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News Highlights

  • Z by HP Performance Desktops offer the essential balance of CPU and GPU compute for complex, data rich workflows, and the new HP Z8 Fury is the world's most advanced data science workstation.
  • HP Anyware Remote System Controller, the world's most advanced remote management peripheral, is a small but powerful device that securely manages high performance devices from any location.1

PALO ALTO, Calif., Feb. 15, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- HP Inc. announced its new Z by HP high-performance workstation desktop lineup, engineered to change what is possible within complex, data rich workflows. HP is advancing hybrid workforce management with the HP Anyware Remote System Controller, a device that gives IT departments the management capabilities to support high performance devices from anywhere.

The complex workflows in industries spanning media and entertainment, data science, and engineering mean increased time pressure and the need for more compute power to deliver faster results. They also highlight a need to iterate with remote teams and push creative boundaries to deliver more accurate results. The new Z by HP Z4, Z6, Z8, and Z8 Fury desktops, powered by Intel®, deliver the scalable balance of CPU and GPU compute needed to fuel new levels of speed, accuracy, and creativity.

"Z by HP is dedicated to delivering the best possible computing experience to fuel new levels of speed, accuracy, and creativity," said Jim Nottingham, Vice President and General Manager, Z by HP. "HP's design engineering, together with the power of Intel and NVIDIA, provide the performance, scalability, and security our customers require to meet their evolving needs."

"Intel® and Z by HP represent the future of high-performance workstation computing," said Roger Chandler, Vice President and General Manager, Intel. "With Intel® Xeon® W, users can expect breakthrough performance, advanced security features, and the scalability they need to tackle the most demanding workloads."

Extreme Workstation Performance

Z by HP innovations start with the customer to deliver the performance benefits needed whether it's importing and working with large models and assemblies, running complex simulations, or training complex deep learning and machine learning models faster. The latest Z workstation desktops include up to 56 CPU cores and four high-end GPUs in the Z8 Fury G5. The Z4, Z6, Z8, and our all-new Z8 Fury, provide a variety of configurations to meet every workflow challenge for each of these segments. From our best-selling workhorse, the Z4, to the extreme performance of the Z8 Fury, Z by HP has the right workstation for every workflow.

  • The Z8 Fury G5 delivers powerful performance while staying cool and quiet under high-performance workflows with up to 56 cores in a single CPU2 and unleashing the power of four high-end double-wide GPUs with 2TB of DDR5 memory due to transformative single socket technology. Now you can breeze through even the most complex deep learning, virtual production, and VFX.
  • The HP Z4 G5 tackles advanced workflows from machine learning to advanced video editing with an evolutionary advancement of up to a 24-core CPU, two high-end GPUs, up to 512GB of RAM. The Z4 G5 accelerates a wide range of professional apps to advance intensive workflows and provides plenty of room to expand as workflows evolves.
  • The HP Z6 G5 accelerates graphics-intensive workflows with multiple GPUs based on the increased PCIe expandability of the latest Intel® Xeon® W-3400 processor architecture. With up to 36 processing cores, three high-end graphics cards, and 1TB of DDR5 memory, the Z6 G5 delivers significant performance for users demanding a machine that scales with their increased model and dataset complexity.
  • The HP Z8 G5 is designed for users who demand the most processing compute for CPU-intensive workflows to accelerate rendering with real-time ray tracing, data visualization, and model training while also providing plenty of room to expand as demands change. With a dual-socket workstation, designed to utilize 4th Gen Intel Xeon, it delivers up to 64 system cores in addition to supporting 2x high-end graphics cards with 1TB of DDR5 memory.

The Z8 Fury is designed for power users to experience a new echelon in high-performance. Based on the transformative single socket technology, the Z8 Fury G5 delivers extreme performance with up to 56 cores in a single CPU, while unleashing the power of 4 high-end GPUs.

Consolidate Workstation Fleet Management

The HP Anyware Remote System Controller provides IT administrators a single dashboard with the ability to launch a kernel-based virtual machine (KVM) session and perform out-out-of-band management tasks such as pre-boot access, BIOS updates and re-imaging from anywhere.3 Through a single interface, IT administrators can now manage a fleet of devices, access secure system information like model numbers and BIOS versions, receive reports, and develop insights, to optimize their infrastructure to resolve issues before they affect users.4 HP is designing this hardware and software based on strong security industry standards, completing extensive testing, third-party reviews, and certifications to ensure maximum security.

Pricing and Availability

  • The HP Z4, Z6, Z8, Z8 Fury G5 will be available for pre-order on HP.com/Z starting today.
  • The HP Anyware Remote System Controller is expected to be available this spring. Pricing will be available closer to product availability.

