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Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis
BCS Certificate course outline

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FBA15 Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis

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Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis
Question: 41
Linking a piece of delivered software functionality with a requirement is known as which of the following?
A . Requirements validation.
B . Requirements verification.
C . Requirements testing.
D . Requirements traceabiiity.
Answer: D
Question: 42
An organisation called Quality Signsí makes display signs for commercial customers.
Which of the following are MOST likely to be the Actors in a CATWOE analysis?
A . The Managing Director of Quality Signs.
B . The sign makers of Quality Signs.
C . The competitors of Quality Signs.
D . The customers of Quality Signs.
Answer: B
Question: 43
What is the first stage of the waterfall systems development lifecycle?
A . Plan.
B . Analysis.
C . Feasibility Study.
D . Strategic Vision.
Answer: C
Question: 44
The following requirement has been identified; The system must be able to record customer paymentsí.
What type of requirement is this?
A . A functional requirement.
B . A non-functional requirement.
C . A general requirement.
D . A technical requirement.
Answer: A
Question: 45
When should benefits realisation be carried out?
A . Immediately at the end of the project.
B . At the beginning of the project.
C . At the end of the finalised feasibility study.
D . Months or years after the end of the project.
Answer: D
Question: 46
It has been suggested that five clerical posts can be abolished when a new computer system is implemented.
Under which category of costs or benefits will this be recorded?
A . Tangible costs.
B . Tangible benefits.
C . Intangible costs.
D . Intangible benefits.
Answer: B
Question: 47
Which of the following statement is TRUE about the process view of an organisation?
A . It focuses on the customer of the organisation.
B . It focuses solely on the internal view of the organisation.
C . It focuses on the functions of an organisation.
D . It focuses on the organisational structure.
Answer: A
Question: 48
An analyst has asked a user to describe each step in a task as they perform it.
Which of the following investigation techniques is the analyst using?
A . Ethnographic study.
B . Interviewing.
C . Activity sampling.
D . Protocol analysts.
Answer: D
Question: 49
Which of the following terms may be used to describe the attitude of a stakeholder who is NOT in favour of the
project but is probably not actively opposed to it?
A . Opponent.
B . Neutral.
C . Critic.
D . Blocker.
Answer: C
Question: 50
Given the cashflows below, which of the following is correct?
A . The project pays back in year 4 of the project.
B . The project does not pay back within the four year period.
C . The project pays back in year 2 of the project.
D . The project pays back in year 3 of the project.
Answer: B
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BCS Certificate course outline - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/FBA15 Search results BCS Certificate course outline - BingNews https://killexams.com/pass4sure/exam-detail/FBA15 https://killexams.com/exam_list/BCS Biological Sciences 312 Biology Course Outlines
Biological Sciences 312

Environmental Toxicology I


Instructor : Dr. Séverine Le Dizès
Office :  B9210
Office hours : after lectures

Course description:

Environmental Toxicology I is an introductory environmental toxicology course which will concentrate on the "biologist's perspective" and will serve as a link between traditional biology courses and formal toxicology courses. The course is required for a minor and extended studies diploma program in Environmental Toxicology. The focus of this course will be at the population, community and ecological levels of biological complexity.


The course is designed for the undergraduate student with a basic understanding of general biology and ecology. Prerequisites: BISC 101, 102 and 204 or EVSC 200


I. What is Environmental Toxicology ?
II. Water, Carbon and Nitrogen Cycles
III. Population and Environmental Pollution
IV. Where do chemicals go in the environment, and why ?
V. Biological fate of chemicals : absorption, metabolism and excretion
VI. The fundamentals of dose-response relationships and toxicity testing
VII. Water pollution : entrophication, ecological effects on aquatic communities
VIII. Air pollution : global warming, acid rain and ozone depletion
IX. Soil pollution : bioremediation, fungal, microbial and phyto
X. Ecosystems and Ecological Communities

Mark distribution:

Midterm exam : 40%
Final exam :  60%


There is no required textbook for this course. Several toxicology texts will be put on reserved in the library. Handouts will be given in class.

