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DES-6322 Specialist - Implementation Engineer-VxRail

Exam Specification: DES-6322 Specialist - Implementation Engineer-VxRail

Exam Name: DES-6322 Specialist - Implementation Engineer-VxRail
Exam Code: DES-6322
Exam Duration: 90 minutes
Passing Score: 70%
Exam Format: Multiple-choice
Exam Delivery: Proctored online or at a testing center

Course Outline:

1. Introduction to VxRail
- Overview of VxRail hyper-converged infrastructure
- Understanding the benefits and features of VxRail
- Exploring the architecture and components of VxRail

2. VxRail Planning and Design
- Preparing for VxRail implementation
- Designing VxRail clusters based on requirements
- Network, storage, and compute planning for VxRail

3. VxRail Deployment and Configuration
- Deploying VxRail hardware and software components
- Configuring VxRail clusters and nodes
- Implementing network and storage configurations

4. VxRail Management and Operations
- Managing and monitoring VxRail clusters
- Performing routine maintenance and upgrades
- Troubleshooting common issues in VxRail

5. VxRail Integration and Expansion
- Integrating VxRail with existing infrastructure and systems
- Expanding VxRail clusters and adding new nodes
- Implementing data protection and disaster recovery solutions

Exam Objectives:

1. Understand the concepts, benefits, and features of VxRail.
2. Plan and design VxRail clusters based on given requirements.
3. Deploy and configure VxRail hardware and software components.
4. Manage and operate VxRail clusters, including monitoring and maintenance.
5. Troubleshoot common issues and perform basic diagnostics in VxRail.
6. Integrate VxRail with existing infrastructure and expand VxRail clusters.
7. Implement data protection and disaster recovery solutions in VxRail.

Exam Syllabus:

Section 1: Introduction to VxRail (10%)
- VxRail hyper-converged infrastructure overview
- Benefits and features of VxRail
- Architecture and components of VxRail

Section 2: VxRail Planning and Design (25%)
- Preparing for VxRail implementation
- Designing VxRail clusters based on requirements
- Network, storage, and compute planning for VxRail

Section 3: VxRail Deployment and Configuration (30%)
- Deploying VxRail hardware and software components
- Configuring VxRail clusters and nodes
- Network and storage configurations in VxRail

Section 4: VxRail Management and Operations (20%)
- Managing and monitoring VxRail clusters
- Routine maintenance and upgrades in VxRail
- Troubleshooting common issues in VxRail

Section 5: VxRail Integration and Expansion (15%)
- Integrating VxRail with existing infrastructure and systems
- Expanding VxRail clusters and adding new nodes
- Data protection and disaster recovery solutions in VxRail
Specialist - Implementation Engineer-VxRail
DELL-EMC Engineer-VxRail study help