About HP
HP Inc. HPQ is a global technology leader and creator of solutions that enable people to bring their ideas to life and connect to the things that matter most. Operating in more than 170 countries, HP delivers a wide range of innovative and sustainable devices, services and subscriptions for personal computing, printing, 3D printing, hybrid work, gaming, and more. For more information, please visit: http://www.hp.com.

1 Internet access required. Fleet management requires HP Anyware Remote System Management.
2 *Multicore is designed to Excellerate performance of certain software products. Not all customers or software applications will necessarily benefit from use of this technology. Performance and clock frequency will vary depending on application workload and your hardware and software configurations. Intel's numbering, branding and/or naming is not a measurement of higher performance.
3 Internet access required. Automation of tasks available with select Z desktop workstations, see datasheet for details.
4 Full suite of hardware alerts available with select Z desktop workstations. See datasheet for details. HP Anyware Remote System Management required to view consolidated reports from all devices paired with HP Anyware Remote System Controller or HP Anyware Integrated Remote System Controller. HP Anyware Integrated Remote System Controller not compatible with Z2 Mini platforms and not recommended for non-Z devices. HP service and support not available for non-Z devices.

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Killexams : 5 steps to guide you through the retirement-decision-making process with your partner

Discussing retirement can be difficult for many couples. There are so many decisions to be made: When’s the right time to retire? Have you saved enough (and what does “enough” mean)? How best to spend your time? Should you relocate, and if so, where?

“Retirement is a major transition that impacts every aspect of life,” says Myra Strober, a labor economist and professor emerita at Stanford University. “And the more choices you have, the tougher the decisions can be.”

In Strober’s new book, “Money and Love: An Intelligent Road map for Life’s Biggest Decisions,” she and her co-author, the social innovator Abby Davisson, share research-based strategies for making better decisions around life transitions, including retirement, that involve money and love.

After memorizing the book, I reached out to her for advice on how to have a more productive conversation about retirement with your partner.

Following are highlights of our conversation, edited for length and clarity:

Can you afford to retire?

Next Avenue: Is there an optimal time to broach the retirement question?

Myra Strober: It’s important to first address your finances because that drives so many other decisions. You need to answer the question: Can we afford to retire, and if not, what do we need to do to get there? Perhaps you can delay retirement or explore options for part-time work.

Sometimes, a financial planner who can help assess your finances and develop a financial plan can be helpful. Once you have a handle on your financial outlook, then you discuss the other aspects of retirement.

See: Social Security and Medicare are everyone’s problem

Clarify what you want

In your book, you detail a five-step framework, the “5 C’s,” that guides readers through the retirement-decision-making process. The first step is “clarify.” What do you mean by that?

It’s important to clarify what matters most to you before initiating a conversation about retirement with your partner. Sometimes, it’s challenging to separate out what you really want from what others say you should want.

For example, if your friends have recently retired you might feel pressure to join them. But upon deeper reflection, you might realize that what’s most important to you is to have more time together for travel or exercise. Understanding your “why” can take time, and the same is true for your partner.

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Once you are clear on what you want, the second step is to communicate with your partner. That sounds obvious, but it’s not always easy to do that well.

It helps to set up a time to have this discussion in a quiet place when you’re not rushed. Don’t do it on the fly. Effective communication is a two-way street that involves both talking and listening. Really listening to your partner, and reflecting on what they say, can shift the direction and outcome of the conversation. Often, the retirement conversation involves multiple discussions; it’s a bit like a long dance.

Weigh many options

The third step is to consider a broad range of choices. Why is that important?

These days, few retirement decisions are strictly either/or choices. Perhaps your spouse wants to keep working and you’d prefer they retire. So, you might want to explore ways for them to work on a part-time or consulting basis. Technology has really changed the options for work after retirement.

Another example: my mom always said she wanted to retire to Florida for the warm weather, but my father didn’t like the idea. After my husband and I relocated to California, my parents realized that if they moved to California, they’d both be happy, even though it wasn’t an option they’d previously considered. By broadening your options, you increase the odds of producing a solution that works for everyone.

When considering options, realize that you don’t always have to do everything together. I know of couples where one enjoys travel and the other doesn’t. The person who likes to travel has found other people to travel with, while their spouse remains happily at home. Of course, every couple needs to find what works best for their situation.

Plus: Older workers are fooling themselves when it comes to work, money and caregiving

Involve friends and family

Step four involves checking in with friends, family and other resources to gather more information. What’s the best way to do that?

Talk to lots of people. You’ll be surprised by who might lead you toward the best solutions. If you’re interested in a senior living community, check in with friends who’ve made the move and ask about their experience. Consider renting for a month in a new locale to get a more realistic feel for the area, before initiating a move. Trying out new things can be a surprisingly delightful experience.

The fifth step is to explore likely consequences. What do you mean by that?

You’ll make better choices if you consider the likely outcomes of different paths. Consider what might go well, as well as what might go wrong. It helps to think about how your options might play out over time. For example, if you move to a new community, you might feel lonely for the first several months. But if you’re reasonably outgoing, it’s likely you’ll make friends and be happier with your decision as time passes.

