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McAfee Specialist information source - BingNews Search results McAfee Specialist information source - BingNews McAfee’s 2023 Scam Study Results: Scam Texts More Painful Than Getting a Root Canal No result found, try new keyword!--(BUSINESS WIRE)--McAfee Corp ... it’ll provide useful information, it’s best to avoid interacting with the message altogether. Always go direct to the source and interact with reputable ... Tue, 07 Nov 2023 10:01:00 -0600’s-2023-Scam-Study-Results-Scam-Texts-More-Painful-Than-Getting-a-Root-Canal%2F&c=3176608523140940312&mkt=en-us Pat McAfee admits to uncertain future with 'College GameDay' because of people who don't like him

The haters, admittedly, are getting to one of today's most popular analysts and broadcasters.

Pat McAfee has become one of the most polarizing faces on television, especially now that he is appearing on ESPN's "College GameDay."

However, a exact survey by The Athletic revealed that 48.9% of the program's viewers do not like McAfee on the show.

McAfee admitted that the information "has been brought to my attention more than a few times over the last few days," but he does not take the outlet too seriously. 


Pat McAfee attends the Los Angeles Premiere Of Netflix's "Quarterback" at TUDUM Theater on July 11, 2023 in Hollywood, California. (JC Olivera/Getty Images)

"I’ve never been friends with a human that reads The Athletic so I’m not 100% sure what style of human these 3100 folks are," McAfee wrote on X.

McAfee gave a "huge" shutout to the 30.1% who like him but also addressed those who do not like him.

In fact, he admitted they are a reason why he has not committed long-term to the program.

Pat McAfee is seen on the field prior to the game between the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Georgia Bulldogs in the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on Dec. 31, 2022 in Atlanta. (Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

"To the 49%, I have some great news.. I have heard you all very loud and clear since the beginning of my stint with GameDay. It’s one of the biggest reasons why I have not resigned a contract with the legendary show. I’m not right for some crowds and the ‘distinguished’ College Football folks are definitely one of those," he wrote.

"Excited to enjoy the rest of this year, that’s shaping up to be a GREAT one, and then see what the future holds."

McAfee called it "an absolute blast and an honor to be at that desk and to work with the fine folks of that family."

Pat McAfee at The 2023 ESPYS held at Dolby Theatre on July 12, 2023 in Los Angeles. (Gilbert Flores/Variety via Getty Images)


McAfee joined the program and ESPN this year, continuing to host his own show on the network.

Before getting on the mic, also spent seven seasons in the NFL as a punter, all with the Indianapolis Colts.

Mon, 23 Oct 2023 00:30:00 -0500 Fox News en text/html
Anonymous Sources

Transparency is critical to our credibility with the public and our subscribers. Whenever possible, we pursue information on the record. When a newsmaker insists on background or off-the-record ground rules, we must adhere to a strict set of guidelines, enforced by AP news managers.

 Under AP's rules, material from anonymous sources may be used only if:

 1. The material is information and not opinion or speculation, and is vital to the report.

 2. The information is not available except under the conditions of anonymity imposed by the source.

 3. The source is reliable, and in a position to have direct knowledge of the information.

 Reporters who intend to use material from anonymous sources must get approval from their news manager before sending the story to the desk. The manager is responsible for vetting the material and making sure it meets AP guidelines. The manager must know the identity of the source, and is obligated, like the reporter, to keep the source's identity confidential. Only after they are assured that the source material has been vetted by a manager should editors and producers allow it to be used.

 Reporters should proceed with interviews on the assumption they are on the record. If the source wants to set conditions, these should be negotiated at the start of the interview. At the end of the interview, the reporter should try once again to move onto the record some or all of the information that was given on a background basis.

 The AP routinely seeks and requires more than one source when sourcing is anonymous. Stories should be held while attempts are made to reach additional sources for confirmation or elaboration. In rare cases, one source will be sufficient – when material comes from an authoritative figure who provides information so detailed that there is no question of its accuracy.

