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HPE0-S55 Delta - Designing HPE Server Solutions

Exam ID : HPE0-S55
Exam type : Proctored
Exam duration : 1 hour
Exam length : 40 questions
Passing score : 65%
Delivery languages : English
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Designing HPE Server Solutions, Rev. 18.11

The Minimally Qualified Candidate (MQC) for Server Architect at the Accredited System Engineer (ASE) level has advanced knowledge of HPE solutions and underlying technologies, which include CPU, memory, disk, power, networking, management subsystems, data center environments, and multi-site configurations. The typical MQC will have worked in the IT industry in an HPE server environment for at least 18 to 36 months.

Complete the training and review all course materials and documents before you take the exam. Use HPE Press study guides and additional reference materials; study guides, practice tests, and HPE books. Exam items are based on expected knowledge acquired from job experience, an expected level of industry standard knowledge, or other prerequisites (events, supplemental materials, etc.). Successful completion of the course or study materials alone, does not ensure you will pass the exam.

55% Plan and Design Solutions
Based on the customers goal, determine the appropriate information to gather from the customer.
Given a scenario, determine an appropriate tool to size, specify, or build a solution.
Given a scenario, describe how to generate the customer proposal (for example, Bill of Materials, TCO Report, diagrams, Quote, third-party items, power and cooling statistics).
Given a scenario, identify potential design issues with the customers existing environment.
Determine under which circumstances an architect would propose specific industry standard server, storage, network architectures and technologies.
Given a customers long-term vs short-term needs, determine a solution with a possible upgrade path.
Given a scenario, describe the service offerings that meet the business and IT objectives.
Analyze customer information to determine the gap between the existing customer environment and the documented customer needs.
Compare and contrast available HA and DR solutions, match them with the customers business needs, and available budget.
Provide a rationale for a product line within a given solution.
Given a scenario, map the solution benefits to the original customer requirements and respond to customer objections raised by key stakeholders.

20% Install, Configure, and Set Up, Solutions
Evaluate the customer environment to determine POC suitability. (site specific/scenario based)
Analyze the success criteria and proposed POC solution to determine the gap between them.
Describe the steps for implementing the design.
Determine how the design achieves the customers technical requirements and highlight additional improvements identified during design implementation.

10% Troubleshoot Solutions
Given a customer problem, determine an appropriate resolution path.
Explain how to use the appropriate tools to identify a problem.
Describe the correlation between a remediation and its predicted outcome.

15% Manage, Monitor, and Maintain Solutions
Given a customer situation, identify the appropriate management tool to use.
Describe the steps for performing common management tasks.
Interpret collected data for lifecycle management operations.
Interpret collected data to optimize performance and availability.

Delta - Designing HPE Server Solutions
HP Designing thinking
Killexams : HP Designing thinking - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/HPE0-S55 Search results Killexams : HP Designing thinking - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/HPE0-S55 https://killexams.com/exam_list/HP Killexams : HP Earnings Preview: What Wall Street's Thinking No result found, try new keyword!HP reports fiscal second-quarter earnings after the close, and investors will be looking to see whether CEO Meg Whitman can continue to cut costs, and turnaround one of Silicon Valley's most ... Thu, 12 Jan 2023 09:59:00 -0600 text/html https://www.thestreet.com/technology/hp-earnings-preview-what-wall-streets-thinking-12717424 Killexams : Save $720 on this HP gaming PC with an RTX 3080
HP Omen 45L sitting on a table.
Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

Gamers who are thinking about upgrading their gaming PC should turn their attention towards this year’s HP Presidents Day sale, as you can get the HP Omen 45L gaming desktop for a discounted price of $1,980 instead of its sticker price of $2,700. It’s still not cheap, but you won’t often get the chance to save $720 when buying such a powerful machine. If you’ve got the cash, this is one of the best gaming investments that you can make right now.

Our roundup of the best gaming PCs includes computers from popular brands like Dell and Lenovo, but sitting at the top is none other than the HP Omen 45L. It makes the most out of its 45-liter capacity by packing the 12th-generation Intel Core i7 processor and the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 graphics card, in addition to 16GB of RAM that’s flagged by our guide on how to buy a gaming desktop as a good baseline for modern systems. Also inside the machine is HP’s Cryo Chamber, which keeps and temperatures and noise low while separating the all-in-one liquid cooler with the rest of the components.

Once it’s time to swap the parts of the HP Omen 45L for better ones, its tool-less design will make it easy to do the upgrades yourself. The gaming PC is also a scene stealer in terms of its looks, with its tempered glass panels, full-metal frame, and RGB lights allowing you to play your favorite video games in style. You’ll be able to control the lights through the Omen Gaming Hub, which also provides deeper access to the computer’s hardware such as intelligent overclocking, performance control, and individual fan control.

If you’re on the hunt for gaming PC deals, there’s arguably no better option today than HP’s offer for the HP Omen 45L. A $720 discount for Presidents Day lowers the gaming desktop’s price to $1,980 from $2,700, and it’s considered a steal for that price. You won’t regret going for the HP Omen 45L gaming PC, especially since you can use the savings on monitor deals, extra accessories, and more video games.

Editors' Recommendations

Wed, 15 Feb 2023 20:52:00 -0600 Aaron Mamiit en text/html https://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/hp-omen-45l-gaming-desktop-deal-hp-february-2023/
Killexams : Best desktop computers of 2023

Are you in the market for a new desktop? Then you are in the right place. With so many options out there, it's hard to know which one to choose. That's why I did the homework for you, and below is a breakdown of my top picks by type of usage.