Also on MarketWatch: My wife and I are in our 50s with $300,000 in a 401(k) and $700,000 in a pension. Will we have enough to ‘live a simple life’ in retirement?

Any concluding thoughts on the retirement conversation?

Some couples include their adult children in these decisions. That’s fine, but be mindful that your children’s goals, though well intended, might not always be the same as yours.

Nancy Collamer, M.S., is a semiretirement coach, speaker and author of “Second-Act Careers: 50+ Ways to Profit From Your Passions During Semi-Retirement.” You can now obtain her free workbook, “25 Ways to Help You Identify Your Ideal Second Act” on her website at MyLifestyleCareer.com (and you’ll also receive her free bimonthly newsletter).

This article is reprinted by permission from NextAvenue.org, ©2023 Twin Cities Public Television, Inc. All rights reserved.

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Fri, 17 Feb 2023 03:14:00 -0600 en-US text/html https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/retirement/five-steps-to-guide-you-through-the-retirement-decision-making-process-with-your-partner/ar-AA17vzQb
Killexams : HP EliteBook 840 G9 Review Sun, 29 Jan 2023 15:09:00 -0600 en text/html https://www.pcmag.com/reviews/hp-elitebook-840-g9 Killexams : Greta Thunberg calls capitalism and market economics a ‘terrible idea’ for stopping climate change in new book

That’s the latest criticism of the established world order from Greta Thunberg, arguably the best-known face of the climate movement and perhaps of Gen Z politics writ large.

If capitalism created the crisis, as Thunberg suggests, then leaning on its mechanisms to fix the crisis is a flawed idea, she says.

Her takedown of capitalism features in a new book out Tuesday: “The Climate Book: The Facts and the Solutions,” which includes a kickoff essay by Thunberg, then leans on meteorologists, engineers, oceanographers and historians to make the case that there’s still hope to prevent a climate catastrophe.

Last month, Thunberg slammed corporate bigwigs holding their annual meetings in Davos, Switzerland, for “fueling the destruction of the planet” by investing in fossil fuels CL00, +0.12%  and prioritizing short-term profits over people affected by the climate crisis.

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Divided into five parts — How Climate Works, How Our Planet is Changing, How It Affects Us, What We’ve Done About It and What We Must Do Now — the book features 105 guest essays covering everything from ice shelves to economics, from fast fashion to the loss of species, from water shortages to respecting the sovereignty of Indigenous people over their time-tested sustainable practices.

And it looks ahead, tackling the future of food production and implementing carbon budgets, which are intended to limit the huge gap between a polluting, industrialized and actively developing world and the poorer nations that are being tapped for their resources yet bear the brunt of droughts, extreme heat, dangerous storms and eroding coastlines.

More: Read Greta Thunberg’s killer comeback to former kickboxer Andrew Tate’s tweet about his ‘enormous emissions’

Contributors include veteran scientists such as Johan Rockström, Michael Mann, Katherine Hayhoe, Friedrike Otto, Stefan Rahmstorf, Saleemul Huq and Carlos Nobre. Novelist Margaret Atwood has an essay, as does David Wallace-Wells, whose 2017 essay “The Uninhabitable Earth” remains the most-read piece in the history of New York magazine.

Thunberg says sobering facts must be the starting point.

“If you are one of the 19 million U.S. citizens or the 4 million citizens of China who belong to the [wealthiest] top 1% — along with everyone else who has a net worth of $1,055,337 or more — then hope is perhaps not what you need the most. At least not from an objective perspective,” Thunberg writes.

Opinion: The four biggest challenges of the transition to green energy

She goes on to say that while progress is welcome, she doesn’t entirely trust the way those in power log those changes.

“How do all those reductions hold up once we include our total emissions, rather than carefully managed territorial statistics?” she ponders. “In other words, all those emissions that we so successfully negotiated out of these figures. For instance, outsourcing factories to distant parts of the world and negotiating emissions from international aviation and shipping out of our statistics, which means that we not only manufacture our products by using cheap labor and exploiting people, we also erase the associated emissions — emissions that have, in reality, increased. Is that progress?”

‘Keeping emissions below 1 metric ton per person a year will not be a problem for the majority of the world’s population.’

— Greta Thunberg

Thunberg, who came on the scene five years ago as a 15-year-old staging a solo protest in front of Sweden’s Parliament, said her goal is to raise public awareness by sharing the best available science to shine a spotlight on what we’ve done to the Earth and what we must do to keep it habitable by humanity. Her protests and globe-crossing activism created Fridays for Future, a youth-led, school strike movement.

And the book suggests it’s not too late to act, with its alarming charts followed by a decidedly hopeful conclusion that’s a contrast to the alarm Thunberg usually exudes when she’s facing the United Nations or the World Economic Forum.