Sun, 16 Apr 2023 00:43:00 -0500 text/html https://www.sfu.ca/biology/courses/outlines/CO994/Bisc_312.html
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Course offerings and outlines

Summer 2023 (1234) term - all classes in person. One class scheduled in Intersession: PHIL 329.

Course units: 100, 200, and 300 levels: 3 units each; 400 level: 4 units each. 

REPEATS: the following courses can be repeated for additional credit provided that the syllabu is different: PHIL 131, 302, 314, 321, 326, 331, 332, 333, 342, 343, 344, 346, 357, 421W, 435, 451W, 455W, 467W. Any of the other PHIL courses, when taken a second time, will be considered a repeat, even if the syllabu is different from a previous offering. 

Elective grade policy : P/CR/NC. In place from Spring 2021 to Summer 2023. See List of exclusions for the elective grade policy. Specifically for Philosophy: 

  • Students can use a P or CR to satisfy any requirement for a major, joint major, honours, or minor in Philosophy (exception: PHIL 477 and 478).
  • Students can use a P or CR to satisfy any¬†prerequisite requirement¬†for any¬†PHIL course.
  • Students can use a P (but not a CR) to satisfy any requirement for the Ethics Certificate, or the Philosophy and Methodology of Science Certificate.
  • Philosophy¬†Majors and Honours students can use a P (but not a CR) to satisfy any¬†WQB requirement.

FASS Forward courses:

1 unit elective courses in intersession: click here. 

Philosophy Courses with Writing, Quantitative or Breadth designations:

PHIL 100W (Knowledge and Reality) W/B-Hum  
PHIL 105 (Critical Thinking) - formerly PHIL XX1 Q/B-Soc/Sci  
PHIL 110 (Introduction to Logic and Reasoning) Q  
PHIL 120W (Moral Problems) W/B-Hum  
PHIL 121 (Global Justice) B-Hum/Soc  
PHIL 131 (Selected Topics) B-Hum  
PHIL 144 (Introduction to Philosophy of Science) B-Hum/Sci  
PHIL 150 (Great Works in the History of Philosophy) B-Hum  
PHIL 300 (Introduction to Philosophy) B-Hum  
PHIL 310 (Logic, Proofs and Set Theory) Q
PHIL 345W, 421W, 451W, 455W, 467W W  

Upper Division Electives

If you are looking for upper division courses outside of Philosophy, click here for an updated list of electives with the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. 

Breadth Courses

If you are a Philosophy Major, you will also need Breadth courses from OUTSIDE of Philosophy. You can find a full list of Breadth designated courses here. Search gosfu for current offerings.   

Sun, 20 Dec 2015 07:16:00 -0600 text/html https://www.sfu.ca/philosophy/courses/courses_current.html
CompTIA¬ģ A+ Certification Training Course

Identifying, using, and connecting hardware components and devices

Operating Systems

Install and support Windows OS including command line & client support. Understand Mac, OS, Linux and mobile OS

Software Troubleshooting

Troubleshoot PC and mobile device issues including application security support

Hardware & Network Troubleshooting

Troubleshoot device and network issues


Explain types of networks and connections including TCP/IP, WIFI and SOHO


Identify and protect against security vulnerabilities for devices and their network connections

Mobile Devices

Install & configure laptops and other mobile devices

Virtualization and Cloud Computing

Compare and contrast cloud computing concepts and setup client-side virtualization

Fri, 25 Jun 2021 16:05:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.utsa.edu/pace/it/comptia-certification-training.html
Online Pharmacy Technician Certification Course

Requirements for pharmacy technicians vary by state, but most require certification, registration or licensure. Earning your certification from the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) provides a valuable, industry-recognized credential that meets most states’ requirements.

Sun, 27 Mar 2022 10:32:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.utsa.edu/pace/online/pharmacy-technician-certification-training.html
Office of Digital Learning

The Instructional Design & Educational Technology team provides support, training, resources and consultation in course design and development, effective instruction, faculty development, instructional technology, accessibility and the University's WebCampus Learning Management System.

