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Cathryn Chaney has worked as a gardening writer since 2002. Her horticultural experience working in the nursery industry informs her garden articles, especially those dealing with arid landscaping and drought-tolerant gardening. Chaney also writes poetry, which has appears in "Woman's World" magazine and elsewhere. Chaney graduated from the University of Arizona in 1992 with a Bachelor of Arts in English.

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Killexams : Juniper Tree Facts

Junipers are small evergreen trees or bushes that are members of the cypress family. Some species are also referred to as cedars. Approximately 30 species exist, all of which live in the Northern Hemisphere. This woody plant is widespread in northern Europe, Asia and Japan, Alaska, Canada and Greenland. In the United States, junipers can also be found in the mountainous regions of the Appalachians and in the western states of Utah, California, Arizona and New Mexico.


  1. Characterized by columnar or conical shapes, all junipers are small with most reaching no more than 30 feet high. Some red cedar juniper specimens, however, can grow up to 90 feet. Junipers have short trunks with reddish-brown bark that cracks easily. Leaves are shaped like short needles and are gray-green or blue-green, growing in whorls of three on woody twigs. When crushed, the leaves often smell like lemons or apples. Unlike most trees, junipers are dioecious, meaning that individual plants produce either male or female flowers. Fruit is in the form of small green berries, which turn dark bluish purple when ripe. Each berry contains three to six seeds.

Ecological Adaptations

  1. Tolerating a wide range of conditions and having the largest geographical range of any woody plant worldwide, juniper will tolerate both acid and alkaline soils. It grows best on deep, moist and well-drained alluvial sites. Species such as red cedar can often be found in glades, while species in the western United States may be found on rocky hillsides, prairies and abandoned farmland and occasionally in sandy or clay soils.

History and Folklore

  1. American Indian tribes used seeds from juniper cones as food. Tinctures made from steeping juniper leaves were remedies for vomiting, arthritis and persistent coughing. Indian women in labor drank juniper tea to speed delivery. Juniper was also used as a general tonic and a cure for colds, fevers, tonsillitis and pneumonia. In Europe, juniper was hung over doorways on the evening before May Day and prior to Halloween to ward off evil spirits and was widely considered to ward off witches and devils. Legends indicate that dreaming of gathering juniper berries in winter foretold of prosperity. Juniper berries given as a present signified great honor and rejoicing on the birth of a boy.

Current Uses

  1. Juniper berries are most famous for flavoring gin and have also been recently used to flavor liquors and sauces. As an evergreen, juniper is a popular residential ornamental plant, used in shelterbelts and wildlife plantings. Its aromatic wood is used for furniture, paneling, fence posts and pencils.

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Killexams : One Approach to Weight Management

Thirty percent of Americans are overweight. There are many influences on overeating including genetic predispositions, overweight friends, and family. The good news is these influences can't force you to overeat since your actions come from your thinking and you can change your thinking.

In most (but by no means all) cases, being overweight results most directly from eating too much no matter what influences surround this problem. The simple (even if only partial) solution involves eating fewer calories. The difficult aspect involves putting this into practice.

Steps in overcoming obesity

Step 1. Apply the Problem Separation Technique (PST). Ask yourself: do I have an emotional problem such as anxiety, stress, guilt, or depression about my practical problem of eating too many calories?

Step 2. If the answer is yes, then determine if you have a secondary disturbance: a secondary disturbance means you're disturbing yourself about disturbing yourself. To put it another way, when your primary disturbance lies in your eating, Secondary disturbance means making yourself disturbed about eating too much and about gaining too much weight. Here's how it may manifest: suppose you notice you're eating more than is desirable. Primary disturbance: You tell yourself, "I must satisfy my craving for food right now and eat, I can't stand feeling deprived." Secondary disturbance: then as you are compulsively eating you think, "I must stop eating." You have a must about a must! Disturbing yourself about your problem doesn't help and only makes you feel worse. The demand often here is something like "I must not overeat." Demanding this of yourself is unrealistic, doesn't help, and only tends to make matters worse. A more realistic view would be something like, "I prefer not to overeat but clearly there's no law of the universe stating I must not. If I do, I do, I'll try to eat less next time."

