wisdom, is to “say yes.”

“This mindset has guided my career decisions, especially during challenging times like the two recessions I've navigated. Initially, I had specific expectations about my career path, but embracing flexibility led to numerous benefits.”

WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR SINGLE BIGGEST PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENT SO FAR?                                              
“The opportunity to serve on the Seattle Planning Commission, including as chair, during a period of incredible change is something I’ll be forever thankful for. Not only was I surrounded and inspired by experts representing different aspects of the planning and design industries including public health and affordable housing, but also getting a chance to support research with staff and offer guidance on active initiatives helped to build my confidence and voice in the planning and design community.”


Alex Belkofer speaking

Alex Belkofer, CM-BIM                                             
Senior Director, Virtual Design & Construction          
McCarthy Building Companies                                             
St. Louis, Mo.

AGE: 37

Bachelor of Science, Construction Management and Architecture, Ohio State University

Since joining McCarthy in 2017, created VDC group in 28-state Central Region, which has grown to 16 people. He is a core member of the firm’s national VDC Leadership Group, and a regional leader of its Integrated Virtual Builder Initiative

Autodesk 40 Under 40 Champion in Construction, 2020

AGC of Missouri Design and Construction Technology Committee Co-Chair

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers BIIM/CIM Consortia

National Institute of Building Sciences BIM Council, Board of Direction Secretary

Volunteers for STEM Fest, a McCarthy-sponsored event to introduce high school students to STEM careers

OFF THE CLOCK                                              
For past decade, served on Ohio State’s Construction Management Advisory Council

“I’m a hockey-playing, weight-lifting, truck driving, heavy metal listening” dad, with two cats

Transporting his kids to soccer games (son Cohen) and horseback riding (daughter Stella)

SECRET LIFE                                               
His father was a limousine driver whose passengers included the rock groups Aerosmith, Guns n’ Roses, and Foreigner; Detroit Tiger baseball players, and boxer Mike Tyson

His Italian uncle drove a tank in World War II

WHAT IS THE BEST CAREER OR BUSINESS ADVICE YOU HAVE EVER RECEIVED?                                              
From one of his first career mentors, Pete Devine: “You can make a $10,000 mistake, or a $100,000 mistake. You can likely recover from a $10,000 mistake. But very unlikely to recover from the $100,000 mistake. So make your decisions wisely."

WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR SINGLE BIGGEST PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENT SO FAR?                                              
Alex attributes his biggest professional achievement to attending his first AGC BIMForum Event in 2011—opening his eyes to “an entire new world of digital transformation."

“This forum propelled my career in amazing ways to connect me with the strong network of fellow industry peers to lead me to where I am today at McCarthy and in the industry at-large for which I serve."



Gabriella Bermea headshot

Gabriella Bermea, AIA, NOMA, NCARB, LEED AP BD+C                                             
Associate, Design Architect          
VLK Architects                                            
Austin, Texas

AGE: 28

Bachelor of Architecture, University of Arkansas

Youngest licensed architect at VLK at the age of 26, and the youngest Associate in the firm’s 38-year existence

Emerging Professional Achievement Award, AIA Austin

Women in Architecture Professional Development Fund Scholar, AIA Dallas

Has spent over 800 hours volunteering with the ACE Mentor Program of Austin to increase diversity within the industry

Member of the National Organization of Minority Architects (NOMA), Association for Learning Environments (A4LE), and Austin Young Chamber (AYC)

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Chair/Co-Chair/Committee Member, Texas Society of Architects (2023)

OFF THE CLOCK                                              
Active in her local education foundation as board secretary

Avid concert-goer with husband, Brian, seeing artist from across the world ranging from classical crossover to Latin reggaeton

Trained and awarded vocalist and pianist

SECRET LIFE                                               
Her family has been in the same region of Texas for over five generations, dating back to when Texas was Mexico (“the border crossed us" is a common phrase in the household)

Third-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and is a past national and international champion in the sport

WHAT IS THE BEST CAREER OR BUSINESS ADVICE YOU HAVE EVER RECEIVED?                                              
After visiting architecture firm Bernbaum + Mangadini Architects at the age of 18, Bruce Bernbaum gave Gabriella an insightful piece of advice: Education is important, but your work ethic will be what really makes the impact on the professional world

“It gave me the vision to understand architecture was that path to leave a mark on generations to come, representative of a mark in time and the goals of the users."

WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR SINGLE BIGGEST PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENT SO FAR?                                              
“I’ve had the privilege of designing and documenting over a million square feet of public education work in my short tenure within the profession and at VLK Architects. Within each project, there is a deep responsibility and care placed into the process that reveals a trust and relationship representative in the project itself. To be able to design educational facilities that will impact generations has by far been the biggest achievement of my career. I’m thankful to our clients for the trust and privilege to listen."


Anna Cawrse against mural

Anna Cawrse, ASLA, PLA                                             
Principal, Landscape Architect, Denver Office Director                                              
Denver, Colo.

AGE: 37

Master of Landscape Architecture, Harvard Graduate School of Design

Bachelor of Science, Landscape Architecture, Colorado State University

Leading the design of the Ellinikon Metropolitan Park and Coastal Front in Athens, Greece, which will be Europe’s largest urban waterfront park

Has expanded Sasaki’s Denver office to 30 people, from two

In 2020, part of a team that collaborated with the National Recreation and Park Association to develop a toolkit that helps park agencies adapt to climate change

Serves on the Downtown Denver Partnership’s public realm council

Serves on the boards of The Cultural Landscape Foundation and the GSD Alumni Council

American Society of Landscape Architecture

Widely published, sought-after speaker and studio jury member

OFF THE CLOCK                                              
Colorado State University Alumni Advisory Board

Raising twin three-year-olds

Cooking and gardening, intense physical workouts, and visiting parks (including those she’s worked on)

SECRET LIFE                                               
Grew up in rural America, and her childhood homes were located outside national forests and grasslands (her father worked for the U.S. Forest Service). Until she entered college, the largest town she lived in was 5,000 people

Won a blue ribbon for showing her Duroc pig during a 4-H state fair

WHAT IS THE BEST CAREER OR BUSINESS ADVICE YOU HAVE EVER RECEIVED?                                              
Anna was told years ago that she was going too fast and it might be time for her to “plateau"—this put a fire in her that has yet to stop blazing

“There are not many female partners in landscape architecture and even fewer who are mothers. I was determined to keep going at the pace I had already set and create a new path for myself that includes prioritizing my family, setting boundaries, and designing some of the best public spaces in the world."

WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR SINGLE BIGGEST PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENT SO FAR?                                              
Designing and building Bonnet Springs Park in Lakeland, Fla, which transformed 168 acres of abandoned rail yard and brownfield, highly contaminated with arsenic. Sasaki reused this soil to create two sculpted hills within the park, which opened in 2022


Kristin Cerutti headshot

Kristin Cerutti, NCIDQ, LEED AP ID+C, WELL AP                                             
Associate Principal, Regional Design Leader                                             
NELSON Worldwide                                             
Chicago, Ill.

AGE: 38

Bachelor of Arts, University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point

Has worked with more than 200 clients and has completed at least 5.4 million sf of work, one-third of which law firm space

Over the past three years, has helped NELSON secure over 40 projects

Completed bachelor’s degree in 3½ years, while working three jobs. During last year of school redesigned the university’s Multi-Use Activity Center, and volunteered time and money to build a 3D model for the local Humane Society

During pandemic learned about neurodiversity to offer colleagues and clients solutions for providing safe and productive spaces

Sought-after subject matter expert, including by suppliers to provide knowledge for future product development

Leads NELSON’s Diversity and Inclusion Council, authoring companywide policy for engaging with ACE and Habitat for Humanity nationally

OFF THE CLOCK                                              
Coordinator of Volunteers, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

Gardening, paddle boarding, hiking, and kayaking

Avid traveler, and as a vegan foodie plans trips around trying new restaurants

Yoga “is my happy place.”

Has worked with nonprofits in Kenya, Tanzania, and Costa Rica. This assistance has included helping a Maasai tribe build chimneys in their huts to prevent emphysema while the residents cook

SECRET LIFE                                               
By the age of nine, could play multiple musical instruments

Her great grandfather, an immigrant from Italy, knew Mussolini as a child. A stone mason by training, he also lived near Frank Lloyd Wright who, for one of his projects, asked to borrow some tools. “Frank never returned them,” Kristin said

She hopes to have an animal sanctuary when she retires

WHAT IS THE BEST CAREER OR BUSINESS ADVICE YOU HAVE EVER RECEIVED?                                              
Early in her career, Kristin had a mentor tell her to try to be more like someone else in order to keep advancing

“From that very moment I decided I needed to move on in order to be seen for what I truly had to offer, rather than being compared to my peers ... There is no one else who can design the same way I do, and that, in itself, is what makes me and this industry successful—celebrating our individuality and diversity.”

WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR SINGLE BIGGEST PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENT SO FAR?                                              
Being requested, by name, for multiple speaking engagements and publications

“My passion lies in advising and advocacy. I can, most quickly, pass on knowledge to others and share stories that engage through those avenues.”


Sean Clifton headshot

Sean Clifton, PE, SE                                            
Senior Principal                                            
Magnusson Klemencic Associates                                            
Seattle, Wash.

AGE: 38

Master of Science, Structural Engineering, University of Texas

Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, University of Texas

Developed a parallel, conventional design for a Texas high-rise, representing the first American skyscraper to incorporate Performance-Based-Wind-Design into its design

Led a team of MKA thought leaders in helping to develop Hines’ Embodied Carbon Reduction Guide, which serves as a resource for reducing embodied carbon in the built environment

Chairs CTBUH’s Engineering Assembly, representing a diverse group of professionals striving to advance engineering worldwide

Actively engages in MKA’s community outreach programs outside of project work, such as the firm's annual Food Frenzy and its Community Service Project

Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, Engineering Assembly Chair

OFF THE CLOCK                                              
Spends time engaging in his son's obsessions: Pokémon, animals, monster trucks, and cars

Golfing, being outdoors, and working on home renovation projects

SECRET LIFE                                               
His son’s name is 4th generation passed down through uncles dating back to World War II

By the age of twelve Sean had lived in six countries across the globe and visited another fifteen. His explorer upbringing continues in his adult life— he has now been to over forty countries

WHAT IS THE BEST CAREER OR BUSINESS ADVICE YOU HAVE EVER RECEIVED?                                              
“My first manager shared with me that his goal was to teach me to do his job so that he could take on additional roles. I’ve used this idea to continually advance my career by always coaching and teaching those around me, allowing my growth at the same time."

WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR SINGLE BIGGEST PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENT SO FAR?                                              
“Leading the implementation of the world’s first application of Performance-Based-Wind-Design (PBWD) in a high-rise building in Austin, Texas. PBWD is an innovative design technique that reduces cost, material quantity and embodied carbon of a structure."


Brandon Darroch headshot

Brandon Darroch, MS, PMP          
Principal, Southeast Division Manager                                            
Birmingham, Ala.

AGE: 39

Master of Science, Engineering Management, Missouri University of Science and Technology

Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

During his service as an officer in the U.S. Army, Brandon graduated from Ranger School, which he describes now as “an intense season of self-actualization.”

Received Bronze Star for leading an engineering unit’s route clearance and explosive ordinance disposal mission in Iraq

Named the youngest principal in SSOE’s 75-year history

Professional affiliations include the Tennessee Economic Development Council, and the Economic Development Association of Alabama

Encouraged SSOE’s now five-year partnership with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Hiring our Heroes program

OFF THE CLOCK                                              
Raising three young children, with a fourth on the way

Coaching youth sports

Outdoor living

WHAT IS THE BEST CAREER OR BUSINESS ADVICE YOU HAVE EVER RECEIVED?                                              
Brandon is thankful to have had both former army commanders and private sector bosses stress not to prioritize work over family unless absolutely necessary. “Work will always be there, but time with your family is irreplaceable.”

WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR SINGLE BIGGEST PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENT SO FAR?                                              
“I’m thankful to have been selected for and graduated from Ranger School during my time as an officer in the Army. Not only was that an intense season toward self-actualization, but whenever I’ve faced life’s trials since then, I’ve always told myself: 'It can’t be as bad as Ranger School.' That experience has fueled my endurance and resourcefulness.”


Kimberly Dowdell speaking headshot

Kimberly Dowdell, AIA, NOMAC, NCARB, LEED AP BD+C, SEED          
Principal, Director of Strategic Relationships          
Chicago, Ill.

AGE: 39

Master of Public Administration, Harvard University

Bachelor of Architecture, Cornell University

Elected as the first Black woman and first Millennial to serve as the 100th President of the American Institute of Architects (AIA)

First Millennial President of NOMA (2019-2020), helping to grow the organization's membership by 273%

Co-founder, Social Economic Environmental Design (SEED) Network

Before the age of 25, co-created the NOMA Annual Service Project, helping architects make civic contributions to communities across the nation

Co-founded HOK Impact in 2010, a social outreach program encouraging synergies between the built form and philanthropic outreach

OFF THE CLOCK                                              
Loves going to the movies (popcorn is a must-have)

Walking along Lake Michigan when in Chicago, or through city streets to take photos of the surrounding architecture

SECRET LIFE                                               
Comes from a family of artists, including sister (Sabrina Nelson), nephew (Mario Moore), father, and maternal great-uncle (Glanton Dowdell)

Rosa Parks was her grandmother's neighbor in Detroit, and her cousin used to babysit Kimberly (“I asked my grandmother if she knew Mrs. Parks and she showed me her phone number in her address book ... I never called her, but it was nice to know that I could if I wanted to.”)

WHAT IS THE BEST CAREER OR BUSINESS ADVICE YOU HAVE EVER RECEIVED?                                              
The best career advice that Kimberly has received is to surround yourself with mentors and advocates. She took that advice seriously from the start and now has “an incredible network of support to help me navigate any situation that I might encounter.”

“There is also a lot of value in mentoring others and allowing them to mentor you. I like to call it 360 mentorship.”

WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR SINGLE BIGGEST PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENT SO FAR?                                              
Serving as the 2019-2020 president of NOMA was the opportunity of a lifetime for Kimberly—one that dovetailed into another opportunity that she will embark upon next year: Serving as the 100th president of the AIA

“My election as the first Black woman to serve as AIA president means a lot to many people who have not historically seen themselves represented in leadership roles within the architecture profession.”


Jason Dubowski riding bike in suit

Jason Dubowski, AIA NCARB LEED AP          
Associate Partner, Project Director          
Hill West Architects          
New York, N.Y.

AGE: 39

Bachelor of Science, Architecture, University of Texas at Arlington

Youngest Associate Partner at Hill West Architects

Directly involved in the creation of over 2,200 occupied dwelling units with an additional 2,800 dwelling units currently under construction

Mentor to numerous now-licensed Architects, and is actively engaged with six aspiring Architects currently

Member, American Institute of Architects

OFF THE CLOCK                                              
Going to the beach, golfing, and cycling

Volunteers one Saturday a month on the Ship Maintenance and Restoration Crew at the South Street Seaport Museum (“I'm into big boats.”)

SECRET LIFE                                               
Jokes with his dad that the only reason he's an architect is because his father let him quit the golf team in high school

WHAT IS THE BEST CAREER OR BUSINESS ADVICE YOU HAVE EVER RECEIVED?                                              
“There’s a saying... 'An architect knows something about everything. An engineer knows everything about one thing.' While the architect is generally recognized as the design team lead, we are just one of many experts that contribute to the success of a project.”

WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR SINGLE BIGGEST PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENT SO FAR?                                              
In 2008, as a result of the financial crisis, Jason was able to rapidly grow his responsibilities on a multi-building development site on the Upper West Side of New York

“I had the good fortune to play a key role from concept design to final completion at an early point in my career. This led to me being entrusted with a project manager role of a high-profile conversion project in 2010, and even greater opportunities later in life.”


Southern Ellis headshot

Southern Ellis, AIA, LEED AP          
Vice President          
Dallas, Texas

AGE: 36

Master of Architecture, Texas A&M University

Bachelor of Environmental Design, Texas A&M University

HKS Health Fellowship, Dawn of a New Dynasty: Healthcare Design in China

SLS NextGen Scholar, AIA Academy of Architecture for Health

AIA Academy of Architecture for Health (AAH) Board Member

President of the Student Health Environments Association TAMU; President and Founder of the Global Architecture Brigades TAMU

OFF THE CLOCK                                              
Southern and his family have been restoring the century-old home they’ve lived in since 2020—a slow process that has made for some fun memories for the family

His father is a civil engineer for a large AE firm, and his work inspired Southern to begin studying architecture—marrying his love of art with a way to be like his hero

SECRET LIFE                                               
Southern was the starting quarterback of his high school football team, and his wife was a cheerleader at her high school. “It really doesn’t get more storybook than that in the state of Texas.”

Despite popular suggestions, his brother’s name is not “Northern.”

WHAT IS THE BEST CAREER OR BUSINESS ADVICE YOU HAVE EVER RECEIVED?                                              
“My career was forever changed when I was placed into Professor George Mann’s health design studio my junior year at Texas A&M. Up until that point, I wasn’t loving architecture school. I had a desire to impact the lives of others, and I was struggling to figure out how that equated to becoming an architect. Professor Mann showed me that health design was a portal to bring healing, hope, and life, and I was instantly hooked.”

WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR SINGLE BIGGEST PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENT SO FAR?                                              
“It was an honor to be selected to serve on the Board of the AIA Academy of Architecture for Health (AAH), and to be pegged as the President of the AAH for 2025. The AAH is the voice of our health design industry and to get the chance to lead the charge and rally my peers towards more impactful healing environments is something I’m really excited about.”


George Gard headshot

AGE: 34

Master of Architecture, Urban Design, Harvard University

Bachelor of Architecture, The Pennsylvania State University

Published author and sought-out speaker

Leads recruitment for the firm’s co-op program which hires students for six-month or summer stints to work directly with project teams

Associate, Urban Land Institute, Young Leaders Group

Member, Carbon Leadership Forum Boston

Co-founder and President of Students for Environmentally-Enlightened Design (SEED)

OFF THE CLOCK                                              
Avid skier, and has done so since he was 3 years old (For the first winter my dad strapped me to skis and sent me down the hill behind our house—before carrying me back to the top!)

Loves to cook and grow food in his community garden

SECRET LIFE                                               
George's first passion was cooking, and he grew up thinking he'd become a professional chef “until I decided that the hours weren’t for me—anyone who went to architecture school understands the irony of that statement.”

WHAT IS THE BEST CAREER OR BUSINESS ADVICE YOU HAVE EVER RECEIVED?                                              
“Design can come from anywhere. Don’t wait for permission to design, its never too early to start iterating. If you wait for more information, more direction, someone more senior, etc. you are depriving yourself of the time it takes to design (for which there are rarely shortcuts) and depriving your team from your perspective. That doesn’t mean that your ideas, or the first ideas, will get built, but they are an important part of leading you or your team to the ideas that do get built.”

WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR SINGLE BIGGEST PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENT SO FAR?                                              
“Any time I have been asked to do ‘something’, as a result of someone seeing me do something else is rewarding in a deeper way because it reflects having made an impact, a human-connection, and that can continue to ripple. As examples, a first internship lead to a job at a new firm started by my former boss (who remains a mentor), I was invited to speak at a national conference based on a proposal made to a local one, and I spent years working on MASS MoCA Phase III and was ask to lead Skyspace.”


Mindy Haffke headshot in front of Las Vegas sign

Mindy Haffke, PE          
Principal, Client Executive          
Las Vegas, Nev.

AGE: 38

Executive MBA and Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering, University of Nevada

Specialized expertise in residential code compliance, including IECC, IRC, and ResCheck

Within the first decade of her career, obtained seven patents, and became a senior engineer leading large-scale projects

In her first year as Client Executive, achieved 130% of her revenue goal, and 110% of her new fees goal

Professional affiliations include AIA, ASHRAE, and the Order of the Engineer

Was tasked with managing the integration of three former MSA offices with IMEG after their merger

OFF THE CLOCK                                              
As a Marriage Officiant, has officiated over 30 weddings

Enjoys golfing, snowboarding, and cooking (preference: healthy Asian-inspired dishes)

Recently joined ACE mentoring program

SECRET LIFE                                               
As a child, made clothes, jewelry, and birthday cards

Her first job out of college was designing slot machines

WHAT IS THE BEST CAREER OR BUSINESS ADVICE YOU HAVE EVER RECEIVED?                                              
Four and a half years ago, Mindy changed careers from the manufacturing industry to the AEC industry. During this time, the best motivational quote was given to her by her husband’s uncle—a sentence that has guided her through times of uncertainty ever since:

“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?” — Vincent Van Gogh

WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR SINGLE BIGGEST PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENT SO FAR?                                              
Obtaining her Executive Master’s degree in Business Administration

“Without this credential, I honestly believe I would not have been considered for the Client Executive role.”


