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ITEC-Massage International Therapy Examination Council - Massage Exam

ITEC is an international examination board that offers a range of qualifications globally. The Council has forged very strong links with employers across the World that comprehend and appreciate the level of knowledge and expertise that is achieved by an ITEC qualified therapist. ITEC qualified therapists are recognised in 33 countries including Ireland, United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

ITEC provides in excess of 35 qualifications that are approved by the government of the United Kingdom.
These qualifications are accredited by the Office of the Qualifications and Examination Regulator (OFQUAL) on behalf of the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills (DIUS), and are registered on the National Qualifications Framework in the UK.
The ITEC qualifications receive funding from the Learning and Skills Council.
ITEC qualifications are readily transportable and are recognised within industry both nationally and internationally.
The syllabus for each ITEC qualification is closely aligned with the practical issues and roles of therapists in active practice. ITEC qualified therapists are ready to apply their acquired skills and knowledge immediately post-qualification.

Level 2
Certificate in Complementary and Alternative Therapies

Level 3
Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology
A theory only course covering all the anatomy and physiology of the body.
Diploma in Aromatherapy

Advanced aromatherapy techniques are included in the course including lymphatic drainage and acupressure points as well as the holistic approach. The properties of 41 essential oils are studied and the course teaches the uses of the oils to create the remarkable results they provide. Key to the course are the Case Studies undertaken by students.

Diploma in Diet & Nutrition for Complementary Therapists
The course covers the digestive system, absorption, distribution, metabolism, and nutrients. Included are: calories, RDAs, cholesterol, carbohydrates, proteins, vegetarian diets, food allergies and food poisoning. This is ideal for any complementary therapist who wishes to be able to provide more guidance to their clients on healthy eating and the holistic approach.

Diploma in Holistic Massage
Diploma in Infant & Child Massage
Teach parents/guardians how to massage their infant/child for the purposes of relaxation.
Diploma in Lymphatic Drainage Massage
Lymphatic drainage is a specialised form of massage that works specifically on the lymphatic system. It is an extremely light form of massage that is very beneficial for the lymphatic system and clients with any form of swelling and fluid retention.
Diploma in On Site Massage
Diploma in Reflexology
Students are taken through the history and philosophy of this age-old therapy. The course covers the reflex zones and the related reflex areas as well as common disorders and ways in which to treat them. Diploma in Reiki
Diploma in Stone Therapy Massage
The main aim of the ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Stone Therapy Massage is to enable candidates to provide treatments for the purposes of relaxation and stress release.
Diploma in Thai Massage
The ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Thai Massage enables candidates to provide treatments for the purposes of relaxation and stress release.
ITEC registers and inspects colleges that deliver ITEC programmes demanding exacting standards for training courses. ITEC provides an independent examination system that tests the underlying knowledge and skills of students. By adhering to these standards this provides successful students with confidence to work as a professional therapist.

ITEC qualifications can be acquired in over 750 colleges across the World in colleges that offer part-time, full-time, weekend and evening programmes ITEC graduates work as salon and clinic owners or as visiting therapists, in spas, clinics, salons and health farms, in the Health Service, at sports centres, clubs and leisure centres, and on cruise liners. Many graduates are self-employed.
International Therapy Examination Council - Massage Exam
ITEC International education

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ITEC-Massage International Therapy Examination Council - Massage Exam

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About Us

UAB International Education, in partnership with UAB International Medical Education, is the international community’s gateway to learn from distinguished faculty who rank amongst the US’s most innovative contributors to the world's ground-breaking developments in medicine, science, and technology.


“Our mission is to create and foster global partnerships with the aim of developing innovative, collaborative and interdisciplinary educational programs and establish UAB as a leader in the training of international visiting scholars, faculty, clinicians, researchers, technicians, and students.”

Our Goal

Transform international professionals, scholars and students into global leaders in health, science and research to Excellerate the quality of life for individuals in the Birmingham community and around the world.

