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ECDL is the European Computer Driving Licence, it is an accredited IT Qualification run by
BCS (the British Computer Society). It started in 1995 and to date, the ECDL qualification has
been taken by more than 2 million people in the UK alone. It is also recognised in over 100
different countries worldwide. ECDL is the international standard in IT office skills, it's widely
recognised by employers as proof of competence for their employees when working with IT.

ECDL Advanced allows competent users to build on their skills and demonstrate their
competence in a range of advanced computing techniques. The units can be taken
individually, or as part of a full qualification. ECDL Advance has 5 units, as described below:-

- Microsoft Word - Creating advanced documents

- Microsoft Excel - Creating advanced spreadsheets

- Microsoft PowerPoint - Creating advanced presentations

- Microsoft Access - Creating advanced databases

- Improving Productivity using IT (Advanced)

The EC-Council Certified Security Analyst (ECSA) course is a fully hands-on program with labs and exercises that cover real world scenarios. By practicing the skills that are provided to you in the ECSA class, we are able to bring you up to speed with the skills to uncover the security threats that organizations are vulnerable to.

This can be achieved effectively with the EC-Council iLabs Cyber Range. It allows you to dynamically access a host of Virtual Machines preconfigured with vulnerabilities, exploits, tools, and scripts from anywhere with an internet connection.

Our guided step-by-step labs include exercises with detailed tasks, supporting tools, and additional materials allowing you to launch a complete live range for any form of hacking or testing.

Module 00: Penetration Testing Essential Concepts (Self-Study)

Module 01: Introduction to Penetratiaon Testing and Methodologies

Module 02: Penetration Testing Scoping and Engagement Methodology

Module 03: Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Methodology

Module 04: Social Engineering Penetration Testing Methodology

Module 05: Network Penetration Testing Methodology – External

Module 06: Network Penetration Testing Methodology – Internal

Module 07: Network Penetration Testing Methodology – Perimeter Devices

Module 08: Web Application Penetration Testing Methodology

Module 09: Database Penetration Testing Methodology

Module 10: Wireless Penetration Testing Methodology

Module 11: Cloud Penetration Testing Methodology

Module 12: Report Writing and Post Testing Actions

The ECSA program offers a seamless learning progress continuing where the CEH program left off. The new ECSAv10 includes updated curricula and an industry recognized comprehensive step-bystep penetration testing methodology. This allows a learner to elevate their ability in applying new skills learned through intensive practical labs and challenges.

Unlike most other pen testing programs that only follow a generic kill chain methodology; the ECSA presents a set of distinguishable comprehensive methodologies that are able to cover different pentesting requirements across different verticals.

It is a highly interactive, comprehensive, standards based, intensive 5-days training program that teaches information security professionals how professional real-life penetration testing are conducted. Building on the knowledge, skills and abilities covered in the new CEH v10 program, we have simultaneously re engineered the ECSA program as a progression from the former.

Organizations today demand a professional level pentesting program and not just pentesting programs that provide training on how to hack through applications and networks.

Such professional level programs can only be achieved when the core of the curricula maps with and is compliant to government and/or industry published pentesting frameworks. This course is a part of the VAPT Track of EC-Council. This is a “Professional” level course, with the Certified Ethical Hacker being the “Core” and the Licensed Penetration Tester being the “Master” level certification.

In the new ECSAv10 course, students that passes the knowledge test are given an option to pursue a fully practical test that provides an avenue for them to test their skills, earning them the ECSA (Practical) credential. This new credential allows employers to validate easily the skills of the student.
ECDL Advanced
ECDL Advanced learn

