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Killexams : HP Architecting study tips - BingNews Search results Killexams : HP Architecting study tips - BingNews Killexams : HP ZBook Studio G9 Review Tue, 14 Feb 2023 21:34:00 -0600 en text/html Killexams : Laptops: HP owners in Finland

This report offers the reader a comprehensive overview of HP owners in Finland: who they are; what they like; what they think; and how to reach them. It provides insights on their demographics, lifestyle, opinions, and marketing touchpoints. Additionally, the report allows the reader to benchmark HP owners in Finland (''brand users'') against Finnish laptop owners in general (''category users''), and the overall Finnish onliner, labelled as ''all respondents'' in the charts. The report is updated quarterly and is based on data from the Statista Global Consumer Survey, an international survey that covers more than 14,500 brands across 56 countries.

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Killexams : Best HP Laptops for 2023

HP laptops offer something for you, whether you're a creative looking to edit photos, a gamer in search of a powerful laptop or a student in need of a small, lightweight laptop.

Many of the best HP laptops have features designed for remote or hybrid work such as improved webcams and microphones, better audio quality, longer battery life, faster charging and the fastest Wi-Fi 6 wireless.

Like other PC makers such as Dell, Lenovo, Acer and Asus, HP is in the midst of updating the processors in its laptops and two-in-ones. That means Intel-based models are moving from 11th-gen to 12th-gen CPUs, while AMD Ryzen systems are switching from 5000-series chips to 6000-series. It also means it's generally a good time to look for deals on older models of the best HP laptops. However, we've also seen big performance improvements with the new processors. An updated model might cost a little more but will add to the overall longevity. 


Spectre is HP's top consumer laptop line so you're getting the best of the best with this 16-inch two-in-one. 

  • Beautiful design
  • Lots of features for home and office work
  • Great webcam
  • Active pen and laptop sleeve included

Of course, a premium two-in-one like the Spectre x360 comes at a relatively high price. The top-end configuration we reviewed was good but not great considering its $2,030 price. This is definitely one we recommend getting with the 12th-gen Intel processors and Intel Arc graphics if you're going to go all-in. Read our HP Spectre x360 16 review.

James Martin/CNET

HP's Victus 16 is a surprisingly robust and powerful gaming laptop that keeps up with the latest games at a more affordable price. Compared to HP's high-end Omen gaming laptop line, the Victus is more of an all-purpose laptop but still configured for gaming with a price starting at less than $1,000. HP offers several configurations with graphics chip options ranging from Nvidia's entry-level GeForce GTX 1650 up to a midrange RTX 3060 or AMD Radeon RX 6500M. We like almost everything about it except for its flimsy display hinge and underwhelming speakers. Read our HP Victus 16 review.

Josh Goldman/CNET

There are plenty of convertible Chromebooks, where the screen flips around to the back of the keyboard so you can use it as a tablet. But Chrome tablets with removable keyboards like the HP Chromebook x2 11 are still a rarity. It offers long battery life and performance that rises (slightly) above the competition. The main downside is that it's expensive; the model we reviewed is $599. However, that price did include both the keyboard cover and USI pen and it's regularly on sale for $200. If you're interested make sure to wait for one of those deals. Read our HP Chromebook x2 11 review.

Josh Goldman/CNET

If you're making a laptop aimed at creatives, it's not enough to just put discrete graphics and a strong processor in a slim body. The extra performance really should be paired with a good screen, and that's what you get with the HP Envy 14. The laptop's 16:10 14-inch 1,920x1,200-pixel display not only gives you more vertical room to work, but is color-calibrated at the factory and covers 100% of the sRGB color gamut. The result: a well-rounded option for creatives looking for on-the-go performance at a reasonable price. This model is due for a refresh, though, so keep an eye out for updated models. Read our HP Envy 14 review.

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Killexams : 7 tax tips for seniors to make the most of your deductions

Tax filing season just opened for 2022 returns, and the IRS is already warning that average refunds may be lower since most pandemic economic relief measures are finished. That means careful tax planning is more important than ever if you want to lower the amount you owe. 

Though it’s too late to take advantage of many tax strategies that needed to be accomplished before the end of the tax year, there are some things you can still do to have a better tax result for 2022. 

“Get the deductions that you’re entitled to,” says David Peters, a CPA based in Richmond, Va.

Here’s what seniors can do to make the most of their deductions and credits. 

1. Be aware of key taxpayer dates

For most people, April 18 is the due date for your federal 2022 tax return. That’s also the last day to request an extension and pay any tax owed, which you have to do even if you’re filing an extension. If you live in Maine or Massachusetts, it’s April 19, and if you live in a state that declares a disaster, you may have even more time. For example, Californians affected by winter storms qualify for an extension to May 15, 2023 to file individual and business tax returns. 

You need to file by Oct. 16 if you request an extension on your 2022 tax returns. If you need help to meet these deadlines, you can check with the IRS for its tips for seniors filing their taxes. 

An extra tip: File an electronic return and choose direct deposit for any refund. It’s the fastest way to file and receive a refund, according to the IRS. Further, avoid filing paper returns whenever possible. 

