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Exam Code: HPE6-A73 Aruba Certified Switching Professional PDF download November 2023 by team

HPE6-A73 Aruba Certified Switching Professional

Exam ID: HPE6-A73

Exam Name: Aruba Certified Switching Professional

Exam type: Proctored

Exam duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Exam length: 60 questions

Passing score: 71%

This test tests the skills necessary to implement and operate enterprise-level Aruba campus switching solutions. It tests skills of configuring and managing modern, open standards-based networking solutions using ArubaOS-CX routing and switching technologies in medium to large enterprise network solutions.

- securing port access with Aruba's dynamic segmentation;

- implementing redundancy technologies such as Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol (MSTP);

- link aggregation techniques including Link Aggregation Protocol (LACP);

- switch virtualization with Aruba's Virtual Switching Extension (VSX) and Aruba's Virtual Switching Framework (VSF);

- layer 3 routing protocols including OSPF, BGP, IP multicast, and more.

Questions cover the following Topics:

- Plan the wired network solution.

- Given a scenario with a design and/or customer requirements, determine an appropriate implementation plan.

- Install and configure the wired network solution.

- Install and Configure NetEdit

- Given an implementation plan, explain how to physically configure the switches.

- Given the implementation plan, explain how to configure Layer 2 technologies.

- Given an implementation plan, explain how to configure and validate Layer 3 interfaces, services, routing protocols and overlays.

- Explain multicast features and configuration concepts.

- Explain Aruba Switch security features and configuration concepts.

- Explain QoS Aruba Switch features and configuration concepts.

- Explain Aruba solutions integration and configuration concepts.

- Troubleshoot the wired network solution.

- Given a scenario, identify a network failure (IP mismatch, VLAN mismatch, hardware configuration or failure, port configuration).

- Given an action plan to remediate an issue, determine the implications to the network state.

- Given a scenario, determine the cause of the performance problem (QoS issue, Configuration issue HW and Software, end node).

- Manage, maintain, optimize, and monitor the wired network solution.

- Given a scenario, determine a strategy to implement configuration management (maintenance, auditing, backup, archiving).

- Analyze data that represents the operational state of a network and determine the appropriate action.
Aruba Certified Switching Professional
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Aruba Certified Switching Professional
Question: 34
What is correct regarding policy-based routing?
A. Policies can only be applied to routed interfaces.
B. Policies can be applied inbound and outbound.
C. Monitoring of policy interfaces occurs every 60 seconds.
D. Policy actions include routing permitting or dropping traffic.
Answer: A
Question: 35
What would prevent two OSPF routers from forming an adjacency? (Select two.)
A. Different priorities
B. Different area types
C. Different MTU sizes
D. Different IP addresses
E. Different router IDs
Answer: B,C
Question: 36
An administrator is replacing the current access switches with AOS-CX switches. The access layer switches must
authenticate user and networking devices connecting to them. Some devices support no form of authentication, and
some support 802.1X. Some ports have a VoIP phone and a PC connected to the same port, where the PC is connected
to the data port of the phone and the phone’s LAN port is connected to the switch.
Which statement is correct about this situation?
A. 802.1X must be configured to work in fallback mode
B. Device fingerprinting is required for authentication
C. The client-limit setting for port access needs to be changed
D. Device mode should be implemented
Answer: C
fallback mode if for the radius part; client limit is for multiple authent on one port (ie phone + pc)
From doc:
aaa port-access authenticator client-limit <1-32>
Used after executing aaa port-access authenticator to convert authentication from port-based to user-based.
Specifies user-based 802.1X authentication and the maximum number of 802.1X-authenticated client sessions allowed
on each of the ports in . If a port currently has no authenticated client sessions, the next authenticated client
session the port accepts determines the untagged VLAN membership to which the port is assigned during the session.
If another client session begins later on the same port while an earlier session is active, the later session will be on the
same untagged VLAN membership as the earlier session.
Question: 37
A switch will apply a device profile to a port based on which pieces of information? (Select two.)
A. IP header
B. MAC address
D. User role
E. 802.1Q
Answer: A,B
Question: 38
When implementing deficit weighted round robin queuing, what importance does the weight value have?
A. Prioritizing latency-sensitive traffic
B. Queue priority in processing traffic
C. Strict priority queue
D. Percentage of interface bandwidth
Answer: B
Question: 39
In AOS-CX switching, what determines when a frame is forwarded by the switch between the ingress and the egress
A. Egress port
B. Ingress port
C. VSX switch tables
D. Fabric Load Balancer
Answer: B
Question: 40
An administrator will be replacing a campus switching infrastructure with AOS-CX switches that support VSX
capabilities. The campus involves a core, as well as multiple access layers.
Which feature should the administrator implement to allow both VSX-capable core switches to process traffic sent to
the default gateway in the campus VLANs?
C. IP helper
D. Active gateway
Answer: D
Active gateway = both devices route/forward traffic VRRP = Active-standbye, only active member routes/forwards
Understand the Active Gateway principle In a VSX system, active gateway provides redundant default gateway
functionality for the end-hosts. The default gateway of the end-host is automatically handled by both the VSX
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5 Best Websites To download PDF Books For Free No result found, try new keyword!With the rise of technology, readers now can download PDF books for free from various ... BookBoon primarily focuses on educational and professional eBooks. If you're a student or a professional ... Tue, 10 Oct 2023 06:39:00 -0500 en-US text/html HP Board Class 12 Political Science Model Paper 2023-2024: download FREE PDF

Class 12 Political Science Model Paper HP Board 2024: In this article, students will get the newly released HP Board Class 12 Political Science model paper also known as HP Board Class 12 Political Science sample paper 2024.

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HPBOSE HP Board Class 12th Political Science Model Paper 2024: As there is not much time left for the final exams, the educational boards are now releasing model or sample question papers for their students. These model papers are very important for students to score higher marks in their exams. This can be achieved by solving these model papers, as they provide students with an understanding of how the paper will be written and what technique should be used to finish the paper within the time limit.

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HP Board Class 12th Political Science Model Paper General Guidelines

  • Note :- All questions are compulsory
  • Question No. 1 having 16 MCQs, select the correct choice and reply accordingly.

Time Allowed for Theory Paper

3 Hours

Max. Marks

80 Marks

Number of Questions


HP Board Class 12th Political Science Model Paper 2024

Q1: a) The responsibility for conducting elections in India has been entrusted :-

a) To the President

b) To the Parliament 

c) Chief Justice

d) Election Commission

b) The population of India before partition was:

a) Approximately 36 Crore.

b) Approximately 40 Crore

c) Approximately 50 Crore.

d) Approximately 38 Crore. 

c) When was NITI Aayog established.

a) 1 st January, 2015 

b) 25th February, 2015 

c) 23rd December, 2015 

d) 12th December, 2015 

d) When was the Shimla agreement signed between India and Pakistan?

a) In 1962

b) In 1972

c) In 1974 

d) In 1976

e) When was the first split in the Congress?

a) In 1968

b) In 1969

c) In 1967 

d) In 1970

f) Which party won the 1977 General Election?

a) Congress

b) Janta Party

c) BJP

d) CPI

g) Which leader founded the party called 'Mizo National Front'?

a) Lal Denga

b) Farukh Abdullah 

c) P.K. Mahant 

d) Mamta Banerji

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