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ECDL Advanced
that are made while reviewing a document. If you want to see all the changes inline,
you can change settings so that tracked changes and comments display in the desired
Answer option C is incorrect. Comment is used to let the creator know what other
person thinks of the document.
Answer option B is incorrect. The Track Changes option is used to view all the
changes done by the reviewer(s).
Answer option A is incorrect. It is not a valid option to make all the changes made to
the document visible inline in the document.
ECDL/ICDL test Course Manual, Contents: "Balloons" Chapter: ADVANCED
WORD PROCESSING Objective: Collaborative Editing
Question: 230
You work as an Office Assistant for Company Inc. You are creating a presentation in
which you have applied the layout and you are using the normal view. Now you have
made some changes in the layout and you want to save it with a name so that it can be
used in the future. For this, you have to switch from the normal view to another view.
Mark the view in the following image of the View tab to rename the layout.
When you add placeholders to a layout and if the content in those placeholders
changes the purpose of the layout, you'll want to rename the layout. Take the
following steps to rename a layout:
Click on the View tab. In the Master Views group, click Slide Master.
Right-click the layout thumbnail that you want to rename in the pane that contains the
slide master and layout thumbnails.
The Rename Layout dialog box opens. In the Layout name box, enter the new name
of the layout, and then click the Rename button.
On the Slide Master tab, click Close Master View in the Close group.
Chapter: PRESENTATION, ADVANCED - LEVEL Objective: Slides
Question: 231
You work as a Database Designer for Tech Perfect Inc. The company has a Windows
Vista-based computer with Microsoft Office 2010 installed on it. The computer has a
database named test Datasheet created in Microsoft Office Access 2010. You want
to import a table named Students which is created in another database named Info.
Choose and re-order the steps that you will take to accomplish the task.
Click the External Data tab.
Click the Import Access Database button.
Select the Info database file.
Choose the import option.
Click the OK button.
Choose the Students table.
Click the OK button.
Take the following steps to import a table from a database in Microsoft Office Access
2010: Click the External Data tab.
Click the Import Access Database button.
Select the database file to import.
Choose the import option and click the OK button.
Select the required tables and click the OK button.
Chapter: DATABASE, ADVANCED-LEVEL Objective: Import, Export and Link
Question: 232
You work as an Office Assistant for Company Inc. You are using Word 2010 to
create a document. Mark the option/button in the following image that you would
click to browse graphics, tables, and equations in the document.
The new Navigation pane helps you find text, tables, graphics, comments, footnotes
or endnotes, and equations in a document. Users can also change the structure by
dragging headings and get a quick look at the structure of their document inside the
Navigation pane. Take the following steps to use the Results tab of the navigation
1. On the Home tab, click Find in the Editing group. The Navigation pane opens.
2. Click the arrow next to the magnifying glass, and then select an option.
3. Click the Results tab to see the results of your document.
4. Browse through all the results by clicking the Next Search Result and
Previous Search Result arrows.
Chapter: ADVANCED WORD PROCESSING Objective: Formatting
Question: 233
You work as an Office Assistant for Company Inc. You are creating a presentation in
PowerPoint 2010. You have added bullets in the presentation. Now, you want to
demote the size of the bullets to 25% of a slide text. Which of the following actions
will you take to accomplish the task?
A. Click the Promote option on the Home tab.
B. Click the Demote option on the Home tab.
C. Click the Numbered tab under the Bullets and Numbering option.
D. Click the Page Setup option on the Design tab.
Answer: C
The Numbered tab comprises the Size button to reduce the size of the bullets. Take
the following steps to format a bulleted and numbered list:
Select a text.
Click the bullets icon under the Paragraph group.
The Bullets and Numbering gallery appears. Select the Bullets and Numbering
The Bullets and Numbering dialog box appears. Click the Picture button.
The Picture Bullet dialog box appears. Select a bullet, and click the OK button.
Click the Customize button in the Bullets and Numbering dialog box. A Symbol
dialog box appears. Select a symbol, and click the OK button.
Answer option D is incorrect. The Page Setup option is used to organize the slide
orientation and layout. Answer option A is incorrect. The Promote option is used to
increase the font size of a text. Answer option B is incorrect. The Demote option is
used to decrease the font size of a text. Chapter: PRESENTATION, ADVANCED
LEVEL Objective: Slides
Question: 234
Jasmine creates a presentation. The presentation comprises various controls. She
wants to create a text box that comprises two columns. Which of the following
options will she use to accomplish the task?
A. Size and Position
B. Format Shape
C. Shape Fill
D. Slide Layout
Answer: B
The Format Shape option comprises a TextBox option in which a user can specify the
number of columns in a text box.
Answer option A is incorrect. The Size and Position option is used to define the
length, breadth and location of a textbox.
Answer option D is incorrect. The Slide Layout option is used to specify the elements
of a slide. Answer option C is incorrect. The Shape fill option is used to fill the
background of a text box. Chapter: PRESENTATION, ADVANCED - LEVEL
Objective: Relating Information
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ECDL Advanced learn - BingNews Search results ECDL Advanced learn - BingNews Federated Learning Revolutionizes Large Language Models No result found, try new keyword!In a groundbreaking development for the field of Large Language Models (LLMs), Federated Learning (FL) emerges as a transformative force, poised to reshape industries by combining the power of ... Wed, 15 Nov 2023 01:36:16 -0600 en-us text/html Accelerated Advanced Learning Program No result found, try new keyword!Accelerated Advanced Learning Program is a charter school located in Oshkosh, WI, which is in a small city setting. The student population of Accelerated Advanced Learning Program is 64 and the ... Mon, 13 Nov 2023 10:00:00 -0600 Academy for Advanced and Creative Learning No result found, try new keyword!Academy for Advanced and Creative Learning is a charter school located in Colorado Springs, CO, which is in a large city setting. The student population of Academy for Advanced and Creative ... Mon, 13 Nov 2023 10:00:00 -0600 Accelerated Learning Programs