Unlike laptops that are usually purchased for their portability, desktop computers are usually a fixture in your home or office. Given their larger size, there is a wider range of options with modern desktops and one for every type of use.

It's also more customizable than purchasing a laptop because you can buy bundles, separate towers, or monitors.

Best Bargain

Due to their size, desktop computer components tend to be cheaper overall than their thinner, lighter counterparts: laptops.  If you are anything like me, a bigger screen found with a desktop is so much easier to work with than a small display on laptops.


Below are desktops that give you the most 'bang' for your buck (please note, product availability may fluctuate).

Acer Aspire XC-830-UA91 Desktop

Acer Aspire XC-830-UA91 Desktop (Acer)


  • A great value priced under $500 ($435.85 at time of publication)
  • A total package as this bundle includes a monitor, tower, keyboard, and mouse, so you are ready to go (no need for separate purchases)
  • Monitor included in bundle is a standard 21.5" Full HD ISP Ultra-thin Zero Frame to maximize the screen ‘real estate’
  • Basic RAM size (8 GB)
  • Includes a DVD-Writer drive so you can watch and create DVDs & CDs
  • Many ways to connect, including WiFi, Bluetooth, and ethernet


  • Comes installed with older operating system (Windows 10 Home)
  • Mediocre Hard drive Storage (256 GB SSD)
  • Refresh rate is 75 hertz, so not ideal for heavy graphics or gaming
  • Doesn’t have latest wi-fi tech for fastest connection: Wi-Fi 6
  • Not as many ports as other desktops with 2 USB 3.2 Gen 1 ports in the front and 4 USB 2.0 ports in the back
  • No webcam

At the time of publishing, this product had over 450+ global ratings with 71% giving the product 5 stars on Amazon.

Get the Acer Aspire XC-830-UA91 Desktop

HP 22" All-in-One Desktop

HP 22" All-in-One Desktop (HP)


  • A great value priced under $500 ($463.86 at time of publication)
  • A total package as this bundle includes monitor, which houses the internal components of the computer, keyboard and mouse so you are ready to go (no need for separate purchases)
  • Comes with latest operating system (Windows 11 Home)
  • Monitor included in bundle is a standard 21.5" Full HD ISP with a thin bezel so you can maximize the screen ‘real estate’
  • Because the components - normally in a tower - is in the display, there is a small footprint
  • Many ways to connect, including WiFi, Bluetooth, and ethernet
  • Webcam can be pulled up or pushed down for privacy when not in use
  • Includes a DVD-Writer drive so you can watch and create DVDs & CDs


  • Low Storage (256 GB SSD)
  • Decent Processor good for daily tasks (AMD Athlon Silver 3050U Mobile processor)
  • Low RAM (4 GB is less RAM than in most base models, yet sufficient for basic use)
  • Doesn’t have latest wi-fi tech for fastest connection: WiFi 6

At the time of publishing, this product had over 380+ global ratings with 78% giving the product 5 stars on Amazon.

Get the HP 22" All-in-One Desktop

Best Overall

Rarely is there a desktop that meets most everyone's needs as well as comes at a great price. However, this All-in-One by HP really checks most people’s boxes.

HP 27" All-in-One Desktop PC

HP 27" All-in-One Desktop PC (HP)


  • Great price for what you get ($999.99 at time of publication)
  • Ready right out of the box because this bundle includes display, keyboard and mouse with a beautiful, minimalist design throughput
  • Display is large at 27" for maximum screen ‘real estate’ for multitasking multiple windows or replacing your tv for a comparable streaming experience
  • Not only is the display large, but it is also Full HD IPS display for clarity and crisp images and micro-edge, anti-glare finish
  • Comes with latest, higher-level operating system (Windows 11 Pro)
  • Excellent storage with a 256GB SSD and a traditional HDD with 1 TB
  • Good RAM (12 GB means you can run some heavier-duty programs without your workflow screeching to a halt)
  • Excellent processor (AMD Ryzen 7)



  • Webcam is only 720P resolution
  • More ports are always preferred (comes with 2 Superspeed USB-A, 2 USB ports), one HDMI out) yet the tradeoff is that your entire system is housed in the display

At the time of publishing, this product had over 230+ global ratings with 84% giving the product 5 stars on Amazon.

Get the HP 27" All-in-One Desktop PC 

Best for simple computing

For those of you that don't need extra bells and whistles yet want a desktop for web browsing, light office work, and core programs, the options below will fit those needs:

MeLE Quieter2Q Fanless Mini PC 

MeLE Quieter2Q Fanless Mini PC  (MeLe)


  • Lightweight & super portable: Weighs only .5 lbs and measures at 6.5 x 4.2 x 2.5 inches!
  • Very affordable (less than $300 at the time of publication)
  • Lots of connections options with ethernet port, WiFi enabled, and Bluetooth 4.2 enabled
  • Comes with latest, higher-level operating system (Windows 11 Pro)
  • Comes with the base level of RAM expected with most desktops (8 GB)
  • Supports Linux
  • Base level processor: Intel Celeron J4125 (2GHz to 2.7GHz) Quad Core Processor
  • Has a micro-SD storage slot to expand storage (up to 1 TB)
  • Fanless design means a super quiet device, yet passive cooling technology means good thermal dissipation and dust-free performance
  • Has 2 HDMI 2.0 ports that support higher-resolution streaming
  • Lots of ports: 4 UB 3.0 Ports


  • Smaller Storage (128 GB SSD but can be upgraded up to 4 TB)
  • Doesn’t have latest wi-fi tech for fastest connection: Wi-Fi 6
  • It does not include a display

At the time of publishing, this product had over 520+ global ratings with 73% giving the product 5 stars on Amazon.