International Visiting Scholars

UAB welcomes international observers/ shadowers, graduate students, teachers, speakers, and scholars who wish to come to our premier facilities to participate in various non-credit or degree earning activities and train with/under our world-renown physicians, scientists, researchers and educators. These activities are encouraged and strengthen the research and teaching mission and the spirit of collaboration of all our academic schools.

For More Information & Forms →

International Visiting Collaborators

UAB values collaboration with international institutions, organizations and individuals – researchers, educators, and industry experts. These education and research partnerships help mutually widen perspectives, stimulate innovation and support the university’s mission to effectuate the global need for discovery, knowledge dissemination, education, creativity and the application of groundbreaking solutions.

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International U.S. Culture & Medical Education Summer Program

The U.S. Culture & Medical Education Summer Program provides students with an enhanced United States educational experience, medical diagnostic knowledge and an understanding of the US medical system, while improving proficiency in English.

For More Information & to Apply →

International Visiting Medical Student Program

Develop history taking, physical examination diagnostic and treatment skills through 4 weeks of clinical medical training in the UAB International Visiting Medical Student Program. The course fee includes a fully furnished single bedroom with a private bathroom for each student.

For More Information & to Apply →

International Observership

Experience collaborative learning and exceptional mentoring from top faculty, attendees, chief residents, and researchers. Gain insight into the delivery of American Medicine and education as practiced at UAB Hospitals, clinics, and labs and taught in top ranked undergraduate and graduate schools.

For More Information & to Apply →

Contact Us

International Education
L108C Volker Hall,
1670 University Blvd
Birmingham, AL 35233

Phone: (205) 934-6666
Fax: (205) 975-5297
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Killexams : Master’s of Science (MS) Degree in Global and International Education

Drexel University School of Education

International education is a growing field of study in which global social change and international education policy go hand in hand. There is a high demand for individuals to work within the complex economic, political, cultural, and social structures that shape learning in different parts of the world and to work in organizational settings in which knowledge of education theory, practice, and impact are highly valued.

What Can You Do with a Degree in Global and International Education Studies?

Graduates of the global and international education program from Drexel University have a number of career options, both domestically and internationally and go in many different directions professionally. They are well-equipped to develop, analyze, implement and evaluate educational practices and international policy standards across international boundaries. Through interpersonal advocacy, cross-cultural communication, and use of emerging technologies, among other things, students become professionals prepared to make significant contributions to an increasingly interconnected world.

Career opportunities for educational leaders with knowledge and skills related to international education, and a lens through which challenges and issues are viewed from an international perspective, are on the rise, and the Master's program in Global and International Education positions students well for a wide range of careers.

Global and International Education graduates are qualified to work in organizations such as:

  • International education associations
  • Accreditation agencies
  • Local community outreach centers
  • Ministries and governmental agencies
  • International development agencies
  • Human service agencies
  • Non-governmental organizations

Our graduates have found positions as administrators, managers, and researchers in national and international organizations, foundations, associations, and corporations.

Global and International Education Master’s Program Options

The Master’s of Science (MS) degree in Global and International Education is offered entirely online.

Drexel University has been offering online courses since 1996 and is a winner of the prestigous Sloan-C Award for Excellence in Institution-Wide Online Education. At Drexel, we are committed to providing quality education online through reputable, accredited online programs with no fixed flexible class hours.

Our international education program provides an interdisciplinary approach to the study of education’s role in economic, political, and socio-cultural development; international educational exchange; and the internationalization of education. The program builds knowledge about education’s role in societies around the world and an appreciation for how education professionals can be integral to fulfilling that role.

Course courses include:

  • Contemporary and historical views on the relationships among education, culture and society
  • Formal and informal education and national development
  • Education in development of international policy
  • International cooperation and education
  • The role of the state and market forces in education
  • Global and regional disparities in areas such as literacy
  • Educational exchange, international service learning, and study abroad

The International Education master's program at Drexel School of Education brings together a community of scholars, practitioners, and students whose collective experience around the world enriches all aspects of this unique online program.

