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HH0-210 HDS Certified Implementer - Enterprise basics | http://babelouedstory.com/ Tue, 25 Oct 2022 13:50:00 -0500text/htmlhttps://www.pbs.org/wgbh/misunderstoodminds/writingbasics.html Hitachi and Concordium collaborate to create a biometric crypto wallet No result found, try new keyword!In a collaborative effort, Hitachi Research & Development and blockchain developer Concordium Foundation are working on a pioneering project—an innovative biometric cryptocurrency wallet. Thu, 14 Dec 2023 02:10:00 -0600 en-us text/html https://www.msn.com/ The Basics of Covered Calls

A covered call involves a seller offering buyers a call option at a set price and expiration date on a security that the seller owns. Professional market players write covered calls to boost investment income. Individual investors can also benefit from the conservative but effective covered call option strategy by taking the time to learn how it works and when to use it.

Read on for more about a covered call and the ways that it can enhance income, lower portfolio risk, and Boost investment returns.

Key Takeaways

  • A covered call is a popular options strategy used to generate income for investors who think stock prices are unlikely to rise much further in the near term.
  • A covered call is constructed by holding a long position in a stock and then selling (writing) call options on that same asset, representing the same size as the underlying long position.
  • A covered call will limit the investor's potential upside profit and may not offer much protection if the stock price drops.

What Is a Covered Call?

You are entitled to several rights as a stock or futures contract owner, including the right to sell the security at any time for the market price. Covered call writing sells this right to someone else in exchange for cash, meaning the buyer of the option gets the right to purchase your security on or before the expiration date at a predetermined price called the strike price.

A call option is a contract that gives the buyer the legal right (but not the obligation) to buy shares of the underlying stock or one futures contract at the strike price at any time on or before expiration. If the seller of the call option also owns the underlying security, the option is considered "covered" because they can deliver the instrument without purchasing it on the open market at possibly unfavorable pricing.

If the contract is not a covered call, it is called a naked call, used to generate a premium without owning the underlying asset.

Covered Call Visualization

In the diagram below, the horizontal line is the security's price, and the vertical line is the profit or loss potential. The dots on the profit or loss potential line indicate the amount of profit or loss the covered call seller might experience as the price moves.

On the horizontal price line, the seller would break even when the price intersects a profit or loss potential of zero. The contract seller will likely set the strike price at the point they think the price will intersect the profit potential limit, indicated by the blue dot on the price line.

Image by Julie Bang © Investopedia 2019

Profiting from Covered Calls

The buyer pays the seller of the call option a premium to obtain the right to buy shares or contracts at a predetermined future price (the strike price). The premium is a cash fee paid on the day the option is sold and is the seller's money to keep, regardless of whether the option is exercised.

A covered call is therefore most profitable if the stock moves up to the strike price, generating profit from the long stock position. Covered calls can expire worthless (unless the buyer expects the price to continue rising and exercises), allowing the call writer to collect the entire premium from its sale.

If the covered call buyer exercises their right, the call seller will sell the shares at the strike price and keep the premium, profiting from the difference in the price they paid for the share and the selling price plus the premium. However, by selling the share at the strike price, the seller gives up the opportunity to profit from further share price increases.

When to Sell a Covered Call

When you sell a covered call, you get paid in exchange for giving up a portion of future upside. For example, assume you buy XYZ stock for $50 per share, believing it will rise to $60 within one year. You're also willing to sell at $55 within six months, giving up further upside while taking a short-term profit. In this scenario, selling a covered call on the position might be an attractive strategy.

The stock's option chain indicates that selling a $55 six-month call option will cost the buyer a $4 per share premium. You could sell that option against your shares, which you purchased at $50, and hope to sell at $60 within a year. Writing this covered call creates an obligation to sell the shares at $55 within six months if the underlying price reaches that level. You get to keep the $4 in premium plus the $55 from the share sale, for a total of $59, or an 18% return over six months.

