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E20-393 Unity Solutions Specialist exam for Implementation Engineers Questions and Answers |

E20-393 Questions and Answers - Unity Solutions Specialist exam for Implementation Engineers Updated: 2024

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Exam Code: E20-393 Unity Solutions Specialist exam for Implementation Engineers Questions and Answers January 2024 by team

E20-393 Unity Solutions Specialist exam for Implementation Engineers

Exam Title :
Dell EMC Certified Specialist - Implementation Engineer - Unity Solutions (DECS-IE)

Exam ID :

Exam Duration :
90 mins

Questions in exam :

Passing Score :

Exam Center :
Pearson VUE

Real Questions :
Dell EMC Unity Solutions Specialist Real Questions

VCE practice exam :
Dell EMC E20-393 Certification VCE Practice Test

Dell EMC Unity Platform Concepts, Features, and Architecture 10%

- Describe the Dell EMC Unity platform architecture, features, and functions

- Describe the Dell EMC UnityVSA software defined storage solution

- Identify the Dell EMC Unity XT hardware components: DPE, SPE, DAE, expansion modules

Dell EMC Unity XT and UnityVSA Installation and Service 13%

- Describe how to install and initialize a Dell EMC Unity XT storage system

- Describe how to deploy and initialize a Dell EMC UnityVSA system

- Identify key service tasks and related resources

- Describe the Dell EMC Unity Platform service functions, including alert levels, event logs, CRU replacement

Dell EMC Unity XT and UnityVSA System Administration 7%

- Identify and describe the user interfaces for monitoring and managing the Dell EMC Unity family of storage systems

- Describe how the support and basic system settings are configured for system administration

Dell EMC Unity XT and UnityVSA Storage Provisioning and Access 25%

- Describe the different types of storage pools - traditional and dynamic - and how they are provisioned

- Describe dynamic pool expansion, considerations for mixing drive sizes and the rebuild process

- Describe how to provision block, file and VMware datastore storage

- Describe how to configure host access to block storage resources

- Describe how to configure NAS client access to SMB and NFS file storage resources

- Describe how to configure VMware ESXi hosts to access VMware datastore storage resources

Storage Efficiency, Scalability, and Performance Features 23%

- Describe the nature and use of FAST Cache performance feature

- Describe the nature and use of the Host I/O performance feature

- Describe the nature and use of the File Level Retention feature

- Describe the nature and use of UFS64 file system scalability feature and the File System Quotas feature

- Describe the nature and use of the Data Reduction efficiency feature

- Describe the nature and use of the FAST VP Tiering efficiency feature

- Describe the nature and use of Thin Clones feature

Data Protection and Mobility 22%

- Describe the nature and use of the mobility features Local LUN Move and Local NAS Server mobility

- Describe the Snapshots data protection feature and how snapshots are created

- Describe how snapshot operations are performed on storage resources

- Describe the Replication data protection feature

- Describe how to create synchronous and asynchronous replication sessions for storage resources

- Describe synchronous and asynchronous replication operations for storage resources
Unity Solutions Specialist exam for Implementation Engineers
DELL-EMC Implementation Questions and Answers

