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LE0-583 Legato Certified EmailXtender and EmailXaminer Administrator (LCEXA) answers |

LE0-583 answers - Legato Certified EmailXtender and EmailXaminer Administrator (LCEXA) Updated: 2023

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Exam Code: LE0-583 Legato Certified EmailXtender and EmailXaminer Administrator (LCEXA) answers November 2023 by team
Legato Certified EmailXtender and EmailXaminer Administrator (LCEXA)
Legato Administrator answers

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LE0-583 Legato Certified EmailXtender and EmailXaminer Administrator (LCEXA)
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Legato Certified EmailXtender and EmailXaminer Administrator
Answer: C
Question: 103
Which product feature can be leveraged to perform archival of historic email messages from
restored back-up tapes in response to a legal discovery request?
A. EmailXtract's archive task
B. EmailXtract's analysis task
C. EmailXtender's search client
D. EmailXaminer's message review function
Answer: A
Question: 104
A bank made the decision to trial 100% of all email from all 1000 reviewed users. Each user
receives on average 50 email messages per day. What are two organizational costs associated
with supervising all email messages? (Choose two.)
A. This requires the bank to retain 50,000 messages per day in the email archive.
B. This requires the bank to modify the EmailXaminer lexicons on a monthly basis.
C. This requires the banks reviewers to review 50,000 messages on average per day.
D. This requires the bank to keep all email messages in SQL for the length of the review
Answer: CD
Question: 105
EmailXtract has been implemented using both the shortcut and delete tasks. How can a deleted
message be restored?
A. The administrator can perform an Archive Restore task from the EmailXtender
B. The user can select the "Restore All" checkbox and then perform a search using the Search
C. The user can restore a message from the Search Plug-In by using the "Copy Message to
Folder" function.
D. The administrator can restore a message by running an EmailXtract Search task with the
"Restore Message" checkbox enabled.
Answer: C
Question: 106
A company has used EmailXtender and EmailXaminer in production for three years. The
company's compliance officer wants to identify messages that may violate a new trading policy
regarding insider information. The existing lexicon has been modified to identify suspect
content. What is a valid way to mark these messages during compliance operations?
A. create an Alert Notification based upon the new lexicon
B. create an Exception Report base upon the SMTP origination source
C. create a reviewer action called "May Violate Insider Information Rules"
D. create a report based upon the attributes of an Insider Information message
Answer: C
Question: 107
How can you verify EmailXaminer has trial settings that meet current business objectives?
A. check the results of a configuration report
B. check the results of a trial group report
C. check the Settings dialog from the Options menu
D. check the Properties tab of the current trial set
Answer: A
Question: 108
The compliance officer of a company is responsible to ensure that EmailXaminer reviewers are
reviewing their trial sets within their review period. Which EmailXaminer feature could be
used to achieve this?
A. Send Alert Mail
B. Review Task Forwarding
C. Expired trial Set report
D. Administrator notification service
Answer: A
Question: 109
Which statement is true when a customer is using lexicon weighted sampling and the resulting
SaMSet is less than the target size?
A. The SaMSet is left alone.
B. A new SaMSet is generated.
C. Messages are re-evaluated by the lexicon and stronger percentage messages are added.
D. Additional candidate messages are randomly sampled and added to the SaMSet until the
target size is reached.
Answer: D
Question: 110
What needs to be done to authorize certain users to search and view messages of other selected
A. add users to the local administrator group
B. assign supervisor permissions to the user's mailbox
C. create a supervisor group and add the appropriate users
D. add those users to the ExAdmin group on the EmailXtender server
Answer: C
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Legato Administrator answers - BingNews Search results Legato Administrator answers - BingNews I-20 and DS-2019 Requests for New Admits

Below is information about requesting a certificate of eligibility (Form I-20 or DS-2019) from the Reves Center for a student visa. The Reves Center's goal is to issue the I-20 or DS-2019 within 3 business days of receipt of complete request.


