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II0-001 Certified Information Forensics Investigator (CIFI) learning |

II0-001 learning - Certified Information Forensics Investigator (CIFI) Updated: 2023

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Exam Code: II0-001 Certified Information Forensics Investigator (CIFI) learning November 2023 by team

II0-001 Certified Information Forensics Investigator (CIFI)

Exam Detail:
The II0-001 (Certified Information Forensics Investigator) test is a certification test that focuses on assessing the knowledge and skills of individuals in the field of information forensics investigation. Here is a detailed overview of the exam, including the number of questions and time, course outline, test objectives, and test syllabus.

Number of Questions and Time:
The exact number of questions in the II0-001 test may vary, but it typically consists of around 100 to 150 questions. The duration of the test is usually 3 hours, allowing candidates sufficient time to answer the questions and review their responses.

Course Outline:
The II0-001 certification course covers various Topics related to information forensics investigation. The course outline may include the following components:

1. Introduction to Information Forensics Investigation:
- Overview of information forensics investigation
- Roles and responsibilities of a Certified Information Forensics Investigator (CIFI)
- Legal and ethical considerations in information forensics

2. Digital Evidence Collection and Preservation:
- Methods and techniques for collecting digital evidence
- Chain of custody and preservation of digital evidence
- Tools and technologies for digital evidence acquisition

3. Forensic Analysis and Examination:
- Forensic analysis techniques for different types of digital evidence
- File system analysis and recovery
- Network and internet forensic analysis

4. Incident Response and Investigation:
- Incident response process and procedures
- Investigating security breaches and incidents
- Malware analysis and reverse engineering

5. Reporting and Presentation of Findings:
- Documentation and reporting of forensic findings
- Expert witness testimony and courtroom procedures
- Presenting forensic evidence effectively

Exam Objectives:
The objectives of the II0-001 test are to evaluate the candidate's knowledge and understanding in the following areas:

- Principles and concepts of information forensics investigation
- Digital evidence collection, preservation, and chain of custody
- Forensic analysis techniques for different types of digital evidence
- Incident response process and procedures
- Reporting and presentation of forensic findings

Exam Syllabus:
The II0-001 test syllabus covers the following topics:

1. Introduction to Information Forensics Investigation
2. Digital Evidence Collection and Preservation
3. Forensic Analysis and Examination
4. Incident Response and Investigation
5. Reporting and Presentation of Findings

Candidates are expected to have a strong understanding of these Topics and their practical application in information forensics investigation. The test assesses their ability to collect and preserve digital evidence, conduct forensic analysis, respond to incidents, and present their findings effectively.
Certified Information Forensics Investigator (CIFI)
IISFA Investigator learning

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Certified Information Forensics Investigator (CIFI)
Added "Received:" headers often include bogus information. All of the following items
except one, is usually incomplete:
A. "To:" header
B. IDs
C. Path
D. Dates
Answer: A
Generally, which header is used to reveal reliable information from forged emails:
A. Reply-to header
B. Return-receipt-to header
C. Received header
D. Comments header
Answer: C
Which tool is used to confirm the name or IP address of an Internet host:
A. Ping
B. Traceroute
C. Nslookup
D. Finger
Answer: C
In the OSI stack, which layer is associated with TCP transmissions?
A. The application layer
B. The data link layer
C. The transport layer
D. The network layer
Answer: C
The result of an attack Traceback can be characterized by these three parameters, the
degree of which determines success:
A. confidentiality, integrity, and availability
B. precision, integrity, and timeliness
C. confidentiality, integrity, and accuracy
D. precision, accuracy, and timeliness
Answer: D
A SYN attack exploits what aspect of TCP communications?
A. Three-way handshake
B. Unilateral communication
C. Transport layer communication
D. Connectionless oriented communication
Answer: A
Which method is NOT regarded as a prevention technique for IP spoofing:
A. Not relying on IP address based authentication
B. Intrusion Detection System implementation
C. Encryption requirement on all network traffic
D. Router based packet filtering
Answer: C
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IISFA Investigator learning - BingNews Search results IISFA Investigator learning - BingNews Scene Investigators: Preliminary Trial Guide

In the mystery game Scene Investigators, you play a detective learning how to solve crimes by observing every detail of the scene presented to them and answering a variety of questions. In the Preliminary Exam, a woman named Helen Turner had her purse stolen on the very day she won the lottery. You need to identify the criminals responsible for the purse snatching using only the pieces of evidence the police were able to gather.

