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HDS Certified Implmenter-Modular
Hitachi Implmenter-Modular exam success
Killexams : Hitachi Implmenter-Modular exam success - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/HH0-220 Search results Killexams : Hitachi Implmenter-Modular exam success - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/HH0-220 https://killexams.com/exam_list/Hitachi Killexams : Physician Licensing Exams: Failure Or Success?

All physicians practicing medicine in the United States are required to pass a series of standardized board exams known as the United States Medical Licensing Exams (USMLE), which consists of the Step 1, Step 2 Clinical Knowledge (CK), and Step 3 exams. Prior to January 26 of this year, all three exam grades were reported as a numeric score in addition to the designation pass or fail. Since January 26th, the USMLE and its sponsors, the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) and the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB), have decided to forego a numeric grade for the Step 1 exam, making the score designated only as pass or fail.

The reason for the change? According to Kevin Jubbal, founder of Med School Insiders, the change occurred to Strengthen the well-being of medical students and decrease the stress and anxiety of students surrounding the exam. According to the 2018 National Resident Matching Program’s Program Director Survey, the USMLE Step 1 score was the number one factor used when deciding which candidate to offer an interview for residency training (post-graduate training that occurs for each medical specialty immediately after graduating medical school). This test, often taken between the second and third years of medical school, aims to confirm minimal competency for licensure by testing fundamentals of the basic clinical sciences that are taught in the pre-clinical years of medical school. It is of no surprise that many medical students would often obsess over getting the highest score possible in order to join the career of their choice after medical school graduation.

Has the change to pass/fail of the USMLE Step 1 done what it was intended to do- namely decrease stress and anxiety in medical students? According to the 2021 National Resident Matching Program’s Program Director Survey, 94% of residency programs require a numeric score on the USMLE Step 2 CK exam before offering interviews to candidates. According to another study, many residency programs now consider the USMLE Step 2 CK as the primary factor when considering which medical students to offer interviews for residency training. The stress and anxiety many medical students feel has simply shifted from the Step 1 exam to the Step 2 CK exam. In other words, the USMLE Step 2 CK exam is the new Step 1, when considering medical student well-being and mental health.

According to a study in JAMA Network Open, 50% of medical students are experiencing burnout. Although there has been much attention given to the crisis surrounding the dramatic rise of physician burnout since the Covid-19 pandemic, much less focus has been given to burnout in medical students, the future caregivers and first responders that will care for you and your loved ones. How can we expect future physicians to master clinical medicine and care for the ill when they cannot even care for themselves?

Equally troubling to the detrimental effects of well-being are the racial and ethnic disparities the USMLE brings to underrepresented medical student candidates for residency. According to data from an article in Academic Medicine, Black and Latino medical students are more likely to score lower and/or fail all three USMLE exams when compared to White students. The reason- downstream effect of decades of systemic racism whereby they are provided fewer resources and opportunities to succeed and excel in academics. Consequently, it is much more difficult for underrepresented minorities to receive interview offers in the specialty of their choice when graduating medical school when compared to White students.

The USMLE, NBME, and FSMB have a real opportunity to promote medical student and physician well-being as well as racial equity by addressing scoring on physician licensing exams. Just as they made the Step 1 pass/fail, they must make all USMLE exams pass/fail. This would undoubtedly reduce the enormous stress and anxiety medical students face during their arduous years in school. Furthermore, underrepresented students will perhaps have a fairer shot at pursuing their dream specialties after graduating. Standardized tests are merely one metric and measure for success. Eliminating numeric scores on the USMLE will force residency programs to make a more holistic review of prospective candidates.

Some medical schools are already doing this for medical school admissions. At the University of Maryland School of Medicine, the admissions committee performs holistic screening deemphasizing standardized tests scores, offers unconscious bias training for interviewers, and blinds interviewers to standardized scores; to name a few initiatives. Residency programs throughout the country should follow suit when considering future trainees in their programs. The USMLE, NBME, and FSMB as well as the hundreds of medical training programs throughout the country must start taking care of medical students, who we will all rely upon to take care of us.

