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FCBA BCS Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis

Exam ID : FCBA
Exam Title : BCS Foundation Certificate in Business(R) Analysis (ISEB)
Questions : 40
Passing Marks : 26 (65%)
Duration : 60 min.
Exam Type : Multiple Choice

The format for the examination is a one hour multiple-choice examination consisting of 40 questions. The examination is closed book (no materials can be taken into the examination room). The pass mark is 26/40 (65%).

Take your first step on your business analysis career path by attaining a certification that employers around the world respect and value
Understand how to identify and evaluate options for improving your business
Develop skills and knowledge to support successful business change programmes within your organisation
Attain one of the four modules you need to gain the International Diploma in Business Analysis

- What is Business Analysis (2.5%)
- The Competencies of a Business Analyst (2.5%)
- Strategy Analysis (7.5%)
- The Business Analysis Process Model (5%)
- Investigation techniques (15%)
- Stakeholder Analysis and Management (10%)
- Modelling Business Processes (10%)
- Defining the solution (5%)
- Making a Business and Financial Case (10%)
- Establishing the Requirements (7.5%)
- Documenting and Managing Requirements (7.5%)
- Modelling Requirements (7.5%)
- Delivering the Requirements (5%)
- Delivering the Business Solution (5%)

Candidates should be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of business analysis principles and techniques. Key areas are:
 the role and competencies of a business analyst
 strategy analysis
 business system and business process modelling
 stakeholder analysis
 investigation and modelling techniques
 requirements engineering
 business case development
This certification provides a foundation for the range of specialist BCS modular certificates in the areas of Business Analysis, IS Consultancy and Business Change. The certification can also be used as the knowledge-based specialist module for the Diploma in Business Analysis. In addition, the certification provides foundation-level Business Analysis knowledge for specialists in other disciplines, particularly Project Managers and System Developers.
The syllabus is based on the BCS publication Business Analysis, 3rd edition, and it is recommended that this text is studied by those preparing to take this examination. The headings listed in the syllabus relate to the relevant chapter headings, section headings and text included in this publication.