Three Bank Robbers – How Many Purse Snatchers?


Read the police reporters to learn the names of the individuals believed to be involved in the bank robbery: Frank Carter, Chad Harris, and Anthony Young. Unfortunately, all three match Turner’s description of average height, light skin, and dark hair. All of them robbed the bank, but did all of them snatch the purse? (No, they did not!)

Next, read the text messages found on the phone in the Evidence basket. The Synopsis of the case confirms that the person who owns the phone is the getaway driver, and the text messages definitively indicate that the getaway driver was part of the purse snatching plan, as he is shown agreeing to go along with the plan.

The getaway driver texts with three people. One of whom, Lorenzo, can be ignored – he helped organize the bank robbery, but wasn’t physically present on the day and thus had no connection to the purse snatching. (The evidence files confirm that nobody else was involved, as the money from the bank robbery was split four ways). Thus, you need to read the other text messages to figure out which of the three men was involved in the purse snatching and which one wasn’t.

Text Message Information

  • Getaway Driver and Person #1 have known each other for a long time
  • Getaway Driver considers Person #1 to be his “Boss,” even though Person #1 is younger than him
  • Person #2 was brought on for this job, and has not worked with the other two before
  • Person #2 convinces Getaway Driver to participate in the purse snatching without telling “Boss” (Boss’s “master plan” notes in the evidence files confirm this, as he writes down details of the bank robbery but nothing about the purse snatching)

Who Is Who?


Finally, it’s time to answer the question – who is who? Look once again at the suspects’ profiles. Chad Harris is the youngest of the three, having been born over five years after the other two. Thus, he must be the “Boss” who is described as being so much younger. He was completely unaware of the purse snatching plan.

The Getaway Driver says that he “goes a long way back” with “Boss.” Again looking at the profiles, that person must be Frank Carter. The two spent several years in the same prison, Willow Bay Correctional Facility, while the third, Anthony Young, never shared a prison with either Harris or Carter, fitting the “new guy” description. This makes Young “Person #2,” who was brought on for this job for the first time.


Who was the getaway driver? Frank Carter

Who was involved in stealing Helen Turner’s purse? Frank Carter and Anthony Young

With this, you have now aced the Preliminary Trial of Scene Investigators. You are able to move on to more complex cases – and, if you get stuck on any of these trickier mysteries, make sure to check out GameLuster’s other Scene Investigators guides!

Fri, 10 Nov 2023 01:23:00 -0600 Kate Mitchell Jewett en-US text/html
Guilty plea made in illegal reentry case

Oct. 6—A man who was living in McAlester and removed from the country in 2022 now awaits sentencing after pleading guilty to a federal indictment after attempting to re-enter the United States.

Court records show Alejandro Marin-Gutierrez, was indicted in September 2022 by a federal grand jury in the Eastern District of Oklahoma on a single count of illegal reentry of previously removed alien.

According to a criminal complaint filed in the case, investigators with Immigration and Customs Enforcement were made aware of Marin-Gutierrez following an encounter with the Pittsburg County Sheriff's Office in March 2021.

"The Pittsburg County Sheriff's Office ran record checks that day that identified Marin as a non-citizen," the report states. "Further investigation revealed that Marin-Gutierrez was previously convicted of a felony on Aug. 2, 2019" with investigators learning the man was linked to an address in McAlester.

The report states surveillance conducted by ICE confirmed Marin-Gutierrez was living at an address on E. Seminole Ave. in McAlester with agents from the ICE Tulsa Fugitive Operations Team arresting the man on June 2, 2022.

"Marin-Gutierrez informed agents that he last entered the United States at or near Laredo, Texas in May 2020," the complaint states.

The complaint states Marin-Gutierrez was booked into the Tulsa County Jail and was confirmed to have been removed from the U.S. on Feb. 4, 2020, near Hidalgo, Texas.