Step 3. Remind yourself that you can accept yourself and still enjoy life and be productive with the extra pounds. Then why lose the weight? Because your life can be even better, satisfying, and more healthful without carrying around the extra pounds.

Step 4. Recognize eating too much and eating unhealthy food is a choice. You can choose to eat the ice cream or choose not to. You can choose to stop eating when you've had enough or choose to continue eating. You're not compelled to eat even though it may feel like you are and have no control. If you're skeptical imagine this: you are about to feast on your favorite ice cream. Someone shows up with a gun pointed at your head and threatens: "if you eat the ice cream I'll shoot." Clearly you decide to skip the ice cream.

Step 5. Go for unconditional self-acceptance (USA). You accept yourself unconditionally whether you overeat or you stay on your diet. Refuse to rate your total self based on the rating of your behavior. Whether you diet successfully or unsuccessfully you're still the same imperfect human who acts imperfectly. You always have been and you always will be.

Step 6. Go for unconditional life acceptance (ULA). You accept your life unconditionally with its frustrations, discomforts, and difficulties.

Practice implementing the above steps regularly. It's hard, but hard doesn't mean impossible. The good news: overeating is a choice. You can choose to stay on a reasonable eating regimen or choose not to. It's up to you!

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Killexams : Virgin Media O2 upgrades network with Juniper

Juniper Networks, a specialist in secure, AI-driven networks, has announced that UK multiplay operator Virgin Media O2 has successfully upgraded its IP core backbone network with Juniper – capable of supporting 800G. Virgin Media O2 is investing in sustainable infrastructure for the long term that can support sustained data growth and bandwidth demands.

Virgin Media O2 has migrated all core traffic in its six backbone locations across the UK with Juniper Networks PTX10008 Packet Transport Routers, which are purpose-built to deliver cloud-optimised network transformation at scale and with operational flexibility. Virgin Media O2’s infrastructure will be underpinned by Juniper’s single operating system, Junos OS Evolved. This will provide ongoing continuity for streamlined operations.

“Virgin Media O2’s stated ambition is to ‘upgrade the UK’, providing fast, seamless broadband access and mobile services to as many homes and businesses as possible. This calls for responsible, strategic innovation and investment to create an agile network infrastructure that can simultaneously scale in step with our business, be mindful of resource consumption and deliver an extended lifecycle that protects our investment. Juniper is a long-standing technology partner, so it is very reassuring that it has the same vision for sustainable growth, user experience and the fundamental importance of digital enablement in our communities and economy,” commented Jeanie York, Chief Technology Officer, Virgin Media O2.

“Service providers face a complex set of technical and commercial challenges that can be contradictory, even intractable—and likely only to multiply in the future—without the right approach. Virgin Media O2 has chosen to leverage silicon, software and automation innovation from Juniper that can turn complexity on its head to deliver a simplified, more reliable and more sustainable network foundation for its business. This means the company can embrace and accelerate growth and service evolution, safe in the knowledge that its millions of users will continue to be able to enjoy the best digital experiences going forward, whatever demands the future may bring,” added Raj Yavatkar, Chief Technology Officer, Juniper Networks.

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Killexams : A New Approach to Branding Blockchains No result found, try new keyword!However, there is an emerging category of blockchain-native projects that takes a different approach from previous decentralized finance (DeFi) companies. These projects are defined by their ... Thu, 19 Jan 2023 20:08:00 -0600 text/html https://www.nasdaq.com/articles/a-new-approach-to-branding-blockchains Killexams : Juniper targets data-center automation with Apstra update

Juniper Networks is releasing a new version of its Apstra intent-based networking software that includes more extensive configuration capabilities, additional multivendor hardware and software support, and improved environmental analytics.

Apstra keeps a real-time repository of configuration, telemetry and validation information to ensure a network is doing what the enterprise wants it to do. Companies can use Apstra's automation capabilities to deliver consistent network and security policies for workloads across physical and virtual infrastructures.