On the other hand, you'll incur a $10 loss on the original position if the stock falls to $40—the buyer will not exercise the option because they can buy the stock cheaper than the contract price. However, you get to keep the $4 premium from the sale of the call option, lowering the total loss from $10 to $6 per share.

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Hitachi Implementer basics

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HDS Certified Implementer - Enterprise
Question: 108
Which two statements describe the purpose of an action code (ACC) on the VSP?
(Choose two.)
A. It provides a link to the Work ID.
B. It contains the SIM message.
C. It contains the part location.
D. It provides detailed error information.
Answer: A, C
Question: 109
You have just installed Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager (HDLM) on a Sun Solaris
server. What is the purpose of running the "dlnkmgr view -sys" command?
A. It displays the configuration.
B. It displays the primary path.
C. It displays the alternate path.
D. It configures the alternate path.
Answer: A
Question: 110
A VSP customer is attaching new SUSE Linux servers to their SAN. What are two
configuration requirements? (Choose two.)
A. The queue depth per VSP LUN must not exceed 32.
B. The queue depth per VSP LUN must be at least 8.
C. The queue depth per VSP port must not exceed 2048.
D. The queue depth per VSP port must not exceed 1024.
Answer: A, C
Question: 111
Which two products can be used to monitor the Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning
(HDP) Pool capacity on a VSP? (Choose two.)
A. Device Manager
B. Storage Navigator
C. Provisioning Manager
D. Replication Manager
Answer: A, B
Question: 112
A customer is using an AMS 2300 system as external storage behind a VSP. They
are reworking the power distribution and need to power down both storage systems.
What is the correct sequence of actions?
A. Stop the host I/O > power off the VSP > power off the AMS 2300.
B. Stop the host I/O > power off the AMS 2300 > power off the VSP.
C. Perform a path disconnect to the AMS 2300 > stop the host I/O > power off the
AMS 2300 > power off the VSP.
D. Stop the host I/O > perform a path disconnect to the AMS 2300 > allow the
storage systems to go to battery backup mode when the power is
Answer: A
Question: 113
What are two valid locations for the Dynamic Mapping table of Dynamic
Provisioning? (Choose two.)
A. in flash memory
B. in one of the pool volumes
C. in cache memory
D. in shared memory
Answer: B, D
Question: 114
Which three steps should be performed during a new VSP installation? (Choose
A. Install HiTrack Monitor on a customer server and configure it.
B. Set the battery date for each battery.
C. Install all SSVP jumpers.
D. Connect the CE laptop to the Console LAN connection port on the SVP.
E. Dump the final configuration and upload it to TUF.
Answer: B, D, E
Question: 115
You are installing a VSP with 2 DKCs. Which component makes up the
interconnection for data paths?
Answer: D
Question: 116
You have replaced a part on a VSP. What are three mandatory steps to complete
your maintenance task? (Choose three.)
A. Complete the "Last maintenance" form inside the DKC door.
B. Complete the corresponding SIM(s).
C. Reboot the SVP to renew the configuration.
D. Check the maintenance screen for any blinking parts.
E. Set the SVP application back to View Mode.
Answer: B, D, E
Question: 117
The SVP has failed on a VSP and you have ordered a replacement. Which
functionality is still available while waiting for the new SVP to arrive on site?
A. Configuration changes can be made using raidcom commands.
B. Hitrack can continue monitoring the VSP and report errors.
C. Configuration changes can be made using HiCommand CLI.
D. ShadowImage pairs can be managed with RAID Manager/CCI.
Answer: D
Question: 118
Why will a server in an environment using persistent binding maintain a constant
view of its target IDs when rebooted?
A. Because persistent binding retains the target ID information.
B. Because the storage LUN Management Service will manage the target IDs.
C. Because the driver software remaps the SCSI target IDs to the new WWNNs
D. Because persistent binding will connect to the LUN Manager and provide the
target IDs.
Answer: A
Question: 119
Which two operations are supported by the Tiered Storage Manager GUI? (Choose
A. initiate an automatic migration based on performance bottlenecks
B. migrate an external volume to a pool
C. migrate a TrueCopy P-Vol in status PAIR
D. migrate a Journal Volume of Universal Replicator
Answer: B, C
Question: 120
What is the benefit of installing an additional pair of disk adapters (DKA) on a
A. It increases the total number of disk drives that can be installed.
B. It allows intermix of 2,5" and 3,5" disk drives.
C. It increases throughput on the existing SAS links.
D. It increases the number of SAS links.
Answer: D
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Hitachi Implementer basics - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/HH0-210 Search results Hitachi Implementer basics - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/HH0-210 https://killexams.com/exam_list/Hitachi tiny BASIC

