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HPE6-A47 Designing Aruba Solutions

This course teaches you how to plan and design enterprise Aruba
campus wireless and wired networks. Hands-on labs supply you
experience with network design from information gathering to planning
and high-level design including RF Planning, Redundant Campus
Architecture design, and Remote Access Branch office design. This
course teaches Aruba Mobility Network Design for Aruba Secure
wireless and wired network deployments using Aruba Best Practices
on how to plan and design enterprise campus networks including
designing for redundancy and high availability. This course is
approximately 40% lecture and 60% hands-on lab exercises.
This 5-day course will help students prepare for the Aruba Certified
Design Professional (ACDP) V1 exam.

Topics | Outline | Syllabus

- DetermineCustomerRequirements

- Determine key Stakeholders expectations and requirements

- Determine network usage and requirements

- Identify applications to determine throughput and bandwidth, technologies, and products

- Determine security requirements and Authentication and Compliance

- Determine redundancy requirements

- Determine roaming requirements

- RFPlanning

- RF fundamentals

- RF Planning and Site Survey

- Determine the environment type

- Document wireless RF coverage

- Plan AP physical location

- Selecting APs and antennas

- Channel planning and Airmatch

- ArubaCampusDesign

- Campus Topology

- Aruba Campus WLAN logical architecture

- Overview of Mobility Manager-based architecture

- Planning the deployment architecture

- Controller Scaling

- Planning and selecting licenses

- Using IRIS

- WiredNetworkDesign

- Selecting 2-tier or 3-tier architecture

- VSP and backplane stacking

- L2 vs. L3 design

- Planning the access layer

- Planning the aggregation/core layers


- Planning VLANs based on access control requirements

- Planning Wired VLAN in a Multiple VLAN design

- Planning for a wireless large flat VLAN design

- Redundancy

- Designing types of redundancy: Mobility Master redundancy, mobility controller redundancy, AP redundancy, switch redundancy, and linklevel redundancy

- Mobility Master redundancy

- Mobility Controller redundancy

- Wired Network Redundancy

- PlanningQuality of Service

- Determine what traffic needs to be prioritized - Overview of real-time applications such as voice and video

- Explain the features the Aruba solutions provide for prioritizing traffic

- Map traffic from wireless user device to AP, to controller, and then onto the wired network

- VeryHighDensity (VHD) Design

- VHD Wireless network design

- Planning VHD design for a Wired network

- Planning High Density RF Coverage

- Branch andSMBTopologies

- Designing Remote Access and Branch solutions

- Remote Access Points

- Activation using Aruba Activate

- Aruba Instant APs (IAPs)

- Wired solutions for the branch

Exam Objectives | exam Outline

- After you successfully complete this course, expect to be able to:

- Plan and design enterprise Aruba campus wireless and wired networks.

- Evaluate the requirements, and select the wired networking technologies for the design.

- Evaluate the requirements, and select the wireless networking technologies for the design.

- Plan and design an Aruba solution per the customer requirements.

- Produce a detailed design specification document.