Get the MeLE Quieter2Q Fanless Mini PC (J4125)

Apple iMac (21.5-inch, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD Storage)

Apple iMac (21.5-inch, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD Storage) (Apple)


  • Affordable (under $1000 at the time of publication)
  • Storage is SSD technology for faster response
  • Base level RAM (8 GB), which is sufficient for basic use
  • All-inclusive: includes display, keyboard, and mouse
  • Display is 21.5", which is sufficient for daily use, and high resolution looks clear 1080P
  • Good processor with Intel Core i5
  • Good connectivity with ethernet, WiFi and Bluetooth, headphone jack, 4 USB-A ports, & 2 USB-C ports



  • Older model that does not have the newer Apple silicon chip technology
  • On the lower end of the storage size (256 GB)
  • Doesn’t have latest wi-fi tech for fastest connection: Wi-Fi 6
  • Weighs considerably more than the newer iMac model

At the time of publishing, this product had over 870+ global ratings with 78% giving the product 5 stars on Amazon.

Get the Apple iMac

Acer Aspire TC-1760-UA92

Acer Aspire TC-1760-UA92 (Acer)


  • Affordable (Under $600 at the time of publication)
  • Decent Storage (512 GB SSD)
  • Wi-Fi 6 for latest WiFi technology
  • Bluetooth 5.2 is latest Bluetooth technology
  • Ample RAM (12 GB)
  • Processor can handle basic and multimedia entertainment (12th gen Intel Core i5 processor)
  • Includes a DVD-Writer drive so you can watch and create DVDs & CDs
  • Comes with latest operating system (Windows 11 Home)


  • Even though it comes with a keyboard and mouse, the display is sold separately
  • Larger and traditional tower design does take up a lot of space

At the time of publishing, this product had over 450+ global ratings with 71% giving the product 5 stars on Amazon.

Get the Acer Aspire TC-1760-UA92

Best for Creatives

Individuals who work on processor-intensive programs like photo editing, video editing, or design programs, need desktops that have excellent displays with rich color and high resolutions. Additionally, the desktops must have enough storage, memory, and processor speed to handle the intensity of these workload-heavy applications. 

HP Envy 34" All-in-One Desktop

HP Envy 34" All-in-One Desktop (HP)


  • Massively large display clocking in at 34" that’s WUHD IPS (5120x2160 resolution, 5K) which means you can comfortably see more of your screen
  • A 3-sided micro-edge means you get to utilize most of the 34", which comes with a convenient anti-reflection
  • Comes with a magnetic camera that has 16 MP binning IR privacy that can be moved and attached to various parts of your display for freedom of movement
  • HP enhanced lighting & AI noise removal to eliminate background noise for enhanced video chat
  • Excellent RAM (32 GB) to handle large and intense programs
  • Excellent Processor (2.5 GHz Intel Core i7)
  • Excellent graphics (NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 graphics with 6 GB GDDR6X dedicated memory and NVIDIA Max-Q technology, which delivers enhanced Ray Tracing Cores and Tensor Cores, new streaming multiprocessors, and high-speed G6 memory



  • Expensive (Priced at $2,399 at the time of publication)
  • Not the largest storage size for creatives with 1 TB SSD
  • Comes with Windows 11 Home installed; Windows 11 Pro would be more fitting for a graphics-intensive user
  • Doesn’t have latest WiFi 6 tech for fastest connection

At the time of publishing, this product had over 20+ global ratings with 91% giving the product 5 stars on Amazon.

Get the HP Envy 34" All-in-One Desktop

Apple 2021 iMac All-in-one Desktop

Apple 2021 iMac All-in-one Desktop (Apple)


  • Beautiful 24" Retina 4.5K display for a gorgeous view from 1 billion colors and 500 nits brightness
  • Many color options: 7 colors to choose from with matching mouse and keyboard
  • All-inclusive with magic keyboard and mouse and compact as internal components are housed in a thin display and lightweight at 9.83 lbs
  • Latest wireless features WiFi 6 & Bluetooth 5.0 technology
  • M1 Apple silicon chip offers great performance with 8-core CPU
  • 1080P FaceTime HD camera with studio-quality three-mic, six-speaker sound system with spatial audio creates the optimal video chat environment
  • Has biometric entry with TouchID, which makes your system safe and easy to access


  • Introduced midyear 2021, it’s nearing the end of its product cycle where a new iMac version is likely to be introduced soon
  • Decent storage (512 GB SSD) but not large enough for most creatives as file sizes, as well as programs, tend to be large
  • Small RAM (8 GB RAM) - many more intensive programs require 16 GB RAM to run comfortably
  • Could use SD or microSD slots to give users easier access to external drives and SD cards, which is commonly utilized in the creative community

At the time of publishing, this product had over 1,820+ global ratings with 88% giving the product 5 stars on Amazon.

Get the Apple 2021 iMac All-in-one Desktop

Best for Gamers

Gaming is a popular past time for people of all ages. However, it requires a certain amount of processing speed and storage space to handle the intensity of graphics and program complexities. Below are the top picks for gaming:

Alienware Aurora R14

Alienware Aurora R14 (Dell)


  • Excellent storage: No longer do you have to choose between faster HD vs. bigger with 1 TB SSD for faster retrieval and 2 TB HDD for a large storage
  • Excellent RAM (32 GB) with DDR4 memory, which means you can manage large games
  • Fast Processor: AMD Ryzen 9 with 12-core processor
  • Optimized Airflow: With internal layout reorganized to allow for less obstruction, thus more airflow and quieter acoustics
  • Attractive design and color with a unique curved tower
  • New Legend 2.0 design means 50% more internal volume
  • Lots of ports: 4 USB 2.0 and 7 USB 3.0 Ports



  • Expensive (At the time of publishing, it costs $2,499.99)
  • Display sold separately, although it does come with a keyboard and mouse

At the time of publishing, this product had over 415+ global ratings with 71% giving the product 5 stars on Amazon.