Ever since the SMART Response XE was brought to our attention back in 2018, we’ve been keeping a close lookout for projects that make use of the Arduino-compatible educational gadget. Admittedly it’s taken a bit longer than we’d expected for the community to really start digging into the capabilities of the QWERTY handheld, but occasionally we see an effort like this port of BASIC to the SMART Response XE by [Dan Geiger] that reminds us of why we were so excited by this device to begin with.

This project combines the SMART Response XE support library by [Larry Bank] with Tiny BASIC Plus, which itself is an update of the Arduino BASIC port by [Michael Field]. The end result is a fun little BASIC handheld that has all the features and capabilities you’d expect, plus several device-specific commands that [Dan] has added such as BATT to check the battery voltage and MSAVE/MLOAD which will save and load BASIC programs to EEPROM.

To install the BASIC interpreter to your own SMART Response XE, [Dan] goes over the process of flashing it to the hardware using an AVR ISP MkII and a few pogo pins soldered to a bit of perboard. There are holes under the battery door of the device that exposes the programming pads on the PCB, so you don’t even need to crack open the case. Although if you are willing to crack open the case, you might as well add in a CC1101 transceiver so the handy little device can double as a spectrum analyzer.

Continue reading “SMART Response XE Turned Pocket BASIC Playground”

Mon, 28 Jun 2021 12:00:00 -0500 en-US text/html https://hackaday.com/tag/tiny-basic/
Basics of Writing

From the early formation of letters to crafting an essay, writing involves perhaps more subskills than any other academic task. To write well requires combining multiple physical and mental processes in one concerted effort to convey information and ideas. We must, for instance, be able to move a pen, or depress a key, precisely and fluidly to render letters, remember rules of grammar and syntax, place our thoughts in an order that makes sense, and think ahead to what we want to write next.

Try ItTry it yourself. Experience a graphomotor difficulty.

This combination of tasks makes writing the highest form and most complex use of language. And as children progress through school, they are asked to do more with this skill than with any other except reading. Writing requirements increase across the curriculum -- from homework assignments and classwork to journals, note taking, quizzes, tests, and papers. Even standardized tests are moving toward fewer multiple-choice questions and more answers in the form of short paragraphs and essays.

Try ItTry it yourself. Experience an essay assignment.

Most of us write with relative ease when we jot notes to friends and loved ones. The more complex or important a writing task is, however, the more likely it is that the ease and fluidity we experience with simpler writing tasks will disappear. Writing an important letter or a company report, we may question our word choice and tone, and anxiously check and recheck to make sure what we've written makes sense.

It is probably no accident that many adults choose jobs that limit the amount of writing they have to do. Children, on the other hand, have no such luxury. They write nearly every day they are in school, from first grade on. And the accuracy, speed, and sophistication with which they write deeply impacts what they ultimately achieve scholastically. Because writing is so integral to a child's success or failure in school, identifying writing problems early is essential.