2. Make last-minute contributions

Most of your tax situation will have been settled by Dec. 31, but there are a few things you can do up until the tax deadline to lower your tax burden. You might make the biggest impact with a contribution to a traditional IRA if you have earned income from a job, which you can do up until your tax filing deadline. “That’s still an opportunity that’s on the board,” says Peters. 

You can contribute to a traditional IRA at any point, as the age limit restriction was removed during the pandemic. You can even make this contribution if you’re already taking required minimum distributions from the account. For 2022, the total amount you can contribute is $7,000 if you’re 50 or older, according to the Internal Revenue Service.

If you don’t need the extra deduction of a pretax contribution, you could instead contribute up to the $7,000 limit in 2022 into a Roth IRA if you have earned income, and then the amount would not be subject to RMDs and the growth would be tax-free. 

If you haven’t yet enrolled in Medicare, you can also make a pretax contribution to a health savings account if you have a high-deductible health plan that qualifies, but you can’t any longer once you’re in the program.  

3. Weigh your standard deduction vs. itemizing

The standard deduction if you are single or married and filing separately is $12,950 for 2022, and you get an extra $1,750 if you’re 65 or older. If you are married and filing jointly the standard deduction is $25,900; for those 65 and older, the additional standard deduction is $1,400 per qualifying person, according to the IRS.

That may make a difference as to whether you claim that or itemize deductions, such as medical expenses above the IRS limit and charitable contributions. 

4. Consider any expenses you can take against “gig” income

Are you consulting in retirement or turning a hobby into a side gig? You can write off any expenses that are “ordinary and necessary” and considered “reasonable,” according to the IRS. “There are a lot of missed deductions,” said Peters, so check your bank and credit card statements for possible deductions against business income. 

For example, if you have been using your vehicle to earn this income, you can deduct 58.5 centers per mile for use between Jan. 1 and June 30, 2022. The standard mileage rate rose to 62.5 cents per mile from July 1, 2022 through the end of the 2022 calendar year. 

Remember to keep careful records for any deductions you take on your tax return. “You generally must have documentary evidence, such as receipts, canceled checks, or bills, to support your expenses. Additional evidence is required for travel, entertainment, gifts, and auto expenses,” says the IRS

5. Assess your Social Security tax burden

If you receive Social Security, you’ll need to determine whether you owe federal income tax on it, as well as state income tax, and how much. The majority of states do not tax Social Security income but 12 do: Colorado, Connecticut, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, and West Virginia. How much tax you owe depends on your “combined income,” which the Social Security Administration defines as including half of your Social Security benefit plus other income. 

6. Check your RMD payment

You need to withdraw your required minimum distribution (RMD) if you were born in 1950 or earlier by Dec. 31, but you’ll calculate the tax on the income when you file your return. RMDs are minimum amounts that many retirement plan and IRA account owners must withdraw each year after they reach age 72, according to the IRS. The age that RMDs begin will increase to 73 in 2023. If you start looking at the numbers and realize you didn’t take the right amount, correct it as fast as you can and talk to a tax professional about how to ask for forgiveness for the penalty and fees. 

7. Remember the first estimated tax payment for 2023 is also due  

If you typically make quarterly estimated tax payments, the first quarter 2023 payment is due the same day as your 2022 tax return. Quarterly estimated taxes are typically paid by those who plan to file a sole proprietor Schedule C with their 2023 return or are a partner or S corporation shareholder, and expect to owe tax or $1,000 or more when their return is filed.

To get a jump on your 2023 taxes, you can also use the IRS withholding tool to help you estimate how much federal tax you want withheld from your W-2 income from your employer.

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Killexams : Laptops: HP owners in Mexico

This report offers the reader a comprehensive overview of HP owners in Mexico: who they are; what they like; what they think; and how to reach them. It provides insights on their demographics, lifestyle, opinions, and marketing touchpoints. Additionally, the report allows the reader to benchmark HP owners in Mexico (''brand users'') against Mexican laptop owners in general (''category users''), and the overall Mexican onliner, labelled as ''all respondents'' in the charts. The report is updated quarterly and is based on data from the Statista Global Consumer Survey, an international survey that covers more than 14,500 brands across 56 countries.

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Killexams : A four-day workweek is less stressful — and just as productive

There’s some good news for fans of a four-day workweek.

People who worked eight fewer hours per week were just as productive as those clocking in for a standard 40-hour week, according to a newly released real-world study. And feedback on the four-day workweek was “overwhelmingly positive.”

The study was conducted by 4 Day Week Global in order to collect data on the viability of a shorter workweek. The study included a six-month trial in which employees at 33 companies lowered the number of hours worked from 40 to 32 per week, with most working four days a week instead of five. (At four of the 33 companies that participated in the trial, workers cut their total weekly hours from 40 to 32 but maintained a five-day workweek.)

See also: Households earning $100,000 or more are cutting back more aggressively on spending. What’s going on?

The salaried employees in the companies that participated in 4 Day Week Global’s trial worked received 100% of their usual pay while working the reduced hours.

The result? Overall, workers’ well-being drastically improved when working four days a week compared with five, with employees saying they experienced less work-related stress. Over 67% of employees reported lower levels of burnout, which was defined for the purposes of the trial as tiredness, exhaustion and frustration.

