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HPE0-J50 Integrating Protected HPE Storage Solutions

Exam ID : HPE0-J50
Exam type : Proctored
Exam duration : 1 hour 45 minutes
Exam length : 70 questions
Passing score : 70%
Delivery languages : English
Supporting resources : These recommended resources help you prepare for the exam:
Integrating protected HPE Storage Solutions, Rev. 17.41

Exam Contents
This test has 70 questions. Here are types of questions to expect:
- Multiple choice (multiple responses), scenario based
- Multiple choice (single response), scenario based
- Matching
- Multiple choice (multiple responses)
- Multiple choice (single response)
- Pull down menu selection
- Point and click

This test tests your ability to deploy, integrate, troubleshoot, and manage storage solutions that meet your customers business requirements across physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructure, including workloads for information serving, protection, retention and analytics.

Typical candidates for this test are presales IT professionals with a minimum of one to three years experience interpreting customer requirements to install, configure and manage HPE storage solutions. Students should be prepared to use critical thinking skills to optimize and resolve storage solution integration issues.

9% Plan and design HPE storage solutions
Assess customer requirements
Perform design validation

43% Install, configure, and set up HPE storage solutions
- Plan a solution installation based on a proposed design
- Inspect for proper power, rack space, and cooling
- Install designed solution following best practices
- Prepare solution for customer use
- Configure storage according to the solution design
- Perform tests to verify the solution works as designed
- Hand over installed HPE solution to the customer

30% Manage, Monitor, and Maintain Storage Solutions
- Establish a performance baseline from customer application requirements
- Test performance and collect metrics on configurations and solutions based on customer SLA requirements
- Use management tools to monitor the customer environment.
- Deploy and configure additional software tools in customer environment
- Optimize the solution according to changing workloads and customer requirements
- Determine whether software/firmware versions are current and supported in customer environment
- Perform updates and lifecycle management operations on systems and solutions in customer environment
- Perform health checks on solution deployments in customer environments
- Perform required knowledge transfers and hands-on training

14% Troubleshoot HPE Storage Solutions
- Identify system issues and failures
- Create and implement an action plan to resolve the issue/failure
- Implement preventive measures

4% Identify upsell opportunities
- Discover gaps in existing customer environment
- Determine the cause of the gaps in the customer environment
- Refer any opportunities to the appropriate contact
Integrating Protected HPE Storage Solutions
HP Integrating thinking