UAB offers several options for high-achieving undergraduates to accelerate the time and cost necessary to complete both their undergraduate and graduate degrees. These include Accelerated Bachelors/Masters programs (ABM) and Fast-Track programs.

Undergraduate students can take courses that count toward both bachelor’s and master’s degrees with one of our accelerated bachelor’s/master’s (ABM) programs. Once admitted, you can take up to 12 shared hours of approved 500/600-level graduate courses that help complete both degrees. This allows you to significantly shorten the time it takes to earn a master’s degree and distinguish yourself as a high-level critical thinker and problem solver.

Undergraduate students can apply for a master’s degree program before even finishing their bachelor’s. Our fast-track programs let students begin graduate coursework while you’re enrolled as an undergraduate—saving you money and enabling you to earn your master’s sooner. While hours aren’t shared between the two degrees as in the ABM program, some Fast Track master’s programs may allow you to waive course content you covered while completing your undergraduate degree.

Not all undergraduate financial aid can be applied to graduate coursework. Contact the UAB Office of Financial Aid to learn how enrollment in a fast-track program may affect your aid eligibility.

Thu, 21 Sep 2023 12:34:00 -0500 en-US text/html
How research on learning can help you understand advanced SEO concepts No result found, try new keyword!can significantly ease the learning of advanced concepts when used effectively. In this first article, I will explore active recall and cognitive load theory and share ways to leverage cutting ... Wed, 04 Oct 2023 12:00:00 -0500 en-us text/html Learning to ride: Why you should take advanced motorcycle training


Learning to ride a motorcycle doesn’t stop when you pass your test. In our opinion, particularly for new riders, some of the best money you can spend in your formative years is on advanced motorcycle training.

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This is optional additional learning, administered by a riding school, an organisation like RoSPA or IAM, or indeed the police. It teaches you techniques to keep you safe on the road, such as where and what to look out for, how to make decent progress without risking an accident, how to look after your bike properly and plenty more besides.

The advantages are obvious: why not benefit from the years of expert knowledge experienced riders can offer? But you may also be interested in the simple fact that some motorcycle training can mean cheaper motorbike insurance premiums too. You’ll be a safer rider, so your risk profile drops.

When you're learning to ride a motorbike, advanced rider training can be hugely valuable

Why should I take an advanced motorcycle course?

Don’t just take our word for it. Joseph Wright, 22, passed his test six months ago and spent a day with Rapid Training’s Rich Evans to sharpen his skills.

“That was a fantastic day”, beamed Joseph. “I learned so much it’s hard to put it all into words, and it was more like

riding with a knowledgeable mate than a lesson. To start with I was riding in the centre of the lane all the time, braking hard and going slowly round corners, doing loads of unnecessary lifesaver checks… and I was stressed.

Joseph Wright and Mark Evans of Rapid Training - a company that specialises in advanced motorcycle training

“Now, just by positioning myself better for corners, I’m braking less, going faster and feeling a lot smoother. I was nervous about overtaking, so I used to get close to cars so that I had less distance to travel while on the wrong side of the road.

“But by staying further back I’m far more relaxed and confident. Also, at the start of the day I was looking about 20m ahead, when Rich was looking a mile ahead and spotting the tops of vans over hedges! Most people make their big mistakes in the first couple of years, but with this knowledge I’ve a better chance of enjoying riding safely. I honestly can’t recommend it enough.”

But what advanced motorcycle training courses are out there?

There are several worth mentioning here, but they all have one thing in common: they’re based on the ‘system of motorcycle control’, which is set out in a book called Roadcraft.

Much of the advanced motorbike training syllabus is based on the book Roadcraft

This is £20 extremely well spent, and we’d urge every rider to have a copy. It’s widely regarded as the ‘bible’ of road riding, and contains evidence-based theories and methodologies the police use to train their riders.