Additionally, overall employee job satisfaction jumped 45%.

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The four-day workweek was not a panacea, however. The rate of employee resignations during the trial did not change by a statistically significant amount from the rate during a control period of five-day workweeks.

The study of 903 employees in the U.S., Ireland and some other unspecified countries was split into two trials, with one starting in February 2022 and the second in April 2022.

The study collected data from the participating companies prior to as well as during the trial, to provide a statistical baseline. Company revenue grew 8.14% during the six-month trial and rose over 37% over the previous year, weighted by company size.

One caveat: The trial was conducted during a period in which many companies posted significant profits.

The 40-page study also listed other ways in which the overall well-being of workers was improved when they worked fewer hours. Fewer hours working meant more time to spend with family, working on hobbies or volunteering. In addition, less time spent commuting resulted in a smaller carbon footprint.

“As we emerge from the pandemic, more and more companies are recognizing that the new frontier for competition is quality of life, and that reduced-hour, output-focused working is the vehicle to provide them a competitive edge,” Joe O’Connor, chief executive of 4 Day Week Global, said in a statement about the trial.

All this came with no real loss of productivity.

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Many of the companies that took part in the trial seem to be convinced.

Of the 33 participating companies, 27 filled out a final survey regarding their overall experience. Among those 27 companies, 18 said they were “definitely” instituting a four-day workweek, seven were planning to switch to a shorter week but hadn’t made a final decision, one was leaning toward continuing and one was not yet sure. None of the participating companies said they were leaning against or definitely not planning to continue the shorter week.

“The four-day week has been transformative for our business and our people,” said Jon Leland, chief strategy officer at the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, which participated in the program. “Staff are more focused, more engaged and more dedicated, helping us hit our goals better than before. … We’re achieving more as an organization, while giving people time to start new creative projects, rest, and be with their families. It’s a true win-win.”

Juliet Schor, an economist and sociologist at Boston College who serves on the board of 4 Day Week Global, said the researchers “were encouraged that participants did not experience an increase in the intensity of work. This suggests that the work reorganization strategy succeeded and performance was not achieved via speedup, which is neither sustainable nor desirable.”

See also: ‘Nobody wants to work anymore’ has been said for 100 years. It wasn’t true then, and it isn’t true now.

A four-day workweek was once a fringe idea, but it is gaining traction in the business environment. During the 2022 World Economic Forum, there was a panel discussion about the shorter workweek, along a supplementary post about how a four-day workweek did not reduce productivity but may even increase it.

In the past, U.S.-based companies including Microsoft MSFT, -1.56%  and Shake Shack SHAK, -2.95% have experimented with a four-day workweek for salaried employees with some success. Microsoft said productivity jumped 40% while employees worked four days a week. That test was conducted in 2019, but Microsoft did not subsequently implement a permanent four-day workweek.

In a May episode of its Best New Ideas in Money podcast, MarketWatch examined whether the U.S. might ever really get a four-day workweek.

Read on: Managers must ‘solve this problem’ of quiet quitting, Davos leaders say

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Killexams : HP Coupon Codes February 2023

With a wide variety of laptops, desktop PCs, Chromebooks, and printers, HP is always running some kind of sale. HP coupon codes are often specific to a category, such as laptops or accessories, but a sitewide promo code may be available. 

Check this page for the best promotion codes available. Seasonal sales, such as the HP Black Friday sale, Cyber Monday, and Back-to-School, are when you see some of the deepest discounts. Some good promotions we have seen are below:

  • 10-33% off using our HP coupon codes.
  • Winter Savings of up to 59% on laptops and tech.
  • Up to 50% off printer ink with an Instant Ink subscription.
  • Sitewide discounts on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
  • Up to 40% off for military, healthcare, first responders, students, and educators.
  • Up to 40% off for AAA members.

For the hottest discount on all-in-one printers, laptops, desktops, Windows software, and more, the HP Weekly Deals section is here to help. Browse the latest deals to view rebates and save up to 50% on select products with the latest technology. 

There's no need to wait for upcoming sale events for laptop deals. You're guaranteed to land a stellar product at a low price when you check weekly. On top of these weekly deals, HP coupons, promo codes, and other offers can be used to save even more on your new laptop or PC. 

Laptops, desktops, and Chromebooks are usually customizable before purchasing at HP. But, a great way to save money is to buy ready-to-ship computers with pre-configured specifications, such as memory and storage drive sizes. Discounts can be as high as $700 off the original retail price.

These models ship directly from HP's warehouse and have free priority shipping. You can shop by category, including laptops for business and workstations. Printers, monitors, and accessories are also on sale in this section. If you are looking for a quick deal, this is a good area to shop for some of HP's lowest prices on its computers and other technologies.

When you sign up for HP's email newsletter, you'll be notified when new sales and promotions go live on its website. You will be notified of new coupon codes available to get a good discount on a laptop or desktop PC. Special sales or promo codes will occasionally be offered exclusively to email subscribers.

Some customers may also receive up to $20 off their first purchase. However, this promotion is only sometimes available. If eligible, you will be emailed an exclusive code after you sign up and confirm your email registration. You can unsubscribe at any time. 