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Unity Solutions Specialist exam for Implementation
Question: 571
Which Dell EMC Unity service task is used to reinstall the root operating system while leaving the existing data
A . Restart the Management Software
B . Restart the Management Server
C . Reinitialize the Storage System
D . Reimage the Storage Processor
Answer: D
Question: 572
What limitation should be considered when using Local NAS Server Mobility to move NAS Servers?
A . NAS Serverís active replication session must be deleted and re-created.
B . A NAS Server that is a File Import destination can be moved.
C . NAS Server Mobility supports two concurrent NAS Server moves.
D . NAS Server Mobility only supports a single NAS Server move at a time.
Answer: A
Question: 573
On which storage objects is data Reduction supported?
A . Thick LUNs and VVols
B . VMFS datastores and VVols
C . Thin LUNs and thin VMFS datastores
D . Thin LUNs and thick LUNs
Answer: D
Question: 574
With Redirect on Write technology, when writes are made to the storage resource and more space is required, what
size is the slice allocated from the parent pool?
A . 8 KB
B . 64 KB
C . 128 MB
D . 256 MB
Answer: D
Question: 575
What is the correct sequence of steps required to deploy a Dell EMC UnityVSA?
Question: 576
During the configuration of ESRS, how is the Customer Contact Data verified?
A . Access code sent through email to the customer
B . Step taken during the ESRS Network check
C . Step taken by the ESRS Policy Manager
D . Step taken during the readiness check for ESRS
Answer: A
Question: 577
A Thin Clone has just been created.
What operation can be performed on it?
A . Change FAST VP Policy
B . Change SP ownership
C . Change Data Reduction setting
D . Increase its size.
Answer: D
emc-unity-snapshots-and-thin-clones.pdf (27)
Question: 578
Which Dell EMC Unity model(s) supports the 12 Gb/s SAS I/O module?
A . All Dell EMC Unity models
B . Dell EMC Unity 600/650F only
C . Dell EMC Unity 500/550F and Dell EMC Unity 600/650F only
D . Dell EMC Unity 400/450F, Dell EMC Unity 500/550F, and Dell EMC Unity 600/650F only
Answer: C
introduction_to_the_platform.pdf (14)
Question: 579
Which feature is only supported on physical Dell EMC Unity systems?
A . Asynchronous Replication
B . Synchronous Replication
C . Host I/O Limits (QoS)
D . VVols
Answer: C
Question: 580
What capability is provided by the Dell EMC CIFS Management snap-in?
A . Configure share permissions
B . Configure NAS Server registry settings
C . Manage home directories
D . Manage local NAS Server users
Answer: A
Question: 581
Which IP connection characteristic is unique to file-based storage access?
A . Link Aggregation
B . VLAN tagging
C . Bandwidth throttle
D . Mirrored writes
Answer: B
Question: 582
What is the maximum number of Dell EMC Unity arrays that can participate is a Synchronous Replication topology?
A . 2
B . 4
C . 5
D . 16
Answer: A
replication_technologies.pdf (13)
Question: 583
You are creating a dynamic pool using 12 drives in the Unisphere GUI.
Which RAID stripe width will be set when creating the dynamic pool using RAID 6?
A . 4+2
B . 6+2
C . 8+2
D . 10+2
Answer: D
Question: 584
A storage administrator is tasked with creating a DR solution for block and file storage resources on a Dell EMC
Unity 650F system at a primary production site. The company has two other campus locations. Campus A is located 50
km away and has a Dell EMC Unity 400 Hybrid system. Campus B is located 200 km away and has a Dell EMC
UnityVSA system.
What should the storage administrator do to provide the best protection of storage resources while meeting
recommended latency levels?
A . Replicate block storage resources synchronously to Campus A
Replicate file storage resources asynchronously to Campus B
B . Replicate block storage resources synchronously to Campus A
Replicate file storage resources synchronously to Campus A
C . Replicate block storage resources asynchronously to Campus A
Replicate file storage resources synchronously to Campus A
D . Replicate block storage resources asynchronously to Campus B
Replicate file storage resources asynchronously to Campus A
Answer: C
Question: 585
What is a use case for Thin Clones?
A . Primary production
B . Development and testing
C . Offline backup
D . Data archiving
Answer: B
snapshots-and-thin-clones.pdf (25)
Question: 586
Dell EMC Unity systems collect several metrics at various time intervals and use ESRS to send the information to
What are those metrics and their time intervals?
A . Alerts = 5 min
Performance = 5 min
Capacity = 1 hr
Configuration = 1 hr
B . Alerts = 2 min
Performance = 1 hr
Capacity = 1 hour
Configuration = 1 hr
C . Alerts = 5 min
Performance = 1 hr
Capacity = 2 hour
Configuration = 1 hr
D . Alerts = 2 min
Performance = 30 min
Capacity = 1 hr
Configuration = 1 hr
Answer: A
Question: 587
What is a characteristic of the iSCSI interface on Dell EMC Unity storage arrays?
A . IQN aliases can be created optionally after the iSCSI interface is created.
B . IQN aliases are associated with an iSCSI interface.
C . IQNs are associated with a network port.
D . An iSCSI interface can be created with both an IPv4 and IPv6 IP address.
Answer: C
Reference: (11)
Question: 588
Which FAST Cache operation proactively copies dirty pages to underlying hard disk drives?
A . FAST Cache flushing
B . FAST Cache promotion
C . FAST Cache warming
D . FAST Cache cleaning
Answer: A
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DELL-EMC Implementation Questions and Answers - BingNews Search results DELL-EMC Implementation Questions and Answers - BingNews 5 Cultural Questions EMC Employees Are Asking About Life At Dell

Future So Bright?