Ashley Hall headshot

AGE: 38

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Interior Design, Winthrop University

Led the planning and design of Lowe’s Global Tech Hub that reached finalist status in a global award competition for professional excellence

Over the past two years, the studio she leads for Little brought in over $15 million in revenue

CoreNet Carolinas Board of Directors (2022), and Co-Chair of 2023 CORE Awards program

Pro bono projects include the interior design of Ronald McDonald House of Charlotte, the Veteran’s Bridge Home, and the Lowe’s Technology Lounge at UNC Charlotte

Portfolio reviewer for interior design students at several universities

OFF THE CLOCK                                              
Ashley and her husband are active hikers and campers, having recently climbed Mount Scenery on the island of Saba in the Caribbean Netherlands

Served for over 14 years as an advisor to the Boy Scouts of America Explorer’s Program

She and her husband led the housing committee for the Bright Hope refugee ministry at their local church

SECRET LIFE                                               
Was a competitive gymnast in high school, and transitioned to coaching while studying design

Grandfather was stationed at Pearl Harbor during World War II

WHAT IS THE BEST CAREER OR BUSINESS ADVICE YOU HAVE EVER RECEIVED?                                              
The best career advice she’s received so far came from a college professor who advised that she needed to find not only her mentor, but also her biggest cheerleader. The professor counseled Ashley on the importance of an encouraging supporter who would herald her achievements

WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR SINGLE BIGGEST PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENT SO FAR?                                              
Ashley led the planning and design of Lowe’s Global Tech Hub that reached finalist status in the CoreNet Global competition

“I am proud to have played a role in a project that has sparked such growth and diversification of industry in our community. This honor would not have been possible without the passion from our talented project team and the vision from our forward-thinking client.”


Ashley Hoolihan headshot

Ashley Hoolihan, AIA, LEED Green Associate          
Project Manager, Associate          
St. Louis, Mo.

AGE: 38

Master of Architecture, Washington University

Master of Construction Management, Washington University

Bachelor of Science, Architectural Studies, Southern Illinois University

Construction management lead on $41 million Health Professions Education Building at the University of Pikeville

Founded the Trivers Community Committee and Project Architect peer group

The first Trivers employee selected to speak at AIA Conference on Architecture in 2018; worked on presentation while on maternity leave

Member, AIA

2023 Chair, North Central Regional Conference, Society of College and University Planning

For four years, taught Graduate Student Design Thinking at Washington University

OFF THE CLOCK                                              
Golfing, both for leisure and for client relations

Exercise every morning for at least 30 minutes

Biking with husband and two sons


SECRET LIFE                                               
Her maternal grandfather, an immigrant from Ireland, was a carpenter

WHAT IS THE BEST CAREER OR BUSINESS ADVICE YOU HAVE EVER RECEIVED?                                              
“I tend to try to take on everyone’s problems and fix them. With projects, especially those under construction, it can at times feel like architects have to respond to everything all at once, even if it is not our issue. But my colleague recently reminded me that not everyone’s problems are my problems. The advice was refreshing to hear, and it is a helpful reminder when I feel the weight of obligations, prioritizing is key to finding balance and allows me to focus on what really matters in my life.”

WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR SINGLE BIGGEST PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENT SO FAR?                                              
Speaking at the AIA Conference on Architecture in 2018 is Ashley's single biggest professional achievement so far

“What also made this accomplishment so special was that when my co-presenter and I found out that our submission was selected, we both had newborns that were less than a month old. We both worked on the presentation during our sleep-deprived maternity leaves. We ended up giving a great presentation ... the entire experience boosted my confidence as a new mother in architecture.”


LoriAnne Jones headshot

AGE: 39

Master of Business Administration, Entrepreneurship, Strategy & Leadership, Rutgers University

Bachelor of Architecture, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Young Architect of the Year, AIA New Jersey (2020)

Spearheads representation of diverse architects as one of 500 licensed African-American female architects in the U.S.

Volunteer with the NAACP Afro-Academic, Cultural, Technological & Scientific Olympic (ACT-SO) Program, where she serves as a mentor to student participants

Panelist for AIA-NJ’s six-part Diversity in Architecture Series, a discussion focusing on the African-American Experience in Architecture

Board Member, Team Leader, and Mentor for the ACE Mentor Program of New Jersey—an eight‐month mentoring program for high school students

OFF THE CLOCK                                              
Self-described “foodie” alongside her husband, where Guyanese cuisine holds a special place in her heart

Burgeoning golfer, following her participation in ACE Mentor Program of N.J. fundraising events

Second-generation Star Trek fan with a growing collection of figurines, ships, and even props from the shows

SECRET LIFE                                               
LoriAnne's rewarding career in architecture—where African-American women represent just 0.5% of the workforce—is shared with her grandmother, who was a partner at an architectural firm in Guyana

She spent six months living in Rotterdam, Netherlands, and working at OMA. “Everything was in reach, from good food, shopping, opera and museums, to techno events and gatherings within the broader architecture community.”

WHAT IS THE BEST CAREER OR BUSINESS ADVICE YOU HAVE EVER RECEIVED?                                              
“I have been struck by how much exposure matters. I recall a survey visit where two women asked what I was doing. When I explained that I was an architect reviewing existing conditions, they stunned me by admitting they didn’t know there were female architects. On other occasions, I have been in rooms where people have looked for the architect and assumed it was someone other than me. Situations like this have given me a drive to go out and represent what architecture is and what an architect can look like.”

WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR SINGLE BIGGEST PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENT SO FAR?                                              
Over the last six years at DIG, LoriAnne has spearheaded the firm's growth in designing Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC). She has developed seven FQHC projects, working with decade-long partnerships such as Urban Health Plan (UHP), one of New York's largest FQHCs


Milan Jordan headshot

AGE: 37

Master of Architecture, Georgia Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Arts, American Studies, University of Maryland – College Park

Led HOPE Crew to its first all-female-led project and first majority-female cohort in the programs’ seven-year history

Developed the Digital Documentation Fellowship, a HBCU-facing program for architecture students to gain project planning experience with guidance from mentors

Professional Member of the National Organization of Minority Architects (NOMA)

Associate Member, Women’s Leadership Summit Advisory Committee Member for the American Institute of Architects (AIA)

OFF THE CLOCK                                              
Milan founded a kombucha company in Washington, D.C., that has been sold in six locations across the District, including boutique grocery stores, cafes, and coworking spaces

She is also a Pilates instructor and currently teaches at three studios

Loves visiting natural wonders and has checked off Niagara Falls and the Grand Canyon this year—with plants to visit her fourth continent this fall

SECRET LIFE                                               
Milan’s grandmother was part Cherokee Native American and her grandfather was from the twin-island nation of St. Kitts and Nevis

Her mother was a reporter for USA Today and in addition to interviewing greats like Muhammad Ali, she also once did a story on men in the navy, where she met Milan’s father—a naval petty officer

WHAT IS THE BEST CAREER OR BUSINESS ADVICE YOU HAVE EVER RECEIVED?                                              
To set up an LLC to capture unexpected opportunities that come into our orbit

“Since my career has always been in mission-driven work, being creative and smart with entrepreneurial opportunities and business benefits has been a great lifestyle support to keep me plugged into things that matter to me … such as plant care and personal wellness.”

WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR SINGLE BIGGEST PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENT SO FAR?                                              
Growing HOPE Crew’s programming to partner with almost all Historically Black College and Universities (HBCUs) with colleges of architecture to welcome a more diverse audience into the field of Historic Preservation

“There are so many unique cultural heritage stories to tell and preserve and it requires a diverse workforce to help tell the full American story. Partnering with HBCUs and other minority-serving institutions and affinity groups is one impactful way to help move the needle.”


Zach Klebba headshot

Zach Klebba, AIA          
LEO A DALY          
Omaha, Neb.

AGE: 35

Master of Architecture, University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Bachelor of Science in Design, Architecture, University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Selected to participate in the city’s prestigious Leadership Omaha program as one of its youngest ever members

Contributed to the architectural design and award submittal of SAC Federal Credit Union, which received the AIA Central States award (2017)

Founded the Omaha Midnight Run nonprofit, hosting a 5k race that helped raise over $80,000 for the Hope Center for Kids and the Abide Network

Served as Associate Director on the AIA Nebraska board

Served a 3-year term on the Greater Omaha Chamber’s Young Professionals Council where I was elected to the Executive Committee two years in a row

OFF THE CLOCK                                              
Played volleyball for the University of Nebraska, and continues to travel and play competitively, both indoor and sand

Usually found on the golf course, softball field, in front of a dart board, or at a local trivia night

Freelance graphic designer for 15 years (and counting)

SECRET LIFE                                               
Zach's twin brother and mother recently started a six-person 90s/00s cover band called The Day Traders that is “blowing up” in Omaha—covering music from the likes of Third Eye Blind, Eminem, Green Day, and Shania Twain

“I was born in the North Pole; I have an identical twin brother; Barry Manilow once told me I was cute (I was two); I was sought out by a producer to apply for ABC’s The Bachelor; and I’ve refueled a C-130 jet mid-flight after being invited by the Air Force for their 'Sun Never Sets Civic Leader’s Tour.'”

His great-great-great-grandma, Belle Star, was a famous outlaw and horse thief in the 1800s. Her story has been told in many books, television shows and even a movie airing on ABC

WHAT IS THE BEST CAREER OR BUSINESS ADVICE YOU HAVE EVER RECEIVED?                                              
“Never stop learning.”

Inspired by his former Managing Principal who took up violin lesson upon retiring, Zach has found that life is too short to ignore our passions, and we are never too old to learn something new

WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR SINGLE BIGGEST PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENT SO FAR?                                              
Zach's biggest professional achievement is being selected to Omaha’s prestigious Leadership Omaha program in 2016—marrying his professional life with his passion for community and people

“A small group project is required as part of the 10-month program, so my peers and I partnered with a local nonprofit, Heartland Family Services, to build a community garden. We developed a business plan and curriculum for food and nutrition initiatives to benefit the city’s underserved population.”


Jon Lee headshot

Jon Lee, PE          
Associate Principal, Director of Engineering          
Hoefer Welker          
Kansas City, Mo.