"Further investigation Verified that Marin-Gutierrez had never filed any application for permission to reenter the U.S. and had never received consent from the Secretary of Homeland Security to reapply for admission to the U.S.," the complaint states.

According to the report, Marin-Gutierrez was again removed from the country on June 6, 2022 "However, on Sept. 2, 2022, Marin-Gutierrez was apprehended in New Mexico attempting to re-enter the U.S."

Court records show there is no plea agreement in the case and that Marin-Gutierrez's plea of guilty was "an open plea" as of September.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Gerald L. Jackson accepted the plea with a sentencing hearing to be scheduled following the completion of a pre-sentence investigation.

Thu, 05 Oct 2023 23:36:00 -0500 en-US text/html
Forensic DNA analyst who is under investigation testified in hundreds of cases

Updated: 12 hours ago

The new facility will serve only as a daytime resource center with bathrooms and shower facilities.

Updated: 13 hours ago

The cause of the 74-year-old woman’s death was not immediately clear, said law enforcement.

Updated: 14 hours ago

The Secretary of State’s Office picks a specific race in each county to determine how many ballots are audited in that county, and that they're counted accurately.

Updated: 15 hours ago

A Colorado judge heard closing arguments on whether Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is barred from the ballot by a provision of the U.S. Constitution that forbids those who “engaged in insurrection” from holding office.

Updated: 17 hours ago

The embattled former clerk and recorder will be in court next month to face several felony-level charges.

Thu, 09 Nov 2023 14:46:00 -0600 en text/html
Rex Heuermann Allegedly Linked to 2 More Gilgo Beach Victims by Witness Testimony: Lawyer

New witnesses have surfaced that have allegedly linked Long Island Serial Killer suspect Rex Heuermann to two women connected to Gilgo Beach.

At a press conference Wednesday, Suffolk County Police Commissioner Rodney Harrison said his investigators are looking into the claims of four witnesses who have come forward to attorney John Ray, who represents the family of Shannan Gilbert, a sex worker who disappeared in May of 2010 after calling 911 and fleeing a client's Oak Beach home. Her remains were found in December 2011. (Ray stood alongside Harrison at the press conference.)

"We have a job here as law enforcement, as Suffolk County Police Department, to make sure we investigate every single complaint or interest in this case, make sure we look under every single stone to see if there is any connection Rex Heuermann or if there is a connection to somebody else that may be involved with the bodies that were discovered on Ocean Parkway," Harrison said.

Harrison said they added two more investigators to their task force into the bodies found along Gilgo Beach “to take this type of information in and to follow it to see if it is credible.”

Heuermann, a former architect, was charged in July with the murders of Melissa Barthelemy, Amber Costello and Megan Waterman. He is also the prime suspect in the killing of Maureen Brainard-Barnes. All four women had worked as online escorts and had been missing between 2007 and 2010.

Shannan Gilbert.

Jersey City Police

Ray said at Wednesday's press conference that one of the witnesses, a cab driver, said in a signed affidavit that she picked up a woman she believed to be Shannan Gilbert from a Sayville motel in the late summer or fall of 2009.

She claimed that prior to picking the woman up, a dispatcher told her that the person had locked herself in the bathroom in a room at the motel. Once at the motel, she said she drove to the room, flashed her headlights and honked the horn.

At the press conference, Ray said, “a giant man who fits the description of Rex Heuermann comes out, and he's covering his face with his arms so he can't be seen, and he runs to a van or an SUV right nearby that's parked right there.”

The cab driver, said Ray, continued to “flash her lights and beep her horn, and out comes a girl, crying, shaking, very upset, and gets in her car."

The woman who fled the hotel room told the cab driver that she had met the man on Craigslist and that he had promised to take care of her family.

According to the affidavit, he gave the woman a thick white envelope. He then went to the bathroom, and the woman said she looked inside the envelope and found it stuffed with cut-up paper. She said the man then got aggressive, and she ran into the bathroom to get away from him.

The cab driver said she drove the woman to the Ronkonkoma train station.