Graduate Global and International Education Program Eligibility

A required capstone provides an opportunity for students to apply gained knowledge and skills to a significant problem. Admissions decisions are made on a rolling basis. The MS in Global and International Education only admits new students in the fall term.

Admissions Criteria

  • A bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution
  • Undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher (graduate degree GPA will be considered along with the undergraduate GPA)
    • Provisional admission may be granted with a GPA between 2.80 to 2.99

Required Documents

With multiple ways to submit documents, Drexel makes it easy to complete your application. Learn more by visiting Drexel Online's Completing Your Application Guide.

Global and International Education Courses & Curriculum

Students in Drexel’s Master’s of Science degree in Global and International Education choose one of five areas of concentration to suit their individual career objectives. The concentrations have been specifically developed to address new trends and developments in the field of international education administration.

Education Policy

Through this concentration, Global and International Education students wishing to work in the dynamic field of educational policy and educational administration acquire the tools to analyze, craft, and implement policy effectively.

E-Learning Leadership

Distance learning is rapidly expanding, bringing educational access to remote and impoverished communities. Professional aptitude in e-learning is a must for certain careers in the field of international education.

Higher Education

Higher education is becoming increasingly globalized through foreign exchanges, international students, and technology. Students in this concentration learn to work in and with institutions and become acclimated to the higher education environment.

Learning Technologies

For educators to be effective in today’s high-tech world, it is increasingly important to be well-versed in learning technologies and technology trends. This concentration prepares education professionals to understand the ever-evolving landscape of educational technology and to be able to solve problems through the application of this knowledge.

Peace Education

The concept of building peace through pedagogy is a growing trend in global education. This concentration combines multiple interdisciplinary and multicultural theories in an effort to understand and counter the roots of cultural violence through education.

Students are expected to complete two courses per 10-week term in a cohort model. However, customizable plans of study are available.

The program requires the completion of 15 courses for a total of 45 credit hours consisting of:

  • 6 core courses
  • 3 primary concentration courses in Global & International Education
  • 3 secondary concentration or elective courses
  • 3 capstone courses
  • Most students complete the program in two years.

Course descriptions may be found in the Drexel University Course Catalog.

Capstone Courses

Students in the MS in Global and International Education program complete a research capstone course where they are introduced to various types of research designs and learn to be both consumers and producers of research. Following completion of the research course, students will complete a capstone experience by selecting one of the two-course multi-disciplinary sequence options below:

  • Thesis (Part I and II) - Students who select this option will be required to complete a master’s thesis which consists of a well-written research paper, comprised of five chapters that posits a research question and uses logical arguments & data to address/answer a gap in research
  • Lesson Study (Part I and II) - Students who select this option will be required to complete a research-based lesson design and analysis project
  • Practitioner Course (Part I and II) - Students who select this option will be required to complete a master’s project. Examples include: A reform initiative narrative, program or grant proposal, white paper or policy analysis, or program evaluation

Study Abroad Experience

Students in the program can choose to participate in a study abroad experience. These 7-14 day intensive learning experiences take place in countries determined by the Program Faculty and Staff & offer the opportunity to have an international academic experience.Students actively engage the country’s literary, artistic, and cultural traditions through first-hand encounters with non-profit leaders and international education experts. This experience gives students a rare opportunity to apply knowledge gained in their studies in the field. Past programs have focused on Vietnam, Ghana, and China.

How to Apply to the Master’s of Science in Global and International Education Program

 The MS in Global and International is offered 100% online. You can get started by filling out the Drexel Online application.

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Killexams : Cambridge Assessment International Education

Cambridge Assessment International Education  prepares school students for life, helping them develop informed curiosity and a lasting passion for learning.

It is part of Cambridge Assessment, a department of the University of Cambridge.

Cambridge University Press - also a department of the University of Cambridge - shares every teacher's passion and commitment to providing the best educational experience for learners that will last their entire lifetime.

Our aim is to provide students with the tools and confidence to thrive in their chosen fields of study, from Primary and Cambridge IGCSE to Cambridge International A Level. Our diverse selection of books and digital resources will make sure students are in a position to perform to the best of their ability in their Cambridge examinations. 