 We must explain in the story why the source requested anonymity. And, when it’s relevant, we must describe the source's motive for disclosing the information. If the story hinges on documents, as opposed to interviews, the reporter must describe how the documents were obtained, at least to the extent possible.

The story also must provide attribution that establishes the source's credibility; simply quoting "a source" is not allowed. We should be as descriptive as possible: "according to top White House aides" or "a senior official in the British Foreign Office." The description of a source must never be altered without consulting the reporter.

 We must not say that a person declined comment when that person the person is already quoted anonymously. And we should not attribute information to anonymous sources when it is obvious or well known. We should just state the information as fact.

Stories that use anonymous sources must carry a reporter's byline. If a reporter other than the bylined staffer contributes anonymous material to a story, that reporter should be given credit as a contributor to the story.

 All complaints and questions about the authenticity or veracity of anonymous material – from inside or outside the AP – must be promptly brought to the news manager's attention.

 Not everyone understands “off the record” or “on background” to mean the same things. Before any interview in which any degree of anonymity is expected, there should be a discussion in which the ground rules are set explicitly.

These are the AP’s definitions:

On the record. The information can be used with no caveats, quoting the source by name.

Off the record. The information cannot be used for publication. Background. The information can be published but only under conditions negotiated with the source. Generally, the sources do not want their names published but will agree to a description of their position. AP reporters should object vigorously when a source wants to brief a group of reporters on background and try to persuade the source to put the briefing on the record.

Deep background. The information can be used but without attribution. The source does not want to be identified in any way, even on condition of anonymity.

In general, information obtained under any of these circumstances can be pursued with other sources to be placed on the record.


Reports from other news organizations based on anonymous sources require the most careful scrutiny when we consider them for our report.

AP's basic rules for anonymous source material apply to material from other news outlets just as they do in our own reporting: The material must be factual and obtainable no other way. The story must be truly significant and newsworthy. Use of anonymous material must be authorized by a manager. The story we produce must be balanced, and comment must be sought.

Further, before picking up such a story we must make a bona fide effort to get it on the record, or, at a minimum, confirm it through our own reporting. We shouldn't hesitate to hold the story if we have any doubts. If another outlet’s anonymous material is ultimately used, it must be attributed to the originating news organization and note its description of the source.


 Anything in the AP news report that could reasonably be disputed should be attributed. We should supply the full name of a source and as much information as needed to identify the source and explain why the person s credible. Where appropriate, include a source's age; title; name of company, organization or government department; and hometown. If we quote someone from a written document – a report, email or news release -- we should say so. Information taken from the internet must be vetted according to our standards of accuracy and attributed to the original source. File, library or archive photos, audio or videos must be identified as such. For lengthy stories, attribution can be contained in an extended editor's note detailing interviews, research and methodology.

Tue, 20 Jun 2023 05:32:00 -0500 en text/html
More than just antivirus software, it’s peace of mind No result found, try new keyword!*To avoid being charged the recurring subscription fee, simply cancel before the free-trial period ends - it’s just $4.99/mo afterward. *To avoid being charged the recurring subscription fee ... Fri, 29 Sep 2023 02:01:00 -0500 en-us text/html McAfee Black Friday (2023): Round-up of Early Antivirus, VPN & More Offers Reported by The Consumer Post No result found, try new keyword!Black Friday deals experts at The Consumer Post monitor any early McAfee offers and deals for Black Friday 2023, identifying any offers on VPN & antivirus plans BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Review of ... Fri, 10 Nov 2023 00:00:00 -0600 Action Fraud warn people to be vigilant about fake McAfee emails

People are being warned to remain vigilant regarding fake McAfee emails.

Action Fraud, the UK's national reporting centre for fraud and cyber crime, is warning residents to watch out for fake McAfee emails after they recieve more than 2,000 reports about them.

They recieved 2,200 reports in two weeks relating to the emails.

The emails use the subject line 'we detected a virus' and urge the recipient to renew their McAfee subscription.

The links in the emails lead to phishing websites that are designed to steal personal and financial information.

