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HP ScanJet N6350 Service and Support
HP ScanJet outline
Killexams : HP ScanJet outline - BingNews Search results Killexams : HP ScanJet outline - BingNews Killexams : How to always open PowerPoint presentations in Outline, Notes, or Slide Sorter mode

If you want to always open PowerPoint presentations in Outlook, Notes, or Slide Sorter mode, here is how you can do that. As PowerPoint includes an in-built option, you do not need to use third-party add-ins to enable these modes. This article explains the exact steps you need to follow to set the default mode in PowerPoint.

How to always open PowerPoint presentation in Outline, Notes, or Slide Sorter mode

What are Outline, Notes, and Slide Sorter modes in PowerPoint?

  • Outline mode: Outline mode is a mode that helps you check the title and the main text of each slide in one place. If you have a 20 or 30-page presentation but you do not have time to check them all, you can read the outlines to learn more about the presentation within moments.
  • Notes: While creating a presentation or even a single slide, you can add notes. For example, you can add a note to let viewers know more about the syllabu you included in your presentation. It is something like the Comment feature in Word.
  • Slide Sorter: Let’s assume that you have a big presentation with 40 or 50 slides. If so, it would be troublesome to organize them all. That is why you can use the Slide Sorter mode or view to see the thumbnails of all slides in one place in a horizontal view. Following that, you can click on a slide’s thumbnail and open or navigate to that specific slide instantly.

The problem is PowerPoint doesn’t display all those modes by default. That said, you can change the default mode and switch to any of the above-mentioned views or modes with the help of this guide.

To always open PowerPoint presentations in Outline, Notes, or Slide Sorter mode, follow these steps:

  1. Open PowerPoint on your computer.
  2. Click on the File menu.
  3. Select Options.
  4. Go to the Advanced tab.
  5. Head to the Display section.
  6. Open the Open all documents using this view drop-down menu.
  7. Select Outline Only or Slide Sorter, or Notes option.
  8. Click the OK button.

To learn more about these steps, continue reading.

To get started, open PowerPoint on your computer and click on the File menu. Then, click the Options visible in the bottom-left corner. It opens the PowerPoint Options panel.

Next, you need to switch to the Advanced tab and head to the Display section. Here you can find an option called Open all documents using this view.

How to always open PowerPoint presentation in Outline, Notes, or Slide Sorter mode

You need to open the menu and select one option among Outline OnlySlide Sorter, and Notes.

Finally, click the OK button to save the change.

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How do I change the default slide settings in PowerPoint?

To change the default slide settings in PowerPoint, you must go through the aforementioned steps. In other words, open File and go to Options. Then, switch to the Advanced tab and find the Open all documents using this view option. Expand the drop-down list and choose a view as per your requirements.

How do I view PowerPoint in slide Sorter?

To view PowerPoint in Slide Sorter mode, you can follow this guide as mentioned above. First, open the PowerPoint Options panel on your computer and switch to the Advanced tab. Then, expand the Open all documents using this view list and choose the Slide Sorter option. Finally, click the OK button to save the change.

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How to always open PowerPoint presentation in Outline, Notes, or Slide Sorter mode
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The high level radioactive wastes that are produced when spent fuel from nuclear power plants is reprocessed are vitrified in glass solid and disposed of through geological disposal.
These high level radioactive wastes include long-lived fission products, and the concerns regarding long-term storage have not been removed. As a result, the difficulty in deciding on disposal sites for these wastes is a social issue.
The goal is to reduce the burden on future generations resulting from the processing and disposal of high level radioactive wastes, and to recycle the recovered platinum group elements, rare metals and other materials in order to keep a supply of resources without being affected by overseas markets.

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Killexams : HP decimates staff

Decimation of company

The maker of expensive printer ink HP has decimated its staff claiming that is justified due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

While HP must have made a killing as businesses rushed to buy hardware so their staff could work from home, during the pandemic, it appears that Covid is now being used as the reason for PC sale's slumping.

The computing giant has revealed its 2022 fiscal year results, showing fourth quarter revenues down 14.8 per cent compared to the same period last year so the answer is getting rid of ten per cent of staff.