Get the Alienware Aurora R14

iBUYPOWER SlateHako AD420N



  • Comes with latest operating system (Windows 11 Home)
  • Decent processor (Intel Core i5)
  • Great RAM (16 GB)
  • Beautiful display (16 color RGB lighting case)
  • Warranty: 1 year parts & labor + Free lifetime tech support
  • Hard Drive is an SSD for faster retrieval
  • Reasonable priced (Under $1000 at the time of publication)
  • Easier access to ports at top of tower


  • Decent amount of storage (500 GB)
  • Display sold separately although it does come with a keyboard and mouseports (6 USB 3.1 ports)
  • Doesn’t have latest wi-fi tech for fastest connection: Wi-Fi 6

At the time of publishing, this product had over 2,390+ global ratings with 73% giving the product 5 stars on Amazon.

Get the iBUYPOWER SlateHako AD420N

Skytech Archangel Gaming PC Desktop (Arch 4)

Skytech Archangel Gaming PC Desktop (Arch 4) (Skytech)


  • Moderately priced (Under $1K at the time of publication with $200 off coupon)
  • Good RAM (16 GB) with Heat Spreader (dissipates heat better while operating at full tilt)
  • Beautiful design (Skytech Archangel Gaming Case with Tempered Glass)
  • Good Storage (1 TB SSD)
  • Comes with latest operating system (Windows 11 Home)
  • Great airflow to manage heat with 4 RGB RING fans
  • Easier access to ports at top of tower
  • 1 Year Warranty on Parts and Labor | Lifetime Free Technical Support | Assembled in the USA



  • Display sold separately, although it does come with a keyboard and mouse
  • Brands for processors and certain components can vary depending on what is in stock
  • More ports would be helpful for peripherals for a complete gaming experience
  • Doesn’t have latest wi-fi tech for fastest connection: WiFi 6

At the time of publishing, this product had over 400+ global ratings with 74% giving the product 5 stars on Amazon.

Get the Skytech Archangel Gaming PC Desktop (Arch 4)

Best Space Saver

While you may or may not already have a laptop at home, you might consider a space-saving desktop to complement or replace your aging laptop. Or perhaps you are working from home and need the ability to move around your living space to get work done. Or maybe you need a device that has more computing capabilities, such as a desktop, yet is not as bulky? Below are some top picks of space-saving desktops:

HP All-in-One PC, 23.8" FHD

HP All-in-One PC, 23.8" FHD (HP)


  • Immersive experience with a micro-edge 23.8" Full HD display and dual speakers
  • Display also comes with an anti-glare panel
  • Display is a Full HD ISP touchscreen
  • Comes with latest operating system Windows 11 Home
  • Fast Processor 2.3 GHz AMD Ryzen 5 5625U Processor
  • Good RAM 12 GB; more than a typical base model
  • Plenty of ports: 4 USB 2.0 Ports and 2 USB 3.0 Ports
  • HP True Vision 720P HD camera for clear video chat, which can be pulled up or pushed down for privacy when not in use
  • Clear sound with 2 microphones and advanced reduction software
  • Weighs a mere 17.61 lbs with no bulky tower
  • Sleek, cohesive design from mouse, keyboard


  • Average Storage 512 GB SSD
  • Some users have complained that because you must manually pull up or push down the camera, it can be a bit cumbersome and awkward
  • No optical drive DVD-Writer

At the time of publishing, this product had over 650+ global ratings with 83% giving the product 5 stars on Amazon

Get the HP All-in-One PC, 23.8" FHD

Apple 2023 Mac Mini Desktop Computer M2 chip

Apple 2023 Mac Mini Desktop Computer M2 chip (Apple)


  • Inexpensive for a Mac
  • Incredibly small footprint & lightweight for the amount of power (1.41" x 7.75" x 7.75")
  • lightweight for the amount of power 2.6 lbs
  • 10Gb Ethernet for up to 10 times the throughput
  • M2 Apple silicon chip has exceptional speed & performance with 8 CPU cores, 10 GPU cores, and up to 24GB unified memory
  • Fastest WiFi 6E technology



  • Low storage size 256 GB SSD before optional larger sizes
  • Installed standard RAM size is average or small at 8 GB
  • No color options
  • Does not include a display, which is sold separately

At the time of publishing, this product had over 5+ global ratings with 54% giving the product 5 stars on Amazon. Only a few reviews since it was released on January 17, 2023

Get the Apple 2023 Mac Mini Desktop Computer M2 chip

Lenovo IdeaCentre AIO 3i - 2022

Lenovo IdeaCentre AIO 3i - 2022 (Lenovo)


  • Affordable ($519.99 at time of publishing)
  • Plenty of connectivity options: 2 USB 2.0 ports, 2 USB 3.2 Gen 2 Ports, Power DC Jack, HDMI-out, microphone/headphone combination and 1000 LAN ethernet port
  • Biometric access: Facial login with the built-in webcam
  • Webcam is moveable and HD
  • Beautiful display included (Full HD with thin bezel for maximum screen real estate)
  • Great sound with a Harman Kardon-certified audio system
  • Most latest OS (Windows 11 installed)
  • Includes mouse and keyboard


  • Low Storage 256 GB
  • Base level RAM 8 GB
  • Base level processor Intel Core i3

At the time of publishing, this product had over 440+ global ratings with 76% giving the product 5 stars on Amazon.