- Recommend the solution to the customer.
Designing Aruba Solutions
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Designing Aruba Solutions
Question: 55
Refer to the exhibit.
Exhibit 1 shows the logical plan, and Exhibit 2 shows the BOM created with IRIS. An
architect plans to propose two 5406Rzl switches as a VSF fabric for a campus network
core. Which issue with the plan should the architect correct?
A. Add two QSPF+ MP0 SR4 transceivers.
B. Change the v2 modules to v3 modules.
C. Add stacking modules and cables.
D. Change the power supply type.
Answer: B
Question: 56
An architect plans to purpose two Aruba Mobility Controllers (MCs) in a cluster. The
customer has a large building that needs to support about 10,000 devices. The architect
plans to associate the Employees WLAN with VLAN ID 10.
What is one Aruba best practice for this design?
A. Ensure that VLAN 10 is extended to the edge and Aruba APs are deployed on it.
B. Ensure that each user role on the MCs is associated with a different VLAN ID.
C. Ensure that the RADIUS server assigns users to different VLANs dynamically.
D. Ensure that optimization and suppression of unnecessary multicast is enabled.
Answer: C
Question: 57
A customer needs a networking solution that supports their Microsoft Skype for
Business Unified Communications (UC) solution. The architect plans to use multiple
Aruba APs, switches, and controllers. The customer wants real time statistics and
assessment of call quality. Which component should the architect include to provide
these services?
A. Aruba AirWare
B. Aruba Central
C. Aruba Mobility Master (MM)
D. Aruba ClearPass
Answer: B
Question: 58
Refer to the exhibit.
What is one reason for an architect to recommend the use of Virtual Switching
Framework (VSF) in this network?
A. VSF enables software-defined network monitoring in conjunction with AirWare.
B. VSF transforms switches into virtual extensions of the MCs to simplify MST
C. VSF enables administrators to manage all 18 switches as a single switch.
D. VSF simplifies the topology and eliminates the need for spanning tree.
Answer: D
Question: 59
A customer requires a wireless upgrade. The architect proposes:
. Aruba AP-325s
. Mobility Controller (MC) 7210s
. Virtual Mobility Masters (MMs)
. ClearPass
. AirWave
The customer is interested in wired authentication, as well as wireless authentication, but
does not have the budget to upgrade the wired network. The wired network does not
currently support 802.1X or RADIUS.
Which feature of the Aruba solution should the architect explain to justify the proposed
A. The customer can direct all wired traffic through the MCs, which will then apply
security to that traffic.
B. The customer can direct all wired traffic through the MMs, which will impose basic
security checks.
C. ClearPass OnConnect can enable wired authentication on these switches through the
use of SNMP.
D. AirWave can manage these switches and shut down their ports if an unknown user or
device connects.
Answer: C
Question: 60
Refer to the exhibit.
An architect determines that 80 Gbps bandwidth is required for the link aggregation
between the Building 1 aggregation layer and Building 2. Which transceivers should the
architect recommend for each pair of switches?**Missing Exhibit.**
A. two QSPF+ BiDi
B. two QSPF+ MPO
C. eight SPF+ LR
D. eight SFP+ SR
Answer: B
Question: 61
An architect has an Instant AP (IAP) cluster at a mid-sized branch office. The IAP
cluster now needs to tunnel corporate traffic to a Mobility Controller (MC) at the main
office. However, the branch office should remain functional even if the link to the main
office fails. Users at the branch office require access to main office resources, but do not
require multicast services. What is the recommended DHCP mode?
A. Local
B. Centralized L2
C. Distributed L2
D. Distributed L3
Answer: D
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HP Designing tricks - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/HPE6-A47 Search results HP Designing tricks - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/HPE6-A47 https://killexams.com/exam_list/HP HP Spectre Foldable review: A truly futuristic laptop No result found, try new keyword!The HP Spectre Foldable is the result of a remarkable feat of engineering, that lets it transform from a laptop to a tablet to a 17-inch desktop in just a few seconds. Its continuous, unbroken OLED ... Wed, 03 Jan 2024 21:44:48 -0600 en-us text/html https://www.msn.com/ Remoticon 2021 // Rob Weinstein Builds An HP-35 From The Patent Up

Fifty years ago, Hewlett-Packard introduced the first handheld scientific calculator, the HP-35. It was quite the engineering feat, since equivalent machines of the day were bulky desktop affairs, if not rack-mounted. [Rob Weinstein] has long been a fan of HP calculators, and used an HP-41C for many years until it wore out. Since then he gradually developed a curiosity about these old calculators and what made them tick. The more he read, the more engrossed he became. [Rob] eventually decided to embark on a three year long reverse-engineer journey that culminated a recreation of the original design on a protoboard that operates exactly like the original from 1972 (although not quite pocket-sized). In this presentation he walks us through the history of the calculator design and his efforts in understanding and eventually replicating it using modern FPGAs.