The syllabus is based around the acronym IPSGA – Information, Position, Speed, Gear and Acceleration – and how to optimise each of those things to be a smooth, safe rider.

How much does advanced motorcycle training cost?

This largely depends on the scale of the training you’d like to do. Costs range from free rides with qualified instructors, right up to week-long paid courses that can include track riding as well as road elements. It also depends on your current riding ability, so it’s best to contact an establishment and have a chat about your options.

Advanced motorcycle training can be on road or track, or a combination of the two

Here are three of the best-known advanced riding schemes.

  • RoSPA – or Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents – is a registered charity that offers a range of courses and exams based on your level of ability. You can take advantage of free training with a local group alongside more structured courses to get you ready to pass one of the advanced qualifications.
  • IAM Roadsmart – The Institute of Advanced Motorists, or IAM, is another registered charity that offers an Advanced Rider course for £175 (in November 2023). This features a number of observed rides locally to you, and prepares you to take the Advanced Test.
  • ERS – Enhanced Rider Scheme. Unlike the two above, this is often carried out by riding schools, which means there is the possibility of hiring a bike. The one-day course involves an assessed ride with a trainer, after which you’ll get a certificate of competence if your riding is up to standard. If it’s not, you’ll get personalised training on how to Improve to get your riding up to scratch.

Additional advanced motorcycle training offerings

There are plenty of places to finesse your skills… Here are ten great ways to boost your skills and enjoyment.

1. Adventure off-road

Off-roading is a form of advanced motorcycle training

If you want acres of Welsh valleys to explore and impeccable advice to train you to take on rocks, mud and more, then a day at one of the off-road training schools nearby will certainly develop your skills.

  • KTM Sweet Lamb Adventure Rally Bike £275 for 1-2-1 (with own bike), discounts available and options for weekends away, couples training, trails training and groups.
  • BMW Off Road Skills – Level one Starts at £595 for a two-day course. Can opt for a women-only experience, and goes up to level three with other offerings such as adventure maintenance.
  • Harley-Davidson Adventure Centre £349 (with Pan America use) for this experience day with Mick Extance.
  • Triumph Adventure Riding Experience £525 for two-day level 1 training, but if you’re just after an experience then it’s around £310.
  • Yamaha Off-Road Experience £260 for 1-2-1 training with own bike (£400 with hire bike) but if you want to just deliver it a go, there are options for experience courses which are around £250 depending on bike, day, etc.

2. Knee Down School

Get advanced motorcycle training AND get your knee down? It's possible....

No, this isn’t your standard trackday training, this is your chance to take your time without riders zooming past to break in those knee sliders – and learn how to do it safely. Bring your own bike to Mallory Park or Donington and Improve your bike

control on track. You can grab three hours in the morning or the afternoon for £295 – but make sure your exhaust is legal.

3. Wheelie School

Improve your bike control and learn how to wheelie all in one day. Tutored by professional stunt riders, you’ll learn all the tricks of the trade, and perhaps a few more. Courses are £250 for the day and take place either in Cornwall’s Perranporth Airfield or at MOD Lyneham near Swindon.

Believe it or not, learning to wheelie can count as advanced motorcycle training!

4. Rapid Training

Rapid Training has a whole host of courses to Improve your riding now that your test is done and dusted. The firm’s Roadmaster course will deliver you handy tips for the road, whereas the Bikemaster course gives you time on track, too. Each has three levels so you can choose what best suits your needs and learn at the right pace. Each level costs £885 each, but for Bikemaster with track time that rises to £1296 – and is worth every penny.

5. Flat Track Slide School

Flat track is huge fun but it's also a form of advanced motorcycle training

Master the art of throttle control at the Royal Enfield Slide School. With adapted Himalayans and all the know-how supplied, all you need to do is bring yourself to master a whole new way of riding. Courses are one day and £185 at multiple venues throughout the UK.

6. Speedway

Ever wanted to go sideways on a dirt track? Thought so. The Amateur Motorcycle Speedway Academy have all the tuition to get your first wheelspins in Speedway and learn how to handle them properly. It’s £45 if you’ve got your own kit, but to hire two 500cc bikes it’s £110. Smaller engines are available for £80 per rider, with kids’ courses at £60.

7. Tips for track

If you’re planning on trying trackdays what better way to learn the proper skills than from the stars? With minimum one coach to 10 riders, you could be getting tuition from James Whitham, Dan Linfoot, Taylor Mackenzie or one of many other decorated riders on offer.