The Developing Writer

Learning to write, like learning to read or to play a musical instrument, is generally a sequential process. Children progress as writers from one phase to the next, with one set of skills building on the skills acquired earlier. Writing, however, combines many skills, and relies on development in many areas not specific to writing. A child's fine motor control and vocabulary, for example, must Boost in order for her writing to progress normally. Teachers follow the development of their students relative to established developmental milestones for each age and grade.

Stages of Writing

In his book Developmental Variation and Learning Disorders, Dr. Mel Levine identifies six stages of writing development. Below is a list of those stages and some skills that characterize them.

Imitation (preschool to first grade)

In this phase children:
  • pretend to write
  • become aware that letters can be arranged to form words
  • begin to organize letters and shapes in a line
  • begin to print letters and numbers
  • have relatively crude motor skills

Graphic Presentation (first and second grades)

In this phase children:
  • become adept at printing letters
  • are preoccupied with the visual appearance of their writing
  • become self-conscious if their penmanship is less attractive than their classmates'
  • become better at sequential ordering of letters and numbers
  • use invented spellings of words liberally
Try ItTry it yourself. Experience a graphomotor difficulty.

Progressive Incorporation (late second to fourth grade)

In this phase children:
  • gradually incorporate standards of capitalization, punctuation, syntax, and grammar
  • seldom plan what they are going to write before they write it
  • use writing to relate experiences rather than to solve problems or develop ideas
  • begin writing in cursive
  • begin revising their work

Automatization (fourth to seventh grade)

In this phase children:
  • must apply rules of grammar, spelling, and punctuation automatically
  • begin to regularly review their own work
  • begin to write at a level equivalent to their own speech
  • learn to write in stages by incorporating outlines and multiple drafts
  • begin to assess the effectiveness of their own writing

Elaboration (seventh to ninth grade)

In this phase children:
  • become increasingly adept at using writing to express a viewpoint
  • begin to use writing for thinking, problem solving, and remembering
  • learn to synthesize ideas from a variety of sources
  • begin to write at a level that exceeds their own speech
  • use transitions like "finally" and "for example" extensively
Try ItTry it yourself. Experience an essay assignment.

Personalization-Diversification (ninth grade and beyond)

In this phase children:
  • learn to use writing styles appropriate to their subjects
  • become more creative with their writing
  • learn to use sentences of varying length and complexity
  • write with increasingly sophisticated vocabulary
  • develop individual writing styles

Neurodevelopmental Functions

Writing skills develop hand in hand with neurodevelopmental functions. Five key functions -- graphomotor, attention, language, memory, and higher-order cognition -- are outlined below.


Graphomotor function refers to the ability to use muscles in the fingers and hands to form letters easily and legibly and to maintain a comfortable grip on a writing instrument. This function plays an important role in maneuvering a pen or pencil and allowing the fingers to keep pace with the flow of ideas.


Attention plays an important role in all stages of writing. This task often demands considerable mental energy and focus over long periods of time. Writers must not only preview what they want to convey as they put their ideas on paper, but also continually self-monitor to stay on track.


Language is an essential ingredient of writing. The ability to recognize letter sounds, comprehend words and their meanings, understand word order and grammar to construct sentences, and describe or explain ideas all contribute to a child's ability to write clearly.


Memory ability has a significant impact on writing. The rate at which children generate ideas must coincide with their retrieval of necessary vocabulary, spelling, and prior knowledge. When organizing essays, writers must be able to think about a topic, draw upon facts and concepts, and sequence ideas and facts in the right order.

Higher-Order Cognition

In the upper grades, writing relies on higher-order cognitive functions. Assignments often require students to generate original and creative ideas while integrating spelling, grammar, and punctuation rules. By early adolescence, many written assignments demand critical thinking skills and conceptual ability such as evaluating opposing arguments and drawing conclusions.


