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Exam Code: DOP-C01 Practice test 2022 by team
DOP-C01 AWS DevOps Engineer Professional (DOP-C01)

Format : Multiple choice, multiple answer
Type : Professional
Delivery Method : Testing center or online proctored exam
Time : 180 minutes to complete the exam

The AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional (DOP-CO1) examination validates technical expertise in provisioning, operating, and managing distributed application systems on the AWS platform. It is intended for individuals who perform a devops engineer role.
It validates an examinees ability to:
 Implement and manage continuous delivery systems and methodologies on AWS.
 Implement and automate security controls, governance processes, and compliance validation.
 Define and deploy monitoring, metrics, and logging systems on AWS.
 Implement systems that are highly available, scalable, and self-healing on the AWS platform.
 Design, manage, and maintain tools to automate operational processes.

Recommended AWS Knowledge
 2 or more years of experience provisioning, operating, and managing AWS environments
 Experience developing code in at least one high-level programming language
 Experience building highly automated infrastructures
 Experience administering operating systems
 Understanding of modern development and operations processes and methodologies

Exam Content
There are two types of questions on the examination:
 Multiple choice: Has one correct response and three incorrect responses (distractors).
 Multiple response: Has two or more correct responses out of five or more options.
Select one or more responses that best complete the statement or answer the question. Distractors, or incorrect answers, are response options that an examinee with incomplete knowledge or skill would likely choose. However, they are generally plausible responses that fit in the content area defined by the test objective.
Unanswered questions are scored as incorrect; there is no penalty for guessing.

Unscored Content
Your examination may include unscored items that are placed on the test to gather statistical information. These items are not identified on the form and do not affect your score.

Exam Results
The AWS Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional (DOP-C01) examination is a pass or fail exam. The examination is scored against a minimum standard established by AWS professionals who are guided by certification industry best practices and guidelines.
Your results for the examination are reported as a score from 100–1,000, with a minimum passing score of 750. Your score shows how you performed on the examination as a whole and whether or not you passed. Scaled scoring models are used to equate scores across multiple test forms that may have slightly different difficulty levels.

Domain 1: SDLC Automation 22%
Domain 2: Configuration Management and Infrastructure as Code 19%
Domain 3: Monitoring and Logging 15%
Domain 4: Policies and Standards Automation 10%
Domain 5: Incident and Event Response 18%
Domain 6: High Availability, Fault Tolerance, and Disaster Recovery 16%
TOTAL 100%

Domain 1: SDLC Automation
1.1 Apply concepts required to automate a CI/CD pipeline
1.2 Determine source control strategies and how to implement them
1.3 Apply concepts required to automate and integrate testing
1.4 Apply concepts required to build and manage artifacts securely
1.5 Determine deployment/delivery strategies (e.g., A/B, Blue/green, Canary, Red/black) and how to implement them using AWS Services

Domain 2: Configuration Management and Infrastructure as Code
2.1 Determine deployment services based on deployment needs
2.2 Determine application and infrastructure deployment models based on business needs
2.3 Apply security concepts in the automation of resource provisioning
2.4 Determine how to implement lifecycle hooks on a deployment
2.5 Apply concepts required to manage systems using AWS configuration management tools and services

Domain 3: Monitoring and Logging
3.1 Determine how to set up the aggregation, storage, and analysis of logs and metrics
3.2 Apply concepts required to automate monitoring and event management of an environment
3.3 Apply concepts required to audit, log, and monitor operating systems, infrastructures, and applications
3.4 Determine how to implement tagging and other metadata strategies

Domain 4: Policies and Standards Automation
4.1 Apply concepts required to enforce standards for logging, metrics, monitoring, testing, and security
4.2 Determine how to optimize cost through automation
4.3 Apply concepts required to implement governance strategies

Domain 5: Incident and Event Response
5.1 Troubleshoot issues and determine how to restore operations
5.2 Determine how to automate event management and alerting
5.3 Apply concepts required to implement automated healing
5.4 Apply concepts required to set up event-driven automated actions

Domain 6: High Availability, Fault Tolerance, and Disaster Recovery
6.1 Determine appropriate use of multi-AZ versus multi-region architectures
6.2 Determine how to implement high availability, scalability, and fault tolerance
6.3 Determine the right services based on business needs (e.g., RTO/RPO, cost)
6.4 Determine how to design and automate disaster recovery strategies
6.5 Evaluate a deployment for points of failure

AWS DevOps Engineer Professional (DOP-C01)
Amazon Professional Practice Test
Killexams : Amazon Professional practice test - BingNews Search results Killexams : Amazon Professional practice test - BingNews Killexams : Amazon to test facial recognition technology to verify seller identity
GeekWire Illustration

Amazon will test facial recognition, forgery detection, and other automated technologies as a new alternative for verifying the identities of online sellers.

The test will be rolled out as a voluntary option for prospective sellers in the U.S. starting today, the company said in a post Tuesday morning. Video calls with human reviewers remain an alternative for those who don’t want to participate.

Amazon says it’s responding to feedback from small business owners who asked for a more efficient verification process. Identity verification is part of a broader effort by the company to combat fraud on its platform.

“Our test will determine whether we can achieve the same robustness of identity verification as our current processes while also providing a better experience for sellers who choose this verification process,” said Anirudh Chandrakant, director of Amazon Seller Registration Services, in the post announcing the test.

Amazon says it will use the biometric data solely for the purpose of verifying identity, determining if someone is a live person and whether a face matches a picture on a government-issued identification card.

Images are encrypted in transit and at rest, the company says, noting that it adheres to applicable privacy laws and regulations.

The company similarly tested live video calls for identity verification starting in April 2020 before making that approach standard for seller onboarding.

Here’s how Amazon describes the new verification process for prospective sellers.

  1. First, they’ll provide access to their device’s camera, and will be shown a series of steps in which images of their face and government-issued identity document are captured.
  2. Next, the images are analyzed using machine learning models to create unique facial measurements called facial biometric data. This data is processed in real time to confirm that the prospective seller’s face matches the face on their government-issued identification document.
  3. Once that process is complete, the prospective seller will see a pending verification page.
  4. During the test, we will be manually reviewing the system’s decisions and verifying seller identities, and notifying prospective sellers of the decision within a few days. In the future, many of these decisions will be automated and communicated instantly.

Facial recognition technology has drawn criticism in some scenarios due to privacy concerns and the potential for bias. Amazon, Microsoft and others have stopped offering facial recognition technology to law enforcement.