A race track is a brilliant place to learn new skills without worrying about what other drivers are likely to do. A lot of advanced motorcycle training takes place here.

Training takes place at Knockhill, Cadwell, Anglesey, Croft, Snetteron and Mallory Park (check out the noise levels) and you can hire bikes from and Prices for tuition start from £220 depending on the track, and there are also intensive options available, as well as double-day training courses.

8. Try trials

Trials is unlike any other form of biking but is a great experience for any rider. Taking you through from beginner to advanced, Trials Day have you covered with tuition, bike, kit, and a stupendously fun day for an improved awareness of balance. Beginner prices start from £100 (but you’re probably going to go for the £150 full day option), and the balance skills you acquire will help on the road more than you know.

You'll learn a lot getting muddy on a trials course and it's a great form of advanced motorbike training

9. California Superbike School

Track tuition that teaches elements of riding you hadn’t even thought twice about. From £465, at Bedford Autodrome, Brands and Donington.

10. Ducati DRE

Three-day course sharing expertise on the track. £1850 for the advanced course, £1700 for intermediate, including hospitality, hotels and instruction.

Additional words by Richard Newland and Joseph Wright.

Sun, 05 Nov 2023 10:00:00 -0600 ; text/html
Why Your State Should Automatically Enroll Top Math Students in Advanced Classes

Many high-performing students are not offered advanced learning opportunities even when there is clear evidence that they are ready for higher-level academics. This is especially true for Hispanic, Black, Native American and low-income students, leading to a chronic underchallenging of many of the nation’s brightest children. As a result, these students are less likely to be ready for postsecondary education.

One obvious, but surprisingly underused, remedy is automatic enrollment. Also known as mandatory or opt-out enrollment, the concept is straightforward: Students who perform at the top of their classes are automatically placed in advanced courses for the following academic year. A handful of districts and states are considering or have recently created auto-enrollment policies, but North Carolina is far ahead, having implemented this approach with unanimous legislative support in 2018.

Its first-in-the-nation law requires all students who score at the highest level on their end-of-grade or end-of-course math test to be given advanced coursework the next year. While families can opt out if they feel the course is not a good fit for their child, the overarching message is, “if a student earns the spot, they get the spot.”

Support The 74's year-end campaign. Make a tax-exempt donation now.

A unique aspect of the North Carolina policy is that it starts in third grade, with the goal of engaging and challenging students early in their academic careers. Also, since taking algebra in eighth grade has been shown to have an impact on advanced students’ future math achievement, North Carolina’s legislation specifically guarantees access to high school-level math for highly qualified middle schoolers.

To strengthen transparency and accountability, the law was updated in 2019 to require an annual report on implementation statewide, regionally and by subgroups. The state Department of Public Instruction estimates that in the year before the legislation, roughly 10% of eighth graders in lower-level math classes, about 2,100 children, had actually earned top scores on the grade 7 math assessment. That number has since decreased to 3%.

Several districts have reported that the policy helped to accelerate students who might otherwise have been overlooked. Districts responded to the legislation by developing partnerships between middle and high schools, expanding virtual instruction, personalizing support based on students’ needs and increasing access to advanced education for students who previously were not offered such opportunities.

District data reveal that statewide, 92% of students in grades 6 and above who scored at the highest level on their prior year’s test were placed in an advanced math course in 2022-23 (45,003 out of 49,154). Although those numbers may sound impressive, they also raise serious questions about why nearly 10% of qualified students were not placed. Were those decisions made by their parents, or were other issues at play? There were also demographic gaps, with 92% of white students placed, versus 88% of Black, 90% of Hispanic and 78% of Native American students.

In addition, there was significant variation by grade, with sixth, seventh and 12th grade placement rates lower than those for eighth, 10th and 11th grades. Lower rates in sixth and seventh grades suggest not all districts offer advanced courses to students at the early middle school level. There are a host of possible reasons: For instance, in small, rural schools, even a sharp increase in the percentage of qualifying students may not yield enough to fill a traditional class. This could make staffing challenging — especially in districts with teacher shortages.

Lower 12th grade rates may be a result of some districts exhausting their roster of advanced math courses, or of seniors choosing to do their advanced coursework in other subjects.

These initial results suggest that the law’s primary goal is being fulfilled: Most of North Carolina’s mathematically talented students are taking advanced courses in their public schools. But the data also suggests considerable work needs to be done to identify the remaining barriers that prevent districts from offering advanced math to qualified students. And the law cannot be judged a true success without evidence that the increase in advanced opportunities is resulting in higher rates of advanced performance, both in the classroom and on standardized tests.