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Killexams : How to get no-exam life insurance
Daughter on father's shoulders in front of suburban home
No-exam life insurance policies can be beneficial for a variety of policyholders.  Getty Images

Life insurance helps you provide for loved ones after your death. With life insurance policies, your beneficiaries get a cash payment when you're gone, one they can then use toward funeral expenses, unpaid bills or other expenses.

Most insurance companies require a medical exam before they approve you for life insurance coverage. You may be uncomfortable with this, or want to avoid it. Enter no-exam life insurance.

Many kinds of people may find no-exam life insurance appealing. No-exam policies can be smart if you have a pre-existing health condition, terminal illness, are a smoker or have a risky job (like fire fighting or construction). 

Or, you may need life insurance as collateral for a loan or a sudden change in marital status like divorce. Seniors may bump up against age limits for some traditional kinds of policies and find no-medical exam life insurance worthwhile. 

If you think you would benefit from a no-exam life insurance policy then reach out to an insurance pro now. They can help you get started with a free price quote so you know exactly what to expect

No medical exam life insurance comes in both whole life and term life policy forms. Though there's no medical exam, each insurance type may ask for some health information on the application. Premiums are often more expensive than traditional life insurance policies that require medical exams. They can also provide significantly lower coverage. Guaranteed life policies, for instance, are often $25,000 in coverage or less.

Types of no-exam life insurance policies to know

The first step in getting no-medical exam insurance is deciding what kind is right for you. Here are four main types

  • Simplified issue: This insurance is often for people, including seniors, who are generally in good health but may have a few chronic health issues or medical conditions. The application typically includes a short health questionnaire.
  • Guaranteed issue: These life insurance policies are aimed at older seniors or those who are in poor health. They don't require a medical exam and ensure a comparatively small death benefit for your beneficiaries. A few medical questions may be required.
  • Accelerated underwriting: Sometimes called "instant" life insurance, this type uses artificial intelligence to gather and analyze data in lieu of a physical exam. Insurers may seek information like prescription history, driving records or previous medical exams to determine risk and cost. You may also be asked to fill out a detailed questionnaire or do a phone interview. The method can cut approval time from days or weeks to hours.
  • Group life insurance: If you're working, your employer may also offer group life insurance policies without requiring a medical exam, sometimes for free. The drawback? You likely lose coverage if you leave or lose your job.

If you think you would benefit from having a no-exam life insurance policy then reach out to a professional now or use the table below to start searching for providers.

Finding a provider for no-exam life insurance

Seek advice from an insurance agent, your financial adviser, or another expert before you apply in order to be certain that no-exam life insurance is the best option for you. 

From there: 

  • Shop around for several quotes. Coverage and premiums can vary widely. 
  • If you are a veteran, check the U.S. Veterans Administration for lower-cost providers.
  • If you are working, check to see if your employer is offering group life insurance.
  • Consider whether a whole life or term life type of policy is right for your circumstances.
  • Seek out customer reviews and complaints to review.  

Filling out the application

Once you've decided on a no-exam life insurance provider, you'll need to fill out an application. Depending on the policy type, you can expect:

  • Some basic questions, including those about your weight, date of birth, lifestyle habits such as smoking, drinking, recreational drug use, exercise and activities like extreme sports. 
  • Details of your health history and medication use (except with most guaranteed life insurance applications, which can be pricey). 
  • A request for financial information such as income and credit history.
  • A request letter from your primary care doctor about your health.

Be honest with your answers. A life insurance company can deny coverage or payout if you aren't being truthful on your application, like if you lie about smoking. 

Follow the instructions to submit your application. Once you've submitted, it can take just hours for accelerated underwriting approval to weeks depending on the type of no-exam policy you're seeking.

Get started now and see what you can qualify for!

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Killexams : Genesis Reveals Its Secrets to Success

The Genesis brand has been selling models since 2017, but only in the last two years has it begun to break through with new car buyers. This, despite headwinds from supply chain complications due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since 2020, the company has launched five vehicles: Genesis Electrified G80, Genesis G90, Genesis GV60, Genesis GV70, Genesis Electrified GV70 and Genesis GV80. There's also been three concept car reveals: Genesis X, Genesis X Speedium Coupe and the Genesis X Convertible.