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Question: 50
What is a characteristic of the VxRail S Series node?
A. Form factor of 2U4N
B. Large form factor drives
C. Dense Flash disks
D. Form factor of 1U1N
Answer: D
Question: 51
What Is a supported method for racking nodes for a new VxRail deployment?
A. In the rack hosting the network equipment used to manage the iDRAC
B. With PDUs connected to 120v single phase 5-amp electrical circuits
C. Starting with node 1 at the top of the rack
D. With server exhaust facing the cold aisle
Answer: A
Question: 52
Which requirement must be met when expanding a 3-node VxRail G560F cluster with a fourth G Series node in the
same chassis?
A. PCIe network card must be added to all nodes
B. Node requires only the same drive configuration
C. Node hardware must be identical to the other three nodes
D. New node must be at the same VxRail version as existing nodes
Answer: B
Question: 53
A company has multiple VxRail systems installed at geographically dispersed data centers They want to upgrade all
their VxRail systems to the latest release- Before the upgrade, they want an inventory report of all the VxRail systems
which shows the current health status and versions of all installed VxRail components.
What should be used to meet these requirements?
A. Mitrend
VxRail Log insight
B. VxRail Plugin for vCenter Server
DRM Services
C. itrend Live Optics
D. VxRail Plugin for vCenter Server VxRail API
Answer: A
Question: 54
Use the VxRail simulator to explore the system.
What is the presented configuration? Note: It fs necessary to close (x) the simulator window before you can select a
response to this question.
A. Internal vCenter and external DNS
B. Internal vCenter and Internal DNS
C. External vCenter and external DNS
D. External vCenter and internal DNS
Answer: A
Question: 55
From what location should NVT for VxRail be run?
A. Jump server on a different network
B. Workstation on the same network as VxRail Manager
C. VxRail network Top of Rack switch
D. Laptop connected to the first VxRail ESXi node
Answer: D
Question: 56
A VxRail API request has been executed and the user account does not have vCenter privileges to perform the task
What code is returned?
A. 200
B. 207
C. 403
D. 500
Answer: D
Question: 57
Which command is used to restart the Loudmouth process on an ESXi node?
A. /usr/IibAmiware/loudmouth/bin/loudmouthd restart
B. systemcti restart loudmouth
C. /etc/int.d/loudmouth restart
D. systemcti restart vmware-loudmouth
Answer: C
Question: 58
A VxRail Manager VM must be configured as follows:
* IP address: 192 168.10.16
* Net mask:
* Gateway: 192 168 10 254 Which command must be used?
A. vxrail-network-config –ip 192 168 10.16-netmask 192 168 10.254
B. vxrail-prrmary -config –ip 192 168 10 16 -netmask 255 255 255 0 -gateway 192 168 10 254
C. vxrail-primary -config –vxrail-address 192.168.10 16 –vxrail-netmask 255 255 255 0 – vxrail-gateway 192.168,10
D. vxrail-network -config –vxrail-address 192.166 10 16 –vxrail-netmask 255 255.255 0 — vxrail-gateway
Answer: C
Question: 59
An implementation engineer is deploying a VxRail cluster with the VxRail Deployment Wizard Which user accounts
must be defined for VxRail Manager?
A. VxRail Manager root account vCenter service account
B. VxRail Manager root account VxRail Manager service account
C. VxRail Manager service account vCenter service account
D. vCenter root account VxRail Manager service account
Answer: B
Question: 60
A VxRail Cluster has just been deployed. Use the VxRail simulator to determine the Service Tag, Model, and ESXJ IP
Address of the first node –
Note: It is necessary to dose (x) the simulator window before you can select a response to this question.
A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D
Answer: D

DELL-EMC Engineer-VxRail study help - BingNews Search results DELL-EMC Engineer-VxRail study help - BingNews The 10 Biggest Channel Challenges Facing Dell After Acquiring EMC

Tough Tasks Ahead

The close of Dell's $65 billion acquisition of EMC is a milestone for each company, and for the IT industry as a whole. While Dell Technologies' top brass will undoubtedly spend the day explaining how powerful the combination is, they'll also acknowledge that creating a more than $70 billion, privately held tech industry behemoth comes with challenges.

Many of those challenges have direct implications for the channel, too. The companies' partner bases overlap significantly, but their programs are very different. They'll remain different at least until Feb. 1, when Dell begins its fiscal year, and that doesn't give channel chief John Byrne much time to iron out those differences and formulate a program that plays to each company's strength and wins favor with channel partners.

The company will also have to address things like corporate culture, an intense competitive landscape and questions about how well its sales forces will work together. Here are 10 of Dell Technologies' biggest challenges.

Integrating Corporate Cultures

Depending whom you ask, the corporate cultures at Dell and EMC are either quite similar, or vastly different. At the very least, Dell Technologies will have to reconcile what solution providers call EMC's aggressive "no lose" culture with Dell's leaner, more laid-back vibe.

Solidifying A Unified Channel Program

Dell and EMC's channel programs have some pretty significant differences. Dell channel chief John Byrne (pictured) says they'll run in parallel until Feb. 1, when Dell's fiscal year begins. EMC uses a hard deck, by which all deals below a certain size are automatically handled by channel partners. Dell uses strong back-end rebates and new business incentives to push partners to sell across its portfolio from PCs to data center infrastructure. Byrne will have to make a series of decisions about whether to maintain the EMC hard deck, and the focus of the program's incentive structure. Byrne will also have to make decisions about who will lead different aspects of the company's program. Byrne has hinted that many current Dell and EMC executives will be offered positions in the combined company.

Ensuring Sales Teams Work Together, And With Partners

Bringing together two sets of channel partners and two distinct sales teams isn't going to be easy, and Dell executives know full well that they've got to get everyone on the same page right away. Dell COO and President of Enterprise Operations Marius Haas (pictured) told CRN in June that it'll be of utmost importance for Dell and EMC account executives to work closely with partners in the company's existing install base while the channel team hunts for new business.