Get the Lenovo IdeaCentre AIO 3i - 2022

Whether you're giving it away, donating, or recycling your old desktop or laptop, don't forget to check out our article on how to safely get rid of your old laptop.  If you're building a setup for the new year, you might want to also check out my article on the best monitors by typing in cyberguy.com and tapping the search glass to search "best displays".


Are you thinking about replacing an old laptop or desktop?  Is there a model you love that we didn't review above?  Comment below.

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Sat, 04 Feb 2023 22:42:00 -0600 Fox News en text/html https://www.foxnews.com/tech/best-desktop-computers-2023
Killexams : Your Tech Stuff Is Getting Slightly More Repairable

As such, this year’s repairability grades reflect some incremental improvements in the repair process itself, but some scores were downgraded because of the companies’ aggressive politicking behind the scenes. Apple’s iPhones made a leap from last year’s “F” grade up to a “D.” Google’s Pixel phones kept their “D” grade but got a slight boost in score. Samsung remained steadily in the “C” grade range for its phones. Microsoft’s laptops still get a “D” overall, but the edge much closer to a “C” grade this year. Almost all laptop makers, with the exception of Lenovo, received a higher grade: HP, Dell, Asus, and Acer all got a “B.” 

Despite Apple’s upgrade in overall iPhone repairability, though, US PIRG alleges that its parts are still priced too high. And Apple’s Mac laptops still get an “F,” because they are “are twice as difficult to open up and repair as Dell laptops.” Samsung phones are still too hard to disassemble, compared to Motorola phones. Motorola phones were determined to be the most physically repairable of the four rated manufacturers, but they lost points because of the poor availability of parts.

US PIRG said Apple lost the greatest number of overall points due to the company’s active lobbying against the right to repair. And while Microsoft isn’t a part of TechNet, one of the big trade groups that participate in such lobbying, Microsoft is a member of the Consumer Technology Association and did lobby against California SB 983. 

Those in opposition to right-to-repair legislation often point to concerns that making products easier to repair would compromise the devices’ safety and security, though repair advocates have scoffed at those arguments and accused the tech industry of fearmongering. TechNet, the trade organization that represents a large swath of the industry, including Apple, Google, Amazon, Meta, HP, AirBnB, Uber, and Lyft, reiterated its stance in a statement to WIRED that right-to-repair legislation as currently proposed would threaten the privacy and security of personal tech devices. 

“Current repair bills in states across the country would mandate that manufacturers of digital electronic equipment provide unvetted third parties with sensitive diagnostic information and trade secrets—without requiring any of the critical consumer protections afforded by authorized repair networks,” David Edmonson, TechNet’s vice president for state policy and government relations, said in an email. “Instead of government mandates and a patchwork of one-size-fits-all repair rules that create more issues than answers, let the market continue to respond.” 

The market has indeed responded—to a point. A few years ago, Apple began aggressively expanding the footprint of its Independent Repair Provider Program, which lets independent repair shops get certified to fix Apple products using genuine Apple parts. Then in November 2021, under more pressure to Improve its repairability, Apple announced a Self-Service Repair program, which started making parts, tools, and manuals for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 directly available to customers. Samsung followed suit: In August 2022, it started giving customers the tools to perform their own repairs on Galaxy S20 and S21 smartphones, as well as the Galaxy Tab S7+.

In April 2022, Google said it was partnering with fix-it-yourself firm iFixit to make Google Pixel phones more repairable. And Microsoft said late last year that it would make Surface laptop parts available to consumers in 2023.

Repair advocates still see these moves as an effort to preempt legislation, as is the case with the latest memorandum of understanding (MOU) that John Deere signed with a national farm group. John Deere agreed in theory to make tractor repairs more accessible to farmers, though the MOU is unenforceable. Part of the agreement asked that the American Farm Bureau Federation “refrain from introducing, promoting, or supporting federal or state Right to Repair legislation.”

Wed, 08 Feb 2023 18:01:00 -0600 en-US text/html https://www.wired.com/story/us-pirg-repairability-scorecard-2023/
Killexams : Need a cheap laptop? Perfect for most, this 14-inch HP is $270 today
HP 14 laptop with intel Celeron on desk.

Buying a new laptop doesn’t have to break the bank, especially if you’ll only be using it for simple tasks. Fortunately, there are amazing laptop deals like the HP Laptop 14 for just $270, after a $160 discount from HP on its original price of $430. We’re not expecting this offer to last long as there’s high demand for cheap but reliable laptops, so you’ll have to complete the transaction as soon as possible if you don’t want to miss out.

The HP Laptop 14 offers decent performance with its AMD 3020e processor and AMD Radeon Graphics, plus 8GB of RAM that our laptop buying guide says is the sweet spot for most users. It won’t match up to the power of the best laptops, but if your planned usage for the device is along the likes of checking emails, typing documents, browsing the internet, and watching streaming content, then these specifications will be more than enough. The laptop also comes with Windows 11 Home out of the box, pre-installed in its 128GB SSD that will provide ample storage space for your files and apps.

The laptop’s 14-inch HD display is surrounded by narrow bezels, which maximizes its dimensions while also reducing distractions. The thin and light design of the HP Laptop 14 makes it easy to carry with you anywhere, and if you’re thinking about working while on the go, its long-lasting battery life will make sure that you won’t be forced to stop mid-way. Once you have access to a wall outlet, just 45 minutes of charging will replenish about 50% of the laptop’s battery thanks to HP Fast Charge technology.