The HP patent ( US Patent 4,001,569 ) contains an extremely detailed explanation of the calculator in nearly every aspect. There are many novel concepts in the design, and [Rob] delves into two of them in his presentation. Early LED devices were a drain on batteries, and HP engineers came up with a clever solution. In a complex orchestra of multiplexed switches, they steered current through inductors and LED segments, storing energy temporarily and eliminating the need for inefficient dropping resistors. But even more complicated is the serial processor architecture of the calculator. The first microprocessors were not available when HP started this design, so the entire processor was done at the gate level. Everything operates on 56-bit registers which are constantly circulating around in circular shift registers. [Rob] has really done his homework here, carefully studying each section of the design in great depth, drawing upon old documents and books when available, and making his own material when not. For example, in the course of figuring everything out, [Rob] prepared 338 pages of timing charts in addition to those in the patent.

LED Driver Timing Chart

One section called the “Micro-Programmed Controller” is presented as just a black-box in the patent. This is the heart of the systems, and is essential to the calculator’s operation. However, all the other parts that talk to the controller were so well-described in the patent that [Rob] was able to back out the details. The controller, and all sections of the calculator, was implemented in Verilog, and tested on an instrumented workbench he built to test each module.

Once everything was working in the simulations, [Rob] set out to build a working model. TInyFPGA models were used, one for each custom chip. A few understandable departures were made from the original design. An 18650 lithium ion cell powers the board, kept topped off by a modern battery charging controller. The board is larger than the original, and yes, he’s using the Hackaday-obligatory 555 chip in the power-on circuit. In this short demonstration video, you can see the final prototype being put through its paces side by side with an original HP-35, working through examples from the owner’s manual.

This is an incredibly researched and thoroughly documented project. [Rob] has made the design open source and is sharing it on the project’s GitLab repository. [Rob]’s slides for Remoticon are not only a great overview of the project, but have some good references included. Its clear he has a real passion for these old calculators and has done a fantastic job exploring the HP-35. But even after three years, there’s more to come. He’s thinking about making a PCB version, and a discrete implementation using individual logic gates may be in the works.

We wrote about the history of the HP-35 before. And if you like hacking into these old calculators, check out our writeup of a similar dive into the Sinclair scientific calculator.

Wed, 06 Apr 2022 22:21:00 -0500 Chris Lott en-US text/html https://hackaday.com/2022/04/07/remoticon-2021-rob-weinstein-builds-an-hp-35-from-the-patent-up/
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Old Ford Bronco Guide: History, Generations, Specifications, and FAQs No result found, try new keyword!Ford's original SUV has become a hot commodity. Here's what you need to know if you're in the market for one of these classic Blue Oval off-roaders. Thu, 21 Dec 2023 22:01:00 -0600 text/html https://www.motortrend.com/features/old-ford-bronco/ 'My home is designed to last' – 9 design tricks to steal from this colourful and modern family home

Emer Gillespie's house renovation has been a labour of love, and the process from start to finish required resourcefulness, creativity, and perseverance.

Emer is the founder of lighting company Spark & Bell, and she lives with her husband Brad Guin, a product developer, their children, aged seven, and 21, and French bulldog Duke. When they first moved into a five-bedroom Victorian terraced house in Hove, East Sussex, there was work to do, but there's no doubt as to whether it was worth it.

We take a closer look at their gorgeous home, and find out all the details of how it came to be.

hidden larder with ridged wood covering next to stairs

1. 'We created a cosy diner'

green seating area, wooden dining table and artwork

Emer's vision of a stylish but homely dining area came together beautifully thanks to the natural textures and green elements she incorporated.

