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Security, Specialist
Juniper Specialist PDF Download

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Security, Specialist
Question: 70
168.150.111 using HTTP?
A . The client will be denied by policy p2.
B . The client will be denied by policy p1.
C . The client will be permitted by policy p2.
D . The client will be permitted by policy p1.
Answer: D
Question: 71
You have configured source NAT with port address translation. You also need to ensure that the same IP address is assigned from the source NAT pool to a specific host for multiple concurrent
Which NAT parameter would meet this requirement?
A . port block-allocation
B . port range twin-port
C . address-persistent
D . address-pooling paired
Answer: D
Question: 72
You want to protect your SRX Series device from the ping-of-death attack coming from the untrust security zone.
How would you accomplish this task?
A . Configure the host-inbound-traffic system-services ping except parameter in the untrust security zone.
B . Configure the application tracking parameter in the untrust security zone.
C . Configure a from-zone untrust to-zone trust security policy that blocks ICMP traffic.
D . Configure the appropriate screen and apply it to the [edit security zone security-zone untrust] hierarchy.
Answer: D
Question: 73
Click the Exhibit button.
Which feature is enabled with destination NAT as shown in the exhibit?
A . NAT overload
B . block allocation
C . port translation
D . NAT hairpinning
Answer: D
Question: 74
Which SRX5400 component is responsible for performing first pass security policy inspection?
A . Routing Engine
B . Switch Control Board
C . Services Processing Unit
D . Modular Port Concentrator
Answer: C
Question: 75
You must verify if destination NAT is actively being used by users connecting to an internal server from the Internet.
Which action will accomplish this task on an SRX Series device?
A . Examine the destination NAT translations table.
B . Examine the installed routes in the packet forwarding engine.
C . Examine the NAT translation table.
D . Examine the active security flow sessions.
Answer: A
Question: 76
Which three Encapsulating Security Payload protocols do the SRX Series devices support with IPsec? (Choose three.)
B . RC6
E . 3DES
Answer: ADE
Question: 77
What are three characteristics of session-based forwarding, compared to packet-based forwarding, on an SRX Series device? (Choose three.)
A . Session-based forwarding uses stateful packet processing.
B . Session-based forwarding requires less memory.
C . Session-based forwarding performs faster processing of existing session.
D . Session-based forwarding uses stateless packet processing,
E . Session-based forwarding uses six tuples of information.
Answer: ACE
Question: 78
What is the function of redundancy group 0 in a chassis cluster?
A . Redundancy group 0 identifies the node controlling the cluster management interface IP addresses.
B . The primary node for redundancy group 0 identifies the first member node in a chassis cluster.
C . The primary node for redundancy group 0 determines the interface naming for all chassis cluster nodes.
D . The node on which redundancy group 0 is primary determines which Routing Engine is active in the cluster.
Answer: D
Question: 79
What are two supported hypervisors for hosting a vSRX? (Choose two.)
A . VMware ESXi
B . Solaris Zones
D . Docker
Answer: AC
Question: 80
You are asked to change when your SRX high availability failover occurs. One network interface is considered more important than others in the high availability configuration. You want to
prioritize failover based on the state of that interface.
Which configuration would accomplish this task?
A . Create a VRRP group configuration that lists the reth’s IP address as the VIP while using each physical interface that make up the reth definition of each SRX HA pair.
B . Configure IP monitoring of the important interface’s IP address and adjust the heartbeat interval and heartbeat threshold to the shortest settings.
C . Create a separate redundancy group to isolate the important interface; set the priority of the new redundancy group to 255.
D . Configure interface monitor inside the redundancy group that contains the important physical interface; adjust the weight associated with the monitored interface to 255.
Answer: D
Question: 81
Which statement describes the function of NAT?
A . NAT encrypts transit traffic in a tunnel.
B . NAT detects various attacks on traffic entering a security device.
C . NAT translates a public address to a private address.
D . NAT restricts or permits users individually or in a group.
Answer: C
Question: 82
Click the Exhibit button.
You have configured NAT on your network so that Host A can communicate with Server B. You want to ensure that Host C can initiate communication with Host A using Host A’s reflexive address.
Referring to the exhibit, which parameter should you configure on the SRX Series device to satisfy this requirement?
A . Configure persistent NAT with the target-hostparameter.
B . Configure persistent NAT with the target-host-portparameter.
C . Configure persistent NAT with the any-remote-hostparameter.
D . Configure persistent NAT with the port-overloadingparameter.
Answer: A
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