The easiest way to certain a discount on your next laptop, Chromebook, or printer is to take advantage of available coupons. When you find an ideal HP coupon code on our site that you want to use, applying it is a simple process. Follow these steps to use your promo code:

  1. Click on the HP coupon you want to use and go to the site. 
  2. Shop for the laptop, computer, or technology you need. 
  3. Paste the code in the "Coupon Code" box in the cart.
  4. Hit "Apply" to get your discount and checkout.

HP offers free shipping sitewide for all its products at no minimum price. It's essentially an automatic free shipping discount! Standard delivery is five to seven days, and faster options are available for an extra fee. Some offers, such as ready-to-ship items and ink, are eligible for express and priority shipping, which arrives in one to two days.

Returns are also free. If you need to return a laptop or a printer to HP, you can submit your return form on the website, get the prepaid shipping labels, and return your item by dropping it off at a local FedEx office. Returns must be made within 30 days of purchase, and a 15% restocking fee may apply.

With the HP Instant Ink replacement, your printer will automatically order ink when you're low, and the company will ship it right to you! You'll never have to worry about running out of ink again, and with five plans to choose from, you can save up to 50% off ink and toner.

Get larger cartridges to avoid constant replacement, simple recycling, no annual fees, free shipping, and HP drivers to make all its printers easily compatible; this deal is a no-brainer. Just purchase an eligible printer, sign up, and instantly get $10 in credits! 

To help save money on printing, HP offers an instant ink program that allows you to subscribe to an ink plan for as low as $0.99 per month, depending on how frequent your printing needs are. Plans range up to $24.99 monthly and include free shipping on ink or toner and prepaid recycling.  

If you are a member of the plan, you can get three months free if you recommend the Instant Ink program to a friend. This offer counts for every friend you successfully get to sign up for the program. They will also get three months for free just for signing up through your link.

Looking for an even better way to maximize your purchase? Look no further than the HP rewards program! As a member, you can get up to 3% back on every eligible purchase by earning 1 point for every dollar you spend. Collect your HP rewards points and use them to purchase any qualifying rewards product. 

Registering is easy; create an account by providing your name and email address, and you instantly receive 100 points just for becoming a member! Shortly after joining, you will receive an email detailing your benefits and any membership information you need to know to get started. 

If you're looking to start your own business, there's no better way to save than by joining the HP Business Club. Signing up allows you to receive personalized deals on products and HP bundles. Take advantage of free shipping and insider discounts on a wide selection of tech products as an HP Business member. 

While you'll save plenty with every order, the more you shop using your business membership, the higher you'll climb in Business Club tiers and the more perks you'll receive. Hop on the website to register for free and unlock endless benefits to help you succeed with your business in no time. 

When your HP spectre x360, envy x360, omen, or EliteBook reaches the end of its life, there's an easy solution to keeping the environment safe and upgrading to a new PC. HP's repair, reuse, and recycling programs are in place to ensure everything is repurposed. 

Recycle your old products at HP, trade them in for credit towards new products, return them for cash, or allow them to completely erase the data from your device before it begins anew. Check online for specific information on recycling unwanted items.

When you bundle accessories at HP, you can potentially save money. If you shop the accessory bundles section of the website, you can find discounts up to $160 off the original retail price, sometimes more. The prices of these items will be higher if you buy them individually. This includes dual-monitor packages, monitors with keyboards, USB hubs, and more. 

HP gaming bundles are also available that include LED-backlit keyboards, headphones, and microphones. If you need to round out your purchase of a new laptop or computer, check out this section for any special promotions on accessory bundles that will help you save money.

There's nothing quite like the savings you'll see during the HP Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale in November. Black Friday is one of the biggest discount events of the year and the perfect time to get a new computer or purchase gifts for the coming holiday season, but it doesn't stop there. 

HP seasonal sales will be live for Labor Day, Memorial Day, the 4th of July, and other special occasions like the After Christmas sale. Annual sales are released throughout the year. You're guaranteed to get whatever you're shopping for at a better price with our help. We're always uploading new laptop coupons and tracking down the hottest deals for your convenience.

Students and teachers at colleges and universities can get up to 40% off computers and more when they join and shop at the HP Education store. Registration requires a valid and verifiable .edu email. They will also receive free shipping and free returns. Sign-up for the program is free; registration only takes a few minutes.

Eligible members can shop for tailored deals and offers on a private section of the site. Here they can view special discounts and bundles on laptops, Chromebooks, printers, monitors, and convertible laptop tablets such as the HP Envy x360. Dedicated support is also available to students and teachers. 

HP offers up to 40% off for healthcare workers, first responders, and both veterans and active members of the military. Spouses and immediate family members of the military are also eligible. These discounts can secure a great deal on a new computer or laptop.

The process to determine your eligibility is simple. You verify your status through, a third-party company that verifies digital identities. Once verified, you can access exclusive deals and offers targeted to your profession at the HP Frontline Heroes Store. 

If you are a current member of AAA (American Automobile Association), you can get the same discount available to employees. This offer gets you up to 40% off a new laptop, computer, printer, and more. All you need to do is register in the HP Employee Purchase Program (EPP).