1. What is Business Analysis (2.5%)
1.1 The origins of business analysis
1.2 The development of business analysis
 The impact of outsourcing
 Competitive advantage of using IT
 Successful business change
 The importance of the business analyst
 Business analysts as internal consultants
1.3 The scope of business analysis work
 The range of analysis activities
 Strategic analysis and definition
 IT systems analysis
 Business analysis
1.4 Taking a holistic approach
1.5 The role and responsibilities of a business analyst
 Definition of the business analyst role
 Further aspects of the business analyst role 2. The Competencies of a Business Analyst (2.5%)
2.1 Personal qualities
2.2 Business knowledge
2.3 Professional techniques
2.4 The development of competencies
3. Strategy Analysis (7.5%)
3.1 The context for strategy
3.2 The definition of strategy (Johnson, Scholes and Whittington 2008)
3.3 Strategy development
3.4 External environment analysis
 PESTLE analysis
 Porters five forces model
3.5 Internal environment analysis
 MOST analysis
 Resource Audit
 Boston Box
3.6 SWOT analysis
3.7 Executing strategy
 The McKinsey 7-S model
 The Balanced Business Scorecard
 Critical Success Factors and Key Performance Indicators
4. The Business Analysis Process Model (5%)
4.1 An approach to problem-solving
4.2 Stages of the business analysis process model
 Investigate the situation
 Consider the perspectives
 Analyse the needs
 Evaluate the options
 Define the requirements
4.3 Objectives of the process model stages
4.4 Procedure for each process model stage
4.5 Techniques used within each process model stage
5. Investigation techniques (15%)
5.1 Interviews
 Advantages and disadvantages of interviewing
 Preparing for interviewing
 Conducting the interview
 Following up the interview
5.2 Observation
 Advantages and disadvantages of observation
 Formal observation
 Protocol analysis
 Shadowing
 Ethnographic studies
5.3 Workshops
 Advantages and disadvantages of workshops
 Preparing for the workshop
 Facilitating the workshop
 Techniques
 Following the workshop
5.4 Scenarios
 Advantages and disadvantages of scenarios
 Process for developing scenarios
 Documenting scenarios
5.5 Prototyping
 Advantages and disadvantages of prototyping
5.6 Quantitative approaches
 Surveys or Questionnaires
 Special Purpose Records
 Activity Sampling
 Document Analysis
5.7 Documenting the current situation
 Rich Pictures
 Mind Maps
6. Stakeholder Analysis and Management (10%)
6.1 Stakeholder categories and identification
 Customers
 Partners
 Suppliers
 Competitors
 Regulators
 Owners
 Employees
 Managers
6.2 Analysing stakeholders
 The Power/Interest Grid
6.3 Stakeholder management strategies
 No or low interest and no or low power (or influence)
 Some or high interest but no or low power (or influence)
 No or low to high interest but some power (or influence)
 No or low interest but high power (or influence)
 Some interest and high power (or influence)
 High interest and high power (or influence)
6.4 Managing stakeholders
 Stakeholder plan/assessment
6.5 Understanding stakeholder perspectives
 Soft Systems Methodology
 Analysing the perspectives
6.6 Business activity models
 Creating a business activity model
 Types of activities – Plan, Enable, Do, Monitor, Control
 Developing a consensus model
7. Modelling Business Processes (10%)
7.1 Organisational context
 Functional view of an organisation
7.2 An alternative view of an organisation
7.3 The organisational view of business processes
7.4 Value propositions
7.5 Process models
 Business events
 Developing the business process model
7.6 Analysing the as-is process model
7.7 Improving business processes (to-be business process)
 Business rules
 Simplify the process
 Remove bottlenecks
 Change the sequence of tasks
 Redefine process boundary
 Automate the processing
 Redesign the process
8. Defining the solution (5%)
8.1 Gap analysis
 Identifying areas of concern
 Framework for gap analysis (elements of POPIT model)
 Formulating options
8.2 Introduction to Business Architecture
8.3 Definition of Business Architecture
8.4 Business Architecture techniques
 Definition of a capability model
 Definition of a value stream
9. Making a Business and Financial Case (10%)
9.1 The business case in the project lifecycle
9.2 Identifying options
9.3 Assessing project feasibility
 Business feasibility
 Technical feasibility
 Financial feasibility
9.4 Structure of a business case
 Contents of a business case
 Categories of costs and benefits
 Impact assessment
 Risk assessment
9.5 Investment appraisal
 Payback
 Discounted cash flow and Internal rate of return
10. Establishing the Requirements (7.5%)
10.1 A framework for requirements engineering
10.2 Actors in requirements engineering
 The business representatives
 The project team
10.3 Requirements elicitation
 Tacit and explicit knowledge
 Requirements elicitation techniques
10.4 Requirements analysis
 Requirements filters
 SMART requirements
10.5 Requirements validation
11. Documenting and Managing Requirements (7.5%)
11.1 The requirements document
 Structure
 Content of the requirements document
11.2 The requirements catalogue
 Types of requirements; general, technical, functional and non-functional
 Hierarchy of requirements
 Documenting a requirement
11.3 Managing requirements
 Elements of requirements management 12. Modelling Requirements (7.5%)
12.1 Modelling system functions
 Use case diagrams
12.2 Modelling system data
 Entity Relationship Diagrams
o Entities, attributes and relationships
o Types of relationships
 Class Models
o Objects and classes
o Attributes
o Associations
13. Delivering the Requirements (5%)
13.1 Delivering the solution
13.2 Context
13.3 Lifecycles
 The waterfall lifecycle
 The ‘V model lifecycle
 Incremental lifecycle
 Iterative systems development lifecycle
14. Delivering the Business Solution (5%)
14.1 BA role in the business change lifecycle
14.2 Design stage
 Information and Technology
o Design
o Development
o Testing
14.3 Implementation stage
 SARAH model
14.4 Realisation stage
 Contents of the benefits plan
BCS Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis
ISEB Certificate Free PDF