Another witness alleged that she and her police detective boyfriend were swingers and went to Heuermann’s house after they found his number posted on a wall for hook-ups at a swinger’s bar in New York City around Valentine’s Day 1996. Before they drove to Heuermann’s house, she alleged they picked up Karen Vergata, a 34-year-old sex worker, previously known as Jane Doe No. 7,  whose remains were found on Long Island's Fire Island on April 20, 1996. Additional body parts were discovered on Long Island's Tobay Beach on April 11, 2011.

Vergata was identified through genetic genealogy in August.

The witness said they went inside Heuermann’s home and met his wife Asa Ellerup.

Karen Vergata.

Suffolk County District Attorney's Office

“’Karen went upstairs," the witness wrote. "I stayed upstairs with Asa. My partner, who I believe was bisexual, kept disappearing. I believed he was elsewhere in the house, having sex with Rex. I believe I had sex with Rex as well. I never went downstairs.”

When they left, the witness alleged she saw “the woman I believe to be Karen” run “outside, naked, and ran about by the garage.”

Her boyfriend, she claimed, “told me not to worry about her, that she was okay, they were only playing a game. We left without her. I felt uneasy that we left without the woman.”

Another witness — a sex worker — described having sex with Heuermann multiple times, Ray said, while Ellerup was in the home.

Asked at the press conference if the information was credible, Harrison responded:  “It is still an ongoing investigation. We have the information and we are working it and we will see where it leads us down the road.”

From left [clockwise] Maureen Brainard-Barnes; Melissa Barthelemy; Amber Lynn Costello; Megan Waterman.

Suffolk County Police Department; Barthelemy family; Suffolk County Police Department (2)

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Investigators will “try to nail down time frames, look at radio runs that can help us kind of pinpoint if there is any credibility  to these complaints that came forward," Harrison said.

Harrison said they are taking a “closer look and see if [Vergata and Gilbert] are connected  to our defendant.”

Bob Macedonio, an attorney representing Ellerup, tells PEOPLE that the sex worker's claims that she had sex with Heuermann while his wife was in the house are not true.

“I think it's completely outrageous and reckless to make those comments,” Macedonio says. “We categorically deny any truth to them. There's actually no basis in truth for Johnny [Ray].”

“You're going to bring prostitutes to your house and you're going back 10, 15 years ago when the children are teens, if not younger, and go downstairs with prostitutes in the house when you're upstairs with your kids” he says.  “Any normal woman would never do that with the children in the house, you didn't even allow it to go on. Think about that.”

Macedonio adds, “Every time you open a paper, turn on the news, or listen to the radio, there's some crazy outlandish allegation that's being thrown around by somebody on a podcast. Everybody has an opinion on this case, it's going to speak for itself in the courtroom."

Ellerup, he says, "was blindsided by all these allegations when the arrest happened. She doesn't know what's true, what's not true. She's still piecing together her own life. When the evidence is laid out in the courtroom, obviously she'll listen to it, and she'll make her judgment at that point in time. Right now, she doesn't know what to think.”

Thu, 19 Oct 2023 10:57:00 -0500 en text/html
Heartland law enforcement agencies train to better investigate fentanyl deaths

SIKESTON, Mo. (KFVS) - In 2022, more than 2,100 Missourians died from fentanyl overdoses.

Now, Heartland investigators are learning how to better investigate those deaths.

More than 40 local law enforcement agencies from southeast Missouri and southern Illinois were in Sikeston for training put on by the Drug Enforcement Administration.

One of the goals, to help bring fentanyl cases in our region to federal prosecutors.

Special Agent Michael Davis said in the past, the person responsible for the deadly dose was often not held responsible.

“And I don’t care if the person is a daily user or someone who tried the drug for the first time, they didn’t deserve to die like that,” Davis said. “That is why we’re here today, to get everyone on board, everyone trained, so we can properly investigate these cases and send that person responsible for delivering the fatal dose to prison.”

This one of many training events hosted by the DEA’s St. Louis Division.

Wed, 08 Nov 2023 09:05:00 -0600 en text/html
Will County coroner’s cold case unit, Othram partner to solve four cases using forensic genetic genealogy

Brenda Sue Black was found April 1981 in a ditch near Interstate 80 and U.S. Route 30 in New Lenox.

Donald Rozek was found November 1974 in McClintock Acres in Channahon.