Once your account is verified, you can shop this special section for promotions and offers only available to members of the HP EPP. Shipping is free on most items, and both consumer and business-oriented product lines are available, whether it's an HP Pavilion desktop PC or a high-end Spectre x360 convertible laptop. 

Previous HP Promo Codes

Discount Type Discount Codes & Deals Discount Amount Status
Online Coupon HP promo code for 10% off Instant Ink 10% Off Expired
Online Coupon HP Student Discount code for 10% off 10% Off Expired
Online Coupon $100 off Pavillion Laptops with this HP coupon code $100 Off Expired
Online Coupon HP Coupon Code: $10 off your order $10 Off Expired
Online Coupon HP printer coupon code for $20 off $20 Off Expired
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Killexams : Even brief exposure to diesel fumes alters activity in key brain network, study finds Diesel fumes may mess with the function of a key brain network. © Peter Macdiarmid / Staff via Getty Images Diesel fumes may mess with the function of a key brain network.

Even brief exposures to diesel fumes may alter the brain's function, messing with how signals zip through a major brain network, a new study suggests.

Past studies suggest that people exposed to air pollution may be more likely to develop mental health conditions and neurodegenerative diseases. Now, the new study, published Jan. 14 in the journal Environmental Health, shows that exposure to diluted diesel exhaust resulted in less "functional connectivity" in a key brain network than exposure to filtered air. 

Functional connectivity is a measure of how well different brain regions communicate with one another; after exercising in clean air, the study's participants showed a temporary boost in connectivity in a specific brain network, but after exposure to diesel-tainted air, the network's connectivity remained stagnant. Although the study didn't examine the cognitive impacts of the exposure, the network is linked to internal thought and introspection, and disruptions in its activity have been linked to various mental health, cognitive and attention-related disorders. 

According to its authors, the study is the first to examine the brain's response to air pollution in such a controlled way. The researchers "have made a significant contribution to what we know about the impact of exposures to pollution," said Hao Yang Tan, a lead investigator at the Lieber Institute for Brain Development in Baltimore, who was not involved in the study.

Related: 10 things you didn't know about the brain 

The researchers took snapshots of brain activity in 25 adults using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI); fMRI works by detecting increased blood flow to active neurons, therefore giving an indirect indication of brain activity. Then, participants were exposed to either filtered air or air mixed with diesel exhaust for two hours while they rode an exercise bike at a relaxed pace. 

Immediately after the exposure, researchers took another fMRI. All participants took part in both the exposure and control scenarios at different times, and neither the participants nor the data collectors ever knew which group anyone was in.

The researchers examined how exposure to diesel impacts the default mode network (DMN), which is involved in self-reflection and a person's internal thoughts, rather than external stimuli, said Dr. Michael Lipton, a professor of radiology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and medical director of MRI services at Montefiore Medical Center, who was not involved in the study. Research suggests that people with psychiatric disorders, including anxiety and depression, show distinct changes in the DMN, said Tan. 

DMN connectivity briefly increased after exposure to filtered air, which the researchers attributed to the exercise the participants were doing. Previous research has associated light exercise with increased DMN connectivity. DMN connectivity didn't change after diesel exposure. 

The new study was limited by its small size and the fact that people are exposed to higher concentrations of air pollution for longer in the real world. The study also can't show exactly how the diesel may have caused the observed changes in connectivity.

"Diesel exhaust is known to cause systemic inflammation, which could affect the brain and change the DMN," senior study author Dr. Chris Carlsten, professor and head of respiratory medicine at the University of British Columbia, told Live Science in an email. "However, this is speculative." Lipton said he's not sure such a short exposure could cause substantial inflammation in the brain. 

Tan said the study is a good first step towards better understanding how air pollution hurts the brain. It's also important to recognize that, regardless of the biological mechanisms behind this effect, there are other reasons air pollution doesn't impact everyone equally, he added. For example, socioeconomically disadvantaged communities are more likely to be exposed to air pollution, as they're more likely to live and work in polluted areas, Tan said.

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Killexams : Effort to create task force to study youth sports safety revived in CT legislature

A year after the tragic death of high school hockey player Teddy Balkind of New Canaan, legislation that failed to pass the General Assembly in 2022 is back and would create a task force to study and make recommendations on the issues of safety in youth athletics. 

"As a pediatric orthopedic surgeon, I care for many young patients who have sustained minor to significant injuries playing youth sports," said Dr. Mark C. Lee of the medical center. "Youth sports can be a great way for children to interact with their peers, maintain an active lifestyle, and learn important life skills like team work and perseverance. Despite these positive attributes, we also know that playing sports can sometimes have health and safety risks."

Lee said children require special treatments and suggested that the language of the legislation include pediatric physicians on the task force. "Pediatric clinicians also have a better understanding of what injuries and conditions child athletes may be more susceptible to at different ages and stages of their growth and development," Lee said in prepared testimony.

Balkind Balcony was unveiled at Brunswick's Hartong Rink in Greenwich to honor Teddy Balkind of New Canaan, who died after suffering injuries in a 2022 hockey game at Brunswick.

