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HCE-5420 information - Hitachi Data Systems Certified Specialist - Content Platform

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HCE-5420 Hitachi Data Systems Certified Specialist - Content Platform

Exam Name : Content Platform implementation Specialist
Exam Number : HCE-5420 Content Platform implementation
Exam Duration : 90 minutes
Questions in test : 60
Passing Score : 66
Exam Registration : PEARSON VUE
Real Questions : Hitachi Vantara HCE-5420 Real Questions
VCE VCE test : Hitachi Vantara Certified Specialist - Hitachi Content Platform implementation Practice Test

Section Objectives Hitachi Content Platform Solution Architecture - Identify HCP solution components and describe their function.
- Describe the Hitachi Content Platform tiering solutions components.
- Identify the connectivity features of HCP.
- Identify the capabilities of HCP as they relate to the customer environment.
- Describe the solution architecture of HCP.
- Describe HCP solutions involving compliance mode or retention.
- Identify replication concepts and topologies between Hitachi Content Platform systems. Hitachi Content Platform Pre-Installation - Identify customer network requirements prior to a Hitachi Content Platform solution implementation.
- Identify the access protocols supported in HCP solutions and describe their influence on the features used on the namespaces.
- Describe the customer requirements for integrating an HCP solution with authentication services.
- Demonstrate how to provision HCP storage according to Hitachi Vantara best practices. Hitachi Content Platform Deployment - Describe the deployment of HCP solutions in VMware environments.
- Demonstrate understanding of the parameters used during the initial configuration of a HCP solution.
- Demonstrate how to configure network management on HCP solutions.
- Demonstrate how to configure HCP software for customer use.
- Demonstrate understanding of HCP replication operations.
- Demonstrate knowledge of how to implement an HCP service plan. Hitachi Content Platform Solution Integration - Demonstrate how to configure HCP for integration with other Hitachi file-and-content solutions such as Hitachi Data Ingestor and HCP Anywhere.
- Describe how to integrate HCP into a Microsoft® Active Directory® environment.
- Describe the data-access privileges of HCP tenants and namespaces.
- Describe how to add storage to existing HCP nodes.
- Describe how to add nodes to an existing HCP solution.
- Demonstrate understanding of HCP storage migration. Hitachi Content Platform Management - Identify documentation that the customer can use for managing HCP.
- Describe system-level administrative roles and operations in HCP.
- Describe tenant-level administrative roles and operations in HCP.
- Describe the features that allow monitoring of HCP.
- Demonstrate how services and related policies operate on HCP.
- Describe how to use the metadata query engine in HCP. Hitachi Content Platform Solution Support - Describe HCP software-update procedures.
- Describe how to collect data from HCP for troubleshooting and problem-escalation purposes.
Hitachi Data Systems Certified Specialist - Content Platform
Hitachi Specialist information

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Killexams : Hitachi Specialist information - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/HCE-5420 Search results Killexams : Hitachi Specialist information - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/HCE-5420 https://killexams.com/exam_list/Hitachi Killexams : Drug Information Specialists

All pharmacists provide some level of drug information, whether to other clinicians or to patients. In fact, a accurate survey found that 96.4% of 491 hospitals have staff pharmacists who routinely answer drug information questions,[1] and a separate survey of colleges of pharmacy showed that 89% of first professional pharmacy degree programs require at least one didactic course in drug information.[2] While most pharmacists are equipped with knowledge regarding the practice of drug information, the ever-expanding list of pharmaceuticals, as well as the overwhelming amount of clinical data, makes it difficult for practitioners to stay current with accurate developments. This also results in the need for more advanced problem-solving skills in order to answer the more complex questions that challenge practitioners today.

Training in Drug Information Practice

Drug information certified are pharmacists whose primary responsibility is the provision of drug information. As with any specialty, formalized training beyond that received in pharmacy school is not required; however, this focused training does Improve the practitioner's clinical credibility and ability to compete with others for employment opportunities. These two intangible attributes may also be obtained with time and experience.

