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ISO 31000 ? Certified Lead Risk Manager
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Question: 18
The organizationâs resources and internal support are ________ the risk management strategy.
A. adjustable to match
B. inputs in the development of
C. metrics used to measure the value of
D. outcomes of the development of
Answer: B
according to page 15 of source 3, the development of a risk management strategy takes into account the organization's
resources and internal support. These resources include factors such as human, capital, and technological resources;
organizational structure, culture, and governance; communication and consultation mechanisms; and support from
senior management and leadership. These inputs have an impact on the feasibility and effectiveness of the risk
management strategy.
Question: 19
Risk management is tailored.
A. True
B. False
Answer: A
Risk management is tailored4. Tailored means that risk management takes into account the specific needs, objectives,
and characteristics of each organization and its context.
Question: 20
When an operational area develops a treatment for a critical risk, the risk management professional MUST
A. add the risk to the risk map.
B. communicate the treatment plan directly with internal audit.
C. evaluate the dollar savings associated with the treatment.
D. evaluate the impact upon other areas.
Answer: D
When an operational area develops a treatment for a critical risk, the risk management professional must evaluate the
impact upon other areas3. This helps to ensure that the treatment does not create new risks or adversely affect other
Question: 21
The accuracy and reliability of the risk assessment should be identified as clearly as possible.
A. True
B. False
Answer: A
The accuracy and reliability of the risk assessment should be identified as clearly as possible1. This helps to
communicate the level of confidence in the risk assessment results and to inform decision-making.
Question: 22
Treatment plan becomes a living document of defining the direction of the risk treatment and being able to monitor
progress against the plan.
A. True
B. False
Answer: A
Treatment plan becomes a living document of defining the direction of the risk treatment and being able to monitor
progress against the plan3. Treatment plan helps to ensure that risk treatment actions are aligned with the changing
context, objectives, and stakeholder expectations.
Question: 23
Who serves as the principal adviser to the CEO, business unit heads, and critical function heads on risk matter?
A. Chief Risk Officer (CRO)
B. Chief Information Officer (CIO)
C. Quality Auditor (QA)
D. Risk Owner (RO)
Answer: A
Chief Risk Officer (CRO) serves as the principal adviser to the CEO, business unit heads, and critical function heads
on risk matter. CRO leads the development and implementation of the organizationâs risk management framework and
Question: 24
Which of the following ensures that uncertainty is managed so the organization can meet its objectives?
A. Extended risk management
B. Enhanced risk management
C. Evasive risk management
D. Avoidance risk management
Answer: B
Enhanced risk management ensures that uncertainty is managed so the organization can meet its objectives4. Enhanced
risk management involves applying a systematic and logical process to identify, analyze, evaluate, treat, monitor,
review, and communicate risks.
Question: 25
ISO 31000:2018 risk management process is ______________
A. descriptive
B. prescriptive
C. visionitive
D. cursive
Answer: A
ISO 31000:2018 risk management process is descriptive6. This means that it provides guidance on what should be
done for effective risk management, but not how it should be done. The process can be customized to any organization
and its context.
Question: 26
New definition of risk under ISO 31000 and 31010 is:
A. Danger that injury, damage, or loss will occur
B. Possibility of investment loss
C. Probability of loss to an insurer
D. Probability of an event that will have an impact on objectives
Answer: D
According to ISO/IEC Guide73 (2009), clause 1., risk is defined as âthe effect of uncertainty on objectivesâ. This
definition applies to both ISO/IEC Guide73 (2009) and ISO31000 (2018), which are standards for risk management
terminology and principles respectively.
Question: 27
Which type of risk framework is expected to Strengthen efficiency by aligning strategy, processes, technology and
A. Controls, risk and supervision.
B. Corporate, governance and control.
C. Governance, risk and compliance.
D. Supervision, audit and compliance
Answer: C
A governance, risk and compliance (GRC) framework is expected to Strengthen efficiency by aligning strategy,
processes, technology and people. GRC aims to integrate these elements to achieve organisational objectives while
managing risks and complying with regulations.
Question: 28
Which of the following documents information are relevant to the organizationâs risk management framework,
process, and system?
A. Reporting and auditing
B. Recording and reporting
C. Visualizing and conceptualizing
D. Rationalizing and reporting
Answer: B
Recording and reporting documents information that are relevant to the organizationâs risk management framework,
process, and system2. These activities help to provide evidence, feedback, learning, and improvement for risk
Question: 29
A broker is undertaking a business interruption review on behalf of a client. This would most commonly include an
evaluation of the
A. effectiveness of a business continuity plan.
B. effectiveness of risk reserving.
C. level of risk tolerance.
D. level of self insurance.
Answer: A
A business interruption review is an evaluation of the effectiveness of a business continuity plan, which is a set of
procedures and resources to ensure that an organisation can continue its critical functions in the event of a
Question: 30
Which of the following is the current trend in auditing, risk management and compliance?
A. Providing assurance over threats
B. Performing discrete audits in compliance with internal control
C. Front office function providing leading indicators about risk
Answer: C
According to 3, page 6, one of the current trends in auditing, risk management and compliance is âmoving from a
back-office function providing lagging indicators about risk (e.g., audit findings) to a front-office function providing
leading indicators about risk (e.g., key risk indicators)â.

