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Killexams : Hortonworks Hortonworks test - BingNews Search results Killexams : Hortonworks Hortonworks test - BingNews Killexams : Final preparations complete for Grade 12 exams
Content image - Phnom Penh Post

Education minister Hang Chuon Naron addresses Grade 12 test candidates, invigilators and relevant officials in a pre-recorded video on December 1. MOEYS

With high school diploma exams set to take place on December 5-6, Minister of Education, Youth and Sport Hang Chuon Naron calls on all invigilators and education staff to abide by the regulations to ensure that the exams will be successful and transparent.

Besides, Chuon Naron urged all participants to continue to practise preventive measures including the three dos and don’ts and other health guidelines laid out by the Ministry of Health to curb the spread of Covid-19.

He thanked the parents and guardians of students and the authorities at all levels, especially the ministries of Interior and Health, National Military Police, Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU), Union of Youth Federations of Cambodia (UYFC), and Electricity of Cambodia (EDC) for joining the education ministry in facilitating the test process.

Education ministry secretary of state Nath Bunroeun and ACU head Om Yentieng co-hosted a meeting for invigilators and heads of test centres.

The meeting was held to instruct them on test procedures and provide them with recommendations to ensure that the exams are credible, fair and transparent with acceptable outcomes.

Invigilators nationwide have received and Checked boxes of test papers, which were dispatched to their respective provinces on December 2.

“All invigilators of the exams will carry out their roles responsibly, with the participation of the ACU. They will observe our guidelines on health and safety measures to curb the spread of Covid-19,” the ministry said.

The Ministry of Tourism has also called on transport and hospitality operators to not overcharge test candidates, invigilators and relevant officials before and during the exams as some of have to travel from afar for the two-day exams.

There are 128,134 candidates registered to sit the exams in 221 testing centres.

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Killexams : Testicular Exam

What Is a Testicular Exam?

A testicular test is a check of the look and feel of your testicles, to see if there may be any problems. You or your doctor can do it.

The testicles are part of a man’s sex organs. They’re in a pouch called the scrotum, located behind and below the penis. They make sperm and the male hormone testosterone.

Who Needs a Testicular test and How Often?

Every man should have a testicular exam. There is no recommendation that a testicular test should be part of your annual physical exam. But your doctor may suggest that you do a self-exam on a regular basis. Some doctors recommend checking your testicles once a month. Others say it's fine to have your doctor check once a year.

If you are having problems, or notice a lump or other changes in how your testicles feel or look, tell your doctor.

Exams can be a good way to find lumps that could be cancer or another problem.

How to Do a Testicular Exam

There’s no harm in a self-exam, and doctors say it’s good to know how your testicles look and feel so you can notice any changes.

A self-exam is quick and painless. It takes only a few simple steps:

  1. Take a warm shower or bath to allow the heat to relax the skin of your scrotum.
  2. Hold your penis out of the way.
  3. Examine one testicle at a time using both hands. Roll it between your thumb and fingers.
  4. Feel for a pea-sized lump. If you see or feel something like that, contact your doctor. It’s probably nothing to worry about, but it’s important you make note of it.
  5. Check for any changes in the size, shape, or feel of your testicles. One might be of a different shape or size than the other. That’s OK, but the shapes and sizes shouldn’t change. One might hang lower than the other. That’s normal, too.

Don’t worry if you feel a cordlike structure behind each testicle. It’s a normal part of the part of the scrotum that stores and moves sperm. It’s not a lump.

Is It Testicular Cancer?

If there is a suspicious lump, your doctor might run a painless ultrasound to get a better look for signs of cancer. They might do a blood test to see if there’s an indication of cancer. If the doctor thinks it may be cancerous, they may decide to do surgery to remove the testicle and check for cancer. If it is cancerous, they can determine what kind.

Removing one testicle shouldn’t impact your sex life or your fertility, but having testicular cancer or its treatment could impact fertility. If you think you may want to have children, talk to your doctor about preserving sperm before treatment.