Fall Admits: June 15

Spring Admits: December 5

Summer  Admits: April 15

I-20s and DS-2019s

An I-20 or DS-2019 is a document issued by the Reves Center to enable an international student to obtain an F-1 or J-1 student visa.

  • I-20s are primarily issued for degree-seeking students.
  • DS-2019s are primarily issued for international exchange students, but degree-seeking students can qualify if a substantial portion (at least 33%) of their funding comes from sources other than personal/family funds.

New process: Starting March 2015, I-20s and DS-2019s will be requested and issued through our online system iStart. Here is how it will work:

  1. The system will email the student to complete an online biographic form and upload a copy of his/her passport identity page and financial documentation.
  2. Once he/she completes that, the request will be routed electronically to the respective admissions officer or department administrator. The admissions officer/department administrator will confirm the following:
    1. Date that the student needs to be on-campus (if earlier than the standard arrival date).
    2. How English proficiency was assessed (i.e. TOEFL score, attended a English speaking high school or university, etc)
    3. How the I-20 or DS-2019 should be sent (UPS, US airmail, etc)
    4. If the student will be employed by W&M (e.g. as a graduate assistantship)
  3. Once the admissions officer/department administrator answers those 4 questions, the request will automatically route to the Reves Center for issuance and mailing of the I-20 or DS-2019.
Summer Admits

Students can arrive in the U.S. up to 30 days before the start date listed on their I-20 or DS-2019.  If program activities will begin before this time, we can issue an I-20 or DS-2019 with an earlier start date, as long as the student will be enrolled full time (in at least 6 credits). If you have questions about this, contact our office.

SEVIS Transfer Students

Students already attending a school in the U.S. on an F-1 or J-1 visa may need to have their SEVIS record transferred to us. When we receive the request from the department, we will determine if a SEVIS transfer is needed; if so, we will contact the student.

Wed, 09 May 2018 01:01:00 -0500 en text/html
Glenwood resident still waiting for answers months after reporting village administrator activated emergency lights to stop her No result found, try new keyword!It’s been over a month since Pamela Darring says she filed a police report alleging she was unlawfully detained by Glenwood village administrator ... says she wants answers as to how this ... Wed, 25 Oct 2023 04:43:00 -0500 en-us text/html Rep. James Comer Demands Answers On Biden Administration’s Response To Border Crisis No result found, try new keyword!Kentucky Rep. James Comer, the ranking Republican on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, sent four letters to Biden administration officials requesting information on illegal ... Mon, 21 Nov 2022 04:51:00 -0600 en-us text/html Biden allows epic flood of illegals into US and here's the real reason why

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles!

After two-and-half years of raising the alarm on the wide-open southern border and continually saying that things will get worse, the truth is far worse than even we imagined. The fiscal year 2023 numbers under President Joe Biden have been released and the numbers are astonishing and the failure to secure our nation frightening. 

As expected, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), once again, released the numbers at the end of the work week in an attempt to bury the news. DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas tried to escape scrutiny by releasing the numbers on a Saturday.  

The administration has never done this before. Mayorkas' attempts to put his head in the sand expose the fact that the administration is well aware that their policy is failing the American people.  


It is a policy that began during Biden’s first year in office. That year, the administration had a historic record of illegal immigration. Biden overturned the majority of then-President Donald Trump's policies within weeks after taking office and within a matter of months, the administration took the most secure border in our lifetime (illegal immigration at a 45-year low), and created a historic, never-been-seen crisis on our border.  

Illegal migrants gathered at the U.S. southern border in November, 2022. (Fox News)

A review of total nationwide encounters (TNWE) proves what we have been saying all along: that the administration’s policy is to allow for the flow of illegal migration into our great nation. Let us explain, and for this we are using the TNWE rather than just the southwest border numbers for an obvious reason.  

Why? The Biden administration is attempting to hide the massive failure they have allowed to occur at the border. This administration started running massive amounts of illegal aliens through numerous ports of entry, calling these mass migration movements "legal pathways."   