Read more: Queen Consort Camilla sends letter to Bolton schoolboy

Read more: Pupils look to their future as school invites in inspirational guests

A spokesperson for Action Fraud said: "If you have any doubts about a message, contact the organisation directly.

"Don't use the numbers or address in the message - use the details from their official website.

"Your bank or any other official source will never ask you to supply personal information via email."

If you have spotted a suspicious email, forward it to the Suspicious Email Reporting Service at

Sat, 04 Feb 2023 15:08:00 -0600 en text/html
'Trusted sources of information can step up' No result found, try new keyword!"In the information war surrounding the Israel-Gaza conflict, fakery is taking many forms" — even video-game images presented as battle footage. And this kind of misinformation is about to be ... Fri, 20 Oct 2023 06:11:00 -0500 en-us text/html Pat McAfee: Sources say ex-Bears DC Alan Williams had house raided by FBI No result found, try new keyword!What nobody seemed to deny is that Williams’s house was raided. On his show Thursday, Pat McAfee said he was told by sources that the raid at Williams’s home did, in fact, take place. Thu, 21 Sep 2023 06:20:00 -0500 en-us text/html Stephen A. Smith Tells Pat McAfee Anyone Doubting His Relationship With Aaron Rodgers Can Kiss His Ass

Pat McAfee appears to have the full support of his ESPN colleagues after just a few short months. First there was Adam Schefter sharing Aaron Rodgers' latest anti-vax promo on The Pat McAfee Show last week. Now, in the wake of the report that McAfee pays Rodgers to appear on his show, Stephen A. Smith carved out some special time on First Take to tell McAfee that anyone who has a problem with it can kiss his ass. Twice.

"I would like you to play this soundbyte when you and Aaron Rodgers are on the air together today. I want you to tell the public out there whose been critical and questioning ya'll relationship to kiss your ass. They wish they had the relationship, okay? All of these people... tell them to kiss your ass twice. That's right. Quote Stephen A., okay? This is ridiculous. Anybody in this business knows that all of us, anytime, you can have a relationship with an elite player who is unapologetic about the commentary he provides. All of us would want those relationships. Props to you for having it. And the hell with all of those naysayers. I'm saying that. Pat McAfee's not saying that. I'm saying it."

So Stephen A. Smith said it. But what exactly was "it?" Is this an endorsement of paying guests to come on shows? Is this common practice? And to celebrate Aaron Rodgers being "unapologetic about the commentary he provides?" Gross.

The weirdest part of this whole thing is that it's coming now. Tuesday. Days after this newscycle ended and it's been reduced to some flippant comments on Twitter. McAfee didn't face any repercussions for what he admitted to the New York Post's Andrew Marchand. Nor did any of his employers have anything to say about him calling Marchand a "rat" for publishing something McAfee had directly confirmed in the first place.

Who is Stephen A. Smith even taking about here? At this point it seems unlikely that either he or McAfee actually know, but the point had to be made. Whatever they have to do for content is necessary and anyone with a problem with this doesn't matter.

Mon, 16 Oct 2023 12:00:00 -0500 en-US text/html
Pat McAfee Reminded of 'Worst Play in NFL History' on its 8th Anniversary

Pat McAfee just can't escape what he refers to as "the worst play in NFL history."

The former Indianapolis Colts punter played eight seasons in the NFL, but one play where he never even touched the ball continues to haunt him. Wednesday marks the eight-year anniversary of the "Colts Catastrophe," when Indianapolis tried to outsmart the New England Patriots with a fake punt formation. Instead, McAfee and company tied themselves to the "Butt Fumble" and other infamously bad football plays.

McAfee received an unwanted, and likely unneeded, reminder of the significance October 18 has to him on X, formerly Twitter. NFL reporter Ari Meirov posted a video commemorating the play's anniversary and tagged McAfee. The latter wasn't exactly delighted.

"Whoa Ari," McAfee responded twice, though with a few more vowels.

"The play will never die," Meirov said.

Here's a refresher on exactly what happened during the "Colts Catastrophe" and McAfee's explanation of how the play was supposed to go.