Tue, 15 Nov 2022 03:41:00 -0600 Todd Bishop en-US text/html
Killexams : Amazon tests new robotic system to Excellerate warehouse efficiency

Dive Brief:

  • Amazon is testing a new robotic system that can detect, select and handle individual products, the first time a robot has that capability in its warehouses, the company said last week.
  • The system, named Sparrow, can handle millions of diverse products by tapping into computer vision and artificial intelligence, according to Amazon. It moves items prior to packaging, relieving employees of repetitive tasks.
  • Sparrow is currently in the research and development phase, and the company is weighing several factors before deploying it at scale, spokesperson Xavier Van Chau said in an email.

Dive Insight:

Amazon workers picked, stowed or packed more than 13 million packages per day last year. With Sparrow, Amazon aims to make the fulfillment process more efficient through automation.

Maximizing such efficiencies is particularly important after the company overextended its fulfillment network and became weighed down with added costs.

"Robotics technology enables us to work smarter, not harder, to operate efficiently and safely," Amazon said in its announcement of Sparrow.

The company prioritized automation well before its more exact issues, however. The acquisition of Kiva Systems in 2012 kickstarted a larger robotics presence within its facilities to help handle waves of customer orders. As of June, the company had more than 520,000 robotic drive units and more than a dozen types of robotic systems in its facilities.

“We have millions of products of all shapes and sizes in our inventory, and we recognized the opportunity to invent new technology that could help handle them at Amazon’s scale,” Amazon said.

Sparrow is expected to complement the other machines in the company's network. Once items are handled by Sparrow and then packaged, existing robotic arms like Robin and Cardinal can redirect them within the warehouse ahead of delivery.

Robotic parcel sorters have been an investment area for companies beyond Amazon. FedEx Express uses robotic arms at its World Hub in Memphis, Tennessee to handle small packages and letters. DHL's e-commerce division has seen improved throughput following the installation of DoraSorter robotic systems at an Atlanta distribution center.

Wed, 16 Nov 2022 00:27:00 -0600 Max Garland en-US text/html
Killexams : Amazon CEO Andy Jassy says economy will test 'long term resolve' of companies

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy said Wednesday that the world's second-largest company by revenue has been trying to "streamline" costs as it navigates the uncertain economic environment. 

While speaking at The New York Times DealBook summit, Jassy said the economy over the next few years is "going to test the long term resolve of a lot of companies." Many will decide to "stop doing anything that's not their core revenue generating businesses," he added. 

Jassy explained that the online retailer is in the process of streamlining costs in "a bunch of different areas" while investing in things that it believes will impact the company in the long term.

An Amazon truck is seen in a local highway during Cyber Monday near the Amazon fulfillment center in Robbinsville Township in N.J., Nov. 28, 2022.  (Reuters/Eduardo Munoz / Reuters Photos)


This marks his first public comments since The New York Times first reported earlier this month that Amazon was planning to lay off 10,000 corporate and technology workers.  

People familiar with the matter told the Times that the cuts would affect the company's devices organization, retail division and human resources. 

Jassy elaborated Wednesday that while there are a lot of things Amazon is doing in the devices organization that he is "optimistic" about, there are other tings that they don't see as "really big needle movers." 

Ticker Security Last Change Change %
AMZN AMAZON.COM INC. 90.35 +1.89 +2.14%


"In those cases, we either wound those down or slowed those down to streamline a little bit as part of that cost exercise," he added. 

Shortly before the Times reported the pending layoffs, people Jassy began a cost-cutting review of the company, people familiar with the matter told the Wall Street Journal.

Worker selects and packs items during Cyber Monday at the Amazon fulfillment center in Robbinsville Township in N.J., Nov. 28, 2022. (Reuters/Eduardo Munoz / Reuters Photos)


Amazon had already warned employees in underperforming units to prepare to look for another job as the company makes cutbacks amid the uncertain economic environment, sources told the Journal.

Before that, the company even initiated a hiring freeze saying it wanted to "balance our hiring and investments with being thoughtful about this economy.

Wed, 30 Nov 2022 15:12:00 -0600 Daniella Genovese en-US text/html
Killexams : Amazon Tests Out New Free-Roaming AI Warehouse Robots No result found, try new keyword!Amazon currently uses over half a million robots ... set of warehouses and a restricted set of tasks. The idea is to test out how AI robots can function alongside human staff and make sure any ... Wed, 02 Nov 2022 04:05:00 -0500 en-US text/html Killexams : Electric Amazon vans spotted around metro Detroit are carrying trade secrets, not goods cannot provide a good user experience to your browser. To use this site and continue to benefit from our journalism and site features, please upgrade to the latest version of Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari.

Sat, 03 Dec 2022 08:47:00 -0600 en-US text/html
Killexams : Amazon launches new prescribing venture, Google tests search in health care, & Maven’s $90M round No result found, try new keyword!You’re practicing the web edition of STAT Health Tech, our guide to how tech is transforming the life sciences. Sign up to get this newsletter delivered in your inbox every Tuesday and Thursday. Mon, 14 Nov 2022 10:00:00 -0600 en-US text/html Killexams : 200 of Amazon’s best Black Friday deals to shop before they sell out

It feels like we just wrapped on the Prime Early Access Sale, but now we’re facing another major event with discounts on thousands of items spanning every category imaginable: Black Friday is here, and Amazon is offering even more great deals on everything you missed the first time around.

Whether you’re a seasoned shopper with lists galore or a first-timer just dipping your toes into this major deals holiday, as long as you’re a Prime member you’ll find discounts on almost everything today. Think clothing, tech, beauty and more, plus holiday deals so you can save as you check off everyone’s wish list. Plus, stock up on everyday essentials and save 25%.

Since sifting through thousands of on-sale products is not for the faint of heart, we’ve done the heavy lifting and found the best deals Amazon has to offer today (we’re talking all-time low prices on tons of our top picks). Below, we’ve sorted them into categories for your convenience.

Make sure you check back frequently, as we’ll be in the trenches at all hours, updating this page constantly as new deals roll in. Happy shopping!

Amazon device Black Friday deals

Kindle E-Readers

The Kindle Paperwhite boasts a lightweight, waterproof design and a glare-free screen with adjustable warmth to reduce strain on your eyes. Grab the budget-friendly Paperwhite or our top pick, the Oasis, at a nice discount right now. 

From $95 at Amazon Echo Dot With Clock (5th Gen)

The new fifth-gen Echo Dot maintains the useful features and affordability of previous models, plus upgrades like better audio quality, temperature sensors and Wi-Fi extending capabilities. Right now you can score discounts on the Dot, plus the super-cute Kids Edition and bundles.

$40 at Amazon Insignia HD Smart Fire TVs

These dependable, affordable TVs offer a ton of features, including your pick of streaming services, Alexa built in, Dolby Audio and DTS TruSurround. It’s always a great value, but even more at these prices.