The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) provides residency accreditation in drug information. There are currently 31 ASHP-accredited drug information specialty residencies located throughout the United States. These residency programs are housed in community, academic, and industrial settings and offer a variety of learning opportunities. Although there are additional drug information residency programs that are not ASHP accredited, the standards and objectives for such accreditation may be used to describe the clinical skills set of the drug information specialist which go beyond the minimum standards required of all pharmacists.[3]

Most drug information residency programs provide the resident with 12 months of directed, postgraduate practical experience in the provision of comprehensive drug information. During this 12-month period, the resident is exposed to various aspects of drug information practice that range in scope and complexity, with the ultimate goal of training the resident to become a competent drug information specialist. Many of the competencies required of a drug information resident are specific to executive issues, such as the development and management of a drug information center, but there are many more competencies that construct the foundation of a drug information specialist's clinical practice. Drug information certified must be up-to-date with relevant drug-related literature in order to provide the most current information. They are often tasked as a pharmacy representative to pharmacy and therapeutics (P&T) committees. Responsibilities may include preparing medication-use policies and procedures, improving a health system's adverse-drug-reaction reporting and medication-use evaluation programs, and creating and distributing newsletters containing pertinent medication-use information. The drug information specialist must have advanced literature search and assessment skills to develop drug monographs. Additional responsibilities often include developing patient safety initiatives, ensuring compliance with Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations's standards, and appropriately utilizing drug-contracting opportunities to decrease drug expenditures. Drug information certified may also work in pharmacy informatics.

Career Opportunities in Drug Information

As previously mentioned, drug information certified work in a variety of settings, each with its own unique scope of practice. Academic drug information centers staffed by drug information certified offer pharmacy students practical experience in utilizing available medical media and developing literature-search strategies. Of 88 colleges of pharmacy surveyed, 20% require a drug information practice experience and 70% offer the experience as an elective.[2] These centers are often located within colleges of pharmacy or university hospitals. Most offer their services to a limited range of health care professionals, such as those within certain facilities or within the region or state. Others offer their services to community pharmacists and patients. Many health maintenance organizations (HMOs) and group purchasing organizations (GPOs) have contractual relationships with academic drug information centers, which in turn offer their services to the respective members of the organizations. In addition, HMOs, GPOs, and pharmacy benefit management companies (PBMs) have internal drug information departments that assist their members on a grander scale by providing many of the items utilized by P&T committees in making medication-use decisions. Many PBMs also provide consumer-based drug information via the Internet that is prepared by drug information specialists.

Proprietary and generic drug manufacturers are staffed with pharmacists who provide drug information specifically for the drugs manufactured by the respective companies. Although there is some information they cannot legally share and all information received should be critically evaluated, they do maintain a database of clinical studies, both published and unpublished, that provides hard-to-find information. These drug information certified are available to health care professionals and the public and should be contacted if a patient has an unexpected adverse drug reaction. In addition, drug information certified have practical knowledge of clinical trial design and often provide valuable insight as medical writers and in governmental agencies analyzing drug efficacy and safety claims.

An Underutilized Resource

Drug information certified are trained to provide clear, concise, and accurate drug information in a variety of settings. Not only do they provide quality service, but pharmacist-provided drug information, adverse-drug-reaction monitoring, and formulary management have been associated with significant reductions in the total cost of care in hospital settings, as well as reductions in patient deaths.[4] The presence of a drug information center providing these services in 232 hospitals reduced total cost of care per hospital by $5,226,128.22 (p = 0.003), including a $391,604.94 reduction in drug costs per hospital, and was associated with a total of 10,463 fewer deaths.[4] Disappointingly, an online survey of health care professionals showed that only 1% of respondents contact a drug information center when the need arises.[5] Another accurate survey found that only 5.9% of 491 hospitals have a staff position dedicated to the provision of drug information and 4.1% have a formal drug information center.[1] Granted, contacting a drug information specialist may not be the fastest way to obtain drug information in an emergency situation; nonetheless, this underutilization raises several questions.