Here are some facts to know about testicular cancer:

It’s rare: Your chance of getting it is about 1 in 250.

It most often affects men ages 15 to 34: It’s the most common cancer in this group.

It’s highly curable: The risk of dying from it is 1 in 5,000.

Early identification is key: It’s more likely to be treated and cured if it’s found early.

Some things increase your risk: Testicular cancer generally can’t be prevented, but some things increase risk. Your risk is higher if you’re white and non-Hispanic or have an undescended testicle or a family history of testicular cancer.

Other symptoms of testicular cancer

A lump is the most common symptom, but others include:

  • Firm testicle
  • Swelling or fluid buildup in the scrotum
  • Feeling of scrotal heaviness
  • Achiness in the lower belly, groin, or scrotum
  • Breast tenderness or growth
  • Pain or uncomfortable feelings in the testicle or scrotum
  • Back pain
  • Early puberty in boys

A lump or other symptom doesn’t mean you have cancer or any other problem.

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Killexams : How to get no-exam life insurance
Daughter on father's shoulders in front of suburban home
No-exam life insurance policies can be beneficial for a variety of policyholders.  Getty Images

Life insurance helps you provide for loved ones after your death. With life insurance policies, your beneficiaries get a cash payment when you're gone, one they can then use toward funeral expenses, unpaid bills or other expenses.

Most insurance companies require a medical exam before they approve you for life insurance coverage. You may be uncomfortable with this, or want to avoid it. Enter no-exam life insurance.

Many kinds of people may find no-exam life insurance appealing. No-exam policies can be smart if you have a pre-existing health condition, terminal illness, are a smoker or have a risky job (like fire fighting or construction). 

Or, you may need life insurance as collateral for a loan or a sudden change in marital status like divorce. Seniors may bump up against age limits for some traditional kinds of policies and find no-medical test life insurance worthwhile. 

If you think you would benefit from a no-exam life insurance policy then reach out to an insurance pro now. They can help you get started with a free price quote so you know exactly what to expect

No medical test life insurance comes in both whole life and term life policy forms. Though there's no medical exam, each insurance type may ask for some health information on the application. Premiums are often more expensive than traditional life insurance policies that require medical exams. They can also provide significantly lower coverage. Guaranteed life policies, for instance, are often $25,000 in coverage or less.

Types of no-exam life insurance policies to know

The first step in getting no-medical test insurance is deciding what kind is right for you. Here are four main types

  • Simplified issue: This insurance is often for people, including seniors, who are generally in good health but may have a few chronic health issues or medical conditions. The application typically includes a short health questionnaire.
  • Guaranteed issue: These life insurance policies are aimed at older seniors or those who are in poor health. They don't require a medical test and certain a comparatively small death benefit for your beneficiaries. A few medical questions may be required.
  • Accelerated underwriting: Sometimes called "instant" life insurance, this type uses artificial intelligence to gather and analyze data in lieu of a physical exam. Insurers may seek information like prescription history, driving records or previous medical exams to determine risk and cost. You may also be asked to fill out a detailed questionnaire or do a phone interview. The method can cut approval time from days or weeks to hours.
  • Group life insurance: If you're working, your employer may also offer group life insurance policies without requiring a medical exam, sometimes for free. The drawback? You likely lose coverage if you leave or lose your job.

If you think you would benefit from having a no-exam life insurance policy then reach out to a professional now or use the table below to start searching for providers.

Finding a provider for no-exam life insurance

Seek advice from an insurance agent, your financial adviser, or another expert before you apply in order to be certain that no-exam life insurance is the best option for you. 

From there: 

  • Shop around for several quotes. Coverage and premiums can vary widely. 
  • If you are a veteran, check the U.S. Veterans Administration for lower-cost providers.
  • If you are working, check to see if your employer is offering group life insurance.
  • Consider whether a whole life or term life type of policy is right for your circumstances.
  • Seek out customer reviews and complaints to review.  