Marie R. O’Brien was found May 1997 in a Rockdale landfill where debris from the Rust Craft building in Joliet was moved to.

Webster Fisher was found July 1980 in a sealed wooden crate at the Lockport Lock.


All four were identified by the Will County coroner’s office cold case unit using Othram, a company that uses forensic genetic genealogy to help identify missing people, victims and the perpetrator of a crime, officials said. Black and Rozek were identified in October 2022 and O’Brien and Fisher were identified in March, said Gene Sullivan, Will County cold case investigator.

“The forensic genetic genealogy really opened up the world for us,” Sullivan said.

The cold case unit, which consists of Sullivan, a retired Romeoville police officer, and Joe Piper, a retired Lockport police officer, started in 2009 under former Coroner Patrick O’Neil, Sullivan said. Will County Coroner Laurie Summers has helped expand the unit’s work, Sullivan said, by increasing funding to send cases to Othram.

Sullivan said he and Piper send Othram remains to be tested for DNA. The most successful DNA draws have been from a femur bone or part of a skull, he said.

Kristen Mittelman, Othram chief development officer, said a standard DNA test works best on a DNA trial that is from one person, fresh, not contaminated, and high in quantity. In cold cases, the DNA doesn’t fit that criteria, she said.

Othram officials built a lab and a process, called forensic grade genome sequencing, to identify a person from a piece of DNA in a cold case, Mittelman said. In some cases, if there are multiple strands of DNA in a sample, Othram officials have been able to help investigators identify a victim and a perpetrator of a crime, she said.

Othram officials build a DNA profile that can identify immediate family as well as distant relatives based on genetic genealogy and public records, such as marriage, divorce and death certificates, Mittelman said. Othram gives the investigators a list of possible relatives and if, after talking to investigators, someone says their relative went missing or was killed then investigators ask the person to take a DNA test to confirm he or she is a DNA match to the DNA pulled from the remains, she said.

When using websites such as 23andMe or Ancestry, the user is asked if his or her DNA could be used by law enforcement. Mittelman and Summers said when agreeing to that question those users could potentially help solve cold cases.


“For families, their life stops the minute that they lose their loved one,” Mittelman said. “Being able to bring them the truth, even if the truth isn’t what they were hoping to hear, allows them to be able to turn the page.”

Investigators photographed the scene at Lockport Powerhouse in Will County, where Webster Fisher’s body was discovered July 30, 1980. Fisher, who had been shot several times and whose body was discovered inside a wooden crate, was not identified for 43 years.

Othram gives investigators a report that’s essentially a family tree, Sullivan said.

For example, in Rozek’s case, Sullivan sent Othram a bone fragment. Othram came back with data on potential relatives in Washington, Hawaii, Florida and Alabama and locally in Bolingbrook and Naperville, he said.

Sullivan said the person in Naperville said he had an uncle who went missing many years ago, and he agreed to take a DNA test. The match was close enough that investigators determined Rozek was his uncle, Sullivan said.

“They gives us leads,” Piper said. “We then follow up those leads and it’s just whittling down, whittling down.”

Black, of Ohio, was found with no clothing, no identification and no jewelry, Sullivan said. Because her body was found in a ditch along a highway, Sullivan said her case was uploaded into the FBI’s Highway Serial Killings initiative.


A man, who police now know is Black’s half brother had uploaded his DNA into a genealogy website years after she went missing. But the initial review of his DNA showed he wasn’t a match, so the investigation moved on, Sullivan said.

It wasn’t until Othram did a wider study of the DNA that they identified the man as Black’s half brother, Sullivan said.

“We had looked at that case, but because it didn’t match on DNA we moved on,” Sullivan said. “They ended up doing a manual comparison for us and said, ‘yeah, it does match’ but not to that level that the computers would say, ‘go for it.’”

A man found dead in a sealed wooden crate at the Lockport Lock in 1980 was identified as Webster Fisher by DNA evidence.

O’Brien and her half brother were taken from their mother by Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, Piper said. Her half brother was adopted, Piper said, but O’Brien bounced between foster homes.

Piper said her half brother never saw her again after his adoption. Investigators were able to identify him because he uploaded his DNA into a genealogy website.