In 2020, Genesis sold 16,384 vehicles in the U.S. The following year the company tripled their sales to 49,630 units. Genesis North America's president and CEO Jose Muñoz told Newsweek he expects to see close to 60,000 new vehicle sales in 2022, "and we continue to have plans to grow in '23."

The reason for the sales growth isn't just a slew of new vehicles hitting dealer lots, though Munoz is quick to point out how strong the offerings have become in recent years. "Without a doubt, I think we have a one of the best product portfolios in the industry. Very, very new and well accepted. And I think that is number one," he said.

Brand awareness and marketing has also helped move the ball. "Number two, we are definitely now a more into the 'above the line' ... meaning, we move from being kind of almost a secret. [Genesis is on] a little bit [of] social media ... we are also sometimes in mass media, because we have the size. And we're doing a good job in terms of positioning the brand in all the digital channels through our partner Innocean," said Muñoz.

The 2022 Genesis GV80 three-row SUV sits parked. Genesis

Genesis hired former Infiniti marketing and public relations head Wendy Orthman to lead its U.S. marketing efforts earlier this year.

The third tier of Genesis success has been the changes it has made to its distribution network, according to Muñoz.

"As a reminder, we used to have all dealers or Hyundai dealers selling Genesis. Step by step, we made a plan to focus on the main markets ... it's anti-intuitive, but you say, 'Hey, the more leaders the better,' but it's not like that.

"We've been able to reduce dramatically the number of dealers, so the dealers are now profitable, then they are investing in facilities. [In] the next few months [you] are going to see a lot of a key super-duper announcements, beautiful facilities in very premium locations. And then then we have been able to attract very, very strong deliverables to our front sights."

It's not just buyers that are standing up and taking notice. Professional industry watchers are impressed by what the company is offering.

"Genesis's ambition into becoming a serious luxury brand isn't going to slow down anytime soon. Essentially every single vehicle that's debuted and gone on sale in recent years has been a stand-out, impressive product," Robby DeGraff, industry analyst at AutoPacific told Newsweek.

"Interior and exterior styling is world-class, there's an advanced assortment of premium features and tech and perhaps even more important is that the accompanying driving experience is so excellent too. All of this almost always at a take-home cost that beats the price of similar offerings from BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi by longshot. Have you seen the X Convertible Concept? It's simply jaw-dropping. Renowned upscale German marques better be keeping watch closely."

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Killexams : Why financial success is important

Financial Success And Why Its Important..?
By: Vineet Somani

So First OF All What is Financial Success?
The “Merriam-Webster” dictionary defines success as “a favourable or desired outcome”. So, financial success means achieving a desirable outcome for one’s money and finances.

SO Why Its Important ?

Because without enough money and resources, financial success is not possible. Life may be incredibly challenging.
Since living pay check to pay check is not enjoyable. And stress about having enough money each month to pay the bills. to provide for our families’ fundamental requirements in terms of food, housing, and transportation.
moreover, with one’s finances in order. Concentrating on the other things is simpler. That somewhat improves life.
Because of an old proverb that I believe to be absolutely accurate. “There is more to life than money” is the phrase. Relationships, health, and cherished experiences are a few examples.
So, by making personal finance improvements. Your life can be made better.
These advice for financial success are crucial because of this.
having learned the meaning and significance of financial achievement. Let’s discuss the key components that will help you get there.

Keys To Financial Success
·      Open a savings account
·      Don’t get complacent with your current income
·      Spend less than you earn
·      Good handle on debt
·      Investing for a secure retirement

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Killexams : What to expect at the “Hitachi Vantara Drives Customer Success With Partners” event: Join theCUBE Dec. 6

In application modernization, how does one scale expertise without compromising the quality of products? 