“Keeping emissions below 1 metric ton per person a year will not be a problem for the majority of the world’s population, since they will only need to make modest reductions — if any — in order to live inside the planetary boundaries,” Thunberg says. “In many cases, they would even be able to increase their emissions quite substantially.”

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“The Climate Book” earned a starred Kirkus review that applauds its emphasis on action and calls it “vital memorizing for anyone who cares about the planet.”

Even major investors and global market players who may in spirit align with Thunberg tend to argue that the market economies the book pins the crisis on will have to provide the solution. They are banking on a belief that to tackle the climate crisis, it will require the reach of capitalism, combined private and public initiatives, a mix of traditional and alternative energy sources ICLN, +0.05% and constantly improving technologies ranging from grabbing emissions from the air to storing unused energy.

Read: Clean-energy investing is poised to top the money backing oil and gas after hitting a record $1 trillion

Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock, the world’s largest fund-investing company, famously devoted a “materially different” 2020 annual letter to shareholders and executives on sustainable investments. In the letter, he called fighting climate change the “investment opportunity” of his lifetime and one that will deliver better returns over time.

Tue, 14 Feb 2023 01:17:00 -0600 en-US text/html https://www.marketwatch.com/story/greta-thunbergs-new-book-says-capitalism-and-market-economics-are-a-terrible-idea-to-stop-climate-change-8e9f8e44
Killexams : HP Weekend Flash Sale: The 6 best laptop deals, from $250

Just about every mode of HP laptop has a discount this week. If you’re looking for a 2-in-1, student laptop, gaming laptop, touchscreen laptop or Chromebook, this sale has something for you. We’ve picked out the laptop deals with the best specs for the price, so you don’t have to wade through the entire sale yourself. The best part: Everything on this list is under $1,000. Read on to learn about them.

HP Chromebook 14-inch laptop — $250, was $310

A college-aged student interacts with his HP Chromebook x360.

One of the better Chromebook deals around at the moment, this HP Chromebook 14-inch laptop keeps things simple but could still appeal for someone looking for one of the best Chromebooks. It has an Intel Celeron processor along with 4GB of memory and 64GB of eMMC storage. Even for a Chromebook, that’s on the low end of the scale but you get a supremely stylish-looking system. Its 14-inch HD screen has narrow bezels to keep things looking sleek while its silver exterior makes it stand out among the crowd. A 720p HD camera is useful for taking video calls while the keyboard is great to use.

HP 15-inch laptop — $300, was $470

HP 15-dw3163st Laptop on white background.

If you’d prefer a Windows-based laptop, you can buy one for a fraction more than a Chromebook. This laptop has an AMD Athlon Gold processor, 8GB of memory and 128GB of SSD storage. Thanks to being made by one of the best laptop brands, it’s well-designed with a micro-edge bezel display keeping things sleek. It also offers long-lasting battery life with HP Fast Charge technology meaning you can get back up to speed in no time. For a basic Windows 11 laptop, you can’t really go wrong with this one at this price.

HP 17-inch laptop — $320, was $500

A side angle view of the HP Laptop 17.

This HP 17-inch laptop is well-suited for anyone who needs a large display to work with. It has an AMD Athlon Gold processor along with 8GB of memory and 128GB of SSD storage. Effectively, those are all the basics you need to get work done on the move without having to rely on the cloud too much. Running Windows 11 Home, its 17-inch screen offers you some vital extra screen space for if you’re someone that has many windows to juggle at once. There’s also a lift hinge that helps elevate your keyboard for a more natural typing experience. Other extras include an enlarged clickpad and HP’s Fast Charge so you can boost the long battery life faster.

HP Pavilion x360 — $550, was $807

HP Pavilion x360 Convertible laptop in media mode.

If you can’t decide between buying a tablet or a laptop, the HP Pavilion x360 will supply you the best of both worlds while being highly affordable. It has an Intel Core i5 processor as well as 8GB of memory and 256GB of SSD storage. Best of all is its 15.6-inch HD touchscreen which you can move around to work on the laptop in tablet or presentation mode giving you more functionality and the best of both technological worlds. Tent mode is particularly useful when streaming your favorite shows so it’s great to see this laptop also includes HP Dual Speakers with Audio by B&O so you also get great audio. The laptop looks great at all times too making it a great addition to your home and workspace.

HP Victus — $770, was $1,030

HP Victus placed outside while displaying an attractive background.
Mark Coppock/Digital Trends

One of the better gaming laptop deals at the moment, the HP Victus is always worth considering even if it isn’t one of the best gaming laptops. It offers an AMD Ryzen 5 6600H processor along with 16GB of memory and 512GB of SSD storage. The highlight is on the 16.1-inch full HD screen which is paired up with an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 graphics card. It may not be the most portable of gaming laptops but if you’re looking for a gaming rig for your dorm or other small space, the larger screen really helps. There’s also an all-purpose gaming keyboard built-in, excellent battery life, and a cooling system designed with gaming in mind.