Her half brother told investigators he uploaded his DNA in the hope of locating his sister, Piper said. While he received sad news, Piper said the brother received closure learning what happened to his sister.


Fisher’s wife told investigators he left their house in Chicago to go to the corner store to buy cigarette’s and he never made it back home. Fisher was a trucker, Sullivan said, so his daughter told investigators that anytime she drove by a truck she would glance into the cabin to see if the driver was her father.

Both women told investigators learning about what happened to Fisher brought them closure, Sullivan said.

Daily Southtown


News updates from the south suburbs delivered every Monday and Wednesday

“Everyone of these people are somebody’s daughter, somebody’s aunt, somebody’s sister, brother, mom, dad. They matter,” Piper said.

The Will County cold case unit and Othram officials are working on three more cases, including identifying a man found in Bolingbrook, Piper said.

A skull was discovered in 1998 in a wooded area behind a truck stop off Interstate 55 and Illinois Route 53 in Bolingbrook, Piper said. Investigators determined the remains are of a Black man who died of a single gunshot wound to the head with evidence of foul play.

It’s likely he died between one to five years before his remains were found, and he was between 18 to 24 years old at the time of his death, Piper said.


Piper said within the last two weeks, he’s received promising leads about the man’s identity.

“We’re close, but understand that there could be one miss link in that close that stops us,” Sullivan said.

Wed, 01 Nov 2023 17:15:00 -0500 en-US text/html
Utah private investigator provides closer look at 2021 Idaho death

Estimated read time: 6-7 minutes

BLACKFOOT, Idaho — Kye Stephenson was found dead with a single gunshot wound to the head in the early morning hours of Aug. 6, 2021.

Blackfoot police officers and the Bingham County deputy coroner in Idaho responded. Within an hour, Stephenson's death was ruled a suicide, his body and the gun were removed from the scene, and all responders were leaving.

Since then, Kye Stephenson's mother and father, Stacey and Buff Stephenson, have questioned the haste used by first responders and the quick determination that the case was a suicide. The couple has spent months fighting with public officials to re-examine the case.

During the spring, the Stephensons made some headway. They pushed for an exhumation of Kye Stephenson's body and an autopsy, which was done in April.

But in her report following the autopsy, Ada County Forensic Pathologist Christina Di Loreton noted that advanced decomposition made it impossible to determine a different manner of death. The case remains listed as a suicide.

The Stephensons didn't supply up, though. Stacey Stephenson requested and received a meeting with Blackfoot Mayor Marc Carroll to plead for assistance, not just in her son's case but for all future cases that will be handled in Blackfoot.

During that conversation, which took place prior to the City Council meeting on Oct. 3, Stephenson asked Carroll to compel Blackfoot Police Chief Gordon Croft to reopen the investigation.

"I have acknowledged I do not know whether my son committed suicide or was the victim of foul play," Stacey Stephenson said during the meeting. "All I've asked from the beginning is that a proper investigation be done. I went so far as to hire and pay a private investigator to look at the case."

At the conclusion of their meeting, Carroll requested that Utah private investigator Chris Bertram provide him with a report regarding investigative missteps.

That report, obtained by, lists several things Bertram — a former police detective with more than 30 years of experience investigating deaths — would like to have seen done differently.

During a previous conversation with, Bertram discussed the fact that patrol officers were allowed to handle a death investigation, despite his belief that those officers lacked necessary training. Blackfoot Police Capt. Wes Wheatley later confirmed to that officers on scene had limited death investigation training.

Records of death

Bertram's report, which is three pages in bullet point format, notes several new points of contention he had not addressed in previous conversations with

"Someone (?) obviously moved (Kye's) body onto his back," the first bullet point says. "Make sure this is noted in a report, why, by whom and what the original observations were before moving the body."

In police body camera footage obtained by, Kye Stephenson's body is first seen on his side with dirt on both knees and hands. The gun, a revolver Kye Stephenson recently bought for his wife, Alishia Stephenson, can be seen roughly a foot from his right hand, while his left hand is draped over his body another two feet or so from the gun.

The blood, which is pooled behind Kye Stephenson's head but also down his torso toward his bellybutton, is proof Stephenson was not only moved at some point following his death, but that he was upright for some length of time following the gunshot, according to Bertram and a forensic examiner he uses as a consultant.