IT services provider Hitachi Vantara LLC has an established portfolio of specialized solutions to guide digital transformations across data storage, cloud infrastructure and analytics. And to maintain a quality-over-quantity approach while keeping costs in check, the company looks to a knowledgeable partner ecosystem as an extension of its own sales efforts.

How will this strategy evolve as new partner types emerge across verticals, and how can Hitachi Vantara leverage this ecosystem to signal the technologies that will make the leap from what’s now to what’s next?

“We actually have a utility company in North Carolina whose customers are able to save on their electricity and water bills,” said Radhika Krishnan, chief product officer of Hitachi, in a recent interview with theCUBE, SiliconANGLE Media’s livestreaming studio. “This particular company had to contend with millions of sensors that were constantly streaming data back. That’s where a partnership with [NoSQL database provider] MongoDB really paid off … we were able to leverage Hitachi Pentaho to integrate all of the data and have the data reside on MongoDB.”

During the Dec. 6 “Hitachi Vantara Drives Customer Success With Partners” event, theCUBE analysts will talk with Hitachi Vantara executives about the company’s plans for hyperconverged infrastructures, including its expanding channel strategy and notable product/solution partnerships. (* Disclosure below.)

The appeal of data-driven solutions

Under parent company Hitachi Ltd., Hitachi Vantara claims nearly 80% of the Fortune 500 as clients, looking to help organizations unlock new competitive advantages, Strengthen customer experiences and identify novel revenue streams. The company is part of the Hitachi group, an $80B conglomerate with over 60 years of IT experience.

While especially known for its rock-solid block and file storage solutions like VSP, Hitachi Vantara also is a major player for cloud infrastructure and services, converged and hyperconverged solutions, data management and analytics – and content and distributed file solutions.

Recently, the company announced that its Hitachi Content Platform object storage solution is expected to grow at a projected rate of 40% in Q2 2022 compared to the same period in 2021, outstripping the market compound annual growth rate of around 13.6%. This market growth is due mostly to organizations seeking data-driven solutions, according to the company.

“Hitachi’s portfolio has evolved over the years, and the latest Hitachi VSP E Series is very attractive for midmarket customers and departments within large enterprises,” said Pierre Munro, product account executive at Eclipsys Solutions Inc., speaking on Hitachi’s popular flash hybrid storage solution.

“The strength of the Hitachi portfolio is underpinned by its go-to-market approach,” Munro furthered. “Hitachi Vantara is really partner-focused, and they’ve demonstrated more than once that they will go the extra mile to bring value to the customer and support us through the sales cycle.”

Creating strategic, value-focused partnerships

Partnerships are the heart of any solutions-based expansion plan, but a balanced approach is critical to the success of the overall ecosystem. To this end, Hitachi Vantara is focused on tight integrations in order to simplify its own points of interaction across products in a world of increasing cloud complexities. 

“The Hitachi culture is unique, the depth and breadth of knowledge and experience the Hitachi engineering team has is something you don’t always see,” said Sachin Soni, co-founder and chief technology officer of Centum Technologies. “That experience makes a big difference when I need to find solutions for my customers.”

One such alliance is with VMware Inc., spanning three major areas: hyperconverged infrastructure solutions, hybrid cloud and digital workspaces. The Hitachi Unified Compute Platform HC, for instance, combines storage, compute and virtualization into one appliance and is powered by VMware vSAN.

TheCUBE event livestream

Don’t miss theCUBE’s coverage of the “Hitachi Vantara Drives Customer Success With Partners” event on Dec. 6. Plus, you can watch theCUBE’s event coverage on-demand after the live event.

How to watch theCUBE interviews

We offer you various ways to watch theCUBE’s coverage of the “Hitachi Vantara Drives Customer Success With Partners” event, including theCUBE’s dedicated website and YouTube channel. You can also get all the coverage from this year’s events on SiliconANGLE.

TheCUBE Insights podcast

SiliconANGLE also has podcasts available of archived interview sessions, available on iTunes, Stitcher and Spotify, which you can enjoy while on the go.

SiliconANGLE also has analyst deep dives in our Breaking Analysis podcast, available on iTunes, Stitcher and Spotify.