Organizing A Stable Of Complementary Yet Competing Hyper-Convergence Solutions

Both Dell and EMC have moved to capitalize on the red-hot market for hyper-converged infrastructure. Dell has a solid OEM agreement with Nutanix, one of the startup darlings of that space, while EMC's VCE unit has found success with its VxRack and VxRail solutions. The marriage of the Dell and EMC hyper-convergence portfolio will undoubtedly put pressure on Cisco, which has a close relationship with EMC, but a fiercely competitive relationship with Dell and a new hyper-convergence solution of its own. Dell has already begun reselling EMC hyper-convergence solutions, and executives say it'll be easy and straightforward to match customers with the appropriate solutions.

Making Its Complicated Relationship With Cisco Work

Relationships are complicated, and Dell's relationship with Cisco is about to get more complicated. EMC has a tight, longstanding relationship with Cisco, and Cisco technology underpins much of EMC's converged infrastructure technology. In June, Haas told CRN that the company would forge a close working relationship with Cisco, saying leveraging that relationship would help Dell beat other competitors, including Hewlett Packard Enterprise and NetApp.

Galvanizing An Innovation Strategy

A market that stresses innovation has forced both Dell and EMC to refocus in exact years. Dell's strength is in its supply chain prowess and in its ability to acquire and market technologies that it can't develop internally. EMC has always been an engineering company, but in exact years it has faced significant challenges as the IT market moves away from hardware in favor of software-defined, hyper-convergence and cloud technologies. The combined Dell Technologies will have to prove that it is able to innovate in a rapidly changing market while also maintaining leadership in its traditional lines of business.

The PC Battle With HP, Lenovo

Dell's historic strength is in PCs, a now-contracting market where the industry's big three vendors do battle for a shrinking piece of pie. Earlier this year, Dell overtook the top spot in North America PC shipments from HP, according to IDC figures, only to cede the title back to HP the following quarter. Lenovo, which dominates the worldwide market, is making inroads in North America, too. Dell has to be careful not to let the merger distract from its efforts to maintain a top position in the PC market, where it continues to consolidate share and push innovation as the market shifts toward tablets, 2-in-1s and other devices.

Doing Battle In The Data Center

Adding EMC's powerful data storage, hyper-convergence and software lineup to Dell's server business is a recipe for data center dominance, but HPE hasn't missed many opportunities to blast Dell for getting bigger when the market is demanding speed, flexibility and nimbleness from IT vendors. Also, Lenovo is hurry to gain traction in the data center market and has dropped prices and booste incentives in its quest to push more units to customers.

Minimizing Conflict Between Internal Sales Executives And Channel Partners

Dell Technologies' Haas has said keeping conflict down is one of the company's top priorities as the two tech behemoths come together. "How do we stop our guys from fighting over the same piece of business between direct and channel? We're being very descriptive around -- this is a route to market, this is the customer, this is how they want to buy. There's no need to have conflict," he told CRN in June.

Maintaining VMware's Independence

VMware, which is 80 percent owned by EMC, is perhaps the crown jewel of the acquisition. The virtualization kingpin has interests and relationships in seemingly every corner of the market. This means it does a lot of business with key Dell competitors, a state of affairs Dell will have to be careful to maintain despite competitive pressures. VMware, Haas told CRN, "will have all the incentives to work with all of the other infrastructure providers because we want them to be the de facto, default virtualization layer across all compute, all storage, all networking, and we want them to be a core architecture standard for our software-defined ecosystems. The only way to do that is allow them to work with HPE, allow them to work with other competitors so that they have that integration and collaboration with them as well. We have to let VMware be independent so that they can work with other people."

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Dell EMC Bringing Mission-Critical Cloud Power Virtustream Into Channel Program

Dell EMC is moving Virtustream into its channel program, cementing the fast-growing enterprise IaaS start-up's position as "Dell EMC's cloud" and the logical choice for solution providers that already sell Dell EMC enterprise hardware.

The move to the Dell EMC Partner Program means solution providers will be able to retire full tier credit in the Dell EMC program when they sell Virtustream Enterprise Cloud, said Scott Millard, head of Virtustream's channel operation. Partners will also make front-end margin, have flexible selling options and get back-end rebates at the highest level under the Dell EMC program.

The Virtustream Enterprise Cloud's move into the Dell EMC partner program is effective immediately and was announced today at the Dell EMC World conference in Las Vegas.