These movements, however, are not legal. The administration’s failures are not just southern border related but Biden officials have also allowed thousands of people to be brought in the U.S. through our nation's biggest airports. We will not let them hide from the truth so here are the numbers.

In FY20 the Trump administration saw a total of 646,822 total encounters.  This number may seem to be high but remember, we ended catch and release, therefore the vast majority were immediately removed. 

The first year under Biden we saw more than a 200% increase with 1,956,519 encounters, a historic record. The second year we saw 2,766,582, a new historic record. The latest number released today shows 3,201,144, an even newer historic record, 400% higher than the last year under Trump. 

On top of that we also saw a total of 169 aliens arrested who were on the FBI's terror watch list, also a historic record. The 169 number was higher than the previous six years combined.  

The historic records continue in other areas as well. On top of historic illegal immigration and historic number of known or suspected terrorists at the border, we have nearly 1.7 million "known gotaways" since Biden has taken office.   

This September 2023 was the highest monthly total of any month ever recorded. In summary, FY21-23 total nationwide encounters stand at approximately 7.9 million and if you add the 1.7 million known gotaways, you are at 9.6 million aliens entering this country under the Biden administration with over a year to go.   

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre claimed that President Biden's border security policies have brought illegal immigration down by more than 90%. (Fox News)

There are unknown gotaway numbers, too, which need to be added since not all areas of the border have the technology to capture the image. The number of unknown gotaways could be higher than another million.   

The consequences of our nation’s failed border system put every American’s life at risk. It’s a dangerous game that has allowed our adversaries to penetrate our weak border security.  

We strongly believe that these numbers are no accident.  This crisis is not because of mismanagement or incompetence. It is by design.   

The administration’s open borders policy has caused a tsunami of unintended consequences. The growing number of people crossing illegally into the nation has overwhelmed the Border Patrol and it has caused a majority of Border Agents, somewhere between 70-90%, to be pulled off patrol to deal with the humanitarian crisis. 

We’ve seen the examples of the Biden administration’s epic failure over the past three years. Anyone who goes to the border can see it if they travel to the major illegal alien crossing points.   

It begins in the early morning hours as smugglers move in hundreds of people forcing Border Patrol agents to be pulled from the front lines. They are then moved to process the overcrowded stations, leaving hundreds of miles without a single agent on patrol.  


The criminal cartels of Mexico have operational control of our borders, and they decide what crosses and when. They send large groups to overwhelm agents. The lack of security along these major gaps opens the gateway for fentanyl and other narco-trafficking.   

These failures are also known to terrorist organizations and adversarial nations. There is a high probability that terrorists have slipped through without being encountered by Border Patrol or other law enforcement agencies.   

The consequences of our nation’s failed border system put every American’s life at risk. It’s a dangerous game that has allowed our adversaries to penetrate our weak border security.  

There are thousands upon thousands of criminals who will not surrender to the patrol and many times evade arrest. The border becomes a sieve for these criminal networks, using the border as a gateway for illegal activity.   


There is nothing redeeming about Biden’s open-border policy. The American people are the losers in his scheme of lies. The numbers tell the truth and the stories of victims on both sides of the border should be sufficient to return to Trump era policies.   

This should be a bi-partisan issue, so the question remains, what is the purpose for leaving our national security exposed? We need to demand that the Biden administration answer these questions and be held responsible if, or more likely when, our enemies use the border to target the American people.  