"After he was shot, (Kye) did not flail around much but he was still alive for a period," the report says. "I believe the victim, at one point, was upright as evidenced by blood on the front of his shirt and pants, as well as his left side collar."

A major component Bertram references several times throughout the report is the limited number of photos taken at the scene.

"Take a lot more photos, then a few more," the report says in one bullet point. "You can never get the first time first again."

'Fresh eyes'

Current Bingham County Coroner Jimmy Roberts, who previously spoke with about the investigation and was not in office when Stephenson died, addressed the same concerns regarding a lack of photos. In this case, he said, these were a fraction of the amount of photos he takes in these kinds of situations.

Bertram's report also mentions the initial report Stephenson was dealing with emotional distress and mixing alcohol with prescription antidepressants.

This report could not be confirmed during the autopsy and toxicology, which shows no trace of alcohol or antidepressant medication — only caffeine and methanol, which may have been introduced into the system during embalming.

Stacey Stephenson did say her son had been prescribed antidepressants years before but had not been taking them.

Still, Bertram notes, one of the officers should have done a pill count "to determine how many pills may have been taken."

And, the private investigator continues, an autopsy or toxicology would have confirmed or refuted the claim while also putting "fresh eyes" with a different perspective on the case.

Bertram also questions investigative techniques surrounding the gun.

What he would have liked to have seen in police reports was a detailed log, showing who had access to the gun involved, where it was kept and whether it was locked up. Learning how Stephenson carried it, if he did, could have led officers to determining if he was carrying it before his death, he added.

As for the interviews at the scene, Bertram notes that witnesses, including the person who reportedly discovered the body, were interviewed in front of other people — family.

"Don't interview primary witnesses in front of other people," the report says. "Separate and interview. Ask the tough questions (not accusatory, but informational), but most importantly, get a very detailed timeline of events, even days or weeks prior."

Along the same lines, Bertram says as few people as possible should have been allowed into the scene — including officers, medical staff and family.

Bertram's final point is a summation of the investigation, which was handled by patrol officers who did not request assistance from the on-duty detective who would have had death investigation training.

"The Blackfoot Police Department needs to have policies, practices and supervision instilled so intuitional practices during death investigations are not missed and gaps not created in the future," Bertram writes. "… The police department should contemplate systemic investigative improvements."

Carroll told he has reviewed the report from Bertram and discussed it with Blackfoot police leadership. However, Carroll says he is still gathering information on the case, and he cannot comment at this time.

Wheatley, the police captain, provided the following statement:

"We've recently reviewed the report of 'investigation issues' by private investigator Chris Bertram. While we respect his opinion, the evidence at hand continues to support the conclusion that Kye died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. We remain open to new evidence leads and will adjust our stance if substantial further information comes to light. The Blackfoot Police Department has made every effort to communicate with all involved parties and will continue to do so."

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Sun, 05 Nov 2023 22:37:00 -0600 en text/html
LAPD investigators find missing Boyle Heights teen, reunite her with family

Los Angeles police detectives found and reunited a Boyle Heights teen with her family after she had been missing for nearly two weeks, the girl’s sister confirmed Friday afternoon.

Michelle Giselle Lopez, 15, disappeared on Oct. 12 after being dropped off for class at Downtown Magnets High School.

Hollenbeck Division detectives, whose area includes Los Angeles’ Eastside, called Lopez’s mother on Wednesday evening and reunited the mother with her daughter at the station, according to the girl’s sister, Nataly Jaqueline Arias, 27.

“It’s been a crazy last few days and we were finally able to sleep yesterday,” Arias said. “We finally feel like she’s safe and resting.”

Since the reunion, the family has spent the last couple of days at the home of a relative outside of Los Angeles County and avoiding media contact, Arias said.

“We want to try our best to make her feel like her old self,” Arias said of Michelle. “She’s starting to eat again and talk and feel more and more like that.”

Arias said Michelle hasn’t shared what happened since she went missing on Oct. 12. On that day, Michelle’s mother arrived on campus to pick up her son, Carlos, and Michelle at 3 p.m. but never met up with her daughter. The mother filed a missing person report that day.