How technology can help accommodate kids' differences

Learning disabilities, by definition, limit a person's potential to learn. In school, these problems can stand like roadblocks in the way of a child's ability to understand information and ideas, and to master skills that otherwise would be well within his or her grasp. A child who cannot copy a homework assignment quickly enough may leave class with only partial instructions and a great deal of frustration and anxiety. Another child may struggle endlessly to put just a few thoughts on paper, no matter how clearly he has conceived those and many other great ideas in his mind.

While children with writing disabilities may always struggle with these barriers, they can find ways around them. Computers are providing some of these avenues. Word processing technology has had probably the greatest influence on kids with learning disabilities, especially those who struggle with writing. Word processors allow kids who physically struggle to print words on paper to type their work and to make frequent changes or major revisions with far less effort. They also allow kids who normally have problems with legibility or spelling to produce neat, spell-checked copies of their work.

Many kids, however, struggle in ways that cannot be helped by word processors alone. A child whose spelling is so poor as to be unrecognizable will benefit little from a standard spell-check tool. Another child might find it nearly impossible to understand words she reads, while she grasps most everything she hears. Fortunately, there are computer tools that can help in some cases like these.

word prediction software - helps kids who struggle with spelling by providing a list of words to choose from based on the first few letters they type

voice recognition systems - translate speech into written text, allowing a child to say what she wants to write

speech synthesis software - translates written text into speech, allowing a child to listen to textual information instead of reading it

planning and organizing software - provides a clear structure in which to organize thoughts and ideas prior to writing

(Find more information on assistive technologies in Resources.)

While these technologies can provide learning-disabled students with a more efficient way of communicating their ideas, they all have limitations. The most obvious of these shortcomings is that the technologies alone seem to have little or no positive effect on children's long-term skill level. This means, for instance, that using word-prediction software alone will not help a student become a better speller when he's not using the program. But accommodations like this in conjunction with other strategies can Boost skills.

Bullish Scenario: Shares Rise to $60 and the Option Is Exercised
January 1 Buy XYZ shares at $50
January 1 Sell XYZ call option for $4—expires on June 30, exercisable at $55
June 30 Stock closes at $60—option is exercised because it is above $55 and you receive $55 for your shares.
July 1 PROFIT: $5 capital gain + $4 premium collected from sale of the option = $9 per share or 18%
Bearish Scenario: Shares Drop to $40 and the Option Is Not Exercised
January 1 Buy XYZ shares at $50
January 1 Sell XYZ call option for $4—expires on June 30, exercisable at $55
June 30 Stock closes at $40—option is not exercised, and it expires worthless because the stock is below the strike price (the option buyer has no incentive to pay $55/share when they can purchase the stock at $40).
July 1 LOSS: $10 share loss—$4 premium collected from the sale of the option = $6 or -12%. 

Advantages of Covered Calls

Selling covered call options can help offset downside risk or add to upside return, taking the cash premium in exchange for future upside beyond the strike price plus premium during the contract period. In other words, if XYZ stock in the example closes above $59, the seller earns less return than if they held the stock. However, if the stock ends the six-month period below $59 per share, the seller makes more money or loses less money than if the options sale hadn't taken place.

Risks of Covered Calls

Call sellers have to hold onto underlying shares or contracts or they'll be holding naked calls, which have theoretically unlimited loss potential if the underlying security rises. Therefore, sellers need to buy back options positions before expiration if they want to sell shares or contracts, increasing transaction costs while lowering net gains or increasing net losses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Main Benefits of a Covered Call?

The main benefits of a covered call strategy are that it can generate premium income, boost investment returns, and help investors target a selling price above the current market price.

What Are the Main Drawbacks of a Covered Call?

The main drawbacks of a covered call strategy are the risk of losing money if the stock plummets (in which case the investor would have been better off selling the stock outright rather than using a covered call strategy) and the opportunity cost of having the stock "called" away and forgoing any significant future gains in it.

Is There a Risk If I Sell the Underlying Stock Before the Covered Call Expires?