EMC shareholders are scheduled to vote July 19 on the company's proposed acquisition by Dell Inc. Executives say the more than $62 billion deal is on schedule to close by the end of October, with the shareholder vote and approval from Chinese regulators the only remaining hurdles. But EMC employees still have lots of questions about the deal and what it means for their future.

EMC execs have been fielding questions from employees since shortly after the deal was announced last October. Recently, a new batch of Questions and Answers was filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, and they include a handful of inquiries about what life might be like at Dell Technologies, the new brand name the company will use once the deal closes.

Employees are concerned about whether they'll have to reapply for their jobs, whether their pay will remain the same, and how they should refer to themselves. Here are a few of the questions and answers, taken straight from the most exact filing.

"What do customers think of the new brand name?"

"Our customers inspired our new brand name," EMC execs responded. "We conducted extensive customer research around the world that informed how we arrived at Dell Technologies for the family of companies, businesses and brands reflected across the current Dell and EMC portfolios. Likewise, the customer research informed our decision on the Dell and Dell EMC brands. In addition to the customer research, we interviewed partners, team members, industry analysts and branding experts. What we learned is that both Dell and EMC names are closely associated with innovation, enterprise strength and customer focus."

"I've heard Dell employees referred to as 'team members.' Will EMC adopt that terminology?"

"Yes. Dell has long referred to its employees as team members, a practice originated by Michael Dell (pictured) himself," EMC execs said, adding that EMC employees should get ready to join the team. "This tradition, which emphasizes the team spirit inherent in the Dell culture, will continue within Dell Technologies."

"Will we have to reapply for our current jobs?"

"Day One of the new company does not mean that all jobs reset and everyone interviews," EMC execs answered, noting that while many rank-and-file jobs will remain unchanged, those jobs may report to new managers. "The process for each area of the business will depend on a number of factors. Many teams and roles within the new company will continue as they are today, although in some cases the manager or reporting may change."

"Will I be able to carry over my earned but unused vacation time to the new company?"

Now we're getting to the really important stuff, and execs say EMC's vacation policy won't change, at least this year. "EMC's current vacation policy will remain in effect for 2016. Any unused vacation accrued in 2016 (subject to the 40-hour limit) will be able to be carried over and used by March 31, 2017," the company said.

"Will EMC be awarding raises or equity to employees this year?"

"EMC's Annual Compensation Review (ACR) and Annual Equity Program (AEP) will occur later this year," the company says. "First, our Annual Compensation Review will continue to focus on driving EMC's pay-for-performance philosophy and rewarding top talent. This year's ACR increases will become effective on October 1. Moving the effective date to that time of the year lets us align our calendar with Dell's annual planning cycle in 2017. Second, as we prepare to become a privately controlled company, our Annual Equity Program for 2016 is planned as a Long Term Cash program. Moving from stock-based equity awards to a long-term cash program further aligns our performance incentives with programs in place at Dell. And, same as in previous years, the AEP will continue to focus on rewarding our very top-performing employees. Your HR manager will be able to share more details when these programs are underway later in 2016."

Fri, 24 Jun 2016 06:22:00 -0500 text/html
Dell EMC

With support from Dell EMC, and in association with Intel and Microsoft, Dippy's Naturenauts offers a mobile-friendly interactive experience for children aged seven to eleven.

A fun activity that supports Dippy on Tour, Dippy and Fern the fox lead kids through a series of exploratory games that encourage them to venture outdoors and interact with the nature in their area while learning about science.

Through their generous support of Dippy on Tour and Dippy's Naturenauts, Dell EMC helped the Museum to help the next generation of scientists engage with the natural world through a leading a digital experience, guiding and engage them in scientific thinking. 

Fri, 21 Jul 2023 17:40:00 -0500 en text/html
10 Questions VARs Asked Michael Dell (And His Answers)

Q&A Session

Michael Dell spoke to more than 600 VAR and distributor executives and answered solution providers' questions Tuesday during a Q&A luncheon at Dell's Global Channel Partner Summit at Dell World in Austin, Texas. Here's a look at what he was asked and what he had to say about everything from exact acquisitions to mobility to the fiscal cliff.

New Way Of Thinking

Dell opened his address by noting how Dell has changed in the last several years to focus more on solutions than point products.

"Challenges and opportunities require new ideas, new ways of thinking. We made very significant acquisitions last year alone, investing $5 billion to add organizations like Quest Software, SonicWall and Wyse. Those are tremendous assets that sit on the epicenter of what Dell now has: a really, fantastic end-to-end portfolio."