Phone: (775) 682-6798
Email: odl@unr.edu

Wed, 08 Jun 2022 12:25:00 -0500 en-us text/html https://www.unr.edu/digital-learning
Free Online Education to Start Your Own Business

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2023 Courses are OPEN for Enrollment with Exciting NEW Curriculum!

MOBI’s popular free online business courses have been updated for 2023 and are open for enrollment. Our Starting a Business course features THREE updated sessions with NEW content: The Business Plan, Business Risk and Insurance, and Cash Flow and Accounting. We are also excited to introduce the newest version of our FREE MOBI Business Plan Template, to make it easier than ever to put your ideas on paper and take the first steps to starting your own business!

MOBI’s courses include: Starting a Business, Business Expansion, Quick Start Entrepreneur, and the Sales & Marketing Badge Short Course. No fees, no prerequisites, go at your own pace! 

MOBI's content and curriculum are free, for everyone, forever, thanks to the generosity of our founders Phil & Peggy Holland. The mission at the My Own Business Institute (MOBI) is to start businesses that create jobs and build communities by providing education to aspiring entrepreneurs around the world. Read more about the Holland's lifelong commitment to helping others in Our Story.

Here are the steps you can take to learn with MOBI:

  1. Visit Our Courses to identify which course is the best fit for you and your business goals.
  2. Click Enroll Now to create an account in our learning management system, and choose your course.
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In addition to the course curriculum, MOBI provides more content on our Resources & Tools page including MOBI blog posts, MOBI alumni Success Stories, and more.

You do not have to enroll to view the MOBI content! The curriculum is also available on our website to make it easy for you to find the information you need. However, in order to earn a Certificate, you do need to be enrolled in a course. 

Have questions? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or send us an email to scu-mobi@scu.edu.

Mon, 17 Aug 2020 03:49:00 -0500 en text/html https://www.scu.edu/mobi/
ESOFT - Sri Lanka's only Accredited course provider for BCS

ESOFT Computer Studies (Pvt) Ltd has obtained the highest possible recognition by being Accredited by the BCS for all three levels of the Programmes. This is indeed a unique achievement as no other organization in the world can claim such a feat.

BCS accredited course providers have not only made a commitment to a BCS code of practice but have also been assessed by BCS examiners.

With the influx of new students after having completed their A/L examinations, students should choose wisely before making a commitment. Do not be fooled by the claims that are being made by some local institutes, or the discounted course fees that they are advertising. The bottom line should be the commitment to quality delivery of course content and the best preparation of the student for the professional examinations.

ESOFT has more than 10 years of experience in preparing students for the BCS examinations and our students have claimed many Sri Lankan and World prizes along the way. At the last Graduation Ceremony, our students stole the show by winning all of the awards that were on offer including Sri Lankan Prizes and World Prizes as well.

Our academic panel is well qualified, experienced, and dedicated to the task at hand. One of the main reasons for our success is the perfect blend of full-time and visiting Lecturers that we utilize, thereby allowing us to incorporate vital practical experience into the lessons.

We offer the BCS Higher Education Qualification (HEQ) as a full-time Degree programme under the designation of BCS-Plus. The course is conducted full-time, on all weekdays and covers the BCS subjects as well as additional modules including SCJP, MCTS, CCNA, Web Designing, Hardware and Networking, and more. The exams can be completed in 18 to 20 months and thereby provides a fast track to gainful employment or entrance into a Master's Programme such as an M.Sc or MBA.

The course fee for the entire duration is only Rs. 299,000 and as an added incentive, students that make a full payment are provided with a brand new Laptop Computer to help them in their studies. When most foreign Degrees are being offered at a million rupees or more, this is truly an affordable and cost effective option to get you where you want to be.

A less demanding version of this programme is also available in part time mode. The 10th Annual Graduation Ceremony of the BCS (Chartered Institute for IT) was held on November 1 2009 at the BMICH with the participation of over 500 Awardees and their parents and well wishers.