Yes, this can be a huge risk, since selling the underlying stock before the covered call expires would result in the call now being "naked" as the stock is no longer owned. This is akin to a short sale and can generate unlimited losses in theory.

Should I Write a Covered Call on a Core Stock Position with Large Unrealized Gains That I Wish to Hold for the Long Term?

It might not be advisable to do so since selling the stock may trigger a significant tax liability. In addition, if the stock is a core position you wish to hold for the long term, you might not be too happy if it is called away.

The Bottom Line

You can use covered calls to decrease the cost basis or to gain income from shares or futures contracts. When you use one, you're adding a profit generator to stock or contract ownership. 

Like any strategy, covered call writing has advantages and disadvantages. If used with the right stock, covered calls can be a great way to reduce your average cost or generate income.

Mon, 18 Dec 2023 10:00:00 -0600 en text/html https://www.investopedia.com/articles/optioninvestor/08/covered-call.asp Understanding the Basics of Astrocartography No result found, try new keyword!Not familiar with it? Perfect, because by the end of this guide, you'll understand its fascinating basics, its historical roots, and how you can apply it to your own life. Let's dive right in. Thu, 21 Dec 2023 13:49:00 -0600 en-us text/html https://www.msn.com/ The basics of bull riding: A look into the 'most dangerous 8 seconds in sports'

Bull riding is unpredictable, riveting to watch and can be extremely dangerous for competitors.

Bull riding has been dubbed "the most dangerous eight seconds in sports" and rightfully so.

The sports' roots come from Mexico, where it first began in the 1600s. It wasn't until the 1800s that it started to become popular in the United States. 

Bull riding has become a very popular professional sport over the years. (Alex Kormann/Star Tribune via Getty Images)


A common misconception about bull riding is that it only takes place in southern states. While that is where the sport's popularity mainly lies, Professional Bull Riders (PBR) has tours that travel throughout the country, so you can get the experience of watching live. Competitions are also broadcast, so viewers can watch from home.

Rules for the ride

The general rules for riding a bull are pretty simple. Riders must hold the rope with one hand and keep their other in the air while sitting atop a bull.

If, at any time, the free hand touches the bull or any part of the rider's body, no points are awarded for the ride.

A rider must remain mounted on the bucking bull for at least eight seconds to earn any points. This may seem speedy, but it drags on for a rider or audience member.

For riders who are able to stay on the bull for eight seconds, judges provide their score. Up to 100 points can be awarded, 50 for the rider and 50 for the bull.


Bull riders must hold on with one hand while leaving the other in the air to qualify for points. Riders also must stay on their bull for eight seconds. (Ty O'Neil/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

About the bulls 

The bulls used for riding are specifically bred for competition. They range from 1,200 to 2,000 pounds and have a typical lifespan of 15 years.

These bulls will usually start to compete when they are 3 to 4 years old and will continue to compete for two to four years.

Professional Bull Riders

PBR, which is headquartered in Pueblo, Colorado, is the top league in the sport.

According to PBR's website, the league was founded in 1992 by 20 bull riders who wanted to get the sport more mainstream attention. To do so, they each invested $1,000 of their own money.

"We wanted to create a better product for the fans, so that when they tuned in they were seeing the best of the best every time," said PBR co-founder and nine-time World Champion Ty Murray, per PBR's website. "Those expectations have been exceeded immensely, and the fact that this sport continues to grow is a gratifying notion, one that supports all the hard work and dedication of every member of the PBR."


"Unleash the Beast" is the top competition part of Professional Bull Riders. (Elsa/Getty Images)

Now, there are more than 800 members who have PBR membership, according to the site, with more than 200 events each year.

The top competition in the PBR is the "Unleash the Beast" tour, which runs from November to May.

Riders are eligible for membership when they are 18 years old. Once an individual gains eligibility, they can compete in different tours where they can earn points to qualify for "Unleash the Beast."

PBR events are held in the United States, Canada, Australia and Brazil.