Thomas Homan formerly served as acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) during the Trump administration. He has devoted nearly 34 years of his life to immigration and law enforcement positions. He is one of the founders of



Wed, 01 Nov 2023 05:58:00 -0500 Fox News en text/html
If the $400 Million to Iran Was Legit, Why Won’t the Administration Answer Basic Questions? No result found, try new keyword!Make Pro-Hamas Countries That Fund American Universities Fess Up The West’s Suicide Wish Digging deeper into the Obama administration ... why can’t we get answers to basic questions? Sun, 29 Oct 2023 12:00:00 -0500 en-US text/html Franklin Foer explores the life of President Biden in new book, "The Last Politician" Franklin Foer explores the life of President Biden in new book, "The Last Politician" - CBS News

Watch CBS News

Journalist Franklin Foer's new book, "The Last Politician," tells the story of a presidency 50 years in the making, diving deep into President Biden's life and career. The book also explores the workings of Biden's current administration and searches for answers on who Biden really is behind the scenes. Foer sat down with CBS News' Robert Costa to discuss.

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Sat, 09 Sep 2023 11:48:00 -0500 en-US text/html
Answers sought over impact of EWM administration news on Carlisle Utd

Carlisle United's close financial ties to Edinburgh Woollen Mill are back under the spotlight as Philip Day's company prepare to call in administrators.

The shock news, which puts around 24,000 jobs at risk across EWM's retail empire, could also have implications for the Blues.

United owe £2.1m to EWM after Day's firm set up a "loan facility" to the Brunton Park club in 2017.

That debt is secured against United's assets, and is subject to personal guarantees by the club's owners.

Carlisle have today declined to comment on any potential ramifications of the news of EWM's notice of intention to appoint administrators.

Their supporters' trust CUOSC, who own 25.4 per cent of United's holding company, say they are talking to the club's owners about the situation.

In a statement CUOSC said: "CUOSC are aware of the reports concerning EWM.

"We know nothing more than what has been reported by news outlets. We are in contact with the other owners of the football club.

"We are actively pursuing further information and will comment when we know more." 

The news has inevitably raised concerns among fans given the close links between United and Day's firm.

Carlisle-based EWM have been long-standing sponsors of United but stepped up their involvement in 2017 when they came to the club's financial aid with loans.

They have played an influential part in a change of financial approach at the club since then with Carlisle reducing their spending.

EWM's group financial controller John Jackson is a director of CUFC Holdings while EWM have also provided ring-fenced funding for the appointment of a the club's director of football - David Holdsworth, who is also close to Day.

The firm's billionaire boss Day was at Brunton Park only last month in a rare appearance at the ground to watch Carlisle's EFL Trophy game against Fleetwood.

Last week Blues co-owner John Nixon insisted "no news was good news" regarding the impact of Covid-19 on EWM's involvement in potential ownership "succession" at the top of United.

The club have not drawn on the loan facility for the last 12 months. Nixon also said: "EWM have been good to us, they’ve invested money when we needed it three or four years ago and they’ve been there ever since. If anything was to change on that I’ve got an assurance and I fully trust them that we would get to hear of anything that might have an effect on us first so we can be prepared."

In February Nixon said he and his fellow owners had "run out of cash" and were hoping EWM would take a share of the club. There was speculation that a new firm set up by Day in 2019, called Eden Valley Sport Ltd, could be connected with such moves. There has been little sign of any business activity by that company since then.

EWM, who are working with insolvency specialists FRP to carry out a review of the group, have written to the group's staff to warn them that the Covid-19 climate had taken its toll on sales.

Chief executive Steve Simpson said the past seven months had been "extremely difficult".

He also cited the effect of what he described as "false rumours" - strongly denied - about unpaid bills connected to suppliers in Bangladesh.

Simpson said such rumours had impacted EWM's credit insurance and this, along with the Covid lockdowns, had "made normal rading impossible".

“As directors, we have a duty to the business, our staff, our customers and our creditors to find the very best solution in this brutal environment," he added.

“We have applied to court today for a short breathing space to assess our options before moving to appoint administrators.

“Through this process I hope and believe we will be able to secure the best future for our businesses, but there will inevitably be significant cuts and closures as we work our way through this.

“I would like to thank all our staff for their amazing efforts during this time and also our customers who have remained so loyal and committed to our brands.”