In addition, Apstra performs regular network checks to safeguard configurations. It's hardware agnostic, so it can be integrated to work with Juniper’s networking products as well as boxes from Cisco, Arista, Dell, Microsoft and Nvidia.

Since it bought Apstra in 2021, Juniper has been on a mission to add features and expand its use to a wider range of data center organizations. The latest upgrades continue that strategy.

Juniper Apstra version 4.1.2 can now push configurations in bulk across hundreds of routing zones, virtual networks and racks, for example. This lets customers more easily allocate virtual networks to new racks or assign multiple new racks all at one time rather than individually. 

Customers can more easily allocate – or deallocate as the case might be – resources and services depending on needs, according to a blog on the new Apstra release by Ben Baker, senior director, Cloud/DC Marketing & Business Analysis, with Juniper.

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Killexams : Bluetooth tracker Tile is taking a new approach to stopping thieves and stalkers

Tile has a bunch of tracker sizes and shapes.


Life360's Bluetooth tagging device Tile is launching a new anti-theft mode designed to get around a tricky issue: criminals knowing when an item they've stolen is being tracked.

The new anti-theft mode makes a user's Tile undetectable in Scan and Secure, the company's in-app feature that allows iPhone and Android users to locate nearby Tiles. That feature was initially launched to combat the rise in stalking with Bluetooth tagging devices, but now the company say that approach hasn't stopped stalking and has, if anything, made a criminal's job easier to get away with.

"It seemed like the actual problem of stalking wasn't actually being necessarily solved," said Life360 CEO Chris Hulls. "But what was happening was that there's this new vector that's opening up for thieves, where so much of the reason people buy Bluetooth tags to begin with is to protect their items from theft. And now, if you have a Tile or an AirTag, a smart thief will almost certainly be able to find it."

That's because if a thief learns there is a Bluetooth tag on an item that they stole, they're able to easily remove the tag and prevent victims from tracking down valuables.

Bluetooth tagging devices like Life360's Tile, Apple's AirTag and Samsung's Galaxy SmartTag have come under pressure to increase safety features as stalking cases rose. But robberies are also on the rise throughout the U.S., and according to Hulls, there's been a negligible number of stalking cases. During the first half of 2022, there was a 5.5% increase in robberies throughout the country, according to the Council on Criminal Justice.

"Theft is the primary reason people buy these products," Hulls said. "Our new anti-theft mode is a tradeoff. ... It gives consumers choice, they can turn off all the anti-stalking features, so their Tiles become invisible," he added.

Police warn of Apple AirTags being used to stalk people

watch now

Tile is taking a new approach to stalking prevention. If a user chooses to use the anti-theft mode, they must go through an ID verification process, which will register the user with Tile and sync their ID with their account.

"From our research, the real issue with stalkers is how do you remove anonymity?" he said.

Scan and Secure didn't address that issue, he said, and it didn't have any enforcement mechanism. That's changing now too, with Life360 threatening stalkers with a $1 million penalty the company will pursue against any individual convicted in a court of law for using Tile devices to illegally track any individual without their knowledge or consent. If someone is convicted in court for stalking using Tile, in which the ID verification makes prosecution easier, Tile would sue that person for violating the terms and services.

But there is a user privacy issue in the changes as well. Life360 is increasing collaboration with law enforcement so that if anti-theft mode is enabled, users must acknowledge that personal information can and will be shared with law enforcement at the company's discretion, even without a subpoena, to aid in the investigation and prosecution of suspected stalking.

"So much of why people buy these devices to begin with is to protect against theft. So, we think this really threads the needle elegantly," Hulls said.  

Consumer technology advocates weigh in on safety and security changes

Technology safety advocates aren't convinced.

Kathleen Moriarty, chief technology officer at the Center for Internet Security, said via email that a closer tie to identity should Boost the integrity of the solution by adding in a human factor and sense of responsibility, but as is the case with any new release, "limits and boundaries will be tested in unexpected ways."