From $80 at Amazon Blink Smart Home Security Cameras and Bundles

Keep an eye on your property with these HD cameras. Wireless and weatherproof, these bundles are reliable and customizable for anywhere.

From $30 at Amazon Kids Fire Tablets

The Fire HD 10 Kids Edition comes with a tough case and the hardware and internals of the Fire HD 10 tablet, plus you’ll get a year of Amazon Freetime Unlimited and a two-year, worry-free certain and a super-solid warranty. Plus, you can save even more with past-generation tablets.

From $55 at Amazon Ring Video Doorbells and Bundles

Ring Video doorbells are an easy way to upgrade your home security. The devices pair with the Ring app, which lets you check who’s at your door from anywhere. Plus, you can talk with whoever is ringing your bell with two-way communication capabilities.

From $45 at Amazon Eero Mesh Wi-Fi Systems

We named the Eero 6 mesh router, with its foolproof setup process, nearly unrivaled speeds and coverage areas, as your best bet when opting for a mesh router. Shop these discounted systems now. 

From $75 at Amazon Echo Show 15

The Echo Show 15 is Amazon’s newest, and largest, Echo Show to date. This 15.6-inch giant of an Alexa smart display was designed to hang on the wall rather than sit on a counter or nightstand. 

$170 at Amazon Echo Glow + Echo Show 5 Kids

The Echo Glow is a nice companion to your Alexa setup. It’s compact, easy to set up and provides pleasant mood lighting to any space. Pair it with the Echo Show 5 Kids for streamlined daily routines.

$51 at Amazon Fire TV Cube

The Fire TV Cube combines an Alexa smart speaker with a Fire TV streaming device. You can even ask Alexa to turn on the TV without getting up from the couch.

$60 at Amazon Holiday Trees + Amazon Smart Plug + Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

When you purchase a select artificial Christmas tree, you’ll receive a free Smart Plug and Echo Dot that will streamline your holiday decorating, allowing you to control your tree’s lighting remotely.

From $154 at Amazon Amazon Smart Thermostat

If you're on a budget and live in an Alexa household, the Amazon Smart Thermostat delivers excellent performance with the company's voice assistant.

$42 at Amazon Echo Glow

The Echo Glow is a nice companion to your Alexa setup. It’s compact, easy to set up and provides pleasant mood lighting to any space. 

$17 at Amazon

Amazon Black Friday tech deals

Apple AirTag (4-Pack)

With impressive precision and long-lasting battery, the AirTag is a game changer for scatter-brained moments, like when you can’t remember where you put down your car keys. Now just $75 for a pack of four, this deal brings these useful trackers to their lowest price yet.

$80 at Amazon Sony WH-1000XM5 Headphones

The Sony WH-1000XM5 are the best over-ear headphones you can buy, with a slimmer design than their predecessors and refined noise-canceling microphones. This high-end model is on sale alongside other Sony headphones we like. 

$348 at Amazon Razer Kiyo Pro Webcam

If you’re willing to invest in a camera that will make you look great under any lighting condition, the Razer Kiyo Pro is one of the best high-end options out there. Our pick for the best high-end webcam is just $8 shy of its lowest price ever.

$88 at Amazon Apple Pencil (2nd Gen)

This updated version of Apple’s original Pencil integrates seamlessly with your iPad experience.

$89 at Amazon Macbook Air M1

Back in 2020, Apple set a new standard with this laptop that boasts long-lasting battery and speedy performance. Shop various configurations up to 20% off right now.

From $799 at Amazon Bose QuietComfort 45 Bluetooth Headphones

The Bose QuietComfort 45 perform particularly well on airplanes and in other noisy places, making them one of the best options for travelers and commuters. Grab them on sale right now, matching their lowest price this year.

$249 at Amazon Fitbit Inspire 2

Sporting myriad helpful features, the Fitbit Inspire 2 is our top fitness tracker choice for anyone who wants better clarity and more robust data about their health, fitness and wellness lifestyle. It’s now over half off — the lowest price we’ve seen.

$49 at Amazon EarFun Air Wireless Earbuds

Use the code CNNDEAL02 for an additional 5% off these fantastic budget earbuds — combined with the on-page coupon, this exclusive offer brings the total down to $34, a new low price.

$34 at Amazon JBL Clip 4

Get impressive audio in a compact, portable package with the JBL Clip 4, now at an all-time low price. This speaker is waterproof and dustproof, so you can take it anywhere you need some tunes.

$45 at Amazon Logitech StreamCam

The Logitech StreamCam delivers excellent picture quality, with smooth 1080p and the ability to shoot in both vertical and horizontal orientation. It’s an excellent pick for streamers and WFH-ers alike, with an attractive design and a bevy of helpful features.

$100 at Amazon Galaxy Watch 5

The brand new Galaxy Watch 5 is the best Android smartwatch for most people, offering long battery life, good performance and plenty of fitness tracking capabilities. 

From $229 at Amazon SanDisk 1TB Extreme PRO Portable SSD

Keep everything safe with our premium pick for the best external harddrive from Sandisk. Snag this model on sale alongside other options we like right now.

From $130 at Amazon Apple AirPods (2nd Gen)

This is the lowest price we’ve seen on these past-generation AirPods that still hold up if noise-cancellation isn’t a priority for you. Grab a pair for gym workouts or WFH video calls and save.

$79 at Amazon Arlo Essential Indoor Camera

Our favorite indoor security camera is built with privacy in mind, easy to set up and inexpensive. The video quality is top-notch, motion alerts are prompt and audio sounds great. Shop it on sale alongside other smart home security from Arlo.

$75 at Amazon Ultimate Ears Portable Speakers

Right now, score discounts on two speakers we love — the Megaboom (our favorite portable speaker on steroids) and the latest Wonderboom. Boasting considerable bass, 360-degree sound and a compact package, these waterproof speakers are a must have for outdoors listening.

$80 at Amazon Tile Bluetooth Trackers

If you’re in the habit of misplacing things, Tile trackers are a great solution. Right now, you can score savings on the keychain-compatible Mate, credit-card size Slim and more models. 

From $18 at Amazon Logitech MX Keys Wireless Keyboard

The full-size, full featured Logitech MX Keys offers a terrific typing experience, easy device switching, and simple customization. Snag our favorite keyboard for 15% off right now.

$102 at Amazon Sony SRS-XB13 Bluetooth Speaker

We think this wireless speaker makes a great travel companion. Keep the music going all vacation long with its long battery life, durability and crisp sound.

$38 at Amazon Beats Fit Pro True Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds

The Beats Fit Pro blend all of the AirPods Pro's best features with a stylish, secure and workout-friendly design. With a great discount and Underscored’s seal of approval, why not try them out?