An FRP spokesman said: “Our team is working with the directors of a number of the Edinburgh Woollen Mill Group subsidiaries to explore all options for the future of its retail brands Edinburgh Woollen Mill, Jaeger, Ponden Home, and Peacocks.”

At the end of this process, EWM are expected to appoint FRP Advisory as administrators who will carry out restructuring of the wider business.

The News & Star is seeking further comment from EWM and FRP about any potential implications for United. Strategic advisors Maitland, who are working with EWM, declined to comment today, saying it was too early in the process to do so.

Fri, 09 Oct 2020 11:31:00 -0500 en text/html
Biden administration secretly let in thousands of unvetted migrants from ‘countries of national security concern’

Following my revelations that President Biden’s Department of Homeland Security has intentionally approved thousands of questionably vetted terror-country immigrants over the southern border, influential Sen. Chuck Grassley has fired off a scathing oversight letter demanding detailed explanations.

The letter Grassley (R-Iowa) sent Thursday to DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and his top border lieutenants, released to the public Monday, prominently cites my Center for Immigration Studies reports showing the administration cleared far more inadmissible immigrants to use the CBP One app to schedule escorted walkovers through eight land ports, for far longer and from a far wider spectrum of countries — just shy of 100 — than ever disclosed.

And some come from countries threatening America on a daily basis as the Hamas-Israel war reaches a new stage.

A woman from Kyrgyzstan studying her CBP One phone app in a Matamoros, Mexico, hotel, waiting for her appointment to cross into Brownsville, Texas, for U.S. entry, May 2023.
A woman from Kyrgyzstan studying her CBP One phone app in a Matamoros, Mexico, hotel, waiting for her appointment to cross into Brownsville, Texas, for US entry, in May 2023.
Todd Bensman

Under the CBP One scheme, foreign nationals with an appointment can cross “legally” to meet US Customs and Border Protection officials, who have approved 99.7% of them for quick releases into America with eligibility for two-year renewable work permits.

Among the more than 249,000 DHS-approved walkover entries from May 2021 through August 2023 were more than 7,300 immigrants from dozens of nations the United States has long tagged as “countries of national security concern” whose immigrants required enhanced terrorism security screening — “special-interest aliens,” or SIAs.

People approved for walkovers include individuals from Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, with some of the largest numbers coming from Muslim-majority former Soviet republics such as Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.

Grassley, ranking member of the powerful Senate Budget Committee, doubts that required terrorism screening is occurring.

He demands a full accounting as to what extent approved walkover immigrants from higher-risk nations have undergone any effective terrorism screening.

He also wants information on the tens of thousands more from these countries who have crossed illegally between the ports and won quick personal-recognizance releases into the nation’s interior.

It “appears CBP One is being used to intentionally invite SIAs into the United States without undergoing previously required national security vetting procedures,” Grassley wrote.

“Simply put the Biden Administration is allowing people to enter the country without knowing who they are.”

Some of these countries, of course, “do not share intelligence information.”

The Grassley inquiry goes out as Israel’s fight against Hamas heightens concern that Biden’s mass-migration crisis has rendered the collapsed American southwest border even more vulnerable to crossings by organized Islamic extremists or individuals predisposed to impulsively attack the United States for militarily and diplomatically siding with Israel.

A record-breaking 270 apprehended SIAs on the FBI’s terrorism watch list were among the estimated more than 1.8 million “gotaways” who the Border Patrol says entered the US interior undetected since Biden took office in 2021.

Signaling a sense of urgency, Grassley’s office demands answers by Nov. 10, the first time any member of Congress has demanded any public accounting about SIAs.

Grassley’s intercession cites my congressional testimony and latest reports revealing Biden’s app program is choosing to funnel in thousands of SIAs from Muslim-majority countries with likely no effective security vetting.

Recent cases of administration mishandling of FBI watchlisted SIAs strongly indicate post-9/11 counterterrorism border programs have crumbled under the human onslaught Biden policies triggered on Inauguration Day.