HP Spectre x360 2-in-1 — $850, was $1,250

The display of the HP Spectre x360 13.5.

One of the best laptops around and easily one of the best 2-in-1 laptops too, the HP Spectre x360 is great for anyone who can invest in something that will last. It has an Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of memory and 512GB of SSD storage. More important is its 13.5-inch full HD touchscreen display with 400 nits of brightness. Thanks to its 360-degree hinge, you can move it around to work in tablet mode, presentation mode, or in tent mode for watching things unfold. It also comes with a stylus pen so you can be more exact with what you’re sketching out compared to what your finger or mouse can provide. The laptop is slim and lightweight while packing in essentials like a great 5MP webcam with a privacy shutter as well as HP Fast Charge support. It looks gorgeous too.

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Tue, 14 Feb 2023 02:27:00 -0600 Jennifer Allen en text/html https://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/hp-laptop-flash-sale-hp-february-2023/
Killexams : Photo Park expands with two new HP Indigos

Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala-based Photo Park Digital recently invested in two HP Indigo 7K presses. With this, Photo Park Digital has expanded its use of the technology, taking the total fleet of HP Indigo presses to eight. Now, the company’s aim is to use the technology to provide printing services to international markets and expand the current network to other regions of India.

With the new technology, the company has started to serve the domestic and international markets

Photo Park was established in 1979 and started the first colour lab in 1983. For almost two decades, the company tried every available technology in the photo printing space. But the quest for high-quality printing and an expanded colour gamut ended the search with HP Indigo technology. 

“Photo Park stands for the symbol of quality, which has helped us serve more than 25% of the photo industry requirement directly and indirectly in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. With the new technology growth, we have started to serve the domestic and international market too,” Francis, managing director, Photo Park Digital, said. 

He added, “Photo Park is one of the biggest photo printing companies in India today and continuously enhancing its expertise and capability. We want to be India’s preferred photo book production partner.”

A Appadurai, country manager, Indigo & Inkjet Business Solutions, HP India, said, “Over the last decade, the digital printing industry has undergone a tremendous transformation. With the revolution of HP’s digital printing press for the photo and commercial printing industry, today, our customers can innovate and technologically advance their offerings to meet the evolving needs of the market. Photo Park is a classic example of how the company has expanded over the years, and we are proud to collaborate with them once again.”

Thu, 02 Feb 2023 03:26:00 -0600 en text/html https://www.printweek.in/news/photo-park-expands-with-two-new-hp-indigos-57176
Killexams : HP Poly Unveils Mini Conferencing PC And Other Microsoft Teams-Certified Solutions For Hybrid Work Collaboration

Hybrid work has lost its precise definition. During the height of the pandemic, “hybrid” was considered a combination of remote and in-office work. Now it has come to mean many things, with work being conducted everywhere from the boardroom to the baseball field (speaking for a friend). Employees have enjoyed the greater flexibility, shorter commutes and increased agency of working from home. Meanwhile, employers have realized cost savings, decreased their carbon footprints and enjoyed the quality-of-life benefits that offering a hybrid work model for workers provides. That said, the current trend of work-from-anywhere wasn't really a planned feature; it was a bug—one that landed on a whole generation of workers who were unprepared for it.

Like many technologies during the past couple of years, collaboration platforms and remote or hybrid work tools took a massive leap in terms of innovation and functionality. The leap has been so immense that I can't believe there was a time when I had to mute my line because my neighbor's dog was barking, felt awkward about where to look during an online meeting or scurried to clean up my work background before I started a video call. Fast forward a year, and AI-driven features can cancel out noise, focus your gaze and put you in the middle of a gorgeous virtual office. Cameras can concentrate on a single person or zoom out to capture multiple participants in a smaller space. At this point, hybrid work collaboration tools should probably be called work sanity tools—and HP and Poly are helping deliver that sanity.

HP Poly expands its hybrid work productivity and collaboration product offerings

This week at ISE (Integrated Systems Europe) in Barcelona, audio-video and systems integrators showcased the latest and greatest productivity and collaboration tools from leading technology innovators and solutions providers. Poly, now part of HP's portfolio of hybrid work solutions that creates premium audio and video products, announced the bundling of its pro-grade mini conferencing PC with Microsoft Teams as part of its Poly Studio Room Kits, creating “a complete Microsoft Teams Room solution experience now integrated with HP compute for meeting rooms of any size,” per the company's announcement.

Patrick Moorhead, chief analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy, has written before about Poly's pro-grade collaboration devices, such as the Studio R30 and Acoustic Fence, noting, “A common theme that I have seen within the digital transformation of businesses, in this case of how businesses conduct meetings, is that technologies like video conferencing are not here to mimic the legacy way of doing meetings. It is here to make it better and, overall, a more productive experience for all parties.”