$160 at Amazon Whellen Selfie Ring Light

Our favorite portable ring light is small enough to put in a pocket or purse, giving you great video call and selfie lighting you can take anywhere.

$11 at Amazon Samsung Galaxy Phones

No matter what model you're on the lookout for, you're sure to find the Android phone you want in this sale on Galaxy phones (including the S22 Ultra and Flip 4), cases and accessories.

From $165 at Amazon Razer Gaming Accessories

Shop discounted mice, keyboards and more right now from Razer.

From $33 at Amazon DJI Mavic Mini Combo

We’ve all seen those incredible drone videos with aerial shots from above. And now you can learn how to make them yourself with the help of the DJI Mavic Air 2, which you can snag for $200 off at Amazon.

$300 at Amazon Marshall Speakers and Headphones

Listen to music in style and save, thanks to these Black Friday discounts up to 34% off.

From $80 at Amazon Chromebooks

Right now you can score deals on Chromebooks from Lenovo, HP, Acer and Asus — meaning a new laptop is yours for as little as

From $150 at Amazon Bose Headphones and Portable Speakers

Take the tunes with you, no matter where you're going. Right now you can save on portable bluetooth speakers and quality noise-cancelling earbuds from Bose.

From $89 at Amazon Anker Charging Accessories

Save on everything from a portable power station to lightning cable to power bank and more right now to juice up your tech quickly and easily.

From $16 at Amazon

Amazon Black Friday appliance and smart home deals

iRobot Roomba j7+

Pet hair and crumbs littering your floors are a thing of the past with our favorite robot vacuum. Splurge for the j7+, which includes a self-empty base — or grab a more affordable (but still effective) Roomba model

$599 at Amazon Cricut Explore Air 2

Crafters, rejoice! The cult-favorite Cricut Explore Air 2 cutting machine is back down to its lowest price ever of $169. This handy tool makes all your projects a breeze with the ability to cut more than 100 different types of materials, including vinyl, card stock, faux leather, adhesive foils, specialty paper, poster board and more.

$169 at Amazon Blue Yeti Microphone

Practically everyone agrees — the Blue Yeti microphone is the best mid-price microphone out there. Whether you’re podcasting, streaming or anything in between, save on the Blue Yeti and more (including the Yeti’s smaller sibling, the Nano) right now. 

$90 at Amazon Circadian Optics Light Therapy Lamp

Combat the effects of seasonal affective disorder (SAD), with a light therapy lamp like this one. It's sturdy, well designed, easy to use and bright, with a convenient nonslip bottom. 

$36 at Amazon Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

The Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier earned our top pick for bedrooms during our humidifier testing. The machine makes virtually no noise, perfect for light sleepers, and has a night light function and automatic shutoff. 

$32 at Amazon Levoit Core 300 Air Purifier

Keep dust, pollen, mold and more at bay with this Levoit air purifier, down to the lowest price we’ve seen.

$85 at Amazon Philips SmartSleep Wake-up Light

If daylight saving time has got your sleep rhythms in a funk, consider our favorite sunrise lamp to start your mornings on the sunny side. Right now, the Philips SmartSleep Wake-up Light is just shy of the lowest price we’ve seen at Amazon, so pleasant mornings are in your future.

$80 at Amazon Bissell Little Green Portable Spot and Stain Cleaner

Stains are no match for this small-but-mighty cleaner. Suitable for a variety of surfaces, from carpets to car interiors and more, this cleaner guarantees to be worth its price.

$89 at Amazon Google Nest Thermostat

Right now, you can score our favorite budget smart thermostat at a nicely discounted price. The Nest Thermostat gives you a well-designed interface, remote app controls and the ability to toggle between modes, presets and set schedules.

$90 at Amazon Kasa Smart Plug (4-Pack)

Grab a four-pack of these compact smart plugs that lets you customize, monitor the plug and even set a schedule.

$23 at Amazon Eufy 11s Robot Vacuum

Our budget robot vacuum pick is quiet, effective and slim enough to reach under most furniture. It’s 45% off right now, just shy of its lowest price ever.

$126 at Amazon Katchy Indoor Insect Trap

This device traps and kills gnats, moths and fruit flies, and it's 30% off right now for a pest-free home.

$32 at Amazon Honeywell Heaters and Humidifiers

Winter air is two things: cold and dry. Keep your home comfortable this season with on-sale heaters, humidifiers and air purifiers from Honeywell.

From $72 at Amazon MyQ Chamberlain Smart Garage Control

Smart garage controllers supply you an easy way to double-check the door or remotely close it via your smartphone or smart home setup. Our editors’ favorite model, the Chamberlain MyQ, is an excellent value for a gadget that’ll supply you reliable peace of mind.

$17 at Amazon Owlet Smart Baby Monitor and Sock

Track your baby's sleep and keep an eye out during naps with the Owlet Camera and Dream Sock, on sale now.

From $69 at Amazon Shark Vacuums

The brand behind our favorite upright vacuum has deals galore right now, so you can save while you get your floors squeaky clean.

From $60 at Amazon Cricut Joy

Achieve maximum creativity in minimal space with the Cricut Joy. This compact machine is easy to set up and use, and it completes custom projects in a snap.

$125 at Amazon Tineco Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Get up to 36% off a Tineco cordless vacuum for streamlined chores — not to mention spotless floors — for less.

From $200 at Amazon

Amazon Black Friday TV deals

Samsung QLED and OLED TVs

Samsung took QLED TVs to the next level with Neo QLED, thanks to the television’s slimmer build, better picture quality and a more immersive experience powered by a ton of Mini LEDs. Now is a great time to splurge on a sleek, premium TV and upgrade your movie nights.  

From $398 at Amazon Samsung The Frame TV (55-Inch)

Practical technology and interior design can sometimes feel at odds, but with The Frame TV, integration is seamless, thanks to its customizable TV bezel and Art Mode function. Get up to 33% off The Frame TV, on sale now in a couple sizes.

From $998 at Amazon Roku Streaming Stick 4K

The Roku Streaming Stick 4K is a seamless and affordable way to upgrade your TV, supporting full 4K resolution, dual-band Wi-Fi and HDR and Dolby Vision for improved color on a compatible TV. 

$25 at Amazon Roku Ultra 2022

Just in time for a new year of TV shows and movies, our favorite streaming device, the latest version of the Roku Ultra is down to the lowest price we’ve ever seen.

$69 at Amazon LG C2 OLED TV

The LG C2 OLED is one of the best TVs we've tested, offering amazing picture quality and a fluid interface for browsing apps. It's close to its lowest price right now in a range of sizes from 42 to 83 inches.

From $896 at Amazon

Amazon Black Friday sleep deals

Beckham Hotel Collection Bed Pillows

If you’re looking for top-tier comfort, consider these highly rated, Underscored-recommended pillows. Breathable and conveniently machine-washable, Beckham Hotel Collection pillows are 40% off right now when you clip the on-page coupon. 