After announcing this scheme as the cornerstone of its border policy in January 2023 and mainly for just four nationalities — Cubans, Haitians, Venezuelans and Nicaraguans — the administration shrouded it in secrecy, deflecting all records requests and inquiries by other members of Congress.

Records I finally obtained through the Freedom of Information Act, however, show the Biden administration actually began this program 19 months earlier, in May 2021, and brought through 249,000-plus foreign nationals through August from 93 more countries than just the four publicly emphasized.

Yes, there were surprisingly high numbers of SIAs from 24 countries of terrorism concern such as 3,852 Kyrgyzstanis, 1,843 Uzbekistanis, 780 Tajikistanis and 339 Kazakhstanis, not to mention many more from terror-plagued African countries such as Egypt, Senegal and Mauritania.

News of this unique American scheme allowing aliens to schedule their illegal immigration and get work permits has reached the farthest corners of the planet.

The administration approved 1,086 Armenians, 888 from Belarus, 244 from Azerbaijan and dozens from mainland China and Mongolia.

In mysterious decisions that have never been questioned because no one knew of them, Biden’s DHS brought in at land ports nearly 24,000 Russians.

Some cases are so strange as to demand public explanation.

Small numbers of so-called asylum seekers were let in from France, Spain, Greece, Poland and Hungary, democracies not known as hotbeds of political persecution.

One even came in from Canada, another from the United Kingdom and yet another from “British Indian Ocean Territory.”

This is hard to explain since many of these countries have visa-waiver agreements with America, and their citizens can enter at will through normal travel channels.

Perhaps most mysterious of the CBP One decisions was bringing in through the land ports on humanitarian-protection grounds more than 57,000 Mexican nationals, representing the largest single nationality in the program.

Mexican citizens almost never qualify for US protections and are rejected for asylum at a rate of 96%.

Grassley demands the Biden team describe all of its security-vetting processes for the SIAs, pointing to my reporting that key, all-important face-to-face interviews with them have gone by the wayside in the crush of mass migration.

The senator also questions whether the few database checks the administration relies on for SIAs and all other nationalities it is letting through would ever show anything for those from nations diplomatically hostile to the United States.

And Grassley’s letter asks the Biden administration about another unexplored public interest issue related to SIAs released into the nation: “Upon release, it is practically impossible to track all immigrants,” he notes.

Todd Bensman is senior national security fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies.

Mon, 30 Oct 2023 01:48:00 -0500 en-US text/html
Support provided for expecting parents, breastfeeding mothers

Human Resources is reminding faculty and staff that the University provides multiple resources to assist expecting parents as well as breastfeeding mothers after they have returned to work. Available resources support the physical health, behavioral health, financial wellness and work-life integration pillars of the Healthy Boiler Program. They are:

  • Paid Parental Leave (PPL) is provided as part of an employee’s benefits package
    • PPL provides parents additional flexibility and time to bond with their new child, adjust to new family situations and balance professional obligations.
    • Eligible employees receive up to 240 hours (6 weeks) if employed by the University for at least one continuous year, half-time or more, in a benefits-eligible position. If both parents are employed by the University, each parent may receive up to 240 hours of paid parental leave.
  • Future Moms, a wellness initiative offered by Blue Cross Blue Shield – Purdue’s medical plan administrator – answers questions, helps expecting parents make good choices and follow their healthcare provider’s plan of care and more. The program provides helpful resources and tools throughout pregnancy and delivery, including:
    • A toll-free number so women can talk to a nurse coach 24/7 about their pregnancy. A nurse also may call them from time to time to see how they’re doing.
    • The “Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy” book, which shows changes to expect for mom and baby during the next nine months.
    • A screening to check health risk for depression or early delivery.

The Future Moms program is available at no cost to benefits-eligible faculty and staff covered on a Purdue health plan as well as spouses and dependents ages 18 through 25 covered on a Purdue health plan. View the Future Moms’ Member video for more information. Once pregnancy is confirmed, individuals can call Anthem toll-free at 800-828-5891 and a registered nurse will get you started.