[Related: Dell EMC World 2017]

"It's huge," Millard said, noting that Virtusteam's goal is to reach $1 billion in bookings this year. "Unlike any of the other IaaS [offerings] out there, partners will retire full tier credit in the Dell EMC program. When you sell Virtustream, you're selling Dell compute, Dell networking, Dell storage, Dell data protection, Dell virtualization and managed services all in one. They're big deals. We've done a couple of really significant deals through Dell EMC Titanium partners – seven- and eight-figure deals with us – without even really trying. We're just getting this thing off the ground. It's a pretty good story for the channel."

"Virtustream is Dell EMC's cloud," Millard said. "Unless there is a heavy investment or preference already for one of those other clouds, it's a pretty logical decision to go with Dell's cloud just based on keeping it in the family, engineering integration, one number to call for support, the partner program. When you look at the total value prop from a solutioning and partner program and profitability standpoint, I think it's a pretty easy decision."

Virtustream Enterprise Cloud follows Virtustream's Storage Cloud into the Dell EMC program. Storage Cloud is the hyper-scale object storage version of Virtustream's offering and competes directly with public cloud heavyweights like AWS and Microsoft Azure, while Enterprise Cloud is aimed at mission-critical workloads like SAP, Oracle, electronic medical record systems and other never-fail applications and competes with the likes of IBM, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, CenturyLink and others.

Scott Winslow, president of Winslow Technology Group, a Waltham, Mass., solution provider that works with Dell EMC, said Virtustream makes a lot of sense for partners who work with Dell EMC infrastructure and have customers that are making a move to the cloud. Having Virtustream Enterprise Cloud in the Dell EMC program is likely to kick-start more customers into making those decisions, he said, and allow solution providers to take on deals and customers that are bigger than they're used to.

"We're very focused on the software-defined data center, and helping our customers understand what data should stay on-prem, what should be in the cloud and how to best structure that," Winslow said. That strategy has led Winslow into a lot of VxRail, VxRack and XC Nutanix hyper-convergence sales and he suspects it'll result in Virtustream sales, too.

"We fight above our weight class a lot of the time, and it's likely we'll do more Virtustream business in the future. It's a fit for a lot of those companies that are having conversations about which applications belong where. A lot of times we come up with a hybrid solution. OEMs are the gateway to the cloud."

Virtustream was launched by CEO Rodney Rogers in 2009. EMC acquired the Bethesda, Md.-based company in mid-2015 for about $1.2 billion, making it one of the companies that comprised the EMC "federation" of companies. It became part of the Dell EMC family of businesses when Dell acquired EMC in a $58 billion deal last September.

Until now, Virtustream Enterprise Cloud has operated its own channel program, though its partner base was essentially the Dell EMC partner base, Millard said.

Sat, 09 Dec 2023 22:56:00 -0600 text/html
Study support No result found, try new keyword!Study support Bitesize Study support is the go-to place to support you through your studies and other life challenges. With tips and advice to help with revision, exam stress, bullying and more ... Fri, 06 Oct 2023 16:18:00 -0500 en-GB text/html Off-Campus Study

Hope Engineering students in front of the Louvre Museum with a Hope flagTo participate in the program, freshmen engineering students take German 101 during the spring of their freshman year instead of an Anchor Plan course. Then, the students come to the Hope campus on the Monday after the Fourth of July, at which time they start taking a required sophomore engineering course. On Friday of that week, the students and the Hope professor travel to Berlin, Germany, where they stay for five weeks. The Hope professor continues teaching the engineering course using the facilities of the Technical University of Berlin. The students also take a second course in German Language and Culture taught by a T. U. Berlin Professor.  Students who have taken German language courses in high school may be exempted from taking the German 101 course at Hope College.

While in Germany, the students have class four days a week, which leaves us with four three-day weekends in which we travel throughout Germany via a German rail pass. The travel focuses on religious, cultural and historical sites. The travel includes a three-day excursion to Heidelberg, Koblenz and Koln. We visit the Holy Ghost Church in Heidelberg, where the Catechism was written, and worship in the Koln Cathedral. We also visit Wittenberg, where Luther nailed the 95 Theses on the door of the Castle Church. We worship in the Castle Church and tour Luther’s home.

We have one-day excursions to Bremen, Lubeck and Sachsenhausen. In Sachsenhausen the students visited a WWII concentration camp. This is a somber experience, but it is something that the students should do. 