AGE: 36

Bachelor of Science, Architectural Engineering, Kansas State University

Preparing to become a certified Healthcare Facility Design Professional, with the goal of incorporating healthcare facility requirements and design principles into HVAC system design

During his first year at Hoefer Welker, spearheaded 43 engineering projects totaling 4.6 million sf and $575 million in costs

Established the MEP engineering division in this architecture firm. Jon co-leads this division, where his responsibilities include staffing and talent acquisition, internal operations, project management, revenue growth, and strategic planning

2023 Kansas City chapter president, the Design-Build Institute of America’s Mid-America Region

Centurions Leadership Program, Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce

Professional affiliations include the Illuminating Engineering Society, and Kansas City Area Healthcare Engineers

OFF THE CLOCK                                              
Jon’s community service includes involvement in Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kansas City, Habitat for Humanity, Ronald McDonald House Charities, and the Aidan Project, which provides access to early intervention therapy services for children with developmental delays

Jon and his wife stay active by hitting the gym, playing sand volleyball, traveling, and giving back through volunteering

Recently visited Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, and Lichtenstein, a 13-day trip inspired by Jon’s childhood memories of The Sound of Music, his dreams about Oktoberfest, and his wife’s love of castles

SECRET LIFE                                               
Both parents were entrepreneurs, and started their own businesses

WHAT IS THE BEST CAREER OR BUSINESS ADVICE YOU HAVE EVER RECEIVED?                                              
The best career advice that Jon has received, he says, is that leadership is a series of actions, not a title, and the best way to earn it is to build your brand by being genuine and authentic

“Jon has an innate ability to create and foster relationships inside and outside the industry,” states Mitch Hoefer, AIA, NCARB, CEO and founder of Hoefer Welker

WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR SINGLE BIGGEST PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENT SO FAR?                                              
“Establishing an engineering division within Hoefer Welker—an architecture firm—has been my greatest professional achievement thus far. It has taken careful and strategic planning to make this vision a reality and grow it into a success in just three short years. As Associate Principal and Director of Engineering, I co-lead the firm’s in-house MEP division and have the privilege of developing an incredible team and empowering them with opportunities to grow their careers and skills.”


Sally Lee headshot

Sally Lee, AIA, NCARB, CDT          
Associate Principal, Education, Science & Community          
New York, N.Y.

AGE: 34

Master of Architecture, University of Virginia

Bachelor of Science, Architecture, University of Virginia

Youngest Education & Science Associate Principal at HDR

Received AIA Virginia Award of Merit for the Iribe Center for Computer Science and Innovation

Guest Lecturer at various universities, including Howard University, James Madison University, Virginia Tech, and University of DC

Developed an internship and new-hire onboarding materials for HDR Arlington’s design studio

OFF THE CLOCK                                              
Sally enjoys traveling, yoga, playing volleyball, and watching documentaries—specifically any documentaries about nature, space, strange mysteries, food, and travel

Sally uses music as a way to decompress and spend time away from screens. She plays the saxophone, piano, guitar, and ukulele “at all varying levels of poor.”

SECRET LIFE                                               
Sally and her family have lived in three different countries: Hong Kong, Nigeria, and the U.S. She appreciates having different perspectives on the world growing up, and thinks it has shaped a lot of how she sees and relates to different ways of life

WHAT IS THE BEST CAREER OR BUSINESS ADVICE YOU HAVE EVER RECEIVED?                                              
While being nervous before her very first job interview, Sally’s parents told her that the only thing she can know is what she already knows—so just answer their questions honestly and authentically

“If the opportunity is meant for you, you will have gotten it because you were being yourself and that was the right fit. I feel in being true to what I believe and being honest in what I know and don’t know, it has guided me to the right opportunities, people, and alignments.”

WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR SINGLE BIGGEST PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENT SO FAR?                                              
“Anytime I am asked to serve as a guest juror at a design school or write a thought-piece or present subject-matter perspectives at an industry conference are the moments that make me realize my efforts, accrued knowledge, and various experiences have culminated to a point that allows me to pull more weight and contribute in ways that are different from before.”


Kabri Lehrman-Schmid

AGE: 38

Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, Columbia University

Project Superintendent on the North Satellite (NSAT) Modernization Project, which has been recognized with 18 industry awards to date

Washington Women in Trades Workplace Leader (2019)

Liaison and collaborator for BuildOUT California, the world’s largest supporter of LGBT-owned AEC businesses

Board Director for the Puget Sound Chapter of the National Association of Women in Construction; has raised over $27,000 in sponsorships and donations

Contributes to programs committed to inclusivity practices and filling the training gap in the industry

OFF THE CLOCK                                              
Contributes to national conferences, podcasts, publications, and training programs that support the development of field leaders in the industry

Has various building projects in the works at her family's off-grid cabin

Paddle boarding, fire-side dinner, and enjoying good coffee on the deck

SECRET LIFE                                               
Kabri owes her given name to her parents who misread the name of an actor—Kabir Bedi—in the credits of a 1983 James Bond movie

WHAT IS THE BEST CAREER OR BUSINESS ADVICE YOU HAVE EVER RECEIVED?                                              
Early in her career, Kabri was taught to use the pronoun “we” when talking to a team, leading a meeting, or sending formal communication. This drove her leadership approach towards focusing on developing communication that leads to mutual success

“The trust I work to build is rooted in a deliberately communicated empathy—you must learn the impact of the questions you ask and the tasks you assign. In other words, you must demonstrate that you understand what you are asking another person to do.”

WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR SINGLE BIGGEST PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENT SO FAR?                                              
One career-changing project for Kabri was an airport terminal expansion at the Seattle Tacoma International Airport. The $494 million expansion and renovation increased the number of aircraft gates from 12 to 20; Kabri was the superintendent in charge of the critical path scope for over four years

“My growth from Project Scheduler to Area Superintendent, to Project Superintendent is noteworthy. The opportunities that arose for me to drive industry awareness of suicide statistics, support our workers through COVID (work did not stop and we completed 2.1B manhours throughout the project), and increase my industry involvement with national organizations were once in a lifetime."


Katy Liang headshot

Katy Liang, AIA, LEED GA          
Technology Strategist, Data Solutions Lead          
Chicago, Ill.

AGE: 36

Master of Fine Arts, Architecture, North Carolina State University

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Technical Theatre/Theatre Design and Technology, University of North Carolina - Greensboro

Firm's go-to expert for analytics activities

Developed internal software that collects and organizes project data and can be applied to validate design decisions, aide in benchmarking, and allow teams to evaluate a range of potential design solutions with expediency and ease

Volunteer Mentor, Launch U, a non-profit to help underserved youth achieve collegiate and career success

Volunteer, Preservation North Carolina, to document, photograph and create as-built drawings for historic sites across Raleigh Durham

Leadership Team Member, Technology in Architectural Practice (TAP) Knowledge Community, AIA Chicago

OFF THE CLOCK                                              
Enjoys learning from different trades and crafts to make various things: knitting sweaters, sewing pants and jackets, blacksmithing, baking, and woodworking (currently building a dining table using reclaimed 100 year old maple floor boards)

Given her “making” skills, has uniquely crafted a significant portion of her wardrobe

SECRET LIFE                                               
Her paternal grandfather was acquaintances with one of the real Von Trapp family singers (that the musical The Sound of Music was based on)

Inspired to get into the architecture profession after a childhood of watching her dad in his workshop—coupled with her time spent as a scenic carpenter

WHAT IS THE BEST CAREER OR BUSINESS ADVICE YOU HAVE EVER RECEIVED?                                              
When Katy had the opportunity to join SmithGroup’s emerging Technology in Practice group, she was concerned that she was giving up “being an architect” for something unknown. After sharing her concern with a trusted coworker, he responded: “Why not?”

“If there was a project type I had no experience with or a new project became available to explore, I was always game to give it a try. I wasn’t leaving architecture, but making an impact in different ways. I try to keep that in mind—doing something new isn’t necessarily giving up on something else, it’s building on experiences and passions that are already within you.”

WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR SINGLE BIGGEST PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENT SO FAR?                                              
Katy is proud to have spent several years developing and enhancing a proprietary, internal software tool called RAVE (Room Area Viewer and Editor) that helps teams create compelling 3D graphics

“The development process was a collaborative effort that drew input from across the firm. It was imperative to me that there was buy-in from all disciplines that would be using and, ultimately, benefiting from RAVE. Without this buy-in, the platform would never have been fully adopted.”


Seth Martin headshot

Seth Martin, PE          
New York, N.Y.

AGE: 37

Master of Science, Civil Engineering, Virginia Polytechnic Institute

Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, Virginia Polytechnic Institute

Work focuses on designing foundations for tall, supertall, and megatall towers. His projects include work on One Vanderbilt, the second-tallest office tower in New York City, which features an innovative excavation support design

In 2020, received the Langan Frank L. Rollo Technical Award, which acknowledges the importance of analytical and technical skills

Professional affiliations include the American Council of Engineering Companies’ Emerging Leaders Committee, the American Society of Civil Engineers, and the Council for Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, where he is active in its Young Professionals Committee

Mentors staff engineers at Langan, and leads monthly geotechnical meetings

Has discussed the specifics of breakthrough projects at various colleges and universities such as Columbia and Notre Dame

OFF THE CLOCK                                              
Enjoys running

Constantly has home-improvement projects in the works

SECRET LIFE                                               
A “thrill seeker” at heart, he’s touched a Great White Shark in the wild, jumped out of airplanes, scuba dived at midnight around the Great Barrier Reef, and captained and crewed on sailboats worldwide

His family has been in America since the 1600s, and he is descendent of Daniel Boone

WHAT IS THE BEST CAREER OR BUSINESS ADVICE YOU HAVE EVER RECEIVED?                                              
During his career, Seth has followed his parents’ advise to pursue what excited him

“No one gets into civil engineering to get rich, but the hard work, persistence, and true passion for underground engineering are worth it.”

WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR SINGLE BIGGEST PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENT SO FAR?                                              
“This award is my biggest professional achievement so far. I’ve worked on some of the most challenging geotechnical engineering projects in NYC and around the world, including tall towers, major airports, and deep excavations adjacent to sensitive buildings and infrastructure. All of my work has been a testament to my dedication to the projects and people I’ve worked with along the way. I take a lot of pride in what I do and am constantly looking for ways to evolve and grow as an individual, a team, and a company. This award to me is a culmination of the years of dedication to the developments I have been lucky to be a part of."


Chris Moyes golfing headshot

Chris Moyes          
Project Director          
Austin, Texas

AGE: 39

Bachelor of Science, Business Administration in Finance, Texas Tech University

Aided in at least 13 multi-million dollar projects, ranging from $2.7 million to $567 million

Selected to participate in Pillars, a two-year leadership program commitment that trains and develops future leaders and key contributors

Spearheads the planning of Flintco Open, an annual golf tournament that raises funds for various charities and scholarships across Central Texas

Donates 60 hours of walking and caring for animals each year at animal shelters in Austin

OFF THE CLOCK                                              
Chris’ hobbies revolve around sports, family, and friends—from playing golf to hosting backyard cookouts

SECRET LIFE          
“If I had the skill or opportunity to play golf professionally, I wouldn’t think twice about it.”

WHAT IS THE BEST CAREER OR BUSINESS ADVICE YOU HAVE EVER RECEIVED?                                              
“We are in the construction industry, and our job is to get things built. However, we are also in the people business—we’re dedicated to building long lasting relationships.”

WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR SINGLE BIGGEST PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENT SO FAR?                                              
Chris attributes his biggest professional achievement to the time he completed his first job as a project manager. An adaptive reuse project, he helped transform an existing JC Penney into a state-of-the-art college campus building for Austin Community College in Austin, Texas

“Learning how to navigate all aspects of the project, while growing and maintaining client and partner relationships was very difficult yet rewarding.”


Robyn Niss headshot

Robyn Niss, PE, LEED AP          
Vice President          
Virginia Beach, Va.

AGE: 39

Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, Michigan Technological University

Has contributed to more than 50 K-12 projects, including new schools, significant modernizations, and sizable expansions

Board member, Virginia Beach Education Foundation, which raises private support to fund innovative learning programs at Virginia Beach City Public Schools

Chairperson, Chesapeake Natural Event Mitigation Advisory Committee (2019–2022)

OFF THE CLOCK                                              
Favorite hobby is canning: creating her own pickles, jams, and sauerkraut to use for off-season cooking or gift-giving

Big fan of the Olympics, and has several team USA shirts, a necklace of the Olympic rings, and signed trading cards from the USA Men’s Curling team (“I timed my first baby so I could be on maternity leave to watch the 2014 Winter Olympics.”)

WHAT IS THE BEST CAREER OR BUSINESS ADVICE YOU HAVE EVER RECEIVED?                                              
Early in her career, when Robyn was working hard to establish her reputation, a mentor shared with her the Theodore Roosevelt quote, “Comparison is the thief of joy.”

“The odds are good that at any given moment, if you look around, you’ll find someone  having more work success than you, getting promoted faster, taking a better vacation, or having better-behaved kids. But you never know their circumstances, and comparing yourself to them only makes you resentful or frustrated, ultimately distracting you from your own joy.”

WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR SINGLE BIGGEST PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENT SO FAR?                                              
Robyn is most proud of her firm's work designing five schools simultaneously for Norfolk Public Schools. The new schools all provided safe parking lots, accessible playgrounds, outdoor learning areas, and modern infrastructure. Designing them together allowed Kimley-Horn to fast track construction and get thousands of students into new facilities years ahead of the intiial City replacement schedule          


Michelle Old headshot

Michelle Old, AIA, NCARB          
Associate Vice President, Designer          
Kirksey Architecture          
Houston, Texas

AGE: 38

Bachelor of Architecture, University of Houston

Bachelor of Science, Environmental Design, University of Houston

Named one of Young Architect Forum’s Emerging Voices (2016)

Inducted in the National Diverse Designers Library that brings recognition to a diverse range of architects

Volunteer, Michael G. Meyers Competition for high school students

University of Houston School of Architecture Juror (2011-2015)

OFF THE CLOCK                                              
Collaborates with her father and siblings to design and fabricate public art that connects with the community (an art bench that is dedicated to cancer survivors, a red orange speaking tube that is coiled forming the word “loved”, a series of tubes that act as chimes under a slab of Ipe wood)

Running races of varying distances, including the Texas Independence Relay Race and a half marathon outside of Yellowstone National Park

SECRET LIFE                                               
“Art has always been a passion of mine, but it wasn’t until my high school Art History course that I discovered architecture and its relation to art. The idea that the built environment could be expressive and create emotion in people was intriguing to me. A painting or sculpture can convey feelings through its observation, but architecture can create emotion from its experience.”

WHAT IS THE BEST CAREER OR BUSINESS ADVICE YOU HAVE EVER RECEIVED?                                              
The best piece of advice Michelle has ever received came from her mother, Stella Giuseppetti, as growing up she was always telling Michelle “you already have the no."

“It was a nod to the fact that the worst that could come from asking or doing anything was someone saying no. In my career, there have been times where I have been tempted to disqualify myself and this notion has helped to not give up before trying. This simple advice has been relevant throughout my life, and I look forward to sharing this with my own children.”

WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR SINGLE BIGGEST PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENT SO FAR?                                              
"My biggest professional achievement, and I believe it to be the most impactful, is to arrive at the place in my career where I am considered a mentor. I look back at my own journey as an architect and value all the advice and encouragement that others went out of their way to give me. Being able to give back to the profession in such a personal and intimate level is extremely rewarding and I embrace every opportunity I get to mentor.”


Carlos Newton Ortiz headshot

Carlos Newton Ortiz, PE, SE          
Associate, Technical Delivery Manager, Senior Structural Engineer          
CDM Smith          
Sacramento, Calif.

AGE: 38

Master of Science, Structural Engineering, Stanford University

Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, Stanford University

Currently leads a team of six managers, their direct reports, and 130-plus staff. One of the firm’s youngest senior managers in this role

In 2022, completed CDM Smith’s Leadership Academy’s Elevate Program, for leadership development

Major projects include SE of Record, Aeration Basin Modifications, San Jose-Santa Clara Regional Wastewater Facility

Member, American Institute for Steel Construction

Member, Structural Engineers Association of Central California

Volunteers at Stanford, attending college fairs and interviewing undergraduate applicants

OFF THE CLOCK                                              
Brewing beer

Cooking (he makes his own bacon)

With a second child on the way, spending more time with family

SECRET LIFE                                               
Spent grades 5 through 8 in Mexico (where his parents relocated for jobs). As an adult, lived a few years in Xalapa, Venezuela, across from a coffee grove

His grandfather, Donald Newton Meyers, a mechanical engineer, designed early helicopters, one of which—a Piasecki PV-2—has been displayed in The Smithsonian Museum

WHAT IS THE BEST CAREER OR BUSINESS ADVICE YOU HAVE EVER RECEIVED?                                              
So much of Carlos' early career was predicated on productivity and getting things done. However, as he advanced in seniority, there was a need for him to delegate more work and to engage more junior engineers. He learned that he needed to shift his mindset from “How will I get this done” to “Who can help me get this done?”

WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR SINGLE BIGGEST PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENT SO FAR?                                              
“Being promoted to Technical Delivery Manager to lead the structural and geotechnical disciplines within CDM Smith. While I have been on a management trajectory for a few years, I did not expect this opportunity to present itself so early in my career.”


Saagar Patel headshot

Saagar Patel, PE, LEED AP BD+C, WELL AP, CCP          
Principal, Carbon Impact Team North Central Regional Leader          
Chicago, Ill.

AGE: 37

Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Science, Architectural Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology

Worked on a monitoring-based commissioning (MBCx) project that was recognized with a Toby International Outstanding Building of the Year Award—with the MBCx program being highlighted

Mechanical Engineer Representative, Illinois Energy Code Advisory Council, Capital Development Board

Saagar was named to the Building Decarbonization Working Group for the City of Chicago, part of a long-term goal of powering 100% of buildings citywide with renewable energy by 2035

Chair, Young Engineers of ASHRAE (YEA) (2010)

OFF THE CLOCK                                              
Since having kids his hobbies are more leisurely: reading, playing golf and tennis, and “sneaking in a nap if I can."

Saagar also has a passion for cooking, something he picked up from his mother

He collects different brewing devices to try and find the perfect cup of coffee—this includes ordering beans from a variety of roasters across the country

SECRET LIFE                                               
“I am a huge metalhead. Going to college in Chicago it was easy to get to shows and see metal, punk, and hardcore bands—it was great! Since having kids it's been a bit more challenging to get to concerts and get into the pit. But slowly I am getting back into the scene nowadays."

WHAT IS THE BEST CAREER OR BUSINESS ADVICE YOU HAVE EVER RECEIVED?                                              
“I was part of this program called the Leadership Academy. Bruce Fisher was the director and when scholars would graduate they would perform 360 Reviews. Bruce was hard on me—and he had to be because at the time I was a thick-headed know-it-all with a big mouth. He said that I did well in college and in my organizations, however, I need to 'Shut the heck up for the first two years. Go into your career and assume you know nothing and take the time to listen to understand.'”

WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR SINGLE BIGGEST PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENT SO FAR?                                              
One of Saagar's greatest career achievements was commissioning and verifying the performance of the East Building Addition at Adlai Stevenson High School. It required the team to orchestrate a symphony of design, construction, human behavior, and technology to achieve the Net Zero performance

“In the end it was one of the first buildings to achieve the Zero Energy certification from the International Living Future Institute (ILFI). The school addition was also the first Verified Net Zero Energy building in Illinois acknowledged by the New Buildings Institute (NBI), LEED Schools Platinum, and the first Living Architecture Performance Tool (LAPT) Platinum-certified project in the world.”


David Polk headshot

AGE: 35

Master of Architecture, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University

Bachelor of Science, Architecture, University of Utah

Youngest General Services Administration (GSA) Regional Chief Architect to ever be hired (age 33)

Directly oversees design of a public portfolio of $1.5B+ design & construction

Leads some of the first and highest-profile projects across the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and the Inflation Reduction Act climate bill

Advocates and coordinates interdisciplinary diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility across the AEC community

Helped establish a new needs-based scholarship program for the University of Utah, College of Architecture + Planning

Served on AIA Public Architects, Emerging Architects, and Design Excellence committees—helping to organize public programming, panels, design juries, chapter awards, and the #IseeDC photo competition

OFF THE CLOCK                                              
Scuba diving (“and not just in trite tropical locations”)

Dad joke delivering

Hitting the dance floors deep in Brooklyn

SECRET LIFE                                               
Grew up doing Boy Scouts and achieved the rank of Eagle Scout

Lived in Mexico for two years before studying in Argentina, Brazil, and Germany

Helped build the house his parents still live in today

WHAT IS THE BEST CAREER OR BUSINESS ADVICE YOU HAVE EVER RECEIVED?                                              
“It’s more important to get it right than to be right.”

WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR SINGLE BIGGEST PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENT SO FAR?                                              
“Being the youngest Regional Chief Architect hired in the GSA. It’s not only an honor to be entrusted as a new generation of leadership within the agency, but also a mantle with the responsibility for shaping the future of the public realm.”


Francesca Renouard headshot

Francesca Renouard, PE, SE          
Associate Principal          
Swenson Say Fagét          
Seattle, Wash.

AGE: 32

Master of Science, Civil Engineering, University of California - Berkeley

Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, University of Washington

Completed dozens of building studies to help select and justify chosen performance objectives and qualification criteria for Seattle’s upcoming Unreinforced Masonry (URM) ordinance

Assists in the recruitment and outreach to aspiring engineers, including attending career fairs and assessing job applicants for Swenson Say Fagét

Commissioner to the King County Landmarks Commission

Member of Historic Seattle and joined the Real Estate Committee in 2021, working behind the scenes on feasibility studies and technical assistance for historic preservation

Sits on the board of the Friends of Ravenna-Cowen, a non-profit corporation organized to celebrate, protect, and raise awareness of the historic neighborhood surrounding Ravenna Park

OFF THE CLOCK                                              
Knitting and crocheting, fly fishing, foraging for mushrooms, and playing board games with her husband, Stephen, who is also a structural engineer

Volunteers for the Food Lifeline’s Food Frenzy fundraiser for families that rely on schools’ free or reduced lunch programs

SECRET LIFE                                               
Francesca's grandfather was a partisan in Rome during World War II who was responsible for spreading anti-fascist propaganda around the city. At the peak of the war, there were eight death sentences placed on his nom de guerre

Spent a summer with a group of professional art restorers in Italy, learning the techniques to restore Sgraffito—an art form used during the Renaissance to decorate prominent buildings

WHAT IS THE BEST CAREER OR BUSINESS ADVICE YOU HAVE EVER RECEIVED?                                              
“A job can turn into a career by finding what makes you passionate and inspires you to go deeper.”

WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR SINGLE BIGGEST PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENT SO FAR?                                              
“My biggest professional achievement has been embedding myself in the historic preservation community where it has been a privilege to work with so many people who are as passionate as I am about preserving our built environment and adapting it for continued use.”


Michelle Roelofs headshot

Michelle Roelofs, PE          
Associate Principal, Structural Engineer          
New York, N.Y.

AGE: 37

Master of Science, Structural Engineering Mechanics and Materials, University of California - Berkeley

Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, University of Michigan

Licensed engineer in California, Michigan, New Hampshire, and New York

Led the development of the Design Guide 37: Hybrid Steel Frames with Wood Floors, published by the American Institute of Steel Construction in 2022

Has developed expertise in novel materials that reduce embodied carbon in projects

Member, Council of Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, where she was instrumental in creating the CTBUH Young Professionals Group

Fellow-Urban Design Forum

Guest lecturer for universities across the Northeast, and adjunct professor at Cooper Union, where she teaches a master’s level mass timber course

OFF THE CLOCK                                              
Since 2008, has voluntarily led weekly meetings for an early morning practicing and math program at PS64 elementary in New York’s East Village

Plays third base for Arup’s New York office co-ed softball team

A lot of Michelle’s free time is spent with her daughter, Daphne

SECRET LIFE                                               
In high school, was an award-winning fast-pitch softball pitcher

Loves to organize parties and events for other people, particularly with wacky themes. At Arup, hosted a “birthday club” with small-themed celebrations for staff members

WHAT IS THE BEST CAREER OR BUSINESS ADVICE YOU HAVE EVER RECEIVED?                                              
Early in her career, Michelle received valuable advice about managing work and life. Her boss at the time told her that trying to coordinate vacations and project deadlines is futile. He recommended, instead, that she should plan her life first and organize work around that schedule. Since then, “I’ve never thought twice about planning vacations and always use my vacation balance. I’m happier and more productive when I return.”

WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR SINGLE BIGGEST PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENT SO FAR?                                              
The opening of the Gilder Center at the American Museum of Natural History has been Michelle's biggest professional achievement and the highlight of her career so far

“It is very special to be able to work on a project in the city that you live in, that is an important institution, and that is also open to the public. It’s been a joy to bring my friends and family to see the project that I spent 9 years of my career on.”


Farrah Sabouni headshot

AGE: 38

Master of Science, Architectural Studies, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Master of City Planning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Architecture, University of Houston

Top 30 Influential Women of Houston (2018)

Led the largest FEMA Assessment and Build-Back Project in the new FEMA System

Serves on the Fort Bend ISD Education Foundation, contributing to the          
Finance Committee and Grant Allocations Committee, to help raise funds for teacher initiatives and grants

President of the Board, MIT Club of South Texas (2023)

OFF THE CLOCK                                              
Adventuring with the family, from zoo outings to Europe trips, to explore the world and learn about different cultures

Actively volunteers throughout the Houston community

SECRET LIFE                                               
Farrah has many family members in the profession: two architect parents that founded AUTOARCH, an aunt that is the Dean of the School of Architecture at a Houston university, and a grandfather who designed and built his own house (despite actually being a science professor)

She is in a music video with Noam Chomsky

Has worked in four different continents, owns five different coffee machines at home (“Coffee is important to me”), and has built a functional human-sized hamster wheel

WHAT IS THE BEST CAREER OR BUSINESS ADVICE YOU HAVE EVER RECEIVED?                                              
Farrah feels fortunate to get a lot of sage advice from her parents, but the one that comes up constantly is: “Do the right thing.”

“In business you need to do right by your clients, your colleagues, and your community. We are in a profession that gets to touch so much and has the potential to create a tremendous impact. With the significance of our roles as we go through the process of design and construction, it is an important reminder to design with empathy and do the right thing.”

WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR SINGLE BIGGEST PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENT SO FAR?                                              
“Academically, graduating from MIT with two master’s degrees and a certificate in urban design has been my hardest achievement, but it has not only propelled my career but my commitment and passion to our profession.”


Janette Scott headshot

Janette Scott, AIA          
Senior Associate          
Chicago, Ill.

AGE: 39

Bachelor of Architecture, University College Dublin

First-generation college graduate

Under her leadership of the studio, has increased revenue by more than 25% in the last fiscal year—surpassing pre-pandemic levels

Promoted to Associate after one year at Gensler, and then to Senior Associate within less than five years at the firm

Member, Chicago Chapter of Professional Women in Construction

Served as Board Chair for IMPACT Chicago Self-Defense (2016), and helped introduce her Gensler colleagues to the personal safety training tools

OFF THE CLOCK                                              
Most weekends you’ll find Janette weeding or watering the garden, and hosting garden parties in her backyard oasis

Started a book club with two friends in 2011 that has since grown to 10 women

SECRET LIFE                                               
While Janette was growing up, her mother worked in the tourism industry in Ireland. At age 50 she quit her job to become a full-time student and fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a nurse. The two of them were in college at the same time, and she graduated two years after Janette

Received her driver's license just last summer (“The highlight for me was collecting my parents from O’Hare airport, two days after passing my test.”)

WHAT IS THE BEST CAREER OR BUSINESS ADVICE YOU HAVE EVER RECEIVED?                                              
“Róisín Heneghan of Dublin-based firm, Heneghan Peng Architects, was one of my 5th year tutors and told us one day to present our designs as if we were presenting to our mother, assuming, of course, that one’s mother was not an architect ... This advice has served me well, as the audience must first understand what you’re presenting to them before they can evaluate it and offer feedback. I love that being an architect has exposed me to so many other industries and that I have the privilege of guiding our clients through the design and construction process.”

WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR SINGLE BIGGEST PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENT SO FAR?                                              
Janette is most proud of the professional network of relationships she's built—with colleagues, peers, mentors, and clients

“It has taken time and effort, especially starting my career in a foreign city, but for me these are genuine relationships with people that I care about. Collectively, these relationships have opened doors for me, taught me important life lessons, and supported my professional growth along the way. I sometimes feel like pinching myself because I would never have envisioned this future for myself—leading a team of extremely talented architects and designers and guiding clients on enormously impactful projects.”


TJ Sellers headshot

TJ Sellers, LEED AP          
Vice President, Division Manager          
DeAngelis Diamond Construction          
Orlando, Fla.

AGE: 36

Bachelor of Science, Building Construction, University of Florida

Led the launch of the DeAngelis Diamond Orlando Office and Division at the age of 33

Received the National Volunteer of the Year award from NAIOP

Chair of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee for the NAIOP

Partners with Elevate Orlando to educate youth in urban schools about the various career paths within the construction industry

OFF THE CLOCK                                              
Enjoys water sports—wake-foiling, wake-surfing, barefooting—and coaching his daughter’s soccer team

He is an avid traveler and has been to over 20 countries

SECRET LIFE                                               
TJ got into the industry after a childhood of helping his grandfather make repairs on self-storage buildings, and later helping rebuild homes after Hurricane Katrina

After graduating college, TJ had the opportunity to work in rural Uganda building an orphanage for displaced children. Serving with Engineering Ministries International, it was one of the most impactful experiences of his life

WHAT IS THE BEST CAREER OR BUSINESS ADVICE YOU HAVE EVER RECEIVED?                                              
“Character trumps everything. Throughout my career, I have seen many great leaders rise and fall. The majority of those who fell fast or hard resulted from an integrity gap.”

WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR SINGLE BIGGEST PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENT SO FAR?                                              
TJ’s opportunity to open a new office for DeAngelis Diamond in Orlando, Fla., has generated nearly $100 million in annual revenue in its first three years. “While numerical growth is exciting, what I’m most proud of is the culture that has been established in our Orlando office. We prioritize creating a healthy environment for our team that focuses on developing authentic relationships and positively influencing everybody we meet.”


Will Senner headshot

Will Senner, LEED AP          
Vice President of Data and Project Planning          
Durham, N.C.

AGE: 39

Master of Engineering Management, Duke University

Bachelor of Science, Civil/Structural Engineering, Architectural Engineering, Duke University

Helped develop Skanska Metrics, a benchmarking tool that helps share insights from projects to the firm’s team

Named Green Advocate of the Year by Triangle Business Journal for his work with the US Green Building Council (USGBC)

Served as Director, US Green Building Council (USGBC), that helps promote sustainable design and construction

Serves as chair of his town’s Historic District Commission, which aims to protect and preserve local architectural resources and educate the public about historic preservation

OFF THE CLOCK                                              
His favorite hobby is spending time with his wife and two daughters, whether that be playing board games, trying out science experiments, or taking on engineering projects

Will also can’t help but apply his passion of data and analytics to attempt to “crush his fantasy football league mates”

SECRET LIFE                                               
Will greatly values and enjoys preserving and modernizing historic buildings, including his own home which was built in 1786

He grew up in an 1880s country inn mansion bought by his parents, helping to bartend, shovel snow, wash dishes, and clean rooms 

WHAT IS THE BEST CAREER OR BUSINESS ADVICE YOU HAVE EVER RECEIVED?                                              
Something that Will has taken from the leaders he’s worked with: Every person is different, and investing the time and energy into knowing your people will help them be the best version of themselves

WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR SINGLE BIGGEST PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENT SO FAR?                                              
Will’s proudest professional achievement has been in the growth of Skanska’s data program, turning it into not only a central piece of the firm’s business, but something that is ingrained in its operations

“Three years ago, we set out with a mission to help our people work more efficiently and make better, data-informed decisions to Strengthen project outcomes and add value for our clients. Experiencing these moments, hearing similar types of stories from others, and seeing us selected for new projects as a result of the value we’re creating through data certainly reinforces that we’re on the right path.”