During the “Hitachi Vantara Drives Customer Success With Partners” event, theCUBE analysts will talk with Hitachi Vantara’s Kimberly King, senior vice president of strategic partners and alliances; Russell Skingsley, chief technology officer and global VP of technical sales; and Tom Christensen, global technology advisor and executive analyst.

(* Disclosure: TheCUBE is a paid media partner for the “Hitachi Vantara Drives Customer Success With Partners” event. Neither Hitachi Vantara LLC, the sponsor for theCUBE’s event coverage, nor other sponsors have editorial control over content on theCUBE or SiliconANGLE.)

Image: SiliconANGLE

Show your support for our mission by joining our Cube Club and Cube Event Community of experts. Join the community that includes Amazon Web Services and Amazon.com CEO Andy Jassy, Dell Technologies founder and CEO Michael Dell, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger and many more luminaries and experts.

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Killexams : COP27: Success or failure?

COP27 was a disappointment in that there were no new decarbonisation targets that were much needed. But there were positive outcomes including the creation of a fund to help nations vulnerable to climate disasters.

World Focus looks at some of the key developments and what lies ahead.

Tide turning as spotlight falls on oceans’ climate role

Covering 70 per cent of the earth’s surface, oceans play a crucial role in slowing the pace of climate change, absorbing about 30 per cent of the world’s carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

But all that CO2 – 67 billion tonnes were absorbed by the oceans from just 1992 to 2018 – is taking its toll on the oceans, causing rising acidity, depletion of oxygen levels and rising temperatures that are damaging reefs and other marine life and, in turn, the livelihoods of people dependent on marine and coastal diversity.

Rising temperatures and increased acidity could also reduce the oceans’ effectiveness as a carbon sink.


Loss and damage fund: Path ahead remains thorny

Amid disappointment that the COP27 climate talks failed to deliver on several fronts, including fresh commitments to reduce emissions, there was one break in the clouds.

This was the creation of a loss and damage fund that requires developed countries to provide financial assistance to poor and developing nations struck by devastating climate disasters.

The breakthrough came after much wrangling, following decades of resistance from rich nations largely responsible for much of global greenhouse gas emissions.


Carbon credit deals boost Singapore’s hub status: Analysts

Singapore’s moves at the latest United Nations climate talks are helping it to cement its position as a carbon services hub and meet its climate targets, analysts said.

During the COP27 climate summit in November, Singapore signed or concluded negotiations on a number of partnerships with countries including Ghana, Papua New Guinea and Japan to collaborate on carbon credits. 

The bilateral trade of carbon credits with Ghana, for example, will be the first of its kind for Singapore when the two countries sign an agreement to implement the carbon credit trade early in 2023.


Hits and misses at COP27

Some saw the marathon COP27 climate talks in Egypt as the last chance to heal the planet. While some agreements were reached, others failed to take off. Here are three hits and three misses from the conference.

The marathon COP27 climate talks in Egypt reached agreement on a loss and damage fund, but a worrying lack of ambition on emissions cuts increases the risks from a warming planet. Here is a look at what’s hot from the United Nations climate summit – and what’s not.


Fri, 02 Dec 2022 08:04:00 -0600 en text/html https://www.straitstimes.com/world/cop27-success-or-failure
Killexams : The three F’s of success

We’re putting a close to our university lives at a time when many of us have already gotten a taste of what many people like to call “the real world.” I’m sure we have here those who’ve already finished their board exams or those who, by now, are working professionals supporting their families or taking on bigger responsibilities. We owe it to our Lasallian education for helping us reach this far and for making us the achievers we are today.

But what exactly is it from our experience here in DLSU that got us this far? For some, it could simply be that desire to learn or to achieve great things. For others, it could be passion for their organizations and wanting to make the most out of their university life. In my case, as I look back on my own experience here in DLSU, the answer came in the form of three F’s, the three F’s of success I learned that got me this far.