'In this dining space, our banquette seating is upholstered in dark green cord, a hard-wearing material with a texture that echoes the fluted wood in our kitchen,' Emer says. 'The artwork was created by Hove artist Shyama Ruffell, who happens to live on our street; our large collection of plants was her inspiration.'

And kitchen lighting ideas provided the finishing touches. 'The 3.8-metre high ceiling makes this the perfect spot for the trio of beautiful pendant lights made from spalted beech.’

2. 'We used local firms for a bespoke look'

wooden kitchen island, wooden kitchen storage and plants on shelf

'As our kitchen had a tricky floor plan, we decided to go bespoke. Working with local small businesses allowed us to be more involved in the design process – we could visit the workshop to pick out materials and oversee the build.’

Bespoke joinery is ideal for unique spaces that don't follow a typical kitchen layout. Going bespoke with her culinary space allowed Emer to get creative in others ways too.

'My lighting business was actually started at my kitchen table – this is a special area, where creativity often strikes.'

large plant next to kitchen island under velux windows

Ridged materials bring interesting texture to a functional space. Look out for surfaces, fabrics and even lighting with a fluted finish.

3. 'Earthy hues add drama'

living room with shuttered window, patterned rug and coffee table

'As this is a north-facing living room, I had to be mindful when picking paint colours – I spent hours deliberating over a million samples,' Emer says. 'In the end, I chose a soft, earthy pink and a deep green. These highly pigmented paints change colour during the day, so the room never feels flat and dull.'

Living room paint colours should be chosen to complement the space, including how much light the room gets. For overlooked rooms, shutters are a great way to retain privacy while still allowing light to filter into your space.

'The finishing touch is the rug, which picks out all the colours of the room,' she adds.

4. 'Artwork reflects our personality'

wooden console table underneath gallery of prints

Emer's inspiration for her gallery wall is rooted in her previous vocation. ‘I was a photographer for years and I love collecting prints,' she explains. 'We found this box set of six prints by Dan Hillier in a Brighton gallery. I love the way the graphic colours and gold leaf detail add character to our blank walls.'

Underneath the drama-filled gallery wall is a contrastingly simple console table, which houses a select few decorative items. 'The 1970s sideboard is from Brighton’s North Laine. We invest in reclaimed furniture because it is always well made and durable and I look out for mid-century pieces in warmer woods.'

Emer adds, 'The mix of retro furniture within our Victorian house brings an edge to our decor, styled with colourful accessories.’

5. 'We filled the room with light'

dark green sitting room with fireplace and rug

‘One of the first changes we made to our home was to knock down the wall between the two sitting rooms. Previously this was a guest bedroom but it had become a dumping ground.'

Emer transformed this overcrowded space into a perfectly cosy sitting area, with dark green walls, houseplants, and fluffy textures. She made use of the space with older pieces of furniture, which tend to have smaller proportions so they can slot into small alcoves or dead spaces.

'Now the large south-facing window floods the open-plan space with sunlight. For harmony, I painted the walls in the same colours as the living room – deep green and soft pink. Above the mantelpiece hangs a limited-edition print from the David Bowie photographic exhibition held in Brighton. We love to fill our walls with work by local artists or pieces that have a special connection.’

6. 'Smart ideas maximise a small room'

king-sized bed with patterned cushions and navy headboard

Emer was clever when working with small bedroom ideas, carefully placing furniture and creating multifunctional pieces to maximise space. The custom-made headboard incorporates storage, with shelving and cupboards at the sides.

'The bed was placed centrally to allow the room to flow,' she says. 'As space was limited, I had a headboard made with shelving, integrated plug sockets and overhead lighting. I painted the ceiling and walls in the same tone to blur the distinction, which makes the room look larger.'

7. 'I love natural materials in the bathroom'

pale pink bathroom with wooden sink cupboard underneath circular mirror

The gorgeous bathroom is both eclectic and modern. Emer introduced a bold pattern to a small en suite with on-trend terrazzo tiles.