$28 at Amazon Casper Mattresses

Sleep soundly on a brand-new mattress from the beloved brand Casper. Right now, you can score up to 25% off a mattress including the cooling Hybrid Snow

From $521 at Amazon Mavogel Cotton Eye Mask

Our favorite sleep mask features a genius nose wire, so it blocks all — and we mean all — of the light. Soft on the eyes and comfortable on the head, and won’t budge at all during the night. 

$15 at Amazon Snuggle-Pedic Body Pillow

Cozy up without overheating thanks to this memory foam body pillow, now over half off.

$30 at Amazon Casper Pillows

Get 30% off Casper pillows right now for comfortable nights ahead.

From $32 at Amazon

Amazon Black Friday kitchen and dining deals

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2

The Ember Mug 2 is a rechargeable stainless steel mug surrounded by a ceramic coating that keeps your drink toasty by creating a convection current in whatever liquid you fill it with. Right now you can save $30 on this convenient everyday device — and never sip on lukewarm coffee again.  

$100 at Amazon Kizen IP100 Digital Meat Thermometer

Cooking meat is no time for guessing games. The Kizen meat thermometer gives you peace of mind in the kitchen, thanks to reliably accurate readings and easy calibration. Right now score a significant price decrease on an already budget-friendly option.

$9 at Amazon MMmat Silicone Baking Mats (Set of 2)

These bestselling silicone baking mats are nonstick, dishwasher-safe and a sustainable alternative to single-use aluminum foil or parchment paper — and right now a 2-pack is on sale for just $17.

$16 at Amazon Swedish Dish Cloths

These sustainable, reusable cloths replace paper towels in your home and work like a charm. This deal is a great opportunity to make an impact and save your money, since they’re just $9 in yellow right now. 

$10 at Amazon T-fal Ultimate Hard Anodized Nonstick Pan Set

Get our favorite nonstick pan in a set of three useful sizes — on sale right now. Plus, save on T-Fal air fryers, additional cookware and more.

$51 at Amazon KitchenAid Stand Mixers

A few iconic, Underscored-beloved KitchenAid mixers are on sale right now, alongside food processors, espresso machines and more from the brand.

From $130 at Amazon SodaStream Machines

No need to spend money on cans of your favorite soda or seltzer; with SodaStream, you can make your own at home. Pick up everything you need on sale right now — including CO2 canisters, bottles and Bubly flavor drops.

From $77 at Amazon Instant Pot Pro Plus, 6-Quart

Our favorite pressure cooker may cost a bit more than some other models, but it gave us the best results, has the simplest, easiest-to-use interface and even allows you to release steam via app.

$150 at Amazon OXO Brew Single Serve Pour-Over Coffee Maker

The OXO Brew Pour-Over Coffee Maker is perfect for beginners, as it takes the guesswork out of the pouring process by allowing you to simply fill the water tank to your desired amount and letting it control the flow rate. 

$14 at Amazon Fullstar Vegetable Chopper

Streamline everything from Sunday meal prep to holiday feasts with this versatile chopper, which slices and dices any vegetable with ease.

$24 at Amazon KitchenAid 6-Quart Professional 600 Series Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer

If you prefer a bowl-lift mixer, the KitchenAid Professional 600 Series is your best bet. It has a large stainless steel bowl and a powerful motor that can handle bigger batches and recipes — a must-have especially over the holidays.

$430 at Amazon Ninja Professional Plus Blender with Auto-iQ

Our favorite budget blender is just $80 right now. The Ninja comes with a number of presets, as well as low, medium and high manual settings that can blend smoothies and soups with ease.

$80 at Amazon Chicago Cutlery Fusion 17-Piece Knife Block Set

Replace your dull knives with this discounted set, which earned the top spot in our testing, thanks to sturdy construction, comfort of use and reliable execution. Snag this all-inclusive set for the lowest price we’ve seen.

$90 at Amazon Stasher Silicone Storage Bags

Perfect for snacks and leftovers, these durable Stasher bags are a great replacement for plastic baggies. Get up to 30% off colorful bundles and more right now.

From $7 at Amazon Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron

Right now you can save on griddles, casserole dishes, the signature Cocotte and much more durable cookware from the beloved brand.

From $19 at Amazon Breville Super Q Blender

Our favorite blender features a slew of preset buttons, comes in multiple colors, includes key accessories and is quieter than other models we tested. Get it right now for 25% off, $10 shy of the all-time low price.

$410 at Amazon Silonn Countertop Ice Maker

This countertop ice maker is perfect for parties or anyone who enjoys a cold beverage at home. The machine produces ice in as little as 6 minutes and gives you 26 pounds in 24 hours.

$89 at Amazon Breville-Nespresso VertuoPlus Single-Serve Coffee Machine

Our favorite single-serve coffee maker is on sale for 33% off. Snag this intuitive and sleek machine or another discounted Nespresso right now.

$175 at Amazon All-Clad Cookware

Replace your dingy cookware with these premium upgrades from All-Clad. Durable, non-stick and versatile, these pieces are up to 40% off right now.

From $48 at Amazon Vitamix 7500 Blender

Upgrade your smoothie game with a top-of-the-line Vitamix blender. The bestselling 7500 model is around $50 off, and a bunch of other models are on-sale too.

$509 at Amazon Lodge Enameled 6-Quart Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Our favorite Dutch oven looks great and outperforms expensive competitors. Right now the versatile, durable cookware is over half off.

From $60 at Amazon Anova Culinary Sous Vides and Vacuum Sealers

If you have yet to try your hand at sous vide, today’s your chance to get in on the cooking trend. Get perfectly cooked meals for less with these deals.

From $55 at Amazon Brita Large Water Filter

Save on our favorite water filter pitcher or replacement filter right now for tasty drinking water at home.

$26 at Amazon HyperChiller Beverage Cooler

This dishwasher-safe product lets you cool any beverage in just 60 seconds, so you can enjoy iced coffee or chill a glass of wine anytime.

$17 at Amazon Zulay Milk Frother

Your morning cup of coffee will never be the same (in a good way) thanks to this viral milk frother.

$13 at Amazon Dash Kitchen Appliances

Dash makes some of the most affordable, countertop-friendly kitchen tools, and now you can save on quite a few — including our favorite budget air fryer.

From $20 at Amazon Z Grills and Accessories

Just because temperatures are dropping doesn't mean you shouldn't take advantage of these savings on grills for barbecues come summer.

From $12 at Amazon Zojirushi Rice Cooker

During testing, our favorite rice cooker cooked perfectly fluffy rice every time and offers handy features. Right now it's the lowest price we've seen this year.