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Integrating Protected HPE Storage Solutions
Question: 62
A storage integrator is validating a StoreServ implementation. The integrator needs to
verify read/write access to an exported volume from a Windows Server. The volume did
not show up in Windows Explorer. Click the menu option the storage integrator needs to
use to make the volume available in a Windows server.
Question: 63
What does DWPD (drive writes per day) for an SSD indicate?
A. the maximum number of 4K host writes to the entire drive capacity of the SSD per
day over a three-year period
B. the maximum number of erase operations to the entire drive capacity of the SSD per
day over a three-year period
C. the maximum number of 4K host writes to the entire drive capacity of the SSD per
day over a five-year period
D. the maximum number of drive rewrite cycles (erase and write) for the SSD over a
five-year period
Answer: D
Question: 64
An integrator is validating a design for an HPE 3PAR StoreServ solution. The
assessment document shows that there is structured cabling between the rack the array
will be installed in and the racks with the SAN switches. The fiber segments between the
racks are documented as being 50 micron OM2 and are terminated with SC connectors.
What needs to be considered when validating this design?
A. 3PAR arrays must be directly connected to SAN switches
B. The SC connectors must be replaced by LC connectors.
C. OM2 Fiber cables are not supported for 8 Gbps.
D. Fiber segments cannot mix OM2 and OM4 cables.
Answer: A
Question: 65
When installing an HPE StoreOnce multinode system, which licenses must be available
on all couplets to do Catalyst stores and to be allowed to do Catalyst replication?
A. Catalyst required for the first couplet
B. Catalyst and Replication licenses on the first couplet
C. Catalyst license on all couplets
D. Replication license on all couplets
Answer: B
Question: 66
A storage integrator wants to change the tiering affinity of an existing volume on an
HPE MSA 1040/2040 with GL220 and higher. How can this goal be achieved?
A. Change volume tier preference of the volume.
B. Migrate volume using new tiering settings
C. Perform a clone operation with a new automatic tiering rule.
D. Delete the volume, and create a new volume with the correct automatic tiering rule
Answer: B
Question: 67
A customer finds that the performance of their application is not optimal. The customer's
application stores data on an HPE 3PAR StoreServ Array to a volume within an FC tier.
How should the storage integrator move the application data to a volume within an SSD
A. Backup the data, delete the FC volume, create a new SSD volume, and restore the
data to it.
B. Use the Dynamic Optimization feature in the HPE 3PAR StoreServ Management
C. Use the System Reporter feature in the HPE 3PAR StoreServ Management Console.
D. Create an SSD volume, use the server OS to copy the data to the new volume, and
delete the FC volume
Answer: C
Question: 68
A customer has 10 different branch offices- Each branch has one MSA 1040 and a
StoreOnce 3100. The customer has concerns regarding the genuine and predictive failures
on sites which don't have any IT staff. Which HPE tool should the integrator implement
to provide visibility and alerts for the end customer and HPE?
B. HPE OneView
C. HPE insight Support Online
D. HPE insight Remote Support
Answer: C
Question: 69
You are installing an additional HPE 3PAR StoreServ SFF disk enclosure in an HPE
3PAR 8200 StoreServ array. Trie newly-installed enclosure appears as cage1.
You are able to verify from the 3PAR CLI that both cage0 and cage1 appear. However,
you notice an error in the system health:
Click on the controller enclosure ports you would look at to start troubleshooting this
Question: 70
A storage integrator is validating an HPE 3PAR StoreServ implementation. The
integrator needs to verify the read/write access to an exported volume from a Windows
host. The volume is not visible in Windows Explorer. Place the steps in the correct order
to rectify the solution.
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Tue, 04 Apr 2023 01:23:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.bbc.com/storyworks/technologys-golden-age/hp-integrating-disabled-students
HP has found an exciting new way to DRM your printer!

HP has found an exciting new way to DRM your printer!

HP has found an exciting new way to DRM your printer!


Where ‘HP Plus’ means ‘HP + permanent DRM.’

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A white and gray multifunction printer with a silver HP logo up top and a purple piece of paper coming out the front that reads “6 months free ink.”
The HP Deskjet 2755e, a printer that prompts you to use HP Plus to get free ink.
Image: HP

Amazon’s No. 1 bestselling printer is the HP Deskjet 2755e. It’s not hard to see why. For just $85, you get a wireless color printer, scanner, and six months of free ink. It also comes with HP Plus, one of the most dastardly schemes Big Inkjet has ever unleashed.

I’m not talking about how printers quietly waste their own ink, or pretend cartridges are empty when they’re not, or lock out official cartridges from other regions. Heck, I’m not even talking about “Dynamic Security,” the delightful feature where new HP firmware updates secretly contain malware that blocks batches of third-party cartridges while pretending to harden your printhead against hacks.

No, the genius of HP’s latest scheme is that it’s hiding in plain sight, daring you to unwittingly sign away your rights. Take the free ink, and HP controls your printer for life.

First introduced in 2020 at the height of the pandemic, HP Plus was built around FOMO right from the start. You get just seven days to claim your free ink, starting the moment you plug a new printer into the wall. Act now, and it’ll also extend your warranty a full year, give you an “Advanced HP Smart app,” and plant trees on your behalf. Because why wouldn’t you want to save the forest?

Here’s one reason, as detailed in a new complaint by the International Imaging Technology Council (IITC) that might turn into a false advertising fight: HP Plus comes with a firmware update that utterly removes your printer’s ability to accept third-party ink. You have to buy “genuine” HP ink as long as you use the printer.

Not all of HP’s fine print is this obvious.
Not all of HP’s fine print is this obvious.
Screenshot by Sean Hollister / The Verge

It’s not clear exactly how HP has managed to fully block third-party cartridges, but it appears to be true. My own local CompAndSave, which distributes ink cartridges from some of the biggest third-party manufacturers in the world, tells me those vendors have not yet found a way to get their aftermarket carts (or even user-refilled “genuine HP” cartridges) working with an HP Plus printer.

It’d be one thing if you could cancel HP Plus and start using your printer normally again, but nope! Even though HP claims you can “change or cancel anytime,” there’s no way to deactivate the firmware, HP’s own tech support told the IITC. (A Verge source corroborates this as well.)