The teaching part of the program and the group excursions will end on Friday of the fourth week. This leaves a week in which the students are free to travel around Europe on their own. In the past some students have visited Spain, Paris, London, Denmark and many more places before returning home. Parents are invited to meet up with their son/daughter at the end of the program for a family vacation in Europe. 

The German Language and Culture course that the students take at the Technical University of Berlin fulfills the Hope College language requirement but the credit does not transfer back. The students do receive an official certificate from the T. U. Berlin indicating that they have successfully passed the course. Therefore, students who participate in the program are able to include the Technical University of Berlin on their resumes. This often puts their resumes on the top of the pile. I have been told by many graduates that having T. U. Berlin on their resume and being able to speak a little German was a huge advantage for them when they sought employment upon graduation.

Program details

While in Berlin we will be staying at St.-Michaels-Heim. Thanks to a generous donor, we have funds to be used as scholarships for the program. The scholarships are awarded on a need basis.

The program cost includes:

  1. Round trip airfare to Berlin
  2. Ten day German Rail Pass
  3. Bus/train pass for Berlin
  4. Housing in Berlin at St.-Michaels-Heim
  5. Hotels in Heidelberg and Koln for the three day outing
  6. Each student will be given funds for food money
  7. Weekly group dinners
  8. T. U. Berlin course fees
  9. Hope tuition for the 3-credit Engineering 220 course
  10. Entrance fees for cultural visits.
  11. Travel Accident Insurance 

This program is open for all engineering concentrations.

All engineering freshmen are eligible to participate in this program since the engineering course is required for all engineering students. Non-freshmen who haven't take the specific engineering course being offered yet are also elibible for the program 

If you have an interest in participating in this exciting program and have questions regarding the program, please contact Dr. Polasek or Dr. Abrahantes.

 As an engineering student, your schedule is full of courses that have to be taken in a specific order. For students wanting to spend an entire semester abroad, the recommended timeframe varies depending on your engineering concentration. 

  Even-Year Graduates Odd-Year Graduates
Biochemical Spring, Sophomore Spring, Junior
Biomedical Spring, Sophomore Spring, Sophomore
Chemical Spring, Sophomore Spring, Junior
Civil Spring, Junior Spring, Junior
Computer Fall, Sophomore Fall, Junior
Electrical Spring, Sophomore Spring, Sophomore
Environmental Spring, Sophomore Spring, Junior
Mechanical Spring, Junior Spring, Junior
No emphasis Spring, Junior Spring, Junior

Featured Programs

These programs offer engineering courses that may count toward your major. It is important to communicate with the off-campus study office and your academic advisor about your interest in these to determine your options and decide on the best one for you.

If you plan on taking general education requirements only during your semester off-campus, you can study at nearly any location that Hope offers.

Fri, 19 Jan 2018 11:34:00 -0600 en text/html
Study Abroad

Australia, Denmark, England, Ireland, New Zealand, Scotland, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden...these are some of the places our undergraduates call home as part of the Study Abroad Program.

The School of Engineering highly encourages students to explore Study Abroad as a supplemental educational opportunity to maximize their Santa Clara University experience.

  • International experience is a strong, positive addition to your resume.
  • Given that the engineering workplace is becoming an increasingly globalized industry, international experience can provide you with the necessary skills to work effectively with people from around the world. 
  • Communication is a valued skill in engineering and having meaningful experiences abroad can help challenge and develop your communication skills and abilities. 
  • Global understanding is an important part of what Santa Clara seeks to create in its students.

To maximize your time abroad, it is critical to strategically plan out your course schedule both at Santa Clara and abroad. Finding a study abroad program that fits your major(s), minor(s), and pathway requirements take time and planning, but we are here to help! You can utilize this guide to get started in the planning process. 

Students should begin planning their study abroad experience during their first year. The earlier you start planning, the more likely you will be able to integrate study abroad into your Santa Clara experience!

Students should consult their Faculty Advisor in Spring Quarter advising during their first year and inform their Faculty Advisor of their intention to go abroad. It is important to be aware that certain technical classes for engineers can only be taken while at Santa Clara.

Students should also review the SCU Study Abroad website, specifically the Explore Programs by Major subpage, to identify programs with specific engineering coursework as soon as possible. Faculty Advisors can help students determine what courses abroad will align with their academic plan.