Balkind Balcony was unveiled at Brunswick's Hartong Rink in Greenwich to honor Teddy Balkind of New Canaan, who died after suffering injuries in a 2022 hockey game at Brunswick.

scott ericson

The death of Balkind, a St. Luke's student, occurred after an opponent in a junior varsity hockey game accidentally skated over his neck. The immediate reaction in the General Assembly was to support mandatory neck guards. But medical experts warned that some neck guards could hurt some young athletes, so during that year's legislative process, the bill was turned into a broader look through the creation of a task force of experts to explore issues of safety for youth sports, intramurals and interscholastics.

"Our mission is to support the recreation and park profession and steward the future of public parks and recreational opportunities in Connecticut in order to promote active lifestyles, livable communities, and quality of life for all who call Connecticut home," Valerie Stolfi Collins, executive director of the parks association, said in a prepared statement to the committee.

During live testimony on Tuesday, Diane Lauricella, a Norwalk environmental activist, warned that if the task force proposal, which failed to reach a vote in the state Senate after it passed the House of Representatives, succeeds this legislative session, members should research the environmental dangers in the so-called crumb-rubber artificial athletic fields.

"From what I can gather from this, I am in favor of establishing a task force on protection of youth in interscholastic and intramural athletics, but I would ask that this committee very seriously consider expanding the agenda or the reach," Lauricella said, noting Balkind's death. "Of course that is important, but something is missing." She said that artificial turf on public school and high school fields contain hazardous chemicals linked to ailments, including cancer.

"The industry is slowly trying to to modify some of the chemicals they use when they make this material," she said. "There are true issues that must be reviewed by our local and state health department and the [state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection]." She cited a 2010 report from the UConn Health Center that found no health risks from such playing fields.

"A lot of things have changed since 2010," Lauricella said, calling the report flawed in light of subsequent research. "We feel that there needs to be an update. This is a huge threat to our children's health, not only the off-gassing of materials, the heat that is still generated and because we have climate change it is even hotter on those fields. There is definitely some upsides to having artificial turf, but most of those things have to do with making it easier for adults, in maintenance and the like."

State Rep. Liz Linehan, D-Cheshire, co-chairwoman of the committee, recalled that several years back, a bill that would have banned artificial playgrounds became the focus of a contentious public hearing.

"We've gotten to a point, oddly, in society where data is just not believed, and so I'm hoping since we've come out of the past federal administration that perhaps we're kind of seeing an easing of this attitude or refusing to believe science,"

Linehan said. "She warned that the legislation would have to be rewritten to include an environmentalist on the task force.

Currently, task force members would include experts in sports medicine, neuroscience, sports psychology, municipal youth sports leagues, parks and recreation, interscholastic athletic activities, athletic trainers; athletic directors, high school coaches, independent schools, the state Department of Health and the state Department of Education.   Twitter: @KenDixonCT

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Killexams : Best HP laptop deals: HP Envy, HP Spectre x360, and more

A staple of the modern electronics and computing industry, HP has stood the test of time, and that’s not because of luck. After leading the industry during the PC revolution that brought computers into millions of homes during the late 20th century, the brand continues to offer some of the best computers in the 21st century. When it comes to laptops, the HP logo graces all kinds, including budget-friendly, Windows laptops and Chromebooks, cutting-edge 2-in-1 laptops, and powerful gaming machines. At any given time, you’ll find HP laptop deals featured in lists galore, with mentions in the best laptop deals, the best Chromebook deals, and even great gaming laptop deals. The deals are plentiful so there should be an HP laptop out there that will suit your needs and budget. Because there are so many, we want to help you find that special device, so we’ve rounded up some of the best HP laptop deals that you can avail this month.

Today’s best HP laptop deals

  • HP Chromebook 15.6-inch —
  • HP Laptop 14 —
  • HP Laptop 17 —
  • HP Pavilion x360 2-in-1 Laptop 14 — $630, was $970
  • HP Envy x360 2-in-1 Laptop 15 —
  • HP Envy Laptop 17 — $800, was $1,100
  • HP Victus Laptop 16 —
  • HP EliteBook 865 — $939, was $2,227
  • HP Spectre x360 — $950, was $1,250

HP Chromebook 15.6-inch — $250, was $330

HP 15-6-inch Chromebook.

With its sizable 15.6-inch touchscreen display, offering an HD 1366 by 768 resolution, with anti-glare technology, this Chromebook is useful anywhere, anytime. Under the hood is an Intel Celeron N4500 dual-core processor, with clock speeds up to 2.8GHz, and Intel UHD graphics. An impressive 8GB of DDR4 system memory allows you to multi-task like a champ, while the 128GB solid-state drive offers more storage than you usually see in a Chromebook.

Altogether, it features some pretty impressive specs and would do excellent as anyone’s daily driver, as long as you’re looking to do some studying, watch some media, or handle basic productivity tasks.

HP Laptop 14 — $270, was $400

A 14-inch HP laptop powered by Windows 11.