HP’s fine print about “change or cancel anytime.”
HP’s fine print about “change or cancel anytime.”
Screenshot by Sean Hollister / The Verge

“In fact, the only way a customer can get rid of HP+ once activated is to buy a new printer,” the IITC writes. HP didn’t answer our questions about the firmware update, including why it isn’t prominently disclosed that there’s no way to uninstall it.

The IITC, a group that represents ink cartridge remanufacturers, isn’t suing the world’s leading printer company just yet. The complaint instead seeks to push back on HP’s environmental credentials by petitioning a nonprofit organization, the Global Electronics Council (GEC), which maintains an “EPEAT” registry of environmentally sound products.

Would you like to see the crux of that argument? I went full Blinking White Guy when I saw: HP, the company that repeatedly admits it blocks third-party cartridges for your own good, is telling an environmental group it doesn’t do that at all.

“HP printers are not designed to prevent the use of non-manufacturer cartridges,” the company claims.
“HP printers are not designed to prevent the use of non-manufacturer cartridges,” the company claims.
Image: International ITC

See, when HP gets these printers on the EPEAT registry, it successfully greenwashes its reputation. The company gets to stick EPEAT labels all over its website and products, each of which suggests an independent third party has certified that HP genuinely cares about the planet.

But EPEAT has a very specific rule that certified printers cannot prevent the use of non-OEM cartridges, and HP Plus is just the latest in a long line of ways that HP ties you to its own ink.

Incredibly, the Global Electronics Council seems to be well aware of HP Plus and is mostly playing along. For example, the HP Deskjet 2755e and family are currently considered EPEAT Silver, with only a footnote that “the optional HP+ configuration does not meet required criterion”

Non-HP Chip Detected, the error message reads.
HP’s “Dynamic Security” in action.
Image: u/grhhull (Reddit)

“[A]ny printer that is documented as including HP+ should not be eligible for EPEAT registration,” the IITC argues, adding that HP’s Dynamic Security feature is also a clear violation of the same rule — since even HP admits it’s designed to “block cartridges using non-HP chips or modified or non-HP electronic circuitry.”

The IITC says HP has issued four “killer firmware updates” in the last eight weeks alone to quietly block third-party cartridges from working in EPEAT-registered HP inkjet printers and at least 26 against HP laser printers. HP didn’t answer our question about EPEAT compliance.

But I don’t want you to get too distracted with “Dynamic Security,” because I haven’t quite finished warning you about HP’s free ink.

Here are a few choice quotes from the terms and conditions for HP’s ink service that I think you’ll appreciate (bolding mine):

You expressly allow HP to remotely change, patch, update or otherwise modify Your printer’s software, firmware or programming remotely, without notice to You, in order to provide the Service to You or to comply with applicable laws

Remote monitoring may include provision to HP of one or more of: page counts, types of documents printed (e.g., Word, PowerPoint, pdf, jpeg, etc.), types of devices that initiated print jobs, printer serial number, cartridge information (e.g. HP original cartridge status, and whether the cartridge was new or used at the time of its last insertion into the printer), and other similar types of metrics related to your Service as may be added by HP from time to time

You agree to maintain connectivity of Your Printer to the Internet and to not remove or disable any remote monitoring software or functionality on Your Printer

If Your printer is not connected to the Internet, then the Subscription Cartridges (as defined in section d. below) will be disabled, and You will not be able to use them to print; however, You will continue to be charged for the Service as described in Section 7 (“Paying for Your Service”). In order to reactivate disabled cartridges, You will need to reconnect Your printer to the Internet and keep it connected

When Your Service is cancelled for any reason, HP will remotely disable the Subscription Cartridges and You will no longer be able to print with the Subscription Cartridges. In such a case, you will need to purchase a regular HP cartridge compatible with your printer, in order to continue printing

HP may increase or otherwise change the Service Plan Fee and Overage Fee, and add additional fees, for any Service Plan, or otherwise change or add Service Plans at any time in HP’s sole discretion with prior notice to You

Printer ink is one of the most expensive fluids in the entire world. Free ink is tempting! But please don’t take the free ink. Please do make fun of Inkjet Supply and Hostage Situations Incorporated until these companies change their tune. (There is precedent.)

And maybe buy a Brother instead.

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