There are all kinds of HP laptop deals that are available right now, but if you want something affordable but dependable, turn your attention towards this $160 discount for the HP Laptop 14. You’ll only have to pay $270 for the device instead of $430, but you don’t have time to waste because we’re not sure when the offer will end. If you’re already looking forward to everything that you can accomplish with the HP Laptop 14, you shouldn’t hesitate to finalize this purchase.

Editors' Recommendations

Thu, 09 Feb 2023 08:30:00 -0600 Aaron Mamiit en text/html https://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/hp-laptop-14-deal-hp-february-2023/
Killexams : HP Coupon Codes February 2023

With a wide variety of laptops, desktop PCs, Chromebooks, and printers, HP is always running some kind of sale. HP coupon codes are often specific to a category, such as laptops or accessories, but a sitewide promo code may be available. 

Check this page for the best promotion codes available. Seasonal sales, such as the HP Black Friday sale, Cyber Monday, and Back-to-School, are when you see some of the deepest discounts. Some good promotions we have seen are below:

  • 10-33% off using our HP coupon codes.
  • Winter Savings of up to 59% on laptops and tech.
  • Up to 50% off printer ink with an Instant Ink subscription.
  • Sitewide discounts on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
  • Up to 40% off for military, healthcare, first responders, students, and educators.
  • Up to 40% off for AAA members.

For the hottest discount on all-in-one printers, laptops, desktops, Windows software, and more, the HP Weekly Deals section is here to help. Browse the latest deals to view rebates and save up to 50% on select products with the latest technology. 

There's no need to wait for upcoming sale events for laptop deals. You're guaranteed to land a stellar product at a low price when you check weekly. On top of these weekly deals, HP coupons, promo codes, and other offers can be used to save even more on your new laptop or PC. 

Laptops, desktops, and Chromebooks are usually customizable before purchasing at HP. But, a great way to save money is to buy ready-to-ship computers with pre-configured specifications, such as memory and storage drive sizes. Discounts can be as high as $700 off the original retail price.

These models ship directly from HP's warehouse and have free priority shipping. You can shop by category, including laptops for business and workstations. Printers, monitors, and accessories are also on sale in this section. If you are looking for a quick deal, this is a good area to shop for some of HP's lowest prices on its computers and other technologies.

When you sign up for HP's email newsletter, you'll be notified when new sales and promotions go live on its website. You will be notified of new coupon codes available to get a good discount on a laptop or desktop PC. Special sales or promo codes will occasionally be offered exclusively to email subscribers.

Some customers may also receive up to $20 off their first purchase. However, this promotion is only sometimes available. If eligible, you will be emailed an exclusive code after you sign up and confirm your email registration. You can unsubscribe at any time. 

The easiest way to guarantee a discount on your next laptop, Chromebook, or printer is to take advantage of available coupons. When you find an ideal HP coupon code on our site that you want to use, applying it is a simple process. Follow these steps to use your promo code:

  1. Click on the HP coupon you want to use and go to the site. 
  2. Shop for the laptop, computer, or technology you need. 
  3. Paste the code in the "Coupon Code" box in the cart.
  4. Hit "Apply" to get your discount and checkout.

HP offers free shipping sitewide for all its products at no minimum price. It's essentially an automatic free shipping discount! Standard delivery is five to seven days, and faster options are available for an extra fee. Some offers, such as ready-to-ship items and ink, are eligible for express and priority shipping, which arrives in one to two days.

Returns are also free. If you need to return a laptop or a printer to HP, you can submit your return form on the website, obtain the prepaid shipping labels, and return your item by dropping it off at a local FedEx office. Returns must be made within 30 days of purchase, and a 15% restocking fee may apply.

With the HP Instant Ink replacement, your printer will automatically order ink when you're low, and the company will ship it right to you! You'll never have to worry about running out of ink again, and with five plans to choose from, you can save up to 50% off ink and toner.

Get larger cartridges to avoid constant replacement, simple recycling, no annual fees, free shipping, and HP drivers to make all its printers easily compatible; this deal is a no-brainer. Just purchase an eligible printer, sign up, and instantly get $10 in credits! 

To help save money on printing, HP offers an instant ink program that allows you to subscribe to an ink plan for as low as $0.99 per month, depending on how frequent your printing needs are. Plans range up to $24.99 monthly and include free shipping on ink or toner and prepaid recycling.  

If you are a member of the plan, you can get three months free if you recommend the Instant Ink program to a friend. This offer counts for every friend you successfully get to sign up for the program. They will also get three months for free just for signing up through your link.

Looking for an even better way to maximize your purchase? Look no further than the HP rewards program! As a member, you can get up to 3% back on every eligible purchase by earning 1 point for every dollar you spend. Collect your HP rewards points and use them to purchase any qualifying rewards product. 

Registering is easy; create an account by providing your name and email address, and you instantly receive 100 points just for becoming a member! Shortly after joining, you will receive an email detailing your benefits and any membership information you need to know to get started. 

If you're looking to start your own business, there's no better way to save than by joining the HP Business Club. Signing up allows you to receive personalized deals on products and HP bundles. Take advantage of free shipping and insider discounts on a wide selection of tech products as an HP Business member. 

While you'll save plenty with every order, the more you shop using your business membership, the higher you'll climb in Business Club tiers and the more perks you'll receive. Hop on the website to register for free and unlock endless benefits to help you succeed with your business in no time. 

When your HP spectre x360, envy x360, omen, or EliteBook reaches the end of its life, there's an easy solution to keeping the environment safe and upgrading to a new PC. HP's repair, reuse, and recycling programs are in place to ensure everything is repurposed. 