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BCS Foundation Certificate in Business(R) Analysis
Question: 142
Which of the following statements is true?
A. Shadowing is an effective way of preparing test scripts for user acceptance.
B. Rich pictures and mind maps are used to document the requirements for the IT
C. Interviews are effective in building a consensus view and securing agreement
from a diverse group.
D. Ethnographic Studies are concerned with the long term observation of the
business environment.
Answer: D
Question: 143
The following is a list of statements concerning investigation techniques.
a. Questionnaires are an effective way of developing rapport with the business
users. b. Workshops are an effective way of obtaining user buy-in and acceptance.
c. Protocol analysis involves following a user for a period to find out what they do.
d. Scenarios can be used as an effective basis for the development of prototypes.
Which of the following is correct?
A. Statements a and c are incorrect, statements b and d are correct.
B. Statements a and d are incorrect, statements b and c are correct
C. Statements b and c are incorrect, statements a and d are correct.
D. Statements c and d are incorrect, statements a and b are correct.
Answer: A
Question: 144
A business case for a project claims that the new system will provide managers with
more time to think creatively about strategic issues. What would this be classified
as in a cost- benefit analysis?
A. An intangible cost.
B. A tangible benefit.
C. An intangible benefit.
D. A tangible cost.
Answer: C
Question: 145
Which of the following BEST describes the cause of a bottleneck in a business
A. A step where one actor passes the process to another actor.
B. A mismatch between the capacities of related process steps.
C. An unnecessary step or steps in a sequence of process steps.
D. A number of related steps that are carried out by different actors.
Answer: B
Question: 146
Which of the following diagrams explicitly shows the sequence of tasks?
A. A swim-lane diagram.
B. A use case diagram.
C. A business activity model.
D. A class model.
Answer: A
Question: 147
Which of the following BEST describes the term value proposition?
A. The net present value of a proposed project.
B. The value that a product or service offers to customers.
C. The proposed value of benefits in a cost-benefit analysis.
D. The value of the Internal Rate of Return of a project.
Answer: B
Question: 148
Which of the following is an advantage to the host organisation of using an
internal consultant to conduct a business analysis project?
A. They will have a broad business perspective.
B. They will be familiar with the host organisation.
C. They will only be paid when they are needed.
D. They will have a dispassionate view of the host organisation.
Answer: B
Question: 149
The following is a list of statements about stakeholders and stakeholder
management. a. A customer can be considered as a stakeholder in a project.
b. A supplier can be considered as a stakeholder in a project.
c. Stakeholders' positions do not remain static during the life of the project. d.
Communication must not be tailored to each stakeholder in the project. Which of
the following is correct?
A. Statements a, b and c are correct, statement d is incorrect.
B. All four statements are correct.
C. Statements a and c are correct, statements b and d are incorrect.
D. Statements b and c are correct, statements a and d are incorrect.
Answer: A
Question: 150
Which of the following statements about business activity models (BAM) is
A. A BAM flowcharts the sequence of business events.
B. A BAM will show who carries out business activities.
C. A BAM is a model of the organisation s processes.
D. A BAM will be defined for each business perspective.
Answer: D
Question: 151
The senior managers of an organisation recognise that they employ
knowledgeable, committed staff. Under which category of a SWOT will this be
A. Weaknesses,
B. Opportunities.
C. Threats.
D. Strengths.
Answer: D
Question: 152
Which of the following represents the total cash flows of an investment, over a
period of time, adjusted to reflect the time value of money?
A. The Internal Rate of Return.
B. The Time to Payback.
C. The Net Present Value.
D. The Return on Investment.
Answer: C
Question: 153
A business analyst wishes to show that a company wants to store information about
different types of product. Some attributes are common to every product (for
example; product name) but other attributes only apply to certain product types. For
example, product material only applies to accessory products. Which of the
following constructs could the business analyst use to represent this on a class
A. An association class.
B. A many-to-many multiplicity.
C. A generalisation structure.
D. An <> structure.
Answer: C
Question: 154
Which of the following would BEST be managed with the "keep satisfied"
stakeholder management strategy?
A. Those with high power/influence and no interest in the project.
B. Those with high power/influence and some interest in the project.
C. Those with some power/influence and high interest in the project.
D. Those with some power/influence and some interest in the project.
Answer: B
Question: 155
Which of the following would be an appropriate name for a use case that allows a
project manager to allocate resources to a project?
A. Assign resources.
B. Resource.
C. Project Manager.
D. Project.
Answer: A
Question: 156
Which of the following lists includes only activities that are defined as support
activities in the value chain?
A. Firm infrastructure, service, marketing and sales.
B. Inbound logistics, outbound logistics, operations.
C. Procurement, technology development, human resource management.
D. Service, procurement, firm infrastructure.
Answer: C
Question: 157
Given the cashflows below, which of the following is correct?
A. The project pays back in year 4 of the project.
B. The project does not pay back within the four year period.
C. The project pays back in year 2 of the project.
D. The project pays back in year 3 of the project.
Answer: B
Question: 158
The required competencies of a business analyst are classified into three categories.
Which of the following is one of these three categories?
A. Management Qualities.
B. Business Knowledge.
C. IT Skills
D. Project Skills.
Answer: B
Question: 159
When should benefits realisation be carried out?
A. Immediately at the end of the project.
B. At the beginning of the project.
C. At the end of the finalised feasibility study.
D. Months or years after the end of the project.
Answer: D
Question: 160
Which of the following statement is TRUE about the process view of an
A. It focuses on the customer of the organisation.
B. It focuses solely on the internal view of the organisation.
C. It focuses on the functions of an organisation.
D. It focuses on the organisational structure.
Answer: A
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