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Students majoring in the Wildlife and Fisheries Biology and Management Degree (WFBM) have the option of applying for professional certification from the Wildlife Society (TWS) or the American Fisheries Society (AFS). Both of these certifications are voluntary and neither are required to graduate from the University of Wyoming or to apply for employment after graduation. These certifications call for a specific program of study although these differ between the two programs. If you decide to seek certification, please contact Dr. Merav Ben-David at bendavid@uwyo.edu in the Department of Zoology and Physiology for more information. You may also contact Compliance & Review Specialist Erika Helgeson at ehelgeso@uwyo.edu for general licensure and certification questions. The University of Wyoming student chapter of TWS offers resume building workshops every spring where the advantages of certification and instructions on how to apply are discussed. The recommended curricula of the WFBM degree (aquatic and terrestrial options) are designed to meet certification requirements. Required and recommended courses are clearly listed on the 4-program of studies near the end of the second page on each. Degree information and web-links to certification information for The Wildlife Society and American Fisheries Society are located below.

The Wildlife Society Wildlife Biologist Certification Manual

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The University of Wyoming Music Department offers a voluntary professional Music Entrepreneurship certification. This is not required to apply for professional music positions but will allow for experience in a marketable skill set in the areas of arts promotion and management. The certification requires completion of 12 credit hours. For more information please contact Dr. Nicole Riner at nriner@uwyo.edu. For general licensure/certification questions please contact Compliance and Review Specialist Erika Helgeson at ehelgeso@uwyo.edu or 307-766-3423. Please see the website below for more information.


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Through a collaborative, team-oriented approach, the Office of Teacher Education aims to provide a high level of support and quality service to faculty, students, alumni and the educational community engaged in programs leading to initial and professional certification.

Teachers College teacher education programs are state approved and Teachers College may recommend students for New York State certification upon successful completion of a degree program.

There are several steps required to obtain certification and our office is ready to help you with certification questions or to schedule a meeting with our certification staff.

Academic Program Requirements

Students in Professional Teacher certification programs are eligible for New York State teacher certification recommendation, upon satisfactory completion of all requirements.

There are several steps required to obtain certification and our office is ready to help you with certification questions or to schedule a meeting with our certification staff. 

Academic Program Requirements

Jaffe Peace Corps Fellows Program

Since 1985, we have supported the Jaffe Fellows, Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, as they become New York City public school teachers in high-need schools.