Cambridge University Press works with Cambridge Assessment International Education and experienced authors, to produce high-quality endorsed AS and A Level textbooks, Cambridge IGCSE books and digital resources that support Cambridge teachers and encourage Cambridge learners worldwide.

Explore our range of resources for Cambridge Assessment International Education.

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Killexams : News and business analysis for Professionals in International Education

In other news

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Killexams : International Doctor of Education (EdD)
Admissions Requirements

We believe all educators should be empowered to be leaders. Our international EdD program is conducted in a convenient

low-residencyformat that blends online coursework with annual, four-day residencies at international sites. If you're currently teaching or living abroad, our program will connect you with fellow educators that share your vision of making meaningful change in classrooms, districts and communities.

Our mission is to empower leaders with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to effect change in educational systems through the synthesis of theory, scholarship, and practice. Our vision is to develop authentic, ethical, courageous, and innovative leaders who transform educational culture and practice.

Our EdD offers a

variety of innovative concentrationsfor international educators. Coursework is built around educational theory and research, combined with key connections to unique international challenges and leadership practice in the international educational environment.

International students who meet the admissions criteria are eligible to choose a concentration in PA Principal Leadership with certification or PA Superintendent Letter of Eligibility, allowing students to earn their certificates while living abroad. PA certificates may be transferred to other states using current Department of Education reciprocity agreements.

Admission Details

Admission to the EdD program is competitive and cohort size is limited. Students applying to the international doctoral cohort must be living outside of the US/Canada at the time of application or upon the start of the program.

Scholarships may be available to international applicants. Choose the International Graduate application when applying and the semester and residency location best for you (Fall-New Delhi, Spring-Dubai).

Program Format

Enjoy online learning combined with

three four-day residenciesat international sites throughout the program. Our cohort model allows students to collaborate with peers and professors in person and online, forming a strong support system that extends beyond graduation. The connections you make in our program are life-changing and grow your reach both personally and professionally. 


Our highly skilled full-time and adjunct faculty hold terminal degrees and possess extensive experience as educators and researchers, worldwide. They serve as mentors to accepted students throughout the program and guide the research process as dissertation chairs, encouraging high standards from conception through defense and providing a personalized, scholarly leadership journey.


The international EdD is designed to address the needs and challenges facing all educators in contemporary society, while meeting the unique needs of international teachers and leaders. Coursework combines the principles and theory of leadership, scholarship and practice to prepare leaders who can affect change in educational systems worldwide, advance student learning and inform future practice through research.

The program was designed to empower international classroom teachers, as well as advance current or aspiring educational leaders. The completion of required doctoral-level coursework culminates in the development of a dissertation proposal. The final dissertation and its defense are the capstone requirements for the EdD in Educational Leadership.


The curriculum consists of 54 post-master's credits, including 9 credits of leadership core courses, 24 credits of content area courses, 12 credits of research courses, and 9 credits of dissertation.

The AAIE Institute and International Leadership Certification

Fifteen credits from the Association for the Advancement of International Education (AAIE) Institute, when taken post-master's, can be transferred into the EdD program.

Request Information     LEARN ABOUT EDD program
Wilkes University is an independent institution of higher education dedicated to academic and intellectual excellence through mentoring in the liberal arts, sciences, and professional programs. Founded in 1933 in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., Wilkes is on a mission to create one of the great small universities, offering all of the programs, activities, and opportunities of a large, research university in the intimate, caring, and mentoring environment of a small, liberal arts college.

Wilkes is a leading provider of graduate programming for educators. In addition to the doctor of education, Wilkes offers more than two-dozen master's degrees and certificate programs to education professionals around the world. Wilkes also offers doctor of philosophy in nursing, doctor of nursing practice and doctor of pharmacy degrees, master's degree programs in various fields, and 47 undergraduate majors.

Wilkes was recently recognized by The Chronicle of Higher Education as one of the fastest growing universities in the country. Wilkes is regionally accredited by the Middle State Commission on Higher Education.