Filling out the application

Once you've decided on a no-exam life insurance provider, you'll need to fill out an application. Depending on the policy type, you can expect:

  • Some basic questions, including those about your weight, date of birth, lifestyle habits such as smoking, drinking, recreational drug use, exercise and activities like extreme sports. 
  • Details of your health history and medication use (except with most guaranteed life insurance applications, which can be pricey). 
  • A request for financial information such as income and credit history.
  • A request letter from your primary care doctor about your health.

Be honest with your answers. A life insurance company can deny coverage or payout if you aren't being truthful on your application, like if you lie about smoking. 

Follow the instructions to submit your application. Once you've submitted, it can take just hours for accelerated underwriting approval to weeks depending on the type of no-exam policy you're seeking.

Get started now and see what you can qualify for!

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Killexams : Investigation launched into nursing test results after more than half fail

An investigation has been launched into why more than half of those who took the Quebec nursing licence test earlier this year failed it, even as the province is struggling with a nursing shortage.

The commissioner for admissions to professions, André Gariépy, will take a look at the results of the exam, his office said in a news release on Monday evening. 

Nursing students have told CBC Montreal that the exam, which is mandatory to obtain a nursing licence in Quebec, didn't reflect what they had been studying in school. 

The nurses' order, known by its French acronym the OIIQ, said 54.6 per cent of students failed the licensing test written at the end of September. For those who took the test for the first time, the failure rate was 48.6 per cent — the highest rate recorded in four years. 

Since 2018, the success rate for first-time test-takers has generally ranged from 71 to 96 per cent. 

Gariépy's office said media coverage and a latest deluge of complaints prompted the investigation. The commissioner, who oversees admissions to professional orders (including nurses) in the province, received 27 complaints about the test in latest days. 

The investigation will focus on the "various concerns that have been raised about the test itself and the status of the candidates." 

The commissioner encouraged nursing candidates who failed the September test to sign up to rewrite it in March. They should also "review the feedback provided on individual performance at the September session," the commissioner wrote, and "review the guides and materials and participate in information activities to prepare for the exam."

Meanwhile, the OIIQ says it won't change its standards. 

The nursing order issued a news release on Tuesday saying its test was not different from past years and it was developed by a panel of experts from clinical and university settings.

"Additional resources" would be put in place to support students, the order said. 

"However, relaxing the criteria is not being considered from a public protection perspective," it added. "Instead, we will focus on targeted support to enable all candidates to pass the test in future rounds."

Nursing candidates have three attempts to pass the exam. The OIIQ said all candidates who failed the September test received a response detailing why they failed and that there were online tools available to pass it, including a guide and preparatory workshops. 

"We are confident that a return to in-person teaching, as well as support for students, will be a factor in success," said Luc Mathieu, the president of the OIIQ. 

In a previous interview with CBC Montreal, Chantal Lemay, a spokesperson for the order, blamed the pandemic's effects on the students' learning environment for the poor test performances.

Chantal Lemay is the spokesperson for the Quebec Order of Nurses. (Radio-Canada)

Joseph Oujeil, a nursing professor at CÉGEP du Vieux Montréal and CÉGEP André-Laurendeau, said he was surprised so many of his students failed the exam. 

He said the failure rate was not normal and comes at a terrible time, as Quebec faces a nursing shortage.

"I think the average results need to be looked at," Oujeil said, suggesting the order make the passing grade 50 per cent instead of the usual 55 per cent.

He said students told him the test "doesn't reflect the real reality of what we're teaching them in school or during their studies and it also doesn't reflect what they've seen in their clinical training."

Anyone with information about the test or the status of those who took it can communicate confidentially with the commissioner by emailing

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Killexams : Cutting Regents exams is very troubling

The past, and apparently continuing, move to reduce the academic requirements for high school diplomas in New York State is extremely troubling [“Survey: Most favor Regents adjustment,” News, Nov. 15].