The mass layoffs come after HP expanded the workforce by around 10,000 workers compared to this time last year. 

In what it calls its “Fiscal year 2023 Future Ready transformation” and anyone else might call “a slew of cost-cutting measures”, HP claimed it would make savings across around “digital transformation, portfolio optimisation and operational efficiency.”  At some point, history will say that workers killed managers who used this sort of language, particularly when they come to announce job cuts, and humanity generally benefited. 

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Killexams : Example of a sentence outline for a research paper

Professors might have different requirements in a sentence outline, but here is one basic example.

Thesis statement:

For adult second language learners, improvement in speaking the second language progresses significantly only if the learner is engaged in functional use of the language beyond the traditional classroom setting.

1. There are distinct stages of language learning for adults.

a) Jones (2014) reports five stages of language learning.

b) During the third and fourth stages, “speech emergence” and “intermediate fluency” Jones (2014. p.1) says that opportunities to practice speaking the language are essential for progress.

c) Grammar learning should not be dealt with in isolation. Noonan cautions that students should not be encouraged to “let the memorization of grammatical rules dominate their English study” (2005, p. 4). Instead, she advocates encouraging students to listen carefully and notice grammatical differences as they hear language in everyday use.

2. Within-classroom speaking practice can be handled in various ways.

a) Educators should create opportunities for students to practice speaking the second language with native speakers within the classroom.

b) When a fluent speaker and a less fluent speaker interact they negotiate meaning, using the situational context to maximize comprehension (O’Mayley, 2018).

c) Within-classroom speaking practice has limitations, however, partly because of cultural differences in learning preferences. Beekes (2006) points out that in class, students [from the Far East] are not used to responding instantaneously for fear of giving the wrong answer and “losing face” ( p.5).

3. Practice beyond the classroom is important for students' progress.

a) According to Johansen (2010), “going outside the classroom to learn a foreign language is vital to the practical learning component” (p.3). She builds frequent trips and visits into her course curriculum.

b) Creating opportunities for students to engage in volunteer activities is another dynamic strategy. Springer and Collins (2006) explore the benefits of using a volunteering situation as a medium for students to develop their second language skills through tutoring other students in an academic subject, using the second language. Their objective was “to obtain a better understanding of the relative contributions classroom and community experience may make to the language learning process” ( p.1).


A list of references formatted in whatever documentation style the course requires, accompanied by a the title (“References”, “Work cited” or other) should be included at the end of the sentence outline.

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Killexams : HP Coupon Codes December 2022

Shop Weekly Deals

For the hottest HP discount on all-in-one printers, laptops, desktops, Windows software, and more, their Weekly Deals section is here to help. Browse their best deals list to view rebate deals and save up to 50% on select products with the latest technology. Shop everything from HP Bluetooth recognition to drivers and you’ll even receive free shipping and easy returns on every purchase. If you're hunting for an amazing discount such as a 50-dollar laptop or some unbeatable desktop deals, this is the best place to look.

There’s no need to wait around for upcoming sales or HP laptop deals because when you check back weekly, you’re guaranteed to land a stellar product at a super-low price. On top of weekly deals, HP coupons, promo codes, and other offers can be used to save even more on your new laptop or PC. Make sure to enter your specific country, as discounts and shipping fees can vary depending on your location. If you're shopping from the United States be sure to search HP coupon USA or coupon code USA, so you can view the cheapest deals available in your region. 

Ink Delivered To Your Door

With the HP Instant Ink replacement service, your printer will automatically order ink when you’re low and they’ll ship it right to you! You’ll never have to worry about running out of ink again, and with five plans to choose from, you can save up to 50% off. With larger cartridges to avoid constant replacement, simple recycling, no annual fees, free shipping, and HP drivers to make all their printers easily compatible, this deal is a no-brainer. Free printing just got easier. 

Just purchase an eligible printer, sign up, and instantly get $10 in credits! Be sure to purchase your monthly plan with an HP coupon or discount code to make the most out of your subscription.