Anthony Roma
Associate Director, Graduate Admissions
(570) 574-4886

Give to Wilkes

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Read our Protocols {% } %} {% if (o.description) { %}

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Killexams : The Changing Field of International Education

The international-education landscape is evolving. There are several reasons for this, including the pandemic, students’ shifting professional interests, workers feeling burnt out, and an emphatic part of American politics wary of global relations. In an upcoming Chronicle virtual forum, a panel of experts will discuss strategies for addressing these changes.

Join the “Changing Field of International Education” on May 2 at 2 p.m. ET to learn more.

With Support From Keystone.

Host: Karin Fischer, a senior writer at The Chronicle of Higher Education

Let us know what you would like us to cover in these virtual forums. Email us at
Find out more about virtual-event partnerships by emailing

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Killexams : MA International Education / Overview
Degree awarded
Master of Arts (MA)
1 year
Entry requirements

We require a UK Honours degree with a First or Upper Second (2.1) classification or the overseas equivalent  in Education, Teaching or English.

Applicants without an education, teaching or English-related degree should have at least six months of relevant professional experience.

When assessing your academic record we take into account the grades you have achieved and the standing of the institution where you studied your qualification.

Full entry requirements

How to apply
Apply online

Course options

Full-time Part-time Full-time distance learning Part-time distance learning

Course overview

  • We're ranked in the top ten universities in the UK for Education (QS World University Rankings by Subject 2021).
  • Benefit from outstanding teaching that draws on world-leading research.
  • Focus on professional learning, underpinned by critical scholarship.

Open days

The University holds regular open days , where you will have the opportunity to tour the campus and find out more about our facilities and courses. 

You will find out more about the School of Environment, Education and Development, our resources, and meet academic and admissions staff who will be able to answer any questions you have.


For entry in the academic year beginning September 2023, the tuition fees are as follows:

  • MA (full-time)
    UK students (per annum): £11,000
    International, including EU, students (per annum): £25,500

Further information for EU students can be found on our dedicated EU page.

The fees quoted above will be fully inclusive for the course tuition, administration and computational costs during your studies.

All fees for entry will be subject to yearly review and incremental rises per annum are also likely over the duration of courses lasting more than a year for UK/EU students (fees are typically fixed for international students, for the course duration at the year of entry). For general fees information please visit  postgraduate fees

Self-funded international applicants for this course will be required to pay a deposit of £1,000 towards their tuition fees before a confirmation of acceptance for studies (CAS) is issued. This deposit will only be refunded if immigration permission is refused. We will notify you about how and when to make this payment.

Policy on additional costs

All students should normally be able to complete their programme of study without incurring additional study costs over and above the tuition fee for that programme. Any unavoidable additional compulsory costs totalling more than 1% of the annual home undergraduate fee per annum, regardless of whether the programme in question is undergraduate or postgraduate taught, will be made clear to you at the point of application. Further information can be found in the University's Policy on additional costs incurred by students on undergraduate and postgraduate taught programmes (PDF document, 91KB).

We offer a number of postgraduate taught scholarships and merit awards to outstanding applicants and international students, including:

  • MIE Postgraduate (master’s) bursaries : 10 awards of £7,500 each (issued as a reduction in your tuition fees). All self-sponsored EU and international student with an offer to study on any MIE master’s programme are eligible.
  • Manchester Humanities International Excellence Scholarship : 20% scholarship in the form of a discount on the tuition fees of selected master’s programmes, available to applicants from a number of international countries.
  • Manchester Alumni Scholarship Scheme : £3,000 reduction in tuition fees to University of Manchester alumni who achieved a first-class bachelor's degree and are progressing to a postgraduate taught master's course.

For further information on available scholarships and bursaries as well as their full eligibility criteria, please visit our funding page.

Courses in related subject areas

Use the links below to view lists of courses in related subject areas.