The average worker spends three hours weekly in meetings, while 30% of workers spend more than five hours per week, according to Booqed.com. Since 2020, the number of workers attending meetings has increased by 13.5%. Considering these numbers, all those meetings need to be better and more productive experiences! Here I'll break down some of Poly's announcements this week, what they mean for the hybrid workforce and what trends they signal.

Unveiling Microsoft Teams-certified solutions for hybrid work

The big announcement this week is that the Poly Studio Room Kits and the Microsoft Teams-certified HP Mini Conferencing PC can now be combined to offer a complete Microsoft Teams Room solution for meetings of all sizes. The HP Mini Conferencing PC is powered by Windows IoT and a 12th Gen Intel Core i7 processor, providing users with a powerful and immersive videoconferencing experience. HP Wolf Security for business and integrated management lets IT sleep at night with full-stack security and layered resiliency from hardware to cloud.

The company announced additional Microsoft Teams-certified devices for on-the-job or on-the-go connectivity:

Poly CCX 350 is an IP desk phone with a physical dial pad that’s certified by Microsoft Teams, ideal for high-traffic common areas, retail, manufacturing or lab environments and designed for multiple users. The entry-level phone has not-so-entry-level features such as Poly Acoustic Fence and NoiseBlockAI technologies. Its full-duplex speakerphone cancels echo noise as well.

Poly Voyager Free 60 Series wireless earbuds with hybrid and adaptive active noise canceling (ANC) and advanced noise-blocking algorithms ensure crystal-clear audio on both sides of the call. Each bud has a three-mic array that triangulates on your voice and minimizes surrounding noise. Ergonomically speaking, these wireless earbuds seem like a winner, even for all-day use. They come with three sizes of conical ear tips and advanced sidetone technology to keep users aware of their voice level to eliminate strain. The touchscreen display on the case shows call information and seamlessly switches between input devices, even in flight.

Collaboration, interoperability and reliability are all critical to success

Whether a company uses one platform for all business communication and collaboration or needs to jump between different providers quickly and easily, solutions like Poly provide employees, partners and customers with the best experience possible. In addition to its deep integration with Microsoft Teams, Poly integrates with Zoom, Google and more. That gives users an immersive, native meeting experience regardless of whom they are meeting with or which system they use. The company's solutions provide standards-based interoperability, allowing remote and hybrid workforces to switch between UC platforms easily. Device interfaces are intuitive, and technical support can be handled through IT management tools or managed by Poly.

The future of work is now

We talk a lot these days about the “future of work.” While that definition continues to evolve, we must optimize for our current work state. Yet there's an ongoing challenge in hybrid work setups to ensure consistent, high-quality conferencing and communication experiences in various settings. It’s an even bigger challenge because no universal collaboration solution will suit everyone, as each space and user has unique needs.

Poly's deepened integration with Microsoft Teams and its enhanced compute capabilities as part of the HP family signals its ability to keep leading the way with innovative solutions as the future truly reveals itself. I’m particularly looking forward to testing out the Voyager Free earbuds while taking a call from the stands at my kids’ baseball games to truly experience the innovations that Poly is delivering for hybrid work.

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Killexams : HP unveils new Z high-performance PC workstation desktops

high-performance workstation

high-performance workstation

This week Hewlett-Packard has unveiled a new range of high-performance computer workstations in the form of its Z PC range which features the HP Z4, Z6, Z8, and Z8 Fury desktops, powered by Intel processors. The PC systems have been designed to provide users with a scalable balance of CPU and GPU compute needed to “fuel new levels of speed, accuracy, and creativity” says Hewlett-Packard.

The HP Z4, Z6, Z8, Z8 Fury G5 are now available to preorder and the HP Anyware Remote System Controller is expected to be made available during the spring months of 2023 although pricing and availability worldwide has not been confirmed as yet. Check out the promotional video below to learn more about the HP Z range of computers.

“Z by HP is dedicated to delivering the best possible computing experience to fuel new levels of speed, accuracy, and creativity,” said Jim Nottingham, Vice President and General Manager, Z by HP. “HP’s design engineering, together with the power of Intel and NVIDIA, provide the performance, scalability, and security our customers require to meet their evolving needs.”

“Z by HP innovations start with the customer to deliver the performance benefits needed whether it’s importing and working with large models and assemblies, running complex simulations, or training complex deep learning and machine learning models faster. The latest Z workstation desktops include up to 56 CPU cores and four high-end GPUs in the Z8 Fury G5. The Z4, Z6, Z8, and our all-new Z8 Fury, provide a variety of configurations to meet every workflow challenge for each of these segments. From our best-selling workhorse, the Z4, to the extreme performance of the Z8 Fury, Z by HP has the right workstation for every workflow.”