Recycle your old products at HP, trade them in for credit towards new products, return them for cash, or allow them to completely erase the data from your device before it begins anew. Check online for specific information on recycling unwanted items.

When you bundle accessories at HP, you can potentially save money. If you shop the accessory bundles section of the website, you can find discounts up to $160 off the original retail price, sometimes more. The prices of these items will be higher if you buy them individually. This includes dual-monitor packages, monitors with keyboards, USB hubs, and more. 

HP gaming bundles are also available that include LED-backlit keyboards, headphones, and microphones. If you need to round out your purchase of a new laptop or computer, check out this section for any special promotions on accessory bundles that will help you save money.

There's nothing quite like the savings you'll see during the HP Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale in November. Black Friday is one of the biggest discount events of the year and the perfect time to get a new computer or purchase gifts for the coming holiday season, but it doesn't stop there. 

HP seasonal sales will be live for Labor Day, Memorial Day, the 4th of July, and other special occasions like the After Christmas sale. Annual sales are released throughout the year. You're guaranteed to get whatever you're shopping for at a better price with our help. We're always uploading new laptop coupons and tracking down the hottest deals for your convenience.

Students and teachers at colleges and universities can get up to 40% off computers and more when they join and shop at the HP Education store. Registration requires a valid and verifiable .edu email. They will also receive free shipping and free returns. Sign-up for the program is free; registration only takes a few minutes.

Eligible members can shop for tailored deals and offers on a private section of the site. Here they can view special discounts and bundles on laptops, Chromebooks, printers, monitors, and convertible laptop tablets such as the HP Envy x360. Dedicated support is also available to students and teachers. 

HP offers up to 40% off for healthcare workers, first responders, and both veterans and active members of the military. Spouses and immediate family members of the military are also eligible. These discounts can secure a great deal on a new computer or laptop.

The process to determine your eligibility is simple. You verify your status through ID.me, a third-party company that verifies digital identities. Once verified, you can access exclusive deals and offers targeted to your profession at the HP Frontline Heroes Store. 

If you are a current member of AAA (American Automobile Association), you can get the same discount available to employees. This offer gets you up to 40% off a new laptop, computer, printer, and more. All you need to do is register in the HP Employee Purchase Program (EPP).

Once your account is verified, you can shop this special section for promotions and offers only available to members of the HP EPP. Shipping is free on most items, and both consumer and business-oriented product lines are available, whether it's an HP Pavilion desktop PC or a high-end Spectre x360 convertible laptop. 

Previous HP Promo Codes

Discount Type Discount Codes & Deals Discount Amount Status
Online Coupon HP promo code for 10% off Instant Ink 10% Off Expired
Online Coupon HP Student Discount code for 10% off 10% Off Expired
Online Coupon $100 off Pavillion Laptops with this HP coupon code $100 Off Expired
Online Coupon HP Coupon Code: $10 off your order $10 Off Expired
Online Coupon HP printer coupon code for $20 off $20 Off Expired
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Killexams : Best HP Laptops for 2023

HP laptops offer something for you, whether you're a creative looking to edit photos, a gamer in search of a powerful laptop or a student in need of a small, lightweight laptop.

Many of the best HP laptops have features designed for remote or hybrid work such as improved webcams and microphones, better audio quality, longer battery life, faster charging and the fastest Wi-Fi 6 wireless.

Like other PC makers such as Dell, Lenovo, Acer and Asus, HP is in the midst of updating the processors in its laptops and two-in-ones. That means Intel-based models are moving from 11th-gen to 12th-gen CPUs, while AMD Ryzen systems are switching from 5000-series chips to 6000-series. It also means it's generally a good time to look for deals on older models of the best HP laptops. However, we've also seen big performance improvements with the new processors. An updated model might cost a little more but will add to the overall longevity. 


Spectre is HP's top consumer laptop line so you're getting the best of the best with this 16-inch two-in-one. 

  • Beautiful design
  • Lots of features for home and office work
  • Great webcam
  • Active pen and laptop sleeve included

Of course, a premium two-in-one like the Spectre x360 comes at a relatively high price. The top-end configuration we reviewed was good but not great considering its $2,030 price. This is definitely one we recommend getting with the 12th-gen Intel processors and Intel Arc graphics if you're going to go all-in. Read our HP Spectre x360 16 review.

James Martin/CNET

HP's Victus 16 is a surprisingly robust and powerful gaming laptop that keeps up with the latest games at a more affordable price. Compared to HP's high-end Omen gaming laptop line, the Victus is more of an all-purpose laptop but still configured for gaming with a price starting at less than $1,000. HP offers several configurations with graphics chip options ranging from Nvidia's entry-level GeForce GTX 1650 up to a midrange RTX 3060 or AMD Radeon RX 6500M. We like almost everything about it except for its flimsy display hinge and underwhelming speakers. Read our HP Victus 16 review.

Josh Goldman/CNET

There are plenty of convertible Chromebooks, where the screen flips around to the back of the keyboard so you can use it as a tablet. But Chrome tablets with removable keyboards like the HP Chromebook x2 11 are still a rarity. It offers long battery life and performance that rises (slightly) above the competition. The main downside is that it's expensive; the model we reviewed is $599. However, that price did include both the keyboard cover and USI pen and it's regularly on sale for $200. If you're interested make sure to wait for one of those deals. Read our HP Chromebook x2 11 review.