Bull-riding teams

Bull-riding teams were launched in 2022 as part of the Camping World Team Series.

Eight teams participate in an 11-event season that runs opposite "Unleash the Beast."


Bull riding can cause injury to the rider and is a rather common occurrence. (Xinhua/Zou Zheng via Getty Images)

The 2023 team championship in Las Vegas was won by the Texas Rattlers.

Dangers of bull riding 

Bull riding is an extremely dangerous sport in which injuries run rampant.

There have been a few deaths in competitions. In 2019, rider Mason Lowe died from injuries at a Denver event where a bull stomped on his chest.

In 2021, Amadeu Silva was killed at an event in California when he got caught underneath a bull.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Sat, 30 Dec 2023 02:50:00 -0600 Fox News en text/html https://www.foxnews.com/sports/basics-bull-riding-look-most-dangerous-8-seconds-sports
Microtubules: the basics

Microtubules: the basics

Microtubules are major components of the cytoskeleton. They are found in all eukaryotic cells, and they are involved in mitosis, cell motility, intracellular transport, and maintenance of cell shape. Microtubules are composed of alpha- and beta-tubulin subunits assembled into linear protofilaments. A single microtubule contains 10 to 15 protofilaments (13 in mammalian cells) that wind together to form a 24 nm wide hollow cylinder. Microtubules are structures that can rapidly grow (via polymerization) or shrink (via depolymerization) in size, depending on how many tubulin molecules they contain.

Sat, 29 Sep 2018 15:03:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.nature.com/scitable/content/microtubules-the-basics-14673338/
Hitachi UK rail plant takes multimillion hit as train manufacturers struggle

Hitachi’s factory in the North East of England has taken a multimillion pound writedown amid growing concerns over the health of UK train manufacturing.

Hitachi’s UK operation has taken a multimillion pound writedown on the value of its plant in County Durham, as concerns mount over the future of the UK’s train manufacturing sector.

In its latest company accounts, Hitachi revealed a £64.8m impairment to the value of its plant in Newton Aycliffe, citing issues including a production gap and inflation.

Britain’s train manufacturers are reeling from a slowdown in rolling stock orders. Low passenger demand and increasing home working since the pandemic have decimated rail operator’s finances across the country, restricting orderbooks.

The French giant Alstom is currently consulting on up to 1,300 job cuts at its Litchurch Lane factory in Derby, which has no confirmed workload beyond the first quarter of 2024. 

The company’s chief executive warned this week that suppliers of the plant were already facing insolvency, as they await clarity from government before work stops in six weeks. The issues have been made worse by the government’s decision to axe the Northern Leg of HS2.

Hitachi’s £82m plant in the North East delivers trains to Avanti West Coast and East Midlands Railway and was the group’s first European factory.

Its accounts noted that the writedown should “not be interpreted that Newton Aycliffe is entering into a period of cessation” and would not have “any operational impact on its ability to deliver current or future orders.”

Industry warnings over future job losses have grown amid the deep cuts at Alstom. The Railway Industry Association (RIA), the trade body representing the UK rail supply community, has called for clarity over the time frame of future orders.

Speaking to the Transport Select Committee last week, RIA technical director David Clarke, said: “We need a visible and smoother pipeline for new and refurbished rolling stock, to provide clarity for rail suppliers and protect UK rail manufacturing… in the short to medium term.”

Hitachi was approached for comment. In a statement published in the Financial Times, who first reported the writedown, the company said: “We continue work with industry stakeholders and the UK government on opportunities surrounding new rolling stock orders such that we can continue to support and further enhance our investments here in the UK.”  

The Department for Transport was approached for comment.

Sat, 09 Dec 2023 23:20:00 -0600 Guy Taylor en-GB text/html https://www.cityam.com/hitachi-uk-rail-plant-takes-multimillion-hit-as-train-manufacturers-struggle/
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