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Killexams : Master of Arts (M.A.) in International Higher Education

As a student in the IHE program, you will gain access to the Center for International Higher Education’s extensive global network. CIHE’s partners from around the world frequently participate in classes as guest speakers, visit campus for CIHE-sponsored events, and offer to host students for their final project. Over the years, students have completed final projects with universities in the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands, Singapore, Hong Kong, Lebanon, Mexico, and Colombia, as well as at a broad range of organizations in the field, including Diversity Abroad, the Institute of International Education, the American Council of Education, the Qatar Foundation and the International Association of Universities.

You will also study with peers from around the world through a range of international partnerships, including a dual degree program with the University of Guadalajara (Mexico), a streamlined admissions process for students from Sophia University (Japan), and an exchange option for students from Yonsei University (South Korea).

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Killexams : International Summit on the Teaching Profession

Each spring, education ministers, master teachers, national union leaders, and education organization leaders convene from countries with high performing and rapidly improving educational systems. The purpose of the gatherings is to identify best practices worldwide that strengthen the teaching profession and raise student achievement. Summit organizers, in collaboration with Asia Society, produce a publication each year on key lessons.

The first two summits in 2011 and 2012, held in the United States and hosted by U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, developed a consensus that achieving a high-quality teaching profession is critical to education systems as they face the increasingly ambitious demands of the 21st century. Moreover, the highest performing countries are successful because they take a comprehensive approach to recruiting, preparing, supporting, and retaining talented teachers and school leaders. The 2013 Summit, which was hosted by the Dutch Ministry of Education, OECD, and Education International (the global federation of teachers' unions), took on the complicated issue of teacher evaluation. The 2014 International Summit on the Teaching Profession took place in Wellington, New Zealand. Building on the results of previous Summits, it focused on the issue of how education systems can achieve both excellence and equity.

In 2015, the Summit was held in Banff, Canada, and focused on leadership, recognition, and efficacy. Participants were looking for practical policies informed by evidence that would develop collaborative leadership and improved student achievement in their schools. In 2016, the Summit was held in Berlin, Germany, and focused on teachers' professional learning and growth. In 2017, the Summit was held in Edinburgh, United Kingdom, and focused on empowering educators to help Excellerate equity and outcomes for all students. The 2018 Summit, held in Lisbon, Portugal, focused on new challenges and opportunities for educators around the world. In 2019, the Summit convened in Helsinki, Finland and focused on three interrelated issues within the theme "The Future of Teaching and Learning"  leading together, building strong foundations through innovative pedagogies and practices, and towards sustainable schools.

Read the Summit reports below.

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Killexams : International Education

In 2022, Cambridge Assessment International Education issued grades to 460,000 students from more than 5,400 schools in 147 countries. After a year of ever-closer collaboration, Cambridge Assessment International Education (Cambridge International) and Cambridge University Press Education are formally integrating in August 2022, retaining the Cambridge International awarding body.

Benefits of integration

Bringing together the skills and capabilities of different units to make working with the organisation a frictionless experience will create much better solutions for all our customers. Our research across the years shows that aligning the curriculum, content, assessment and professional development around a common view of how to deliver excellent education, improves standards and allows high-quality products to be built.

Our International Education team unites Cambridge Assessment International Education, Cambridge University Press Education and Cambridge Partnership for Education to offer schools and governments worldwide a more joined-up experience of working with us, and an innovative range of products that combine our expertise in learning and assessment.

With this change Christine Özden, who has been Chief Executive, Cambridge International Assessment Education for three and a half years and led our summer 2022 test series, is moving into a newly created role – Global Director, Climate Education.

A record Cambridge International test series

We are the world’s largest provider of international education programmes and qualifications for 5- to 19-year-olds, and June 2022 saw a record number of candidates taking Cambridge International qualifications.

Delivering 1.6 million test entries on time in exceptionally difficult circumstances is an extraordinary and excellent performance. Through an ongoing pandemic, we delivered high-stakes assessments for 220,000 students taking Cambridge International AS and A Levels and for 250,000 students receiving Cambridge IGCSEs or O Levels.

This year, 95 percent of entries came from exams, while 5 percent came from a Portfolio of Evidence of students’ own work submitted by schools and marked by Cambridge examiners. Last year, three-quarters of our students worldwide took exams.