Server Growth

Dell cited solution providers and other partners as the main reason why the company has become the No. 1 server brand in North America and Asia.

"We have a strong position in servers, storage and increasingly converged infrastructure. We're only 64,000 servers away from being No. 1 in the world," he said.

On Mobility

Dell was asked about Dell's mobile strategy. He mentioned his company's new XPS 10 and mobile device management, and he cited Windows 8 as a mobile driver, but didn't touch on smartphones except to say Dell applications will manage them.

"We are introducing here [at Dell World] a comprehensive portfolio of BYOD management solutions. Also Windows 8 is a tremendous answer for that challenge. Think of the organizations you serve. Just about all of them have Active Directory deeply embedded. The challenges companies face in working with other devices are significant. Take a product like our Latitude 10, it's a thin light tablet. It has all-day battery life, but also runs Microsoft Office, has a USB port, attaches to a 30-inch display and is fully compatible with all the other Microsoft stuff your customer has. We think that's a fantastic alternative to other products out there. On the smartphone side, we've got some strong systems management tools to manage those. Also, you'll see accelerated adoption of virtual clients as people adopt those devices."

What Should VARs Focus On?

Dell was asked what technologies and solutions small VARs should be looking at and focusing on and why. He mentioned cloud computing, converged infrastructure and security as three areas with high ROI for partners.

"Customers are on this journey from discrete infrastructure to virtual and cloud infrastructure. We rapidly built out converged solutions that enable you to help customers build their own private cloud. IT can be hybrid too and can run in a secured Dell environment, but we see it more as on-premise, and customers want to capture that [private cloud environment]," Dell said.

Identity Access And Management

Dell also said identity access and management is a hot area that VARs should look at.

"When you get into thousands and tens of thousands of users, you have lots of federated systems: on premise, cloud and off premise. There are lots of people in the organization that have different roles, and they might move around. There are regulations for who had access to what information. It's a nightmare to manage," Dell said. "You need an identity and access management solution. We have one in Quest. The deployment and implementation is a significant undertaking. It creates a lot of opportunities for partners."

Integration Plans

One attendee told Dell that partners and their customers are being told by competing vendors that Dell hasn't fully baked its integration plans for exact acquisitions such as SonicWall, Wyse and Quest Software and asked what partners should say to stay ahead of that conversation.

"The platforms you mention have tremendous scale and adoption, millions of users for each of them. We're integrating these together in a way where there's a 'better together' [message] across the Dell portfolio. If we haven't worked with you appropriately before on that, now's the time to do so," Dell said.

U.S. Manufacturing

Another VAR mentioned that Apple recently said it planned to spend $100 million to move some manufacturing jobs to the United States and whether Dell would do the same.

"We have some manufacturing here in the U.S. now, a percentage that probably is higher than Apple's. They said they invested $100 million. I'm not sure how much manufacturing they get for $100 million," Dell said. "One thing our country suffers from is a lack of industrial policy. What that means is the fundamental ingredients and materials are very capital intensive and require long patience and a lot of fortitude. The competitiveness in [many] industries has motivated them to put capital in the ground of other places. Other places set up competitive incentives. That's a big issue that affects competitiveness in this country vs. others."

The Fiscal Cliff

Dell was asked what precautions businesses should take regarding the upcoming "fiscal cliff" in Congress.

"We've taken some steps to prepare for this possibility. I'd like to think it [won't] actually occur, but you never know. Hopefully, a compromise is worked out. That's sort of the going assumption," Dell said. "This is only the beginning of addressing the real issue, which is our government is spending way more than it takes on and has for a long time. You know you can't do that for a long time. Unfortunately, that's what government has been doing. You can't keep doing it. That's a bigger issue beyond the fiscal cliff."

Developing Markets

Next, Dell was asked by a reseller from Columbia what his vision is for Latin American and other emerging markets.

"When I think of where the next 1 billion users come from, it's from new markets like those in South America, Southern Asia, Africa, the Middle East. Those places are where there is tremendous upside. One other thing we find there is organizations don’t have a legacy of older platforms. They can move immediately to new ways of doing things," Dell said. "We have a mainframe migration [strategy] where we help thousands of customers migrate onto an x86 environment. In emerging countries, this is not so much a problem. You can go right to virtual cloud infrastructure. We still see lots of growth in terms of GDP expansion in those countries, and IT will play a role in that."