Kate Thuesen selfie

AGE: 39

Bachelor of Architecture, Iowa State University

Founded and leads the firm's emerging professional recruiting, onboarding, and educational program EPX, which reaches over 100 Emerging Professionals each year

First liaison ever from the Young Architects Forum to the Large Firm Round Table (LFRT), codified the relationship between the two organizations

Volunteer and National Director of Strategic Vision, Young Architects Forum (YAF)

Launched the Future Forward Grant in 2022, a $10,000 grant for innovative practice models

OFF THE CLOCK                                              
Loves to ice and rock climb, and first learned to ice climb on a rural Iowa farm silo that had been covered in ice

Enjoys baking (used to bake cakes for a restaurant when she lived in Madrid, Spain)

Spending time with family, enjoying nature, and a “great cocktail”

SECRET LIFE                                               
Kate's mother—her professional hero—grew up in a small town and never got a college degree, but finished her career by running a multi-million-dollar hospitality business after working her way up from an entry level sales role

Once brought her 4-month-old daughter to A’17, where Kate was “randomly selected” to meet Michelle Obama who was speaking at the event

WHAT IS THE BEST CAREER OR BUSINESS ADVICE YOU HAVE EVER RECEIVED?                                              
“Early in your career, it’s important to say yes to a lot of opportunities to learn more about yourself and what you want to be spending your time on. But at some point, it’s critical to understand that 'a YES to something is a NO to something else.'

It can be hard to say no in a culture that incentivizes constant connection and ‘yes’ creates a quick dopamine hit—but then when reality settles in and you realize what you have to give up to accomplish that yes, this is what can lead to burnout.”

WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR SINGLE BIGGEST PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENT SO FAR?                                              
“When I started in this industry, I struggled to figure out how to transition from school into practice in a profession, and I didn’t feel like I belonged. The industry felt opaque and monolithic to me, and I wanted to understand what opportunities existed or what mentorship for me could look like.

I designed the Emerging Professional Experience Program at DLR Group—something I wish I’d had when I was starting out in the industry—that has positively impacted emerging professionals; helping them feel empowered, visible, heard, and engaged.”


Malcolm Watkins headshot

AGE: 38

Master of Architecture, Kansas State University

Czech Technical University (semester abroad, Spring 2007)

His extensive professional work on projects for school districts throughout Kansas has provided new opportunities to underserved communities. One such project—Wichita High School Southeast, completed in 2016—has seen a 50% increase in enrollment. Another—the 450,000-sf $120 million Junction City High School, completed in 2021—increased building capacity by 200 students, and provides natural light in 90% of classrooms

Cofounded and President of Wichita Architectural Foundation, a non-profit formed by leadership of Wichita’s 10 leading firms to recruit and retain future architects with scholarships and sponsoring studios at Kansas State University and the University of Kansas

Has served in different local, state, and national capacities within the American Institute of Architects including, most recently, as President of the Kansas Chapter, and as a member of AIA’s National Board Knowledge Committee. As member of Young Architect Forum, codeveloped the Future Forward Grant program

Has been part of events and community outreach efforts to increase awareness of architecture as a career among K-12 and Higher Ed students

Founder and Coordinator, Schaefer University, an in-house continuing education and training program.

OFF THE CLOCK                                              
Assistant Den Leader, Boy Scouts of America Pack 127, 2022-Present

Girl Scouts of Kansas Heartland Properties Committee, 2016-Present

Principal’s advisory group, South Breeze Elementary Site Council, USD 373 Newton Public Schools

Camping, woodworking, and attending Kansas State University sporting events

SECRET LIFE                                               
Eagle Scout (2003)

Worked at a bakery during high school years, where Malcolm learned how to decorate cakes

WHAT IS THE BEST CAREER OR BUSINESS ADVICE YOU HAVE EVER RECEIVED?                                              
“Never shy away from asking for more responsibility or to be a part of a project you are interested in. The worst that can happen is to be told no. Showing initiative and willingness to jump in and help the team/firm goes a long way in earning everyone’s trust and opening more doors for yourself.”

WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR SINGLE BIGGEST PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENT SO FAR?                                              
Being named a partner at his firm eight years into his career, at age 31


Kyle Weisman headshot

Kyle Weisman, AIA, NCARB          
Vice President, Principal          
Milwaukee, Wis.

AGE: 36

Master of Architecture, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Bachelor of Science, Architectural Studies, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Since 2016, has been promoted five times

Project manager and team leader on largest project in HGA’s history: a $1.15 billion hospital replacement and expansion for UPMC in Pittsburgh

Staffing operations leader for a group of 65 architects, designers, and medical planners

Since 2019, NCARB mentor and supervisor

AIA member

Keynote speaker at multiple regional and national industry conferences

OFF THE CLOCK                                              
Father of four

Golfing, brewing beer, and home improvement projects

Volunteering at church and his children’s school

Since 2015, St. Benedict Food Pantry volunteer

WHAT IS THE BEST CAREER OR BUSINESS ADVICE YOU HAVE EVER RECEIVED?                                              
A mentor once shared a piece of wisdom that has become Kyle's guiding principle: Do what you love, and every day will be a vacation.

“This sentiment has etched itself deeply into my outlook, especially during challenging moments. As an architect, I realize I possess the privilege to leave a meaningful mark on the world. This awareness serves as a powerful anchor, providing perspective and motivation to navigate through even the toughest of days.”

WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR SINGLE BIGGEST PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENT SO FAR?                                              
Led the firm's design team through the creation of prefab quick-ship patient care spaces called STAAT-Mod, in response to the pandemic. In his first year, Kyle led the detailing and delivery of 152 prefab inpatient rooms, valued at $100 million


Todd Wynne speaking

Todd Wynne          
Chief Innovation Officer          
Rogers-O'Brien Construction          
Dallas, Texas

AGE: 38

Bachelor of Construction Management, Texas A&M University-Commerce

Bachelor of of Business Administration, Business and Commerce, University of Texas at Dallas

Todd is the first Chief Innovation Officer in the industry

Developed Project Atlas, a location-based digital mapping solution that was acquired by Bluebeam in 2018

Vice President, Executive Committee, the Yellow Rose Gala Foundation, a charitable organization dedicated to the funding and development of a Progressive MS cure

Sits on the Construction Information Executives (CIE) roundtable, consults with HILTI and Apple, and is in his third year as an executive advisor of Procore

OFF THE CLOCK                                              
Todd and his family—a tight-knit crew of travelers, painters, and puzzlers—live in a ranch house designed and built by him

Todd enjoys playing piano and has composed over a dozen original pieces

SECRET LIFE                                               
Most people are surprised to learn that Todd doesn’t have a traditional high school diploma. He was homeschooled and entered higher education at the age of 17

Todd’s greatest source of inspiration, his great grandfather, was a prominent real estate developer who funded the first privately funded rocket—Conestoga 1—which was launched from his own island. He was also a driving force behind the creation of Six Flags Over Texas

WHAT IS THE BEST CAREER OR BUSINESS ADVICE YOU HAVE EVER RECEIVED?                                              
Focus on your M.I.T.—your Most Important Thing

“When I first started working under Rogers-O'Brien's Director of VDC, Joe Williams, I was brimming with ideas. I couldn’t wait to implement them all, but Joe told me that the enemy of a great idea is five good ideas, and to instead focus on my Most Important Thing. Adopting this mindset allowed me to channel my energies effectively and deliver more impactful and successful projects.”

WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR SINGLE BIGGEST PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENT SO FAR?                                              
Todd became an excited entrepreneur with the successful acquisition of Project Atlas, and views it as his biggest professional achievement. “The industry is now catching up to the vision we had for Atlas, recognizing the immense value of organizing and accessing information by location. This transformative approach is becoming a cornerstone for technological innovation in construction.”


Tom Yost biking

Tom Yost, PE, SE, LEED AP BD+C          
Principal, Project Manager          
Walter P Moore          
Denver, Colo.

AGE: 38

Master of Architectural Engineering, Penn State University

Named a principal at the age of 36

Advancing the embodied carbon goals of all Walter P Moore projects

Committee Member, Sustainable Design Committee, for the Structural Engineers Association of Colorado’s

Professional Mentor, Engineers Without Borders

Lead Structural Engineer and Structural Advisor with KaTO Design, an organization that mentors AEC students and empowers remote communities

OFF THE CLOCK                                              
Tom has a passion for long-distance bicycling that began when he rode 9,225 miles from Philadelphia, Pa., to Panama City, Panama

He also brews beer, and once provided beer for his sister’s wedding: The Groom’s Guinness and The Bride’s Belgian Blonde

SECRET LIFE                                               
Tom loves cooking, and something that people may be surprised to find out is that he staged for a restaurant that was awarded one Michelin Star

He and his wife are from families of Penn Staters; Following his grandparents’ graduation in the 1940s, his aunt, uncle, father, and himself all studied at the university

WHAT IS THE BEST CAREER OR BUSINESS ADVICE YOU HAVE EVER RECEIVED?                                              
“We’re in the people business. While our job is to build beautiful steel, wood, and concrete structures, it’s the relationships we build that will make us successful.”

WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR SINGLE BIGGEST PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENT SO FAR?                                              
Tom’s biggest professional achievement so far was leading design and construction as a Project Manager for the University of Virginia University Hospital Expansion (UVA UHE). His proudest achievement, however, is the work he’s done in Panama with Engineers Without Borders

“For the past six years, I’ve led the Washington DC Professional Chapters’ Panama Project and, in that time, we’ve designed and built a library and technological center for an indigenous community in Panama. Our team and the local community leaders worked hand-in-hand to tackle challenges, teach construction skills, and develop local tradesmen—providing an amazing community center for the village.”

Fri, 03 Nov 2023 08:39:00 -0500 en text/html
How Progressive Grocer’s Impact Awards Winners Are Improving the World

The Giant Co.

The Giant Co. supported the nonprofit Empower at the Bridge Foundation to establish the Giant Bleacher Garden to combat food insecurity while strengthening sustainability for communities in need. The partnership repurposed bleachers and other recyclable materials at a former local high school football field to create productive, high-yielding community gardens to feed underserved families in the Harrisburg, Pa., area.

The grocer’s $90,000 sponsorship over two years (2022 and 2023) directly supports infrastructure and supplies to convert the bleachers into functional, flourishing raised bed-style gardens. In return, this support is providing food-insecure families with nutritious and culturally appropriate foods, including lettuces, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, spinach, Asian greens, winter squash, eggplant, pumpkins, peas, potatoes, onions, kale, collard greens, beans, zucchini, herbs and edible flowers. In its growing season, the bleacher garden harvested more than 5,000 pounds of food, donating nutritious fresh foods directly to families living in neighboring food deserts.

In addition to financial support, The Giant Co. and its team members volunteered more than 2,500 hours in 2022 to plant, maintain and harvest the garden using sustainable agricultural practices. Giant also partnered with Planet Bee Foundation to donate beehives to promote pollination and supply community members with honey.