Large screens are great sometimes, but if you’re looking for true portability, smaller tends to be better and more manageable. That’s what this HP Laptop 14 offers, thanks to its 14-inch HD micro-edge display with BrightView eye comfort support and 250 nits brightness rating. Inside is an Intel Celeron N4500 dual-core processor, 8GB of DDR4 system memory, and integrated Intel UHD graphics.

The 128GB solid-state drive is fast, responsive, and plenty large enough to store photos, documents, media, and beyond. With today’s cloud storage solutions — and because of how cheap they are — you can always expand your storage at any time, or connect external media, like an external hard drive. The long-lasting battery will get you through the day, and when you need some more power, HP’s Fast-Charge technology will get you back in action quickly.

HP Laptop 17 — $330, was $500

The HP Laptop 17z-cp200 open.

Running Windows 11 Home, this is a true laptop — it’s also powered by an AMD Athlon Gold 7220U dual-core processor up to 3.7GHz. AMD Radeon graphics ensure you can do some light or casual gaming, and handle a majority of graphic design and editing tasks. You’ll probably want to connect an ergonomic mouse if that’s your plan, however.

Other features include 8GB of system memory, which is decent, and a 128GB solid-state drive which is plenty of storage space, except for some of the more hardcore uses — like AAA gaming. All in, it’s a great little laptop for just about anyone, especially as a secondary device.

HP Pavilion x360 2-in-1 Laptop 14 — $550, was $800

Front angle of the HP Pavilion x360 Convertible laptop.

A 2-in-1 laptop can quickly switch from laptop mode to tablet mode by flipping the keyboard under the screen, as explained by our laptop buying guide. The HP Pavilion x360 14t-ek000 falls under this category, enabled by the 360-degree hinges on its 14-inch touchscreen with Full HD resolution. If you’ll be watching streaming content, the experience gets better with its HP Dual Speakers with Audio by B&O. In terms of performance, the 2-in-1 laptop won’t let you down with its 12th-generation Intel Core i5 processor and integrated Intel Iris Xe Graphics, which are paired with 8GB of RAM that’s recommended by our guide on how much RAM do you need for laptops. The HP Pavilion x360 comes with Windows 11 Home pre-installed in its 256GB SSD.

HP Envy x360 2-in-1 Laptop 15 — $630, was $840

An HP ENVY x360 2-in-1 laptop on a white background.

This 2-in-1 ups the ante with its 15.6-inch full-HD touchscreen display. It’s slightly larger than most comparable options, but the AMD Ryzen 5 5625U six-core processor with AMD Radeon Graphics really raises the bar here, allowing you to enjoy some casual gaming and light editing. That processor, by the way, offers clock speeds up to 4.3GHz which is remarkable in a laptop like this, especially for its price point.

Of course, you also get Windows 11 Home, 8GB of DDR4 system memory, and a decently-sized 256GB solid-state drive for files, documents, and beyond. It’s pre-loaded with HP software, like HP Palette or HP QuickDrop, and uses AI noise reduction and a high-resolution 5MP camera for clear, enjoyable video calls and conferences. It’s a solid little workhorse, but will provide you some time to play when you’re ready to wind down in the evening.

HP Envy Laptop 17 — $700, was $1,100

A side profile of the HP Envy 17-inch laptop against a white background.

One of the major selling points of the HP Envy Laptop is its 17.3-inch screen, which is large enough to provide a clear look at the projects that you’ll be working on. Creative professionals and video editors will appreciate the display’s Full HD resolution and accurate colors, though it’s also amazing for watching content from your favorite streaming services. The laptop will be able to keep up with your daily tasks through its 12th-generation Intel Core i5 processor, integrated Intel Iris Xe Graphics, and 8GB of RAM, and it’s ready to start working with you after unboxing because it’s got Windows 11 Home pre-installed in its 512GB SSD. If you’ll be using the HP Envy Laptop for video calls, you’ll look your best with its 5MP camera with Auto Frame technology and AI Noise Reduction.

HP Victus Laptop 16 — $750, was $1,000

HP Victus 16 gaming laptop on white background.

If you’re looking for a true gaming machine, from HP, the Victus is your best best. It’s rocking an AMD Ryzen 5 6600H six-core and 12-thread processor, with clock speeds up to 4.5GHz, plus it has an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 GPU with 4GB of GDDR6 dedicated VRAM. You won’t be playing the latest titles on ultra, we’re looking at you Forspoken, but you can certainly play a lot on medium to high, and crank the settings for older titles.

It also has 8GB of DDR5 RAM, which is some of the best on the market right now, and a 256GB solid-state drive for speed, and lots of storage space. The immersive 16.1-inch full-HD IPS display is WLED-backlit for a bright, vivid picture. HP dual speakers with audio by Bang & Olufsen are rich, enjoyable and provide a small-scale surround-experience like no other. It’s running Windows 11 Home too, so you get a full system experience, no matter where you take this thing.

HP EliteBook 865 — $1.049, was $2,227

The HP Elitebook 865 laptop with the Windows interface on the display.