Most engineering students choose to study abroad during the fall quarter of their third year. This allows students to study abroad for a semester­ while only missing one quarter at SCU. Many students who plan accordingly can get five classes to apply to major, minor, and/or core requirements.

Students should map out exactly what classes they need to graduate and create a flow­chart outlining any sequences or prerequisites. Many majors have charts based on their graduation date that students can use as a reference. Engineering four-year plans can be found here.

Engineering Peer Advisors are a great resource to utilize during the planning process if you need assistance with your academic plan for study abroad. 

Questions about Study Abroad?

SCU Study Abroad is happy to assist you during the study abroad process. You can email SCU Study Abroad at with any questions you may have, and view advising opportunities on the Advising subpage of the SCU Study Abroad website.

Fri, 14 Aug 2020 07:12:00 -0500 en text/html
Engineering and Engineering Technology Degrees

Opened-Ended Problems = Opened-Minded Solutions

Innovative solutions happen when you’re open to possibilities. That’s when creative problem solvers thrive, in an environment where investigation and exploration collide with ingenuity and imagination. 

RIT is a leader in providing immersive research opportunities to both undergraduate and graduate students. You can begin conducting research on day one of your freshman year, with support and guidance from world-class faculty. On multidisciplinary teams with students from majors all across the university, you’ll explore, investigate, and collaborate to help solve pressing challenges facing a range of high-impact areas that can better society.

In our graduate and doctoral programs, you’ll be part of critical research that’s changing the way the world looks at imaging, manufacturing, artificial intelligence and machine learning, energy and the environment, and more.

Explore the RIT’s Signature Research Areas, or learn more about our undergraduate research opportunities in engineering and engineering technology.

Wed, 09 Sep 2020 02:58:00 -0500 en text/html
Pets can help slow dementia progress among those over age 50 who live alone, study says

A new study suggests getting that cute dog in one's more mature years might be a good idea after all. 

Researchers from the Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou, China, found that pet ownership can be associated with slower rates of developing dementia. 

The study, published on Tuesday in JAMA Network Open, determined that owning a pet made a difference in verbal memory and fluency among adults who lived alone.


The study's author, professor Ciyong Lu, said in the study that slower rates of declining verbal memory and fluency were seen in those who lived alone — but not in those who lived with others.

"Pet ownership offset the associations between living alone and declining rates [of] verbal memory and verbal fluency," he said. 

Researchers found that owning a pet helps those with dementia.  (iStock)

The research involved more than 7,900 participants over the age of 50, with roughly 35% of them owning pets and 27% of them living alone.

In the study, Lu said that those living alone with a pet showed slower rates of developing signs of dementia.


"These findings suggest that pet ownership may be associated with slower cognitive decline among older adults living alone," he said.

"Contrary to living alone," the authors also wrote, "pet ownership (for example, raising dogs and cats) is related to reduced loneliness, an important risk factor for dementia and cognitive decline."

A new study found that owning a pet could be beneficial for people with signs of dementia who live alone.  (iStock)

Lu said that clinical trials will be necessary in order to confirm the study's findings.

Currently, more than 55 million people worldwide have dementia — with nearly 10 million new cases each year, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). 


Alzheimer's disease is the most common form of dementia, which is currently the 7th leading cause of death, the WHO also notes. 

Early symptoms of dementia include forgetfulness, being confused, losing track of time, misjudging distances, feeling anxious, experiencing personality changes, engaging in inappropriate behavior and more. (iStock)

Early symptoms of dementia include forgetfulness, being confused, losing track of time, misjudging distances, feeling anxious, personality changes, inappropriate behavior and more.


There is currently no cure for dementia or for someone developing signs of dementia, but the WHO suggests that staying active and continuing to stimulate the brain may help.


Fox News Digital reached out to Lu for further comment. 

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Dell EMC

With support from Dell EMC, and in association with Intel and Microsoft, Dippy's Naturenauts offers a mobile-friendly interactive experience for children aged seven to eleven.

A fun activity that supports Dippy on Tour, Dippy and Fern the fox lead kids through a series of exploratory games that encourage them to venture outdoors and interact with the nature in their area while learning about science.

Through their generous support of Dippy on Tour and Dippy's Naturenauts, Dell EMC helped the Museum to help the next generation of scientists engage with the natural world through a leading a digital experience, guiding and engage them in scientific thinking. 

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