Channel-Only Products

Finally, a VAR asked Dell if he sees the company developing any "channel-only" products that would not be sold directly to customers. Dell answered that Dell will always let the customer decide where they want to buy technology.

"The way we think about it is how do we get the broadest access to the largest number of customers any way we can. We don't have a preconceived idea about that. We have countries where we are 100 percent channel. If it felt like the right strategy in other countries or customers segments, [we'd do it], but I haven't seen that yet," Dell said. "There is still a lot of white space where there are lots of accounts. Our channel is not as high as it could be in servers. That's a big opportunity for partners."

Wed, 12 Dec 2012 22:00:00 -0600 text/html
EMC Shielding and Test Equipment Market: Anticipated 4.5% CAGR with a Projected Valuation of US$ 11,440.5 Million by 2033

The EMC shielding and test equipment Market report, unveiled by Future Market Insights‚ÄĒan ESOMAR Certified Market Research and Consulting Firm‚ÄĒpresents invaluable insights and meticulous analysis of the EMC shielding and test equipment market. Encompassing the research‚Äôs scope and essence, this report scrupulously examines the driving factors, market size, and predictive data for EMC shielding and test equipment. It furnishes intricate revenue and shipment segmentations, accompanied by a decade-long projection up to 2033. Additionally, the document evaluates key industry players, their market distribution, the competitive scenario, and regional perspectives.

The EMC shielding and test equipment market is currently experiencing remarkable growth, primarily driven by the increasing demand for smart electronic devices across various industries, including consumer electronics, healthcare, automotive, and telecommunications. This proliferation of electronic devices underscores the critical importance of ensuring electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) in today’s technological landscape.

As the global use of electronic devices continues to expand, the need for EMC shielding and test equipment has become essential. These technologies play a crucial role in safeguarding against electromagnetic interference (EMI) and ensuring the seamless operation of these devices.

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Projections suggest that the global EMC shielding and test equipment market is set to surpass a valuation of US$ 7,336.9 million by 2023, with further estimations indicating substantial growth to reach US$ 11,440.5 million by 2033. This growth trajectory is expected to be sustained through a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.5% from 2023 to 2033.

The surging demand for smart electronic devices remains the primary driver behind the robust expansion of the EMC shielding and test equipment market. As these devices become ubiquitous across various sectors, there is an increasing urgency to ensure electromagnetic compatibility. This imperative arises from the need to prevent electromagnetic interference (EMI) and ensure the flawless operation of electronic systems.

Today’s electronic devices are characterized by their complexity, integration, and compact form factors, which elevate the risk of electromagnetic interference. Throughout the entire lifecycle of electronic systems, spanning from design and development to manufacturing, EMC shielding and test equipment play a pivotal role in identifying and mitigating potential EMI issues. Their role in preserving the integrity of electronic devices cannot be overstated.

The automotive and aerospace industries have experienced significant advancements, largely driven by increased electrification, connectivity, and automation. These developments have underscored the critical importance of ensuring the reliable performance of electronic systems, even under challenging conditions. As a result, strict adherence to Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) standards has become paramount. Consequently, there is a growing demand for EMC shielding and testing equipment, which is fueling the expansion of the market in these sectors.

In the energy and power sector, the operation of complex electronic machinery and control systems is fundamental to power generation, transmission, and distribution. To mitigate the risks posed by electromagnetic interference and maintain the stability and dependability of power systems, the implementation of EMC shielding is imperative. Additionally, the proper functioning of electronic components within power infrastructure relies heavily on rigorous EMC shielding and testing. Given the rising global energy demands and concurrent industrialization, the EMC shielding market is poised for substantial growth in the years ahead.

The industrial landscape is undergoing a transformation, primarily driven by the widespread adoption of industrial automation and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). These evolving systems require seamless coexistence and dependable operation, free from the interference of electromagnetic waves (EMI). Achieving this level of performance necessitates the deployment of EMC shielding and testing equipment, which is essential for ensuring the smooth operation of industrial automation and control systems. The ongoing trend of digitalization is expected to play a significant role in driving progress within this particular market sector.