The challenges have been extraordinary. We worked closely with schools and teachers and overcame some incredibly complex technical assessment changes that have never had to be faced before, as well as maintaining standards during a period when students have been away from school.

“There’s a massive responsibility to provide students around the world with the grades so that they can progress. To deliver that responsibility, in our biggest ever test series, is something we can be very proud of,” says Christine Özden, who served as Chief Executive, Cambridge Assessment International Education.

Cambridge Learning for Schools

During the pandemic, we invested significantly in our international education publishing and reaped the benefits with a very strong performance this year. Our excellent 5–14 series is emerging to become the market-leading text across most regions, as are our new IGCSE Science titles which are also in high demand – a real testament to the quality and integrity of our publishing despite some logistical and distribution challenges.

”Our business was tested by the pandemic and it has done well, with the release of the biggest publishing programme we’ve ever undertaken. The way that we have performed has been remarkable: the result of hard work, amazing teamwork and genuine creativity and innovation,” says Rod Smith.

Strong sales stem from schools returning to classroom learning as well as distributors choosing to stock more and order earlier this year. This exceptional year has seen Cambridge Learning for Schools sales rise above £45million.

“Now that we’re one organisation, we can be more ambitious in joining up assessment and content and data through digital solutions, more ambitious in the way that we use technology to provide a better service, and build a stronger community with our customers.”


Rod Smith, Group Managing Director, International Education

Cambridge Early Years

Three years ago, a project group of colleagues from Cambridge International and Cambridge University Press Education began working on an early years project for India. It now serves as the first example of how we developed the curriculum, materials, and resources together to create a coherent approach to a whole educational area. A year and a half after launch, it has gained real traction in India and we are working together to add Early Years to the Cambridge Pathway globally. This will include curriculum, assessment and teaching and learning support.

Australian history

We published a new four book series for the state of Victoria in Australia, reflecting changes made by its curriculum authority to the syllabus for Australian History studied at years 11 and 12 to address the lack of balance between post-colonial history and indigenous history. The new syllabus design is likely to attract more students than the old due to increased national awareness of first nations peoples’ history and cultures. We took advice from the History Teachers’ Association of Victoria (HTAV) and key members of the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS) and assembled a team of expert academics and teachers to author the resources led by Emeritus Professor Richard Broome AM, La Trobe University. We made a joint donation with the authors of 10 percent of net revenue to the Indigenous memorizing Project, a charity that seeks to Excellerate literacy.

Digital outlook

Cambridge International and Cambridge University Press Education have accelerated our digital readiness. Customers’ acceptance and expectation of digital delivery for assessments, teaching and intelligence has been accelerated by the pandemic.

Educators now see and have deeper experience of how digital can be an important part of providing resilience in the system post-pandemic and are much more open to those products.

Huge improvements were made in our back-to-school digital onboarding platforms and processes which saw our customer service teams work with colleagues in Manila and Mexico to deliver around-the-clock service to drastically reduce customer inquiry wait times.

Underpinned by research

Our Assessment Research and Development group provides in-house support that is critical to the development and management of our high-quality
learning and assessment products and services in the UK and worldwide. During the year, Assessment Research and Development published a significant review of the strengths and weaknesses of comparative judgment – an emerging way of running assessments – and carried out for Sweden the biggest review there’s ever been of research on textbooks and digital materials. It conducted research on where the grades are placed in international qualifications and developed new data-driven processes for relating the assessment of different papers from one year to another.

The Cambridge Mathematics Project is a collaboration with our University’s Faculties of Mathematics and Education championing a world class mathematics education for all students from 3- to 19-years-old. Based on its popular ‘Espresso’ digests of research on mathematics teaching topics, the team published The Primary Teacher’s Maths Journeybook: A Year of Professional Learning and held its first Cambridge Maths Journey Week to celebrate and explore the team’s work. Director Lynne McClure, who has led Cambridge Mathematics since its inception, was awarded an OBE in the New Year Honours 2022 for services to education.

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