The elimination of Regents exams removes one of the last remaining measures of universal academic performance of high schools and students across the state. Relying on student presentations to determine competency in a subject is a joke.

Teachers will be able to pass students at will with no meaningful measure of competency. We already have seen that many freshmen entering colleges require remedial help to begin to be able to successfully complete college-level courses.

Setting the standards so low simply to allow our education leadership, be they state Education Department personnel or district administrators and teachers, to declare success with high graduation rates is essentially perpetrating a fraud on the taxpayers and certainly not doing the students any favors.

Why not make high school diplomas like Little League “participation trophies”? Everyone gets one so the graduation rate, by definition, becomes almost 100%, given a few students will still drop out.

 — Howard Frauenberger, Malverne

State Education Commissioner Betty A. Rosa says of those surveyed, “These are the voices of New York State.” However, she is only listening to a few voices, not the fuller “voices of New York State.”

The appendix of the survey indicates, as does the article, that 11% of the respondents are from Long Island. Those responses were based on a limited number of regional meetings held during the pandemic.

Only one in-person meeting was held in our area just before the onset of COVID-19, and a virtual meeting did not take place. Information relating to participating in the survey was also not widely circulated.

 — Gloria Sesso, Port Jefferson

The writer is co-president of the Long Island Council for the Social Studies.

WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO JOIN OUR DAILY CONVERSATION. Email your opinion on the issues of the day to Submissions should be no more than 200 words. Please provide your full name, hometown, phone numbers and any relevant expertise or affiliation. Include the headline and date of the article you are responding to. Letters become the property of Newsday and are edited for all media. Due to volume, readers are limited to one letter in print every 45 days. Published letters reflect the ratio received on each topic.

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Killexams : No-exam life insurance policies: Everything to know
Prepare today for a secure tomorrow
To get a no-exam life insurance policy, you can search online for simplified or guaranteed issue policies, which are relatively common.  KATLEHO SEISA / Getty Images

Obtaining life insurance can help you pass money on to your family or other beneficiaries after your death. But not all life insurance policies are the same. Not only can there be differences in factors like monthly premiums and policy limits, but there can also be varying requirements to qualify for a life insurance policy.

One route that some people take is obtaining a no-exam life insurance policy, meaning you don't have to visit a doctor to be eligible. If you don't want to make an extra trip to the doctor's office or you're concerned the test results could lead to even higher costs, then this may be a reasonable option. 

Here's a look at some of the top life insurance providers available. 

Before you make any final decisions, let's take a closer look at what no-exam life insurance policies are — and why you might consider going this route.

What is no-exam life insurance?

No-exam life insurance can include several different types of life insurance that do not require medical exams to initiate coverage. Here are two examples:

  • Simplified issue life insurance: This type of insurance can be for either term life insurance or whole life insurance. As the name implies, these policies follow a simplified process. Rather than needing a medical exam, you can answer a few basic questions and get a decision online in just a few minutes.
  • Guaranteed issue life insurance: This type of policy typically applies to permanent life policies. This is geared more toward those with health conditions and who may be older, so they can benefit those who want a certain to qualify, rather than being rejected following a medical exam. However, these policies typically have a waiting period of a couple of years, meaning the benefits might not kick in for someone who dies shortly after applying.

How to get a no-exam life insurance policy

To get a no-exam life insurance policy, you can search online for simplified or guaranteed issue policies, which are relatively common. You can also dig into the offerings of different insurance companies, as even if an insurance provider uses different terminology, they might still allow for coverage without an exam.

To learn more about different types of life insurance policies and options, speak to an expert. Haven Life, a New York City-based life insurance agency, can walk you through the process. You just need to answer a few basic questions to get a free quote.

Don't assume that just because something isn't specifically called a "no-exam life insurance policy" you need an exam. Regardless of what the provider calls the policy, check the fine print to see if you need a medical test or not.