Student studying together in the TR@TC program

Teaching Residents at Teachers College

The TR@TC residency program is a rigorous and intensive full-time teacher preparation program that includes extensive placements in high-needs schools. After graduation, residents pledge to teach in similar local high-need public schools.

Intended Recipients Abby M. O’Neill with O’Neill Fellows Bonnie Chow and Kimberly Iwanski

Abby O'Neill Fellowship

A $10 million gift from the late Abby M. O’Neill has enabled Teachers College to launch the Abby M. O’Neill Teaching Fellowships – one of the nation’s largest, most prestigious and most competitive private teaching fellowship programs.

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Teacher Opportunity Corps II Program

The purpose of TOC II is to increase the participation rate of historically underrepresented and economically disadvantaged individuals in teaching careers.

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Teacher Certification Resources

Questions about teacher certification requirements are answered on the Teacher Certification Overview page. Please carefully review this overview. If you are not able to find an answer to your question on this page, specific certification questions can be directed to Career Services. Please use the Teacher Certification Questions Form (cortland.edu/tcq).

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For more information and to register, please visit: Central New York Teacher Recruitment Fair.

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Students and alumni looking to manage letters of recommendation (former credential files service that was discontinued in 2019) may wish to  consider: Interfolio Dossier.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Certified Court Interpreters

In which languages may one become a certified court interpreter?

Washington offers certification in the following languages: Arabic, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, Cantonese, French, Khmer, Korean, Laotian, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog (Filipino), and Vietnamese.

Anyone who wants to interpret in these languages in a legal proceeding must pass the state certification exam, which consists of a written component and an oral component. Candidates are tested on their knowledge of vocabulary, ethics, and court terminology on the written portion of the exam. Those who pass the written component are eligible to take the oral component, which tests their skills in simultaneous and consecutive interpretation and sight translation.

What is the difference between certified and registered court Interpreters?

To become certified, interpreters must pass a rigorous test testing their ability to interpret accurately in English and their non-English language in the three interpreting modes: consecutive, simultaneous, and sight translation.

These national certification exams are costly and time-consuming to develop and maintain, and therefore are only available in the most commonly used languages.

The registered credential was adopted in Washington in 2007 to provide a measurement of quality for interpreters of non-certifiable languages. To become registered interpreters are not tested in interpreting skills, but rather their ability to speak and comprehend the non-English and English language. All other requirements (written exam, mandatory classes, oath, and criminal background check) are the same as for interpreters seeking to become certified.

What are the criteria to become a certified court interpreter?

  1. Pass the written test administered by the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) with a score of 80% or better.
  2. Complete the orientation program on interpreting skills sponsored by the AOC.
  3. Pass the oral interpreting test administered by the AOC with a score of at least 70% in each section.
  4. Submit a completed fingerprint card and application fee to the AOC. (The AOC will submit the fingerprint card to the Washington State Patrol for processing.)
  5. Attend a mandatory class sponsored by the AOC on courtroom protocol and interpreter ethics.
  6. Take the Oath of Interpreter to abide by the Court Interpreter Code of Professional Responsibility for Judiciary Interpreters.
  7. Obtain an interpreter ID badge for court proceedings.

What is the cost to become a certified court interpreter?

The cost to take the Written test is $75. The cost for the Oral test is $300 for Washington State residents and $550 for out-of-state residents. The classes are offered at no charge. The cost of the criminal background check is approximately $30.

What advantages do I have as a certified court interpreter?

By securing your credentials as a certified interpreter, your contact information will be available on the Administrative Office of the Courts' website, which is accessed by courts, interpreter coordinators, law offices, and other agencies seeking credentialed language interpreters. Many private businesses also use credentialed court interpreters since they have demonstrated their interpreting skills.

Courts are required by RCW 2.43.030(1)(b) to use the services of only those interpreters who are certified by the Administrative Office of the courts, unless good cause is found and noted on the record. By being a certified court interpreter, you will have an advantage to be hired over un-credentialed interpreters in your language.

