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The ICDL (International Computer Driving License) is a globally recognized certification for computer literacy. The ICDL-ACCESS exam specifically focuses on the Access module, which covers the essential skills and knowledge required to use Microsoft Access, a database management system.

Here are the details of the ICDL-ACCESS exam:

Number of Questions: The exact number of questions may vary, but typically the exam consists of around 45 to 50 multiple-choice questions.

Time Limit: The time limit for the ICDL-ACCESS exam is usually around 45 to 60 minutes.

Exam Objectives:
The ICDL-ACCESS exam tests your proficiency in using Microsoft Access and covers the following key objectives:

1. Access Basics: Understanding the basic concepts and features of Access, such as creating and saving a database, working with tables, forms, and reports.

2. Tables and Data Entry: Creating tables, defining field properties, entering and editing data, sorting and filtering data, and performing calculations.

3. Forms: Creating and modifying forms, adding controls, customizing form layouts, and applying form properties.

4. Queries: Creating queries, specifying criteria, sorting and filtering query results, creating calculated fields, and using query wizards.

5. Reports: Designing and modifying reports, adding controls, grouping and sorting data, applying formatting, and printing reports.

6. Database Management: Managing databases, importing and exporting data, linking tables, creating relationships, and setting up validation rules.

Course Outline:
The ICDL-ACCESS course typically covers the following topics:

1. Introduction to Microsoft Access
2. Creating and Managing Databases
3. Working with Tables and Records
4. Creating and Customizing Forms
5. Querying and Filtering Data
6. Designing and Formatting Reports
7. Database Management and Advanced Features

Please note that the course outline may vary slightly depending on the training provider or educational institution offering the ICDL-ACCESS certification.
ICDL the access
ICDL access guide

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ICDL the access
Answer: In the field size box use the drop down list -> select single
Question: 70
Access the option that would enable you to create a new query without the help of the
Simple Query Wizard
Answer: Select Queries from the objects pane -> double click on create query in design
Question: 71
Which two of the following statements are true?
A. <100 will find values that are greater than 100.
B. >= 10 will find values that are greater than or equal to 10
C. >=Sep 30 1950 will find dates that are equal to or before Sep 30th 1950.
D. <=Oct 31 1956 will find dates that are equal to or after Oct 31st 1956.
E. Dec 31 1963 will find all dates in 1964
Answer: B, E
Question: 72
Select the data type that will automatically assign a unique Customer ID number to each new
Move to the next cell when you have finished.
Answer: In the data type column -> use the drop down list and select Auto number -> press
tab from the keyboard
Question: 73
The Product code field contains a unique reference for each product. This field will be used
in a lot of searches, so we should index it.
Create a suitable index for this field.
Answer: Put the cursor in the indexed box -> from the drop down list select yes (No
Question: 74
Create a new query using the Simple Query Wizard.
Answer: Select Queries from the object pane -> double click on create query by using
Question: 75
Which one of the following is not a database?
A. A telephone directory
B. A sales catalogue.
C. A newsletter.
D. A price list
Answer: C
Question: 76
Which two of the following statements about the layout of data field and headers are true:
A. You can change the layout of a report in design view
B. The order in which you add fields in the wizard sets how they display in the report
C. If you move a Page Header control, the associated Detail control will move with it.
D. You can change the layout of a report in Print Preview.
E. You can rearrange the order of fields in a report using the Sorting and Grouping dialog
Answer: A, B
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