“Intel and Z by HP represent the future of high-performance workstation computing,” said Roger Chandler, Vice President and General Manager, Intel. “With Intel Xeon W, users can expect breakthrough performance, advanced security features, and the scalability they need to tackle the most demanding workloads.”

Source : HP

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Killexams : HP EliteBook 840 G9

Setting aside its ZBook mobile workstations and ultralight Dragonfly line, HP's EliteBook 800 models are the firm's second-best business laptops (between the 600 and 1000 series). The EliteBook 840 G9 (starts at $1,129; $1,609 as tested) sits smack in the mainstream of 14-inch, clamshell corporate notebooks. This laptop is packed with up-to-date features like a slightly taller 16:10 (instead of 16:9) aspect ratio display, Wi-Fi 6E, and 5G mobile broadband. HP's 840 G9 doesn't upstage Lenovo's legendary ThinkPad X1 Carbon as our favorite business laptop, but it's a trim and terrific enterprise option.

Ready for the Corner Office 

On HP.com, the cheapest EliteBook 840 G9 is $1,129 with a 12th Generation Intel Core i5 processor, 16GB of RAM, and a 256GB NVMe solid-state drive. Four screen choices are available, all IPS panels with 1,920-by-1,200-pixel resolution: non-touch or touch with a modest 250 nits of brightness, a sunnier 400-nit non-touch screen, and one of HP's Sure View Reflect panels with an integrated privacy filter. Disappointingly, you can't get a sharper 4K or OLED display.

HP EliteBook 840 G9 rear view

For $1,609, our Windows 11 Pro test unit steps up to a faster Core i7-1280P chip (six Performance cores, eight Efficient cores, 20 threads) with Intel's vPro IT manageability tech, a 512GB SSD, and Intel 5G Solution 5000 connectivity for desolate places without Wi-Fi coverage. Extras include a SmartCard slot as well as both a fingerprint reader and face-recognition webcam to skip typing passwords with Windows Hello. The laptop also features HP's Wolf Security bundle, including BIOS and AI-based malware protection along with Sure Click sandboxing of online apps and websites.

HP EliteBook 840 G9 SmartCard slot

This aluminum-clad EliteBook measures 0.76 by 12.4 by 8.8 inches, and it just clears our ultraportable cutoff at 2.99 pounds. Among other 14-inch business systems with 16:10 screen aspect ratios, Lenovo's X1 Carbon is an eighth of an inch thinner and half a pound lighter (2.48 pounds), while the Acer TravelMate P6 is lighter still at 2.2 pounds.

Thin bezels border the sides of the screen, with slightly thicker bars above and below. A sliding shutter covers the webcam lens when you want some privacy, and a microphone mute key is included on the top row. Ports include two USB4 ports with Thunderbolt 4 support on the left flank, along with an HDMI monitor port. The laptop features one 5Gbps USB 3.2 Type-A port on each side plus an audio jack, a nano SIM slot, and a security-cable lockdown notch on the right. HP's compact AC adapter has a USB-C connector.

HP EliteBook 840 G9 left portsHP EliteBook 840 G9 right ports

HP Gets the Keyboard Right 

Beyond even the recently growing 1080p standard, HP's webcam captures up to 2,560-by-1,440-pixel (16:9 aspect ratio) or 2,560-by-1,920-pixel (4:3) stills, as well as 1080p or 1440p videos. Images produced by the camera are reasonably well-lit and colorful, with minimal static. The myHP utility's HP Presence enhancements include a backlight and low-light adjustment, as well as framing tools for your head, head and shoulders, or upper body—depending on how much of your shirt or blouse you want to show.

Speaking of shirts, what appears in my reviews more often than torn bodices do in romance novels? Complaints about HP laptops arranging the cursor arrow keys in a clumsy row instead of the handier inverted-T layout. The EliteBook's arrow keys are only half-size but are—amazingly—properly placed.

HP EliteBook 840 G9 keyboard

Even better are the dedicated Home, End, Page Up, and Page Down keys in a ThinkPad-style arrangement at the top right for the first two and lower right for the latter. The backlit keyboard has a shallow but reasonably snappy typing feel, and typing on it is audible but not too noisy. The laptop's decently sized, buttonless touchpad glides and clicks smoothly.

Sound from the bottom-firing speakers isn't exactly symphonic, but it's loud and sharp enough for any business use, as well as for enjoying streaming movies or music. These speakers produce very little bass to speak of, but the audio isn't harsh or tinny even at top volume, and it's easy to make out overlapping tracks. HP Audio Control software provides music, movie, and voice modes, as well as an equalizer. Finally, AI-based speaker and mic noise reduction, and sound calibration for supported headsets, are also available here.