What is a court interpreter?

A court interpreter is anyone who interprets in a civil or criminal court proceeding (e.g., arraignment, motion, hearing, deposition, trial) for a witness or defendant who speaks or understands little or no English. Court interpreters must accurately interpret in the simultaneous and consecutive modes for individuals with a high level of education and an extensive vocabulary, as well as persons with very limited language skills without changing the language register of the speaker. Interpreters are also sometimes responsible for sight translating written documents, often of a legal nature, from English into the target language and from the target language into English.

What kinds of skills does it take to be a good court interpreter?

In addition to total fluency in both English and the foreign language, a court interpreter should have excellent public speaking and interpersonal skills. Sometimes the testimony to be interpreted is shocking and traumatic and the interpreter must be able to deal with such matters without becoming emotionally involved. The interpreter must also be able to refrain from expressing personal opinions or acting as an advocate for one side or the other in a court case, and must be able to work unobtrusively. The interpreter must be willing to work well under pressure and react quickly to solve complex linguistic and ethical problems as they arise. On the other hand, when a problem cannot be solved by the interpreter alone, the interpreter must demonstrate the good judgment required to inform the court of that fact and take whatever steps are necessary to resolve the situation. Finally, good court interpreters constantly strive to Strengthen their skills by studying from a wide variety of sources, attending conferences, researching new terms and concepts, and honing their interpreting techniques.

Is special training required to become a court interpreter?

Yes, court interpreting is a very demanding profession that requires complete fluency in both English and the foreign language. The level of expertise required for this profession is far greater than that required for everyday bilingual conversation. The interpreter must be able to deal with the specialized language of judges and attorneys, as well as with the street slang of witnesses and the technical jargon of criminologists, police officers, and expert witnesses. Most people do not have full command of all registers of both English and the foreign language and, therefore, require special training to acquire it. Although there are no minimum requirements that must be met in order to apply to take the state certification test, applicants are encouraged to complete formal, college-level course work and training in both languages and modes of interpreting before applying for the examination. Bellevue College offers some courses. We encourage you to contact local colleges and request information about their programs. If no college-level courses are available, the following self-study techniques are suggested: (1) expand your vocabulary, (2) develop your own glossaries, and (3) develop interpreting techniques. In order to pass the certification examinations you must enhance your skills in (1) consecutive interpretation, (2) simultaneous interpretation, and (3) sight translation.

What is the job market like for court interpreters?

There is a great demand for court interpreters in areas with large immigrant populations. Most court interpreters work as independent contractors (freelancers), meaning that they are hired on an hourly basis, rather than being permanent employees of the trial courts. A freelance interpreter must be willing to travel from one trial court to another, perhaps even from one county trial court system to another depending on the language, in order to make a living as an interpreter. Court interpreters are generally paid by the hour.

How will courts recognize my status as a certified court interpreter?

As a certified court interpreter, you will receive an ID badge to wear during your work as an interpreter. We encourage you to wear your badge at all court-related jobs and we request that judges, court clerks, and court administrators ask to see your badge when you appear for jobs. Your name will also be listed on Washington's list of credentialed interpreters.

Who establishes the rules and requirements for becoming a certified court interpreter?

The Supreme Court established the Court Interpreter Commission through General Rule 11.1. The Commission is responsible for maintaining a policy manual for the interpreter program and staffing committees on Issues, Discipline, and Judicial and Court Manager Education.

Once I become a certified court interpreter, are there ongoing requirements to remain certified?

Yes, to maintain a certified status, at the completion of each two-year compliance period, interpreters must complete and submit the following to the Administrative Office of the Courts:

Sun, 09 Jul 2023 01:11:00 -0500 text/html https://www.courts.wa.gov/programs_orgs/pos_interpret/index.cfm?fa=pos_interpret.display&fileName=faqCertifiedInterpreters

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