Today, the Internet provides a plethora of information for both health care professionals and their patients. Many practitioners probably use the Internet when seeking answers to questions. However, at least one study judged significantly more responses obtained from a drug information center as accurate when compared with those received from a Usenet newsgroup (p = 0.001).[6] Also, there is no quality control for these types of newsgroup services and other similar medical information sources housed on the Internet, and practitioners may be jeopardizing their own credibility when using these resources. Another source of information is facility-housed references, including print and electronic products. Electronic drug information products are becoming increasingly popular. A accurate survey showed that 60.4% of 491 hospitals subscribed to some sort of electronic product.[1] Two interesting surveys on drug information references have been conducted.[7,8] In one survey, 40.9% of 22 respondents said they were not satisfied with the drug information resources to which their pharmacy currently subscribed.[7] In another survey, 38% of 71 respondents said they used a drug information reference at least 10 times a day, and another 35.2% used such a reference 3-5 times daily.[8] This discrepancy shows that practitioners regularly use some sort of drug information reference, even though they are not always satisfied with the information obtained.

With so many pharmacists retrieving information from drug information references, the underutilization of drug information certified as a resource cannot be attributed to a lack in the number of questions that need to be answered. Perhaps practitioners do not know how to find drug information specialists. Industry-based certified can be contacted via the manufacturer's Web site, and the Physicians' Desk Reference provides a listing of contact information for drug manufacturers.[9] Drug Topics's Red Book contains a list of academic drug information centers, and many colleges of pharmacy provide these services to the pharmacies in their respective states.[10] It is also worth contacting HMOs or GPOs, where applicable, to learn about the services they provide.

Drug information certified are a valuable resource available to support appropriate drug use and Improve quality of patient care. New practitioners are urged to take advantage of the expertise of drug information specialists, either within or outside of their own institutions.

Wed, 31 May 2023 12:01:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/530769
Killexams : Hitachi Vantara Launches Data Reliability Engineering Services to Strengthen Data Ecosystems

Hitachi Vantara, the modern infrastructure, data management and digital solutions subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE: 6501), today introduced Hitachi Data Reliability Engineering (DRE), a suite of consulting services helping organizations Improve the quality and consistency of business-critical data. Amid a surge of data from connected devices and applications, organizations are challenged with increasingly complex data environments.

According to a accurate report, – The many faces of observability – clarifying the role and function of data observability, 451 Research, part of S&P Global Market Intelligence1

Once determined to accumulate vast amounts of data, the issue of reliability in datasets for non-technical users is apparent and becoming an imperative for many CXOs. With a secure, self-service approach, DRE allows organizations to embed quality data into applications, enhancing internal processes and customer-centric business strategies.

Combining cutting-edge tools and proven DataOps processes, Hitachi DRE employs metadata engineering, data lineage, data cost optimization, self-healing mechanisms, and AI-driven automation to provide visibility, reliability and resilience throughout the data lifecycle. Ensuring high-quality data systems and pipelines, Hitachi DRE’s automated and secure self-service approach helps to deliver consistent, trustworthy data.

As AI and machine learning fuel an increasingly data-driven world, customers and partners look to Hitachi DRE to maximize the value derived from their data.

Roger Lvin, President, Digital Solutions at Hitachi Vantara

Many of our customers are grappling with the unprecedented volume and complexity of their data environments and simply don’t have the resources to maintain trustworthy, highly functional data to fuel their complex analytics and modern application needs. Hitachi DRE is Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) for data. Addressing the incredible pace of Generative AI and tsunami of data from connected devices, it has become an imperative to manage data pipelines safely and accurately through AI-driven automation. Hitachi DRE’s brand-new approach allows our customers to regain control of their data and maximize the value it provides to their organization.

Rohit Talwar, Vice President-Software Engineering and Digital Experience at Penske Transportation Solutions, a leading global transportation services provider

Penske has dramatically expanded data and analytics initiatives to optimize its fleets with repair recommendation and predictive maintenance applications where historical maintenance records and real-time data are analyzed to make better decisions about our operations and proactively avoid unscheduled downtime. Hitachi Vantara has been a key partner to not only build these solutions but continuously Improve them. As we continue to digitize and implement new solutions, our data landscape becomes increasingly complex and services like Data Reliability Engineering can help us ensure we’re getting the most out of our data, and ultimately, our people and our machines.