Some providers also offer options like being able to convert a term life insurance policy into a whole life insurance policy without needing a medical exam. That's not to say that you're always better off converting vs. taking out a new policy, but it could be worth considering.

How much does no-exam life insurance cost?

No-exam life insurance policies typically cost much more than ones with medical exams. That's because the insurer needs to account for the extra risk that can come from not knowing enough about your medical situation.

For example, with one major life insurance provider, a simplified issue life insurance policy for a 20-year/$500,000 term for a 40-year-old, non-smoker woman in good health in California costs nearly $50 per month. In contrast, the same type of policy for regular term life insurance with a medical test only has an estimated cost of $30 in monthly payments.

You can also compare prices and plans by scouring life insurance providers online and getting free quotes.

Is no-exam life insurance worth it?

There can be a cost to the convenience of no-exam life insurance policies. But it's also possible that the economics work out in your favor. It's possible that something would be discovered during a medical test that increases your risk to the insurer, thereby raising your rates or perhaps even making you ineligible altogether. No-exam life insurance policies can also benefit those who don't qualify for typical life insurance due to factors such as age or medical history. 

However, if you're in relatively good health, meet a prospective insurer's age requirements and are comfortable seeing a doctor, then this type of insurance may not be for you — as you may secure a lower price with the medical exam.

Bottom line

Overall, a no-exam life insurance policy can offer a path for some higher-risk individuals to obtain life insurance or it could be a good way to quickly obtain coverage. However, you might be able to find lower rates if you go through with a medical exam, so it could be worth exploring your options to see what best fits your budget and goals.

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Killexams : Regents debate worth of exams for high school graduation

ALBANY – Members of the Board of Regents debated the value of the Regents exams Monday as part of an overall planned examination of the state testing system and graduation requirements that had been delayed due to the pandemic.

“Maybe the Regents exams are not the be-all and end-all,” said Regent Roger Tilles during a meeting that also included a presentation about how students graduate high school in other states and countries. “We have kids that can’t pass a Regents test but pass all their courses. Should they be denied a future because they can’t pass a Regents test in one area?”

But the rigorous exams get students prepared for the future, argued Regent Catherine Collins.

“I hope the state does not get rid of the Regents,” she said. “I was fortunate enough to have the Regents science diploma, which gave me the foundation to go into health care.”

The discussion comes after graduation rates increased during two years without Regents exams, due to the pandemic. For now, the Regents are back, but a Blue Ribbon Commission is expected to weigh in on new high school diploma requirements next year. The commission was announced in 2019, but the pandemic led to a slowdown and the commission wasn't named until last year.

The state Education Department said in an email to the Times Union later Monday afternoon that "the Board was not debating whether to eliminate Regents exams. Rather, they were discussing a 166-page report that has been in the making for three years and heard a presentation based on (the) report’s literature review, policy scan and stakeholder feedback."

The statement also said "the Regents will not consider any changes to the state’s graduation requirements until the Blue Ribbon Commission on Graduation Measures makes its recommendations."

In 2019, Education Commissioner Betty Rosa made it clear that she did not think the Regents exams are “working” for every student, and questioned whether the tests improved college readiness, among other factors. She has pressed for alternative paths to a high school diploma, including career and technical programs.

At Monday’s meeting, she urged the Regents to have an open mind.

“We really have to take into account not what worked for us, but what will work down the road,” she said. “At the end of the day, our job is to keep in mind what our students need for the future.”

Chancellor of the Board Lester Young, Jr. was adamant that the board make no decision right now.

“We have to let the Blue Ribbon Commission do its work,” he said during a break. “The board has not made any decision regarding what the new process will look like.”

But the graduation process should look significantly different, Regent Aramina Ferrer said.

“We want to craft something in New York State that will meet students where they are,” she said. “We want to look at something different for New York State.”