'The en suite was kitted out with ornate terrazzo tiles. The basin is concrete, and of course we had to have some fluting on the oak vanity unit! I made the light fitting that matches the basin colour.’

8. 'Wallpapers with heavy patterns feel indulgent'

blue patterned wallpaper in bedroom with pink curtains

Emer created a showstopper guest bedroom with bold wallpaper and colourful accents. ‘This woodland wallpaper dictated the colour scheme in our guest bedroom. I brought in the curtains from my daughter’s old bedroom, then accessorised with touchy-feely fabrics on the bed.’

You can make a bedroom feel sumptuous with textiles that are soft to the touch such as velvet, silk and cotton.

'The mix of retro furniture within our Victorian house gives our decor an edge, especially when styled with colourful accessories,' Emer adds.

9. 'Small bathrooms have to work much harder'

black and white tiled bathroom floor with pink sink and bathtub

‘We inherited a small bathroom that felt cluttered with sanitaryware so we had to start from scratch,' says Emer. She used small bathroom tile ideas and pops of colour on the sink and bathtub to create a simply stunning space.

'Our new bath and metal French-style basin were painted in Orange Aurora by Little Greene. The pattern for the white wall tiles was inspired by a Victorian dado rail, with the penny tiles appearing halfway up the wall.

Thu, 28 Dec 2023 19:00:00 -0600 en-US text/html https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/home-designed-last-9-design-090058618.html
The M3 iMac is my favorite product of the year - but Apple could’ve tried a bit harder No result found, try new keyword!Apple has been quite busy this year, with the launch of fresh M3 MacBook Pros, the iPhone 15, and a larger M2-based 15-inch MacBook Air - essentially, the standard slew of product refreshes and ... Tue, 26 Dec 2023 07:01:00 -0600 en-us text/html https://www.msn.com/ Interior design tricks to help save money on energy bills

With winter fast approaching and households up and down the country now worrying about their energy bills once again, some may be looking for ways to save money.

Luckily, there are a number of decor tricks to help you make your house more energy efficient and save money on your heating bills.

If you're happy making a few adjustments to your interior design, here are some easy ways to make savings.

The Northern Echo: 10% of heat is lost in the floors of a home (Getty)10% of heat is lost in the floors of a home (Getty) (Image: Getty)

Here are some decor tricks to help you save money on your heating and energy bills this winter, according to the experts over at Hammonds Furniture.

Thick curtains

Windows are one of the worst places for heat loss with 18% of a home's heat disappearing from these spots.

Aside from expensive double glazing, one way you can ensure less heat is lost is through thick curtains.

Swapping out your blinds or lightweight curtains can go a long way in ensuring less heat is lost, saving you a lot of money.

Draught excluders

Closing doors can often help deal with drafts and ensure heat is trapped in a room.

However, this isn't always enough with gaps under doorways leading to heat loss.

One way to tackle this is through the purchase of draught excluders which block these gaps, restricting the flow of heat from the room.

Thick rugs

10% of heat is lost through floors, meaning the use of thick rugs can also help alleviate the burden of energy bills.

These help insulate the floor, making it harder for heat to escape while keeping your feet warm from the cold hard surface underneath.

The Northern Echo: Furniture in front of the radiator can block the flow of hot air (PA)Furniture in front of the radiator can block the flow of hot air (PA) (Image: Getty)

Blankets and throws

Blankets and throws are a practical way to keep warm as having these over your sofa or bed can not only make you feel cosier but can also be used as an extra layer when it's really cold out.

Move furniture away from radiators

Having the heating on can often be undermined when furniture is placed in front of radiators.

This can block the flow of hot air in the room, seeing items close to the source of heat absorb it, depriving you and the rest of the room of the warmth.

Consider moving furniture in your house to create a better flow of hot air.

Wed, 25 Oct 2023 20:42:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/news/23880220.interior-design-tricks-help-save-money-energy-bills/
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