Price Match Promise

They want you to have the best products and prices every time you shop HP. If they lower the price of a product you’ve purchased, and it’s still in stock, you can contact them to request a credit for the difference, no questions asked. 

If you’re shopping for a new product and find it at a lower price somewhere else, call their support team to request a price match and to complete your new purchase, as these requests cannot be done online. Don’t forget to have your HP promotion code on hand so you can even more on that brand new HP monitor for your computer or big screen.

Recycle With The HP Trade-in Program

When your HP spectre x360, envy x360, omen, or elitebook reaches the end of its life, there’s an easy solution to keeping the environment safe and getting what you really want. Their repair, reuse, and recycling programs are in place to ensure everything is repurposed to keep them working hard, either at your fingertips or utilized in a brand new product. 

Recycle your old products, trade them in for credit towards new HP products, return them for cash, or allow them to completely erase the data from your device before it begins anew. Be sure to check online for location-specific information on how you can recycle your unwanted items for a great HP deal to score something amazing!

Join The Club

Looking for an even better way to maximize your purchase? Look no further than the HP rewards program to make money, while spending money! With their exclusive rewards program you can save up to 3% on every eligible purchase by earning 1 point for every 1$ you spend on your order. Collect your points and use them to purchase any qualifying rewards product. Registering is easy, simply create an account by providing your name and email address, and you instantly receive 100 points just for becoming a member! Shortly after joining you will receive an email, detailing your benefits and any rewards membership information you need to know to get you started. 

Business Discounts

If you're looking to start your own business, there's no better way to save than by joining the HP business club. By signing up you automatically receive the best deals, personalized products and bundles, free shipping, insider discounts, and amazing savings on their wide selection of tech products. While you’ll be saving plenty with every order, the more you shop using your business membership, the higher you’ll climb in Business tiers and the more perks you’ll receive. Hop on their website to register for free and unlock endless benefits to help you succeed with your business in no time. 

Stay In The Loop

Nowadays, staying connected couldn't be easier. With social media, email, and text, there's always a way to stay connected from wherever you are. HP takes pride in offering you not only the highest quality tech but also the most affordable deals on the market, so you can rest assured that you're getting the best there is. With so many ways to save, you can certain to save yourself a few dollars off your purchase when you sign up for their email newsletter. You can get all kinds of email offers and updates on new arrivals and promo codes sent directly to your inbox! You’ll also be the first to know of any annual deals or events near you, so you never have to miss out on buying a top-tier HP product. With all these deals, you’ll know that you’re getting only the best of the best. Sign up now so you won't miss a deal!

Save With Seasonal Sales

There's nothing quite like the savings you'll see during the HP Labor Day sale! If you're looking to pick up a new computer before the school year starts, or just hunting down a great deal, this is a great place to start. You can also save during the HP Memorial Day sale or the HP 4th of July sale; whatever you're shopping for, you're guaranteed to get it at a better price with our help. We're always uploading the best laptop coupons and tracking down the hottest deals on HP Envy accessories for your convenience.

Return Policy

Dedicated to bringing you only the best shopping experience from start to finish, if your HP laser printer, laptop, or accessory isn’t working out, they will make every effort to assist you with your request. Their return policy on most products is available within 30 days of delivery, but be sure to check your specific order details for more information, especially if your item was purchased during an HP sale. To initiate your return, please contact the HP customer service team through phone number, online, or via live chat to receive your authorization.

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Killexams : HP Laptop 17 (2022) Review Mon, 28 Nov 2022 04:24:00 -0600 en text/html Killexams : Outline of a Theory of Practice

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Killexams : Best HP printers of 2022: Portable, laser, all-in-one, inkjet and more


This month, we've compared the following list of HP printers across multiple aspects including their printing speed and quality to design and build. We've assessed how easy it's to set them up, their running costs, and connectivity options, among other things.

The best HP printers have been around since the company built its first desktop laser printer in 1984, known as the LaserJet. As one of the biggest names for printers, the company produces some of the best printers on the market.

No one model is necessarily the best for HP printers because they come in such a broad range. So, all sorts of users, from photographers, business owners, and home users, can find the most suitable printer for them.