First is failing forward. During my freshman year, I ran as an independent candidate as president of my batch. Remember the frosh campaigning in purple? Yes, that was me. Then, during my sophomore year, I ran as college president of the Gokongwei College of Engineering. For anyone who ever experienced participating in DLSU’s general elections, you know that it’s not just any decision you can make. The amount of time and effort you have to dedicate to the elections is no joke. And so, losing both times was indeed a disheartening experience.

But little did I know that that would open doors of opportunities for me. With the extra time that I had, I decided to apply for a short-term program in Japan on my third year just to experience what it’s like to be outside the country for the very first time. Fortunately, I got accepted and my experience there forever changed and redirected my college life. With my performance as a student in Japan, I was again sent by DLSU to a public speaking competition in Indonesia. And it did not stop there. A whole slew of international opportunities came my way, so much so that I probably burdened my professors with a pile of excused absence forms. Nonetheless, in each one, I found myself growing and gaining new learnings and experiences that I wouldn’t have acquired had I not lost the elections.

In other words, failure is not an endpoint but more of a redirection to something better in store for us. You failed the board exam? Try again, strengthen on tough subjects and you may be a topnotcher next year. You failed your job interview? Well, that company may not be the right one for you, and the better fit is just out there waiting. And in each failure, it’s important to find that opportunity to Strengthen or learn from our mistakes. That’s how we set ourselves up to fail forward.

However, in failing forward, it’s natural to encounter even bigger barriers. After all, the world we live in can be cruel and unforgiving. Many things are simply beyond our control. That leads me to my second F, which is forgiving the unforgiving. Around the time I was in high school, we had several financial challenges. My dad had a stroke, making it difficult for him to continue his regular work and leaving my OFW mom to support the family. In fact, when I was deciding which school to take for college, I could not choose a school like DLSU if it did not offer a full scholarship. It was simply beyond what we could afford.

That’s why, instead of resenting our current situation, I learned to accept it and work hard to get scholarships. Eventually, my hard work paid off when I got offered the Gokongwei Grants. Without it, I wouldn’t be here right now. For that, I offer my sincerest gratitude not just to the Gokongwei Brothers Foundation but also to the organizations who helped me complete my high school, bachelor’s, and master’s on full scholarships.

So, what does forgiving in an unforgiving world really mean? The dictionary defines forgiving as giving up resentment, but more than that, for me, it’s channeling your emotions to do something more productive and to control what you can control, whether it’s first focusing on your mental health especially during this time of pandemic, using your power to vote to elect better leaders or planning to achieve something big in the future. In any case, when we choose to be on the forgiving side, our eyes can better see the endless possibilities ahead, empowering us that we do have that capacity to Strengthen our current situation.

And on that note, let us not choose to be the unforgiving ones to ourselves. We can be our own worst critic, but we need to accept that as humans, it’s natural to make mistakes. It’s also natural to get tired, stressed or depressed, so forgive yourselves and take that time to pause and refuel. After all, it’s hard to struggle to succeed when we are also struggling from within. Ang hirap, di ba?

Once you’ve prepared yourself to fail forward amidst an unforgiving world, that’s when you start forging your own future, the third and final F of success I’ve realized. You know, ever since we started as frosh in DLSU, there’s a sort of pre-determined path laid out for us for some reason. You finish your degree, then take the board exams, then get a job – something like that. As a student, I saw myself in this too – that after graduation, I would take the boards, probably aim to be a topnotcher, have the word “engineer” before my name, then get a job closely related to chemical engineering.

However, in my isolation during the numerous quarantines we had, I began to realize that this path isn’t really for me and maybe I’m meant for something else. I’m sure you guys have had those kinds of thoughts too, whether it’s regarding your course or maybe your love life. Around that time, I decided that my long-term goal will be to work in a different field and maybe in a different place, and so instead of preparing for the board exams, I was studying something entirely different, something more useful for me in this road less traveled. On top of that, I got accepted to a job that didn’t require me to be a licensed engineer. And that, my friends, is my current picture of success.