$174 at Amazon Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Our favorite cold brew maker is down to its lowest price ever. Though it's temporarily out of stock, you can still snag this deal if you order now.

$15 at Amazon Keurig Coffee Brewers

Get your morning (or afternoon) caffeine fix without the hassle with a Keurig machine, now up to half off in a bunch of models and colorways.

$50 at Amazon Breville Smart Ovens

Breville's smart ovens let you roast, air fry, dehydrate and more, meaning you can get more done in less counter space. Right now save up to 36% for super-smart savings.

From $128 at Amazon Food Storage from Rubbermaid, Contigo and BMore

Everyone knows leftovers are the best part of holiday feasts, so keep food and drinks sealed tight in these discounted containers and bottles.

From $9 at Amazon

Amazon Black Friday furniture, decor and office deals

Steelcase Series 1 Office Chair

Do your back a favor and pick up our favorite office chair for less from Amazon right now.

$385 at Amazon Nixplay Digital Picture Frames

Keep precious memories close by with these digital frames. Upload with your favorite photos and enjoy a sweet slideshow anytime.

From $80 at Amazon Yankee Candle

Nothing says ambiance like a new candle, and now you can pick up a slew of popular Yankee-brand ones on sale. At these prices, it makes sense to buy a few to set the mood for every season.

From $9 at Amazon Christopher Knight Home

Give your home an upgrade without spending a fortune: There's on-sale furniture for every room of the house available now.

$19 at Amazon Pilot Writing Supplies

Stock up on pens and highlighters if you're running low — there's a variety on sale for everyone.

From $7 at Amazon Select Rugs from Safavieh, nuLOOM and more

If your home is feeling a little bare, liven things up with a new rug — a ton are on sale right now for any space.

From $9 at Amazon Ashley Furniture

Whether its your entire living room or just your mattress that needs a makeover, you can save during this promo.

$31 at Amazon

Amazon Black Friday home improvement deals

The Pink Stuff The Miracle Cleaning Paste

This viral cleaning product is $6 off right now, so pick up this bundle for a squeaky-clean home.

$19 at Amazon Gorilla Super Glue and Mounting Tape

Grab some discounted home essentials from Gorilla right now and save for the next time you'll need them.

From $12 at Amazon Dewalt Tools

Save on a wide variety Dewalt power tools, saws, drill bits and more right now and crush your next DIY. 

From $11 at Amazon Amazon Basics AA Rechargeable Batteries

Stock up and save on a set of rechargeable Amazon-brand batteries right now.

$21 at Amazon Insinkerator Garbage Disposals

A garbage disposal makes all the difference in the kitchen, and now you can add one to your sink for less.

From $24 at Amazon Scotts Lawn Care

Get next season's lawn thicker and greener than ever with seed and tools on sale from Scotts right now.

From $15 at Amazon Greenworks Outdoor Tools

Get your yard in tip-top shape with saws, leaf blowers, lawn mowers and more on sale right now.

From $30 at Amazon AeroGarden Indoor Garden Systems

Aerogarden makes it easy to grow your own herbs indoors all year long. Right now you can get up to half off these easy-to-use systems.

From $52 at Amazon DuroMax Generators

These portable generators run on gasoline or propane — shop them up to half off right now.

$373 at Amazon Noco Jump Starters and Battery Chargers

Don't get caught stranded with a dead battery — right now you can grab a Noco-brand jump starter and battery charger on sale. Save now for peace of mind later.

From $20 at Amazon Chemical Guys Car Wash Products

Keep your vehicle looking sharp with these on-sale top-rated car cleaning products.

$6 at Amazon

Amazon Black Friday health deals

Philips Sonicare 4100 Power Toothbrush

This dentist-recommended, Bluetooth-equipped electric toothbrush is at its lowest price ever on Amazon. There are a few different colors available, so you can choose the one that best suits your bathroom counter while you upgrade your dental hygiene with our favorite electric toothbrush.

$30 at Amazon Crest 3D Whitestrips Professional Effects

Brighten your smile in no time with this set of Crest Whitestrips — this pack includes 22 treatments plus a bonus 1 Hour Express treatment to last you a year or more.

From $30 at Amazon Poo-Pourri Toilet Spray

Keep your bathroom smelling fresh with this before-you-go spray, now half off in the original citrus scent.

$13 at Amazon Tushy Classic 2.0 Bidet

The Tushy Classic 3.0 is our favorite bidet, and right now you can save 20% on a reliable older model.

$55 at Amazon Original Peloton Bike

Looking to upgrade your at-home workouts? Right now the Original Peloton Bike is $300 off — a nice discount on the standard version of our stationary bike top pick, the Bike+.

$1145 at Amazon Peloton Guide

Grab an on-sale Peloton Guide Strength Training Device and more fitness accessories for full-body strength and cardio workouts at home.

$245 at Amazon 23andMe Personal Genetic DNA Tests

If you have yet to investigate your ancestry via an at-home DNA test, now’s as good a time as ever. Not only will you receive reports on your ancestry composition and where in the world your DNA originates, but you’ll also learn more about traits you may have.

$79 at Amazon Theragun Prime

 With two hours of battery life, customizable speed, an ergonomic handle and four easy-to-clean attachments, this massage gun is ideal for the average user. Get it now for $100 off.

$198 at Amazon Philips One by Sonicare Electric Toothbrush

Choose from a variety of dentist-recommended toothbrushes on sale now. Our favorite travel option is 40% off so you can keep up your oral care routine on the go.

From $30 at Amazon Hydrow Wave Rowing Machine

Splurge on a rowing machine from Hyrdrow — this one offers an immersive experience as well as additional workout equipment.

$1495 at Amazon Gaiam Folding Yoga Mat

Right now you can save on this conveniently portable yoga mat and a bunch more yoga accessories from Gaiam.

$21 at Amazon Colgate Oral Care

Save on mouthwash, whitening products and electric toothbrushes right now from Colgate for brighter smiles ahead.

From $5 at Amazon Purell Hand Sanitizer

Germs don't stand a chance against this deal on Purell. Stock up on sanitizer while it's on sale.

From $7 at Amazon Echelon Exercise Equipment

Outfit your home gym with a rowing machine, treadmill, or Underscored-approved stationary bike and save right now.

From $13 at Amazon Fitness Products From Amazon Basics

Stock your home gym with dumbbells and medicine balls while they're on sale.

From $19 at Amazon

Amazon Black Friday beauty deals

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer 2.0

Don’t blow your chance to buy the coveted Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer while it’s on sale. The top-rated hair tool (and an updated version of our pick for best budget hair dryer) is under $30 at Amazon — the lowest price we’ve seen — so you can get a salon-quality blowout without blowing all your money. 