Among the awardees were 193 graduates that completed the BCS Professional Graduate Diploma (PGD) Level thereby gaining a qualification that is equivalent to a UK Honours Degree. This thereby enables them to proceed to a Master's Level qualification and also gain fruitful employment, in a minimum amount of time, at a fraction of the cost of a standard UK Degree Programme. This is one of the main reasons as to why the BCS Higher Education Qualifications (HEQ), formerly known as the Professional Qualifications attracts a large number of professionals from the industry, as well as new recruits directly after leaving secondary school.

One of the secrets behind the great performances at ESOFT is the fact that ESOFT is Sri Lanka's only Accredited Course Provider. Registered course providers (entry-level) are committed to a code of practice which requires them to ensure that students are treated fairly and are properly informed about the examinations.

Accredited course providers (higher level) have become registered and then had their course provision successfully assessed by BCS examiners. The BCS Higher Education Qualifications (HEQ) are a popular choice due to the following reasons:

1. BCS HEQ is the fastest path to obtain a UK Degree Level Qualification - namely, the three levels of the qualification can be completed within 18 to 20 months which is half of the time that you would invest in a Degree Programme.

2. ESOFT offers the BCS (HEQ) course in Colombo, Kandy, Kurunegala, Galle, Matara, and Negombo. We recently expanded into the North and the East thereby making the course available in Jaffna and Batticaloa as well.

3. BCS (HEQ) is the most economical option - the total investment including course fees, textbooks, examination fees is approximately Rs. 225,000 (if done on a part time basis) 4. The Qualification is modular and students can choose the order in which they complete it. Some students do either the Certificate and Diploma levels in one sitting or the Diploma and PGD levels in one sitting, thereby reducing the time to complete the entire programme.

5. There are two examination sittings per year - April and October. This considerably enhances your opportunity to complete the qualification at your earliest. 6. Classes at ESOFT are held in part time mode on weekends either only on Saturday and only on Sunday, and also on weekdays in the evenings after 5.45 pm. Full-time classes are also available for those that would like to receive additional value through our popular BCS Plus programme.

7. At any given time, we have ten or more batches of the BCS Certificate Level classes, and three or more batches for the Diploma and PGD levels, thereby increasing your chances of finding a class that matches your schedule. Students are given the flexibility of choosing their classes / subjects from different batches to suit their busy schedules.

8. We have established links with Institutions in UK thereby allowing a student that completes the BCS Diploma level here with us to proceed to UK to complete the final year of a B.Sc (Hons) Degree in Computing at an affordable fee.

9. Students that complete the BCS Diploma also have the option of joining various UK Top-Up Degree Programme offered in Sri Lanka and completing their B.Sc (Hons) Degree in just one more academic year.

BCS is currently going through a metamorphosis as it has aligned itself as the Chartered Institute for IT (CIIT) thereby paving the pathway for Professional members to attain Chartered Status. With the full implementation of this change-over, BCS HEQ will undoubtedly gain more prominence and more recognition in the ICT industry both nationally and internationally. Many leading organizations in Sri Lanka already provide lucrative employment to BCS qualified professionals, and academic organizations such as Sri Lankan Universities are accepting the BCS qualification as an entry qualification into their Master's Degrees.

Industry analysts point out that this is one of the main reasons behind the current trend of students who are enrolled in other Degree programmes taking up BCS HEQ in parallel, thereby gaining double qualifications for themselves. There is also a tendency for students to complete upto the Diploma level of the BCS HEQ, and then switch over to the final (3rd) year of a UK Honours Degree either here in Sri Lanka or in the UK itself. This makes practical sense as the BCS Diploma can be completed in less than twelve months thereby saving more than a year of your time, along with a considerable amount of money as well.

Students and professionals that wish to obtain more information about the contents of this article, or about the Course Provider are invited to visit, or call on 0117 555 545 to talk to our specially trained Student Counsellors on how best you can leverage this qualification to suit your requirements. You can also obtain more information by visiting www.esoft.lk.

Sun, 13 Nov 2011 19:45:00 -0600 text/html https://www.sundaytimes.lk/100905/Education/ed17.html
Teacher Training, Development and Research Teacher Training, Development and Research | Cambridge University Press

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