For example, if a Tile can be discovered by its authorized owner, to track down the belonging in which it was placed, the Tile is emanating a signal to make that possible. Although the application designed for Tile use will only make that visible to the Tile owner, the signal may be discoverable with other tools.

"Without insight into the technical details, the protections to prevent detection are not clear. Typically confidence from technologists is higher for standards-based solutions due to the rigorous review process by a number of experts. The solution holds promise and time will tell as it gets tested in real-world scenarios," she said.

Adam Dodge, CEO of digital safety education company EndTAB and a member of the World Economic Forum's Digital Justice Advisory Committee, was more critical of the approach in an email exchange. "This update denies stalking victims access to the most essential of safety measures, the ability to verify and locate a tracker to stop the abuse," Dodge wrote.

He says Life360's new safety commitments — identify verification, fines and promises to cooperate with law enforcement — do not offset the increased risk created for victims, and he noted that the features and new company policies only come into play if the Tile tracker is found, something that anti-theft mode now makes much less likely. 

"We have to remember that bad actors care most about getting caught. From that perspective, this new feature is a homerun," Dodge said. "I'd rather see Tile's new commitments to safety implemented on their own, as opposed to a way to blunt the risks created with anti-theft mode." 

In his view, if the problem of stalking wasn't being solved, companies like Life360 should solve for it specifically through innovation and new safety features. "The irony is that, by making Tile trackers undetectable, it is now easier for stalkers to stay anonymous," Dodge wrote. 

This story has been updated to include comments from Adam Dodge, CEO of EndTAB, and Kathleen Moriarty, chief technology officer at the Center for Internet Security.

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Killexams : Juniper Networks Announces 2022 Partner of the Year Winners

Juniper Partner of the Year winners are chosen each year, based on their achievements and innovation in their respective markets and theaters

SUNNYVALE, Calif., February 02, 2023--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Juniper Networks (NYSE: JNPR), a leader in secure, AI-driven networks, today announced the award winners for the 2022 Juniper Partner of the Year. The annual awards honor top Juniper channel partners across various solutions, markets, and regions spanning the globe. Categories include Enterprise, Service Provider, Cloud Managed Services, Commercial, Alliances, Distribution, Federal VAR and SI, Services, National, Theatre Overall, Rising Star, AI-Driven Enterprise, Cloud-ready Data Center, and Connected Security.

Winners are reviewed across all areas of their business and chosen based on their prior 2022-year outcomes. Award criteria includes a partner’s ability to drive innovative business solutions, exceptional attention to the customer experience, and achievement of their financial goals. Partners can win in multiple categories.

Juniper’s Gordon Mackintosh, Group Vice President of Global Channel & Virtual Sales shared this, "These partners have demonstrated their commitment to Juniper while delivering superior outcomes, earning them Juniper Partner of the Year." Mackintosh went on to say, "Partner-Initiated Deal-Registration continues to grow each year, even during the past two years where supply chain issues had an impact on the entire industry. This extraordinary group of partners have been steadfast and transformational in our growth and Juniper owes them a wealth of gratitude for their contributions. Congratulations to our 2022 Partner of the Year winners, and I look forward to celebrating your outstanding accomplishments at the Partner Executive Summit in Madrid."

This year, there are over forty partners worldwide, who have been given the title of Juniper Partner of the Year. A complete list of the winners can be found on the award site. Juniper will be honoring their partners at the 2023 Juniper Executive Partner Summit in Madrid, Spain, later this month, where close to 500 attendees are expected.

For more information on the 2022 Juniper Partner of the Year award winners visit the award site.

For more information on the Juniper 2023 Juniper Partner Advantage Program, visit www.juniper.net/partners.

About Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks is dedicated to dramatically simplifying network operations and driving superior experiences for end users. Our solutions deliver industry-leading insight, automation, security, and AI to drive real business results. We believe that powering connections will bring us closer together while empowering us all to solve the world’s greatest challenges of well-being, sustainability, and equality. Additional information can be found at Juniper Networks (www.juniper.net) or connect with Juniper on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Juniper Networks, the Juniper Networks logo, Juniper, Junos, and other trademarks listed here are registered trademarks of Juniper Networks, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the United States and other countries. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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Michele Sheets
Juniper Networks

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Killexams : Juniper Hall

Juniper Hall, considered one of the most traditional buildings on campus, is located off Virginia Street and connects to Manzanita Hall, sharing a community lounge on the first floor. This building stands four stories and can house up to 78 residents with views of Manzanita Lake. Juniper is steps away from the Overlook Food Court that includes Absurd Bird, Baja Fresh, Paper Lantern, Peets Coffee and Wild Pie. 

You can take a self-guided, virtual tour of Juniper Hall. For residents who are unable to use this interactive tour, we've created a video tour highlighting Juniper Hall's main features.

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Killexams : Juniper Square Clients Raised $17.5 Billion in Investor Capital in 2022 Using Digital Subscriptions, 61% More Than 2021

Juniper Square

Adoption of digital fundraising tools enables private markets GPs to raise more capital, faster

Juniper Square Digital Subscription Clients Raised 17% More Capital

GPs raise more capital, faster using Juniper Square fundraising tools

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 26, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Juniper Square, the leading provider of partnership enablement for the private funds industry, today announced that GPs using the company’s Digital Subscriptions tool raised $17.5 billion in investor capital in 2022; 61% more than the $10.9 billion raised in 2021. The average amount raised per GPs using Digital Subscriptions grew 15% year-over-year to $27 million in 2022, up from $23.4 million in 2021. This marks the third year Juniper Square has tracked a substantial increase in the number of sponsors and amount of funds raised using Digital Subscriptions.

“The accelerating digitization of fundraising is indicative of the new market realities for private fund GPs,” said Matt Lawson, CMO of Juniper Square. “LPs increasingly expect experiences that rival the best digital experience they had as consumers. The data is clear – by digitizing the subscription experience, GPs can raise more capital and close faster with less effort.”

Among more than 1,700 client GPs, 36% use Juniper Square Digital Subscriptions to automate and accelerate the fundraising process by digitally assembling subscription documents, validating data capture and capturing e-signatures. On average, firms that used Digital Subscriptions in 2022 raised 17% more capital per GP compared to those that did not.

“We expect our total equity raised next year will be somewhere between $50 million and $100 million. I think our ability to raise capital is only going to get better as our network continues to expand,” said Tyler Arrington, partner at Staubach Capital. “Whether those deals require $3 million or $30 million, Juniper Square has set us up nicely to execute when we find them.”

For the second year, Juniper Square has released its “Top Fundraisers” list of the 20 most successful GPs that used Digital Subscriptions to raise capital, organized by the amount of investor assets under management (AUM). The 2022 list includes four firms making their second consecutive appearance: Trinity Private Equity Group, Madera Residential, Riaz Capital and Staubach Capital, LLC.

Juniper Square Top 20 Fundraisers of 2022

GPs with $500MM-$2B AUM

  • Trinity Investors

  • Hillpointe, LLC

  • Madera Residential

  • Dalfen Industrial, LLC

  • Al Neyer

GPs with $200MM-$499MM AUM

GPs with $100MM-$199MM AUM

GPs with $50MM-$99MM AUM

Juniper Square’s Digital Subscriptions provides an interactive and dynamic workflow for investors, enabling GPs to deliver a better experience for LPs and eliminate the inefficient back and forth associated with traditional PDF or paper versions of limited partnership agreements. The digital platform manages every step of the subscription process, while providing sponsors with complete visibility and control over progress and commitment amounts.

More information about the fundraising data can be found here.

About Juniper Square 
Juniper Square is the leader in partnership enablement for the private funds industry, offering a universal system for GPs and their LPs to seamlessly connect and communicate across every stage of their partnerships. Juniper Square empowers investment managers to accelerate fundraising, scale operations efficiently and Boost investor satisfaction. More than 1,700 GPs rely on Juniper Square to manage more than 300,000 LPs in more than 24,000 private funds.

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Sophie Weil
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