But it appears safe to conclude that the initial implementation of North Carolina’s first-in-the-nation automatic enrollment policy has achieved its aims. At a time when some districts and states are reducing or even eliminating access to advanced math in the name of equity, North Carolina’s approach suggests that advanced education is far too uncommon in public schools and needs to be greatly expanded — for both the individual student and the broader benefits to the nation’s economy and culture.

The North Carolina experience provides evidence that the path to equity and excellence is through increased access to advanced opportunities.

Sun, 05 Nov 2023 10:00:00 -0600 en-US text/html Center for Advancing Scholarship to Transform Learning

The Center for Advancing Scholarship to Transform Learning is a network of faculty, projects and programs engaged in scholarship surrounding STEM education.

Led by Director Scott Franklin, it is comprised of STEM faculty, research associates, instructional service professionals, and communication experts. Together they form a network of skilled individuals committed to the Center’s mission of advancing STEM teaching, learning and evaluation. Members work together on research and programs engaged in scholarship of pedagogy, facilitating dialog, encouraging collaborative opportunities in evidence-based practices, conducting discipline-based education research and establishing methods of assessment and evaluation.

Wed, 25 Oct 2023 07:45:00 -0500 en text/html
Darktrace debuts advanced cloud-native security solution with self-learning AI

Machine learning cybersecurity firm Darktrace PLC today announced a new solution that provides comprehensive visibility of cloud architectures, real-time cloud-native threat detection and response, and prioritized recommendations and actions to help security teams manage misconfigurations and strengthen compliance.

The new Darktrace/Cloud solution, based on a unique self-learning artificial intelligence, has been designed to address the issue wherein over 99% of cloud breaches are based on customer errors, account takeovers and misconfiguration.

Darktrace argues that as cloud environments constantly change, maintaining visibility and keeping up with misconfigurations makes risk and compliance difficult for security professionals. Added to the mix is the rise of cloud-native technologies, including containers, Kubernetes and microservices, which also present new challenges for detecting and responding to known and novel threats.

The new capabilities in Darktrace/Cloud available today include comprehensive visibility and architecture modeling for insights into the changing nature of cloud environments. The visibility is constructed dynamically from configuration, network, users, identity and access management data. Darktrace establishes patterns of life for cloud resources, identities, and services to understand who has access to what and how.

The new release includes universal attack path modeling that provides a dynamic view of where attackers may look to move next. Darktrace combines real-time cloud data and a deep understanding of a cloud environment with a platform approach that provides insights about risks from other covered areas of the business, such as network and email, to highlight potential attack paths and prioritize important assets to secure.

Real-time and cloud-native threat detection and response in the release provides a dynamic view of known and novel threats within the cloud, the company says. The service combines deep cloud attack path knowledge with real-time anomaly and threat detection through cloud-native autonomous response actions.

The service offers prioritized cloud posture management, including examining cloud configurations against common compliance frameworks. Where misconfigurations are detected, Darktrace provides a prioritized view of what to fix first, based on a risk profile generated from security and business context.

Other features include cost discovery to provide a better understanding of cloud resource allocation, enhanced communication and collaboration capabilities to streamline workflows between security and DevOps teams and flexible deployment options.

Deployment options include an agentless deployment by default so organizations can be up and running in minutes. Teams have access to a dynamic architectural view and risk context to decide where to deploy agents for enhanced real-time actions and deeper inspection.

“Our Self-Learning AI continuously learns patterns between workloads, assets, policy configurations and identities to provide a dynamic view of cloud architectures,” said Chief Technology Officer Jack Stockdale. “We analyze the entire cloud stack from data to control plane, combining an understanding of architecture and network with a new flexible, scalable deployment model.”

Photo: London Stock Exchange/X

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Wed, 25 Oct 2023 16:01:00 -0500 en-US text/html
Advanced Micro Devices Inc AMD

Advanced Micro Devices designs a variety of digital semiconductors for markets such as PCs, gaming consoles, data centers, industrial, and automotive applications, among others. AMD’s traditional strength was in central processing units, CPUs, and graphics processing units, or GPUs, used in PCs and data centers. Additionally, the firm supplies the chips found in prominent game consoles such as the Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox. In 2022, the firm acquired field-programmable gate array, or FPGA, leader Xilinx to diversify its business and augment its opportunities in key end markets such as the data center and automotive.

Wed, 15 Nov 2023 23:00:00 -0600 en text/html


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