Rohit Choudhary, founder and CEO at Acceldata, the market leader in enterprise data observability

Enterprise data teams require a new approach to support data reliability needs that goes far beyond the current generation of data quality tools. Acceldata has been enabling enterprises with a comprehensive data observability platform for the entire supply chain of data, with data reliability, data platform spend intelligence, and operational intelligence. Hitachi Vantara’s Data Reliability Engineering is a fantastic complement to the Acceldata Data Observability Platform as we offer customers a comprehensive solution to maximize the value of their data.

Tue, 30 May 2023 19:09:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.thefastmode.com/technology-solutions/32253-hitachi-vantara-launches-data-reliability-engineering-services-to-strengthen-data-ecosystems
Killexams : Japan's Hitachi Astemo appoints Honda veteran as next CEO

TOKYO, June 1 (Reuters) - Japan's Hitachi Astemo said on Thursday an auto industry veteran will take over as top executive from Brice Koch, who handled the automotive supplier's response to misconduct over testing and other procedures for components going back as far as the 1980s.

Hitachi Astemo, which makes a wide range of car, motorcycle and train parts such as brake systems and powertrains, is a joint venture between Hitachi and major automaker Honda Motor Co Ltd.

Honda director Kohei Takeuchi will become its new president and CEO effective July 1, pending the approval of the shareholders and board later this month, Hitachi Astemo said in a statement.

In a career spanning over four decades at Honda, Takeuchi held posts such as risk management officer and chief financial officer.

Koch was stepping down from his role because of his appointment as board chairman of Hitachi Europe Ltd, Hitachi Astemo said in the statement. It did not refer to the issues it found with testing and other procedures for components.

Koch last month announced the outcome of a probe into the wrongdoing that found that employees had wrongly handled test and other procedures at 11 domestic and four overseas plants, affecting 22 products for 69 customers.

The longest running issue the company found at that time had lasted for about 40 years from January 1983.

(Reporting by Daniel Leussink; Editing by Kim Coghill)

Wed, 31 May 2023 22:48:48 -0500 en-US text/html https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/companies/japans-hitachi-astemo-appoints-honda-veteran-as-next-ceo/ar-AA1c1no7
Killexams : Hitachi Accelerates LATAM Expansion With Costa Rica Landing

Hitachi Solutions, a Japanese IT consulting firm, arrived in Costa Rica to provide nearshore IT services to its American clients.

The Tokyo-based firm already engaged about 100 IT certified for its San Jose delivery center, with company executives estimating that the number will more than double in the next few years.

Costa Rica is the fifth Latin American country in which Hitachi Solutions has established its presence. The firm employs 500 people in Mexico and 300 people in Brazil. The Buenos Aires and Bogota offices employ less than 100 individuals.

Expanding operations in Latin America is the “next step in our growth strategy,” said Jerry Hawk, CEO of Hitachi Solutions America. “This unique opportunity to further accelerate our advisory and solution services business in an area rich in untapped talent will strengthen Hitachi Solutions’ global footprint and help us better meet our customers’ needs.”

The services provided by Hitachi are entirely focused on Microsoft platforms such as Dynamics 365, SharePoint and Azure.

It reported US$164 million in sales for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2022, according to Owler.  Consulting services account for a good amount of company business, with systems integration and application development accounting for about half of its sales.

Thu, 01 Jun 2023 05:08:00 -0500 Narayan Ammachchi en-US text/html https://nearshoreamericas.com/hitachi-accelerates-latam-expansion-with-costa-rica-landing/ Killexams : HITACHI VANTARA

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Killexams : Hitachi CG22EABSLP String Trimmer

The Hitachi CG22EABSLP is part of the String Trimmers test program at Consumer Reports. In our lab tests, String Trimmers models like the CG22EABSLP are rated on multiple criteria, such as those listed below.

Trimming Indicates how quickly and neatly models cut grass.

Edging How quickly and neatly models trimmed a vertical line along a walkway.

Tall grass and weeds Indicates cutting power in tall grass and weeds.

