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EX407 book - Red Hat Certified Specialist in Ansible Automation Updated: 2024

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EX407 Red Hat Certified Specialist in Ansible Automation

Exam Detail:
The EX407 Red Hat Certified Specialist in Ansible Automation test is designed to validate the skills and knowledge of professionals in using Ansible for automating IT tasks. Here are the test details for the EX407 exam:

- Number of Questions: The test consists of performance-based tasks, which require practical hands-on experience with Ansible. The exact number of tasks may vary, but it is typically around 10-15 tasks.

- Time Limit: The time allotted to complete the test is 3 hours.

Course Outline:
The EX407 certification program covers a comprehensive range of subjects related to Ansible automation. The course outline typically includes the following areas:

1. Install and Configure Ansible:
- Install Ansible and its dependencies.
- Configure Ansible inventory and authentication.
- Understand Ansible configuration files and settings.

2. Create and Run Ansible Playbooks:
- Write YAML-based Ansible playbooks.
- Use Ansible modules and plugins.
- Manage variables and facts in playbooks.

3. Implement Ansible Tasks and Handlers:
- Define tasks and organize them in playbooks.
- Use conditionals and loops in tasks.
- Implement error handling and exception handling.

4. Manage Inventories and Variables:
- Create and manage inventory files.
- Define and use group and host variables.
- Implement variable precedence and scope.

5. Manage Roles and Templates:
- Define and use Ansible roles.
- Use templates to create dynamic configurations.
- Manage role dependencies and role-based tasks.

6. Implement Ansible Vault:
- Encrypt sensitive data using Ansible Vault.
- Decrypt and use encrypted data in playbooks.
- Manage Ansible Vault passwords and files.

Exam Objectives:
The objectives of the EX407 test are as follows:

- Assessing candidates' understanding of Ansible architecture and components.
- Evaluating candidates' ability to write and run Ansible playbooks.
- Testing candidates' proficiency in managing inventories, variables, and templates.
- Assessing candidates' knowledge of using Ansible roles and handlers.
- Evaluating candidates' skills in implementing Ansible Vault for securing sensitive data.

Exam Syllabus:
The specific test syllabus for the EX407 test covers the following topics:

1. Ansible Installation and Configuration:
- Installing Ansible.
- Managing Ansible configuration files.
- Configuring Ansible inventory and authentication.

2. Ansible Playbooks:
- Writing YAML-based playbooks.
- Using Ansible modules and plugins.
- Managing variables and facts.

3. Ansible Tasks and Handlers:
- Defining and organizing tasks in playbooks.
- Using conditionals and loops.
- Implementing error handling.

4. Inventories and Variables:
- Creating and managing inventory files.
- Defining group and host variables.
- Understanding variable precedence and scope.

5. Roles and Templates:
- Defining and using Ansible roles.
- Using templates for dynamic configurations.
- Managing role dependencies.

6. Ansible Vault:
- Encrypting sensitive data with Ansible Vault.
- Managing encrypted data in playbooks.
- Managing Ansible Vault passwords and files.
Red Hat Certified Specialist in Ansible Automation
Redhat Specialist book

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Red Hat Certified Specialist in Ansible Automation
Question: 85
Which line instructs ansible to install httpd?
A. yum: name=httpd state=installed
B. tasks: install httpd
C. service: name=httpd state=installed
D. name: service=httpd state=installed
Answer: A
The yum module is an appropriate way to install software
Question: 86
Which Ansible ad-hoc flag is analogous to the become directive?
A. b
B. f
C. i
D. B
Answer: A
The b flag actually stands for become! They both have Ansible escalate to the become_user.
Question: 87
Question: 88
What is the primary difference between the shell and command module?
A. The shell module is for executing shell commands, and the command module is for Ansible internal
B. The shell module sets up a shell environment and the command module only runs the provided command.
C. The shell module sets a default shell whereas the command module executes a shell command.
D. There is no difference.
Answer: B
Question: 89
Which command is the correct way to run the playbook /home/ansible/Buildwww.yml using the inventory file
/home/ansible/inventory, assuming your present working directory is /home/ansible?
A. ansible -i inventory Build.yml
B. ansible -i inventory -p Buildwww.yml
C. ansible-playbook -i inventory -p Buildwww.yml
D. ansible-playbook -i inventory Buildwww.yml
Answer: D
This command is the correct way to run the playbook using the requested inventory
Question: 90
Consider the following playbook.
– hosts: webservers become: yes
– name: install httpd yum: name: httpd state: latest
Which line includes a syntax error?
A. become: yes – there is no attribute called become
B. yum: – yum should be proceeded with a hyphen
C. The file does not end with end-playbook.
D. The playbook does not include the task directive.
Answer: D
The "task:" directive is required at the prior to providing the tasks of a playbook. Without it, Ansible will not throw an
Question: 91
Which of the following attributes specifies how a handler can be notified? (Choose all that apply.)
A. name
B. service
C. listen
D. handle
Answer: AC
While using the handler’s name attribute is not encouraged, it does work.
Question: 92
Question: 93
What command is used to run a playbook?
A. ansible-playbook
B. ansible
C. ansible-p
D. playbook
Answer: A
This command will run a given playbook successfully.
Question: 94
What keyword stores a command’s output into a variable?
A. register
B. output
C. output is stored in a variable named results by default
D. debug
Answer: A
The register keyword will store output from the preceding command into a provided variable.
Question: 95
What does the lineinfile module do?
A. Allow addition of lines anywhere in a file
B. Allows to grep for lines in a provided file
C. Allow additions of lines to the end of a file only
D. Input data into a file from stdin
Answer: A
The purpose of the lineinfile module is to add lines anywhere in a file passed on a pattern.
Question: 96
Observe the details of the following dynamic inventory file. $ ls -l dynamic.py -rw-rw-r–. 1 user user 1928 Mar 30
08:21 dynamic.py Why will this inventory file cause the ansible command to fail?
A. Ansible cannot use python scripts as inventories.
B. The ansible user must own the file.
C. The file is not executable.
D. The ansible command will not fail using the noted file with the given details.
Answer: C
Without being executable. Ansible will attempt to parse the script as a static inventory and fail.
Question: 97
Is it possible to specify multiple inventory files at once?
A. Yes, you specify your inventory as a directory containing valid inventory files.
B. No.
C. Yes, you must provide extra parameters to the -i flag.
D. Yes, you must specify a reference inventory master file.
Answer: A
Question: 98
A dynamic inventory must return data in what format?
Answer: A
Dynamic inventories must return JSON output.
Question: 99
Examine the following inventory excerpt file named /home/user/ansible/inventory. [dbservers] db1.example.com
Which of the following files does Ansible check for variables related to that inventory? (Choose all that apply.)
A. /home/user/ansible/dbservers
B. /home/user/ansible/host_vars/db1.example.com
C. /home/user/ansible/host_vars/db1
D. /home/user/ansible/group_vars/dbservers
Answer: BD
Ansible will check in /home/user/ansible/host_vars to find files named after hosts defined in the inventory. Ansible will
check this file because there is a group defined in the inventory as dbservers.
Question: 100
Which flags must be accepted as input for a dynamic inventory script?
A. Only –list
B. –host [hostname] and –list
C. –host [hostname] and –inv-list
D. –list and –format [file format]
Answer: B
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