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Killexams : Best No-Exam Life Insurance Of December 2022

We scored companies based on these measurements:

Price (50% of score): We averaged the no-exam life insurance rates for males and females in excellent health at ages 30, 40 and 50 for $500,000 and $1 million and a term length of 20 years.

Maximum face amount for lowest eligible age (10% of score): Companies with higher no-exam life insurance coverage amounts for the lowest age earned more points. Note that maximum no-exam coverage can sometimes become lower if you apply at a higher age.

Age eligible for best length/amount (10% of score): Companies offering no-exam life insurance to folks over age 50 earned extra points.

Accelerated death benefit available (10% of score): This important feature lets you access part of your own death benefit in the event you develop a terminal illness

Option to convert to a permanent life insurance policy (10% of score): This is a good option to have in place if you decide you want a longer policy, especially if your health has declined and you don’t want to shop for new life insurance.

Guaranteed renewals (5% of score): This option lets you extend the coverage after your initial level term period has expired, such as at the end of 10, 20 or 30 years.

Renewal rates can be significantly higher, but renewing can provide extended coverage to someone who may no longer qualify for a new life insurance policy because of health.

Median time from application to approval (5% of score): We gave more points to companies with lower no-exam life insurance approval times.

The timeline for approval could be within seconds or a month, depending on the company and possibly even your health.

Sources: Bestow, Ethos, Fabric, Haven Life, Jenny Life, Ladder, Policygenius and Forbes Advisor research.

Looking For Life Insurance?

Compare Policies With Leading Life Insurance Companies

Mon, 05 Dec 2022 20:26:00 -0600 Ashlee Tilford en-US text/html
Killexams : Why many colleges are treating entrance exams as optional analyzed latest trends in universities adopting test-optional admission policies amid the COVID-19 pandemic, using statistics from the SAT, ACT, FairTest, Common App, and news reports.

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Killexams : PSEB test 2023: Board releases Dates for Class 10, 12, 5 and 8 Exams, Check at

Punjab School Education Board has announced the PSEB 10th, 12th 5th and 8th test Dates 2023. Candidates appearing for the exams can check the schedule for the board examinations here.

PSEB test Dates 2023: Punjab Board has announced the schedule for the PSEB Class 10, 12, 5, and 8 exams 2023. According to the schedule released on the official website, the Punjab Board Class 5, 8, 10 and 12 Exams 2023 will be conducted in February 2023. 

According to the datesheet provided by officials, the Punjab Board Class 10 test 2023 will be conducted from February 21 to April 18, 2023, while the PSEB 12th Examn 2023 will be conducted from February 20 to April 13, 2023. The board will also be conducted the exams for the class 5 and 8 students, according to the schedule, the PSEB Class 5 exams will be conducted from February 16 to 24, 2023 and the Class 8 test will be conducted from February 20 to March 6, 2023.

The complete schedule consisting the subject-wise timetable for the Class 10, 12, class 5 and 8 examinations will be made available on the official website soon. 

PSEB test Dates 2023 - Click Here

PSEB Board test 2023 - Dates

Candidates preparing to appear for the Punjab Board 10th, 12th 5th and 8th test 2023 can check below the schedule of the examination. 



PSEB Class 10th test Date 2023

February 21 to April 18

PSEB Class 12th test Date 2023

February 20 to April 13

PSEB 10th Pre-Vocational

January 23 to February 1, 2023

PSEB 12th Vocational

PSEB Class 8th test Date 2023

February 16 to February 24

PSEB Class 5th test Date 2023

February 20 to March 6

Candidates preparing to appear for the PSEB 10th and 12th, 5th and 8th test 2023 are advised to keep visiting the official website for updates regarding the PSEB Board test Schedule 2023. 

Also Read: JELET, JENPAS, JECA 2023 Schedule Releases at, Check Tentative Dates Here

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Hadoop-PR000007 exam dump and training guide direct download
Training Exams List