Arias also said that detectives have provided no details on what may have occurred.

An LAPD spokesperson only confirmed that Michelle had been found and returned to family members, but said no other information about the search was available.

Police Cmdr. Lillian L. Carranza, of the Central Division, tweeted that Hollenbeck investigators “exhausted every lead until the [missing] person was located and safely returned to the family.”

Arias said that her sister was likely “going to need a lot of therapy” and that the family was working to “give her everything she needs.”

Early in the week, Arias expressed frustration with the lack of progress in the case.

She thanked members of the public and media for “pressuring the authorities to finally follow every lead.”

“Without that support, I don’t know how much attention this story would have got,” Arias said.

The family created a GoFundMe account earlier this week that Arias previously said would be used to hire a private investigator. The account raised more than $5,300 and was disabled.

The family said the money would now be used to provide Michelle with “therapy and any resources she may need to overcome this ordeal.”

Fri, 27 Oct 2023 19:36:00 -0500 en-US text/html
Investigators gather more information about Maine shootings suspect

LEWISTON, MAINE (WHDH) – Investigators are gathering more information about the 40-year-old man accused in connection with Wednesday’s deadly mass shootings in Lewiston, Maine. 

Robert Card, 40, remained on the run Friday more than a day after investigators said he allegedly opened fire at a bowling alley and at a restaurant, killing 18 people. 

Speaking to CNN, law enforcement officials said a working theory on a possible motive behind the massacre now suggests Card may have targeted the two locations because he thought his ex-girlfriend might be there. The pair recently broke up. While they were together, they reportedly frequented the bowling alley and the restaurant. 

Law enforcement officials also said there appeared to be some planning done before Wednesday’s attack, adding Card’s skills as an outdoorsman combined with his military history have made the current search more challenging and dangerous.

Authorities identified Card first as a person of interest and later as a suspect.

As the massive manhunt for Card continued Thursday, the scene was tense in Bowdoin, Maine where Card’s family has lived for generations. 

Asked if he was thinking about his safety, Richard Goddard responded: “Absolutely.”

“I don’t know why he took it out on the people he took it out on and I don’t know what’s stopping him from taking it out on whoever else he’s going to take it out on,” Goddard said.

Card’s military record shows he spent the past 21 years in the Army Reserves, serving as a sergeant who was a petroleum supply specialist. Among his accomplishments, he was awarded a humanitarian service medal.

The Associated Press reports superiors called in state police in July after they became concerned about Card’s behavior while training at West Point in New York.  The AP said troopers brought Card to a military hospital for a mental health evaluation.  

Authorities searched several locations in Bowdoin on Thursday.

On Friday morning, law enforcement activity was ramping up near a boat ramp in neighboring Lisbon where authorities said Card’s car was found after the shootings.

Maine Public Safety Commissioner Michael Sauschuck in a briefing said crews would be searching on land and in the water using divers, aerial assets and SONAR equipment in the area.

Sauschuck said authorities would also be following up on additional leads and continuing efforts to process the crime scenes at the genuine shooting locations. 

Sauschuck said law enforcement will continue its 24/7 search for Card and promised to continue to provide regular updates about the status of the investigation.

Former FBI Senior Official Katherine Schweit told CNN “a very, very small number of these types of shooters, these active shooters, go on the lam.” 

“He’s in his own backyard and we’re coming into his backyard to try to find him in a game of hide and seek,” Schweit said. “He knows what he’s looking for and where he’s going to and he has a plan and law enforcement has to follow those trails wherever they can find him.”

Law enforcement sources overnight Thursday into Friday said a gun was found in Card’s car, which was abandoned at a boat ramp in Lisbon.

Investigators said they also recovered Card’s cell phone and a note as part of their investigation. It was not immediately clear where authorities recovered such items.

Among search efforts Friday morning, the Coast Guard was searching for a missing boat belonging to Card. 

Roadblocks and a shelter-in-place advisory remained in place in and around Lewiston, with a heavy law enforcement presence lingering throughout the region. 

The shelter-in-place status was later rescinded.

READ: Latest coverage on shootings in Lewiston and the search for Robert Card

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