Former NFL player and host Pat McAfee speaks on radio row ahead of Super Bowl LVII at the Phoenix Convention Center on February 9, 2023 in Phoenix, Arizona. McAfee was reminded of the "Colts Catastrophe" Wednesday on its eighth anniversary. Mike Lawrie/Getty Images/Getty Images

Happy Anniversary, 'Colts Catastrophe'

The Colts hosted the Patriots in a Week 6 Sunday Night Football matchup on October 18, 2015.

Toward the end of the third quarter, the Colts faced a fourth-and-three from their own 37-yard line while trailing, 27-21. McAfee and the punt team took the field. And then there was chaos.

McAfee and most of the punt unit jogged over to the right side of the field, while wide receiver Griff Whalen took over as the "center" and safety Colt Anderson stood behind him as the "quarterback." As the play clock ran down, Anderson went under center and eventually took a snap from Whalen. The Patriots immediately tackled Anderson for loss.

"What the heck?" NBC analyst Cris Collinsworth said.

"What in the world?" play-by-play commentator Al Michaels responded.

"There were three, four, five guys around two players," Collinsworth said. "That was insane. You've got a guy on either side of him. What are you doing here? They don't even try to run a play. We've seen a lot of bizarre stuff. I've never seen anything more bizarre than that."

Colts coaches and players looked confused on the sideline. And to make matters worse, a flag for illegal formation was called on the Colts because "the whole right side of the line was not on the line of scrimmage."

The Patriots eventually won the game, 34-27.

McAfee Explains the 'Worst Play in NFL History'

Chuck Pagano, the head coach of the Colts at the time, explained after the game that the whole idea of the play was to shift and catch the Patriots misaligned or in a substitution error.

"We shifted over and I didn't do a good enough job coaching it during the week," Pagano said in 2015. "Alignment-wise, we weren't lined up correctly and we had a communication breakdown between the quarterback and snapper. That's on me."

McAfee used the four-year anniversary of this baffling play to provide a deeper explanation.

Read more sports news from Newsweek

During a 2019 episode of The Pat McAfee Show, titled "Pat McAfee explains the worst play in NFL history," the former punter explained that the Colts were looking for ways to keep the ball out of Tom Brady's hands going into that game against the Patriots. McAfee said the Colts had an "incredible plan" for a mock fake punt that was supposed to catch New England in a substitution error and result in an Indianapolis first down or, at worst, a delay of game penalty.

"In theory, in practice, it was magical," McAfee said at the time.

The Colts practiced the play all week, McAfee said. Well, most of the punt team did. McAfee said that not long before the game, the player who was supposed to snap the ball on the play got sick and wasn't available to play. Indianapolis turned to Whalen, who McAfee described as a utility player the Colts could trust, instead. McAfee said in the Colts' playbook, it was instructed that if the center feels someone ready to take a snap on that trick play, he should snap the ball.

Well, a Colts coach also told Anderson to try and draw the Patriots offsides on the play if needed, according to McAfee. That message was not relayed to Whalen. When the Colts lined up for the play in a game setting, the Patriots reacted "perfectly," McAfee said.

"The worst play in football history happens in that moment," he said.

The miscommunication between Whalen, Anderson, and just about everybody in a blue uniform led to perhaps the least-successful fake punt ever. On the one-year anniversary of the play, the NFL's own website described McAfee's face while walking off the field after that play as "like a guy back from war who saw too much."

Perhaps McAfee will relive the moment again during his show Wednesday. It appears he can't get away from the "Colts Catastrophe" anyway.

"If that play works, we're talking about it on the complete other side," McAfee said in 2019. "'Remember that one time the Colts outsmarted the New England Patriots?' But instead, the complete opposite has happened where it is known as the worst football play in history.

"My name will forever be attached to it."

Uncommon Knowledge

Newsweek is committed to challenging conventional wisdom and finding connections in the search for common ground.

Newsweek is committed to challenging conventional wisdom and finding connections in the search for common ground.

Wed, 18 Oct 2023 05:39:00 -0500 en text/html

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