Josh Goldman/CNET

If you're making a laptop aimed at creatives, it's not enough to just put discrete graphics and a strong processor in a slim body. The extra performance really should be paired with a good screen, and that's what you get with the HP Envy 14. The laptop's 16:10 14-inch 1,920x1,200-pixel display not only gives you more vertical room to work, but is color-calibrated at the factory and covers 100% of the sRGB color gamut. The result: a well-rounded option for creatives looking for on-the-go performance at a reasonable price. This model is due for a refresh, though, so keep an eye out for updated models. Read our HP Envy 14 review.

Sat, 28 Jan 2023 17:44:00 -0600 See full bio en text/html https://www.cnet.com/tech/computing/best-hp-laptops/
Killexams : HP ZBook Studio G9 Review Tue, 14 Feb 2023 21:34:00 -0600 en text/html https://www.pcmag.com/reviews/hp-zbook-studio-g9 Killexams : 2024 Porsche Taycan Facelift Shows Off New Headlights In Latest Spy Shots

The 2024 Porsche Taycan could introduce a new tri-motor variant with over 1,000 hp

February 14, 2023 at 09:04

by Brad Anderson

Porsche is readying the all-electric Taycan for a facelift and was recently spotted conducting winter tests for the Sedan, Sport Turismo, and Cross Turismo models.

On first impressions, you could be excused for thinking these prototypes look identical to any Taycan that you could see at a Porsche showroom. Look a little closer, however, and you will notice that all of these prototypes are sporting revised headlights that appear a touch larger than those of the outgoing model and are also more neatly incorporated into the front quarter panels and hood.

Read: Porsche Is Readying A 1,000 HP Taycan To Rival Tesla And Lucid

Elsewhere, Porsche’s engineers have equipped all three of these prototypes with temporary front bumpers that lack the black air curtains below the headlights of the outgoing model. While it’s possible these air curtains will still be featured on the 2024 Taycan, their shape will probably be altered.

 2024 Porsche Taycan Facelift Shows Off New Headlights In Latest Spy Shots

Rounding out the visible changes of these prototypes are tweaked LED taillights and on the sedan, a new rear bumper.

It is not yet known if Porsche has made any alterations to the interior of the facelifted Taycan but we wouldn’t be surprised to see some minor changes. These could include some small updates to the dashboard design as well as software updates to the multiple interactive screens found throughout.

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Few mechanical modifications are expected, not that the Taycan needs any changes in that department. As it stands, the entry-level Taycan is good for 402 hp while the flagship Taycan Turbo S churns out as much as 750 hp.

One exciting new addition to the facelifted Taycan range could be a new flagship model with as much as 1,000 hp. Porsche is allegedly developing this new variant to rival the Tesla Model S Plaid and Lucid Air Sapphire and will probably equip it with a new tri-motor powertrain.

Image Credits: CarPix for CarScoops

Mon, 13 Feb 2023 23:03:00 -0600 en text/html https://www.carscoops.com/2023/02/2024-porsche-taycan-facelift-shows-off-new-headlights-in-latest-spy-shots/
Killexams : Honda Is Building A CR-V Hybrid Racer With 800 HP, Debuts February 28

Honda CR-V Hybrid Racer Project Teaser © Motor1.com Copyright Honda CR-V Hybrid Racer Project Teaser

Teaser images show widebody carbon fiber fenders, red wheels, and a wing big enough for small aircraft to land on.

Here's a reminder of the motoring insanity that has taken hold of us all in the last 10 years or so. Nothing is off the table when it comes to speed and power, and to hammer that point home, Honda is building a CR-V with 800 horsepower. It won't be one you can buy, but still... a CR-V. With 800 hp. These are indeed crazy, extraordinary times to be a petrolhead.

What exactly is Honda doing here? Full details will drop on February 28, as that's when the official debut is scheduled. For now, we can tell you it's called the Honda CR-V Hybrid Racer, designed and built by the "creative minds" of engineers and designers from Honda's Performance Development and Auto Development centers, as well as the North America Auto Design Division.

Beyond that, teaser images offer a taste of this truly bizarre SUV. There's carbon fiber everywhere – we can see it on the front fascia and on at least half of the doors, which by the way open butterfly-style at the front. At the back, they don't open at all but instead lift up with the entire back half as part of a rear clamshell. Instead of seats for the kiddos, teaser images showing part of the engine and chassis has us thinking a version of the V6 hybrid powertrain from the NSX is nestled in there. The teaser video at the top of the article features some V6 music as well.

But wait, there's more.

Honda CR-V Hybrid Racer Project Teaser © Motor1.com Honda CR-V Hybrid Racer Project Teaser Honda CR-V Hybrid Racer Project Teaser © Motor1.com Honda CR-V Hybrid Racer Project Teaser

The Honda CR-V Hybrid Racer gets a wild carbon fiber widebody kit that would make Rocket Bunny jealous. Up top, a positively enormous carbon fiber wing looks like something we'd see at Pikes Peak, and because it's still an SUV, there are carbon fiber roof rails that blend into it. We also see enough scoops, vents, and NACA ducts to outfit a Porsche 911 GT3 RS, and glancing inside, there's a caged interior with an F1 steering wheel. That's definitely not a typical CR-V option, but hey, we bet it isn't heated.

A short announcement from Honda doesn't offer any context for the build, other than saying it's "a track monster with some 800 electrified horsepower." We will have the full picture on February 28, so stay tuned for more on this wild CR-V.

Source: Honda

Fri, 17 Feb 2023 04:06:45 -0600 en-US text/html https://www.msn.com/en-us/entertainment/entertainment-celebrity/Honda-Is-Building-A-CRV-Hybrid-Racer-With-800-HP-Debuts-February-28/ar-AA17CRRV
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