HP EliteBook 840 G9 front view

I'm sad that the EliteBook doesn't match most rivals in supporting a high-res screen option, but the 1,920-by-1,200 display is perfectly crisp and quite bright. Colors are rich and well-saturated, contrast is decent, and viewing angles are wide. White backgrounds are clean, helped by the ability to tilt the screen back as far as you like, and I can't see any pixelation around the edges of letters on websites and in emails.

Testing the HP EliteBook 840 G9: The High End of Mainstream 

For our benchmark charts, we're comparing the HP to four other 14-inch slimline laptops, including the premium Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 10 (starts at $1,439; $2,249 as tested) and the more affordable Acer TravelMate P6 (starts at $1,299.99; $1,499.99 as tested). The Dell Latitude 9430 2-in-1 (starts at $2,169; $2,994 as tested) is a business convertible, while the Lenovo Slim 9i (starts at $1,249; $2,070 as tested) is a consumer showpiece with a 4K OLED display.

Productivity Tests 

Our primary performance benchmark, UL's PCMark 10, simulates a variety of real-world productivity and content-creation workflows to measure overall performance for office-centric tasks such as word processing, spreadsheeting, web browsing, and videoconferencing. We also run PCMark 10's Full System Drive test to assess a laptop's storage load time and throughput.

Three more benchmarks focus on the CPU, using all available cores and threads, to rate a PC's suitability for processor-intensive workloads. Maxon's Cinebench R23 uses that company's Cinema 4D engine to render a complex scene, while Primate Labs' Geekbench 5.4 Pro simulates popular apps ranging from PDF rendering and speech recognition to machine learning. Finally, we use the open-source video transcoder HandBrake 1.4 to convert a 12-minute video clip from 4K to 1080p resolution (lower times are better). 

Our final productivity test is Puget Systems' PugetBench for Photoshop, which uses the Creative Cloud version 22 of Adobe's famous image editor to rate a PC's performance for content creation and multimedia applications. It's an automated extension that executes a variety of general and GPU-accelerated Photoshop tasks ranging from opening, rotating, resizing, and saving an image to applying masks, gradient fills, and filters.

HP's EliteBook 840 G9 finishes first or second in every event, showing more than ample power for everyday apps (scoring half again the 4,000 points in PCMark 10 that indicate excellent productivity for Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace) and even enough muscle for some mild digital content creation, though it's not up to workstation-class CGI rendering or data science. 

Graphics Tests 

For visual testing, we benchmark Windows PCs' graphics with two DirectX 12 gaming simulations from UL's 3DMark, Night Raid (more modest, suitable for laptops with integrated graphics) and Time Spy (more demanding, suitable for gaming rigs with discrete GPUs). 

We also run two tests from the cross-platform GPU benchmark GFXBench 5, which stresses both low-level routines like texturing and high-level, game-like image rendering. The 1440p Aztec Ruins and 1080p Car Chase tests, rendered offscreen to accommodate different display resolutions, exercise graphics and compute shaders using the OpenGL programming interface and hardware tessellation respectively. The more frames per second (fps), the better.

Lenovo's sleek Slim 9i laptop leads the pack with the HP close behind, but all these notebooks' Intel integrated graphics fall way short of the 3D performance you'll see from the discrete GPU of a gaming laptop or workstation. They're fine for casual gaming and streaming media, but not meant for high-speed shoot-'em-ups or particularly heavy-duty visual content creation. 

Battery and Display Tests

We test laptops' battery life by playing a locally stored 720p video file (the open-source Blender movie Tears of SteelTears of Steel) with display brightness at 50% and audio volume at 100%. We make sure the battery is fully charged before the test, with Wi-Fi and keyboard backlighting turned off. 

For display testing, we use Datacolor SpyderX Elite monitor calibration sensor and its Windows software to measure a laptop screen's color saturation. That means what percentage of the sRGB, Adobe RGB, and DCI-P3 color gamuts or palettes the display can show—and its 50% and peak brightness in nits (candelas per square meter).

No complaints here, as the EliteBook shows more than enough unplugged stamina for a full day's work—plus an evening's Netflix or YouTube entertainment. Bested only by the Dell Latitude in this test lot, this makes the EliteBook ideal for workers who frequently travel.

Unfortunately, this EliteBook's screen can't match the vivid hues of the Slim 9i's OLED panel in color coverage. However, the screen is more than colorful enough for business apps, and it's actually brighter than its rated 400 nits—again, beat only by the Dell Latitude.

HP EliteBook 840 G9 left angle

Verdict: A Sleek Silver Slab for the Enterprise 

If you can live with a merely fine screen instead of a show-off OLED or 4K display, it's hard to fault HP's EliteBook 840 G9. This business laptop includes everything from 5G mobile broadband to a high-res, AI-enhanced conferencing camera, along with highly competitive performance and additional security. The only question in our minds is how HP can top it with the would-be EliteBook 1000 series, and whether it can earn our Editors' Choice award next time.

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