$29 at Amazon Baby Foot Original Exfoliant Foot Peel

This skin-shedding foot peel went viral for its disgustingly satisfying results, after testing it, we agree — it's gross yet highly effective.

$20 at Amazon Olaplex Hair Care

This reader- and editor-favorite hair care brand is 20% off, so you can save on your shampooing, conditioning and styling routines right now.

$24 at Amazon CosRX Snail Mucin Essence

This viral CosRX Snail 96 Mucin plumps and hydrates your skin — and it’s just $13 in your cart. Shop this essence and more on-sale CosRX products now.

$13 at Amazon Tocess Big Hair Claw Clips

Keep your hair out of the way with a chic claw clip. These ones are jumbo sized, so they’ll work for a variety of hair types and updos. Choose from a variety of colors and get four clips for under $10.

$11 at Amazon Murad Skin Care

Treat your skin right with these products from Murad — shop discounted moisturizers, serums, cleansers and more.

From $16 at Amazon Dove, Degree and More

Body wash, deodorant and even some shampoo and condition is all on sale, so it's a good time to stock up.

From $5 at Amazon Hair Care From Drybar, RedKen, Biolage and More

Save on premium hair products and tools from bestselling brands right now for luscious locks all winter long.

From $5 at Amazon Malin + Goetz, Laneige, Inisfree and More

Everything from skin care to makeup, nail polish to perfume and more is on sale right now. Shop these premium brands at nice discounts.

From $4 at Amazon Hair Care From DevaCurl, IGK, Biolage

Shop a bunch of quality hair care products right now and save.

From $4 at Amazon

Amazon Black Friday fashion deals

Orolay Women’s Thickened Down Jacket

This jacket rose to viral fame a couple years ago, eventually coming to be known simply as “the Amazon coat.” And for Black Friday, it's currently under $90 alongside other discounted outerwear.

From $88 at Amazon Crocs

Love 'em or hate 'em, there's no denying — Crocs are back. Grab a pair for yourself or your family on sale now.

From $21 at Amazon Levi’s Apparel

Shop jeans, denim jackets, hoodies and more right now and save on wardrobe essentials for the whole family.

From $10 at Amazon Ray-Ban Eyewear

Ray-Ban sunglasses and prescription eyewear are on sale right now for the whole family, so browse dozens of on-sale styles right now.

From $49 at Amazon Koolaburra by Ugg Shoes

Keep your feet cozy and snug all winter long with these boots, slippers and more, on sale right now.

From $36 at Amazon Savage X Fenty by Rihanna

Save on lingerie, workout gear, accessories and more for all genders right now.

From $7 at Amazon Under Armour Apparel

Shop workout gear, athleisure, outerwear and more for the whole family and save. 

From $15 at Amazon New Balance Apparel

From running shoes to stylish everyday sneakers and more, you’ll find solid discounts on New Balance gear right now.

From $13 at Amazon CRZ Yoga Athletic Apparel

Gear up for workouts ahead with these on-sale styles, including leggings that compare to the coveted Lululemon Aligns.

From $13 at Amazon Sperry

A range of Sperry duck boots are on sale now, just in time for wet winter weather.

From $24 at Amazon Champion Apparel

Whether you're going for a streetwear vibe or just vibing on the couch, you can save on cozy sweats, underwear and more from Champion.

From $5 at Amazon Calvin Klein Underwear

If your underwear drawer could use some upgrades, shop these Calvin Klein deals now. Plus, may we suggest a nice stocking stuffer?

From $10 at Amazon Men's Dress Shirts

Step up your workwear game without spending a fortune, thanks to these deals on short- and long-sleeve dress shirts.

From $15 at Amazon Adidas Apparel

From classic three-striped footwear to duffels to sports accessories and more, a bunch of Adidas gear is on solidly sale right now.

From $6 at Amazon Lands' End

Save on outdoors and cold weather apparel from Lands' End right now and get up to 50% off.

From $11 at Amazon Puma Apparel

Save on footwear, workout clothes, sweats and more from Puma, plus kids styles for as much as half off.

From $7 at Amazon Hanes Underwear

Save on underwear, sweats and more for the whole family and save big, especially on bundles.

From $6 at Amazon Columbia Apparel

Gear up for the freezing weather ahead with boots, puffer jackets and more on sale from Columbia.

From $7 at Amazon Marmot Apparel

Save on quality outerwear from Marmot plus additional base layers and more from brands like Coleman and ExOfficio right now.

From $9 at Amazon Outerwear

Save on coats and jackets from your favorite brands: Calvin Klein, Cole Haan, Tommy Hilfiger, DKNY, Levi's and more are seeing discounts right now.

From $22 at Amazon Swarovski Jewelry, Watches and Accessories

Pick up discounted gifts for those on your list of who loves all things sparkly (even if that person is you).

$39 at Amazon

Amazon Black Friday travel deals

Cabeau Evolution S3 Neck Pillow

Firm enough to support your head,soft enough for restful sleep and ultra-portable, our favorite travel neck pillow is 25% off right now. 

$30 at Amazon Clipa2 Instant Bag Hanger

This handy tool keeps your handbag off the ground. Get one for just $14 now.

$14 at Amazon Luggage From Travelpro and More

Shop hardshell suitcases, cross-body bags and more travel accessories from a variety of brands including Kenneth Cole, Kipling, Traveler's Choice and more.

From $5 at Amazon Luggage from Samsonite and American Tourister

Save on durable suitcases for the whole family thanks to these deals on hard- and soft-shell wheeled luggage from brands we love.

From $83 at Amazon

Amazon Black Friday outdoors deals

Yeti Drinkware

Keep your beverages at the right temperature for hours with this insulated stainless steel Yeti drinkware, on sale now.

$18 at Amazon LifeStraw Personal Water Filter, 3 Pack

Whether you’re a camping aficionado or just like to be prepared, it never hurts to have a LifeStraw on hand. The wildly popular personal water filter removes 99.999% of bacteria, waterborne parasites and microplastics.

$36 at Amazon Hydro Flask

Save on durable insulated water bottles, lunchboxes and accessories right now.

From $7 at Amazon S'well Water Bottles

These water bottles and barware are ideal for anywhere, thanks to their sleek look and insulated design.

From $7 at Amazon GCI Outdoors Camping Chairs

Everyone can comfortably lounge around the campfire (or just in your backyard) with camp chairs this affordable.

From $32 at Amazon Stanley Classic Easy-Pour Growler

Get over 40% off this large growler and keep your beverages fizzy and cold all day long — the insulation can maintain your drink's temperature up to 18 hours.

$33 at Amazon

Amazon Black Friday toy and game deals

Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope Bundle With $10 Amazon Gift Card

Not only is this game on sale, but you'll also get a $10 Amazon gift card when you purchase.