Does that make me any less of an engineer? Does that make me any less of a Lasallian achiever for God and country? To be honest, I don’t think so. My point is we don’t have to be scared of going against the norm just to prove ourselves. We’re the ones forging our own future, so we have every reason to define our own version of success. What’s important is that our success has a greater meaning to it and is contributing to something bigger than us. We are still Lasallians, after all.

But no success story exists without struggles. As St. Catherine of Siena would say, “Nothing great is ever achieved without enduring much.” I, myself, once dreamt of graduating with a 3.9+ GPA. I didn’t know if I could do it. I was not as smart and as fast as my peers, and I was not as privileged as you are. I had to consistently, consistently, consistently work hard for six long years. A bachelor’s student by day and a master’s student by night. And after enduring that much and everything in between, I finally made it happen. And I believe that you too can realize that future you want to forge as long as you trust in yourselves and remain consistent.

Fellow graduates, the road ahead is unprecedented and unforgiving. But we’re here today with our heads held up high, ready to face even bigger challenges and to make our impact in our own respective fields. We will definitely stumble along the way, but we will fail forward and learn from our experiences. Yes, we will struggle to succeed, but we will forgive our shortcomings and find new ways of doing things. In so doing, we can forge a future where we can take pride in our own successes.

Guided by our Lasallian values and virtues, we can also build a future where everyone can dream of success in the same position we are in now. It’s simply a question of how willing we are to use what we have to make conditions better for others and to provide them with opportunities that they alone cannot access. I look forward to that future we can build together, a future that truly begins here.

*      *      *

Jadin Zam Doctolero is a Gokongwei Grants scholar and a graduate of Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Chemical Engineering, summa cum laude from De La Salle University. He is currently working as product supply manager/process engineer at Procter & Gamble Philippines, Cabuyao plant.

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Killexams : No-exam life insurance policies: Everything to know
Prepare today for a secure tomorrow
To get a no-exam life insurance policy, you can search online for simplified or guaranteed issue policies, which are relatively common.  KATLEHO SEISA / Getty Images

Obtaining life insurance can help you pass money on to your family or other beneficiaries after your death. But not all life insurance policies are the same. Not only can there be differences in factors like monthly premiums and policy limits, but there can also be varying requirements to qualify for a life insurance policy.

One route that some people take is obtaining a no-exam life insurance policy, meaning you don't have to visit a doctor to be eligible. If you don't want to make an extra trip to the doctor's office or you're concerned the exam results could lead to even higher costs, then this may be a reasonable option. 

Here's a look at some of the top life insurance providers available. 

Before you make any final decisions, let's take a closer look at what no-exam life insurance policies are — and why you might consider going this route.

What is no-exam life insurance?

No-exam life insurance can include several different types of life insurance that do not require medical exams to initiate coverage. Here are two examples:

How to get a no-exam life insurance policy

To get a no-exam life insurance policy, you can search online for simplified or guaranteed issue policies, which are relatively common. You can also dig into the offerings of different insurance companies, as even if an insurance provider uses different terminology, they might still allow for coverage without an exam.

To learn more about different types of life insurance policies and options, speak to an expert. Haven Life, a New York City-based life insurance agency, can walk you through the process. You just need to answer a few basic questions to get a free quote.

Don't assume that just because something isn't specifically called a "no-exam life insurance policy" you need an exam. Regardless of what the provider calls the policy, check the fine print to see if you need a medical exam or not.

Some providers also offer options like being able to convert a term life insurance policy into a whole life insurance policy without needing a medical exam. That's not to say that you're always better off converting vs. taking out a new policy, but it could be worth considering.

How much does no-exam life insurance cost?

No-exam life insurance policies typically cost much more than ones with medical exams. That's because the insurer needs to account for the extra risk that can come from not knowing enough about your medical situation.

For example, with one major life insurance provider, a simplified issue life insurance policy for a 20-year/$500,000 term for a 40-year-old, non-smoker woman in good health in California costs nearly $50 per month. In contrast, the same type of policy for regular term life insurance with a medical exam only has an estimated cost of $30 in monthly payments.

You can also compare prices and plans by scouring life insurance providers online and getting free quotes.