  • To help mothers be successful in their transition back to work after having a child, the Lactation Support Program includes the locations of all campus lactation spaces on the West Lafayette campus and a mother's information packet. Additional resources available include how to obtain lactation consulting through University health plans, as well as local and national resources for additional support.

All Purdue University faculty and staff health plans cover breast pumps and supplies under the Women’s Health Provision at 100 percent, not subject to deductible. This benefit is limited to the purchase or rental of one breast pump per year as ordered or prescribed by a physician. Rental is also allowed up to the purchase price and includes related supplies. Information is available on the “Lactation Resources” web page on the Family Friendly website. To get started, register for the Lactation Support Program here.


Contact Human Resources at 765-494-2222, toll free at 877-725-0222 or via email at with any questions. 

Thu, 02 Jun 2022 06:54:00 -0500 en text/html
Glenwood resident still waiting for answers months after reporting village administrator activated emergency lights to stop her

It’s been over a month since Pamela Darring says she filed a police report alleging she was unlawfully detained by Glenwood village administrator Brian Mitchell.

Darring says she’s still waiting to hear back.


“What he did was an abuse of power,” she claimed.

Darring said she was driving on 183rd Street Aug. 25 when a black SUV tried to cut her off as they passed Halsted Street, where multilane 183rd turns into single-laned Arquilla Drive.


When she did not slow to allow the SUV in, the driver of the SUV got behind her and turned on the blue emergency lights pasted to the top of the front windshield, Darring said.

The car did not look like a regular law enforcement or emergency vehicle, but Darring still pulled over.

“My dad was a retired police officer, so I have the utmost respect for law enforcement, period,” she said.

That’s when the SUV, instead of pulling up behind Darring, pulled to the left of her, rolled down his window and told her “slow down,” Darring said.

After a short interaction in which Darring said she told the man she was not speeding, the man told her to have a nice day and pulled away.

Darring, 53, said she immediately recognized the man driving the SUV was village administrator Brian Mitchell.

“I was kind of shocked like, ‘Brian Mitchell? Really?’” she said, later confirming her identification when she looked up his photo. “The nerve of you.”

Darring went to the police to file a report alleging Mitchell abused his powers by using his lights to unlawfully detain her.


“Why is he putting his lights on me?” she said she asked herself. “I didn’t do anything illegal. I wasn’t speeding, I know my plates and everything are good.”

Mitchell declined to comment when reached by phone, and referred all questions to the Glenwood Police Department.

Detective Paul Schmidt declined to comment and referred all questions to the department chief and deputy chief. Neither could be reached after multiple attempts to make contact over the phone. Village Trustee Dion Lynch also declined to comment until the “investigation is concluded.”

Daily Southtown


News updates from the south suburbs delivered every Monday and Wednesday

A Freedom of Information Act request for the police report was still pending .

In Chapter 12 of the Illinois Vehicle Code, cars are only allowed to have blue warning lights if they are “rescue squad vehicles” or police vehicles of large cities. Vehicles can have blue and red oscillating lights, but those also are reserved for special circumstances, such as when an authorized vehicle is being used to transport organs or assist in mine explosives, the code states.

Local or county emergency vehicles may use blue and red oscillating lights, but according to Glenwood’s Code of Ordinances, emergency work is not outlined as one of the duties of the city administrator.


The law also states that “Any person violating the provisions ... of this section who without lawful authority stops or detains or attempts to stop or detain another person shall be guilty of a Class 2 felony.”

Darring says she wants answers as to how this happened and to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

“As a Black person in America, there are too many times when a simple stop with police can turn into something more tragic,” she said, acknowledging Mitchell is also Black. “Someone needs to be brave enough to stand up say something.”

Wed, 25 Oct 2023 07:12:00 -0500 en-US text/html

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