$60 at Amazon Catan Board Game

Save almost $20 on this beloved board game that can entertain family and friends for hours.

$30 at Amazon Tamagotchi

Channel your inner 90s kid with a discounted Tamagotchi toy. The handheld electronic pets are up to 40% off and make delightful stocking stuffers.

From $14 at Amazon Melissa & Doug Toys

These toys are perfect for play-pretend — whether your kid (or the one you're shopping for) is into cooking, fashion, trucks, animals or anything else.

From $7 at Amazon Fisher-Price Toys

Save on Fisher-Price toys for any little kid — especially those who are fans of 'E.T.,' 'Thomas the Tank Engine,' Barbie and more.

From $5 at Amazon Lego, Magna-Tiles, Lincoln Logs and More

Encourage creative play with these toys that stack and build with infinitie posibilities.

From $11 at Amazon Barbie

Save on these classic dolls and their closets, mopeds and more. Plus get half off a hairstyling head for hours and hours of braiding practice.

From $8 at Amazon Party Games

Upgrade your game nights with these adult party games that are sure to bring the laughs

From $9 at Amazon E-Bikes, Bikes and Accessories

Whether it's something with training wheels or a motorized option, you'll find it for less at this bike sale.

From $8 at Amazon Exploding Kittens Games

Your next game night just got more fun with these unique on-sale games from Exploding Kittens.

From $7 at Amazon 'Star Wars' Toys and Apparel

Fans of the intergalactic franchise can save on action figures, tees, pajamas and more for kids and adults.

From $4 at Amazon Paw Patrol Toys

If you're shopping for a kid who loves 'Paw Patrol,' check out these deals on stuffed animals, hoodies, toy cars and more.

From $5 at Amazon Play-Doh

Save on toys, board games and crafts for all ages — including a bunch of Play-Doh sets sure to delight.

From $6 at Amazon Educational Toys From VTech and LeapFrog

These interactive toys combine learning and fun so shop now and save on a wide variety of options for any youngster in your life.

From $6 at Amazon Toddler Toys and Play Sets

From fire trucks to dinosaurs to play-pretend kitchens, there are plenty of toys up to half off right now.

From $6 at Amazon Nerf, Transformers, Power Rangers, and More

Save on toy favorites for kids who love sports and racing — these toys are sure to get kids outside playing in the backyard.

From $8 at Amazon Disney Toys and Apparel

Disney fans can save on everything from princess costumes to backpacks to board games and more right now.

From $3 at Amazon

Amazon Black Friday pet deals

Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel Dog Toy

This popular dog toy will keep your pup entertained for a while, plus it's undeniably cute to look at. Get it for 65% off right now.

$5 at Amazon Greenies

If your pet goes wild for Greenies — and most do — stock up on some treats from the brand now and save.

From $10 at Amazon Furbo 360-Degree Dog Camera

Keep an eye on your pup — and anything it likes to chew — with this treat-tossing, two-way audio camera.

$147 at Amazon Dog Toys

This deal is for Fido. Your pups will love playing around with these on-sale toys, including favorites from Chuckit!.

From $6 at Amazon Hill's Science Diet Wet Dog Food Cans and Cat Pouches

Mealtime just got more delicious for your four-legged family members (and more affordable for you).

$17 at Amazon Iris USA Pet Products

Save on everything you need — from food to travel carriers to litter boxes and more — for your pets right now.

From $14 at Amazon Pet Treats

Save on treats for your cats or dogs right now, plus handy pet essentials like a puppy pee pad and Mudbuster portable dog paw cleaner.

From $3 at Amazon

Amazon Black Friday holiday deals

National Tree Christmas Trees

Now's the perfect time to save on an artificial Christmas tree ahead of the holidays, with these premium pre-lit options up to 69% off.

From $151 at Amazon Hallmark Gift Wrap, Ornaments and Greeting Cards

If you're buying gifts this Black Friday, you're going to need cards and wrapping paper, too. Save on a bunch of festive designs now.

From $6 at Amazon Advent Calendars

Countdown to Christmas with some kid-favorite characters like Mickey Mouse, Spiderman and My Little Pony. Save up to 50% right now.

From $15 at Amazon Alpine Corporation Holiday Decor

Shop everything from snowy winter wonderland scenes to light-up reindeer and more for a festive holiday season this winter.

From $3 at Amazon Seasonal Decor

Amazon has your ornament (and garland, and wreath, and wintery figurine) needs covered. There's even more to shop here.

From $5 at Amazon

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Fri, 25 Nov 2022 06:49:46 -0600 en-US text/html
Killexams : Amazon’s next-generation Prime Air delivery drone can fly further and through ‘light’ rain

Amazon’s next-generation Prime Air delivery drone can fly further and through ‘light’ rain

Amazon’s next-generation Prime Air delivery drone can fly further and through ‘light’ rain


The new MK30 drone has blades that will make it quieter by 25 percent and new ‘safety-critical’ features, according to Amazon.

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Amazon’s MK30 drone has six propellers in a hexagonal arrangement, with wings attached to the top and bottom arm pairs, and is colored blue and white. The middle is bulbous and teardrop shaped and has the amazon smile logo on it.
A rendered version of the MK30 drone.
Image: Amazon

Amazon is building a better drone that should help chart a course for the company’s Prime Air delivery service after the project was reportedly hampered by multiple malfunctions, crashes, and even fires. The new MK30 drone will go into service in 2024 and is designed to be quieter, go further, and handle the elements better, like high temperatures and light rain.

The new drone has the same function and goal as its predecessor designs: fly vertically hundreds of feet into the air, autonomously maneuver and land, and deliver packages up to five pounds. The MK30 will be lighter and smaller than the current hexagonal MK27-2 drone, and it will be put through “rigorous evaluation by national aerospace authorities like the Federal Aviation Administration to prove its safety and reliability,” as written in a press release.

Amazon testing drone components in a wind tunnel.
Amazon testing drone components in a wind tunnel.
Image: Amazon

Amazon isn’t giving up on its decade-long efforts to widely launch its Prime Air drone delivery service; the company announced in July that its next test site will be College Station, Texas, where it’s partnering with the city and Texas A&M University doing test flights with its current drone prototype, the MK27-2.

Still, the company faces many hurdles, including approval from the FAA, and is still a long way away from its 2013 goal of operating a 30-minute delivery service straight over your roof.

This comes at a time Amazon’s devices unit is facing billions of dollars in operating losses, and the company is looking to find areas to cut costs, which may include slowing the development of new features for its popular Alexa AI assistant. The company is now evaluating how to optimize costs, and we don’t yet know if Prime Air can get more hang time.