Here are the key takeaways from the EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) Shielding and Test Equipment Market:

  • The global EMC shielding and test equipment market experienced substantial growth, with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 3.9% during the period from 2018 to 2022.
  • In 2018, the global market had a total valuation of US$ 5,827.8 million, demonstrating its significant size and potential.
  • By 2022, the market had expanded to a substantial US$ 7,355.9 million, indicating robust growth over the four-year period.
  • In 2022, the consumer electronics segment within the market‚Äôs verticals emerged as a dominant player, capturing a noteworthy 32% share of the global market.
  • India, a key player in the global market, accounted for a significant 6.1% share in 2022, showcasing its growing influence in the EMC shielding and test equipment sector.
  • China, a major global market participant, secured a substantial 5.8% share in 2022, underlining its significance in the industry.
  • Japan, another key contributor to the global market, held a 5.9% share in 2022, highlighting its role in the EMC shielding and test equipment market.
  • The United States, a significant player in the industry, led the market with a substantial share of 24.7% in 2022, reaffirming its dominant position on the global stage.

These key takeaways underscore the dynamic growth and regional contributions within the EMC shielding and test equipment market, providing valuable insights into its current status and trajectory.

Recent Developments Observed by FMI:

  • SGS announced in July 2021 the launch of new mobile equipment in locations around the United States. The new launch is for in-situ Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) testing services.

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Market Segmentation

By Type:

By Vertical:

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Telecom & IT
  • Automotive, Healthcare
  • Aerospace, Others

By Application:

  • Consumer Appliances and Electronics
  • Automotive
  • Military and Aerospace
  • IT and Telecommunication
  • Medical
  • Railways
  • Renewable Energy
  • Industrial

By Region:

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • East Asia
  • South Asia
  • Oceania
  • The Middle East & Africa (MEA)

About Us

Future Market Insights, Inc. (ESOMAR certified, Stevie Award ‚Äď recipient market research organization and a member of Greater New York Chamber of Commerce) provides in-depth insights into governing factors elevating the demand in the market. It discloses opportunities that will favour the market growth in various segments on the basis of Source, Application, Sales Channel and End Use over the next 10-years.


Future Market Insights Inc.
Christiana Corporate,
200 Continental Drive,
Suite 401, Newark,
Delaware ‚Äď 19713, USA
T: +1-845-579-5705
For Sales Enquiries:

Tue, 26 Dec 2023 23:20:00 -0600 en-US text/html
Boyfriends face new TikTok 'name a woman' challenge where there’s only one right answer

The latest viral trend on TikTok, dubbed the "name a woman" challenge, involves asking unsuspecting boyfriends a single question. 

TikTok users are encouraged to ask their boyfriend to name a woman and if he responds with his girlfriend's name, they have given the right answer, but if they don't, users are told to "start a fight" or pretend to get mad if he says another woman's name. 

The hashtag #nameawomen has over 100 million views and while thousands of women have asked their boyfriends the simple question, very few have answered the question "correctly," with many responding with the names of prominent celebrities, politicians, athletes or even random women's names. 

TikTok user @taniatotanesmartinez first posted the video that prompted the challenge on November 29, telling users to "ask your man to name a woman" and "if that guy says any other name than yours, you should start a fight." As of December 8, the video had 7 million, views, over 780,000 likes, almost 10,000 comments and over 60,000 shares. 

The hashtag #nameawomen has over 100 million views on TikTok (TikTok)


The day before, she asked her own significant other to answer the question, and he passed the test when he said her name. 

"This guy wins this trend," she wrote. "If your man doesn't say your name when asked if he can name a woman, dump his a$$."

Many TikTok users have commented on @taniatotanesmartinez's video applauding her for the idea, and thousands of users and social media influencers have filmed themselves asking their boyfriends the now infamous question. 

Years ago, comedian and actor Billy Eichner asked a similar question on his comedy game show "Billy on the Street," where he would walk the streets of New York City, asking unsuspecting pedestrians questions about popular culture in exchange for prizes if they answered the questions correctly. Several passersby of all genders had trouble instantly responding to his prompt, "For a dollar, name a woman."


For the TikTok challenge, many men often seemed skeptical of the vague question, cautiously providing an answer.

After pondering the question for some time, one man finally came to the answer "Kamala Harris."

"[A]ll that thinking and that's the best he could come up with," the user wrote. 

User @angelac0123 asked her significant other to name a woman. Before answering "Madison," he asked if the question was some sort of trick. 

User @carroe__cate asked her significant other to name a woman, to which he responded Susan B. Anthony, which garnered over 2 million views and 22,000 comments. 

"When you don't understand the assignment but pass with flying colors anyway," she wrote. 

"can't start a fight with Susan B Anthony," one woman commented. 

"I love how every one of these I've seen has the guy looking completely surprised by the name that he says," another commented. 


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