Is no-exam life insurance worth it?

There can be a cost to the convenience of no-exam life insurance policies. But it's also possible that the economics work out in your favor. It's possible that something would be discovered during a medical exam that increases your risk to the insurer, thereby raising your rates or perhaps even making you ineligible altogether. No-exam life insurance policies can also benefit those who don't qualify for typical life insurance due to factors such as age or medical history. 

However, if you're in relatively good health, meet a prospective insurer's age requirements and are comfortable seeing a doctor, then this type of insurance may not be for you — as you may secure a lower price with the medical exam.

Bottom line

Overall, a no-exam life insurance policy can offer a path for some higher-risk individuals to obtain life insurance or it could be a good way to quickly obtain coverage. However, you might be able to find lower rates if you go through with a medical exam, so it could be worth exploring your options to see what best fits your budget and goals.

Wed, 30 Nov 2022 15:13:00 -0600 en-US text/html https://www.cbsnews.com/news/what-is-no-exam-life-insurance-policy/ Killexams : 5 ways to prep students for online learning success

Students who attend online school today range from homeschoolers, to those seeking an alternative to in-person public schools, to learners who want to mix virtual schooling with in-person learning. Also, some districts have decided to keep an online option open for students who choose that method.

And while numerous parents and students have chosen to make online learning part of their education, the transition can be challenging. As someone who’s been involved with online schools for more than eight years, here are five common areas of concern and tips for how teachers and parents can navigate these challenges successfully.

Organization and Scheduling are Vital

While the idea of controlling the time and pace of a child’s education sounds freeing, this can be a major impediment for students unused to making their own schedule. Studies show that students’ executive functioning, the part of the brain that governs planning, organizing, and paying attention, is not fully formed until high school or later.

The first thing a parent or teacher should do for students new to online learning is create some type of calendar, whether online or physical. This will provide learners a go-to spot to view what’s due, when, and allow them to organize. A planner can also help parents track their children’s tasks, especially if they have multiple children in different grades.

Also, students need a routine that includes both time and place. Make sure your students have all the tools they need, from computers to notebooks to headphones, and a place that signifies it’s time to learn. Headphones are vital, especially if the learner will share space with other children.

Don’t Forget Manipulatives and External Rewards

Online learning doesn’t have to be only screen time. Students should incorporate manipulatives into their routines, from younger students learning math basics to older students who may be completing lab work. Scan Pinterest or other social media sites if you need examples. Also, note that these tools don’t have to cost a lot.

How to prepare new teachers for virtual learning
4 tips for online learning success in schools

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Killexams : Peter Buck Wouldn’t Go Back to R.E.M. Level of Success

R.E.M. guitarist Peter Buck said the band broke up at the right moment in 2011, and explained why he wouldn't want to go through their level of success again, making a reunion unlikely.

R.E.M. split in 2011, and while the guitarist has been involved in a wide range of musical projects since then, he hasn't attempted to pursue another top-flight experience.

"When it got really big, I don't know if anyone really enjoys that,” Buck told Classic Rock. "When the non-musical stuff became so intense, it took away some of the pleasure for me. It's just the stuff where you kind of wake up and go: 'God, I don't really want to have my picture taken today. And I don't really want to pretend to be an actor in some video where I can't act.'"

He listed selling "multiple millions of records" and playing at Glastonbury in 1999 and 2003 among his most favorite achievements, but added: "it was never the reason I did it. And when we got to the point where we decided that it was the end, it felt like a great shared experience. I wouldn't change it, but I'm not gonna go back to it."

Buck argued R.E.M.'s career ended with two "really strong" albums, 2008's Accelerate and 2011's Collapse Into Now. "But I just felt like, no matter how good our last record was, it wasn't really our time any more," he said. "And that's fair, I understand that. … when it was over I didn't have a lot of interest in pursuing that type of largeness again." He concluded: "[A]ll I really want to do is write songs, play them and record them."

From AC/DC to ZZ Top, we provide you all the ammo you need to be the biggest know-it-all in town.

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