Mon, 18 Apr 2022 09:59:00 -0500 en-US text/html https://www.consumerreports.org/products/string-trimmers-28942/string-trimmer-28729/hitachi-cg22eabslp-145140/

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Killexams : Smithsonian Visitor Information Specialist: Museum Information Desk Program

As a Visitor Information Specialist Volunteer, you will engage with visitors and inspire them to plan memorable and exciting experiences across the Smithsonian. Volunteers provide essential services to the Smithsonian by providing a warm welcome and useful information to our visitors about Smithsonian exhibitions, activities, services, and more. If you’re looking for a volunteer role that allows you to meet people from around the world, learn about new and exciting things happening at the Smithsonian, and be at the center of the action, this position is for you!


Dynamic and friendly individuals 18 years or older who have a desire to talk with visitors and share their enthusiasm for the Smithsonian and all that it has to offer. Also looking for people who...

  • show excellent customer service skills
  • are approachable and outgoing
  • enjoy working with diverse people
  • have strong computer skills
  • Foreign-language skills are a plus.

Applicants must be able to volunteer for a minimum of one year, once a week or once every other weekend. Regular shift times are 4 hours in length.


Visitor Information certified serve at Information Desks across the Smithsonian, including:


Training is provided for all Visitor Information certified through the Office of Visitor Services and is a prerequisite to service. Training for the next class of Visitor Information certified will begin in March 2023. 

Placement Process

We are now accepting applications for this assignment! 

  1. Complete an online application
  2. Interview with a staff member to ensure mutual fit
  3. Receive tentative placement and initiate a background check
  4. Attend and complete online and in-person training
  5. Start volunteering!

Start the process and apply today!

More Information

Please contact Abbey Earich at EarichA@si.edu with questions about this volunteer assignment.

Mon, 08 Jun 2020 05:15:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.si.edu/Volunteer/Museum-Information-Desk
Killexams : Hearing Aid Specialist No result found, try new keyword!It's a hearing aid specialist's job to evaluate the extent of the client's hearing loss with various tests – and then figure out the best fit for the client's particular level of hearing loss ... Sun, 05 Feb 2023 15:22:00 -0600 text/html https://money.usnews.com/careers/best-jobs/hearing-aid-specialist Killexams : Arcelik Hitachi Home Appliances Appoints Hakuhodo First Thailand as Global Marketing Partner

Arcelik Hitachi Home Appliances, themanufacturer, distributor, and after sales services provider ofHitachi branded home appliances globally, appointed HakuhodoFirst Thailand, part of the Hakuhodo network, as its new globalmarketing partner. This partnership marks a new era in ArcelikHitachi Home Appliances' global branding strategy, as thecompany seeks to enhance its brand visibility and recognitionworldwide.

Arcelik Hitachi Home Appliances Appoints Hakuhodo First Thailand as Global Marketing Partner

Since its establishment in 2021, the joint venture between Arcelikand Hitachi Global Life Solutions, Inc. has prioritised sustainablegrowth while enhancing and enriching the consumer experiencethrough improvements to its existing product portfolio and newproduct innovations.

We are excited to partner with Hakuhodo First as our globalmarketing partner to provide lifestyle solutions for our customersin more than 65 markets," said Mr. Tolga Akin, Marketing Directorof Arcelik Hitachi Home Appliances. "Hakuhodo First will play akey role in executing a new marketing strategy to drive long-termgrowth for our expanding product portfolio while staying true toour brand's 110-year heritage. We look forward to a prosperousrelationship with Hakuhodo First he added.

"Hakuhodo First is looking forward to the partnership with ArcelikHitachi Home Appliances" said Ryoji Suzuki, Co-CEO at Hakuhodo First. "We hope that together we will boost the ArcelikHitachi Home Appliances' digital presence and enhance theoverall customer experience by employing innovative advertisingtechnologies and leveraging data," he added.

Hakuhodo First utilizes the capability and knowledge of H+, thedigital experience specialist group which is a part of theHakuhodo network. The collaboration with Arcelik Hitachi aims toboost the brand's digital presence and Improve the overallcustomer experience by utilising innovative advertisingtechnologies and leveraging insight data. Hakuhodo First will workclosely with Arcelik Hitachi Home Appliances to design andexecute digitally engaging campaigns to further drive businessgrowth. The partnership is expected to expand the brand'scustomer reach and strengthen its position in the global homeappliance market.

Sun, 21 May 2023 21:13:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.newswit.com/en/ift1pu7kissqobfm5o8wwgavm15g4s0z

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