The HP EliteBook 865 is a dependable laptop that will have no trouble meeting the expectations of work-from-home employees and business owners. The device highlights the capabilities of AMD amid the AMD vs Intel rivalry with its AMD Ryzen 5 6600U processor, which is paired with AMD Radeon 660M Graphics and 16GB of RAM for reliable performance across multiple apps. You can get the Windows 10 Pro on the laptop through downgrade rights from Windows 11 Pro, and you’ll have enough space left over on its 256GB SSD for all your software and files. The laptop features a 16-inch screen with WUXGA resolution and a 16:10 aspect ratio, and if you’re concerned for your security, this particular model is the Wolf Pro Security Edition, which provides enterprise-level protection.

HP Spectre x360 — $1,000, was $1,250

HP Spectre x360 13.5 front view showing display and keyboard deck.
Mark Coppock/Digital Trends

The HP Spectre x360 is another 2-in-1 laptop that falls under the convertible category, with the 360-degree hinges on its 13.5-inch WUXGA+ touchscreen enabling quick and easy transformations from laptop mode to tablet mode and vice versa. You won’t experience performance issues with the device as it’s powered by the 12th-generation Intel Core i5 processor, integrated Intel Iris Xe Graphics, and 8GB of RAM, and it will be able to run all your favorite apps with Windows 11 Home pre-installed in its 512GB SSD. If you’ll need to join video chats, the HP Spectre x360 will help you look your best with its 5MP GlamCam with Appearance Filter, which also offers a physical privacy shutter so that you’ll have peace of mind whenever you’re not using the laptop’s webcam.

How to choose an HP laptop

HP’s lineup of computers is extensive, so while you’re sorting through the above HP laptop deals you might find yourself a bit overwhelmed. That’s okay. Despite being a decades-old brand, though, it has definitely kept up with the times: Today, HP makes everything from modern Chromebooks to sleek 2-in-1 ultrabooks to beefy gaming machines, and no matter your needs or budget, chances are good that there’s an HP laptop deal waiting for you.

Laptops can more or less be broken down into three categories: Traditional laptops, 2-in-1s, and gaming laptops, all of which can be found in most price brackets. After deciding which you want and determining how much you’re willing to spend (something you probably already have a good idea of), it’s time to start looking at what features you want — as well as what to expect from a cheap HP laptop that’s within your chosen price range.

These features include things like screen size and resolution, hard drive type (SSD or HDD) and capacity, and hardware (such as how much RAM you need, or whether you want a discrete graphics card that can handle gaming). More features and better hardware come with a higher price tag, of course, but if you know what you want ahead of time and set realistic expectations, you’ll end up happy with your purchase. To make things easier, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Do HP laptops have Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a wireless standard that is ubiquitous nowadays. Your phone almost certainly has Bluetooth capability, and virtually all modern tablets and laptops, including HP laptops, pack this connectivity. Bluetooth allows you to pair your computer or another device to peripherals such as wireless headphones or speakers (to name the two most popular examples), but if you’re picky about being on the latest standard, then you’ll want to look closely at the specs of the PC you’ve got your eye on to make sure it’s not outdated — something you run the risk of if you’re looking at the cheapest of the cheap HP laptop deals out there.

Are HP laptops good for gaming?

Any Windows laptop can run games, but that doesn’t mean that any computer can run any game. For playing modern games at good settings, you need a laptop with a dedicated (or “discrete”) graphics card. These GPUs act almost like a second CPU for your PC, but one that is fully dedicated to handling resource-heavy graphical tasks. That usually means gaming, but also applies to jobs like video rendering.

You’ll also want a good modern CPU, ideally a ninth- or 10th-generation Intel Core processor or one of the newer AMD Ryzen processors. Many HP laptops (and even many other cheap gaming laptops you can find today) come loaded with this sort of hardware and HP also makes a number of PCs dedicated to gaming in its Pavilion and Omen lines, so you’ve got a few options if you’re looking for a beefier machine for both work and play.

Do HP laptops come with Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word, being a component of the Microsoft Office suite, is paid software, and HP laptops do not include this for free. However, many do come with an Office trial, and you may even be able to get Microsoft Office for free through your school or workplace (and if not, consider looking around for a good Microsoft Office deal to save some money). If all you need is a basic word processor, Windows still includes the classic WordPad text editor, and you can also check out the free Microsoft Office alternatives.

Are HP laptops waterproof?

You’ll notice that most of these HP laptop deals forego any models with water-resistance ratings. There’s good reason for that, because electronics and water typically don’t mix very well, and laptops (from HP or any brand) are no different. Although you can often rescue a laptop from a spill on the keyboard, no consumer-grade PC is fully waterproof or even what you would consider water-resistant. Even Apple MacBooks, despite some persistent rumors, are not waterproof. If you’re concerned about that, however, then you may want to invest in a waterproof cover or bag that can keep your HP laptop safe.

Do HP laptops have HDMI ports?

The vast majority of modern computers come with ports for an HDMI cable, which is the current standard for A/V connectivity (DisplayPort is also popular, although more commonly used for desktops rather than laptops). HDMI is a connection that transmits high-definition audio and video signals along a single cable, and pretty much all HP laptops feature an HDMI port which allows you to connect your computer to an external display if you want to. A majority of the HP laptop deals featured above include systems with either a built-in HDMI port or some variation — some USB Type-C ports, for example, support micro HDMI or conversion type cables to output video to an external TV, display, or monitor.

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