Tue, 14 Nov 2023 18:00:00 -0600 en text/html
Adult Learners

Immerse yourself in a world of critical analysis and intensive scholarship that will help you change your career path or Strengthen your employment opportunities. 

The New School offers unique degree programs specifically designed for students seeking an alternative to the traditional four-year college experience, as well adult career changers. Parsons’ Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree program provides a challenging academic curriculum, a community of design practitioners, internship opportunities and professional development counseling. The Bachelor’s Program for Adults and Transfer Students benefit from The New School’s student success offerings, flexible study options (including part- and full-time study; and online, on-campus, and hybrid options), a curriculum tailored to individual goals, and credit for your work/life experience. 

Below, find more information about our bachelor’s and associate’s degree programs. Looking for information about transferring as a undergraduate student? Visit Transfer Students page to learn more. 

Bachelor’s Program for Adults and Transfer Students

Bachelor's and associate degrees for adult students seeking an alternative to the traditional four-year experience

  • Option to self-design your degree in the Liberal Arts major
  • Transfer up to 84 credits, including credit for college-level learning received from work and life experience
  • Study online or on campus, part- or full-time (it is possible to complete a degree entirely online)
  • Evening and day classes available
  • Receive support from a faculty advisor
  • Take advantage of our bachelor's/master's pathway

Learn more about continuing your education in the Bachelor's Program for Adults and Transfer Students

Parsons School of Design

Associate in Applied Science professional programs in communication design, fashion design, fashion marketing and communication, and interior design

  • Study part-time or full-time
  • Take classes scheduled in the evening for students’ convenience
  • Change careers in a focused, professionally-oriented program

Learn more about continuing your education at Parsons

Not sure which program is right for you? 

The Office of Admission will help you find the program that suits you by reviewing your education, interests, and academic goals. You can reach our admission counselors by email at [email protected] or by phone at 800.292.3040.

Mon, 02 Aug 2021 06:39:00 -0500 en text/html
LEED: The Latest Architecture and News

The Brundtland Report, 1987 - "Our Common Future" - introduced the notion that the sustainable use of natural resources must "meet the needs of the present generation without affecting the ability of future generations to meet theirs." Since then, the term sustainability has been popularized and, often, trivialized in our daily lives. In the construction industry, this is no different. As much as we know that to build, we need to destroy, how is it possible to mitigate the effects of construction during the useful life and demolition of buildings? A sustainable building, in its design, construction, and operation, must reduce or eliminate negative effects overall and may even generate net positive impacts on the climate and environment – preserving resources and improving the quality of life of the occupants simultaneously. To say that a building is sustainable is easy and even seductive. But what exactly makes sustainable construction?

Answering this question is not a simple exercise. That is why, in the last 30 years, several building sustainability certifications have been created. Through outsourced and impartial evaluations from different sources, they aim to verify the sustainable aspects of any construction. Each of them addresses particular building elements and is typically focused on certain regions of the world. While there are some certifications that verify whether the building meets certain efficiency criteria, others create different classifications, assigning a score based on these evaluations. Below, we list some of the primary sustainability certifications around the world – ranked alphabetically – and include their main architectural applications alongside a brief explanation:

Wed, 01 Nov 2023 21:30:00 -0500 en-US text/html
Middleton’s LEED Gold Certification drives Madison’s sustainability goals

The City of Middleton is the first Wisconsin municipality to secure the LEED Gold Certificate, according to a press release. The plaque dedication ceremony took place Thursday, Oct. 6 at Stone Horse Green in downtown Middleton.

The U.S. Green Building Council started LEED, which stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, as a globally recognized symbol of sustainability achievement and leadership, according to the website. It presents a rating system for the design, operation and maintenance of green buildings and neighborhoods in order to encourage people to be more environmentally conscious.

Joining cities like Austin, Texas, Dubai, United Arab Emirates and Beijing, the USGBC now recognizes Middleton for its practical and measurable sustainable strategies, according to the website. This achievement depicts the city’s commitment to clean energy, sustainability, public health and green economy. Sustainability Coordinator for the City of Middleton Kelly Hilyard played an active role in the certification process.

Middleton has a really long history of sustainable action, and I think Middleton residents are really engaged on climate issues, Hilyard said.

When the sustainability committee was formed in 2009, it immediately launched into writing a sustainability plan, according to Hilyard. The city held meetings with community members along with stakeholder engagement. Since then, interest in climate change and working on energy use reduction has increased.

Middleton has continued to be a state and local leader in sustainability over the past decade. According to a City of Middleton flyer, it was the first city in the nation to organize an advisory referendum related to climate change.

Campus experts research learning alternatives to standardized tests, current science curriculumIn his newly released book, “Why We Teach Science (and Why We Should),” University of Wisconsin professor in the School Read…

According to the 2018 Resolution passed by the City of Middleton Common Council, Middleton took its first step to address global warming through clean energy, joining Eau Claire, Madison and 70 other cities across the nation in becoming 100% renewable by 2050.

Middleton’s 2021 Comprehensive Plan includes new solar arrays in three municipal buildings this year and aims to meet 50% of its electricity needs using renewable energy by the end of fall. In the plan, Middleton has incentivized the installation of several solar panels and water utility pumps all over the city.

Middleton also has special programs dedicated to helping small to medium-sized multi-family housing become more efficient while reducing operating costs, according to the 2021 Comprehensive Plan.

Madison, a neighboring city of Middleton, has also been committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating climate change. In a significant effort to advance sustainability and combat climate change, Madison has undertaken the ambitious goal of reaching 100% renewable energy becoming carbon neutral community-wide by 2050, according to the City of Madison website.

Middleton worked on a grant with Madison and other communities in Dane County to create an energy plan to provide a road map for achieving those energy goals. It was a collaboration among seven Dane County communities with an energy plan created specifically for each community.

New UW project aims to create sustainable plant-based plasticsA recently announced project led by University of Wisconsin professors hopes to utilize paper mill waste and transform it into Read…

I feel like there’s been a really steady progression of getting more and more serious, getting more and more detailed on how we’re going to do these things instead of just making goals or wanting to be sustainable, Hilyard said. We’ve actually gotten, I think, 150 actions in our comprehensive plan that relate to sustainability.

Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway’s Climate Forward Agenda states Madison will achieve a significant portion of its net-zero carbon goals in the next two years. Rhodes-Conway plans to replace thousands of streetlights with energy-efficient LED lights, expand the Green Power training program and fine-tune building systems for increased efficiency to accomplish this.

Madison is committed to meeting 100% of its municipal electricity needs with renewable energy and enhancing transparency by launching a public-facing building performance dashboard, according to the Climate Forward Plan. Stormwater regulations will be strengthened to enhance flood resilience, and efforts to Strengthen affordable housing, transportation options and connectivity are in full swing.

The agenda also details Madison’s commitment to growing a climate-friendly economy, including launching a community climate grant program, expanding green job training, implementing food scraps recycling programs and investing in stormwater and green infrastructure solutions to enhance water quality and reduce environmental impacts.

While the majority of Madison’s sustainability goals are yet to be met, it has already invested in solar energy through the city-wide installation of solar panels and building solar-powered electric vehicle charging stations, according to its agenda. Adopting electric, hybrid electric and low-carbon fuel fleet vehicles and equipment has also pushed toward the goal of being completely carbon-free.

Transition to clean energy requires changes on systemic, individual levelsThe Wisconsin Energy Institute hosted a forum titled “Empowering Wisconsin: Community-led Energy Transition” Oct. 24. Panelists included postdoctoral researcher in Read…

The recent implementation of the Bus Rapid Transit system, along with the redesigning of bus routes, represents a significant stride toward enhancing efficiency and promoting energy conservation, according to the Climate Forward Plan.

These actions complement Madison’s previous achievements, which includes the  construction of 13 LEED-certified green buildings, most of which are on the University of Wisconsin campus. Some of these include Union South, the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery building, the Education Building, Nancy Nicholas Hall and the Wisconsin Energy Institute building.

We appreciate seeing communities near campus achieving sustainability goals, such as LEED Gold certification,” UW Associate Director of Sustainability Nathan Jandl said. “We look to our community partners, research peers and best practices for inspiration as we continue to build facilities that are safe, sustainable and support the university’s mission, such as the new [Computer, Data and Information Sciences] building.

The sustainability features of these buildings include recycling waste material generated during construction, LED lighting fixtures to reduce energy use, underground parking to reduce heat absorption, green rooftops that decrease stormwater runoff and easy access to public transportation, according to the Office of Sustainability website.

Achieving LEED certification for building design and construction requires satisfying prerequisites and credits in the categories of integrative process, location and transportation, sustainable sites, water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, materials and resources, indoor environmental quality, innovation and regional priority.

Art, science intersect for Cool Science Image ContestThe University of Wisconsin’s Cool Science Image Contest taps into the creative processes of both the judges and participants. In Read…

But despite the claims by USGBC, the process of applying for the LEED certification can take a long time, according to Hilyward.

It says the process takes about six months to a year, probably for a city, Hilyard said. Some cities with a larger staff like Washington D.C., can divide the work up and finish it quicker. But for us [Middleton], it took nearly three years.

Vice President of the U.S. Green Building Councils Hilari Varnadore said the time taken for LEED certification for a city depends on a number of factors, including the quality and quantity of the city’s data and its access to external data sets.

Other factors include whether the city already has a group or team that meets to discuss sustainability issues. But population doesn’t seem to determine a city’s pace, Varnadore said.

UW ranks 27th in the Green Power Partnership Program held by the Environmental Protection Agency. Campus Resource Coordinator in the Office of Sustainability Travis Bolmberg said green power refers to the electricity generated from renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, geothermal and biomass.

‘Mercury, Suspended’ conveys research through artThe University of Wisconsin hosted its annual Going from STEM to STEAM: Using Arts and Science event Thursday at the Read…

The Green Power Partnership Program provides resources and support to help organizations, including businesses, institutions and government agencies transition to renewable energy sources, Bolmberg said.

To be included on this list, organizations must use green power at a level that meets or exceeds the partnership benchmark requirements and agree to update EPA on their green power use annually, Bolmberg said. UW has achieved a usage of  61,115,871 kWh/year of solar and wind power, according to the EPA.

UW collaborates with the City of Madison and other communities through many means, including the Joint Campus Area Committee. UW and the City of Madison share close strategic alignment on sustainability goals and efforts. But, UW buildings are State of Wisconsin facilities, not City of Madison facilities.

Sometimes we [Middleton] can get something passed through our Common Council that Madison would love to do and will do, but they have more stakeholders — the process takes a bit longer, Hilyard said. A lot of times Madison is first because they’re trailblazers and it’s amazing. I do feel like all the cities in Dane County work together a lot.

Tue, 07 Nov 2023 04:00:00 -0600 text/html

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